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BoxyCharm Subscription Box Review – February 2019

BoxyCharm is a full-size beauty and makeup subscription box. They always provide a great value compared the cost of the box. (If you are a makeup addict – I recommend this box!)

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

The Subscription Box: BoxyCharm

The Cost: $21 a month

The Products: 5-6 beauty items that will include nail care, skin care, makeup, haircare, fragrance and more. (At least 4 of those items will be full-sized).

Ships to: US and Canada

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Each box comes with a card detailing the items included.

Now, on to the items!

Trestique Prime + Color Lip Glaze in English Rose – Retail Value $25

All subscribers will receive a Trestique, Nudestix, Grande Cosmetics, or Smashbox lip product.

This lip product includes a lip glaze and a lip primer hidden in the base!

The lip glaze is kind of like a lipstick/lip balm hybrid. The color is well-pigmented and goes on sheer. It provides a good amount of shine, too. I didn’t find it to be long lasting, but it wears down well, and you still get a bit of a stain.

Hidden in the base is the primer. I don’t typically use lip primers, and I didn’t notice much of a difference when I tried the lip glaze with and without it, but it did make my lips feel smoother.

(Swatched in lower photo).

Pretty Vulgar Shimmering Swan Highlighter in Sparkling Sass – Retail Value $32

All subscribers will receive a Pretty Vulgar Highlighter or Bronzer.

This is a shimmery gold highlighter with peach undertones. The pigment is buildable, so you can dust it on for a subtle look. Here it is swatched beneath the lipstick:

(A very heavy-handed swatch of the highlighter!)

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara – Retail Value $24

All subscribers will receive this item.

This mascara formula is a B+/A- for me. I could apply multiple coats without clumping to get impressive length. The volume wasn’t as dramatic as my all-time favorite, tarte’s lights camera lashes, but still pretty good!

Farmacy Clean Bee Ultra Gentle Facial Cleanser – Retail Value $22

All subscribers will receive this or Sol de Janeiro Coco Cabana Cream, or Tula Metallic Masks. 

This is one of my favorite discoveries in the box. I love the Farmacy brand (it’s ingredient conscious, and the formulas I’ve sampled have been great). And this cleanser lives up to the gentle name. It smells lovely, produces a light lather, and cleaned my skin without leaving it dry. Love it!

TOUCH IN SOL No Poreblem Primer – Retail Value $18

All subscribers will receive this item.

This was my other favorite discovery of the box! It’s a hydrating primer that made my skin feel SO smooth and created a perfect base for foundation.

Verdict: The total retail value of this box is $211! As usual, I think that’s amazing for a $21 box! This is probably one of my favorite Boxycharm boxes in a while – all good products and some are real standouts for me.

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Yes! The Boxycharm waitlist is temporarily lifted!

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What do you think of the February 2019 Boxycharm Box? Which variants are you getting?


How do subscribers rate BOXYCHARM?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (74)

  1. I got the FARMACY clean bee cleanser. That wasn’t my first pick. That ended up being the best thing for me. I never thought a cleanser could make such a difference. I’m 7 months pregnancy my skin started going crazy. I used this and it all subsided. I’m so happy with it. I definitely will buy a full size when my sample is done.

  2. My February (’19) box arrived with the Pretty Vulgar make up decimated. I emailed them with a picture just like all the other boxes and received an email saying I had to send a picture with the product next to the box for the account number or whatever! I had already threw the box away! Wow! What a way to save on replacing products! I emailed them back on the email that is linked to my account obviously and told them I ALREADY sent them a picture and I have yet to receive a response. My response to them is to cancel my account. I will not renew if they are too cheap to replace makeup that was damaged. I would love to order another ipsy plus subscription instead!!

  3. I think you mean $121 retail value. 🙂

  4. I was disappointed at first that I got that clean bee cleanser. But once I tried it. My skin cleared up. It looks healthy. I didn’t realize what a good cleanser could do for your skin. Didn’t dry it out. Just looked healthy. I will defiantly have to buy when this sample runs out.

  5. I receive my box and the highlighter was smashed, I tried to contact them and they just told me that they will try to get me a new one but haven’t heard anything else, that was two weeks ago. I have tried reaching out and they won’t respond back to me. Does anyone have any advice?

  6. I’ve only seen 2 spoilers for March ‘19 regular box. Considering Luxe but would like to know what’s I would get if I didn’t. Any more hints ?

  7. To anyone that’s ever had a product damaged and reached out to customer service, please read and help me out:

    My bronzer arrived destroyed and had leaked all over everything in and on my box and spilled onto my clothes and carpet. I took pics of the inside of the box with all the products still in it and then removed and cleaned the other products. Then I took out the bronzer and took pics of it quickly then put it back in the filthy box and threw it away. I wasn’t going to keep a box that was getting bronzer everywhere. So I sent the pics but was told they wouldn’t do anything without a pic of the label.

    Why do they need a pic of the shipping label??? To prove the bronzer came from their box? To prove my identity ? They know what they sent me. They know when it arrived and when I contacted them (right after I opened it—same day as delivery) so why the distrust? Do they think I went out and bought another of the same bronzer (which I have no use for anyway as it’s too dark), destroyed it and tried to scam them out of another one? I’ve been a loyal customer for many years and this hasn’t ever happened so why not just replace it? I even offered to take whatever number of points they’d give me instead of mailing another bronzer.

    I said all of this in my email responding to their instructions saying I also needed the label pic. That was 4 days ago and now they’re just not replying. I know from past experiences they typically respond fairly quickly just as they did this time after my initial email.

    Any advice or thoughts on what I’m not understanding? Thanks!

    • I had the exact same thing happen to me…i canceled. I’m D.O.N.E.

  8. I love my February box, I agree it is the best in awhile. It is always worth the 21$ though, ALWAYS. The girls where I work were asking about it again, as they do every month, just sign up already 🙂
    Thanks for a monthly happy moment. It is a gift to me every month, as a surprise and fun!
    Love my Boxy!

  9. Unrelated to the box (which I loved this month… got this variation), what’s up with the charm room? Once upon a time, you could use charms to pay for part of a product and offset the rest with cash, but now you can only buy from the brand. In the Charms Only section there is just the same tired crap. Last month, the eyeliner they sent was spoiled. Instead of sending a new one, they gave me charms. No, I don’t want a bright purple lipstick or a hot pink lipstick necklace. *sigh* Hope it is replenished sometime soon.

  10. This months box was probably the worse I’ve received so far. For 21$ I never complain. I’m more upset that we recieved the full size Sol De Janeiro cream in coco cabana which makes you smell like popcorn and yet only the deluxe size of the bum bum cream months back.

  11. I got the Farmacy cleanser and I was actually hoping for the sheet masks. Glad I didn’t get the cream. I might be the only person on Earth who doesn’t like Bum Bum cream or any of their other products. I have smelled it before and I don’t want to smell like sweet popcorn which is what it smells like to me. I was just happy to not get another brown lipstick lol

  12. I must be one of the few that was pretty thrilled with my box! Not sure what variation “number” this is, but I got:

    – Shimmering Swan Highlighter in Glow Up
    – Farmacy cleanser (I have been DYING for Farmacy products from Boxy and haven’t gotten any until now. I’m in love)
    – Trestique Lip Glaze in English Rose (Love the brand – I actually got a sample of this in Ipsy a few months ago, so I know this will definitely get used a LOT)
    – Too Faced BTS (Eh. Not my favorite formula, but not my least fave. It’s kind of in the middle for me these days – I prefer MILK’s Kush and Hourglass’ Caution .. but I’ll definitely get use from this.)
    – Touch in Sol No Poreblem Primer (Always been curious about this brand/primer, so I’m excited to try it).

  13. I always get #1 and it was no different this month but I received the exact same version as pictured above….. All of my boxes have a 1 after them, never fails.
    The reviews stating this was version 3, where did you see that?? Maybe I’m looking at it wrong.
    Also, I have been on he fence about canceling due to always getting the “filler” box (JUST MY OPINION) but for the first time in awhile I got items I could actually use and in colors I like. I’ll be sticking around a bit longer now. JUST PLEASE NO MORE FALSE EYELASHES…

    • If you look at the bottom right color of the info card, you will see a number next to a heart. That number tells you what variation you received.

    • The box shown above is definitely not #1. I’ve gotten #1 for over three years except ONE month. So between that and actually seeing the #1 on the inset of this month’s box, I think it’s safe to say you got a different number. I’m glad to hear that though since it means there are exceptions occasionally. I always feel like #1 is the worst one (at least for me personally) and I ‘m destined to never get a different one. I even tried ordering a second box three times but every single one of them was #1. However this month I felt like it was one of the better boxes, especially because I didn’t have to be disappointed with a lip product. 😄

  14. I got variation 1, which is the one I was hoping for with the sol Janeiro coco cabana so I’m very happy 🙂

  15. I got this exact box and it was the reason I subscribed (mainly the cleanser, plus the mascara and primer, but I knew I would use the lippie and highlighter too). I am ecstatic about all the products!

  16. I got the box with the Nudestix and lotion which is what I wanted! I have wanted a Nudestix pencil forever! The mascara is one of my favorites! I used the primer and bronzer today and I liked both. Only thing I don’t like is the lotion. Smells like buttered popcorn, which is not a smell I want on my body. I signed up to be able to swap on here but I haven’t been accepted yet. I didn’t use the lotion so I’m hoping to swap it.

  17. I got this variation as well. Pretty happy with everything.

    I rarely use highlighter for its intended use. I use it as eyeshadow mostly, or dab it on top of a lip color that’s not quite right for me, like the one in this box. I found that the two of these products make a nice rose gold lip that I love!

  18. I’m sorry. I’m really peeved at Boxycharm. I’m tired of always getting the worst variation. It’s always “if you get this color, you’ll get this variation” crap. You can say a lot about ipsy’s 10$ a month sub. But at least they aren’t “if you get this item, your sure to get this exact bag” kind of thing.

    And it all started with the flat iron in Boxy Luxe imo. After being told it didn’t effect the products you got. I saw maybe 2 people that had the iron and the PV powder. I would have chosen the palette to get the powder.

    Then last month with those Tarte palettes. I got 3 boxes in hopes I would get a different palette. Nope. Same 3 palettes (i knee there was a chance i would get the same. But everyone seemed to get the volume III!)

    Now this.. The bronzer with the lotion. I would have preferred the bronzer over the highlight to get the lotion. Its seeming like they want people to buy multiple boxes in hopes they get that specific variation.

    Maybe I have just outgrown Boxycharm. Ipsy Plus keeps hitting it out of the park.

    • I swear that half the negative comments on BoxyCharm are paid for by Ipsy. It always starts outs as a complaint and then turns into an advertisement for Ipsy Plus. If you don’t like the box, just unsubscribe…

      • That’s because people are sharing what they’ve found as a better alternative. As in these are the problems I had/have with this sub , and here is an alternative I found that doesn’t have these issues. In fact, it actually has some great advantages that Boxy doesn’t.
        Trust me, I definitely do not work for Ipsy nor do any of my friends or family and I have little to no social media presence so I’m not getting anything free from them. I know many people share my feelings about Boxy and like me have tried holding on to it hoping for improvements but getting the opposite. It’s actually hard for me to unsubscribe after 4 years of getting excited about my new makeup every month. I’m disabled and unable to do most activities, so makeup is one of my greatest joys in life. I know there may be others out there in similar situations and some of us have to be careful not to spend too much on beauty (and other) subs. I was skeptical about Ipsy Plus at first and it’s not perfect yet but they’ve made me very happy. As a bonus they tend to include more skincare which I need as I’m getting older. So yes, I have mentioned these things and others more than once on here because I’m excited and very pleased with IP and I hope other people can find the same joy instead of being unhappy/frustrated with Boxy month after month. Yes, as you said folks should just unsubscribe but sometimes it’s hard whether we’re not good with change (especially if you’re a Boxy oldtimer like me) or you’re afraid you won’t find a good replacement for one of your favorite things.

        And truly it’s just my personality to share things that impress and excite me. Whether that’s a sub box or a new kind of revolutionary toilet paper I tell everyone about. 😄

      • I’m not from ipsy and I’m complaing about boxy and I unsubscribed. Glad everything is going good for you! 😊

    • I agree with everything you said. Although I don’t think you and I get the same variation as I ALWAYS (for nearly 4 years) get box #1. I’ve tried ordering a second box several times but I still get #1 in both. Someone on here (not this exact post) said that it depends where your box gets mailed from. Not sure that’s true but several of us that get #1 all get our boxes from Georgia. But for all I know they might all get mailed from there. It would explain why no matter what you’ll always get the same box variation though.

      As for the flat iron, I think that has to be correct. I don’t always get #1 as far as my Luxe boxes. I didn’t realize that picking the flat iron meant I lost my chance of getting the one product (other than the Elemis) that I REALLY wanted, the PV setting powder. I didn’t even need it as I don’t use any heat stylers myself. But I have 2 whole drawers full of eyeshadow palettes and I thought maybe I could gift the flat iron to someone.

      As far as the Tarte palette I was SO disappointed. Out of all four possibilities, I only already owned just one of them. Of course it was III, and I got that same one, which I don’t even use.

      This month I confirmed I was getting my usual variation but I actually thought my variation was one of the two best possibilities this time. I’d have preferred the one with Farmacy, but I was glad to get the eye pencil over another useless lip product. But then I opened it last night and that too dark, super fine bronzer was everywhere. Not just all over the inside of the box and on the contents. It got all over my clothes and carpet the second I opened pulled the foam back. My understanding is that this happened to several people. Well no wonder. For one it should’ve been better packaged/insulated. Instead they just threw that one piece of foam in like always not caring that while PV products are not by any means cheap to buy, the packaging, although cute, is ultra cheap fragile stiff plastic and doesn’t close well at all. My compact was still closed and unbroken but tons of powder leaked right out of it anyway (the pan of product itself was completely shattered). Secondly, I’m almost sure those PV products should’ve come individually boxed which would’ve at least slightly improved the chance of not breaking since it would’ve been cardboard banging around instead of hard plastic. That part brings me to my greatest concern with this subscription at this point. We’re now almost never receiving our products in the boxes they are usually sold in even though almost every high end beauty product comes in it’s own outer packaging. Most of the mascaras we’ve received certainly should’ve. Probably at least a third of the items we get should have them but don’t. I’m wondering exactly why that is. Just overstock? Or is it expired or “bad” in some other way? Could it have already been used or at least tested? I received an eye palette last year that definitely looked as if it had been lightly swatched. This scares me, especially with mascaras. I NEVER share those with anyone, not even family, because it’s too easy to get an infection.

      All these things have led me to seriously consider finally breaking up with Boxy. I already dumped Luxe because it’s just not worth it. As far as the $21 box, yeah I guess the value is always there, but not if half the products come from shady wholesale sources. For me, quantity does not beat quality.

      Boxy hasn’t always been like this. In the past there were not nearly as many disproportionate variations and if I recall correctly, not so many unboxed or suspicious items. And these days they have too many competitors to let their boxes continue getting worse instead of better. Like you, I am SO happy with Ipsy Plus. They are everything Boxy should be by now. Better quality and newer brands and products, all truly full size, all in brand new, same-as-store packaging, and best of all they’re at least somewhat personalized! Plus if you don’t get the variation you wanted you can usually buy it with a deep discount as an add-on.

      So far I’ve yet to see a spoiler for March that even slightly interests me so I will likely cancel in the next week or so. It’s disappointing but I probably shouldn’t be spending money on two similar boxes when one suits my needs so much better.

  19. Missing the lip product in my box. This is my second box this far. Hope this it not a common occurrence. Also I did the quiz and was sent the dark highlight but I have fair skin. Do they just send stuff randomly? Loved my January Box but not real crazy about this one :/ but exited to try and review the boxes.

    • They have never used the profiles. Supposedly, they are going to start in March. I’m not convinced how well they’ll do with them yet – or IF it will actually happen. They have given a time frame before and we are well past that.

    • If you email boxy’s Customer service they will replace the missing product for you. You just need to take a picture of the outside of the box with the shipping label visible and a picture of the inside of the box with what you received. I’ve had this happen a couple times the last 3 years I’ve been subbed and they always either replace the item or give me charms to shop with in the charm shop. Also, like the other person who replied said, the quiz you took won’t apply until March and the item it in that box will be either a light/med or med/dark cheek palette from coverfx.

      • Do you happen to know why they need a pic of the shipping label? My bronzer arrived destroyed and had leaked all over everything in and on my box and spilled onto my clothes and carpet. I took pics of the inside of the box with all the products still in it and then removed and cleaned the other products. Then I took out the bronzer and took pics of it quickly then put it back in the filthy box and threw it away. I wasn’t going to keep a box that was getting bronzer everywhere. So I sent the pics but was told they wouldn’t do anything without a pic of the label. Why? They know what they sent me. They know when it arrived and when I contacted them (right after I opened it—same day as delivery) so why the distrust? Do they think I went out and bought another of the same bronzer (which I have no use for anyway as it’s too dark), destroyed it and tried to scam them out of another one? I’ve been a loyal customer for many years and this hasn’t ever happened so why not just replace it? I even offered to take whatever number of points they’d give me instead of mailing another one.

        I said all of this in my email responding to their instructions saying I also needed the label pic. That was 3 days ago and now they’re just not replying. Any advice or thoughts on what I’m not understanding?

  20. This is the same box I got! I really like that this month was full of every day items. As much as I like getting lashes and fun color eyeshadow, I don’t use them often. I need things like mascara and primer daily.

    • This was my box too! Happy with everything but I wanted a different lip product/ or at least a different color.

  21. Worse box ever. Lol. I’m so done with Boxycharm. 200$ worth is a little exaggeration.

  22. This doesn’t add up to $211, it adds up to $121. I hope it is revised.

  23. This is my second box from boxycharm. I was upset to see the lip item was missing from my box and yet to hear from customer services. I used the primer yesterday and it did not work well for my pores sadly. The mascara was good and the highlighter is something I will jot use as I have not a clue how to use it haha and the shade is a bit darker than my skin tone. I did also use the cleanser. Compared to my normal cleansers it just felt like hand soap on my face. Not real impressed since I am missing an item but I will see what happens with customer service and the next box. Have been seeing this on youtube thought I would try it out. I loved January box so much but this one was just eh for me. Glad others got use out of the items 🙂

  24. Does anyone know if boxy charm updates their charm room? I’m new to them and my first box had a smashed item so they gave me points because they couldn’t replace it. So I want to get something suitable to me but I haven’t seen it updated in 2 months.

    • When they do, it’s usually on Friday afternoons. I believe it’s at approximately 3pm EST. You have to be there waiting when it updates though because a lot of other people will be waiting as well so things disappear very quickly. Checkout quickly if you manage to add it to your cart. Good luck.

    • Yes! When you sign up for email alerts you get a notice that the charm room is updated. Now the race is on! Everyone knows so run and redeem your charms before eveyone else does. Ive got some amazing things with my charms but i wait till i see something i actually want. Welcome to the fam Boxy Babe!

  25. My Pretty Vulgar was broken – should get a new one in my next box.
    Love the Farmacy – love it!! My face gets so oily at night, and this cleanser is amazing!!
    Didn’t think the color of the lipstick would work for me, but if it is a sheer type color, I will give it a try.

  26. I am really disappointed this month!! I received the Tula sheet masks and would have preferred something else. I did receive 4 of them, though.

    • I saw that one of the versions had the sheet masks-I’d be annoyed as well, how are sheet masks comparable to the cleanser or Sol de Janeiro cream? I hate when Boxycharm does that. 😕

    • Ditto, but I only got 2 masks. I really wanted either the coconut lotion or the Farmacy. Not impressed with this box, but I have had some stellar ones…I got the flat iron and the PV powder the month a lot of people wanted that combo…but I have had a few bad months. This one and the month with the neon palette were my worst by far with the year I have been with Boxy.

  27. This box (for me) was absolutely outstanding! This box was seriously such a win, Boxy has been killing it for me the past 6 months. The Touch in Sol primer, Farmacy Cleanser & Trestique lip glaze were my fave items. I automatically love any and all highlighters in every form (powder, loose, drops/liquid, cream, etc.) so the Pretty Vulgar highlighter I knew I’d automatically like. Same with the cleanser (since I already use it and this is the perfect travel size <3 ). But the primer and lip color brands/products were new for me and I found some new holy grail items.

    • Seriously I have thought boxy has gone down hill since they added luxe . I have been on the waiting list for luxe since sept. I have had the sub since it started too. I have wrote to them and get no reply ever. You obviously didn’t get the crappy masks I got. And the grande dried out old lipsitck. Box 4 was the looser box no one is happy who got it . It stinks they keep giving some people inferior products . I am giving them to March to upgrade me that will be 6 months. If not I will cancel. I have been getting my Ipsy and love it no problems

      • That sounds very frustrating. This is very odd that you have been on the waitlist for Luxe since September. The waitlist isn’t really a waiting list anymore. I signed up in October. As soon as it was time to charge for Luxe, they activated me and I received the December Luxe. I’m also surprised you haven’t heard back from them. I had an issue with my November box, and I heard back from them within 2 days.

  28. Love the nudestix and the mascara. Thr nudestix paired really well with the Alamar palette we got a few months back!!! The mascara while wonderful does not seem full. I hope the “special batch” wasn’t half filled. The primer is nice and looks gorgeous at first but definitely gives me big pores before I get home from work. I will still use it, especially if i am only wearing makeup for less than 4 hours. It doesn’t survive a corporate work day though. The bronzer in mannakin is a nice dupe for too faced chocolate. It wears nice but does have some kick up when you put your brush in it. I have not tried the sol de Janeiro stuff as I will likely use it during the summer. It was 60 yesterday but 35 today so definitely not there yet!

  29. Loved my box!!! But the farmacy cleanser is one of the worst I’ve ever used. I dont have sensitive skin and this fried it. My face was red and dry immediately after using it.

    • Some people have issues with the echinacea in Farmacy,it can be especially aggravating if you have a ragweed allergy since they’re related.

      • Thank you for this comment. That is good to know!

  30. Got the same variant… except my highlighter arrived smashed up. :/ Been waiting a couple days for a response from their customer service. I saw a lot of people having the same issue so I’m worried they won’t be able to send me out a replacement. So bummed since it was the item I was looking forward to most. Awesome box otherwise, I love the primer!

    • Mix your fragments with some rubbing alcohol and put it back in the pan. Then press it with a paper towel and let it dry. It will re-set your product and you can use it like nothing happened

    • Mine was smashed too. I just emailed them so hopefully they can send out a replacement. Mine is so pulverized I don’t think I could even use the rubbing alcohol trick to reset it because most of it is on the foam liner and even the outside of the box. Whatever happened to it must have been dramatic! 🙂

      • Mine is the same way. It is mostly all in the foam. However this is the first product boxy has sent to me that was broken. Hope they can make it right for us

    • Same here with both boxes.. My mother and I receive it and the highlighters were completely smashed everywhere. Waiting on an email from customer service still….
      It seems like they jammed too much into this box. USPS is far from easy going on anything so.

      • That was funny to me, for some reason. Every variation this month seems nearly empty to me. The items were smaller than usual. I think it’s due to that, the items just moved around too much, causing so many broken items.

  31. Worst box ever. Very unhappy with this box. Thinking of .canceling.

  32. I received the same box just with a different highlighter. I like that the highlighter is buildable because it’s very subtle.

  33. I got exactly the same box and while I was underwhelmed with the spoilers in the end I’m very happy with this box I don’t know what the differences between the samples I’ve gotten from this primer from FC and this full-size one but man I really like this primer and I didn’t care for it at all when I got it from Epse I got exactly the same box and while I was underwhelmed with the spoilers in the end I’m very happy with this box I don’t know what the differences between the samples I’ve gotten from this primer from Epsie and this full-size one but man I really like this primer and I didn’t care for it at all when I got it from Ipsy. I really wasn’t thrilled about getting another highlighter that again I really liked it. I was able to add just a touch of glow with soft focus and able to really control the amount of highlight compared to my prior holy grail oh for a rodeo dri I was able to add just a touch of glow with soft focus and able to really control the amount of highlight compared to my prior holy grail Ofra rodeo drive. The pretty vulgar highlighter went on smoother better control of the coverage and looked more like a soft warm glow instead of flashy iridescent fish scales . The mascara was just aged enough for the formula to have thickened up a bit which is just how I like better than sex so the mascara was a total win where is if it had been a brand new batch it would’ve been too runny and smeared all over for me so that was a win. The pharmacy cleanser was OK probably not something I would re-purchase but I will definitely use it and be happy with it. And for once instead of getting the grande lip plumper in shade pooI got the trestique English Rose and I really liked not only the primer which kept my lips hydrated but I like the sheer coverage and the color actually came out pretty despite the color it being in the tube. I have to say Boxee I was on the complaine train But in the end I really do like this box thank you

  34. I was very happy with my box . I received bronzer , eye pencil in copper (so pretty) and SDJ cream. I just loved everything even so I was worried that bronzer will be too dark. I was managed to use little bit and it blends very well.

    • This was my box, variation 1, and I was very happy with it. I won’t use the SDJ but everything else is a win. I think I just get lucky with boxy every 3rd month or so which is why I can never cancel. This month was a big win.
      I love the eye pencil. I use it as a liner and it’s so pretty and subtle way to add sparkle to the daytime.

  35. This is by far the best variation I’ve seen for February. I really wanted the Farmacy cleanser (love that brand) and the Trestique in that lovely rose shade. I’ve never tried that particular product before. Too bad this is #3 because I ALWAYS get #1. At least I finally get to try the Too Face mascara. Mascara is my absolute favorite beauty product and I know I’ve tried at least 100 different brands over the past two decades. Oddly enough I’ve yet to try this one that’s considered a classic and remains very popular.

    • I always get #1 and it was no different this month but I received the exact same version as pictured above….. All of my boxes have a 1 after them, never fails.
      The reviews stating this was version 3, where did you see that?? Maybe I’m looking at it wrong.

  36. This was one of my favorite boxes in the 3 yrs I’ve been a subscriber. I loved every item! The primer is amazing! I don’t wear foundation that often and after using this primer- it made my face look so much better and made me feel like I don’t even need to use foundation anyways! My face felt so soft and pores were much smaller. I will definately buy this when I run out!

    I was also happy to get the same Trestique lip crayon. for once in the past 3 years, finally i received a lip shade other than BROWN! LOL. I love the shade too.

    Plus I was shocked to get the variation with the Farmacy cleanser, I always seem to get the dud variations. I would’ve been happy to get the Sol De Janeiro cream but am happy that I didn’t get the masks only cause you only get 2 uses out of those but they do look like fun masks to try.

    I don’t use highlighter so i could do without that but I tried the Sparkling Sass shade as an eyeshadow and its actually very pretty! so i will get my use out of it as a shadow instead of highlighter. I always love getting Pretty Vulgar products and am happy that Boxycharm introduced me to them!

    So I’m now done rambling lol but I’m so very happy with everything in my box this month! I mean, I got to try the Better than Sex mascara for the first time ever finally which paying for that alone is about the cost of the box then we get 4 more awesome products!

    I definately go thru moments where I think about canceling just cause i have way more makeup than I know what to do with lol but that thought never lasts long cause I then i the next spoilers and gotta stick around 😉

  37. So if I upgrade to Luxe, do I still get all the regular box items in addition to the Luxe only items?

    • Unfortunately no. You’ll only get 3 of the items in the regular box. It’s odd, I know. Especially since you’re paying the normal $21 + the additional $28.99 to “upgrade” to Luxe. I think most people would prefer it to be done the logical and fair way—to give us all 5 items plus the extra products to make it “luxe”. ome months you may find that you really want one of the other 2 items from the regular box but basically you’re just out of luck unless you order a 2nd box. But of course even then you may not get that item due to the many variations they send out now. Hope this helps!

    • There will be some items that are in the regular box too, such as the CoverFX palette, but not all. They are delaying releasing the regular box spoilers since Luxe is being released next month.

  38. Received this box and Loved it, I was over the moon with the Products. I do not use this mascara though, I use the same brand I am happy with. So, this will go on trade site. Still A plus box!

  39. I got this variation and loved everything:)

  40. I received this box on the 9th (early these days) and just loved it. Great curation and my fave was the primer (of all things). I have so many blasted primers (and highlighters) that this was the last thing I wanted, but once tried, I found this to be one of the better primers I have ever tried.

    I am really looking forward to Boxyluxe next month…my Birthday month! 😍

  41. I loved my box! We received the same products. For some reason when I added my products retail value I thought it added up to $121. Great box!

    • I think it may have been a typo since it’s the same three numbers, just a different order. When I read $211 I had to go back and add them because I knew that wasn’t right lol.

      • Same here! I was like no way is this $211 worth of stuff do I went back and added it up. $121 is what it actually is.

  42. Hey Liz!
    I think the total RV of the box is a typo., should be $121 🙂

  43. First box in a while that’s left me very underwhelmed. Looking forward to BoxyLuxe next month.

  44. I received mine today and was ecstatic to open it..Loved everything except the vulgar highlighter and other shadow..My mom has warm tones and loves them… lol. So the box made her day to…🐞🌻🐞

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