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Cosmetips x Ling Beauty Box – Available Now!

The Cosmetips x Ling Beauty Box is available now!

The Box: Cosmetips x Ling Beauty Box

The Cost: £112.00 ($147) + £12.00 shipping 

The Products:

Are you grabbing a box?

Written by MSA


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Comments (32)

  1. Finally decided to pick up this box after going back and forth, but I guess it’s not to be as I can’t seem to check out. I just keep getting a message that I must accept the privacy policy to proceed. At the bottom of the check out I click on the privacy policy, which takes you to a new page (nowhere to click yes to privacy policy) then try to proceed and get the same message again. Anyone figure it out? I have already read and clicked the box for terms and conditions, which doesn’t help at all.

  2. Oh goodness. This box looks awesome and if I wasn’t on overload, I would order it in a heartbeat. I’m gonna be good though and resist.

  3. Damn this is a great box but I’ve already spent so much on the Ulta sale and now I’m waiting anxiously for the Sephora VIB Spring sale. Uggh.

    • Do you know when it is by chance??

    • VIB SPRING SALE 15% OFF? 2017 &2018 was in mid April, sometime between 18-24. Macy’s has 15% some beauty brands right now too. I keep looking at this box… -_-….

  4. Hard pass. Too much and totally unappealing.

  5. High price but the selection of products is amazing!!

  6. It’s almost shameful for me to even consider ordering this box. I have way way way more products (both makeup and skincare) than I could ever hope to use in less than 2-3 years. For makeup it’s probably closer to 5 years since I go through skincare much faster now that I am in my 40’s. But still…this is an amazing selection of products and surprisingly I don’t own any of them already. I have been lusting after that particular palette for a while now. Of course I absolutely don’t need it given that I own at least 30 quality palettes with at least half of them brand new except maybe a few swatches. Some haven’t been touched at all.
    But I’m still so tempted. This is the first time I’ve ever seriously considered spending this much at once on a box collection. Usually the price is enough to deter me if it’s over $100. But this time I don’t know if I can be strong enough…

  7. I was going to just scroll through quickly, thinking, no way, too expensive…but that’s an impressive list of products, and now I’m tempted. Darn you, MSA!

  8. Fantastic box, but I just ordered James Charles palette and have to restrain myself from buying this box. The price is kind of high.

    Plus, I am “saving” my money for LF easter box.

    • Oooh Svetlana…. since you have the inside dirt on all Hut Group boxes, can you please let us know what the spoilers are once you see them? I keep forgetting about the Easter box, but when I see someone mention it I can’t help but think, “Where are the spoilers!?!” I bought last year’s box blind, but this year I’ll wait to see full spoilers (and the price) before making a decision.

      • Luna, of course I will let you know :). Every morning I wake up at 6am and first thing I do is to check my mail for any spoilers. As soon as I hear from this Russian blogger I will let you know.
        Right now SkinStore had big GWP bag and today Dermstore announced GWP too 🙂

      • I saw those, but ooooooohhh(!) I’m trying to be good 🙁
        Thanks for always keeping us in the loop!

  9. Does anyone else notice that it’s ALWAYS a Huda palette? I mean, I love them, enough that I buy them all, but some variety wouldn’t hurt.

    • You’re right but I’ve been wanting this particular one ever since it came out. That’s what’s making this box so tempting for me. And of course there are other great products as well. If only there was a coupon or a free shipping offer. Then I could justify it by telling myself to look at how much I’m getting for just a little more than the cost of the palette.

      • Can you maybe search for it online and find a deal rather than paying the high price of this box for it?

      • I did a search and found several on eBay for $7 up to $20 There are options!

      • No way. I can just about PROMISE those you found are fakes. Especially when they’re being sold for that little. I wouldn’t trust anything marked that far down. But the one time I did take the risk on Ebay for makeup this is what happened:
        I did a lot of research on different sellers as far as reading their feedback, number of sales, etc. Thought I found a good one so I ordered the Too Faced Festival palette I’d been wanting for months but didn’t want to spend $42 for. Plus it seemed to be out of stock everywhere. So I ordered it from Ebay for $22. As soon as I opened it I knew something was wrong. The packaging, the colors, the quality was all either slightly or very much off. I was 99% sure it was a fake but didn’t want to accuse them without proof. So I looked again and found that HSN still had it. So I paid the $42 and compared the 2. It was OBVIOUS the ebay one was a fake. I took pics of all the differences and had to send email after email to the seller and ebay for several weeks to get a refund. Funny thing is after that time had passed I looked at her feedback again and several people commented that they were fake. But what’s really sad is many people left positive feedback ONLY because they didn’t know they’d been cheated having not seen the palette in person or being unfamiliar with the brand. I sent undeniable proof to the seller who still claims they are genuine and keeps selling them as such. And she wanted me to change my feedback to positive once she finally refunded me. So yeah, I won’t ever risk that nightmare again. And Ebay seems to be just brimming with large quantities of these type of counterfeit products and dubious sellers that just create a new account if they get busted.

      • Wait for the vib sale. At least you’ll save 15%. I’ve been listing over this palette as well. Id lile to try everything else, but i want this palette the most. I went to the checkout and the usd price for the box is 142.02 (including shipping minus the vat fee, no vat fees for us purchases).

      • Thanks for calculating that! I was wondering what the total with shipping would be. I’m trying not to give in but I keep telling myself that I never buy clothes or shoes (I was very into shoes in my younger days), I never really eat out or drink/party (so no money on “entertainment” other than Netflix and Hulu. 😄)…but… I do spend a fair amount of money on sub boxes and other beauty items. If I could just get motivated to sell my overstock I would probably permit myself to buy it. It will probably sell out but maybe with all the other beauty sales happening all at once (Sephora, Ulta, Macy’s, Skinstore, etc) they’ll end up with more boxes left than they expected and will offer a discount. A girl can dream!

  10. That box is fantastic. If I didn’t already have a psychotic amount of products already, I would be so tempted by it.

  11. Wow- What a great curated box!!!
    Needless to say I’m in love <3. *checks price again* Lol. It's $150+shipping, I think I would've made an impulse purchase at $100. Any chance this box will drop?

    • If it drops, I’m gonna get it! Just spent too much on Ultas 21 days of Beauty sale, and still two weeks to go. But, if it was to drop to $100 I would have to buy it lol

    • As it is right now, I keep coming back to look at it and keep tempting my restraint which was never very great when it comes to anything related to beauty products 😂

      • You’re gonna have to let us know if you cave 😉

  12. This one’s a bit tempting. While I’d use most everything in the box, I did see a few products that really made think, “Oooh, nice!”, but the price is making me hesitate. While I know the value is there, I’m trying to be super picky on my beauty purchases in that price range. Now if this was an all skincare box and I had the same reaction, this would have been sold! Lol! Maybe if MSA reviews this box, I could be swayed. 😉 (of course it may be sold out by then, so at least the pressure would be off. lol)

    • Actually, considering the inventory I have, I’m trying to be super picky on beauty purchases in any price range. lol! …. except for my sub boxes… I still need my fill of those. 😉

    • Luna, are we twins separated from birth? 🤔

      • haha! 😀

      • I was literally thinking of typing that same response when I saw yours!

  13. Love it! But I have spent my limit lately on subs, and I still have about 5 or 6 more days I am shopping Ultas 21 Days of Beauty sale, so I’m gonna have to skip it. I would like to say this box is awesome, and I would use everything in it!

  14. This is the first super pricy box I’ve seen that actually looks worth the high cost.

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