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GlossyBox Limited Edition Easter Egg Box FULL Spoilers!

We have the FULL spoilers for the limited Edition Glossybox Easter Egg thanks to alittleskincareobsessed!

Each box will include:

Erno Lazlo Multi-Task Eye Serum Mask

Lauren Beauty Palm Springs Getaway Nail Polish

Dome Beauty Pink Diamond Eye Jewel

Jafra Cosmetics Highlight Stick – Color TBD

Patchology Lip Service

What do you think of the spoilers?

More info on this box:

The Box: Glossybox Limited Edition Easter Egg (not available yet.)

The Cost: $29.99

Anticipated Launch Date: 4/5

(FYI – subscribers usually get a $5 discount on boxes. If you aren’t a subscriber yetclick here and use coupon code GLOSSYFREE to get a free month when you buy a 3- month GlossyBox subscription! (Regularly $21 a month) This brings the cost down to $13 a box!)If you sign up now, your first box will be the March GlossyBox. Click here to see the full spoilers for March.

And check out our GlossyBox reviews to see what we got in the March box and past months, too!

your first box24% off
your first box24% off


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Comments (72)

  1. Add me to the list of readers that doesn’t like your new website or format. If it’s not broken don’t fix it. I loved this site a few years ago. Now not so much.

    • Agreed. I cant even access my profile page anymore. Its been kinda wonky ever since the change over.

  2. I agree about not liking the new MSA format. I realize that the sub box trend is winding down and MSA needs something else to do but I rarely bother coming here much anymore. Meh.

  3. For years, I have purchased every limited edition box, but if the colors are definitely in the coral range instead of pink or mauve, I’ll need to pass. As an older adult, corals and similar colors were worn by our grandmothers. Outdated and old. Still though, Glossybox is one of my favorite subscriptions.

  4. The everything pink is bothersome. I have olive skin and pink does not work well for me. I’m passing on this one but waiting to see what they offer for mother’s day.
    By the way, am I in MSA jail? None of my posts are showing and I’m not getting emails to confirm following threads etc.

    • That’s odd, I’m not getting those emails either anymore.

    • Agree with you, hard pass for me even w the $5 coupon Im still not the least bit tempted, usually that’s enough to hook me. And I also think I’m one of those in MSA jail with you. I’m sure they’ll post this to prove I’m not but previous posts of mine have gone into the MSA black hole.

      • Hi Jenn,

        If there’s a specific comment you are looking for that isn’t showing up, please let me know. Everything looks visible from my end.

  5. Another skip

  6. Wow, not to sound rude but this box has just went downhill. It is all over the place and goes nowhere and that is not good. What happened to this box?

    • This isn’t their monthly box. It’s a special edition for Easter. I agree that the normal one has gone downhill. I unsubscribed a while ago. I happen to like this particular Easter one though. Looks like I’m the only one. 😄

      • I like it too!

      • Good to know I’m not totally crazy! 😄
        I wanted to buy 2 or 3 of these but thought that would be greedy. After reading all these comments I think I will go ahead and stock up. I LOVE the eye masks and they’re $35 a box alone, so I can’t buy them as often as I’d like. This way I save $5 plus get all the extras! I don’t really use highlughters and the nail color is not for me but I love cream eyeshadows and lip treatments so this is a tremendous value for me and best of all I can justify the purchase guilt-free!

        I don’t know why people find these products to be so horrible. Someone even said this box was “all glitter “ or something like that. Not sure where that came from. The shadow may be shimmery but the only thing that might have glitter is the highlighter.
        I think several people on this post must’ve had a very bad week judging by this unusually high level of negativity. But then again, I use my old iPhone to read this so the format is not that different. It’s disappointing not to be able to search for specific products but hopefully they can fix that. I’m thinking like most businesses these days, MSA is shifting focus to Instagram. That’s a huge disappointment for me as I don’t like using it, but I understand Liz has to keep up with the times to stay profitable.

        Anyway…Enjoy your
        Egg(s) Barb! 🐣

      • This box looks pretty good to me too & I will get 1or2. I just don’t need a giant plastic Easter egg – LOL.
        I also use my old iPhone and am fine with the format. The tone in many comments does seem harsh. I actually enjoy reading about people’s different wants, tastes & experiences with products, but not when they get angry & mean spirited. MSA is a happy distraction for me. I hope that is not going to change.

      • I think it looks like a good box (a good egg?) too.

      • I think the only thing I’m not too enthused about is the powder eyeshadow. I will try the highlighter but I’m definitely a sucker for eye patches and lip treatments. I also want to try both those brands. I don’t hate the website changes, I just wish the link boxes weren’t in a pale color on a white background. It gets completely washed out when I’m outside on my phone and I’m also a graphic designer that’s picky with colors (pale on white is a big no-no😈)

  7. Don’t like the new format either – before it seemed clean and neat. It was great really

    • Please bring back the old format!

      • I really miss the old format…I used to check the site like once an hour now I’m down to twice a day!! Also. The features box messes me up….

    • The new format seriously cheapens the site………. 🙁

      • I totally agree! I find it distracting and confusing! Why?!?!?!?!

  8. I noticed that the search function has changed and feel that it is impossible to search for a specific product.Please bring back the old search capabilities.

    • Thanks so much for sharing this feedback! We did change the search tool recently, but we had some trouble getting good results when doing specific product searches. We’ll take a closer look to see if we can get this working again.

      I’d love to know more about what you’re looking for when you search specific products! Are you curious which boxes it’s been featured in previously? Or looking for comments from other readers?


      • I liked seeing recent comments, on the right of the page, when in a review. Now the comments don’t show up. (only on the homepage) There’s too much “trending” . The homepage format, with the smaller words, just kinda of run it all together too. Before it stood out on which were the most recent reviews/posts.

      • Totally agree. I am missing recent comment on the right side. It was very useful because people sometimes comment to older post and after reading the comment I go to the post. The site posts so many boxes updates that it is hard to go back and find the threads I am most interested in.

      • I would like a function that allows me to enter in a product name and result in the subs it was featured in since I usually forget which sub/month a product was featured in but I remembered that it was a certain brand, etc.

        Also, I noticed the swap site is difficult to search for a product if someone enters the name differently. Such as the fact that I have to enter in “Julep” and scroll through all the names of the colors instead of just entering in Julep Mindy to find the Mindy color because it’s actually named “Julep Nail Polish in Mindy (Porcelain Pink Sheer)” but “Julep Mindy” doesn’t return any results because it wasn’t named that exactly when listed.

  9. phew! not tempted… now just waiting on the mother day spoilers.

    • Not tempted either. Box sounded promising at first…there will be no FOMO here.

      • I am not tempted either with this Glossybox Egg. I was looking forward to it. The Look Fantastic Egg doesn’t even compare to last year so that’s also a no for me. So far, the look fantastic Mother’s Day box was amazing. I’m hoping Glossybox can beat last years Mother’s Day box because I loved that box. Crossing fingers…

  10. This would make such a lovely gift… I’ll be ordering one.

  11. I am actually relieved that I am not tempted to buy this😅 only interested in nail polish and eye masks!

    I wish the other items were skincare but at least my wallet is safe!

  12. Is the Erno Lazlo eye serum mask a single mask, or is it a set? If it’s a set, this might be worth it – they sell 6 for $35 on their site.

    • It’s a set. Hope that helps!

      • Thank you!

  13. If we are definitely getting the full size box of the eye masks (6 pair), I am fine with whatever else we get since they alone cost $35. That makes everything else free treats. I don’t care for the nail polish or highlighter but I love trying new cream eyeshadows and lip treatments. This is a big win for me! Is $29,99 the price for current subscribers or anyone who wants to purchase?

  14. I also do not like the new format.

    • I second this completely!

    • It makes me not want to want to read the site. Very difficult. It has become 66% ads, 33% content.

  15. As uninspiring as Look Fantastic eggs. Really hoping the Mother’s Day box is as good as last year’s.

  16. Pass. I want the actual egg itself more than anything inside of it.

    • Same here LOL!

  17. Jafra? Really? we’re doing mlm’s now?

    • I didn’t even catch that. No thank you.

    • Thanks for pointing this out. I have never heard of Jafra, but I will not support any company that uses MLM to sell their products. They are predatory product based pyramid schemes, and their products are often subpar. I’m really disappointed that Glossybox is legitimizing a company like this by putting their product in one of their boxes.

      • I remember Jafra being pretty big in the 80s and the products were good back then. The almond oil and almond body lotion smelled divine! It was surprising though to see it here – I haven’t even thought of Jafra in years.

  18. Don’t wear anything glittery and don’t wear lip gloss, so my wallet is safe again! Looking forward to the Mother’s Day spoilers.

  19. Off Topic but is anyone else having trouble with the new page format? It is very distracting and hard on the eyes. I thought it was just my browser but I tried different ones. To Whom It May Concern: please think about changing it back.

    • I actually don’t like it either, hard on my eyes too. I love to browse this site at night before sleeping and first thing in the morning while still in bed and something about it is just really hard in the dark.

      • You also can’t search certain products anymore. Like I used to be able to remember a product being in a box, procrastinated, and then search the specific item I remembered I wanted and the boxes with it would show up. Now, you can only search for box names. 😏

      • I actually don’t mind the layout change or think anything is harder to read or navigate BUT I did, however, already notice the decreased search ability….and that bummed me out.

    • I second the motion. Newer is not always better. It is a hassle to use on the phone. Please bring back MSA phone app (it has not been updated for ages & finally quit working on my iphone & looks like it has been taken completely out off Apple Store)

    • I too was trying to figure out why I didn’t like it…… everything is TOO small AND it’s not an aging/reading issue…… nothing stands out anymore….. it’s just one long “list” of small titles and “small boxes”…….. odd how it’s the little things that affect how we feel about a particular site/blog etc….

    • Ditto. I don’t like it either.

      • I hate to say i agree too! I want to like it but it’s distracting and bothersome. And please bring back the search

      • Same!

      • Same. I’ve been getting spoilers earlier on Reddit anyway. I just go on here to read the comments lol.

    • Wanted to chime in that I also do not like the new new format. It was much easier to see the type of post, i.e. Spoiler, Review before.
      I also used the iPhone app and thought it may have just been my phone. Using the site isn’t that bad, but I believe so far the consensus is the old format was easier and stood out better.
      A survey would be a great post for us to let you know about these things!
      And thank you for all that you do for us

      • Thanks so much for the feedback. When you say it was easier to see the type of post before, are you talking about just browsing the homepage, or when you search?

      • The setup of the home page is all ads. It feels cheap. It is difficult to navigate. Before “the change” It felt like a homey website, like you were there to inform. Now it feels like you are strictly there to make money off ads. Maybe you should just nix some overhead.

      • The font size, lack of bolding and font itself make it all harder to read and pick out what you’re looking for as quickly and easily.

      • Totally agree. Not a fan of the update.

      • Hi Lacey! You are most welcome! I meant the type of post.
        I may be wrong, but before the headings of “Spoilers” or “Reviews” were over the pictures for the post and in a much bigger font with the letters surrounded by a different color block. It made it very easy to differentiate what type of post (and this may be one the things others have mentioned when referencing that the site is harder on the eyes). The letters or heading now are extremely small for what type of post.

      • Hi Lacey, hopefully this comment will post (or I may end up with multiples). You are most welcome! And I was talking about the type of post.
        I may be wrong, but before the heading of Spoilers or Review was a larger font and above the picture for the post. Now, it is a very small font and off to the side with the rest of the words. I feel like it was very easy to tell what type of post it was before, and now it’s not at all. The type of post was also surrounded by a block of color at one point I believe. And that might be one of the things others have mentioned when they are saying it is harder on the eyes. Some apps or sites have a “night viewing” where the font is in white (how the old post headings were) and the background is gray or black to make it easier on the eyes. I am definitely not suggesting changing the entire background, but I am bringing that up since it’s a way to be easier on the eyes and that’s how the old headings were.

      • On the homepage! Lol so sorry I left that out again

      • On the homepage! Keep leaving that out lol

    • It horrible. It feels more Walmart. This format, and all the ads are junking up the website.

      • Can you send me a screenshot of what you’re seeing with ads? ([email protected]) With the redesign, we purposely cut down on ads, so if we missed something, we definitely want to fix it. Thanks for your feedback!

    • It actually looks better on my phone than it did before (although I never go on the main page and usually follow links from Twitter. Those used to cause me issues because they are amp type and then I can’t see comments and some pictures)

  20. Eh.. for six mediocre items I definitely don’t need this is an easy pass.

  21. Too much pink, too much glitter. Well, at least there’s their Mother’s Day box. 🤞

    • Yeah, I’m not going to get it. Mother’s day will hopefully be better.

  22. I think this looks outstanding and I can hardly wait!

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