Ipsy Reveals Are Up for the February 2019 Glam Bag Plus!

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The February 2019 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reveals are up! 

Here is what I will be getting in one of my Ipsy subscriptions:

Which products are you getting from Ipsy Glam Bag Plus this month?

This subscription is $25 a month. Check out our full Ipsy Glam Bag Plus FAQ post to learn more!

And if you are new to the regular Ipsy, it is a $10 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes.

How do subscribers rate Ipsy?

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  1. Nevermind, I just got this email too..

    Hi Jessica,

    We accidentally sent your tracking email with a message about adding a 6th product to your Glam Bag Plus. We’re sorry for the mix-up! Your February Glam Bag Plus will come with the 5 full-size products we personalized for you.

  2. I just got my shipping email from ipsy, It said we picked these 5 items for you (and showed what i am getting) and we added a bonus 6th item for being an ipster…everyone should check their emails…wonder what our bonus 6th item will be??

    • I got that too and then right after I got another email apologizing and saying it was an error🤦🏼‍♀️

      • Same here no bonus for me either.

  3. My shipping notification says I’m getting a bonus item. Anyone else? Wondering what?

    • Well, I keep going back & forth with customer care because now the website says I’m not even getting a february ipsy after I never got to see my reveal. I did see there was an issue with the billing, but I corrected it immediately, and they took my money and my everything says they billed me for february. Now customer service is responding to me saying that it was my fault for the card not going through initially and that my stuff is ready to ship. I asked though, why is it saying that I’m receving nothing on the website and they just haven’t gotten back to me since then. I’d love to get any items much less a bonus one at this point since they’ve taken my money and my time dealing with them.

      • Same thing has happened to me this month customer service does not know anything. They took my money on February 2nd saying they never received. It says at the bottom I paused my subscription so I will not be receiving my glam bag pus, which is not true if I paused they would not have taken my money. Customer service keep giving me different blah blah messages now they are sending it to tech to review. If I don’t receive my glambag plus by end of the month I will contact my bank for a refund.

        • My issue now is that my customer service rep straight lied to me twice, and he keeps not acknowledging the issue I’m having. Im glad you got a tech ticket, but I’m over here with this guy who thinks I’m having issues logging into my account. My confidence is shot now. I really love Ipsy, but this utter lack of helping their customers is for the birds.

    • I did too, but then I got a ‘oops never mind the 6th item’ email from them. Just 5.

    • I got that too! And then ooops 😭

    • Same here. I wonder if they understand how insulting it is
      to know others are getting an extra item, but “oops” not you, because obviously you’re not that special.

    • Sigh – I am not so important either. For a moment, i really felt thanked for taking a risk being part of box 1, seeing them through their change in bags 1 per 3 months, shipping delays in Dec….it meant a lot to me to be thanked.

      The box is shipped so it’s not like they can track down Fedex and throw in an extra item 6 – but they should have thought about a fix. I guess apology accepted. 🙂

      • I emailed them saying what a bummer it was to not get a 6th product after being told as much. They emailed back and are letting me pick between the 3 spoilers for March. The bronzer, mascara, or the moisturizer.

  4. And I’m still waiting. IpsyCare experience has been horrifying. They didn’t bother to understand the issue when they initially answered & responded twice with answers to questions I never asked. Then they only bothered to know what I was talking about after filling out a bad survey for the person helping me despite my previously trying very hard to point out that his responses weren’t addressing my issue. Then they told me it was because of a billing issue that I’d resolved within 12 hrs, but it would resolve itself within a few days. at 5 days out they email me to tell me my box is ready to ship, but…my initial issue with the website displaying inaccurate information was still on going. I email back to ask about this. I did another survey which was negative again because no one ever fixed the initial issue. Now I’ve logged into my ipsy account & it says I’m not going to get my bag for february at all. I cannot express how frustrating this has been.

    • I had the exact same issue, and now with two days left of February I just got a shipping notification.
      Ipsy was super unhelpful and just kept reassuring me that I would be getting my box. This is my first gbp month, and I likely won’t forget how much of a hassle this has been.

  5. Seriously wishing I’d canceled Boxy and signed up for this instead this month! I’m waiting for spoilers, but I have a feeling that’s what I’m doing for March.

  6. @lizcadman Ipsy sent me choices for March Glam Bag Plus due to an issue with February.
    They are:

    -BENEFIT COSMETICS Sun Beam Bronzer
    -PIXI BY PETRA LashLift 188 Mascara in Beyond Black
    -PURLISSE Blue Lotus Balancing Moisturizer

    • None of these excite me. March might be a good month to put IGBP on pause. I’ll use my IGB add ons if there are any good full size items that catch my attention.

    The Chok Chok Green Tea Watery Essence
    Why You’ll Love It

    Lip Stick in Au Naturel OR Nob Hill Red

    Your Je Ne Sais Quoi Complexion Perfection Face Palette

    SON & PARK
    Beauty Filter Cream Glow

    Dream Big Eyeshadow Palette

    I added the IT brush and the Tonymoly lip

    • Same here!! They’re not sending me a single repeat. Love Ipsy!

  8. I got:

    It Brush
    Tarte eye palette
    Nyx blush palette
    Nude lipstick

    Overall I’m happy! Probably will trade the lipstick. I was wanting to try the Son and Park filter cream and that bronzer is beautiful but it’s a pretty good bag.

  9. I could have sworn first thing this morning that my lipstick was red, now it says natural OR red. I really hope it’s natural. I also got the balm everyone is talking about, (my favorite) mascara, and the tarte and it palettes. This is my third IGBP, and I think it’s the first one where I will keep and use everything (unless I get the red lipstick). My others have been great items with awesome value but have tended to veer toward stuff I was already overloaded on – dry shampoo, serum, cleansers, plus that atrocious Dr. Brandt orange crinkly undereye stuff that didn’t work for me AT ALL. Not their fault, but this one seems like it’s all stuff I will actually use. Plus my items total $154 RV which is excellent for $25!

    • Yes, mine said red earlier too and now says or!! I don’t want red so fingers crossed!

    • It shows your actual while the add-ons are up, then reverts back to “or”, I think.

    • My value is $188. Unheard of!!! Amazing value.

  10. Pretty happy with my box. I am most excited about the lip scrub (which I was hoping to receive last month) and the Tarte palette. I wish I was getting the neutral instead of the red lippy, but I am excited to try Finding Ferdinand. I love Nyx (and was actually lamenting last week how I will never receive any again in my Ipsy since I switched to GBP, so not sure how I feel about it being included), but not sure if all of these blush shades will work, so I’ll have to wait to see it in person. I know everyone is wanting the brush, but I use my fingers for foundation, so not sure how I am going to actually use it.

    • The lip scrub is soo good! I got it last month and was looking forward to a repeat of it lol. It works better than any other lip scrub I’ve tried so far.

  11. – red lipstick (definitely swapping)
    – TonyMoly essence (YAY !)
    – Son & Park cream (may swap)
    – It face palette (may swap)
    – Tarte eye palette (Yay!)

    I would have tried the nude shade of the Lipstick, so that’s a bit disappointing. I’m very happy with the TonyMoly & Tarte, though.

    • I’m getting the nude shade if you want to swap for son and park?

    • @Marion
      Do you mind telling me how you set your profile up in order to get two skincare products? I’m dieing to do that. Thanks in advance.

      • I think it’s just luck & perseverance (ie – rating all skincare I receive as 5 stars).

        I don’t even have the updated version of the beauty quiz available in my account yet. I have moisturizer, serum, toner & mist, and eye treatment marked off in my profile. I also have TonyMoly marked as a preferred brand, and I have my actual age of 34 listed (some people speculate that if you set your account to a higher age — as in, not a teen or a 20-year-old, you might get more skincare).

  12. I think I got a great bag!

    – LXMI Pure Nilotica Melt Nourishing Balm-to-Oil
    – IT COSMETICS Your Je Ne Sais Quoi Complexion Perfection Face Pallete
    – FINDING FERDINAND Lip Stick in Au Naturel
    – PURLISSE Blue Lotus Seed Mud Mask Exfoliant
    – TARTE Dream Big Eyeshadow Palete

    • I got that same set!! Super happy with it and only thing it needed was the IT brush which I added.

  13. I’ve been very impressed with the items selected for me and the return on my money is better than any box I have right now (this month I saved 86% 🎉)

    I’m paying $25/month for $175-$225 worth of products I like and will use. And with the options of adding on some things, it’s even better.

    Last month was by far the best for me…I got everything I wanted without adding on anything and the total value was around $230. The Feb 2019 box missed one thing I was looking forward to, but I just picked it up from the add-ons with no problem. I hope the quality continues.

    The last FFF box for my annual subscription will be the spring box and I’m canceling after that one. I have so much stuff it’s overwhelming. With the Ipsy Glam Bag Plus, I don’t think I’ll miss FFF at all and once I cancel this will be my last sub box. I have gone a little crazy trying them all out in the last year and now I need to settle down. 😂

  14. I’m so frustrated-I can never get my sneak peek when everyone else does. Today the Ipsy app is down, and on the website my spoilers aren’t up. Last month I didn’t get them til 2 weeks into the month. I love the GB+ and so far have loved every month tho.

    • Ugh, I’m having the same issue! I work a late shift so it’s really exciting for me to see it before I go to bed & I waited & waited today & nada. I tried 3 different devices, 4 different browsers, app, cleared cache & cookies & I MIGHT be about to play in the site script to try to prompt it to get me the link to reveal.

    • FYI if you haven’t tried this yet, my preview was not working by just logging into my account but did work through the link in the email they sent this morning.

      • I looked & I didn’t get the email : <

    • Same for me ….no spoilers still & not able to add any add ons.
      This morning it was ready to show me and then crashed. Now it says come back February 2nd . When this happened in November it took almost a month and I received my box later in December.

    • No reveal for me either

  15. Usually, when there have been multiple color options, the review page at the add-ones just shows the first possibility for everyone. This time, some people saw the red lipstick and some saw nude. I hope it’s right because I had the nude showing and that’s what I want 🤞🏻

    • So far, the reveal page for add-ons shows the accurate color you’ll receive. (When the site displays your spoilers horizontally, from left to right.) Once add-ons are closed, it reverts back to the first color option. (When the site displays your spoilers vertically, from top to bottom.)

      It’s kind of weird since obviously they do have the ability to show customized lists, so why not do so on both pages?

      • I got a different color Smith and Cult palette last month than what was shown originally in the horizontal view during add ons. I was disappointed.

        • Me too, I ended up with the blue which was the one I didn’t want.

      • So it shows horizontally that I’m getting the red lipstick (I only have nudes checked on my profile). Is this normal? Just curious, as I don’t use reds at all. Thanks!!🌷

        • Same here. Not sure I’d trust the color in the reveal since I’ve ended up getting others. Also not sure how well they actually follow profiles so I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  16. Finally!!! I’ve been checking since 12am! Can you tell how excited I am! Haha

    I’m getting these products for February:

    Tarte Eyeshadow pallete
    Son&Park cream
    Wander mascara
    It Cosmetics contour pallete
    Finding Ferdinand lipstick in Au Naturel

    Glad I did not get repeats. My box is not as bad as I expected but still not as happy as last month.

    • Box twins. I am happy with everything except the mascara but I’m not complaining. I really wanted the IT brush so I added it for $12.

    • Box twins as well! Haha I was doing the same thing (checking over and over). I finally got through after the 10th time checking through the email link). I added on the LXMI, because I love using it as lip balm and for pretty much everything. I also added the IT Brush. I’m super happy that we have the add on option!

  17. I am getting that awful blush pallet and a lipstick guarantee it will be the awful red one. I would of taken anything else but that Nyx blush pallet.

    • Same here… I feel silly for complaining as the value is there but to see what others are getting versus NYX pretty much sucks. How is it so many people are getting 2 skin care products or both high one pallets? A few people have boxes valued at almost $200. Maybe I need to stop checking these sites so it’s not frustrating….

  18. So excited for this month. I am getting the tarte palette (I wanted this the most), glow cream Tony moly essence, It palette, and lipstick. 4 out of 5 I would have picked and I was able to grab the It foundation brush in add-ons. Couldn’t be happier.
    When it initially showed my spoilers it showed the lipstick in red, but I learned from the smith & cult palette reveal that it doesn’t really mean anything. I am fine with either the nude or red.

  19. This is my first month with this sub, and I’m pretty happy with what I’m getting. I’m getting the Tarte palette, the IT palette, the Tony Moly essence, the Finding Ferdinand lipstick, and the LXMI. I already have the LXMI but I like it so having a backup is fine. I got rid of BoxyLuxe for this and so far I am pleased with the products. I was hoping for the glow cream, but this is a good box for me.

  20. I am pretty pleased with my box, I got the tarte and nyx palette which were the 2 I wanted, the it cosmetics brush, tony moly, and lipstick in red. I added on the farah powder brush because I thought it was pretty and I can use it with the blush palette. I usually add in brushes because $3 for a brush is a steal. The huda lip contour in icon (would have rather had gossip gurl but must have been gone by time i got on the page) and the tarte palette from the past glam bag plus because I wanted it and love their blushes so finally decided to just get it. The glow cream was the only other thing I wanted but it was sold out. I wasnt able to see my reveal at first but kept trying from the email link and it eventually worked. Excited for my box this month! I got the 2 palette I wanted, and I am so happy I did not get the mascara!

  21. I’m getting:

    – The Tarte shadow palette
    – The IT Cosmetics brush
    – The Maelle Bronzer
    – The Purlisse Mud Exfoliating mask
    – The Finding Ferdinand Lipstick in Nob Hill Red (was hoping for Au Natural, I have too many reds even though red is flattering on me.)

    This box is a home run for me, I love almost everything in it. I would love the red lipstick if I didn’t have so many reds already.

  22. I’m getting the Tarte palette, the NYX blush, the IT brush, Findimg Ferdinand in Au Naturel and Park Beauty Filter Cream. Perfect curation for me. Ipsy has been knocking it out of the park the last couple of months.

  23. I’m getting

    tarte palette
    glow cream
    franz lipstick
    nyx blush palette (whyyyyyyy)
    it cosmetics foundation brush

    I’m really glad im getting the glow cream! That was my number one choice. Also happy with the colors of the tarte palette. Hoping for the au naturel lipstick over the red one. The side scroll had listed au naturel originally, so fingers crossed. Nyx blush palette wont stay…it doesn’t have a single shade I wear for blush. Neither will the it brush…I already have an it cosmetics foundation brush and I’m currently obsessed with my luxie pro foundation brush.

    really would have loved the purlisse scrub and tony moly essence tbh. Also, the wander mascara instead of the nyx or brush would have been fantastic. It’s on of my favorite mascaras!

    • I got the blush palette too unfortunately. Like you I really wanted the scrub, the TM essence, and the mascara. I’m hoping that since they’re repeating items I will get them in the future. I could’ve added the mascara and scrub but didn’t want to spend the money. The TM essence wasn’t available or I probably would’ve treated myself.

    • I am getting the same bag, but my spoiler before add ons was nude. I look bad in nudes as they wash me out. Ipsy has always been great about following my profile in the past, so might have been a fluke. I added on the Ferdinand lip in red just in case. 🤓

      Also added on the LXMI and eye palette.

  24. *********IF YOU CAN’T GET YOURS TO LOAD*********

    Go on your computer, not your phone. I was trying the app, my chrome app, and my safari app on my phone. Finally got to sit down on my laptop and boom loaded up no problem. Sigh.

    • my android phone, my laptop, my husband’s iphone, my desktop, my laptop, the app, the website, tyring the hacks from reddit on prompting the link to appear by fiddling with the page’s developer tools, chrome, Edge…nada. Cannot see my spoilers. Just says, Come back on 2/2. I contacted ipsycare which, I realize this is such a petty little thing to get SO frustrated over, but I just want things to work right & get all excited with everyone else…especially after being up until 4am (okay, I am a shift worker, so this is just staying up slightly past getting home from work) & checking each hour from 1-4, getting up at 6, the site is crashed, now seemingly the majority of people can see their spoilers and I’m over here foaming…at what I realize is a very small issue.

  25. Okay, I’m confused now! When I checked this morning before the glitch it said I was getting the red lipstick, now its showing my items and it says red OR nude? Wonder which one I’ll actually get?

    • That’s a relief! I was shown the red but I want the nude. I have enough red!

    • The color you see/saw in the add-ons page will be the color you receive. (in my experience)

      • Not in mine…twice I’ve gotten different shades than shown early…and I’m hoping it stays not true because I’d rather have the nude lipstick than red. Lol.

        • Also this would be the third time they ignored my profile when it comes to lip colors…

    • Same here. Really hoping for the natural.

  26. I’m starting to get pretty upset. I tried last night around 2 am est and also now for 4 hours so far. This is ridiculous.

  27. Well. I launched out of bed just past 7am Pacific time only to encounter site issues. Mostly, it would not load period, then it finally got to the Ipsy site but would not load my bag items or add-ons. I refreshed just to get kicked out. Somehow finally got back on and my page did load to show me my bag and add-ons. By this time I was pretty stressed (ridiculous I know, it’s just stuff) and knew I was on borrowed time. My bag this time was pretty disappointing. I did get the Tarte palette but none of the skincare I wanted or other makeup items I wanted. The add-ons I most wanted were sold-out. I very quickly added 3 small things to try out of what was left. Pretty disappointed with how everything played out but I still love Ipsy. Better luck next time I guess.

    • On the bright side it still wasn’t the 💩 show Boxy had with Le box Ana luxe upgrade. 😆

  28. For folks who love the LXMI I would love to hear why you love it. I received it in a previous box and found it to be greasy and not a scent I like. Maybe I should give it another try as it’s already open so not like I can swap it.

    • I used it as lip balm!

    • It does take a little while to soak into your skin, but it’s so nourishing! It just seems to make my little crinkles around my eyes disappear, and I had accidentally gotten too much sun over the summer and it helped my sunburn. My skin was so dry and sore from the burn, and it just felt so nice and healing. But you only need a little bit. I only use a tiny dab on my cheekbone area and other spots with some wrinkles. I also like to use it all over after my other skincare to kind of lock everything in and get some extra moisture (like a sleeping mask). It’s also great on cuticles, elbows, wherever you get dry. A little goes a long way so try not to go too heavy handed. Good luck!

    • I found it to be extremely heavy and greasy at first too, but I put it on right before bed and slept with it on… . was fully expecting to break out within days, but to my surprise woke up with literally the softest skin ever!!! It’s my new miracle product!! I have also started using it on my son’s eczema!!

    • I’ve had the same experience with that brand (just a sample) and I got it in my box this time. It seems very versatile based on what I’ve read this morning. I’m going to try it out on my lips for sure because mine are always peeling and it’s impossible for me to wear lipstick. I’ll also try it as a sleep mask. Hopefully we’ll both have a better experience this time.

    • I use it for my hands and cuticles at night. My hands feel soft and does not look dry in the morning.

    • LXMI (lux-me) is a holy grail for me! I think it is fantastic as a sleeping mask, lip balm, and an “anywhere” balm for excessively dry skin like heels. I apply all the time on my lips, and I usually apply at night, before I go to bed, so I don’t have to worry about rubbing it in entirely.

      As a sleeping mask, do your usual nighttime routine. Then, assuming your cream is your final step, follow your cream with LXMI melt (you’ll want to keep your hair band on while you sleep with this). Use as much as you want. I use quite a lot. I dot it all over my face, neck, and décolletage. It melts into oil in seconds. Rub it in, but leave wet. When you wake up, it will be absorbed and your skin will be so soft! I have never broken out after using, and my skin is fair and very sensitive. I’ve used it for about a year and I truly do love it! Good luck!

    • The scent is just the shea butter (since it is 100% shea). So it’s gonna smell a little nutty & sweet. I like that it’s food quality, so makes me feel good about using it as lip balm. Like others, I use it for everything: Sleep mask, hand cream, cuticle oil, under eyes, eye brows, and my split ends. A little goes a long way and you do have to let it soak in a little. 🙂

    • Omg, yes. Everyone keeps getting all excited about it and i can’t figure out why. I also received it in a previous box, and i agree.. it is so greasy that it feels gross and it smells nasty, to me. Why would you WANT to feel greasy???

  29. The site and app are both down. I was able to see my Plus Bag before the crash. I am getting the tarte eyeshadow palette, the bronzer, red lipstick (ugh), it Cosmetics brush, and that green tea watery. I really wanted that LXMI again, but didn’t get it. First world problems.

    • Seriously? I can pull the app up but the part where the bag/timeline is is just blank.

  30. The item I most wanted, the It Cosmetics brush, is not in my bag and the site has been down for almost 2 hours so I can’t even add it. Not too happy with Ipsy Glam Bag + and this is only my second month of receiving it. The first couple of bags, especially the first one, looked amazing. Now that I have it, I don’t receive the items I would like and their site and app not working to add them on is very frustrating any annoying.

  31. I am overjoyed with my bag. I got the LXMI (so excited!), IT palette (excited, though reviewed are iffy), tonymoly essence (excited), lipstick in nude (excited), and the tarte palette (eh, but it’s pretty). I added on the first lipstick in it’s just dessert and the hey honey cc cream. SO EXCITED. Ipsy plus has knocked it out out of the park for me for three months straight.

    • I got the same and super happy I have been loving Ipsy so much these last couple of months I think they really do use the beauty profile which is great not like boxy charm who I think they don’t look at it at all.

      • I think they use the beauty profile as well. Haven’t received a single eyeliner or mascara, which at this point make me absolutely lose my mind in a sub box, lol. I have enough to style 50 women for months.

  32. After pausing last month (and regretting it) I’m pretty pleased with my reveal!
    *IT Cosmetics brush
    *Tarte eyeshadow palette
    *Maelle Beauty bronzer
    *Son & Park cream
    *Finding Ferdinand in Nob Hill Red

    I was trying to add the LXMI to my add ins, then the site started messing up 😩

    • I’m getting the exact same box, and I’m not mad!

    • Box twins!! I’m super excited!! I was wanting the TonyMoly , but I’m totally fine with what i got!!💖💖

    • I’m getting the same box and I’m happy! I have been very impressed with the products and value.

  33. Tarte palette, IT palette, lipstick in nude, Wander mascara and glow cream. Well, I wanted the essence and LXMI, but it’s ok. The IT palette has a pressed powder in it which I’m happy about.

    • wow! this is literally the exact box i was hoping for! lucky you!!!

    • Box twins! Not sure about the glow cream. Hoping it doesn’t make my pores standout. I added the It brush and LXMI. 🙂

      • I am really excited for the brush. (That sounds like a sad thing to be excited for, ha). Good brushes are so expensive, though, and this box in particular is helping me make a quality collection.

        • I’m most excited for the brush. I can’t justify purchasing it since I own so many. It’ll be my first IT brush!

          • It cosmetics brushes are hands down my favorite! I find them to be really well made and hold onto product perfectly. You guys will love it!

    • box triplets! i added the huda lip liner and belle en argent lip gloss in love that car.
      super hoping I get my add-ons and product earlier this month!

    • Yay! We’re box twins! I’m happy with my products but last month’s was my favorite box so far!

  34. It’s my first month of plus and I’m getting the IT cosmetics palette, the Tarte palette, the find Ferdinand in the darker color, the LXMI, and the wander beauty mascara. 🙂 Wish I got the essence but I’m gonna look into purchasing.

    • Bag twins! I’m mostly excited. This is one month I really wish we could have more items.

      • I really wish I could’ve added that essence. I’ve been looking to try one 🙁

  35. After 15 minutes of refreshing the site finally loaded, and it says they are still working on my bag and I should check back on 2/2 for the reveal….. Today is 2/2. Ipsy does this every month, my reveals are always hidden for days after everyone else’s. It makes it impossible to decide if I want any add ons, since I don’t know what I’m getting in my bag. 🙁

    • that stinks, this is actually the first time I have had an issue, as a web developer I am like well that stinks, they probably got a server overload.

      • Same. sigh. :/

    • This is my first month of GBP and I’m having the same problem. I’ve been so excited to see what I’m getting and nothing, not even an email 😥

    • Same here!

    • Mine says the same thing but this is the first time I’ve had a problem. Hope it’s not going to continue…

    • I got yeah message to but if you use the add on link from Ipsy’s Twitter it will show your bag and let you add items.

      • *The message too.*

  36. Site must not be working can’t see anything.

  37. I got the nyx palette, tarte palette, it brush, finding Ferdinand & Tony moly. Luckily I managed to get the son & park in the add ons.

  38. Finally got email and took me to site. But going back into site I see nothing. It’s an ok box

    iT Brush…. Happy
    Tarte eye palette….happy but need to see in person
    NYX blush palette…ugh don’t need any blushes …will swap
    Findings ferdinand lipstick Nob Hill red…double ugh. Don’t wear dark colors and always get them…will swap
    Glow cream….happy I guess ..can’t get back into site to see exactly what it is 😫

    • Box twins! Pretty much the same reaction. If you look back on MSA, there’s a full spoilers for Ipsy plus. You can find the full names of the products there. That should help you research them

      • Thanks but i know. I just can’t get back in to see them !!! Any idea if the iT Brush is for liquid and/or powder foundation?? I use powder so that may be another ugh for me 😂😂

        • It is the #6 brush for powder foundation

          • Perfect thank you!!!

  39. I’m fairly happy with my bag. I am getting
    -WANDER BEAUTY Unlashed Volume & Curl Mascara
    -FINDING FERDINAND Lip Stick in Au Naturel
    -TONYMOLY The Chok Chok Green Tea Watery Essence
    -IT COSMETICS Your Je Ne Sais Quoi Complexion Perfection Face Palette
    -TARTE Dream Big Eyeshadow Palette

    • I’m getting the same box😊 I wanted to son and park! But it’s okay❤️

  40. I am an ispy subscriber and would love to get ipsy plus, do you have to be invited to join? I don’t see anywhere toy-grade on their website.

    • if you email and ask to be put on the list you should be able to get in

  41. Finally got on! My box is a bunch of makeup I didn’t want and none of the skincare I did LOL #MyLuck I wanted the Glow Cream and the Tony Moly essence.. They were already sold out of the Glow Cream as an add on at 8am too! Fingers crossed they’ll be on the swap site!

    Tarte Palette (swapping)
    It Cosmetics face Palette (swapping)
    Lip stick in Au Natural (probably swapping)
    Purlisse Mud (gifting to my daughter)
    LXMI Balm (Really wanted this)

    • Wanna swap for the red? I got the red wanted the nude lol

  42. Mine still says to come back 2/2 for my reveal every time I get it to load 😭😫

    • Mine does too. I emailed them.

    • The site is down now, however this morning I saw my reveal when I clicked on the section to add additional items to the glam bag plus.

      • I don’t even get an add on section. My FOMO is real 😭 this is my favorite part of the month normally.

        • There’s a link on Ipsy’s Twitter for add ons click it and it will bring your bag up. It worked for mine and my moms that were giving come back message.

  43. I never had a problem with my regular Ipsy bag or the first two months of Plus but this is the second month I can’t see my reveal. Last month I got the email but both that and the site took me to the regular Ipsy page with no reveal. Today I haven’t even gotten my email yet and nothing on the site. In the past I was able to see my Ipsy reveal shortly after midnight sometimes. This isn’t a new company… just a new bag.

    • The site is down now, however this morning I saw my reveal when I clicked on the section to add additional items to the glam bag plus.

    • What time zone are you in?

  44. I got through after several tries. I got the brush, the Tarte palette, the bronzer, the Finding Ferdinand lipstick, and the Park Beauty cream. I’m pleased overall, though with my level of paleness bronzer just looks like dirt streaks on my face.

    • i’ll trade You my IT quad palette for the maelle bronzer of You (or anyone else) is down…

  45. I got the LMXI, Tarte palette (my top two favorites from the spoilers) Tonymoly, lt palette, and lipstick in au natural and I added the tarte blush palette. I would have liked the Wander mascara but couldn’t justify $12 when I’m getting one in Allure this month. I don’t like this box as much as last month’s home run box, but I am overall happy.

  46. I’m happy with my box. I’m receiving:

    NYX Blush Palette (I’m totally fine with this, as I do not use bronzers, but I do love blush).
    Finding Ferdinand in Nob Hill Red.
    It Cosmetics Buffing Brush.
    Tarte Eyeshadow Palette.
    Beauty Filter Cream Glow.

  47. Looks like their site it down. I can’t get my phone, app or laptop to load their page.. Everyone must be excited for their bag and add on’s LOL

    • Yes lol I was thinking the same!

    • I can get on the page but it still say to check back on 2/2. I also can’t get on MSA’s app.

    • Still can’t get anything. Says they are still building my bag. App is blank. If people are getting on then all the add-ons will be taken 🙁

  48. West Coast, can’t get on, keep getting this message: http://www.ipsy.com is currently unable to handle this request.

  49. I’m 95% pleased with my box! I had nightmares that I’d be receiving that NYX pallete.
    I’m getting…
    1. FINDING FERDINAND Lip Stick in Au Naturel
    2. TONYMOLY The Chok Chok Green Tea Watery Essence
    3. IT COSMETICS Your Je Ne Sais Quoi Complexion Perfection Face Palette
    4. TARTE Dream Big Eyeshadow Palette
    5. PARK Beauty Filter Cream Glow
    I added on:
    LXMI Pure Nilotica Melt Nourishing Balm-to-Oil

  50. I’m getting
    -LXMI Pure Nilotica Melt Nourishing Balm-to-Oil (new product to me, so I’m totally down)
    -NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Sweet Cheeks Blush Palette (meh)
    -FINDING FERDINAND Lip Stick in Au Naturel (love lipstick, new brand 10/10)
    -IT COSMETICS Heavenly Luxe Flat Top Buffing Foundation Brush #6 (AW YISSSSSSSSSSS)
    -TARTE Dream Big Eyeshadow Palette (eh)

    Overall though I’m excited. 2 new brands, and the product I really wanted. Plus some great add-ons. I keep planning on cancelling, but I’ve loved my last 2 bags!

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