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Rachel Zoe Box of Style Spring 2019 Box FULL SPOILERS + Coupon!

ByMSAFeb 6, 2019 | 124 comments

3.2 overall rating
260 Ratings | 69 Reviews

We have the full spoilers for the Spring 2019 Box of Style!

Here are the full spoilers:

Spring is my favorite time for a style refresh. A few breezy essentials make it so simple to elevate everything from blazers and boots to feminine dresses to jeans and a T-shirt. So incorporate a little glamour into your look this season—I promise it’s never been easier!”  –– Rachel Zoe

The Stylish Staple: Chan Luu Silk Scarf, Exclusive, Retail Value $125

Nothing provides more styling options than a printed silk scarf. Tie it around your neck, head, waist, wrist or purse for an instant pop of color—and of course glamour.

Styling Tip

  • Knot at the neck to add French flair to any look.
  • Roll into a headscarf or cinch around the base of your ponytail.
  • Wrap around your wrist or purse for a chic touch.

The Stackable Statements: Michelle Campbell Gold Talon Bracelet Set, Exclusive, Retail Value $215

Dainty gold bangles can be worn solo or as a pair for an easy daytime look. For evening, layer them with other pieces for a luxe take—I always mix metals for extra drama!

Styling Tip

  • Wear together or on separate wrists to add polish to your everyday ensembles.
  • Pair with other metals or colorful bracelets for a fashion-forward look.


The Feel-Good Fashion: Tribe Alive Leather Clutch, Exclusive, Retail Value $78

A sleek black leather pouch is ideal for stashing essentials. I keep mine inside my work bag and then use it as a clutch for appointments, lunches or meetings.

Styling Tip

  • Keep important items at your fingertips so they don’t get lost in the bottom of your bag.

The Gold Standard:  Edible Beauty Gold Rush Eye Balm, Retail Value $61

I can never have too many eye creams, and this is a new favorite I apply morning and night. I love the decadent all-natural ingredients. The gold leaf is a dream come true!

Skincare Tip

  • Lightly pat onto your under-eye area using your ring finger.
  • Gold leaf improves radiance and circulation, while coffee and cucumber extracts reduce puffiness and inflammation.

The Skin Smoother:  Skin Gym Rose Quartz Heart Gua Sha, Retail Value $32

One step further than the jade roller, this massage tool boosts circulation and fits into your makeup bag. I keep mine on hand for long flights and midday pick-me-ups. It works wonders.

Skincare Tip

  • Regular use drains puffiness and toxins while contouring and smoothing fine lines.
  • Use with your favorite serum or oil.
  • Store in the freezer for a refreshing kick in the morning.

What do you think of the Spring Box of Style spoilers?

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CURATEUR (formerly Box of Style) is a luxury subscription service curated by designer Rachel Zoe and delivered 4 times a year. Each seasons box contains at least 5 statement staples (fashion, beauty and lifestyle) valued at over $400, curated to elevate your everyday look. Seasonal subscriptions are... read more.
At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.
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compare this to this first few boxes and it’s night + day meaning first boxes were outstanding but this seems like a whole different sub now that should not have same price point as older boxes

Jaime Wesley

I usually love my box but this was a complete dud. Nothing eliciting. The items are starting to be the same things just different colors and brands.

Box of Style Member Experience

Hi MSA followers!

All of us here at Box of Style want you to know that we see your comments above and cannot apologize enough for any issues you have had. We agree that this is completely unacceptable and are making BIG changes to ensure nothing like this happens again. By no means are we ignoring the problems and delays you have faced and it is our top priority to make sure everyone feels comfortable with the resolutions we provide. In the meantime, we will be trying to resolve each of your concerns. Please email us at [email protected] if your issue has not been resolved and we will get back to you right away!


Team Zoe


Im happy to swap my entire box if anyone is interested. i forgot to cancel in time. shoot me a message

Laura Diniwilk

Update – I finally received my box on February 14. They also threw in a journal, tassel necklace and earrings, and a jules kae pouch. They supposedly refunded my box but I don’t think I saw that pop up on my statement (I’m an annual subscriber). Overall I’m happy with their solution, just wish it didn’t take numerous tries to get them to send me something I paid for.


Oof! I cannot believe this box is still in business! I cancelled after the summer box but have been checking in perioducally to see if I’d regret my decision… I definitely do not. I signed up for the box when it first debuted and the products were real pieces from reputable brands, not these cheaply made, overpriced “rachel zoe exclusive” items. If you look at the description everything is “exclusive” which are almost always inferior products. Run far away from this box!


I agree. These boxes make “made exclusive for us” sound like this great amazing thing but all it means is “a cheap terrible quality item that this company would never actually sell in their store ” even worse is how many people continue to accept these inferior cheap products.


they sent out an email with add-on’s, most from prior boxes – also they are back offering amazon device again….


The “value” for the bracelet is absurd.


Yep, I cancelled. I used to love it and even stayed through the rough times and spilled oils, but this one… baby bye! I cancelled and even put a notice on my bank (I know they are not the best at honoring cancellations so better safe than sorry, nothing in this box called my eyes to stay)


My comments aren’t posting again…so frustrating! I cancelled a long time ago and they emailed me that my cancellation wouldn’t go in effect until 2/14 which I thought was very suspicious. Today they charged my credit card $99 !


You were smart! I cancelled after the last box & they emailed me back that my cancellation wouldn’t take effect until 2/14 which I found very bizarre and suspicious. Today, 2/15, they charged my credit card $99 -which I assume they are hoping I don’t notice? I’m livid and am reporting them.


What a nice fall box. How is this for spring? Black clutch? Dark scarf?


I only can use the Luna oil so Winters $100 was way to steep. Cancelled the week of MLK day and received a vague due to the holiday we will have a slightly delayed response. A week or so later I get the stay for $20 email. I would use pretty much none of this box. Staying cancelled.


I’ve loved the Box of Style so far! I’ve received three and the skin care products have made big improvements on my skin! And the two purses are so versatile and fit my lifestyle. Took a few of the items on vacation and received so many compliments, especially on the earrings from the summer box! Really excited for the next box. Heard great things about the bracelets and the floral scarf is gorgeous. I want to watch RZ’s video on how to do the head knot. It’s a pricier box, but with all the items being useful, it’s better than getting a box where some of the items just end up in a drawer and unused. Looking forward to continuing getting them and trying new products that I wouldn’t normally be able to afford. It’s nice to be able to treat myself. #selflove


Nice to stay positive. 😎


Bracelets are “Brass with gold colored plating”. LOL on the retail value.

Kellie Johnson

I actually like the eye cream and the clutch. I don’t wear scarves and feel like the “gold” bracelets have a heavily inflated RV. If this was cheaper, I would be thrilled, but being that it is $100 I am tempted to cancel.


I want the brown and black scarf…may wait for the box to go on sale.

Laura Diniwilk

Cool except that I still don’t have my winter box despite me emailing numerous times. Supposedly it’s on it’s way and they are refunding me and giving me a bunch of free extras but I’ll believe it when it’s in my hands.


OMG I went through this too & also canceled my subscription. Given the contents of this box, I am very happy I canceled. I eventually got my winter box (maybe 3 weeks ago?), but it took a lot of hounding. I hate being that person, but keep sending them emails and eventually you may have a service team member be able to help you. The freebies they give you are Kopari leftovers from other boxes. Sure, I love Kopari, but the tonic spray–mehhhh, not really righting the wrong when they’ve dropped the ball so hard.


Me either. I haven’t even gotten a notification that it’s been shipped yet! Like others, I’ve requested cancellation- the form on the website says ‘due to the holiday period and the extremely high volume of emails, we make take a while to get back to you’. No kidding, BOS, because everyone is cancelling due to your absolute inability to provide the services paid for.
I’ve never had to contact my credit card before, seems like I may have to look into how to contest a payment!

Renee Duncan

This happened with me also, I finally received the box with one of the extras as promised and no refund either. I tried emailing but of course no response. Good luck to you.


Wow! I thought I was the only one! I never got my winter box, or the add ons, or the free jewelry gift. I have emailed so many times. I also prepaid for the whole year. I am really angry about it.


That’s awful, I hope you get your box soon!


Maybe BOS CS will read your post and actually follow through with their promise to avoid having yet another pissed off subscriber with yet another story about their terrible customer service. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you! Good luck!!! 🙂


I seriously cannot believe I don’t have my winter box or add-on and they’re advertising Spring. I’m totally dumbfounded that every CS rep I talk to tells me it’s being sent out, yet when I contact them a week later they act like it’s the first time they’ve heard it was missing. I honestly think I’m being punk’d. This cannot be a serious situation at this company is holding my money hostage and giving me nothing and no one can fix it after more than 2 months!


The Sunday Riley oil exploded all over everything in my box and I messaged them my email address as requested (after I posted pics to their facebook) and no word. When do they bill? I need to cancel and contact them again about the winter box. Ugh.


Have you tried leaving public comments on their Instagram posts? That worked for me.


I am so stunned that they still have not delivered all the winter boxes.
I hope that you contact your bank to dispute the charge. BOS will be charging you again in less than two weeks!
Why isn’t there a warning on every BOS blog post on MSA?


That’s honestly awful. I would have lost my patience long ago. I agree with the post about filing a complaint. I really hope you get your box soon and they should give you the next box free or something for waiting 2 months for the winter box!


Good lord…honestly, I cannot believe how universally bad their customer service is. There are SOOOOOO many issues with this box. They could put out the best spoilers of any box ever and it still wouldn’t be enough for me to subscribe again. Nothing is worth the aggravation this box causes.


File a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I did for my Winter Box when I couldn’t get an answer or help. Within a day I received a Fed Ex notice about my box shipping.


Easy no from me. I am safe from the FOMO. While I appreciate all the work that goes into putting these boxes together, it’s just been more of the same lately.


When I tried to add the box I didn’t see a place to choose which scarf or anything in terms of add-ons like Rachel has had before. I really want to make sure I can choose which scarf. Is that not ready yet?


When I went into my account, there was a button to make my choice. There is definitely two scarves, and you have to pick which one. It’s just not showing up on the main screen for some reason.


I think it might be 1 scarf, opposite sides being shown.


Hope it’s not too late to cancel because I don’t like one thing from this box.


Jenn, it’s not. I emailed them to cancel this morning after seeing spoilers and they just replied and confirmed cancellation (and offered me $20 off if I decided to stay).


I was just about to buy that exact gua shua so I think I’m back in with BOS. Tempted to wait for a coupon though. I don’t get some of these comments, at least the scarf is real silk and the bag is real leather unlike FFF and PSMH with their plastic and polyester everything. And it’s a cohesive box where you can see the items in it working together instead of the random TJMaxx checkout lane grab-all that is FFF.


Well my wallet is safe!


No thank you. Easy pass.


RZBOS used to be that box that had at least 1 thing that I’d die without, I’m not sure what’s happened lately. 🙁 Nothing really pulls me in anymore. Maybe my taste has changed or their taste has changed.


This might be the worst curation I’ve seen for this box – absolutely nothing I want!

Tiffany Chen

Wait honestly I don’t understand the hate. Gua sha is really good to use post skincare routine as well as for blood circulation (good for soothing tired muscles). The eye cream has great reviews on Sephora. Sure, another tribe alive item might be annoying, but at least it’s real leather! And I think silk scarf is pretty lux (although I’d like to know if it’s 100% silk or not). I feel nothing for the bangles, but all these items are practical ones that I know I’ll be able to use.


real leather is terrible for the animals having to produce it, not to mention the environment. How many people actually use leather for its intended purpose–it shouldn’t be a quick fashion item we throw in a box. The brand has no awareness about environmental & animal welfare considerations.


I think the disappointment many of us feel with poor customer service response and absolutely not a peep from Rachel Zoe herself with even an apology is what is showing with our responses here. People are pretty tolerant when you are honest and upfront, but they don’t seem to really show much concern for loyal customers. That’s what may be clouding my vision for anything BOS. There has been some disappointment over the quality of items as well, actually a lot of disappointment for some people. I do think the scarf might be nice, but I think the curation is just missing a wow factor that some of us felt from earlier BOS curations. I’m really glad you are happy with this. Hopefully, I’ll change my mind once it comes, but I don’t feel like “I can’t wait to get it.” I also don’t see any benefit with continuing my annual subscription. I seem to get my box later than people that just signed up for one, and I’m paying more. I really do hope you enjoy your box. 😊

Tiffany Chen

Ahh I understand now (I actually haven’t signed up yet as with the negative response thus far there will probably be a sale at some point). I’m sorry that so many people have been having bad experiences with them. Best of luck with your subscription! I really hope they ante up their game, otherwise from the sound of it, I might also not subscribe. We’ll see what happens…


Agreed, there isn’t one single reason to be an annual subscriber to this box. You pay more upfront, receive no benefits and have the same service as anyone else, which is none.
My Winter Box was delayed shipping until 12/31 (after I filed a BBB complaint), way after Christmas and after many new/seasonal subscribers received their Winter Box. BOS website states specifically as an annual subscriber you will be a VIP member, receive priority shipping (Ships within 1-5 days of seasonal shipping date), Winter Boxes began shipping the first week in December, and a VIP member receives a gift on your 4th box. Yup, neither of those happened in my experience.
Service? Well I purchased add-ons with my Winter Box and had to prove I didn’t receive all my add-ons when I finally received the box (many emails back and forth along with an email from BOS with another persons packing slip, address and other info). My add-ons were Christmas gifts and since they shipped after 12/25 I now have a nice assortment of stuff I didn’t want or need.
Again no benefit for being a member and paying full prices. I won’t be renewing my membership unless Rachel Zoe provides some real benefits for being a subscriber.
Bless you Liz for working with this company, trying to persuade them to read their reviews and increase their service to their members.


Agree! I have a silk ombre Chan Luu scarf and it’s one of my favorites. It is delicate though. And yay for real leather in the Tribe Alive bag. And the pieces are sophisticated and can serve different purposes. I would definitely use that clutch to help keep a carryon bag organized when traveling. I was just about to buy a Gua Shua and just ran out of eye cream too. My only regret about this box is it won’t be shipping until March!


I feel the same way. The items listed are practical and will get used. No different then other boxes with inflated and or inferior products (looking at you FFF). I like the Spring box this year, at least it is not something that is OSFM. On another note, I have not had any problems with their customer services, I had only one mishap with the Winter box and a week later it was corrected. I am going to stick around for 1 more box but I will wait for that lovely discount coupon from them to lure me back in.

Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.