Ipsy Reveals Are Up for the February 2019 Glam Bag!

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The February 2019 Ipsy reveals are up! 

Here is what I will be getting in one of my Ipsy subscriptions:


What are you getting from Ipsy this month?

If you are new to Ipsy, it is a $10 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes.

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  1. Ugh.

    I’ve been very happy with my last few bags, but my Feb bag is a complete disappointment.

    First of all I hate the bag itself. (Loved last month’s – so French Laundry.)

    – Laritzy liquid lipstick (I hate liquid lipstick and always give it 1 star). Why can’t they send that nice color in a regular lipstick or gloss?

    – Meech and Mia in either of 2 useless colors (I always rate browns and neutrals 1 star).

    – glamglow illuminating moisturizer (highlighting moisturizer on over 40 skin? Are you kidding me?)

    KNC Beauty eye mask (OK, I did ask for eye treatment, but I really prefer creams).

    – MAC powder foundation (maybe, but if the color is the least bit off it will be useless).

    The worst part is there was a website or internet glitch when I tried to add some add ons to redeem my bag, and then when I contacted IPSY for help getting them, they said they’d respond and then left me hanging (a first – usually their customer service is fabulous).

    Not feeling the love, IPSY.

    • Hey LydiaAS, I could not agree with you more except on 1 thing. I can’t stand highlighters myself or illuminating creams, etc. Last month I got a full sized So Susan one. I tried it in the same manner that I would use the Glamglow that you are getting & it’s a huge NO! However, that Glamglow is the bomb for women our age! I absolutely love it! I’m so excited to be getting it because I can’t afford it and I’m almost out of it. I don’t use it all the time and I usually only wear it when we are going out. I add a drop of it to my cc cream , mix it in & then apply. It has mixed well with every bb cream, cc cream and foundation I’ve tried it with. Gives a beautiful, light, healthy glow.

      • Thanks for the info, Dawna. The most coverage I usually use on my face is moisturizer, powder and occasional primer, but I’m happy to experiment.

        Highlighters are so pretty in the bottle or pan, but I can never find any way to use them that doesn’t look weird or aging. (I also have to say I have never once seen anyone wearing them in the streets. Do women save them for clubs or selfies?)

        I’m usually delighted with IPSY and I will understand if they’re working the kinks out of a new system. It’s just a lot nicer when I can use what they send me.
        I’m feeling more positive about the glamglow now, though.

        • I have seen women of all ages and ethnicities wearing highlighter but I also live in a very diverse area. I have no problem asking a complete stranger their opinion either. I got a sample of this Glamglow product in my 1st play by Sephora box & it is the one and only highlighter product I will use. If you have a Sephora nearby, pop in & have them use their color IQ tool to match your skin tone and have them make samples of bb & cc creams or foundation. BB creams are going to be the least coverage. So, just a drop mixed in with it and it takes a few years off. I got a tube from swapping and I hoard it for evening wear and special occasions. I got accused of having had a professional peal or “something “ done at a holiday party. Lower lighting, candlelight & alcohol… lol!

    • Most days, I don’t wear a foundation, bb or cc cream. Generally, primer, under eye concealer, lightly tinted powder, brows & mascara. So, I decided to put a drop of the Glamglow in my moisturizer and do the rest as usual. Not too much. Not too obvious. Just a light glow. Got asked if I had just had a professional facial done.

  2. Does anyone know if I re-sub to the OG Ipsy bag today I’ll be able to get February bag or March?

  3. I was hoping for the Elemis face cleanser, but got the Feel pumpkin cleanser instead 😑

    Also got:
    Doucce liquid eyeliner – hope it really is long wearing, waterproof
    KNC eye masks – love eye masks. Hope they send more than one pair
    MAC highlighter – meh
    Sugar lipstick in a salmon shade – yuck

    I added on the Farah powder brush and IT flat top brush.

  4. * LARITZY COSMETICS Lip Gloss in Curve
    * MAC Strobe Cream in Pinklite
    * HANALEI Lip Treatment in Peach Pink
    * SAND & SKY Pink Clay Exfoliating Treatment
    * INARA COSMOBEAUTY Nail Polish in Pulse

    I said yes to the Hanalei and Sand & Sky in the beauty quiz, very excited to try both. I believe I said yes to the Laritzy as well. The MAC samples are always teeny tiny.
    And if I never received another nail polish from Ipsy again it would be too soon.

    • Once I started giving the nail polish negative reviews I stop receiving it. I did the same with hair products and I no longer receive either.

      • ugh girl I wish that worked for me! I always rate them a one star but still receive a nail polish I’d say every third bag. I’ll start actually writing something in the comment box as well as using the 1 star.
        I always pass the nail polish along to my sister but I am just so terrible at painting my own nails. I always say “oh I’ll remember to bring this nail polish with me when I get my next manicure” but I never remember lol

  5. I’m getting:

    Luxie Beauty Precision Blending Eyebrush 243

    MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation

    The Balm eyeshadow in Take it for Granite

    Kensie Life Beat perfume

    Ciate Glow-To Highlighter in Moondust

    I’m VERY happy with this bag!!

    • I’m getting the same bag!

    • What do you have your eyeshadow preferences set to?

      • I have mine set to neutral, smokey, and plum with thebalm set as a brand I like.

  6. This is the first month that I did the improve glam bag quiz, and I only got 1 out of the 4 products that I said I wanted for this month. Has anyone else gotten more than 1 product that they selected?

    • I got 3 this month and 3 last month. But I also checked “like” on more things than I “disliked”. So, I’m sure that ups your odds.

      • I will try that and see what happens. Thanks for the info

  7. MEECH & MIA eye shadow in caramel or taupe- Cleary new beauty quiz does not work as these are not blue ,green, or purple.

    Kokie Cosmetics concealer in light. I was hoping to get this!

    Belle En Argent Lip Color in I’ll Bring Dessert Very pretty I’ll take it!

    Seraphine Botanical Natural Radiance Booster Fancy wording for highlighter

    Marc Anthony hair mask Said yes on improve glam bag survey..

    So 4 likes out of 5 not bad.

  8. I am happy with my bag…

    Laritzy liquid lipstick in Tidal (daughter will get this) although it’s a beautiful shade I don’t use liquid lipstick

    “Feel” renewed punkin walnut cleanser (yay.. love skin care!)

    Lab for You repair cream (yay.. love skin care!)

    Hey Honey trick and treat CC cream (yay)

    Eyeko Lash Alert mascara (yay.. mascara junkie and this one has great reviews)

    I love the February bag itself too. Super cute!

  9. I decided to re-sub to Ipsy, mostly to be able to try out Glam Bag Plus eventually for a few months, but I also did miss getting the fun bags & samples to try. My bag included:

    Touch In Sol Priming water – Yay! I always love trying new primers.

    La Ritzy Lip Gloss in Curve – The color looks a bit dark, but applied with a light hand I’m sure I can make it work.

    Mark Anthony Hair Mask – Yay! I love trying new hair masks.
    Eyeko Mascara – I will always take all of the mascara I can get!
    Seraphine Botanical Natural Radiance Booster – This will be gifted.

    Overall, I really liked my bag!

    I think I also added on the IT brush & LXMI balm, but am not sure if it took. Lol!

  10. Was sad to still be on the GBP waitlist this month. The site took forever to load yesterday, and they were already out of the Son & Park Glow Cream in less than an hour of being open, which is the one thing I REALLY wanted. I ended up not getting any add-ons. Oh well.

    The bag is pretty decent. I am getting:

    * PIXI BY PETRA – Glow Tonic
    Not sure what to think about this. I don’t know anything about it, so it should be fun to try.

    * CHELLA – Eyeliner Pen in Brown or Purple
    I only have black liquid liner, so this be fun.

    * MEECH AND MIA – presses eyeshadow in Caramal
    Or Taupe
    I could have sworn it only said Caramel yesterday. Not terribly excited for that shade, so it will probably go right to my overload drawer.

    * TONY MOLY – Petite Bunny Gloss in Cherry
    I love this! I have eyeballed it at the Tony Moly store before and am happy to try it. It’s so cute!

    * MAC – studio Fix Powder in NC20
    This looks like it will be too dark and yellow for my pasty white skin. Hopefully I’ll be surprised and it will work.

  11. Pretty happy with my bag:

    -FARAH Powder Brush
    -Meech & Mia Eyeshadow, Caramel
    -Kokie Illuminating Concealer, Light
    -Tony Moly Bunny Gloss Bar, Cherry
    -Sur.Medic + Sheet Mask Duo

    I can always use brushes and concealer, and I enjoy getting sheet masks in sub boxes as a fun treat. I would have preferred the eyeshadow from The Balm, just because I already know I love their formulas. I’m really excited about the Tony Moly balm, though! It is just so cute and I love anything with a cherry flavor or scent. The only thing that might have made this bag better would have been a moisturizer or hand cream, but I’m pretty pleased overall.

  12. I’m disappointed, this may be the nail in the coffin for Ipsy for me. Despite seeing all the exciting spoilers, I got NONE of them. March spoilers look great too, but will I even see any of them?!? 🙁

    • I have found that the “Improve Your Bag” quiz really does work. For both January & Febuary 3 of my items were things that I “liked”. If you haven’t tried that yet, it’s certainly worth a shot.

      • Where can I find the improve your bag quiz?

        • 1.Account
          2.Edit Account Settings
          3.Membership (you’ll see it in here)

          • Thank you Lori!

      • Thanks, I’ll try this. I assumed that updating my profile was enough. I “liked” 5 things for March, hopefully that will be enough.

  13. Apparently Ipsy failed to notice that I order my 250 ml Pixie Glow Tonic (at least 3 so far) from them already and they thought I could use the teeniest tiniest sample ever. Yeesh :/

    • This can be your Travel Pixi. Lol I love the glow tonic!

  14. Pretty happy with my bag, in general:

    -FARAH Powder Brush
    -Kokie Illuminating Concealer, Light
    -Meech & Mia Eyeshadow, Caramel
    -Sur.Medic Sheet Mask Duo
    -Tony Moly Petite Bunny Gloss, Cherry

    Super surprised and happy about that Tony Moly lip gloss- so fun, and I love cherry anything! I can always use concealer and brushes, and I like getting sheet masks in sub boxes as a treat. I would have preferred the eyeshadow from The Balm, because I’ve always really liked their powder products.

    I usually like getting a moisturizer of some sort (for either face, hands, or body), but this is still going to be a good box if the concealer color is in the ballpark.

  15. Not an exciting bag for me this month.
    I’m getting:
    Luxie Blending Eye Brush- not excited about this since I believe it came in the Luxie brush set in the December Boxyluxe, so I really don’t need two of the same brush
    Hanalei Lip Treatment- I’ll happily take it, since I wear a lot of lip balm
    Eyeko Mascara- not a fan of this brand, but I do wear mascara, so this will be used
    Pixi Glow Tonic- I guess I will give this a try
    Dream by PS Cosmeceuticals Nail Polish- a pretty purple shade, so I don’t mind getting this
    Tonymoly Petite Bunny Gloss Bar
    Belle En Argent Lip Luire Lip Gloss
    Finding Ferdinand Lipstick in Nob Hill Red

    I’m for the most part disappointed in my bag this month, but at least I didn’t get hand cream this time (like I did the past three month’s).

    • *months. (I REALLY need to check my spelling before posting!)

      • I love that mascara! I have tried at least 20 different ones and I keep coming back to this one for big dramatic lashes.

        • nope* allergic colophony– pine derivative

    • Bag twins!

  16. I signed up for ipsy last month, but just missed the cut off for January bags so this is my first bag:

    mac strobe cream in pinklite
    hanalei lip treatment in peach pink
    meech and mia pressed eye shadow in caramel or taupe
    eyeko lash alert mascara in carbon black
    aisling organics eco-luxe eyeshadow brush

    All in all, I think it’s a nice first bag.

  17. I’m not sure how I feel about my Ipsy bag this month. I don’t have highlighter or nail polish marked as a want and yet I’m getting both for the second month in a row 😩 I’m really happy with the lip picks and excited to try the face wash though and of course I had to add the Elemis since it’s my go-to skincare line.

    My bag:
    Belle en Argent lipstick in I’ll bring dessert – love!
    Hanalei lip treatment – love!
    Feel pumpkin walnut cleanser – love!
    Ciate highlighter in moondust – meh
    Dream nail polish in ugly purple – yuck

    • Bag twins!! I’m happy with everything except the highlighter and I’m not sure about the walnut cleansers as I’m trying to avoid abrasive exfoliation products. I always love getting nail polish and this month there was only 2 options red or purple, so I am happy with the purple considering that I have WAY WAY too many reds as it is. Overall it’s a 3 out 5 for me

  18. When I was getting ready to receive GBP in September, I started a 2nd account so I could still receive the regular bag. But now Ipsy allows GBP & regular bag on one account! I decided to do an experiment this month & see what I got in both regular bags in my 2 accounts.

    In BOTH bags, I got:
    – Lab For You moisturizer (not a bad product to double up on!)
    – Meech & Mia pressed eye shadow in Caramel (yikes! Happy to try the brand, but I really do not need even one shadow in this shade! Wish I had gotten Taupe or TheBalm shadow I was hoping for)

    In the new, since-September account:
    – LAQA & Co ph adjusting gloss (YAY! I was so jealous of those who received it last month, & my hopes were lifted when I saw it would be returning this month!)
    – KNC eye masks (eh. Will try. I still have 2 sets of eye masks from other subs)
    – FARAH powder brush (Yay! Another item I had hoped for!)

    In the old, GBP-shared account:
    – Belle en Argent lipstick (not usually a fan of bullet lipstick, but this shade looks right in my wheelhouse. I’m excited.)
    – MAC powder foundation NC20 (looks like it will be too dark & too yellow for me, but I’m really excited to try.)
    – Pixi glow tonic (will swap this)

    Overall, I’m really happy, which is a problem, because I don’t know which bag to cancel now! 😅

    The new account feels more “fun” & gave me more of the items I was looking forward to trying, but the old account gave me stuff that feels more sophisticated & high-end!

    • Ok, I thought it was odd that, for the first time ever, my daughter and I got the same 5 items. We have completely different profiles.


      We are both thrilled with our bags, but it seems Ipsy may be disregarding our profiles for regular GB to focus on GBP.

  19. Not excited about this month’s bag.

    Not getting the pink brush and the eyeshadow I’m getting will be either jaundice yellow or boring beige.

    Not getting any lip products at all, which is weird.

    I am getting an MAC powder foundation sample in NC20, which is described as golden beige with gold undertones. From the look of the pan on the MAC site, it might work for me.

    I am getting a double ended eye brush and a skincare sample that I was reading about and am intrigued with.

  20. I’m getting:

    Belle En Argent Lip Color in I’ll Bring Dessert
    TheBalm Eyeshadow in Take if for Granite
    Kokie Cosmetics Concealer
    Pixi By Petra Glow Tonic
    Elemis Superfood Facial Wash

    I’m happy 🙂

    • Bag twins! I’m really liking this month. I think that Kokie is the full size too, which is awesome because I love concealer.

      • Nice! I’m always looking for a good concealer 🙂

    • I’m jealous of your eye shadow!

    • Mine is the same except instead of the Elemis, I’m getting Sand & Sky Exfoliating Treatment

    • What are your eyeshadow preferences set to?

      • Mine are set to neutrals and smokey.

    • What is your eyeshadow preferences set to?

  21. Satisfied with the (very cute) glam bag. I’m getting:

    Inara nail polish in Pulse
    KNC Beauty Star Eye Mask – eh, we’ll see
    Elemis superfood facial wash
    FARAH powder brush 50F – nice
    Belle En Argent lip gloss in I Love That Car – pretty!

    Added the Sand and Sky exfoliating treatment. Received the pink clay mask in GB a couple months ago and really liked it, so will give this a try.

  22. I am getting the Touch In Sol priming water (I heart primers), Purlisse coconut and coffee body butter (I love this brand but the sample looks tiny), Eyeko Lash Alert black mascara (I will definitely use this at some point), Chella eyeliner pen (hope it is the purple one, I will be giving it away to a friend if it is brown) and Laqa & Co. Prickly pear ph gloss (I am a glossaholic).

    • Almost bag twins! Got everything you got expect I got the Doucce- Eyeliner & the Sugar- Lipstick. 😊

  23. The site finally came up for me and I’m pretty happy!! Good thing as it’s my birthday month 🙂

    I got the hot pink FARRAH brush I wanted!!

    FEEL Pumpkin Walnut Facial

    MEECH & MIA eyeshadow in caramel or taupe

    Sugar cosmetics lipstick in better call salmon

    Glamglow illuminating moisturizer

    • Bag twins! Pretty happy with it and the powder brush looks nice!

      • I’m very happy with it. It’s a good thing because I wasn’t crazy about January’s bag….

  24. I feel ok about my bag this month. An improvement over last month thankfully. I think their site is back up since I had been having issues all morning and was only able to check my products just now. I’m getting:

    Belle en Argent Lipstick in I’ll Bring Dessert – I love lipsticks and the color is one that I usually reach for so I’m excited about this product. As long as it isn’t matte.

    Hanalei Lip Treatment in Peach Pink – I said yes to this on my survey so I’m happy and I like Hanalei’s products.

    M.A.C. Studio Fix Powder Foundation – Will be going in the trash, gifted to someone else or up for swap since I do not use M.A.C’s products. A complete miss for me.

    Meech and Mia Eyeshadow in Caramel or Taupe. Hoping for the Taupe shade, but past experience tells me I will receive the Caramel color instead. Probably due to my hair color and skin tone. (Red hair, fair skinned).

    Pixi by Petra Glow Tonic – I wanted this product in a past Glam Bag and didn’t receive, so I am happy to be receiving it now. I said yes to this product on a past survey.

    Overall, an improvement. 3 out of 5 products I’m happy to be receiving. Not happy with the M.A.C product or the eyeshadow.

  25. The site is still down. I’m sure their IT department is working hard to get it up and running. Since it’s the weekend I wonder if more people tried to get on the site this morning to see their bag and do add ons and it crashed. Luckily I set my alarm at 8 o’clock and was able to get on and add a few add-ons before it crashed.

  26. I just cancelled. Seems that all the good stuff has become add ons and the bags are just a little disappointing.

    • My bag was so lame this month that I’m actually worried they’re purposely giving things they know we won’t like so we pay extra for add ons to make the bag better. There were so many things that matched my (repeatedly stated) preferences that I didn’t get, and I got almost all things I’ve said I dislike… Either its a glitch or a strategy. Hoping the former.
      I’ve always been a big IPSY fan so I’m inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt.

    • um, most of the add-ons are items from the current months bag/box. So if its good stuff there, its good stuff in the actual bags too.

  27. Both of my accounts have this message:
    Check back on 2/2 to see your February Glam Bag Plus and shop Add-Ons!

    Am I the only one that can’t see what I’m getting, and can’t see any add-ons? Ipsy sent me two e-mails telling me to log in to see my items and addons, but it won’t let me see anything on either account! I really wish they had live chat. By the time I get an answer from support everything will be sold out. They are SO slow.

    • I can’t see what I’m getting or add on either…. disappointing…

    • Can’t see mine either 🙁

  28. The site and app are both down. I ha e no idea what I am getting, but I did score a few add-on.

    • At least I know I’m not the only one who can’t see it

  29. Mine still isn’t updated *sigh*

  30. I got the personalization quiz asking about frequency.

    I could have wished for “never” on some products.

    I just took it, so I’m going to guess that their site is back up.

    • My quiz is still the same, I will have to keep checking. This is the first month I am a bit disappointed. Getting a nude lip… nooooooo! 🤣 Added on the red. Since they usually get it right for me it isn’t a huge deal. Thankfully one of my daughters wears browns and nudes, she will gladly take it from me.

      • This new quiz popped up as soon as the site loaded.

    • Yes! “Never” should be an option.

      Does anyone know if we’re still allowed to opt out permanently of two products? I always thought that was one if the IPSY features that set them apart from the others.
      (I have never received blush or eye liner from them since I contacted IPSY’s customer service to opt out and I hope to keep it that way.)

  31. I think the ipsy site is broken 😄😄 Can’t see my bag or add ons. For a bit the site kept saying it was down for maintenance so I have a feeling they are being flooded.

  32. I’m having the same issue with the app and the site too. Bag wont show up and I dont want to miss out on the add ins either.

  33. My bag is “meh” for this month…

    *Lash Alert Mascara
    *Sugar- Lipstick
    *Doucce- Liquid Eyeliner
    *Purlisse- Body Butter
    *In Sol Touch- Water Primer

    Im not much on that mascara at all, I hate the Doucce brand, and I am getting that primer in my boxycharm box but at least this is a different primer. The one that’s coming in the boxycharm, is their pore primer. This primer from Ipsy is their water primer. So at least they’re different. This months bag isn’t bad but def not the best!

  34. How odd that it seems to be up for some people and not others. I have been trying all morning and unable to see my bag. 🙁 Even when I got through once for a minute, it said “We’re making your bag, check back on 2/2 for the reveal and to shop add-ons.” Well, that’s today! This happens every month, and by the time the site works for me, everything is sold out. Sigh.

  35. I’m actually pretty shocked at what a great match my Glambag is for me this month! But, usually, after I share my Glambag spoiler on Facebook, I get 10 points for it. Not this month. Anybody else?

    • I didn’t either. I was thinking of emailing. But I thought it might seem petty over 10 points. Lol

  36. The pink gloss is so beautiful 🙁 I want it
    I received that horrible eye mask
    Laritzy liquid lipstick
    The glamglow
    Eyeshadow I can’t remember the brand because the site is down
    Mac NC20

    • The pink gloss is one of those that reacts with you lips’ pH to give you “your perfect color” according to the brand’s site.

      Being a science geek, I love the concept, but I am always disappointed by the results – minimal reaction for me.

    • Mary, I got the same bag as you.
      Laritzy liquid lipstick (I hope is better than their gloss which I hated)
      KNC Beauty star eye mask (I’ve never tried, but I’ll take your word for it being terrible)
      Glamglow mega illuminating moisturizer
      Mac NC20
      Meech and Mia eyeshadow in caramel OR Taupe

      Other than the Glamglow, pretty “meh” about the rest. I wish I got MSA’s box. I wanted the Elemis, LAQA & Co and FARAH brush. I added the Elemis and Hanalei peach pink lip treatment as the others weren’t offered. I also couldn’t get on the site in the morning, I guess when it was down. The Son & Park cream and Colourpop palette were already sold out when I finally got in.

  37. Horrible bag! Worst ever! All things I review negatively and I have gotten them before!

    Chella liner
    Pixi glow tonic
    Feel walnut cleanser
    Meech & mia ugly Orange eyeshadow
    Lipstick in shade i can’t wear

  38. I’m usually pretty pleased with the majority of items in the Ipsy bags. This month is an exception. I’m glad I like the bag itself. Personalization is way off for me this month. Highlighter? No. Unfortunately, I can’t cancel because their site is down. I will wait. This has been fun, but even at $10, I don’t want to clutter up the space with unnecessary items. It’s been fun, Ipsy. #konmari

    • Same. Thinking about canceling too. I seam to get every month the same stuff. And more skin and hair stuff then anything else. If I wanted a box full of skincare & hair mask I would order the play box again.

  39. This is probably my least favorite bag from Ipsy. At first glance I was very disappointed but as I looked again I realized that they actually did a decent job matching my preferences. I still feel a little meh about it.

    Aisling Organics eyeshadow brush
    Lab for You Repair Cream (always love new skincare items)
    Meech and Mia eyeshadow in Copper
    Mac pressed foundation (excited to try)
    KNC eye mask (love masks)

    I guess maybe I’m talking myself into liking the selections.

  40. KOKIE COSMETICS Be Bright Illuminating Concealer in Light ( I wanted this !!)

    *SERAPHINE BOTANICALS Natural Radiance Booster in Daisy + Pearl ( is this fancy talk for highlighter?)

    *MEECH AND MIA Pressed Eye Shadow in Caramel ( seeing as this is not green, purple, or blue new beauty quiz didn’t work)

    *MARC ANTHONY TRUE PROFESSIONAL Strengthening Grow Long Anti-Breakage Mask ( I love Marc Anthony)

    *BELLE EN ARGENT Auteur Crème Lip Color in I’ll Bring Dessert .( looks pretty)

    So 4/5 not bad .I did not add on anything this month.

  41. The ipsy site is down for me. Super annoying since they sent me an email to check out my bag and I want to see the add on options

    • Me too.

    • Me too. Thankfully I was barely able to get addons. Thanks for posting, I was worried it was my phone!

  42. I’m getting an okay bag…..
    Pixie Glow Tonic…meh
    Sur medic sheet masks….okay
    Kokie Cosmetics concealer….uuggh
    Finding Ferdinand in Nob Hill red…yay
    Inara red nail polish….yay

  43. Kind of a “meh” month for me. I’m getting
    FARAH powder brush
    glamglow glowstarter (meh)
    Inara nail polish (ugh, more red polish)
    tonymoly lip gloss (ok, yes!)
    Sur.medic sheet masks

    • Bag twins! I feel ya on the glam glow and the red nail polish, I could totally do without those.

    • Now we’re bag Triplets! A new red polish, sheet masks, and powder brush were all on my “need” list. I wanted to try the GlamGlow. And the lip balm just looks so fun. So I’m happy with my bag😀

      • Ok I’m getting the same things as you guys. I wish they would send a nail polish color other than red.

        • How weird, we’re all getting the same thing! I’d say it was a glitch, but my mom’s bag is totally different.

      • The glamglow isn’t bad, I’ve just had 3 of them before, and I also have a full sized tube of the FAB coconut smoothie primer, which is realllllly similar. So I just wish I had gotten something else 😊

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