BoxyCharm April 2019 Possible Spoiler!

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We have a POSSIBLE spoiler for the April 2019 BoxyCharm box thanks to


FYI – Boxycharm has NOT confirmed this spoiler yet, and we also don’t have a month confirmed, but given the #boxychella hashtag, if this spoiler is correct, I’m guessing that would be the April theme since Coachella is in April.

Here’s a better look at the palette:

PUR Cosmetics Festival Pressed Pigment Palette – Retail Value $36

What do you think of the POSSIBLE spoiler? Are you hoping to see it in the April box?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. No. Just No.

    • Exactly!!!!!!!

    • Agree

    • Yes. I mean, No

    • Agree. No, more, Pur. Seriously. None. Ever.

      • PUR is awesome. They use healthier ingredients!! <3

    • Oh man, after what they did to me this month, and seeing this, I am glad I cancelled. Nothing but TERRIBLE customer service, lies after lies in emails to me, and missing products ordered from the charms room… Seriously, I still don’t have my box, my orders, or the replacement product from last months damaged items. Used to love Boxy. Sad to see it go so far down hill. End of rant. lol sorry

      • OMG, I know what you mean, I’m still waiting on my February box, I’m like dude how did I get my March box and its about to be April. Worst ever excuses after another. I was asking why they have the nerves to send out March boxes without catching up with ones they haven’t even send out yet. smh

    • Please NO!!

  2. Eh, I’m not a super fan of Pur. The white palette we received a few months back is just OK. A number of the colors are not true to their appearance. I’ll wait for some more spoilers to see if I take a break from this subscription, too. Was hoping to see something in the Charm Shop to use up my charms, but nope. The blush is great, but I already have it. I like Smashbox, but those colors don’t look right on me. Oh well. Would be nice to see more items in there to choose from.

    • If you have any blond friends, the browgal product makes a great gift!

  3. Will these pressed pigment colors stain your eyes like the James Charles issue someone went off on about? I have 1 pallet that is pressed pressed pigment but it’s neutral.

    • If it’s labeled as “pressed pigment” and not eyeshadow in the US that means that it can stain. Personally I don’t find this to be a big problem. I am more concerned with potential contamination from cheap imported palettes than I am about staining, so I’ll continue to pass on Boxy until they offer higher quality items.

  4. I don’t mind Pur as a brand . They make really good face powders and some of their palettes (outside of boxy) are really good. Just seems like the boxy collabs aren’t the same quality. 5 pur palettes in one year is a bit excessive.
    This palette does look fun , but some of those colors are the hardest to formulate.

  5. The palette looks nice. But I have the colors in my collection of other palettes. I really need to skip a few boxes. I have to much makeup. I’ll wait for more spoilers before I cancel. I wish their was a pause or skip a month with this subscription.

  6. I’m not to excited about this palette but maybe it will be one of those items that I end up liking after all!!

  7. I remeber spoiler of dose of colors small palettes, never happened:(

    • I know I was hoping we would finally get the Dose of Colors pallet this month too. This spoiler doesn’t peak my interest either. Besides I still haven’t received my boxyluxe yet this month and the tracking number they gave me isn’t registered in the USPS system either. Not impressed.

      • The track number works with apc logistics. The tracking is linked to the wrong site. I got like 3 emails like that before I figured it out as another company I’d ordered from was using it.

  8. Yes PLEASE omg

  9. The colors are pretty in this paleete… just hoping that they are pigmented and creamy…. hopefully one day we can get a Makeup geek palette or a new indie brand that has some really good eyeshadows….

    • Rude, Mavie, and Strobe all have great palettes. Next up for me to try is Blushtribe!

  10. I sure hope they don’t put this in the box! In the past year or so we’ve gotten 5 pur palettes and I hated them all. Can we please move on to some other brands already?

    • I totally agree that’s why I just stopped my subscription. I would like to see Tarte, MAC, maybe some ABH.

      • There has been Tarte and Mac, ABH I think is too popular to be in a box, if anything I could see maybe the excess Subcultures in a luxe box.

  11. Hard pass. If I never see a Pur product in my boxycharm again, it’ll be too soon.

    • I agree!!!!

      • Yes, I’m not a Pur fan, either.

    • This. So very much this.

  12. That is a beautiful palette! I really like pur eyeshadows hopefully this palette is in the April boxycharm…

  13. Enough of the possible spoilers! Just release them.
    I have a bunch of charms too, but nothing in the charm shop interests me. It’s all stuff from previous boxes.
    I think I used a previous Pur palette once and gave it to my niece. The colors were pretty, but the quality just wasn’t there. I think it’s great they sent out a Morphe palette, but I was bummed it was only in the luxe box. There are a zillion cosmetic brands out there, let’s see some new things Boxy!

    • That is one of the reasons why I cancelled. I would like to try makeup/skin care ect that are different. IDK I saw part of the spoiler, ummmm not impressed. Before Luxe, I feel my boxes were awesome,,,,,,now all we get is this mini palette? They are way more focused on Luxe, well they lost one customer. There is no way I am going to use boxycharm….. they have taken a dive.

    • Actually the Pur palettes are actually nice once you learn how to use them. The top layers sometimes need to be gotten thru before you get them to work well. And for those that were bummed that the Morphe palette was only in the luxe box, let me tell you it has got to be the worst palette, I have gotten to date. The quality is not like the Jaclyn Hill Morpe palette, that one is amazing but the one I got in Boxy was patchy as best, hard to blend, stiff and basically a nightmare to work with. If it was anywhere near the Jaclyn Hill Palette or even the James Charles one i would have been thrilled but it was just a nightmare. At least with Pur I know what to expect and how to work with it.

  14. I really hope not. Pur is not good, and I think that’s why they keep using this brand, nobody buys it so it’s easy to obtain.. I need a boxy win, and this is not that.. if this is a spoiler, I really hope their other April products knock it out of the park… this is disappointing..

    • Yes, I agree. It is not a great product. I never, if ever, see Tarte, Mac, ect. All palettes are from companies that are cheaper, low quality, and product lines i have never even heard up. Pur hmmmmmmm no.

      • Tarte was just in it a month or two ago. And again last year.

  15. PUR palettes are the reason I switched to ipsy and have been so happy. Boxy can knock it out of the park but more times than not I realized the colors or quality wasn’t for me. Especially now that it seems the overall RV is lower while they make a push for luxe. 700 nude lip colors later I’m good.

    • I very much agree. Some of the palettes we get, I have never even heard of. Yes, BC is so focused on Luxe, I feel like us BC are being pushed to the side. Glad I cancelled.

  16. Ugh. Pass.

    I would cancel, but now I have all these charms from the Cover FX palette screwup that I need to use. I’m afraid if I cancel I’ll lose them. What a waste. Not happy with them.

    Maybe the rest of whatever box this is will be great.

    • You won’t. I just came back to Boxy after more than a year away and all my charms are still there!

      • Excellent to know, thank you!

  17. Ugh, Omg Boxy stop with the PUR products!! The whole point of sub boxes is to try out different stuff, but Boxy gets stuck on these not so great brands, boring and disappointing!! I’m sure Ipsy Plus won’t disappoint tho lol

  18. Still waiting for my March box. No tracking email. NADA. this is nuts. I’ll let it go as long as they dont’ send me the fomo box. I got charged at the beginning of the month!

  19. Enough PUR! Ugh!

  20. im too old to be wearing glitter like a club kid… does anyone know if we can skip a month or do i have to cancel?

    • Iam sick of getting the same old colors browns and neutrals and glittery shimmery eyeshadows I want more color with more mattes for my hooded eyes

    • I feel the same way – I am 52 lol! I have lots of shimmers. But keeping them away from my fine lines is a bit tricky. I would much rather have something less flashy. Boxycharm is geared toward the younger gals, I am finding. Thinking if cancelling – I already cancelled my boxyluxe. That cover fx screw up was the last straw for me.

  21. Not excited for this at all. I’m over Pur.

  22. Ugg! Does Boxy send anything besides PUR. 😝

  23. I like the colors but the last Pur palette I got the shadow ended up so flakey. I had so much of it under my eyes, I had to redo my foundation.

  24. Maybe enough with Pur already!?

    • I have four different Pur palettes from subs that have been sitting in there original packaging not even opened because I really don’t like their eyeshadows. BC is obsessed with Pur for see reason.

      • They probably give them a huge discount on their products. And they’re each advertising/promoting the other. That’s my guess anyway because there hasn’t been another brand I’ve seen this much of in the past 4 years.

        • That’s gotta be the reason. The Pur “face” palette we got from BC was the worst one of all for me. I really am interested in the skin care box that BC is gonna release in April, but I don’t want to sub just for that if I’m not interested in the box that’s gonna be out for April. Idk what to do 🤷‍♀️

          • I think the skincare box would be nice but I just don’t trust them right now. There are still issues with Luxe as far as assuring people will get it but they don’t, they finally tried to customize ONE product and that was a total disaster and affected the Luxe and regular boxes, then there’s the absolutely crazy stuff with the shipping, and their customer service is doing an unbelievably poor job as far as thorough answers, uniformity regarding solutions and response time. It took them over a week to respond to me. Twice.
            They’re just a total mess right now. I cashed in my charms and I’m still waiting for my March box. I was going to unsubscribe last month, then the LE skincare box news came out so I considered staying at least for that. But seeing what all has happened this month I just have zero faith left in them. I think the LE box is just going to end up a monumental disaster in every way possible. Luckily there are plenty of other skincare-heavy boxes out there.

          • The contour shades in that palette were pure mud. I depotted the highlighters and tossed the rest in the garbage.

        • I am just happy that Boxy has not picked up the mana kandar train. I got so much of that in other subs and their products except 1 rare lippie got tossed. They flooded the sub market with their stuff and the quality was not there. Other one that has been flooding the sub boxes is Wander beauty but they do different products in every sub box I have gotten with no repeats and they have excellent quality. I think Pur is middle of the road, but I actually like the quality and that they are cruelty free,

      • Agree in general. But if you have the Soirée Diaries palette lying around, I loved that one.

        • I have it. I have the Pur SOIREE Diaries palette listed on Mercari for sale RIGHT NOW. If you want it, send me an email. 🙂

  25. Stop with the clown colors. So tired of warm colors. How about some nail colors in the regular charm box. I love the brushes they send but some of the eye colors are no good for me.

    • Yes, exactly. We have received nail polish in the past, haven’t we?

  26. I’m so sick of getting the same color eyeshadow palettes. Ridiculous

    • AGREE!!!!!!!

  27. I love boxycharm…but if I get one more brown eyeshadow palette I’m going to cancel.

  28. I have been in love with Boxycharm for a number of years now, but have found their Customer Service to awful, their shipping abysmal and the box contents to be getting more and more blah.

    After this past month’s terrible service I cashed in my charms and cancelled both Boxy and the Luxe edition. I am over them…plus I have so much makeup (did I say eye palettes?) it could last me the rest of my life. Time to cut most of the sub’s and actually concentrate on USING the products I have.

    (Oh, but I’m keeping Allure).💘

    • I just cancelled Allure today. 😉 Boxy is next on the chopping block. I also cancelled Sephora play, Macy’s, and Birchbox. I am on product overload, and I’m feeling more frustrated with my subs than happy about them. So I figured it was time to cancel a few (or more) lol. Kind of like spring cleaning my subscriptions. 😄

      • I too canceled birch box, Glossy,and am Boxy…

  29. Finally some color!

    • Agree! I believe they heard the cries of us tired of workday browns and finally gave us something fun to play with.

      FYI to anyone complaining about being too old, I’m in my 40’s. Go out at night once in a while. Use a tiny accent glittery green. You’re too young to be wearing some pukey taupe all 👏 the 👏damn 👏time.

      • I feel you! lol

      • I don’t know you, but I think I love you. I’m 50, and I’m still a mother f*ckin princess, wearing any look I feel like. If it’s pink and sparkly, then yes I want it.

        But…I also love brown. Makeup is fun, and life’s too short to wear the same thing all the time.

    • Nicole if only it wasn’t PUR ugh This is like the 4th PUR palette n they just aren’t good. I’m so so so happy to see some color n glitter but soooo disappointed in the brand. O n I agree for the ladies saying you’re “too old” for color get that outta your head if anything those of us in our 40s n above deserve to wear fun colors too! I’m going into my “old age” kicking n screaming with my bright hair, blinding highlight and glittery bold eyeshadow! I have enough blah browns n brown lippies to last 3 lifetimes Let’s have some fun 💜

  30. Hopefully there’s other color variations. Unless you work in Vegas…… 🤣

  31. I love boxy, but we’ve gotten WAY too many warm palettes! Send us some cool colored eyeshadow.

  32. Pur is NOT good.

  33. PUR! So glad I cancelled.

    • Me too, this was my last month. I was actually happy with my box, though.

  34. Omg Colors! Yeeesssss!

  35. Instagram has an ofra liquid lip item spoiled.

    • That’s from this month. I got it and love it!

    • I think the Ofra lipstick is from this month.

  36. I want this palette, so I guess I’ll resubscribe!

  37. love the colors!!! excited for this one!

  38. Stop with the warm palettes.

  39. NOW THIS palette is right up my alley! I’m NOT very happy with Boxycharm for March’s luxe box. I always get dark, red, brown lippies, brown/neutral eye colors & lashes! I know it was An error but I’ve been with Boxycharm over 3 yrs now & they’ve NEVER used the quizzes we filled out. February I received bronzer (which is not checked off along with lashes or brow products) I know some items are not a variant but they still send me the things I don’t/can’t use. I’m willing to stay with them because I think they’re growing very quickly & you can’t expect all products to arrive on time for the boxes but it’d be nice to just use the quizzes.

    • They only started useing the quiz this month

  40. I still haven’t received my March box. So annoying!

    • Me too!

    • I feel ya babe, mine is apparently due to arrive sometime between yesterday and lord knows when… :/

    • Me either. Got my second shipment email yesterday. So… I guess they didn’t mail it over a week ago when I got the first one.

    • I just got mine today. I opened it, felt blah about it, and set it aside. I think I am sub boxed out lol.

  41. I do love the colors and the shimmers just getting sick of them always including pur

    • Same!

  42. Love it! I hope so. I’m sick of neutral and thts what I got for March…. the least exciting out of the 4 morphe palettes.

  43. Uh, this looks like a knock-off of the BH Cosmetics Festival palette (which is an amazing palette).

    BH is super underrated too, I wish Boxy would partnered with them instead of PUR (with the bad pigments).

    • I agree. BH makes some great products and their palettes are always gorgeous. I just think they get kind of ignored because they are more economical. People should realize just because something is expensive it can still be terrible quality, and the opposite is true as well.

      I haven’t been looking at palettes lately because I already have so many but I think I will have to check out the BH Festival palette you mentioned!

      • I agree. Inexpensive does not equate to cheap. I have the BH Festival and Back to Brazil palettes and I LOVE them! I am so happy to have rainbows of colors, light to bright, and not just brown brown brown.

        I have a couple PUR palettes that I really like too though. I guess I don’t have the same problems with them some people have. This particular palette has 3 or 4 shadows I would use, but I wouldn’t use any of the browns. I suppose one palette can’t please everyone. Some people want color, some people want neutrals. Eh

      • It’s on sale at Kohl’s this week, for like $15! I think they are discontinuing it, because they have a new one they just released. The packaging looks very similar to this, but the colors are a lot more varied. They have some good neutrals – but also lots of fun pigments. TBH all of the BH palettes I have are awesome. I would highly recommend them!

    • If you look at @boxypreviews insta, the 2nd photo is a dead ringer for the bh festival palette! I don’t think the colors on the box match the pur palette at all! But I could be wrong!

      • That wouldn’t surprise me, since I think BH discontinued the 1st Festival palette. It was super popular and though I have it, if you don’t have it, you’d be lucky to get it. Like this palette, the bright colors jump out at you, but there are neutrals as well. These types of palettes make me happy.

  44. This palette isn’t for me, but luckily I have a daughter who will love it!

  45. Love the palettes, love Boxycharm, love the colors, BUT I am so over Pur. Can we have please some other brands?

  46. Wish Boxy would just dump Pur

  47. Super excited for that Pur palette I think their shadows are great quality and those colors are so beautiful! I hope it gets confirmed by boxycharm!

  48. The front of the palette is cute, but if it’s in the box it would definitely be put in the giveaway pile as I know the colors are too bright and shimmery for the people that usually take eyeshadow palettes off my hands.

  49. Ewwwwe

  50. Love it, I hope we get it, and I hope I get a replacement for my fx in my luxie box that they got wrong

    • You should have gotten $45 worth of charms

    • Email boxycharm and tell them you have not received you 4500 charms as compensation for the wrong palette as they are out of stock on the cover fix palettes.

    • I emailed over a week charms no responce

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