Ipsy Glam Bag Plus March 2019 SPOILERS!

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We have some spoilers for the March 2019 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus thanks to Chelsea! (These are some of the items that Ipsy is sending in March. There are variations every month, so you may not receive them in your Glam Bag Plus.)

Here are some of the items being included in March:

ipsy Glam Bag Plus March 2019

What do you think of the spoilers?

This subscription is $25 a month. Sign up here! Check out our full Ipsy Glam Bag Plus FAQ post to learn more!

And if you are new to the regular Ipsy, it is a $10 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes. And check out our Ipsy Spoilers to see what’s coming up in future boxes!

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  1. Glam bag plus is just killing it for me. I honestly don’t know how they do it!!!
    Boxycharm you can see some of the products are the variations that didn’t sell well or up & coming brands .
    Glam bag plus has been items that are already extremely popular.

    • I totally disagree. I am always happy with my boxycharm box but ipsy, not so much. If this is what we are getting this month, let’s just say, I am less than impressed.

    • I hear what you’re saying. The Glam Bag Plus is kicking Boxycharm’s butt. Almost everything in the Plus boxes are popular and great brands. Boxycharm has had some really great months, but I feel like most of the time it features one or two really great products and then some meh and not so great products.

  2. When do we see full spoilers for ipsy?

    • The glam bag plus that is

      • You won’t get full spoilers till after the 1st of the month. There are usually a second round of spoilers here a couple days before the end of the month. Definately not anytime soon. With these being so underwhelming, I’m thinking the next round will be outstanding!😉

        • I am not to thrilled about the March2019 glam bag plus myself seeing these are the first set of spoilers. This bag is looking kind of sad to me. I am hoping for some good products for the rest of them otherwise I will be switching my ipsy for boxycharm. It is cheaper and they are getting products that are actually worth it.

          • Agreed … nothing so far

        • I always feel like the first round of spoilers are kind of underwhelming. Then they release the full spoilers on the 1st of the month and then I get excited about the other items.

  3. Got my GBP today and they subbed out the tart shadow palette and purlisse mask for the hanellie lip scrub and wander mascara. W.T.F. grrrrr!

    • I’d definitely email them.
      In the 3 years I’ve been subscribed, that has never happened to me.
      What you see in your spoilers are what you get.

      • I was so upset about the shadows I emailed them and only after noticed the second sub out. This is actually the third time something like this happened the other two were with the regular bag. They’re going to send the shadows and I’m going to ask about the mask. From everyone I know with ipsy this seems to be a me centric problem that luckily doesn’t hit many other people. I do love the “bag”

        • instead of the murad oil from my reveal, i got the lotion last month. which was a major bummer because the oil is the only thing i was really excited for. so it’s not just you.

          • but sephora play & boxycharm have also done this to me before.

  4. Not super excited with these spoilers, but I have LOVED all my gbp boxes so far so I’m sure I will end up loving this one too!! I would love to see full spoilers earlier like some of the other boxes:) I’m seriously thinking of getting rid of all boxes except this one, bc it’s SO good!

    • I finally got an email about being added to the glam bag plus waitlist. I’m so excited I was just thinking I would cancel the others and keep gbp. I’ve been so jealous after seeing the quality in the Ipsy plus bag. I subscribe to Glossybox, Boxycharm, Allure and Birchbox. Ipsy just for my glam bag always sends me makeup that I like. Out of any bag. I’m the Ipsy bag is the one I’ve gone out and bought full sized because. It has really opened me up. A lot of people complain about Ipsy but I do hold them In high regards. I hope they keep sending out quality with the glam bag plus.

      • I recently I got an email to be added to the GBP waitlist as well. Hopefully I will get my first bag in March or April. I agree I love Ipsy and have purchased several things in full sizes. I liked Glossy box has well but had to unsub because I was collecting too many products.

  5. I got my February ipsy Glam plus today and I was very disappointed. The tarte palette was broken and I got an email saying they were including 6th bonus item and I had no bonus item in my box. Not sure what happened to their customer service.

    • You should of gotten a second email a few minutes after that one stating the first one was a mistake. I got the same email, but they did apologize with the 2nd one and said that we are only getting the five products. I’ve never had any problems with Ipsy CS or the products they send out.

      • I got the same email that it was a mistake accidents happen but there customer service had always been great.

    • They emailede also about a 6th item for being a loyal customer. Then 2 hours later I was emailed to disregard the previous email
      What is that?

  6. Pixi is available at Target and it is a higher priced drugstore brand but they have way better products than that mascara! They could have sent their fairy lights liquid eyeshadow or their blush or some of their skin care! Cheap offerings.

    • This is only a few of the items
      Though. Last month they did the same thing, showed the cheap products first then the more expensive ones, and February’s box ended up being pretty good so we’ll see. But I also enjoy a variety of drugstore and higher end products so this doesn’t bother me

    • Jeez!!! People are such complainers. I wish I could think of the perfect word but I can’t stand all the hate. I can’t afford to try pixi just on it’s owns I love getting these bag. I get a lot more for my money.

    • Can’t satisfy everyone I guess. My collection had grown so much from subs. Whether it’s high end, drugstore brands, or Indie brands, I am always willing to try anything because you never know what you may like or be able to use. With that being said, I thought that’s the point of sub boxes. 😁

    • I agree!

  7. I really don’t know why everyone was raving about Ipsy Glam Bag Plus. I have yet to see anything I would like. Don’t get me wrong, of all my $10 beauty box subscriptions, Ipsy is my favorite. But as far as more expensive boxes? BoxyCharm Luxe for the win! I absolutely LOVED my December Luxe box!

    • the consensus seems to be that Ipsy has been doing way better than boxyluxe and for less than half the price.

      • I would say that Ipsy Plus has been doing better than Boxycharm but I wouldn’t say better than Boxyluxe.

    • It’s totally personal preference. I get Allure and Ipsy Plus and absolutely love them both. I watch spoilers for pretty much everything and I don’t care for Boxy. They have an occasional palette that I droll over, but that’s about it. It’s not that the value isn’t great or that the brands are bad, they aren’t at all. Boxy is a great box up at the top of the list and Plus deserves to be right there with them. My Plus had $170 value in January and I love the products. It’s all about preferences.

    • I get Ipsy, Ipsy plus, and allure all for the same cost as 1 boxyluxe box. But my Ipsy plus alone is better than boxyluxe IMHO.

      • Absolutely. Same here. I get those same boxes as well as Boxycharm and BoxyLuxe. Or at least I did. I canceled Luxe today after seeing 5 spoilers for March, and I will most likely cancel the regular box before I get billed for March. I think if I was younger and spent a lot more time primping and experimenting with makeup I’d still love Boxy. But at this point Ipsy Plus is just a better fit and value for me. And they do provide some personalization which I really appreciate.

        I may be wrong but I keep up with posts and comments on both Ipsy and both Boxy subs pretty well. I’d have to say I see more happy customers from Ipsy Plus than I do with Boxycharm or Boxyluxe. For example there’s way more dissatisfaction with Boxyluxe’s March spoilers than Ipsy Plus. Lots of cancellations, especially with Luxe. Most people are not happy with what they’re getting for $50, whereas most people are pretty stoked about what they get from IP for $25. I’m definitely one of them. To me there’s honestly no contest, for many reasons, including the fact that thus far IP hasn’t sent any items that appear to be overstock or discontinued products.

        • I completely agree with you. I look at all the spoilers and want to try yet another box, but I’ve seen so many bad comments on the boxy or boxy luxe posts, and the items never ever wow me. With GBP and Allure, I’m ALWAYS super happy with what I get. Some months, a few items from allure are hit and miss. This month on my GBP I wish I was getting 2 different items, but it’s the first box since October that I haven’t been 100% super super happy with. I love my GBP and the value for what I get vs what I pay. I will likely subscribe for years and years. The mixture of skin care (high end, at that) and makeup is perfect.

      • I agree with you 110% 🙂 I got rid of boxy in Sept with NO Regrets. I was thrilled to find the post Liz had for us with the Ipsy Plus waitlist and was able to get it in Oct. I’ve been beyond happy with everything Ipsy is doing…not only with the Plus Bag, but they care. Customer Service is great. The brands & quality of products we’re getting are phenomenal. My Dec. Plus Bag at half the cost of that Luxe box, blew away luxe in every way. And they don’t send us dangerous and/or expired products either. They never lied to us about the waitlist. No game playing. They’re getting more people off the waitlist each month and are doing it fairly. I got rid of Sephora Play too. Now I only keep Ipsy & Allure.

        • I so agree with you about Ipsy customer service! They are so accomodating and friendly. I emailed Boxycharm 5 days ago regarding an issue and still have not gotten a response. I would like to say that is the first time it’s happened but it’s not.

          • I agree! Ipsy has by far the best customer service. They do everything they can to accommodate. I’ve had to email them a couple times with inquiries and they thought I was disappointed. I wasn’t and never said I was but they still offered me the option to choose a product. They also always respond within 24-48 hours, sometimes within hours. I really can’t find a complaint with them. Allure is a different story, but I put up with it because I love that box. Lol!

        • Same here, finally got rid of sephora play just last week, but I am absolutely obsessed with my GBP and Allure boxes. Looking for another one as good as GBP. But there is nothing that compares, in my opinion

    • Everyone has different likes…
      That is what makes having a variety of choices wonderful!
      I like Ipsy plus way better than I ever liked Boxycharm, but that is my opinion.

      • I feel like since we know Ipsy uses the customization quiz vs Boxy not it makes it seem more customized and personal. Ipsy plus is great though.

    • Ipsy Plus is half the cost of BoxyLuxe. I cancelled Boxy in Oct and have been getting GBP since their first in October. I’ve been much more satisfied with Plus than I had been with Boxy for several months. I am using all of my items now, when I wasn’t using even half of what I got in Boxy. As said above, its all personal preference.

    • No! The only thing I am interested in is the Purlisse product. Those makeup products are not for me. I hope the other variant products are waaaay better. I have loved my Ipsy plus bag please don’t disappoint.

    • You cant compare Boxyluxe to Ipsy Glam Bag plus because GBP is $25 and Boxyluxe is $50. I compare the regular Boxycharm which is $21…….. so for $4 more a month GBP has consistently been a better value than the boxycharm box.

      • Actually I still feel like IP is a better value than even the Boxy Luxe box. Until today I was getting both Ipsy subs and both Boxy subs. Another way I look at it, since Luxe is only quarterly, is to compare 3 months of IP ro 3 months of Boxycharm & luxe . “Both” Boxy subs cost a total of $92 for 3 months of products, and IP is $75 every 3 months. Not only is IP cheaper, they have newer and better quality brands and products plus they are ALL full size products (so far) vs some travel/deluxe sizes you get with Boxy. Grant it you get more total items with Boxy (20 or more vs 15), but some are cheap/junky items like dysfunctional phone chargers, cheap little makeup bags with offensive-to-some words, promotional items, etc. So really you’re probably only getting 2 or 3 more actual beauty products with Boxy. And those and possibly other items are clearance/discontinued and/or don’t come in a box like most higher end cosmetics do. Taking all that into consideration, IP is a much better value than Boxy for what you pay in total for 3 months.

        That said, I’m not sure how much longer Ipsy can afford to charge only $25 a month. I’d still be willing to stay subbed unless they got up to $35 or more. My only complaint is that I wish we knew all the spoilers before you have to choose to skip a month.

        • 👌 I agree.

    • You can’t really compare Ipsy Glam Bag Plus with Boxy Luxe because it’s half the price. It would be like comparing boxycharm to the regular ipsy and proving your point by showing that boxy doesn’t send samples. Two very different tiers. It’s awesome you like boxy luxe to me it seemed that the value for regular boxy has dropped a bit since they introduced the Luxe though.

    • From what I have seen Luxe for March is horrible.

  8. Pixi is a cruelty free brand and this is a brand new product with a RV of $18. We get to try something new for a fraction of the price. I don’t get all the complaints…

    • Read the reviews on the mascara. Yea!!!! Clumps!!! Because everyone loves an $18 clumpy mascara that you have to finesse to make it look right. I think everyone is right on with their complaints. There are a number of Pixi products that people would have been thrilled to see, this one’s a dud. I’m not going to comment on the bronzer because I don’t use the stuff, so for me the only ray of hope out of these three is the Purlisse. I’m still excited for March, I know Ipsy is going to bring it with more great products! I just wish they had put a better Pixi product (and no bronzer😂) in there, that’s all.

  9. Based on these spoilers I’m not excited whatsoever. And next month is the month I get a box “comped”, for my dec box never showing up & they didn’t have a replacement to send me🤔

    • But is it really “comped” when you already paid for the box that didn’t come? 🤨🤨🤷‍♀️

  10. 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤢 drug store
    Switching to Boxycharm

    • Same.

    • Good luck getting the variation that you want! Been subscribed for 3 months and keep getting the lesser values boxed each month and don’t get the major featured products! This month they pushed a Farmacy cleanser or SDJ Coco Cabana Cream. I was super excited to try either or these and BAM I get sheet masks instead after just receiving those last month. The other featured product was a Nudestix eyeshadow stick or Trestique lip product and I get a random Smashbox lipstick 😒

      • Same 😞

    • Lucy & Monica:
      Pixi is actually a higher end, although yes, available in a drugstore, product. It’s better than Revlon, Loreal, etc and they make a few products that are considered “cult favorites.” Plus it’s a very popular brand in the UK, and I’ve seen Pixi, especially their Glow Tonic, show up in many high end boxes alongside much more expensive brands

      If you subscribe to Boxy be prepared to receive extreme and often unflattering shades, older and likely discontinued and or overstock items —the kind you find for CHEAP (even less than drugstore prices) at places like TJMaxx and Marshall’s and various “low end” eyeliner and brow pencils like the
      $5 Jonteblue eyeliner sent in more than one box, $12 eyeshadow primers, etc. Personally I’ve received several “low end” eyeliners, brow pencils, and lip products Of course there are definitely some cheapervbrands and products that perform very well, and some expensive ones that s*ck.
      Boxy IS NOT higher end or higher quality than Ipsy Plus. Trust me, I ‘ve been subbed to Boxy for YEARS and to Ipsy almost from their first box. You’ll definitely see a few new and exciting items with Boxy, but there’s a good chance you won’t receive them in your particular box variation.

      So….you really shouldn’t consider Ipsy lower class than Boxy at all. Not trying to be nasty, just sharing what I know about both of these boxes and the Pixi brand.

      • Amen sister! I concur

        • Me too. 🙂

    • Thank you! Finally someone who agrees with me! I don’t understand the obsession with GBP when most of the products you get is available at Target for 4 dollars. I’ve been subscribed to Boxycharm for two months now and I got such great mid range to high end products. Definitely worth it!

  11. I hope they have better products than this because of not, I’m skipping March. My bags this month are not impressing me either.

  12. Meh. Hoping there will be a palette.

  13. I am hoping they do more perfume. I loved the Dead Sexy fragrance and I looove fragrances. Nothing would make me happier.

    • Me too!

    • I bought 2 more in a fab group bc I loved it THAT much lol
      I’m now apparently obsessed w/Tokyo milk, even tho I just have only one of their products as of yet…well 3 of the same product🤷🏻‍♀️🤫😂

      • Tokyo milk dark tainted love has been one of my favorites so I was super happy to try another not in the dark line

    • I wish I had gotten that fragrance. 😍

  14. So far I’m not interested in any of these, I’m really needing a moisturizer with sunscreen in it.

    • Yes!!! SPF, please !

  15. I have a regular subscription and I have added GP as a second one. Does anyone know how long does it take to get off the waitlist? I really like the spoilers for March.

    • You should email CS and ask them to add you to GBP. That’s the quickest way I’ve seen others get off the wait list. Otherwise, I’m really not sure, because I’ve been getting it since the first box. Hope that helps a little anyways. 🤔

      • Thank you, emailed them 🙂

  16. I actually really love these spoilers. I would really love to get the benefit bronzer and the pixi mascara. I love those brands so I would love to try them. I would try the moisturizer if it would t irritate my acne.

  17. So far only the Purlisse moisturizer is catching my eye , but we’ll see! I’m always happy with my boxes. Things I think I won’t like I try and most of the time end up enjoying! Otherwise my friends/family get gifts 🙂

  18. Another drugstore brand being featured 😒 Come on Ipsy!!

  19. I was given the opportunity to have my choice of one of these due to an error with my box. I chose not to have the item replaced but instead just inform Ipsy of the issue and they gave me the option to pick what i liked so it was guaranteed to be in my box. The only thing is i don’t care for any of them😕🎖😁

    • i have no idea how the emojis 🎖😁 ended up in my last post????

    • Same thing with me. When their servers crashed I was unable to do add-ons to my regular bag so they gave me a choice of these 3 as well. Not liking the choices either but I went with the Purlisse moisturizer to go with the matching scent in the Purlisse mask im getting this month. I don’t use bronzers n no need for mascara

    • Happened to me last month that two of my items arrived damaged so they gave me a choice and then this month my bag was suppose to include at least one of those items I chose and it didn’t include either of them… but it had them as add-ons I could buy for extra of course!! Hope you have better luck. That experience really has put me off to Ipsy which was previously my fav sub 🙁 I’ve paused my sub until I get over my disappointment or they really wow me with spoilers 🙂

  20. I’m definitely not very excited about March so far ….. MEH!!!

  21. Interested in the moisturizer but I’m hesitant bc the exfoliating mask in that line made me break out in a rash. Not sure if there’s an ingredient in there that made my skin react. Could have also just been too abrasive for my sensitive skin.

    The other 2 are a pass. I have enough bronzers and mascara already. I’ve been more interested in the rest of items (shown in the final spoilers) more often than the first ones so I’m hoping there’s other things that fit me better.

  22. I would LOVE the Purlisse moisturizer at $45, this I would DEF use and prob like!! I’m very fair be would be happy with Benefit bronzer too, but NOT nearly as much as I like the moisturizer by Purlisse

  23. The Benefit is nice, but not sure I really need it. The other two do not excite me, but then again, the first spoilers never really do.

    • Yeah, their first spoiler is meh always then we see something great afterwards.

      I think bronzer is too early for March.
      Especially my place will be still covered with snow then🌨😅😅

    • Yeah, their first spoiler is meh always then we see something great afterwards.

      I think bronzer is too early for March.
      Especially my place will be still covered with snow then🌨😅😅

      I’m keeping my March for now unless they coming up with another meh spoiler soon🤓

  24. Looks super meh, but so did last month’s initial spoilers and I’m pretty happy with the box. Don’t want anything but the Purlisse though. Pixi stuff is not great, their toner sample from the regular GB make my skin very unhappy! Their packaging looks so cheap too, they are not doing themselves any favors with it. Looking forward to seeing full spoilers though!

  25. Meh, this will be my 3rd skip in a row. I appreciate the spoilers. For the amount they charge I don’t see the value.

  26. Going to give the pixi mascara a try . Hope it’s a keeper and not a waste . So for me March Ipsy glam bag looks okay.

  27. Nope.

  28. No, thank you.

  29. I’m never very excited by the IGBP spoilers but the box always turns out to be fantastic. Kind of the anti-boxy where the spoilers are always great but the actual product variations you get stink. Plus I love being able to add on the products from the previous month that I might want after the reviews are in.

    • They really need to up their spoiler game! But I’m really starting to love this sub

      • Totally agree, seems like they never put the best products in the spoilers. In January I paused after the spoilers and then had major FOMO and ended up unpausing at the last minute. January turned out to be my favorite month so far. I do think the Purlisse is a good one though. Loved the Purlisse blue lotus mask I got in the first box!

  30. More great spoilers from Ipsy I would be have with all of them so far. I have been so happy with Ipsy they really doing a great job with different brands exciting products and the mixture of makeup and skincare plus brushes and the options to add 3 add ons each month Boxycharm should take notice. Great job Ipsy money well spent.

  31. Can anyone tell me if Pixi is a good brand? The packaging makes it look like a drug store brand and I havent used any of their products. Same with purlisse. Are these high end brands? I never see them at sephora.

    • Don’t know about Pixi, but I agree it does look cheap. Purlisse is an indie brand and it’s pretty good. I got a sample of their tinted moisturizer and it’s comparable to my HG Lancôme.

    • Purliess has fantastic skincare products!
      Check out their products and reviews online. It’s expensive stuff (I’m dying to try the lotion)!
      Pixi has some really great products.
      The mascara is amazing!
      You can buy Pixi at Target, but it’s a cut above the Maybeline and Cover Girl.

    • They sell Pixi at Target and CVS. That being said I’ve read a lot of positive reviews on a few products that seem to be cult favorites

      • They also sell No 7 at Target which is a department store brand in the U.K.

    • I haven’t liked even one thing I’ve tried from Pixi. I think it would be considered more drug store though. I do love Purlisse and am hoping for that item!

    • I’ve never liked pixi quality makeup. Their powders are horrible with no pigment or don’t blend well. But I believe it’s a vegan brand but I’m sure if anything that mascara will be a natural look

    • I love their toners!! The glow tonic and the retinol tonic work great together. The packaging reminds me of a brand that is made for teenagers (no offense to anyone that is a teenager,) so I was hesitant to buy it, but I love it now! That’s the only two products I’ve tried from the brand though.

    • I love everything purlisse. Its an amazing company the blue lotus exfoliating scrub is my favorite product, but I have liked everything I have tried

    • Thanks, everyone! Sounds like Purlisse is pretty great and the Pixi can be hit or miss. The double wand mascara does sound interesting, though. Hopefully the full spoilers will have some more awesome stuff in it. The initial spoilers never revel the true awesomeness of the bag 🙂 I love GBP!

      • I LOVE Pixi’s Honey Sheen lipgloss more than any gloss I have ever tried.

        Their Glow tonic has a cult followling.

        I wouldn’t write them off yet.

    • Pixi is a good drugstore brand. You can look up reviews on YouTube. Not sure about this mascara in particular though.

    • I actually love the Pixie toner n am sad I’ve almost ran out. Its gentle on my skin n not drying

    • Pixi is a higher end drugstore brand, if you know what I mean. They are also cruelty free and this is a brand new product that has a RV of $18.

    • Pixi is amazing. I have the whole rose skin care line, 12 liquid lips, I have this mascara and the mascara primer, theh have liquid eyeshadows like stila that are gorgeous. I own tons of pixi. And they do sell in online at sephora just not in store. It’s not cheap like a lot of drugstore makeup.

      • Oh wow! They have sparkly liquid shadow comparable to the Stilla product!? I def have to check that out! Thanks! Overall it sounds like although it’s a drug store brand, everyone seems to love it, which is great news!

        • There are a few drugstore brands that I can get behind. Pixi is one of them and I really love Kokie Cosmetics! Their nail polish is one of my top faves

    • Pixi is sold at Target. the mist spray sells for $15 and average price is around $20 for other items on the skincare side they also have makeup stuff too. Purlisse can be found at Ulta and online. Im not sure if any retailers sell it currently. Average price range $35-65

    • Pixi is available at Target and it is a higher priced drugstore brand but they have way better products than that mascara! They could have sent their fairy lights liquid eyeshadow or their blush or some of their skin care! Cheap offerings.

  32. I’m excited for the spoilers. I love Benefit. Would love Sun Beam. They last forever. Great spoilers
    Liz, are you still going to keep this site after you start Instagram?

  33. I downgraded off BoxyLuxe, and will be canceling Boxy after my 3 months are up – I am completely uninspired by their offerings. While I don’t really need another mascara, I like liquid bronzers for when I do the reverse foundation routine and the moisturizer looks good . I have found myself using almost everything from GBP and giving away half or more of my Boxy products, so I’m hanging in with this one. And frankly, Ipsy makes it so easy to skip that I’m happy to stay with them.

  34. I’m okay with sunbeam and the blue lotus but I’m really not interested in another black mascara! I have gotten 3 in January and February alone!

    • Send Ipsycare an email telling them you’d like to opt out of Mascara for a while.
      I did with highlighters and Eyeliners.
      They will let you opt out of two.

      • I didn’t know you could do that with the Plus bag! I thought that was only available for the regular $10 bag. Thanks so much for the info! I really hate getting highlighters and have gotten 2 from Ipsy Plus in just a few months.

      • Honestly, I Harris ipsycare every month! I message them my preferences based on the spoilers and my likes and dislikes to help improve GBP and my personal profile. They haven’t disappointed so far! This months bag I got everything I wanted and nothing I don’t!

      • I’m opted out of lipstick and still got it this month! They said it’s not guaranteed 👎

  35. I really would love to try the mascara and the moisturizer looks good too! This will be my second month, and I’m not gonna complain. Can’t wait to see more spoilers!

  36. A bit underwhelming, but when the full spoilers are released I’m always so excited. Ipsy hasnt failed me yet, I have faith.

  37. Never tried any of those so I’m always down to try stuff I haven’t yet!

  38. I would be happy with the Benefit and the Lotus moisturizer! Those two items would make me much happier than Boxy Luxe. How sad lol

  39. I requested that no bronzers be sent to me so I’m fine with whatever comes in this bag.

    I just read the blurbs for the moisturizer and the mascara and both seem interesting and I would love to try out. Dual wands in mascara – way different than the mascaras I have tried.

    I like moisturizers with a gel consistency because they seem to go on really smoothly. I’m pretty much a moisturizer whore though as I don’t have particularly dry or oily skin so anything that smells nice and feels good works for me. I also haven’t ever tried a moisturizer (from super high end/scientific to drugstore) that actually makes any difference in my wrinkles or lines :-).

    • I hear ya, nothing really turns back the clock at any price point. Sigh.

  40. I don’t know how ppl can already decide they’re skipping-that’s only 3 possible items, you get 5, and there are usually 10 or so options. None of these 3 are anything I’d normally buy, but for me, that’s the point of the box-trying out things I wouldn’t normally try. 🤷🏼‍♀️

    • I skipped January based on the first spoilers and ended up feeling like I would have liked it. On the other hand I have New beauty test tube every other month and should probably just get GBP on the alternative month to keep my stash more manageable. Plus, quarterly boxes are this month. I think I will skip and dedicate the funds to happy rebel or causebox.

      • I skipped January too, had a tad bit of fomo for the hey honey serum + some of the other items. But I’m getting the lip scrub this month so I’m cool with that. Even if you do skip a month they seem to bring back repeat products for those that are either new to GBP or didn’t get the item before.

    • I agree! Like someone else said, sometimes I see spoilers and think it might not be a good month but when I find out exactly what I’m getting from my reveal I’m usually happy. Now Boxy on the other hand… I usually regret not skipping when spoilers don’t look great. My only not great month with Ipsy Plus was last month and only because I usually get at least 2 skincare items and I only got one. If lip scrub even counts as skincare. But overall it was still a good box.

  41. Looks like I’ll be skipping March. Nice so far, but not for me.

  42. None of these excite me but there will be more to come…can’t wait!!

  43. Cancelled boxy luxe, am much happier with GBP every month. Hoping for sunbeam!

  44. so far only like the moisturizer i hope the other products are amazing if not #easy pass

  45. I swear i was just looking at that mascara yesterday!! I wanttt it !! I was going to buy it off the pixi site but I guess I can wait a lil longer since I’ll be getting the wander mascara in my allure box in a week or 2. I love Pixi by Petra I’ve been purchasing their skincare for a couple months now I’m in love with it .

  46. Looks like March is gonna be a skip month for me

  47. Skipping.

  48. Ooo that moisturizer… that mascara seems nice too.

    • If you haven’t tried the mascara yet, you’re in for a treat!
      It’s FABULOUS!

      • I agree, it’s so good! Really volumizes and lengthens, and the little brush is perfect for bottom lashes.

  49. I’m probably going to skip March. These are nice products but none of these items are interesting to me. I’ll wait a bit longer to see if there will be any more spoilers.

    • Same. Nice stuff but nothing I would like to even try. Hopefully new spoilers will change my mind. Fingers crossed.

  50. I’ll take one of each!!
    Ipsy plus continues to knock it out of the park for me! Well worth my hard earned $$$!

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