CAUSEBOX Spring 2019 Box SPOILER #3 + Coupon!

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Causebox spring 2019

The Spring 2019 CAUSEBOX is available for pre-order now! And we have the first three spoilers!

Each box will include:

Marina De Buchi Luxe Charm Bracelet

 Introducing the Luxe Charm Bracelet from Marina De Buchi! It is gold plated, with an adjustable fastener for all wrist sizes, and we even added reinforced and welded loops so that it will last for the long haul! 😍 It retails for $37 and Annual Members get to choose between “Moon and Stars” and “Unlock Your Dreams” designs! Our favorite thing about these gorgeous bracelets is that they give a portion of proceeds to A21, a charity that is fighting to end human trafficking 🙏

If you missed the previous spoilers, this box will also include:

Glass Ladder & Co Megan Portfolio Clutch – Retail Value $120


Cleobella X CAUSEBOX Silky Scarf

What do you think of the spoilers so far? 

If you haven’t signed up yet, this will be your first box. Use coupon code 10WELCOME to save $10 off your subscription! (Regularly $54.95 a season.)

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  1. The most exciting part is the rose quartz box the bracelets are displayed on! Are they giving that out?

    • I said the same thing! lol

  2. Definitely in the minority, but I love this! It was rough for me to re-subscribe.

    • I mean “enough”!

    • Same here, I haven’t had a box since fall, and I am super excited about this one. The portfolio did it for me!

  3. This spoiler caused me to skip (I have an annual sub). I liked the winter box but this box isn’t my taste. Hopefully summer will appeal to me more.

    I sent an email requesting to skip and they responded within a day to confirm. They also asked for some feedback. Pretty simple, though I do wish they just had a button on their site that allows you to skip a season.

  4. It’s been nice to read the reviews. I liked the previous box but didn’t sub in time. These spoilers are not my cup of tea so I’ll wait for the next season. I am sure I’ll get at least one box to support the cause (no pun intended) but I’m going to wait for something more appealing (like that Jade roller!).

    • Sofia, I had gotten a jade roller in my FFF box so my Causebox one is still in its package. Happy to sell/swap – let me know! domerdeb gmail

      • I am interested. I’ll contact you!

  5. The key bracelet looks like a sideways Crow T. Robot from MST3K…

    • HAHAHAHAHAHA YES!!! hey… I might ACTUALLY want that bracelet now that you mention that!!

  6. Someone posted a full reveal spoiler on the Rddit beauty box site if anyone wants to take a look!

    • Thanks for this! Somehow I overlooked that post earlier.

    • Thank you!!! Looks like a great box!! So glad I’m getting it 🙂

    • Thanks for the sleuthing! I like the full box 🙂

      • I’m feeling the opposite. I was hoping the other items would swing me more positive but I flat out don’t want a sleeping mask or toning mist, if that’s what those items are. Hoping they confirm the other items before it’s too late to cancel this one and hope for better things next time.

        • I agree. I’m bummed because I was hoping for a box more suited to me, but I’m glad that others seem to be excited. I just can’t bring myself to use the portfolio for papers and such when there’s only one pocket that accommodates that size, and my laptop is too large for it. I feel like most of this box are things I would ‘have to find a use for’. Curious about that rope-thing, tho. Fingers crossed for next season.

      • No problem! I’m on there throughout the day on the lookout for spoilers. Makes the work day go by faster. 🙂

    • Thanks!

    • It looks great! I’m wondering… I’ve seen the pretty pink capiz shell box under the bracelet twice now… sure would be awesome if we got THAT!!

  7. I will be so glad to cancel this subscription. I primarily use what is in this as gifts. I would have canceled after the first box but found out you get no refund so you are just out the money. At least this way I can give the items away.

    • I cancelled as well. Items too much like what I already received in other boxes, and customer service was awful. Too bad bc I really like the mission of the box.

    • That isn’t true. You get a partial refund for the boxes you have not received yet. I know this for a fact as I was refunded for the difference.

  8. I was wondering if you subscribe do you have the option of buying the past boxes like you do with fabfitfun

    • no you don’t

  9. I am not really interested in any of this. It looks a lot like the Box of Style box and just nothing seems original. I usually love Causebox and kept holding out for the next spoiler hoping it would make me excited. I like the scarf and clutch, but realistically won’t use it. I can’t see spending $50 for things I would never utilize. Usually there are some items I could use and makes it worth the money, but not this time. I am thinking I may need to cancel this one.

  10. I’m not liking this bracelet at all. I’m so excited about the other 2 spoilers. But, the bracelet looks very cheap, thin, flimsy. It reminds me of the “love” bracelet from fabfitfun. That actually looks nicer than this one. Maybe it will be better in person. Ugggg

    • My thoughts as well. The bracelet looks cheap and honestly the clutch does too.

  11. I am an annual member. How do I skip this box?

    • Sell it right back to me. I’ll take it off your hands.

    • In order to pause, you contact them by email, as I couldn’t find any way to do it on the website . Then, you cross your fingers that they get it right! In spite of them confirming my pause for the Winter box, they accidentally sent it anyway…then, after taking a long time to respond to me, made me return it to them (in spite of my being out of town for an extended period of time, making it tough to do.) So I guess they sent the box that I’d opened/rummaged through on to someone else? Hmmm. Anyways….I hope you have better luck with your pause than I did!

      • I was able to pause. You email help at causebox dot com and just ask to pause. It took a couple of days for them to respond, but I got a nice email to confirm the pause. They asked why I requested it and sent back some feedback. Easy peasy.

  12. I’m OK with these spoilers if not thrilled. But if I skip this box I may like the next one even less, right? There are five more items for this box. Too soon to tell.

    • That’s funny that you say that. I was thinking how hard it would be for me to decide wether or not to skip (if I had an annual) because the next could be worse. I’m a horrible decision maker, I go back and forth 🤪

  13. I’m an annual subscriber and this box would’ve been my third, if I skipped this box would it affect my subscription? Do I still have 2 boxes left to receive?

    • Yes, if you skip you would still get 2 boxes.

      • Thanks Kay.

  14. I don’t care for either bracelet but I do like the scarf and clutch even though I would use the clutch just to store important paper work.

  15. I prefer silver jewelry too, but really like the key design because it’s a bit different. I also like the usefulness of the portfolio aspect of the clutch. I think it will work great as a work travel bag to keep all of my “stuff” in one place. I understand that some are upset that nothing seems unique but I’ve had many sub boxes for many years and I just understand that it becomes challenging to come up with ideas that are totally unique and still universally appealing. That’s why I appreciate the little things about these items that make them special. Also, you can find a version of just about anything for dirt cheap at dollar stores or at mass retailers these days, but the point of boxes like this is that they support companies with a charitable aspect. I highly doubt mass retailers are paying workers a fair wage, let alone donating proceeds to worthy causes. All well worth paying a bit extra for me!

  16. I think the bracelet is cute, but I went ahead and skipped this box, as it doesn’t have much I would use or gift in it so far. I still have two more left in my annual subscription. They can’t please everyone each quarter and it seems like there are many people who are excited about this box. I loved my first two boxes and I appreciate that they allow you to skip one.

    • Is the option to skip found in account settings or did you have to email directly? I’m an annual subscriber as well, and am not too thrilled with the soldiers thus far…

  17. Just when I thought this box couldn’t get any lamer…I really hate it because I love CB. Cheap materials & a bracelet that looks like something from Claire’s. What’s next – Manna Kadar??? So glad I cx’d.

  18. This reminds me so much of the bracelet that psmh had.

    • Yeah and that bracelet broke after a week! At least you could chose silver though!

  19. I subbed for almost 2 years. So glad I cancelled. Missing the more unique items. Also not a fan of synthetic fibers.

    • More scarves, clutch and cheap jewelry. I’m glad I canceled too. I wish they would try different things .

  20. I dont wear bracelets, but happy with two first spoilers

  21. I like the scarf and clutch. I’m meh about the bracelet. It’s cute but I don’t wear bracelets often.

  22. I have never subbed to this box before but I think the spoilers look nice. Did they let you custom a couple items?

    • If you are annual you get to customize the first 3 spoilers. Quarterly members get a random selection.

      • Ok thank you 😊

    • MSA keeps blocking my posts, but annual members get to customize the first 3 items.

  23. Not a fan of any of these three spoilers. Just canceled my subscription.

  24. Totally agree… just got out of a narrow miss with PSMH and am happy this is cancelled as well. $$$ saved for something else!

  25. Oh my gosh, I’m so so glad I did not stay subbed to this box. I do not like these either. Three strikes for me.

    • lol ME TO …

  26. Ugh! I hate gold! Why can’t they have silver options!

    • Why can’t they have a “real” metal option? All 3 spoilers are all faux materials. Ugh, debating on skipping this season.

      • Exactly….polyester, pleather and some cheap looking metal bracelet that you can find in the dollar bin at the dollar store.

        • This is what I would expect from FFF but CauseBox has always thrived to be different. I LOVED the MudLove ceramic cup from a previous box… it wasn’t trendy or expensive but it was handmade and lovely. These faux materials can be found in ANY other sub box and while CauseBox has a good story for each item I’m not sure that’s enough.
          I’m wondering if Causebox was acquired by another company. They recently moved offices and their whole vibe (both product and social) feels different… like something has changed.

          • I completely agree. I subbed for the unique, not necessarily the retail value, as this is not what this box is about.

          • Oh I would love another Mudlove piece! My favorite Causebox treasure!

        • Omg exactly!!!

      • They couldn’t make a dime offering real leather, silk and gold/silver; all in one box for $50. I think we’ve gotten a bit spoiled on subscriptions. The companies they partner with are legit and the value is great. Vegan leather is hot right now and per a comment I saw, it’s not the pleather PVC that feels like plastic, so might be really nice. The scarves are beautiful and silk can be very expensive and hard to take care of. Just sayin… this is only 3 of the items in a box that supports businesses that support causes. I believe it’s a true win.

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