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CosmoBox Subscription Review – February/March 2019

Cosmo Box March 2019

CosmoBox is curated by the editors of Cosmopolitan magazine. This unique monthly subscription box brings you full-size quality goodies that compliment and empower your multidimensional lifestyle.

Cosmo Box March 2019 open

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

Cosmo Box March 2019 all products

About this box

The Subscription Box: CosmoBox by Cosmopolitan

The Cost: $29.99 a box + $6 shipping

The Products: “Curated by the editors of Cosmopolitan magazine, this unique monthly subscription box brings you full-size quality goodies that compliment and empower your multidimensional lifestyle.”

Ships to: US

Good to Know:

  1. February + March boxes are being combined into one box. (If you are signed up for a 6-month subscription, they will still send you 6 boxes.)
  2. This subscription is now an Astrology-themed box! “Curated by experts in everything from style to horoscopes, the CosmoBox is COMING IN HOT to provide you with everything your Zodiac sign needs to thrive during this year’s cosmic events! Included in your monthly subscription will be a collection of products handpicked by the editors of Cosmopolitan to stay #flawless during Mercury Retrograde, lunar eclipses, moon phases, and other astrological occurrences!”

Our February/March 2019 Cosmobox Review

Cosmo Box March 2019 info card front Cosmo Box March 2019 info card back

We get a handy card detailing all of the items in the box this month.

Cosmo Box March 2019 retrograde info Cosmo Box March 2019retrograde card

Also included is a card, with info on yet another Mercury Retrograde.

Let’s dive in!

Cosmo Box March 2019 necklace packet Cosmo Box March 2019 necklace envelope Cosmo Box March 2019 necklace on card Cosmo Box March 2019 druzy necklace Cosmo Box March 2019 druzy necklace closeup Cosmo Box March 2019 druzy necklace detail shot

Simple & Dainty Druzy Gemstone Necklace – Retail Value $38.00

This necklace is really pretty! It is a great piece for layering and the druzy itself is super sparkly in person, something very difficult to capture in photos. The chain is gold plated, meaning if you have minor metal sensitivities you should be ok to enjoy layering it with your other favorite pieces or wearing it along for a subdued look. The chain is 16 inches long with an extra 2 inches built into the extender.

The subtle color and bright gold work really well with my everyday style.

Cosmo Box March 2019 linen spray

3 Sisters and a Chick Linen Spray, 2.5 oz – Retail Value $6.00

This lavender linen spray smells amazing. I love keeping things like this around my house in each bedroom, just to freshen up, especially if I have guests coming. This spray is family made by a group of sisters and a niece, using only the finest natural essential oils.

Cosmo Box March 2019r co shampoo front Cosmo Box March 2019r co shampoo back

R+Co Television Shampoo, 1.7 fl oz – TRAVEL SIZE Retail Value $15.00

I adore R+Co anything, which is saying a lot for someone who generally ignores her hair. Even I was shocked that this tiny travel size had such a high retail value though. The shampoo itself is pretty much perfect, giving my hair a great squeaky clean feel with an amazing scent that smells more like perfume than shampoo. This is perfect for travel, especially if you hate those tiny hotel shampoos.

Cosmo Box March 2019 r co conditioner Cosmo Box March 2019 r co conditioner back

R+Co Television Conditioner, 1.7 fl oz – TRAVEL SIZE Retail Value $16.00

We also received the coordinating conditioner. Once again, loved it. I have yet to find a product from this company that I hate. I only condition my ends, meaning this small sample should last me a decently long time. The scent is the same incredible perfumy scent that I love and my strands were noticeably smoother after use.

Cosmo Box March 2019 lipstick Cosmo Box March 2019 lipstick tip Cosmo Box March 2019 lipstick detail

Laritzy Cosmetics Lip Stix in ‘Plum’ – Retail Value $20.00

This color is totally right for me. A super moody plum with a non-glossy satin finish, this pencil is a welcome addition to my lip arsenal. It goes on rather dark, but you can use it sparingly under a gloss for a more stain-like sheer look. It is designed to be both a liner and lipstick, which means it stays in place really well on my lips. My only complaint is that this does require a sharpener, and I never seem to have one close by.

Cosmo Box March 2019 cbd tincture Cosmo Box March 2019 cbd tincture back info Cosmo Box March 2019 cbd tincture dropper

PHC Tincture Hempseed Oil, 5 ml – Estimated Value $5.00 (Buy a full size 30 ml here for $49.99)

CBD oil is having a major moment, and it was kind of cool to see a sample included in this month’s box. Sometimes I really notice a difference when I take CBD, and other times I don’t. I have been told you need to find the right amount and concentration, but I am a pretty inconsistent user. My mom swears by it for her arthritis pain, I mainly take it because it is calming and I hope it somehow helps my migraines. This formula is in a base of coconut oil and has no taste. Put a few drops under your tongue, wait a few moments, then swallow!

Cosmo Box March 2019 cbd cream Cosmo Box March 2019 cbd cream open Cosmo Box March 2019 cbd cream bottom

PHC Skin Salve, 5 ml – SAMPLE SIZE Retail Value $5.00

This skin cream is from the same company above, and is women-owned, which is pretty neat! This balm is hard at first but quickly warms up under your fingers to create a silky cream that readily absorbs into your skin. It smells beautiful too!

Cosmo Box March 2019 panty fresh card Cosmo Box March 2019pantry fresh card back

On The Go 4 in 1 Panty Kit by Panty Fresh – Listed Value $15.00 (found on sale here for $12.99)

So at first, I was worried the box was missing this item, but upon further reading, I discovered they didn’t send one at all, but rather this card had a promo code to get a free one. Well, sort of free. You have to cover the $6.95 shipping and handling fee. The only reason I can imagine this was done this way is because the panty that is included is sized, so if you order it yourself you can select the correct size. This kit is meant for emergencies where you might need to freshen up or have a spare pair of underwear. It includes underwear, a wipe, a panty liner, and a wash-me bag. This kit does sound useful, but I am pretty unimpressed with the way they handled this item. There is no way I am going to go through the process of ordering this and then spending $7 to get it to me. I think they maybe should have stuck to products that can actually be sent in the box or not include it on the item list since you aren’t actually receiving an item.

Cosmo Box March 2019 folded socks Cosmo Box March 2019 socks left Cosmo Box March 2019 socks right Cosmo Box March 2019 sock detail card info Cosmo Box March 2019 socks up close shot

Future is Female Socks by CosmoStyle Socks – Retail Value $12.00

These comfy crew socks are well padded and proclaim girl power. The ombre purple bands are delightfully retro. They are a perfect choice for the gym or for your next Women’s March. It is worth calling out that in the CosmoStyle Sock shop, these socks are displayed right next to a pair that say “Less Thinking, More Drinking” which makes me feel less enthusiastic feelings and seems a little tone-deaf for such a women’s empowerment style box.

Verdict: This box has a retail value of approximately $117.00 (without the Listed Value of the Panty Kit). That is a great value for a $35.99 box. The necklace is really lovely and feels well made. I love that they sent along such a pretty full-size lip color too! The linen spray will certainly be used in my home, and I appreciate that they sourced from a smaller and independent seller. Same thing with the CBD samples! I am always happy to see an R+Co product in any box, so the shampoo and conditioner duo felt like a treat. I get enough socks in sub boxes that I don’t have to buy them anymore, so I like adding to that growing collection. I am really unimpressed with the phantom Panty Kit, but the other items this month more than make up for its absence.

I have conflicting thoughts on the fact that this was a two-month box. I am not sure why this was, and I know that if you bought 6 boxes, you still get a total of 6 boxes, which likely explains why even though this was a 2-month box the content was about as much as we get in a single box. I also am super confused as to how this is now considered an “Astrology-themed” box. Maybe in the next few months, these questions will answer themselves?

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Their site seems to suggest that yes, you can. I recommend contacting their customer care to be sure, especially since this box is a combination of two months, which is a little confusing.

Value Breakdown: At $35.99 for this box ($29.99 a box + $6 shipping), here’s what you are paying approximately per item:

  • Necklace $11.69
  • Linen Spray $1.85
  • Shampoo $4.61
  • Conditioner $4.92
  • Lip Pencil $6.15
  • CBD Oil $1.54
  • CBD Cream $1.54
  • Socks $3.69

I purposely left out the Panty Kit since it was just a code, and there was a shipping cost to even receive it.

Alternatively, you are paying around $4.50 per item.

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Keep track of your subscriptions: Add this box to your subscription list or wish list!

What do you think of the February/March CosmoBox

Written by Megan Kirkland

Megan Kirkland

I love natural/vegan beauty products, Korean skincare, unique jewelry, and weird candies from far away places. When I am not waiting for my next exciting box you can find me painting or taking photographs of interesting people. I never leave home without pug hair somewhere on my shirt and a bold lipstick on my smile.

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Comments (33)

  1. Just so you all know, not sure if they exclude the coupon, but right now the panty website shows free US shipping. While I thought this box was not my thing and I am glad I did not get it, I thought the panty thing looked kinda cool. I have a trip this summer to Disney World and after a water ride this might come in handy!

    • It says on the coupon that it’s not eligible for free shipping.

  2. The items in this box seem useful and I really like the socks (the stripes at the bottom are similar to the bisexual flag too, which is a bonus as someone who identifies as bi) but overall the box doesn’t sit well with me.
    No way is this worthy of being considered 2 boxes + the products look tiny! If the box was priced lower or offered free shipping it’d be a little better, but still

    • Yeah, still kind of confused about the combined months myself, but maybe April will provide some clarity?

  3. Megan you are soooooo beautiful! You can even make that silly necklace work.

    • Thanks Sally! I have to say that I tend to be a little camera shy, so I really appreciate the compliment. <3

  4. If they had sent a one size fits most pair of underwear then everyone would be outraged about it not being their size. They should have just left it out entirely.

  5. If they had just sent a one size fits most panty everyone would be crying about it not being the right size. The voucher where you pay shipping is not cool. They should have just put in something else. I agree about the sock message. What part of this box is astrology themed?

  6. Well if they had put in a pantry in a one size fits most or a medium or whatever they would have had people crying about not being size inclusive or not sending the right size but the voucher where you pay shipping is not cool. I fully expected the shampoo and conditioner to be sample size. The necklace is a joke. I agree on the socks sending out a bad message. This box is a hot mess.

  7. I wanted to add this to my last comment.. Hasn’t posted yet but if it does it does… It does in fact show free shipping on the site which brings the cost down to $25 total for first box and $29.99 thereafter. That’s a nice difference to me from the $35.99 if you go through their site. Hope this helps!!!

    • Thanks for the info. I will start buying it on Amazon.

  8. I used Amazon to purchase this sub. I haven’t received it yet as they only ship out on the 1st of the month but I’m told it will be the “Astrological Box”. It isn’t sold by Amazon either… It’s sold by Box Out… Don’t know if this is the norm for Amazon boxes..
    I’m only paying $25 for the first box though and $29.99 thereafter but no shipping. At least it doesn’t state it anywhere. The reviews are positive on the site as well. $25 for this box isn’t bad considering it comes with jewelry. I guess we’ll see if next month is worth $30.
    If anyone has any info on purchasing this box from Amazon I’d appreciate the feedback. Thanks

  9. This box is absolutely awful and an embarrassment to subscription boxes. I’ve been a sub-box addict for years now. I cannot believe that Cosmo is putting this out without hanging the people in charge hanging their heads in shame. For shame Cosmopolitan, for shame!

  10. I thought the shampoo/conditioner was full size based on spoilers. Glad I didn’t buy. While there’s ‘value’ it’s crazy marked up value. I wish this box could get it together. No thanks.

  11. The message of those socks is gross, especially if you have a son. They should push equality.

    • i agree. the message masks itself as being feminist but is actually the opposite & only adds to the negative stigma surrounding feminism.
      in the kids room decor section at target i saw a framed phrase, “it’s a girls world”, which is EQUALLY repulsive as if it had said, “it’s a boys world”.

    • I agree. Somewhere along the way feminism and girl power became only women matter in the eyes of some.

    • That was my first thought as well. As a feminist, I want equality for all, not a message that women are better than men.

    • Totally agree. I’m not down at all with the socially popular deprecation of men that has taken hold just as I dont accept it against women. Seriously, gender bullying and negating mentalities are the wrong way.

  12. They did it again. A strong box then a joke of a box. They just can’t seem to be consistent.

    • this is where I am at too, its like every other one is awesome. I do love the little necklace this time though, more and more as I wear it. But I would love to see more consistency!

  13. I even hate the necklace, and it seems really cheaply made to me in the close-ups.

    There is nothing in this box I would have liked.

  14. Hm, many of the RVs in the review differ than those listed on the included card – did Cosmo get that many wrong? Ex: they list the R+co duo at $15.50 vs the $15 for shampoo and $16 for conditioner listed in the review; they list the necklace at RV $22, while the review lists at $38, etc.

    • I can’t accept $15 for a 1.7 oz shampoo. This is a funny…. right?

      • Agree. The full size version (8 oz) retails for $32, so not sure how 1.7 oz is $15. I know mini sizes can be marked up, but that’s quite a markup!!

    • Hey Anya! Hopefully, I can provide some clarity:
      As a reviewer, I always try to find the item for sale somewhere. Sometimes ts the same listed price, sometimes its higher or lower. The actual retail price I find is always going to override any price the subscription company lists on a card or info sheet, because if I were looking to buy that item myself, that is what I would pay. Seems more accurate than relying on their product info, especially since there can be some discrepancies! f I am ever unable to find a value, I will reply on the listed value provided by the box itself and leave the product info in bold, just to give you a marker that I was unable to verify the actual retail value. <3

      PS I also thought $15/travel size was nuts, but that the retail on the R+Co site! Crazy!

  15. The box seems cheap, actually. One would expect better from Cosmo.

    • The boxes always have value, but I found for myself that every other one so far is really awesome! I hope they are figuring out their stride

  16. I was super confused on the panty coupon situation as well! Seemed like a good idea but definitely not going to order.

    I am new to subs and I hope to see some good spoilers on next month’s or it may get kicked out of the rotation.

    Great review!!

    • I thought it was just missing at first, then realized it was a code and really wasn’t into that sort of thing. I am looking forward to spoilers too 🙂

  17. This seems like a once a month box…if even. That panty voucher is really poor form on their part, thumbs down! (Necklace is super cute)

    • Yeah, I am confused as to why Feb/March were combined in the first place, but we shall see how April looks.

      • I didn’t even get the coupon in my box! lol I don’t care though. I really like the cbd/mct oil- it’s a rare and awesome item to get in a sub box. I wish the shampoo/conditioner had been larger to make up for the late box… Besides that, all the items are useful to me.

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