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BeautyFIX Subscription Box Review + Exclusive Coupon – March 2019

Beauty Fix March 2019

BeautyFix is a monthly beauty and makeup subscription box from This subscription box includes a variety of items: makeup, haircare, skincare, etc., but skin care items are the most prevalent in the boxes.

Beauty Fix March 2019 open box

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

Beauty Fix March 2019 all contents

About This Box

The Subscription Box: BeautyFIX

The Cost: $24.95 a month (or $34.95 for a one-time purchase)

Exclusive Deal: Click here and use coupon code MSABFIXBOX to save $10 off the March box when you subscribe!

The Products: Over $100 of beauty products.

Ships to: US

March 2019 BeautyFIX Review

Beauty Fix March 2019 info sheet

This box comes with a booklet detailing each of the items included:

Beauty Fix March 2019 product list

That’s 8 items this month, plus a sample that is not in the booklet!

Beauty Fix March 2019 info sheet back

Let’s dive in!

Beauty Fix March 2019 eye cream Beauty Fix March 2019 eye cream back Beauty Fix March 2019 eye cream detail

First Aid Beauty Eye Duty Triple Remedy AM Gel Cream, 15 ml – FULL SIZE! Retail Value $36.00

This product has some major hype attached to it, so I was blissed out with the FULL SIZE bottle in this box! I love a good eye cream, and this one has some serious skin power players: tripeptides to promote collagen turnover, seaweed extract to seal in moisture, Albizia julibrissin bark extract to prevent puffiness, and tons of amino acids. I just decided to put it all over my face because they were so darn generous with the full-size bottle and because I have very little self-control. My skin responded really well to this and looked so awake and bright! The texture was great under my makeup too. I am not shocked that this is an Allure Best of Beauty Award winner. Eye creams can be ridiculously expensive and this one delivers what many other higher priced options do, but for a much more reasonable price. If you need an eye cream, give this one a shot.

Beauty Fix March 2019 serum front Beauty Fix March 2019 serum back Beauty Fix March 2019 serum detail

SKIN INC Vitamin C Serum, 10 ml – FULL SIZE! Retail Value $35.00

Look at how cute these little yellow orbs are! It is like Boba tea for your face. No scent here, and the little orbs take a little massaging to completely dissipate, but the rest of the serum is smooth and absorbs quickly. Vitamin C is a collagen promoting ingredient, so this will be a great treatment for fine lines. It also has Vitamin E which is an antioxidant and great for treating sun damage. Try stashing it in your fridge for a super refreshing facial.

Beauty Fix March 2019 wow shampoo Beauty Fix March 2019 wow shampoo back Beauty Fix March 2019 wow shampoo detail

COLOR WOW Color Security Shampoo, 2.5 oz –  Retail Value $10

I had heard of this shampoo from a friend because she saw it on The Doctors. It is made to cleanse your hair without harmful sulfates, silicones, and other ingredients that can clog your pores or dull your strands. I liked the formula enough, but since I only shampoo my roots I think there is a part of me that likes when they are a little more stripped than they should be, because that means my roots don’t get oily for a few days. I am not saying this is ideal, and I am freely admitting that abusing my hair is part of my overall look/vibe. I think this formula is perfect for someone who spends a lot of time and money on their color and wants to keep it as fresh as possible.

Beauty Fix March 2019 oil vial sample Beauty Fix March 2019 oil sample envelope Beauty Fix March 2019 oil vial sample with packaging Beauty Fix March 2019 oil vial sample detail

SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic Acid, 4 ml – Estimated Value $22.13 (Buy a full size 30 ml here for $166.00)

This stuff has a very odd scent. Both my husband and I agreed that it smelled like beans. After looking at the ingredient list though, I really don’t care what it smells like. The main ingredient worth mentioning here is L-ascorbic acid, which is a highly potent form of pure vitamin C. All that magical C neutralizes free radicals, which age your skin. The other ingredient that caught my eye was the ferulic acid, which basically preserves Vitamin C and makes it more potent. Vitamin C tends to breakdown easily, so keep your products away from light and heat.

Beauty Fix March 2019 cleanser Beauty Fix March 2019 cleanser detail

HydroPeptide Anti-Wrinkle Exfoliating Cleanser, 50 ml – Estimated Value $11.50 (Buy a full size 200 ml here for $46.00)

I liked this cleanser very much! I shy away from exfoliating products on my skin because while I have minimal skin concerns in terms of allergies or breakouts, I do suffer from redness which exfoliants usually exacerbate. These jojoba beads are not rough and feel more like a massage than a scratch. Massaging them against my skin felt really nice! Thiis formula has a creamy texture and left my skin feeling very velvety after I rinsed it off. It has collagen loving peptides which help with fine lines and wrinkles.

Beauty Fix March 2019 wrinkles Beauty Fix March 2019 wrinkle cream detail

StriVectin SD Advanced Intensive Concentrate for Wrinkles & Stretch Marks, 0.35 oz – Estimated Value $13.83 (Buy 2 oz here for $79.00)

Because this item is marketed to stretch marks, I had to do a little doublechecking to make sure it was for my face. Turns out, it is, but you can also use it to target body stretch marks as well. Winning! This formula is full of Hyaluronic Acid and NIA-114, both known for their ability to target and fade fine lines and wrinkles. It is a medium weight cream with no real remarkable scent. My skin felt really hydrated and very plump after application. I also applied it to some stretch marks I have on my sides, but noticed no real difference. I would imagine a change there would take consistent use over a long period of time.

Beauty Fix March 2019 murad serum Beauty Fix March 2019 murad serum back Beauty Fix March 2019 serum detal murad

Murad Revitalixir Recovery Serum, 0.17oz. – Estimated Value $11.21 (Buy a full size 1.35 oz here for $89.00)

I tend to really like Murad products because there are really no bells and whistles, but I always notice a change in my skin. This serum has little micro-spheres full of neuropeptides and cannabis sativa seed oil. It also has Niacinamide and caffeine in it, which are probably the ingredients that cause that instant difference in my skin. Caffeine really wakes my face up! This formula also has a very subtle brightening micro shimmer that added a wee bit of radiance, something I really need in the morning. This might go in my everyday rotation because honestly, it was like Red Bull for my face.

Beauty Fix March 2019 curl wonder Beauty Fix March 2019 curn wonder detail

DevaCurl Wash Day Wonder Pre-cleanse Slip Detangler, 1.5 oz – Estimated Value $3.50 (Buy a full size 12 oz here for $28.00)

This was an interesting product because it was a pre-shampoo detangler. I have super thick hair that has texture, and knots are just a given for me at the end of the day. My hair can get wild! You use this product before your shampoo to detangle it and remove those pesky knots with your fingertips. I tend to shampoo over the knots and use a brush with my conditioner to brush them out, but as my hairdresser tells me all the time, it isn’t really great to brush your hair when it is soaking wet because you stretch out your strands. This product essentially made wet brushing unnecessary, but I don’t see adding this extra step to my routine because I hate dealing with my hair. If you love hair products or you are just a more responsible adult in general, you might really like this product!

Beauty Fix March 2019 two step sampler Beauty Fix March 2019 two step sampler back

SAMPLE: DHC Cleansing Oil and Soap Sampler  FYI – this is not included in the box, but was a sample accidentally included in our mailer.

Verdict: This $24.95 box has an estimated value of $143.17. Beauty Fix ALWAYS delivers on value. They also excel at sending a really wide variety of products that are usually harder to find or less well known, along with some more recognizable heavy-hitting brands. There was a lot of Vitamin C this month, but my skin loves it so no complaints here. There were also two full-size products! I enjoyed trying out the shampoo and cleanser as both brands were new to me. I plan on adding the Murad serum to my daily rotation. The C E Ferulic serum was hard for me scent wise, but the ingredients make it worth holding my nose. The detangler was a bit of a miss for, but I can absolutely see its value for someone who has a reasonable hair routine. Once again, this sub did an incredible job with curation and was so fun to open and enjoy. If you love quality skincare and unusual products, this $24.95 box is an easy yes.

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? As of publication, this box is still available!

Exclusive Deal: Click here and use coupon code MSABFIXBOX to save $10 off the March box when you subscribe!

Value Breakdown: At $24.95 for this box, here’s what you are paying approximately per item:

  • Eye Cream $6.27
  • Vitamin C Serum $6.10
  • WOW Shampoo $1.74
  • C E Ferulic Serum $3.86
  • Hydropeptide Cleanser $2.00
  • StriVectin Concentrate $2.41
  • Murad Serum $1.95
  • DevaCurl $0.61

Alternatively, each of the 8 item’s has an average cost of $3.12.  I did not include the duo cleanser sampler in this breakdown.

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 What do you think of the March 2019 Beauty Fix box? 


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Written by Megan Kirkland

Megan Kirkland

I love natural/vegan beauty products, Korean skincare, unique jewelry, and weird candies from far away places. When I am not waiting for my next exciting box you can find me painting or taking photographs of interesting people. I never leave home without pug hair somewhere on my shirt and a bold lipstick on my smile.

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Comments (102)

  1. Omgosh the Ferulic Acid works so well. I’ve been using it in the mornings as directed and am definitely seeing an improvement on my 45-year-old skin. This stuff really works! I’ve been getting many compliments on how great my skin looks. I may need to splurge and get the bottle for $165 bucks yikes.

  2. Not sure if anyone will see this or cares about this box anymore but I’ve gotten some resolution to my missing box and thought I’d share:
    So it was supposed to be delivered the 12th of March but never showed up. After reaching out online twice with no response, calling once to be told they wouldn’t help and that I’d have to call back again another day – I was beyond frustrated. I called back again and they said yup it’s lost and refunded my purchase. (I also cancelled my sub). I asked the lady what they want me to do if it showed up and they said they’d send me a label to return. Lol lame but ok.
    Flash forward to today – IT SHOWED UP! I was shocked. And the stupid, honest, do-the-right-thing me gets on the dang phone to tell them it showed up. I asked if they’d just re-charge me because I didn’t want to deal with the hassle of returning it. And surprisingly she said I could just keep it AND they wouldn’t charge me!

    So after the run around and all the hassle, their CS came through in the end.
    (Sorry for the novel but maybe it’ll help someone lol)

  3. I wonder where the Beautyfix April spoilers are? I cancelled in case it’s a bad sign.

    • Thanks for the reminder! 🙂

    • I’m patiently waiting as well , come on spoilers

    • I was checking out Dermstore website and you can purchase some of their past boxes right now for 24.95. I purchased the one with the Lancer Oil in it again. The oil alone is worth $75.

      • Now they say “sold out” 😐 of past boxes

      • On the dermstore main site, you can search “BeautyFix Box” and see a list of all the available past boxes.

    • I did the same thing. I have so much product from the past few months. It would have to be amazing for me to sign up for April.

    • We usually have spoilers by now. Hope this isn’t a bad sign!

  4. Since mine was never even shipped and CS didn’t respond to my 3 emails, I called them. The lady said they would send it out right away and she would put a rush on it. I got an email stating it would be delivered yesterday. Of course, it never showed. When I check the tracking, it still hasn’t even been picked up. This is just too much work! Ridiculous!

  5. This was my first box and I have to tell you I was absolutely delighted except for that yucky smelling stuff yes it to me it smells like horse manure. This box included every single thing that I would use an amusing and Amanda like to use I’m so delighted. After all I gave up glossy I’d given up Birch and now I’m going to give up boxy and I’m so glad to be a member of this particular family WooHoo for us

    • And I love the yucky smelling stuff…lol. I think it smells like spoiled beans. But I am conxinced, after the entire tiny vial, that it had some positive effect.

  6. So bummed. I received my box and the eye cream is either empty or the pump is broken. Either way I can’t dispense the eye cream. I have reached out to customer service.

    • You may need to try pumping several times before it works. I had trouble with containers like that before. Maybe even 10-20 times before it starts pumping up the cream.

    • Same!!

  7. I still haven’t received mine yet. It was supposedly shipped on March 6th! Emailed them, but no response so far. I used to get them within a few days. I fear their customer service is really slacking.

    • Same here. I ordered my first box (the March box) on March 5th and have not received it yet. USPS shows pre-shipment status. I’m normally very patient, I figure things will get here when they get here but in this case I fear it’s lost because I had also ordered the back to basics box on the 9th and I received that over a week ago.
      I’ve reached out to CS twice now and have heard nothing. Not even a confirmation email saying that they got my message. I don’t dig being ignored when I’m a paying customer so I’ll probably just cancel. Don’t need the extra hassle. Plus the back to basics box was the one I really wanted lol so at least I got that one!

      • Please call them. My box has been stagnant since the 12th at a depot that is an hour away from me.. I called them and they are sending me out a new one. The same thing happened to me with a Glossy box about a year ago in the same place. I think there may be some theft going on in that depot. Check your tracking to see if there has been any movement and call them .They are shipping i a new one out to me via 2 day shipping. I am really impressed with their service.

      • Oh good to hear! I was getting worried about the quality of their CS! Mine still has shown no movement since the 10th. I’ll try calling them tomorrow! Thanks for the tip! Hope we all get resolution soon 🙂

      • Did you have any luck calling them? Mine still hasn’t even shipped and it’s been 3 weeks.

      • I ended up having to call twice. The first time was last Friday and the lady couldn’t have sounded more bored. She basically wouldn’t help me and told me I had to wait till Monday then call back. Frustrating.
        So now it’s Wednesday and I called back and a new lady agrees that it’s likely lost so she credited my card because the March box is no longer available.

        I cancelled my sub while on the phone with her. Not worth the hassle. I’ll stick with Ipsy and FFF!

      • The same thing happened to me! It has been in pre shipment since March 2nd and I messaged customer service and didn’t even get confirmation they received my message! I checked my tracking again today and it has updated- supposedly I will have it tomorrow. We will see!

    • I tried email as well and never got a response. I ended up having to call. An item was missing from my box.

  8. I bought the box before I seen the coupon code but I am very happy with it . I have been looking at it for a while now glad I took the plunge

  9. I caved when I saw the $10 coupon! That’s amazing! Thank you for your reviews. I’m new-ish to F.A.B., but their products I have tried thus far are fine, kind of like Murad. No bells and whistles, just results! 🙂 I cancelled ipsy and Popsugar after the winter box, but I still have 5 others thanks to you LOL! I kinda miss Popsugar, I might resubscribe for the Summer box.

  10. Now this is a subscription box I would love to tryout! All of these skincare heavy hitters in one box! Come on now, this is what I’m talking about here ☝🏽

  11. I also love Murad products which surprised me because they don’t seem to get the hype that a lot of other brands get- yet they seem to be very effective for me. I started using Murad after getting the samples in Beautyfix boxes. I use the water gel, the Multivitamin oil (this beats Sunday Riley for me for sure), the invisiblur, and now I love this recitalist serum and might have to add that. Beautyfix is always amazing- I also love the FAB eye cream, it made my 72 year old grandmas eye bags go away immediately. She even had me buy her a box because of it and she has never had a subscription box before. Thanks for the coupon!

    • This box is my first beautyfix box and I’m sooo excited to try the Murad!! I’ve heard great things about this brand so I’m hopeful that I’ll love it too 🙂 I have a bunch of first aid beauty products and love their products so I’m excited to try their eye cream too. I can’t wait until my box gets here!

  12. The Ferulic smells like ham! Disgusting. I asked my husband to confirm by smelling my cheek. Validated. I then went off to wash my face and trash the little sample jar. Yucch.

    • Mine doesn’t smell like ham or hot dogs, I think it has a usual kind of scent for a vitamin C skincare product.

      For what it’s worth, I have the Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum, and it does smell like bacon. Whatever, as long as it works, I don’t really care. At least it’s not an offensive smell. 😊

      • I thought mine smelled like campfire. Smoke…smoked ham..whichever! haha

    • It was yucky

    • Omgosh the Ferulic Acid works so well. I’ve been using it in the mornings as directed and am definitely seeing an improvement on my 45-year-old skin. This stuff really works! I’ve been getting many compliments on how great my skin looks. I may need to splurge and get the bottle for $165 bucks yikes.

      • I intend to splurge on it. I could kick myself since The Skin Store had 15% off Skinceuticals last week and I didn’t buy it. And it smells more like beans to me. I really don’t care what it smells like, it really works magic!

  13. I got my first box today, super excited ordered March 2nd so fast! But…wait…it’s the October box uhhhhhh 🙁 🙁

    • I would take pictures of what you recieved and email customer service. That’s so odd that they sent you a box from 5 months ago. Definitely reach out to them and see what they can do to straighten it out 😊

  14. You really need to check out the ingredient list for the Murad. It has cannabis seed oil in it. So I apply it to my race or smoke it?

    • You really need to do a google search to see how cannabis sativa seed oil is produced.

  15. I wanted this box but I couldn’t decide. But after this great review and the coupon I just couldn’t pass it up. Thanks for the very informative review.

  16. Thank you for the promo code I really wanted to try this box last month and could not find one! So glad I waited!!!

  17. I also hate taking care of my hair and also have super thick hair. Probably enough for 3 heads. I donate every cut I get. And here I do my 10 step skin care at night and doesn’t care for the extra haircare step haha

    • Hey Nikkim, I am just like you! I have thick hair which seems to grow fast, I keep it braided and don’t do much hair care. BUT I will do my 10 step skincare routine every morning and night: I even get up early to include the one hour routine! Beautyfix’s products have contributed much to my skin’s improvement.

  18. I resubbed this month but based on these reviews I would be regretting it if it weren’t for the coupon. The FAB and Murad products sound nice but I’m barely tempted to try anything else.

    • Based on these reviews? The reviews are positive for everything in the box.

    • Hopefully, there are some random winners there for you Cai!

  19. So far, my favorite skin care sub box! Definitely worth the price (even the $25)! I love trying different brands and products, especially that they are mostly high-end.

    • Alex, have you tried NewBeauty TestTube? It is a bi-monthly that is a little more expensive (but basically breaks down to $19/month). If you like high-end, take a peek at the reviews and see what you think.

  20. I’ve heard from other people that the Skinceuticals serum isn’t supposed to be that color and may be old. Otherwise I would totally jump on this box. It looks great!

    • Hmm, this is possible Lisa. Some of those serums lack the preservatives that keep them fresh longer. I have never run into a tester “int he wild” but now I am curious.

    • Yeah, it should be closer to clear. Looks oxidized, but at least it’s not brown..?

  21. I caved after reading your review. Its @$2 an item with the discount for 8 items ! An incredible value!!

  22. Shhhh.. Don’t let the others know but, you are my favorite to read Megan. Always bring a smile to my otherwise extremely stressful life. Just a hint how stressful… 2 adult daughters with severe physical disabilites, myself included and an amazing hard working hubby that just got home from a hospital stay for the first time in his life. We are all really worried cuz he is our rock. Anways, I wanted to share a little personal so you know what it means to cause me to smile.
    Thanks for all you put into this for us.

    • Ronda, this was really sweet. I am glad the reviews can bring a smile to your face. It really touched me to read this! I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and send you all the positive vibes. Thank you for reading my work.

      • Oh no problem. Just wanted to return the favor of a smile! All postive energy and thoughts are most certainly welcome. You’re great. Thanks again.

  23. Thanks for the discount code. I had $15 in Dermstore dollars, so mine was free for first month. Great deal!

    • Yaaaas Nan! You killed it. I hope you enjoy!

  24. Thank you for the great review, interesting and tons of info!

    • You are welcome Melissa! Thanks for reading. 🙂

  25. Thanks for the great reviews and rundown! I’m giving this box a try this month, then likely unsubbing while I try out the products and work through some of what I already have, but in the future when I am running low on things (and just in general) I am definitely going to give this box a look. $25 a month regularly is a bit rich for my tastes, but it really is the best looking subscription for my current tastes that I’ve seen yet.

    • This is a good one! It always has some super hits and a few misses for me, but there are so many items I always have enough that I love to make it worth the subscription. I hope you enjoy!

  26. I love that this box is so easy to cancel and resubm as needed. Some are a hit and some a miss depending on the products for my needs, but everything is always great quality. LOVE the eye cream and my skin responds well to vitamin C, so picked this one up.

    Megan, I enjoy your reviews! So honest, thorough and something to always make me laugh when you talk about your “hair care” routine. Keep up the great reviews!

    • You made my night with your sweet comment Anne. I am glad you love my reviews! I hope you enjoy this box as much as I did <3

    • Can you unsubscribe after just one month ?

      • Absolutely. Login and look for your subscriptions under your account. You will see a box labeled “update”. Select cancel.

      • Thank you so much. I just signed up. They are also including- Oribe Gift With Purchase – Run-Through Detangling Primer Deluxe .

  27. I totally just signed up for this as well. I need to start cutting back on my subs not adding to them but I couldn’t pass this one up. Great brands that I know and love and also some new ones I’ve never tried and good variety of skin and hair products. I’m more excited for this one than most of my other subs this month. So happy I saw what was in it since I never would of gotten it otherwise.

    • This was a good one to snatch, especially for that eye cream! Hope you enjoy Miranda!

  28. I was on the fence about this box, but after this review I had to purchase. Too good a deal not to! Thanks Megan!

    • You are welcome Em! Hope you love it!

  29. Ok, this hooked me. Just signed up for my first box!

    • I look forward to this one each month Tammy. I hope you have fun with yours!

  30. My box is coming tomorrow, I can’t wait! All the products look great to me except the DevaCurl detangler. I have poker straight hair that rarely tangles, and both my daughters do too.

    • I read in one of the reviews for this product that it works nicely for straight hair also. My hair is pretty straight too, so I think I will try to use it as regular conditioner (just as I do the Wen cleansing conditioner). I appreciate that it’s silicone-free.

      • Thanks R! I just hope it doesn’t weigh my hair down. It’s really fine and not that long either, I just finger comb it in the morning, no tangles lol!

      • This is something I will have to try too, R! Thanks for the tip. 🙂

  31. This was my favorite subscription box until the last two months (I cancelled), and now I am back in! Used the coupon! C+E Ferrulic sold me! I just want to try it.

    • It’s a nice vitamin c serum but it does have a funky smell. It’s a product you layer under other products though so you’ll actually smell your moisturizer or face oil more than this.

    • The scent is offputting for sure, but it does feel great on my skin.

      • I have tried this CE ferulic serum before and thought it smelled like hot dogs. The scent is rather off putting.

      • Hot dogs?! Oh NO!! I can usually get past the smell of products unless it’s too synthetic-y sweet/floral – don’t so much mind stinky stuff if it’s unscented but HOT DOGS?!? That might be a dealbreaker for me ☹️

  32. Great review!!! I’m excited to get my box. I know that Skinceuticals product has a huge following but I can’t get past the awful smell. Also, I find it a bit too oily for my combination skin. I’m most interested in the Hydropeptide cleanser and the Murad serum.

    • I just applied the Murad serum for the third night in a row and I am already dreading running out. It will be a future purchase though for sure! Enjoy!

  33. Great review, as always, Megan! I’m most excited to try the FAB eye cream.

    • Thanks Jessica! It is a good cream. You will love it!

  34. I, too, hate dealing with my thick hair, but I am soooooo looking forward to this box. Subs can send me an eye cream and vitamin C serum any day.

    Good news: You don’t need to capitalize the words “vitamin” and “hyaluronic” unless they are the first word in a sentence.

  35. Well you just prompted me to open my wallet and sign up for this box. Thanks for the great review (as always) Megan! I always enjoy reading your posts.

    • Thanks Jenn! Enjoy trying all these goodies out!

  36. Oooh, I didn’t know the DHC products would be in the box. Nice!

    I’ve never tried that Skinceuticals serum before, but I just had to smell it for myself since I’ve read so many comments on its scent. So I found a tester at Blue Mercury (who knows how long it had been sitting there), took a good whiff, and big mistake!!!!! It felt like my sinuses had been assaulted with a punch, and I started gagging & coughing in the store completely embarrassing myself. haha! Having said that… I still look forward to trying it!

    I also saw the Skin Inc. serum at Nordstrom’s this weekend, and even though it’s a third the size of most serums, it’s actually quite larger than I was envisioning. I’ll definitely be able to get many uses out of it.

    • That smell is… something. In addition to making my skin feel great, I love the Skin Inc. serum because is adorable, which makes me happy since half of the joy of my skincare shelf is the pretty factor!

  37. ugg.. totally caved even though I am on product overload. …. 🙁 I have no willpower

    • Same here. This box is too good to bypass. The $10 off was too tempting for me.

    • I did, too. I already have an ongoing subscription which I paid the full price automatically, but couldn’t pass such a good box for only $15, so just ordered two more. I am swimming in products, definitely didn’t need these. But keep telling myself that I needed eye cream anyway 😂🙈

      • #eyecreamaddict

  38. I bought the box earlier today just for the eye cream. I can’t wait.

  39. “or you are just a more responsible adult in general”

    Lol, good one! 😀

    • I mean, I assume most other people are! 😀

  40. Thanks for the review Liz! Mine just shipped out today and I’m super excited to try the Skin Inc vit C serum! I have dark spots from aging and sun damage from years of riding on a motorcycle without sunscreen and I’ve been trying to erase all the damage I’ve done or at least halt it lol I love BF and the skincare products they put out every month.

    • It wasn’t Liz.

    • This serum is my newest obsession!

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