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Limited Edition J-Beauty + K-Beauty Allure Beauty Box Available Now

Allure Beauty Box April 2019 FULL SPOILERS + Coupon!

We have full spoilers for the April Allure Beauty Box! This box is a collaboration with Carli Bybel!

Here are the April spoilers:

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If you haven’t signed up yet, use this link to get your first box for only $10 a box. (Regularly $15 a box.) As of today, if you sign up now, your first box will be the March Box. (Scroll down this page to see exactly what items you’ll receive.) And you’ll also receive this free La Mer set:

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Allure Beauty Box

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Comments (315)

  1. I didn’t get the Anastasia Liquid Lip in Pure Hollywood or the Laura Gellar INKcredible Gel Liner, the 2 full sized products.

    Didn’t get the Morphe brush advertised in my pamphlet either. The sent me a repeat eyeliner and the juvia’s palette from Dec.


  2. I just received my April box today. Very disappointed in the way Allure has handled boxes this year. I received two (old) repeat items.
    The Nubian by Juvia eye shadow pallette
    Sigma E25 blending travel brush
    Tan towels
    Briogeo frizz
    Natasha eye shadow
    LaSplash eyeliner
    This used to be one of my favorite boxes. Will be cancelling now.

    • Me too.😭🙁

  3. I just got my April box. I subscribe through Allure not amazon. I do not have the Anastasia lip product. Even though I don’t like the color, I’m still really ticked off an this box! 1)No lippy. 2) my contents are 2 self tanner towelettes, Luxie blender brush, the eyeshadow in Morgana,the eye pencil in fools gold, Rene Furterer vegetal texture spray, John Frieda frizz ease 🙄, Briogeo Farewell Friz 🙄🙄. Seriously?! Correct me if I’m wrong here, but they just sent me basically the same thing by different brands. Oh! And there’s a card enclosed with a picture of the texture spray and John Frieda on one side and on the other side it reads,”Hey gorgeous! We hope you’re loving our editors’ product picks, and know how much we value having you as a loyal member! Just to let you know, due to an unforeseen supplier, instead of receiving a Briogeo product in your box this month, you’ll find our favorite items from both John Frieda and Rene Futerer.” Seriously?! I finally got the Amika mask they left out of my January box just 2 weeks ago. Never got my February box. Now this crap?! I’ve been subscribed for 2 years and it seems as though they send their loyal customers gifts of jewelry and all I’ve ever gotten were coupons. Now, as a loyal customer, I get the craps?! I called to skip the month of May this morning and I was very clear that I do expect a box in June with the spoilers for June in it. Then this shows up.

    • dawna….I just got the same thing in my box , only I got mine through amazon..however I did e-mail them and said I want my money back or better items..will see what they say!!! it’s not fair though some of these items I don’t want..

    • I received the same box today and I have been a continuous subscriber since September 2016. This is one of the worst boxes I have ever received from Allure. Three similar hair products is disappointing and does not compare to a full-size ABH lip product. I think it may be time to cancel my subscription.

      • Please do call them. I have been told when I do call that it makes a bit more difference than emailing. The CSR’s will take note of what you’re saying. I have been pretty specific when I called in January, February, March and now April. I’m sorry but y’all are failing miserably! This/these new beauty editors/curators suck! It’s like Allure is a new transfer student and doing anything they can to fit in. The problem is, they did not need to make stupid changes. Ipsy, Play by Sephora and Macy’s all have bags. When asked my opinion, I said no but considering there’s a pic of the bag in the email, y’all (allure) have already decided to include these bags and now want to know how it’s going to fly. They suck! Big time! You can’t even recycle them! My January box arrived without the Amika and an empty serum. I finally just got those 2 weeks ago. They sent the replacements out twice prior but sent them to other subscribers!!! Seriously! 🙄 I never even got the February box and was not offered anything except a refund for it. March, invalid tracking again and ended up just showing up without 2 items, can’t think of what’s missing at the moment but still no replacements. Then this cruddy box shows up with a BS card?! No! Sorry but I keep reading about these gifts people get for being a “loyal subscriber”?! Really?! Where’s mine?! All I get is coupons which require me to pay at least $10 to use it. No thanks. Now this absolute box of crap for May. No offense to anybody, but, I can’t help but agree with a few people above April & May looking like they are made for very white people. There is absolutely not one thing in May’s box I will use or that I can even give away. I had already called to skip May and the CSR was like okie dokie! Gotcha! Lol! Lol! Lol! Then, after my April box showed up, I called back and ended up with a mature human being as CSR. Still, after 2 years subscribed, I was offered nothing to stay. Nothing! Even when I mentioned all these NEW subscribers talking about getting necklaces and other free extra in their boxes and after 2 years, I gotta wait months for replacements?! And never gotten a gift?! Y’all should be sending me every free gift ever given since I signed up just to try and keep me as a customer! It will take a couple of months but they are going to send me the lippy & the spray Briogeo. That’s it! I expressed my concern that the Allure box used to be for mature women and it seems as though they are going towards the little girls now. Please remember, your mature, loyal customers are the ones who know how to budget, have more disposable income and while we may have more money and patience, we also have a bit more pride as well. We won’t stick around for crap. I will take my $16.50 per month and spend elsewhere. So will many others. Allure is treating new subscribers and putting loyal ones out to dry.

      • I had my account cancelled by them in February because they said I had multiple accounts. I did have for one month, during the SR fiasco, but in February, I had one account. I called and called and called, and finally got a box for February and then my box for March the very next day. There were THREE repeats in the March box. Ok, well I was ok, my daughters took two of them and I put one in a box to gift. Just got my April box today, repeats from the December collaboration, the Nuvia palette and the eyeliner from that month! I am on hold right now to speak to a CSR and cancel, but not before I explain why. I also blog and have podcasts and will be reviewing the Allure box soon. I am annoyed that they have sent me so many repeats; I try to be positive by what I receive, because it’s usually great, but these repeats are not fair – it’s like they are sending the promised items to new customers but the rest of us are getting what’s left in the warehouse.

      • What?! Wow! Idk if you’ve seen any of my other comments or not. I do not blame you! I called to skip May. Then I got my April box and had to call them back. I signed up to try the Macy’s box in hopes of replacing the Allure May box with it. But, I did not sign up prior to the 10th of the prior month month so I will get my 1st Macy’s box until June. See how that works Allure?! 😂 I’m new, so, I have to wait. Unless they have extras or enough stuff, then and only then will I end up with a May Macy’s box. I’m fine with that. I missed that part somewhere and in my email conversation about it, they were cool about. Like, no worries, we certainly don’t want you to feel left out and we don’t want you to pay for more boxes than you wanted to. Am I ok with the fact that I’m paying now but might not get a box until June? Eh? That’s what I signed up for but I don’t want billed for June and May, just to clarify… So, we shall see.

  4. I just use the nude shades in the middle of my bottom lip of my base color , it gives lips dimension and a pouty look . For allures price which is great , way better then BB samples , If I don’t use it I give it to friends and family, or donate it . Nothing goes to waste .

  5. this is a very good box…I got natasha eyeshadow in 124k bronzace beautiful color..Anastasia lip in pure Hollywood.very matte, but I cover mine with a color lip gloss, phenomenal tan towels,a luxie brush,briogeo farewell frizz cream, and laura geller gel pencil in brown eyed girl…I love this color brown, looks great with the eyeshadow…thanks allure nice products.. can’t wait for may box..

    • I got all the same box. Love it, except for the lipcolor.

  6. This is the worst box EVER!!! The lip crap is the worst color. Farewell Frizz again! An awful bronze shadow. And… wait for it… BLACKBIRD eyeliner! Are you f****ng kidding me, Allure! CANCELLED

  7. Anyone else notice that the ABH Lippie isn’t advertised on their site? As well as the eyeliner. Just repeats from previous boxes (juvia’s place palette and mally shadow stick).

    Mine just shipped today, so really
    Hopping I get what’s shown here. I saw a few different liner colors mentioned- any of them sound great! I have enough black/brown ones already, so mixing it up would be nice.

    • I received black. Bummed.

  8. This box was worth it for me just for the Laura Gellar Inkcredible eyeliner. It is my absolute favorite eyeliner and I received Rose Gold, which I didn’t even know existed. I love it! The Anastasia lipgloss is a beige nightmare. I’d like to see the woman this looks good on. The eyeshadow was a vibrant gold which doesn’t look good on my skin tone but it’s a nicely pigmented shade. The tan towels are interesting. The Briogeo is garbage that I’ve received a million times as well as the Luxie brush.

    • This is the worst box EVER!!! The lip crap is the worst color. Farewell Frizz again! An awful bronze shadow. And… wait for it… BLACKBIRD eyeliner! Are you f****ng kidding me, Allure! CANCELLED

  9. Looking on the Allure website, the April box could be just about anything.

    There are three different brushes, two styles of eyeliner (the Laura Gellar or a liquid), as mentioned above the two types of Briogeo, one of three eye shadow colors, and a bunch of other crap.

    I’m starting love Allure less and they were my first! (jk)

    • Lol! That’s funny! I started getting beauty subs in ‘16. I tried Birchbox & Ipsy. First month, Birchbox nailed it & Ipsy did not. Thinking that my budget for bs was only $10 per month, I canceled Ipsy. After 2 more months of Birchbox NOT nailing it at all, I resigned with Ipsy and I’ve been with them ever since. Tried Play by Sephora but only for 4 months. Then Beauty Box 5(no longer in business). Then, I finally signed up for the Allure Beauty Box. But I have to say, in the two years I’ve been subscribed, they really are going downhill. I actually never did receive my February box and I still can’t believe I had to get nasty with customer service about refunding me for the box I never got.

      • I agree. They are on a rapid slide. January was great, but the customer service is just BAD. AND I am totally pissed about the box I ordered through Amazon. Three crappy hair products and no lip product! And the worst of the 3 potential shadow shades. Disappointed for sure.

  10. I would call Allure. The video post CLEARLY emphasizes the Anastasis lip product as a pick of Bybel. This is false on Allure’s part. They really need to get their crap together. I have paused May because that box is completely unappealing. I believe that Allure is punishing subscribers who order through Amazon due to disastrous influx of subscribers in January for that Sunday Riley box.

  11. Hi MSA people,

    I got a furterer vegetal spray, briogeo farewell spritz, john frieda frizz ease finishing cream, natasha denona morgana eyeshadow, luxie eyebrush, laura geller green river incredible waterproof gel eyeliner pencil and the towelette tanners. I feel letdown. I subbed via amazon thinking that for the price of both the anastasia lippie and the eyeshadow it is worth not choosing my shades 🙁

    • I would call Allure. The video post CLEARLY emphasizes the Anastasis lip product as a pick of Bybel. This is false on Allure’s part. They really need to get their crap together. I have paused May because that box is completely unappealing. I believe that Allure is punishing subscribers who order through Amazon. A lot of people use Amazon to order multiple boxes each month. You can order a box in your pet’s name through Amazon. Allure really got rocked in January with a blitz of subscriptions. I believe this is the way Allure has chosen to punish Amazon subacribers.

    • I would call Allure. The video post CLEARLY emphasizes the Anastasis lip product as a pick of Bybel. This is false on Allure’s part. They really need to get their crap together. I have paused May because that box is completely unappealing. I believe that Allure is punishing subscribers who order through Amazon. A lot of people use Amazon to order multiple boxes each month. You can order a box in your pet’s name through Amazon. Allure really got rocked in January with a blitz of subscriptions. I believe this is the way Allure has chosen to punish Amazon subacribers.

    • You would be disappointed in the ABH.

  12. Just got my April box through Amazon and feel super disappointed! NO Anastasia full size lippie, instead 2 sample size hair products I wont be using. Natasha eye shadow in Morgana is an orange’y pink, not suitable for my complexion and eye color at all. Plus another eyeliner in black (Laura Geller). What a let down 🙁

  13. I’m so briogeo’d to death from most of the boxes I don’t need anymore of this brand or these products ! I’m particular with my hair regimen and don’t switch up products often but nomore leave in conditioners or dry hair shampoo 😫 it’s just too much , I feel like these are used just to fill a box or bag , or a free hotel sample . No thanks for briogeo 🙀

  14. Received my box today and it didn’t include the Anastasia liquid lip…is that normal? (Susbribed through Amazon)

    • Just got mine, same thing. No lippie, just two hair samples worth $5 total. What a dud.

      • From Amazon or direct from Allure?

  15. Just heads up Amazon Allure is super disappointing this month there is no ABH lipstick instead they sent 3 hair care products . John Frieta frizz ease, a texture spray ,and Briogeo frizz cream.

  16. I’ve subscribed for a year now, and this is the first box that has unimpressed me. The eye shadow looks orange on my fair skin and I never tan, so the cloths are useless. And the bag was ripped open. I hope next month is better! If someone wants to trade a fair-skinned appropriate shadow with mine (Morgana), let me know! 🙂

  17. Ooh I am actually excited for this one. I love ABH lip products and that alone makes it worth it. Not sure about the color for me but I’ll try it lol! And ND eyeshadows are so good, so I know that will be something I use.

  18. Not an exciting box, but everything (with the exception of the tanning towels) will be useful to me, I think. And I love Briogeo hair care items, so I’m happy!

  19. I am a Mom and I wish that stuff would make my hair grow. No dice.

  20. I have to admit that I’m surprised by all of the complaints about the Self Tanning Towels and the Briogio sample. Ladies, these are the smallest part of the box (tanning towels worth about $6.25 and not sure about Briogio).

    Even though I was let down by all of Allure’s excessive promotion about this box, if you look at the contents, it is a great value even if you don’t like the color of the lippie.

    Our family gets 2 of the boxes on the regular and I might even be tempted to buy an extra one this month through Amazon…we will see.

  21. So excited! Fair and freckled, the Anastasia is going to be THE PERFECT pink for me!

    • My daughter is ghost white. This lipstick makes her lips virtually disappear into her face. It is that grayish pale pinky eewww. Trashed it

  22. In the March box, I received the Tarte in og… purplish grey…. hope for the bestie in your box. Everything else was a win, so no complaints. But the OG is an alarming color. Do the “try it on” with the Sephora app.

  23. It’s definitely a solid box. Eyeshadow, eyeshadow brush & eyeliner, plus lipliner and liquid lipstick. It’s the colors I’m not thrilled with but I know someone who will. I love the conditioner, so does my mom. I have no need for any self tanner or that plastic bag. Hopefully this clear one will be intact.

  24. Its kind of funny that after I submitted my request to cancel the Allure sub, their CS asked me to take a customer survey. The survey asked what I liked and didn’t like about the sub. I think that this is the kind of survey they should send out to current subscribers to get a feel for their overall satisfaction (or lack of) rather than waiting for someone to cancel. I said boo to their new plastic bags, shrinking sample sizes, repeat products and over-hyping some collabs that simply weren’t anything special. I am wondering if Allure is going to join the “deluxe” subscription bad wagon that provides the option for a second level sub that offers a better product selection but at a higher price point. This trend seems to be spreading.

  25. i just got my march box yesterday, and allure you are amazing this box is great, I love all the skin care products and the blush stick..i have dry skin and all these products are great..i love them all..thank you allure keep up the good work..can’t wait for april, it looks great too..

  26. Im very happy with my March box. It has the whole lineup of skincare products that Nicole BW mentioned. Im new to subscription boxes and only have 2 subs right now. This by far gives me the most value for my money and because im most interested in skincare, Allure has been the best. April may not look as great to me but I know Allure is overwhelmingly the best pick for the money. I will continue subscribing.

    • I got the same as Nicole BW as well in one of my boxes (the newer one that I joined in Feb).

      My original subbed off and on since Aug ’17:

      Au Natural
      Mamonde Toner
      Belif Aqua Bomb
      Tarte Matte Lip
      Juice Beauty Stem Cell Serum
      Acure Tansy Oil
      Biobelle Botanic mask

      I liked my original sub was a little better but I’m glad I got Biossance Squalane + Peptide Eye Gel in my 2nd box. There were a few products I wish I got instead (Glow Recipe over Biobelle), but if this is just a “once in a while” thing, then I can deal with it. The only thing I’m disappointed in is that April will once again have a pale nude right after this month’s Tarte which to me is more nude than lilac.

      • I received the exact same things. A great box for the money.

      • And May is the lightest shade of all.

  27. Hoping for the Farewell Frizz Blow Dry Perfection & Heat Protectant Creme The one hair product I found works with my hair. I’m good with everything in the box. Not everything a hit but Allure makes up for it in other boxes. Everyone like’s different things. I don’t follow the “influencers”. I might have years ago, but I’m more in the “mature” category of product needs. Allure kicks though.

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