RosePost Box Subscription Review + Coupon – Winter 2019

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Rosepostbox February 2019 - Box Review

RosePost Box is a quarterly subscription box bringing you niche and independent brands of rose-infused skincare and beauty products.

Rosepostbox February 2019 - Inside

This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

Rosepostbox February 2019 - Review

About RosePost Box

The Subscription Box: RosePost Box

The Cost: $51 a quarter + free shipping. Save with longer subscription plans or buy a one-time gift box for $55.

The Products: 3-5 full-size rose-infused cruelty-free beauty products per quarter and occasionally a few extras with a promised $75+ value

Ships to: US

Winter 2019 RosePost Box Review

This box always feels so luxurious to open! I knew from our spoilers most of what was going to be in here, but I still enjoyed the unboxing process quite a bit:

Rosepostbox February 2019 - Booklet Front

Rosepostbox February 2019 - Booklet Back

There was a full-color information card with more details about the products and brands included in the box. I thought it was quite informative. It’s actually pretty handy, too, in that it has web addresses for easy reorders (and accurate pricing information).

Rosepostbox February 2019 - Noe HandNailCuticle Oil by Noelle Botanicals 1

Rosepostbox February 2019 - Noe HandNailCuticle Oil by Noelle Botanicals 2

Rosepostbox February 2019 - Cuticle

Noe Hand/Nail/Cuticle Oil by Noelle Botanicals (10 mL) – Retail Value $25

My hands are so, so, so dry right now and my cuticles look terrible. So this could not have come at a better time. I do feel that the area around which I applied this looks a little better after a few days of consistent use. I’m really interested to see how it does long-term. Since it’s cuticle oil, you don’t use much at once and this will last a very long time.

Rosepostbox February 2019 - Rose Quartz Restoring Body Oil by Elaa Skincare

Rose Quartz Restoring Body Oil by Elaa Skincare (100 mL) – Retail Value $49

I usually go for body lotion instead of body oil, but I am not going to miss the opportunity to try a $49 body oil! And anyway, the skin on my legs is almost as dry at the moment as the skin on my hands. That being the case, this absorbed into my skin easily (and without leaving my skin feeling oily or anything). It made my skin pretty soft, too, and the scent is lovely. The scent comes from both rose and vanilla essential oils and they work quite well together. (This contains rose quartz crystals but, FYI, those are not going to do anything. Rose quartz is silicon dioxide which is a large, crystalline polymer and, although there are ways silica can be processed to incorporate it into oil and water solutions, simply dropping quartz crystals into oil isn’t going to confer any benefits, they’ll just sit in the bottle.)

Rosepostbox February 2019 - Shimmering Rose Body Polish by Modern Skyn Alchemy

Shimmering Rose Body Polish by Modern Skyn Alchemy (1 lb) – Retail Value $18

I love getting scrubs. They’re probably my favorite bath/body items to receive in subscription boxes. This is a sugar scrub, which I like for several reasons: (1) it dissolves and there’s no worry about messing up the shower like with coffee scrubs or about clogging the drain or about microplastics in the ocean and (2) it doesn’t hurt if used right after shaving or if you have a paper cut, like a salt scrub would. Anyway, this also has hibiscus which is supposed to help break down dead skin although I’m not sure how you could even monitor for that happening. At any rate, this is an effective scrub without too much oil (something I’m really picky about) and there’s something about the old-school labeling of this company’s products that makes me want to spend a bunch of money on their website.

Rosepostbox February 2019 - Postcard 1

Rosepostbox February 2019 - Postcard 2


There are often bonus postcards and such in this box. This wasn’t on the information card and it is clearly exclusive to the box, so I can’t really guess at a value. I don’t send these (you could if you wanted to), but I do find them to be nice decorations, especially if you like pictures of roses in addition to rose scents (I do).

Rosepostbox February 2019 - Rose Quartz Crystal 1

Rosepostbox February 2019 - Rose Quartz Crystal 2

Bonus: Rose Quartz Crystal

This was listed as a bonus item on the information card. I don’t do any sort of practice with crystals because I’m into evidence-based, peer-reviewed medical treatments (!) but I have a little dish I got in a Birchbox limited edition box back in the day and I put all the crystals and large gemstones I get in subscription boxes in there and display it on a shelf because I like the way it all looks, and that’s where this will be going. This is probably the biggest crystal I’ve ever gotten in a subscription box (like almost golf ball size).

Verdict: I calculated a value of about $92 for the Winter 2019 RosePost Box. This is always a fun unboxing experience for me, from the packaging and presentation on down to actually trying the products. All of the brands (and items) were new to me, so that was fun. I found all the products useful and thought they went together nicely considering my skin concerns this time of year (dryness and buildup of dead skin). This box has a value of $92, which is a slightly lower value than Fall’s box but there was the bonus postcard and rose quartz crystal that will add to the value some, and this is still a value that’s well above the month-to-month cost of the box.

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Winter 2019 boxes are still available either by subscription or as a one-time gift box (the one-time purchase option is $55).

Value Breakdown: At $51 for this box, here’s what you are paying approximately per item:

  • Cuticle oil $13.86
  • Body oil $27.16
  • Scrub $9.98
  • Postcard: bonus
  • Crystal: bonus

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What do you think of RosePost Box?

Written by Ragan Buckley

Ragan Buckley

Ragan stumbled across My Subscription Addiction in late 2013 and immediately subscribed to way too many beauty boxes. She’s now focused on boxes for her cats and dog, vegan/vegetarian food boxes, and craft subscriptions (and she didn’t give up beauty boxes entirely).

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  1. For $51 I’m not impressed. I was expecting to see another 2 (or more) items

  2. The scrub and the body oil are my two favorite products from this box. The scrub isn’t harsh at all and melts so nicely on the skin. I find the scent of the oil really pleasant and while I might not have chosen rose and vanilla as a combination on my own, I agree they work really well together. I like that these are all new brands for me, too. Great box!

  3. I was hoping for a great moisturizing facial product, but they sent a body scrub which I can’t use. ( I’m OLD).

    My body oil does not have a pleasant scent at all, and seems like old stock smell to me.

    My nails and cuticles didn’t need an expensive roll on, plus who rolls products onto their hands? That’s just weird to me.

    I didn’t appreciate the rose quartz crystal, because I also know it’s simply an inert mineral ( quartz) in crystalline formation.

    I have loved every Rose Post Box until this one, and I was so disappointed that I cancelled.

  4. I love the texture and moisture of the oil but mine has no fragrance whatsoever. Kind of bummed because the combination of rose and vanilla sounds lovely. Really looking forward to digging into that scrub.

    • My sense of smell has been a little wonky lately. I am probably coming down with something. Some things, I can’t smell at all, and others seem really strong to me (but, say, my husband doesn’t notice them).

  5. Wow. Someone finally revealed the truth. Rocks in bottles of beauty products do absolutely nothing to enhance said beauty products. Thanks.

    • Haha, I say that every time I get crystals.

      I suppose if they were really finely ground, they might do some physical exfoliation.

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