FabFitFun Spring 2019 Add-Ons Available Now!

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The Spring 2019 FabFitFun Add-Ons are available now for annual subscribers! (If you aren’t an annual subscriber, you can still upgrade your account to get access!)

If you haven’t signed up for FabFitFun yet, use coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off your first box. (This box is regularly $49.99 a quarter).

Here are just a few of the items available:


And here’s the bonus sponsored Add-On item:

What items you grabbing?

Here are all the dates you need to know:

  • Spoiler 1: February 1st
  • Early access to Spring Add-Ons begins Feb 4 for Select Members at 9 a.m. PT!
  • Spoiler 2: February 4th
  • Spoiler 3: February 6th
  • Customization opens to SELECT members: Wednesday, February 6 at 9 a.m. PT.
  • Shop Spring Add-Ons starting Feb 7 at 9 a.m. PT, until Feb 11 at 11:59 p.m. PT
  • Customization opens to ALL members: Saturday, February 9 at 9 a.m. PT.

If you haven’t signed up for FabFitFun yet, use coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off your first

Check out our FabFitFun reviews to see what you can expect with this quarterly subscription box for women!

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  1. I thought it started yesterday….I guess I have my days mixed up.

  2. Do they continue to post new add-on deals throughout the week?

  3. I was really bummed bc I missed out on the sand cloud towels. Found them on their website and after 20% off coupon they turned out to be $31. I got two. Great for spring break.

  4. I just want *A* tote bag. One! I’m ok with one!

  5. I am definitely getting the Cozy Night bundle. I looked up reviews for the Chenille throw and they are good. I know I don’t need the candle, but a nice quality blanket for $45, a candle with a pair of cute champagne flutes thrown in, I have to give in.

    Most items, despite the price increase are still pretty deeply discounted compared to original rv so I caved and now on the $130 point.

    I wouldn’t really have noticed the price hike for most of the items if not for you guys, so I had to do a double take now as I add items on my cart, which is really what I need to be doing anyways. I get all “add to cart-happy” and add everything that sparks my interest endlessly! I rarely have let anything go before.

    But now I will probably hold them there for 1-2 days from tonight and then let go, if and when I decide not to get them at all, just to be considerate to others, especially to the quarterly subscribers, whose add-on window will just open. I think it’s nice for annuals to finalize their carts now, than wait for the add-on sale window to close later.

  6. Yea, these prices are a little disappointing. Last sale, I got the Living Proof Flex Hairspray for $9 (It’s now $19). I also got the Terre Mere for $14 (now $24) and the Bentgo lunchbox for $7 (now $15)… Those are some huge price jumps! It’s also interesting to see FFF trying to sell that cheap throw blanket from the Winter box for $24 and the Train case from the Summer box for $19… They are cute items, but definitely not worth those prices! I hope this is not a sign of things to come…

  7. I’m an annual subscriber and just now got on, I totally forgot about it! I am just so discouraged that most everything is gone and it’s not even 12 hours into it. I’m beginning to question if it’s really worth the aggravation any more. I’m disgusted.

    • The same thing happened to me, but I was able to grab everything I wanted by putting the items in my favorites, and refreshing the page a few times. It took a bit longer for 2 of the more popular items, but within about 30 minutes I had all 6 items in my cart. Also, when the add-ons are about to end you can get pretty much anything you want, as people tend to pare down at the last minute.

  8. So I googled the June and May beach chairs for reviews (which were mixed on Amazon, 3 star avg, btw) and found that the retail price is $30 pretty much everywhere, NOT $40 that FFF has listed, making the actual savings like $6. That left a bad rate in my mouth.

    • I already dropped a few things from my cart that could easily be found on other sites for the same amount. No reason to “splurge” and take advantage of a “flash deal” now if you can find the same deal at any time….not very flashy….

    • i saw the umbrellas watermelon and lime ones online for 12.99 and the say they are giving a great discount at 11$

  9. Was debating on renewing as an annual, but with the price increases on here not anymore. I dont see this membership as a must anymore. I’m actually happy, I’ll be saving money now!!!

    • Agree and did exactly the same!

  10. I don’t think it’s FFF’s fault that the prices went up–when the tariffs were raised on China last year a LOT of things just got more expensive, and I think we’re seeing the cost of that being passed down to us.

    Like it or not, a lot of these products come from China (even if it’s not the product, the packaging does).

  11. I am an annual member and I went on 45 mins after it opened and a lot was sold out already

    • I was on at 9:01 and there were already several sold out items.

  12. The R+Co CROWN Scalp Scrub is a great price. I almost ordered it from costco online last week. Price there is $24 and I thought that was great since regular price is $38. But $14 at the edit sale is even better.

  13. The living proof price hikes are notable. The Dr Brandt DNA cream went from $29 to $39 as well. These are all still great deals, but I wish they had make these price hikes more gradual so they weren’t quite so jarring!

    • I agree. I added living proof without looking at prices because I always get them but when I went back I took out every living proof from my cart. I’m going to try the dpHue shampoo/conditioner this time around.

      • So funny….that is EXACTLY what I did. Those sets seem to be the bargain of this sale.

    • Agree.

  14. Can someone tell me if Maelove The Night Renewer Cream is an add on?

    Thanks so much!!

    • It is – it is sold out now but I’m sure it will come back in stock

      • Ok thank you so much!

        • No problem 🙂

          Just an FYI – it is $11 (RV of $28)

  15. Just a few observations/ thoughts (not a criticism at all, as I’m included in this):
    — Huge bummer about prices increasing so much. Especially the Living Proof, which I would have bought plenty of. Are there still great dealsSure, but it’s always disappointing when you’ve had it good and it’s very obvious you’re getting less for more.
    — I’m surprised at how much still sold out, despite some of the ridiculous prices and items for sale. Getting a deal really is a rush for a lot of people, myself included. Do I really NEED a heart shaped waffle maker or donut scented hair ties? Nope. Did I add them anyway? You bet. But I do hope this was a test by FFF and not the new norm and they will decrease prices in response to subscriber feedback. Though if everyone buys as much as usual, what incentive have they to do so?
    –I was pleasantly surprised by how many cool items there ending up being based on the spoilers, which didn’t do the sale justice. I picked up several things I will actually get some great use out of (that beach chair!).

    • I’m assuming alot of things “sold out” because of the general hoarding/FOMO mentality that has been created with thes sales. I honestly haven’t even paid attention to prices yet. I just added what I thought looked interesting to me so I could take some time and research and decide with a clearer head later. I’m thinking alot of other people will do the same. It will be interesting to see how much stuff gets dropped (even more than usual?) and will remain sold out by the time the sale closes.

    • Haha, I used to do the same thing. Do I need it? No. Is it cool, and cheap? Yes yes yes I have to have it!

      I am curious though, I remember there being a lot of complaints in the past about people who would max out on certain, sought after items only to turn around and swap them for full price. Maybe this will deter people from doing that, inadvertently?

  16. I usually spend $300+ on FFF add-on & Edit sales and am pretty familiar with the prices of sale items over the past year. The prices of many items featured in previous sales are significantly more expensive now. I’m guessing with all the new customers they will still do well, but a huge bummer for longtime customers. I’m glad I stocked up on LP items during the past 3 sales!

  17. I got…nothing. The prices seem SO much higher this time around! And nothing really piqued my interest…might not be a bad thing. 🙂

  18. Anyone know what the spoiler is for the spring box? It said there is supposed to be one released today.

    • I believe in an hour.

  19. it really irks me when key details are not included in product descriptions and FFF has always been bad at this, often not indicating how long necklaces or earrings are. But the size info they provided for the MeUndies bras is just the worst!

    XS: 1.264 oz
    S: 1.408 oz
    M: 1.616 oz
    L: 1.84 oz
    XL: 1.512 oz
    XXL: 2.608 oz”

    What am I supposed to do, weigh my boobs??

    • There’s a size guide in one of the photos for each item!

      • In a photo? That’s really weird. The item showed only one photo on my computer and it just has the bra in it, no text. But now that I went back and looked there is a size guide now. Thanks!!!

        • LOL i asked literally the same question on the FFF Forum!

  20. My first time as annual with early access, so glad I could get (almost) everything I wanted without reloading 10000 times. Daily Concepts body scrub is my favorite, glad I could get 2 for the price of 1 <3

  21. I’m not happy because the item I wanted the most, the Rodial neck cream, appears to be missing from the lineup. Does anyone else see it? Thanks!

    • I saw it. Along with a bunch of that brand

    • The Rodial Beauty Chin and Neck Lift? It’s there 🙂

      • Yes I saw it many times and available

    • Never mind, I can see it on my tablet. I just missed it and it is now out of stock. I am so bummed. What a bust.

      • You probably already know, but just favorite the item and refresh refresh refresh! Some things were out of stock when I logged on 5 minutes after they opened, but I got them all after a couple refreshes.

      • Did you try the Rodial website? I found the Bee stuff on their site for cheaper than FFF.

  22. Anyone have any thoughts on the Kensie makeup mirror? Or makeup mirrors in general? Looking to buy one…:)

    • Now that I have one, bought at Sally’s beauty I think, I cant figure how I spent most of my life without! It really helps to apply makeup much closer and with bright lighting.

      • I have been looking at a few different models, I will look there too 🙂 thanks!

  23. I’m at $300 and I just can’t stop lmao it’s amazing stuff, something for everyone that’s for sure 😍

  24. Wow the FFF Tumeric powder was $5 last sale and now almost doubled to $9. Only getting a few things, whew! First time ever I’m tempted to get fff merch though that blue canvas tote is adorable!

    • Same! I usually scan right past the FFF merch but that tote is fab!

  25. I always liked their mystery boxes and some bundles. Everything else is just wayyyy overpriced.

  26. I’m going to get a few things but am happy this will be my smallest add-on purchase in a long time. whew! The prices so seem higher than usual.

  27. Omg best sale ever! Prices still great!!!!

  28. Is there a way for annual subs to see the full list with prices or do we just have to wait? I’m a new member.

    • U have to wait unless ur select

      • Ok thanks! Are there usually full spoilers on msa before the 7th?

        • No on the sale for add ons. They just give u lil bits of the sale here and there. For full spoilers we get them when they are announced on the dates they listed. Hope it helps 😊

        • They usually post spoilers on the dates listed above. And they just show lil bits and pieces of the sale or they’ll prob get in trouble. Sorry if it’s not much help

          • It is! Thank you so much 😊

  29. Nothing really excited me and I noticed that prices increased significantly. Before, the deals were so great I stock up on product. Now, with higher prices I just go to TJMax and buy what I needed with the same discount.
    Sadly, after two years with FFF, I cancelled my subscription entirely.

    • My thoughts exactly! I wouldn’t say that things are “overpriced” but the discounts are now comparable with other stores…definitely not the same great deals as we’ve come to expect from these sales.

      I was especially shocked by the new Living Proof prices. The shampoo/conditioner combo at $19 (as they were previously offered) was such an unbelievable deal but now just a conditioner alone is $21. I totally understand the prices go up but this is might be too much.

  30. I don’t see the sponsored add on in the sale…will they send that automatically?

    • it was on the right. Maybe you need items in your cart first. I decided not to get anything. The prices are way higher!! The living proof items went from 5 to 21.

      • Agreed…lunch boxes were $7 now $15…and many other things are higher, too. I have a little credit, so I’m going to use that and get my free deodorant and that’s it!

        • the marbled makeup brush set was 14 last year now its 29!

    • I didn’t see it before but there is a “Free! Sponsored” tab, and that’s where you add it.

      • Hmmmm. I don’t see it.

        • Try it on your phone. That’s what I had to do.It didn’t show up on my desktop.

          • Where does it show on your phone? Also can’t find it. 🙁

      • Thank you both for responding…I refreshed and saw that tab. Thanks so much!

      • THANK YOU! You are the real MVP. I never would have found that!

    • I couldn’t find it at first either but on my screen it was at the bottom of the page, just before the sold out items.

    • I STILL cannot find the deodorant or the “sponsored” tab. I’m on my phone (iPhone 5s if it matters) and I have looked and looked. I know many people have posted how to find it, but does anyone have any further advice? I’ve been wanting to try a more natural deodorant for a long time.


      • Ok now I feel REALLY stupid! I found it finally. 😳
        I thought I had already refreshed it but maybe not because that’s all I had to do. Thanks for the tips everyone.

        P.S. Normally only about half of my comments ever get posted. Of course this would be one of the few times it actually appeared. 😄

        • FYI, if you are in Canada, you can’t get the free deodorant – I asked.

    • Go to favorites and add it on. You have to select it. I found that out while reading the fff community boards.

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