Allure Beauty Box April 2019 FULL SPOILERS + Coupon!

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We have full spoilers for the April Allure Beauty Box! This box is a collaboration with Carli Bybel!

Here are the April spoilers:

What do you think of the spoilers? 

If you haven’t signed up yet, use this link to get your first box for only $10 a box. (Regularly $15 a box.) As of today, if you sign up now, your first box will be the March Box. (Scroll down this page to see exactly what items you’ll receive.) And you’ll also receive this free La Mer set:

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  1. Maybe if they wouldve included one of the new Briogeo products. I’m kinda over receiving them in sub boxes.

    • Yessss same here!!! I have wayyy to many of the same ones. Definitely getting played out!

      • really? i just finish a bottle and started on my last one. so they will come at a perfect time.

        • I am out, so excited about getting this!

        • I love there products happy to have another.

    • Right? I bought a full size one of the leave-in then just got one in a box, now I’m getting another one. There’s plenty of other products they carry

      • Im shocked people actually buy full size briogeo stuff. I cant even give mine away to friends anymore either, and i dont need or use hair care items.

        • I LOOVVVEEEE Briogeo

    • Exactly…i end up tossing mine…my friends dont care for them and i dont either. They are in every single box , over and over. Id love to know whom are actually buying the stuff because it seems they have to give out more then they sell.

      I wish allure would step it up. They really havent been doing so well except a good box maybe 2 times in the last 2 years or so. Since the new lady took over its went downhill.

  2. Solid box, imo. Only unfortunate items are the Anastasia but only because of the shade, it’s basically concealer lips and those tanning towlettes. Definitely better than Feb and March!

    • Hahaha..concealer lips. I love it. Hate getting those shades in boxes but the description is perfect. Thanks for the chuckle 😄

      • Yes, perfect description! Who actually likes these pasty colors?

        • Me. But I have this one. I loved enough to buy it.

          • I love these colors too. I think they are so universal and you can always use it over a darker lipstick or lipliner.

          • I dont like using more then one products on my lips at a time. Espically a liquid lip…they settle into fine lines and just make it look cakey and gunky and then once it dries down, it flakes off..maybe for younger people, or somoneone with lip fillers it might look and work for, but it feels, and looks horrid on me. Even if i exfoilate and prep my lips first.

        • Daisy, I like the paler nudes and find them quite versatile. If it is too pale for my coloring, I use it as a base for my other lippies that might be a bit too bright straight on my lips.💋

          • The reason they get these past, awful full size lippies is because they are the low-sellers. It is listed as a griege nude… gray. If you are one if the ones who it works for, congrats.

          • Exactly, you can use it to customize your own color. Some people don’t understand that though.

      • In the March box, I received the Tarte in og… purplish grey…. hope for the bestie in your box. Everything else was a win, so no complaints. But the OG is an alarming color. Do the “try it on” with the Sephora app.

        • I got OG as well and it doesn’t look purplish-grey at all on me, it looks just like any other nude that I use, actually reminds me of my fave Rimmel matte liquid lipstick, but that actually has longer staying power than the Tarte one does..

      • “Concealer lips” perfectly descriptive. Does anyone look good in these nude shades? Even seen on super models I’m thinking well she looks okay, but those lips are awful. And it is a lip gel too. An awful look. Vendor probably just wants to P&L the nude color. The tan wipes are a waist as well, I would prefer two moist sanitary towelettes. Could use them if I decide to try the Anastasia nude lip, then wipe it off.

        • Yes, some people actually do look good in those shades but if I say it, the trolls will rip me to shreds again!

    • Lippies r all browns! I’ve gotten them for 6 months straight. Give me COLORS

    • agreed. I keep getting all the pale lips, halographic lips. Ya know Laura Palmer in plastic type look. I wear vibrant colors and in two years have never recieved one. Just cyanotic nudes

      • So funny!!! I call them the “wrapped in plastic” lips. Maybe dead Laura Palmer will be iconic after all these years!!!

  3. Well, I’m always excited for eyeshadow. But the rest of this box is pretty “meh”, especially after all the hype. I recently got that Luxie brush from Ipsy, and it’s nice. The rest is kind of lackluster. But are those seriously some kind of fake and bake sheet masks? Ugh. Straight into the garbage with those! Also, is the picture of the model on the front supposed to be what we look like if we use these products? Because if it is, it definitely makes me want to give away everything in this box. Oh well. I have loved so many of my Allure boxes, there is bound to be a clunker in there eventually. Even the November mask box was more exciting than this.

    • same here. not interested in looking like a kardash wannabe.

    • The Vita Liberata brand is actually pretty great! Safe/healthy ingredients, and really natural looking. My skin is super fair and their gradual tan has never looked streaky or orange on me. Absorbs quickly, moisturizing, and doesn’t smell. The towel concept is pretty weird…. But I love their formulations in general!

      • Yes! Vita is fabulous! 🙂

      • So do I I’m very fair and I love the gradual Tanner not sure how these will work but I will give them a try since I had good results with there other products not the most exciting box but ok and I wanted to try ND don’t have any and love a great shimmer.

      • U can hav mine if my box gets here. My fake tanners hav always been oompa-loompa results

    • Thsts Carlie Byble on the front lol. Shes a youtuber

    • JennR: The woman on the cover of the booklet is Carli Bybel, the influencer who is collaborating with ALLURE this month. I think she looks pretty myself…

      That said. I have to agree with the gist of your post as I was expecting a pretty stupendous box this month, but this one is leaving me cold. I wish ALLURE wouldn’t hype a box like they did…it is bound to be disappointing UNLESS it is truly stupendous. The eyeshadow is great, but the rest? Not so excited😢

    • That girl is your “Influencer”… I think I am hitting pause this month… I know I would receive black eyeliner and the blow dry Briogeo… I don’t use eyeshadow and it’s a hard pass on tanning towels. Where is the skincare?

      • Dawn: The Laura Geller pencils are really good items…I have about 5 or so in my collection AND they come in lots of colors as well. Sure they have it in black, but it is also available in teal, purple, brown gray and many others. They apply easily and have good staying power.

        • Seriously, I love this gel liner! I never tried them before and I just received my box today. I received “pruple rain” it is a GORGEOUS light purple, I love it! I swatched it on my arm and I went to wipe off the swatch and IT. WONT. BUDGE. Wow 💜

          • I would have been okay with any color other than BLACK. And black is what I received.

  4. I like Carli Bybel, she reminds me of myself when she doesn’t have make-up on. I’m in awe of people who can transform themselves using makeup.

    • Oh sugar, never hide your face under layers that transform you into someone else! I am sure you are beautiful without 10 layers hiding the real you. Makeup should enhance your beauty within and never hide it under a mask.
      I did not know this girl so I had to look up pics of her without the mask. If you look like her without the layers then you my friend are beautiful. I thinks she is prettier without all of the stuff on. You just need some good people in your life to remind you of that fact!
      Remember we are all beautiful when we are ourselves!!

      • This comment is so out of place and kind of offensive, actually.

        Jackie didn’t say any of that. She said she likes Carli because she reminds her of herself when she’s not wearing makeup, which demonstrates good self esteem. And that she’s in awe of people who can transform themselves using makeup, which is more a comment on Carli’s artistry and does not show that Jackie has low self esteem.

        • Dawn S gav her the best compliment ever! She said if u look lik Carli when she has on no makeup,u r beautiful. I didn’t see it as offensive

          • Dawn! I love your comment made me cry..with happy tears. We need more of your you don’t need to buy anything to be beautiful. Your amazing! I totally needed to read that today.

      • Of course everybody is beautiful without makeup, but makeup isn’t just about looking better. It’s also about creativity. Makeuo artists are true artists and for many makeup is their artistic outlet. People should never feel ashamed or condescended to for wearing “too much” makeup. (“Too much” in quotes because who gets to decide?)

        • I completely agree with you in that it’s an artistic outlet! But the model pictured on the leaflet just looks so generic and plastic looking… I really wish this “Instagram look” would evolve into something that looked a bit more natural… it’s the same brows, same huge lips, same fake lashes.. there’s just barely anything left of her authentic beauty! She really does look much better without a full face of makeup.

          • Agreed!

          • Agree! It seems to be getting worse with the ridiculous eyelashes looking like gigantic spiders and the overdone brows. In my day we wanted to look glamorous but still relatable like Cindy Crawford but today girls want to look like a kardashian which is totally different.

        • Based on both my experience and that of others, I would say people’s perception of a woman is different when she is wearing makeup. It’s not even [just] about looking better – to others it means she takes care of herself, she makes an effort in how she presents herself to the world.

          Same, really, when you style your hair somehow, or look like you just rolled out of bed.

          That said, if I had thick long eyelashes and flawless skin, I’d probably never wear makeup. 🙂 Alas, I don’t. 😉

        • Well-put, Dorothy!

          In my opinion, the person wearing the makeup gets to decide. 🙂

        • Agreed. It’s about expression and everyone should just be commended for having the confidence to express themselves any way they choose.

          • I agree make-up is artistry. But there r days I just do mascara and lip color. Those days I get more compliments from men. At 55 that’s a good thing! My Derm said I hav hyperpigmentation on my face she can lighten. Nooo,they make my cheekbones look higher! Be u and do what u want but own it!!

        • I’m not! I have virtually no eyelashes and I have red cheeks. Ugh! I look like a boy with rosacia!
          A lot of these YouTubers where full face and if they do reviews of products they are using these products and to do that you need a “clean” canvas which is what foundation does. I only sometimes do Glam looks and I’m not big on full coverage foundations, I make my own with my moisturiser and CoverFX enhancer drops in P40. Works great! Anyway, that’s just what they do and who they are.

      • DawnS, that is a truly beautiful post and honestly one of the nicest things I’ve ever read on this site!

        • Thank you, I was trying to be nice and it seems I ended up offended people! Go figure!

          • Thank you for your kind words. Make up is an art form to me. Personally, I’m not one for anything too fake: fake eyelashes, fake nails, tanning, my ears aren’t even pierced, but I won’t put down others who do these things, everyone does whatever gives them confidence or whatever other reason. Having acne from a very early age, makeup has always given me extra confidence and I’m very intrigued at being able to watch others give tips on products and application on you tube especially Carlie because she has similar features as me. I do prefer her more natural looks, but I hate seeing people putting others down because of they way they look.

      • Dawn I could NOT agree with u more! Don’t hide ur natural beauty. Make-up should enhance not cover it up. I could easily cover up or fake an eyebrow that arches up but I don’t. I color the brow as is. It’s what makes my face me

  5. Wow. This is a horribly disappointing box. Only appealing item is the luxiebbrush hutbit might not even be what we get..? Canceling.

  6. Tan infused towels? What am I supposed to do with those? No thanks. I am canceling

    • Seriously

  7. I just canceled the box for April. I am disappointed because I was excited about the “special edition April box”.

    I got hooked on Allure in January and bought 3 of the January boxes. hoping to see more skin care products in May.

    Whoever is out there using self tanning wipes is not my people. I had never seen that influencer before 🤭

    • Ughhh this is a special edition??? In what way is this special? Tanning wipes is suddenly a hot commodity that I’ve been missing? Smh.

  8. Still waiting on my February and March boxes.. I cancelled in November and resubscribed in January. Guess I’ll never learn.

  9. I signed up on March 8th. When can I expect my box? I keep hearing stories of how it’ll take months. Is this true?

    • It usually takes about a month, but you will get it.

      • Thank you! That eases my mind! 🙂

    • Call customer service they will replace it if its lost.

  10. I’m happy about this box! I am excited about the eyeshadow, and the lipstick. I’m actually even good with getting eyeliner (even if it’s black) because I’ve gotten through most of my stash.

    I’m surprised so many people are unhappy with this box – there are at least 2 brands in here that rarely show up in sub boxes, and tan towels may not be great for everyone, but they’re not all over the place at least. I think it’s a well-balanced box for the upcoming summer. The only thing that I would think it needs is maybe a skincare item.

    • I agree with you 100%. But, these days, the majority of people seem to be disappointed no matter what comes in the box. If you like ONE thing out of this box, it’s basically paid for itself and the rest are bonuses that you can enjoy or trade. I love my Allure boxes! It’s always such a drag to see 100 + unhappy comments. February and March were skincare heavy, but I agree that more skincare is always a good thing!

      • I’m agreeing with you…good solid box, particularly for a newbie to subs. They can’t please everyone and if you like ONE thing, it pays for the box. I like Anastasia brow products so trying a lippie will be interesting. Believe it or not, tan towels have been around for along time and I have a friend who ROCKS them…..she’ll enjoy the gift. Allure is always my go to for subs, along with Look Fantastic.

        • I haven’t tried Look Fantastic yet, but I read the reviews with interest every month. I think I’d give it a shot if I weren’t so overloaded. Maybe after I do a huge destash I will check it out! I am probably going to use the tan towels on my ankles and feet. I am a dog walker and even though I wear sunscreen I still get a wicked farmer’s tan. It looks quite ridiculous when I wear sandals LOL. For this box, I’m looking forward to the N.D. shadow, just so I can see what all the fuss is about and also the Inkcredible (hoping for a fun shade like teal or plum)

          • It’s always fun to try out new products…I think we sub girls are on always on overload! Happily so! Perfect use for the tan towels~~~feet and ankles…! 🙂

          • LG has great products and she doesn’t shy away from color! Lov her

      • You are correct. No matter what’s in the box, the majority of people HERE seem to be disappointed. I doubt that the majority of all subscribers are disappointed, or they would go out of business. I am amused by all the unhappy comments, honestly, Look how many people are ragging on a perfectly beautiful woman like Carli Bybel (or, for that matter, the Kardashians).

        • Lol I agree. Just cancel. Problem solved.

    • I agree!!! I’m shocked we are getting the N.D. eyeshadow!!! I never would have expected that. I’m always happy with my allure box.

  11. An “influencer” (a statement about her followers rather than about her) raves about whatever you pay her to rave about. Allure gets these items from their advertisers. I pay $10.70 a month for a box of beauty items to experiment with, and just toss the booklet with the editors’ pretend-text about how they “picked” these items because they are their go-to beauty solutions.

    So everyone’s happy!

    • Yikes! 😮

    • The site you’re using reviews are done by “Influencers”.

    • LOL!! I lov everything u just said,Julia. As long as they get paid,they will LOVE every product in the box. They don’t havta wear it

      • I don’t really buy anything based on biased reviews. They are all getting paid, even here with click baits. It’s a job so they don’t have to have a real job.

  12. No allure. Just NO. Please bbx’s stop sending self tanning products, and nude lippies, PLEASE STOP.

    • Pretty unimpressed with tanning products too. Don’t even know anyone I can load them off onto.

  13. Just called to cancel and asked about “skipping a month” and the rep said it was possible to suspend for a month or a few months. I hope she was right. I suspended for months since I have subscription box overload. This box is so very underwhelming considering how hyped up it was. Tanning towels and MORE Briogeo…yikes! I checked my account online and it does now say “suspended at customer’s request” so hopefully no billing or box for April and if anything between May and October looks good I’ll give them a call back.

  14. Honestly I think this looks amazing!

    • Me too! I’m so excited about the Natasha Denona eyeshadow. I never expected to see one her items in a sub box!

  15. Like some people here, I don’t follow influencers (I only watch Lisa Eldridge), don’t care for more brushes, never use eyeliners and liquid lipsticks, tired of Briogeo, never tan. Eyeshadow will be gifted as singles are useless to me.

    • You should unsub, problem solved! Lol

    • I keep seeing that people don’t follow Influencers but you’re on this site so you actually do. I’d even venture to say as Influencers go that MSA is very successful in influencing the items we buy and use.

      • Absolutely. We are all click bait.

  16. Well, overall not thrilled with this box. Idk who the heck this influencer is lol. When they do these collabs with the influencers, do the influencers pick the products or do they have some say in them? Just wondering, because if they are picking the products, then maybe they should check what they are really influencing about and realize that we have all of this stuff already from previous sub boxes. I currently have three Allure subs, I’m gonna go down to one and that’s just bc I always want to keep the longest running sub for the annual gifts they give. This box is definitely a bust for me. It’s a great box for people new to the beauty sub world to build their collections.

    • what annual gifts?? I canceled mine like 9 months into it bc I had 3 other subs going.

      • kitty lo: ALLURE gives gifts to subscribers who are ‘loyal’ and keep their subs current. I have gotten some amazing gifts along the way, but mine come far more often than annually.

      • I’d only been a member for 2 or 3 months and I was sent a necklace that was above and beyond the normal monthly box contents too. Told me it wassa “special gift”. I was very pleasantly surprised.

  17. Laura Geller eyeliner is great and I am okay with the rest of the box EXCEPT for the corpse nude matte lipstick. I am so sick of this trend …

    • I agree, it’s either bold red or corpse nude. I have naturally light berry lips and neither work for me. I guess berries and mauves are not in trend.

      • Pure Hollywood is a pale mauve. It’s not as peachy as it looks in the picture.

        • It…really isn’t mauve. It’s a nude. When Christine on Temptalia wore it, it looked like her lips disappeared. I actually don’t mind a darker nude shade, but I wish beauty boxes realized that these lighter nudes only look good on a narrow range of people.

          • Plus she said it was an awful formula 😳 so between that and the tan towels I’m already down two products …

          • Christine also gave it a C-!

        • Yeah, I can’t wear it if it’s too pale, I look like I’m on my deathbed. Happy for people that don’t look ill wearing these shades, but I’m not one of them.

    • Yes! That eyeliner is my favorite and I’ve only received it one other time. I hope a ton of them are available on swap! I hope to receive brown eyed girl. It’s a dark brown with silver flecks. LOVE it!!!

  18. I was hoping for an Olivia Jade. Sigh.

    • LOL! Do I put “cheater” or pay for SAT score” in the discount code box?

      • I thought it was “Entitled”?

    • Hahahahaha. Best comment I’ve read all day.

  19. I’m canceling. I don’t wear eyeliner, I don’t need a single shadow, I actually don’t like Briogeo and have 2 bottles already so I don’t need another. The Anastasia lippie is the only thing I’m interested in. I can do without that. I have tons of brushes including this exact one, and no thanks on the self tan wipes.

    • Kristin u can hav my lippy! Don’t wear the shade.

  20. I am actually not mad about this box I have been getting a lot of red lipsticks lately so a nude will be a nice little change. And since I got accepted into the swap site I am not that mad at all

  21. I am actually always thrilled with my Allure, have loved every box… till this one. The lip color will be going to a friend that wears neutrals. I have gotten Briogio so often lately that I am fully stocked, another eyeliner I don’t need, don’t use tanning stuff… ugh. Seriously only thing exciting is to try the eye shadow.
    What is happening to you Allure?

    • Ronda: I think this is just an ‘off’ month…they have been killing it lately.

  22. I wish Allure would stop doing these boxes with influencers. They have really misjudged their customer base if they think the majority of us care about beauty vloggers. I would much rather they do a special edition box partnering with an indie or high-street beauty brand, or a box that focused on K-beauty or organic beauty.

    This box is…forgettable. The Natasha Denona eyeshadow is nice, and I must be the only person on MSA who hasn’t ever received that Briogeo condition, so that will get used. (OTOH, this is my FOURTH Luxie tapered blending brush.) But yet another black liner? Another zombie nude liquid lipstick? Basic AF, Allure.

    • Totally agree. I’m so tired of these “influencers” and I don’t even know who 99% of them are.

      • So agree. So who do these “influencers” influence? perhaps the preteen/teen crowd? I do not know anyone who wears that level (or rather layers) of makeup, and I know some pretty heavy handed gals.

    • I will take all the blending brushes they can send me. It seems like those are the ones that get dirty fastest. The more I have, the less often my lazy self has to clean them.

      • I completely agree with said above. The eyeshadow seemed to be going in a positive direction. Maybe Allure hyped it too much or I did too myself….either way I’m disappointed with April.

    • Have they misjudged? Or have they just misjudged what MSA readers like? Carli Bybel has over 6 MILLION subscribers and I’m sure she’s hawking this box in at least one video. From a business perspective, they are smart to go after than. Nikkie Tutorials, from January, has 11 million. That versus probably less than 100 people on MSA complaining and threatening to cancel…well which do you think is the bigger target market?

      • Fair enough. If Allure would rather chase after the Gen Z influencer market than adult women with disposable incomes, I guess that’s their business. Doesn’t mean I have to stick around for it.

        • BOOM! Thank you! 🎤 drop

        • The ONLY reason I have not canceled is because of my extremely responsible niece who is also my beautician. If there’s something in a sub box I subscribe to that she wants, fine, I’ll get it for you… lol!

        • I agree. They need to decide who to chase after, and it’s a crapshoot. The “adult women” may have more disposable income but the gen z influencer market is very willing to spend on every new thing that comes out. And you’re right – you decide where to spend your dollars.

          That said, it seems Allure is changing their target market. They used to definitely be geared more towards the tastes represented by the majority of commenters here, but they now seem to want a piece of the social media pie. They have moved way more towards digital presence and not as much print presence. And their editors/staff are probably more into this stuff too.

  23. I canceled my Allure subscription yesterday before the spoilers were posted and I have no regret. Not much of a “special collaboration box.” And I really do dislike those plastic envelopes that Allure is using now.

    • Not to mention the plastic collaborators.

      • I love this comment XD

        • Same 😂

      • SSM-
        Judgmental much? I don’t understand why you’d refer to someone as plastic unless you personally know her or there’s some giant scandal the rest of us don’t know about.

        Show me on the Allure box where the Influencer hurt you.

        • She looks plastic, as did the Nikkie collaborator. I’m tired to death of this overdone Instagram look. I don’t feel a need to apologize.

    • I canceled my subscription after a yr and a half. Some months are fabulous but it’s time for a break

    • I got a survey about products, the new shipping box, and the plastic envelope. I hope they are paying attention. My plastic bags have arrived torn and unusable. It’s such a waste.

  24. So excited will be my second box and I am super excited about these colors and products 🙂

  25. The briogeo is good for my Mom because it makes her hair grow alot, I love giving her the products… Other than that I dont care much for the box… I like the eyeshadow colors, but the lip color is not going to look well on me…. I’m thinking about passing this month also…. I don’t know

    • I am a Mom and I wish that stuff would make my hair grow. No dice.

  26. The briogeo is good for my Mom because it makes her hair grow alot, I love giving her the products… Other than that I dont care much for the box… I like the eyeshadow colors, but the lip color is not going to look well on me…. I’m thinking about passing this month also….

  27. I’m always happy with new makeup products. I haven’t tried anything from ND, ABH, or LG before so excited to try them out!

    I feel like tan towels and the same briogeo leave in conditioner aren’t super thrilling. I do like briogeo, but wouldn’t mind seeing some of their other products in a sub box.

    Overall, still happy though with allure and is the only beauty sub box I’ve kept for multiple months. I would sign up through amazon to get the lamer gift set, but those aren’t eligible for the new member gift.

  28. I only want the Briogeo conditioning spray (as I do not heat style) and the Natasha Denona eye shadow as I have wanted to try her brand. But I am not sure those products are enough with a broken plastic bag (yup my Feb one was broken too, bummer as it was cute and black) to make me keep the sub as I would not use the other items. Thinking I should cancel. Was not thrilled with the March spoilers either and as I am billed at the end of the month….torn. Just don’t want to end up with one of the “new subscribers” boxes that has products I already have when I want to sign back up. Ugh

  29. Really underwhelming after Allure hyped the box for months… I’m really disappointed.

    Didn’t Allure sell this box as a special collaboration??? I don’t get it. And tanning towels??? Just send me a hair tie.

    • The girl on the cover of the mini mag is kinda creeping me out (sorry!) and I think she is who they collaborated with.

      • The December one looked even scarier.

      • You know how we think of people of the past as having a very strange sense of fashion or concept of beauty (like powdered wigs, etc.) – I think future generations will look the same way at ours. 😉

        • Lmao yes! Instagram is going to be a rich archive for future generations to observe of overpainted eyebrows and overlined fish lips XD

      • Ok we get it DawnS, you don’t like the model.

  30. I don’t need any of these

  31. Blah, this one is not one I’m excited for. The tan cloths will be gifted (pale as a ghost and fake tans just look odd on me). The lip color probably won’t look great on me.
    We’ll see how the rest of it pans out!

  32. Whew I’m glad these spoilers came out, just canceled! I just don’t ever use single shadows, regardless of the brand. Hate ABH liquid lipsticks, super drying on me, hate Briogeo, no use for tanning towlettes or another eyeliner. I’m sure I’ll subscribe again at some point down the road, but happy to sit this one out.

  33. The matte liquid lip is meh for me, would have preferred a gloss or a non flesh colored shade. have a drawerful of these terrible (on me) nude matte liquid lips. will add to the swap pile 🙂

  34. I’m excited for this box—good brands with items I’ll actually use! Especially excited about the ND eyeshadow & Anastasia lipstick.

  35. I started to get the impression that whenever Allure mentioned “special collaboration”, it will be a “make up heavy box” in collaboration with someone, just like last December box.
    It’s a good box, just not for me…too make up heavy, guess I’ll pass…

  36. This will be a pass for me. Kind of relieved, as I really need to recover from the quarterlies!

  37. Allure is still my favorite sub. I liked March a lot more than I thought I would, and I think April is a solid box, too.

  38. Looks like I’ll be gifting most of this box. I’ll definitly be keeping the lip gloss & hair product. I hope they do a collaboration with a skincare guru someday.

    • If they really do a collaboration with a skincare guru, that would be a wonderful box! 🙂

    • It’s not a gloss, it’s (yet another) matte liquid lipstick. A lip gloss would have been nice!

      • When I was a young woman, we wanted our lips glossy and our skin matte. It’s the opposite now!

      • Thanks for letting me know! I’m sure I’ll be able to make it work somehow. 🙂

  39. I don’t know, if maybe at least the Anastasia lipstick was in a usable color…

    But for something they said “you won’t want to miss”, this is surely a forgettable box. I can’t say there is a single item in it that I would definitely want.

  40. I thought the pencil was the ABH brow pencil which would’ve been nice. Lipstick is too light for me. Glad I cancelled.

  41. OMG I love it! The lipstick is my perfect shade and I pray I receive the rust colored eyeshadow that’s pictured. Love the tan towelettes and hair care products. And please an eyeliner that’s not black.

    • I’ve subscribed for a year now, and this is the first box that has unimpressed me. The eye shadow looks orange on my fair skin and I never tan, so the cloths are useless. And the bag was ripped open. I hope next month is better! If someone wants to trade a fair-skinned appropriate shadow with mine (Morgana), let me know! 🙂

  42. I am SO TIRED of getting the same briogeo hair products in all my subscriptions

    • Same here, and tired of getting nudes that look like concealers or are too peachy.

      • Try using the nudes as a base on your lips. Works wonders.

    • Same thing I thought when I saw the bottle in the spoiler pic!

  43. This Box seems to be taking on the color theme of Pepto Bismol lol. I’m not complaining but on my end that what all the colors including the color of the brush look like. I don’t care for Laura Geller Products and I have enough Briogeo Products to open a store. I cant even give them away anymore lol. Same with the Luxie Brushes I have several still new that I haven’t used yet. Although the products are ok in April’s Box for me it is a partial dud but that is not Allures fault. I just wished they would have put some newer products in there like maybe a lip scrub or the Glow Recipe Blueberry Face Cleaner, something from Kopari or Fresh. Anything newer would have been better but that’s just my opinion. Have a great day all.

    • I’d gladly take your Briogeo of your hands! It is the only thing I have found that works for me! 🙂

  44. Allure totally built this one up and besides the brush (can never have enough) and the Natasha Denona shadow, I’m seriously underwhelmed.

    • Same. I think I’m going to cancel now.

  45. Um, no. Tanning towels?! What could possibly go wrong? Lol!

  46. It’s a ok box Definetly not one of my favorites lately allure has been amazing still happy and will use every thing in it just not as exciting like the last couple but still love Allure.

  47. All I like is the eyeshadow, since I never tired any of her stuff..

  48. wow really underwhelming, I was so pumped for this one for months. Tanning towels( I am pale and would never use), another luxie brush and the same Briogeo that I keep getting in several boxes.

  49. It’s a great box but I don’t need any of it, especially make up so I’ll have to pass this month. Whomp whomp

  50. Easy pass for me!

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