February 2019 Target Beauty Box – Available Now!

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The February Target Beauty Box is available now! (Thanks for the heads up, Megan!)  

Target Beauty Box February 2019

The Box: Target Beauty Box February

Cost: $7

The Products:

  • Nexxus Color Assure Vibrancy Retention Shampoo
  • Nexxus Color Assure Vibrancy Retention Conditioner
  • Love Beauty & Planet Citrus Peel Dry Shampoo
  • Pantene Airspray Hairspray
  • No7 Laboratories Line Correcting Booster Serum
  • Que Bella Professional Selfie Ready Sheet Mask
  • Dove Shampoo/Conditioner 2-in-1 Clean+Fresh
  • Native Coconut & Vanilla Deodorant

FYI – these sell out very quickly – make sure to buy soon if you are interested!

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  1. I just received an email from Target. This box is available again.

  2. I got mine in the mail already yesterday and was disappointed that there was no $3 off coupon in there. Not sure if it was just an oversight or if they are no longer going to include them.

    • I got one…

  3. Hi All!
    Just peeked in and the Target Feb box is available again. Was able to order one. (It’s 2:30pm Pacific time.)

    • Oops- should also say it’s Weds 2/13.

  4. I think this is a great box. Many people are complaining that it’s too much hair products but they are great if you are looking for new products. I have used Pantene for years and I’ve given it up. The deluxe samples are great for almost a weeks worth of showers which is what I need to see if the products really work for my hair. In the past I would have a cabinet full of shampoo /conditioner bottles that didn’t work for my hair but with Target boxes I can sample new products without the waste…though unwanted conditioner is always great for shaving legs 😁.

    • I agree! Is this box sold out already?! I wanted to purchase another one. I am so glad that I looked this morning. I thought that the 14.99 boxes were the only ones this month and I didn’t want to spend that. The serum alone is worth this box. You only need a small bit of it and the reviews on it are saying results are seen in about a week’s time. I am so excited for mine! I can’t wail until it gets here. I will use the shampoos and conditioner, serum, deodorant and maybe the hair spray. I will pass the other items along to family and friends. Great job Target…you never disappoint me! You know how to do it right. These are products that are for every day use. A few less things that I need to buy for myself each month and all for $7. Thank you Target…and btw….your customer service is excellent!

      • I just came on here to see if it had sold out since I finally was able to get around to purchasing it and I didn’t see it as an option. Oh well. I really wanted to try that deodorant though.

        • Hi. fyi- it’s available again (weds afternoon Pacific time I was able to order one).

          • Thanks! 🙂 I just came on here to share the same news(!) as I was just on their site looking for something else, and figured it wouldn’t hurt to peek to see if it’s back in stock. I got one!

    • I used all of the foam hair conditioners from past subs to shave my legs. I never thought to use all of the half full bottles of conditioner around my house for shaving. My husband loves to try my fancy shampoos, but he doesn’t condition. Thus the half full bottles…lol.

  5. I am obviously in the minority here – to *me* this is the most appealing box Target has put out in many months now.

    I bought it because there are only a couple of items in it I won’t use (the dry shampoo, the hairspray).

    It’s still a good value regardless.

  6. I’m joining the pass or $5 bandwagon. I’m only really interested in the deodorant and it looks really small. Also, I wasn’t impressed with Que Bella Professional, I bought a few masks on clearance from Christmas. The box is really pretty though!

  7. I am going to hold out to see if it goes to $5. I wish the deodorant was a bit bigger. That would have made me buy. I don’t mind trying new shampoo in boxes, but I seem to get an awful lot of black eyeliner in my subs.

  8. Luckily it’s an easy pass for me! Even at $7 I don’t tend to like hair products other than what I use. I’ve bought so much lately that I’m glad I don’t like the box lol

  9. Sadly, pass. At $5 – maybe. Don’t care for hair care.

  10. MSA, please release my comment. Not sure what flagged it this time.

    • This has been happening to me a lot lately.

      • I have that happen too. No idea why.

  11. Passing… have enough hair products and there isn’t anything else except the mask that’s worth it for me. Hoping March is better🍀

  12. Another pass for me, Target. You guys used to do SO much better with these. (I hope someone from Target reads these!)

  13. How many dry shampoo samples can one really use in a lifetime!? Pass!

  14. 62% of the box is hair items? Sounds like Birchbox, only it costs less and you get more stuff. Even the box is prettier. Watch out, Katya!

    • Im loving the box. Not so much its contents. Easy pass for me this month. Or MAYBE if there’s excess inventory n they start selling them for $5 again later

    • Julia…this comment 1 million times over. I cancelled Birchbox last night and demanded a refund because after 32 boxes (per my Birchbox account homepage) I received yet another box with hair products. I don’t get the oversaturation of hair products in Birchbox. (Sorry, a bit off topic since this is about the Target box…your comment just drew up my drawn out frustrations with BB.) Thanks for letting me vent lol!

  15. Can you purchase in store?

    • No it’s only onlie

  16. Some of this stuff I won’t use, but I want to try the serum and I can always use a dry shampoo and another sheet mask. So I bought it!

  17. Too much hair stuff…should have been valentines themed. Rose products, red lip products, something more love/red/pink themed versus just a box mostly hair related.

    • and then people would complain about it being Valentine’s themed, and that it had “ugh, more red lipstick” in it.

  18. I love hair boxes!

  19. The Native deodorant is making this box mighty tempting. I think I’ve only heard great things about that deodorant, and I’ve been wanting to try it for awhile. Plus, everything else will get used too!

    • I ordered… the native and the dry shampoo are two things that I have been wanting to try!

      • I plan on ordering it tonight! Based on the comments, I don’t think I have to worry about this one selling out any time soon (or at all), so I can wait. 😀

    • Just so you know, I got a sample of that and it’s about the size of a matchbox

      • I got the same sample! It was surprising how tiny it is. I do like it though; it works pretty well.

      • Thanks for the heads up! I think I’ve received similar sized samples of other deodorants before. 😀

      • I saw the sample size at Target today, it is definitely small and it costs $2.99 alone (it smells nice though). So this box may be worth it if you want some of the other items too.

  20. Bummer! I stay clear of the hair heavy boxes since ALL of the stuff the put in these have silicones and/or SLS. That stuff ruins curls and makes straight hair frizzy. I learned that and my daughter now has AMAZING ringlet hair and I have glossy straight hair. ❤

    • Yeah, I avoid silicones and it’s made a huge difference in my curly hair.

      • I also am a curly girl who tries to avoid silicones. I still haven’t found the perfect product, either of you have any recommendations? Especially for leave-in products? Thanks!

        • Try better lines like Davines All In One Milk, I used to like Alterna Caviar products, but they may have silicones, — Birchbox .com or Wholefoods may have silicone free products that you are looking for possibly.

          • I agree about the Davines… it is a great leave in.

        • Research The Curly Girl method. You should be able to find a list of brands that will work. Shea Moisture is good, as well as Carol’s Daughter. For my leave in, I use Suave Essentials strawberry conditioner! It’s cheap, meets all the ‘curly girl’ guidelines, and works great for my naturally curly hair.
          I also stay away from the haircare heavy boxes for this reason.

    • Exactly, this box is filled with hair stuff I can’t use. One or two items would be gifted but it’s the majority of the box! They didn’t even do any hair products for textured hair in the black history month boxes, I would have bought them even at the higher price if they had.

    • It looks like the shampoo bottle indicates “0% silicones and sulfates”.

      • Yet, its the third ingredient in the matching conditioner. Also the dove has sulfates. Hairspray and dry shampoo just dry my hair out so still a pass.

      • Yet the matching conditioner has it as the third ingredient. The dove has sulfates. Hairspray and dry shampoo just dry my curly hair out, so still a pass.

  21. This looks good. I bought it, my first Target box in 18 months! 🙂

  22. I bought it but it’s a hair heavy box. how many shampoos and conditioners can you put in
    one box?

    • January was my first time trying this box. Ummm…3 different shampoos seems excessive. Is this box normally like that? I liked how January had a real mix of stuff. One of the highlights on the Target website is “Pamper yourself this Valentine’s Day,” which is great and all but I really don’t think washing my hair is pampering. Maybe more facemasks? A bath thingy?

      This just makes me sad as I spend so much time and money in and at Target that they should probably put me on the payroll.

      • Unless it’s a themed box, Target’s monthly boxes typically aren’t so heavy on the hair products.

  23. It’s a pass for me. I was looking forward to more makeup items for Valentine’s day.

  24. Bought it! 😁

  25. Nice box picked up one for my daughter too! Target has great boxes for 7.00!

  26. The line correcting serum appears to be 0.1 oz. which is 1/5 the full size ($42). 1/5 of that is $8.4. That alone pays for the box if that’s an item you want to try (like me).

    • I haven’t gotten one in a long time, but I did order it just to try that and I can always use a sheet mask. Plus, there’s still the coupon, right? That’s how I’m justifying it right now.

    • That’s what is tempting me. I really only want the serum and deodorant. Still debating. Reviews of the dry shampoo don’t look good.

      • I have to agree with the reviews about the dry shampoo. I have 2 full cans in my vanity waiting to be used. Was really disappointed with its ineffectiveness. Good to know that a majority of people have given less than stellar reviews.

  27. Pass. Thx for the heads up tho.

  28. Delighted!

  29. Ordered this one right away! Looks like a great selection!

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