BoxyCharm February 2019 FULL SPOILERS For Two Variations!

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We have full spoilers for two versions of the February 2019 BoxyCharm box!

One version of the box will include:

Source: Boxycharmsneakpeek

Variation #2 will include:

Source: Boxycharmsneakpeek

And in case you missed it, here’s what every subscriber will receive:

TOUCH IN SOL No Poreblem Primer

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you sign up now, the February box will be your first box!

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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  1. I always get at least a couple things I love and use, so the boxes are always worth it for me (I get two). With all the variations, tho, it’s too early to start thinking about what will actually be in the boxes.

  2. Hoping for #2 except with a lighter or medium toned bronzer. 🙂

    I like the trestique lip products like the lip crayons…just haven’t used the glaze yet. I have a sample so either way I guess I’ll get to try it soon!

    I do think both boxes are pretty darn good this month and I am hopeful for Luxe next month.

  3. I really hope that Yosef is reading here! We are sick and tired of all the variations! I agree with Gina. Limit it to two or three variations and allow subscribers to choose. PLEASE Boxycharm!!!

    • Yes not 14 plus variations.

    • Amen. 100% AGREE

  4. I would love to see Boxy move to a ZERO VARIATION set up, or a subscriber choice for 1 or 2 variants per month, or even a non choice variation between shades of the same product from the same brand.
    Boxy used to be my favorite, but the fourteen or more monthly box versions are getting out of hand. Especially when the “variants” are completelty different products, from multiple brands, and have significantly different price points.
    I’m sure Boxy wants all subscribers to be happy. I hope they do read these comments.

    • I agree I’m so tired of these variant items I never get a product that I like or want and the color I get are the worse I have given u on ever getting a color I will wear.

  5. Hoping for variation #1. I want that coco cabana cream!!

  6. Please please please box #1

  7. If fortune fails me, I’m going to have to get in on swapping somewhere because I hate highlighters. I don’t think almost anyone else should be wearing them, either, chances are you probably look terrible in them. If you have some on the tip of your nose right now you look bizarre and no one has had the nerve to tell you before. Go wash it off, everyone had a bad makeup phase, that was yours, it can be over now.

    I’m looking forward to trying the mascara, it’s one of the few premium ones at that price range I haven’t tried. I hope by now whomever named it has had enough couples counseling that mascara is no longer better than intimacy with their significant other, and I hope it’s good mascara.

  8. I think the silver case is their Highlighter. I think both variations are getting a highlighter, not bronzer.

  9. I want box #2. I’m pale and the bronzers come in light, medium and dark. There’s no way to match them to our skin tones. I also have very sensitive skin and I’m highly allergic to perfume like smells. I really like the pretty vulgar highlighter colors and I love Farmacy.

  10. I really want # 2 because i’m as pale as a ghost so bronzers are horrible on me and I want the Pharmacy cleanser. fingers crossed. I’ve given up on the lip colors because they are always too brown or just plain red, both of which also look horrible on a ghost.

  11. I pray for box #1 with the coco cream nudestix and pretty vulgar

    • Meeee tooooo!!!!

      • I really hope I get box number 1 too! That Coco Cabana cream!!! 😍

  12. I’m so sick of variations because I never get what I’m hoping and wishing for and one or two once in a while isn’t bad but three or more each time…meh. already the primer and mascara are a sure thing!!!

    • I’m so sick of variations because I never get what I’m hoping and wishing for and one or two once in a while isn’t bad but three or more each time…meh. already the primer and mascara are a sure thing!!! Now that I look closer, of be happy with either but think I’m hoping for#2👌💖

  13. I want variation # 1…. I am sooo sick of highlighters && red/ berry lipstick. Please NO MORE!!!! UGH! LOL. 😣

    • I would have stayed with Boxy if I did get the red/berry colors, but I didn’t, so I bailed.

    • AGree! I am so over highlighter

  14. My preference is for box #1, but that farmacy cleanser would be awesome….mostly I am okay with either, but I almost always get the second variation.

  15. The primer is awesome & I will use it for sure. That’s my one item for the month I guess. Boxy is really boring me. There used to be 1 or 2 products each month I didn’t care for. Lately I’m looking out for the one product I’ll enjoy & crossing my fingers I get a “good version” so maybe there will be a second YAY product.
    I am hoping for #2. I liked the Farmacy cleansing balm, but this doesn’t sound as promising based on comments. I’d give it a chance anyway.
    I really don’t want a lip balm sized sample of coconut Sol De Janeiro. I love the bum bum cream & have the monster size, plus travel sizes from buying it in sets. After buying full & XL sizes regularly – those tiny mini samples are just irritating.
    BTS I’ll gladly trade. It’s my least favorite mascara. I had a bad feeling about this box & where Boxy is headed in general when BTS was put out super early & lauded as their big impressive spoiler.
    I hope the March Luxe is impressive. I’m only staying subscribed monthly so that I can pay more once every three months to get a hopefully great box.

  16. I’m not getting this month’s. I’m on a new budget and this box was on the list to go. Still going to miss it alot but I have to save to move in December.

  17. I like variation #1 best, but I’d be OK with either. Is the Sol de Janeiro body cream gonna be the “purse size” again? At least, they could give us the travel size. That would be more equivalent to the Farmacy cleanser. I bought the full size Brazilian Bum Bum Cream after I received the little one in Boxycharm. Love the scent, but it doesn’t go as far or moisturize as well as The Body Shop body butters.

  18. I’ll be happy with either of these. BTS is going up for swap though…Not a fan

  19. This is my first box and I really want variation 1. I have wanted a Nudestix eye pencil for so long!! 🤞🏻

  20. I’d pay a premium not to get a highlighter or bronzer, but with Glow as the theme? Think I’m doomed. At least I don’t see any black liners or glitter.

  21. I want Variation 1 but I’ll probably get some off the wall variation…. 12 or something lol.

  22. Last month there were 14 variations. The first 2 look good to me though. As long as I have a usable lip color, the primer and the mascara the box pays for itself

    • I got variation #15 last month lol. So there were at least 15

  23. I would really like the first variation.

    Which means I’ll get the second, complete with a completely unwearable lip color.


    • I think I’ve only ever gotten unwearable lip colours from Boxycharm. Always either brown or orange. I’d rival a ghost for paleness! Ugh!

  24. I would be happy with either of these minus the bronzer and highlight. Don’t use so i don’t need but the rest is good. But there has been so many variations that who knows ….

  25. Is there any way to choose your version?

    • Lol. I would of stayed a subscriber if that was a possibility.

    • Rumor has it they’re working on it, but no roll-out date.

  26. If these are the only variations then I would be very happy with either 🙂 love me some farmacy and I wanted to try coco cobana (its also the nickname for my dog so bonus!)

  27. Both variations look pretty good to me. I’d be okay with getting either one.

  28. How many variations does BC typically have? Last month they had 14! Is that typically how many they have?

  29. Variation one!!! 💗

  30. Definitely want variation 2 for sure!!

  31. I tried the SDJ at Sephora and at first, thought it smelled amazing. Then it took on this chemical smell that made me nauseous. Definitely doesn’t work with my body chemistry.

  32. I want variation #2 so bad, but I always get variation #1 🙁

    • You’re the only one who probably wants variation 2. I hope I get 1

  33. I really hope I get variation #1 , but with boxy variations that usually means I’ll receive the opposite. I’d much rather prefer the sol de janiero & bronzer. I love pretty vulgar’s bronzer and blush formula ,but not a huge fan of the highlighter. While I wouldn’t mind the pharmacy , I LOVE that new sol de janiero scent. The 5th item is always a “filler” item that I could give or take.

    • I would much rather have the pretty vulgar bronzer def not the purple highlighter which i think is called swan something. And the new sol de janiero cream is something I want to try. i also wouldn’t mind getting Farmacy cleanser. I have two subs so I get two variations just always pray I don’t get the same two, but I have two daughters I give extras to.

  34. Hoping to try the farmacy clean bee cleanser!

    • I have it. It’s a little drying because it’s a foaming cleanser

      • I also have it, and it didnt work for me.

    • Me too! I love getting face cleansers. But my destiny is always #1 as well.

    • Agreed, I’ve been eyeing that cleanser for a while.

  35. I’m glad no palette this month. I’m in overload anyway.

    • So far I would be happy with either box.Both look pretty good.

    • Agreed! I was not looking forward to another cranberry toned palette

  36. I love my PV blush from last year even though I would NEVER buy from them because I think their customer support sucks. I’m hoping for box 1 because Trestique lipsticks are just crap from my past experiences with them.

    I’m dying to try that new Sol De Janeiro cream so I’m in for that… if I get it, which I likely won’t lol!

    Do we know how many box variants there are? I am so not feeling the other box. 🙁

    Really on the fence about getting rid of Boxy… the Luxe for March has to blow me away or I’m out. I’ve been a subscriber for almost a year and my first few boxes blew me away, but since then I feel it’s been going downhill in quality – and the crazy variants are really annoying. Yeah, Ipsy does variants but they are rarely quite so dramatically different. Plus, at least they do customization (and actually use it) so you have that to help with variants. With Boxy I always get the most awful lip colors for me possible, it seems.

  37. The last time they put the bum bum cream they only gave the tiny size so imo thats no where near comparable to a full size bottle of the farmacy cleanser. I hope i get that variation

    • Absolutely true about the bum bum cream being small and not equilivent in value to the Farmacy clean bee full size, so I hope for the Farmacy.

      • The farmacy is a travel size. Its 100 ml versus the 150 ml full size, I read in reviews

    • The full size cream cost twice as much as the full size cleanser.. so it is somewhat comparable

      • I Still want Variation 1,And A Eye Color That is Pink or Rose To Make UP For All The Color,s That I Could NOT USE

  38. I’m almost put of my Clean Bee face wash. It’s a little drying. I wasn’t planning on repurchasing.

  39. Where is the pallet??

    • There isn’t a palette every month. I’d like to know where this idea came from that every month has a palette?? There’s comments all over FB too wondering where the palette is…why assume there is one every single month? Yes, most months there is one, however there have been a lot of times there hasn’t been a palette…

      • Agree. Thanks God there is not any palette. I won’t need any more for 5 years. Box looks greate! Glad that I didn’t unsubscribe

      • they had said they would include a palette every month in 2018. I’m glad that year of palettes is over. 🙂

    • Boxy Luxe has the Morphe palette.

      • That’s for March.

  40. Either of those variations look great! Can’t wait to get my box! Seems like boxy is stepping up their game and putting better brands in their boxes

  41. I don’t think the SDJ smells like buttered popcorn.

    • I hope it doesn’t.

  42. Hope I get the Touch In Sole primer because I got a few samples of their foundation and it was really fabulous stuff.

    And please no bronzer. While I have three lifetimes’ worth of highlighters at least highlighter is theoretically functional for my fair complexion and I’ve really liked all of the Pretty Vulgar products I’ve received so I would be interested in trying their highlighter.

    • Luckily for you everyone is getting the primer! Yay

    • If you get the bronzer you can always use it as eyeshadow !

  43. Oooh… I want variation 1. To sub or not to sub… it’s like playing Russian roulette! aha. This month, none of the boxes were interesting to me. I want to buy a box but I can’t seem to find one I like. Variation 1 would fit the bill, if only I got it!

    I love bronzers, creme shadow sticks, and pore/texture primers. Better than sex mascara in my experience was more like just like bad sex (a lot of that in my experience too). But all the items would get some use. Any moisturizer is good… I moisturize my hands after every time I wash them.

    • lol 😀 Better than sex is actually one of my favourite mascaras… but I still wouldn’t say it’s better than the deed 😉

  44. I’m usually quite happy with BC but think I’m gonna skip this box. Nothing is really standing out to me in either of these.

    • How does one skip a box?

      • Basically you have to cancel, then resub when a new box catches your eye. The waitlist is basically non-existent nowadays, so you should have no problem rejoining.

  45. Anybody who gets the SDJ please be careful! I received a sample of it right before they released it and it was awesome so I bought the full size as soon as it was released and used it right away…OMG it took a good 5-10 minutes after I used it head to toe (well more like shoulder to toes) and it started to burn like nothing I’ve ever felt before!! It wasn’t just a little burning sensation, I was on FIRE and of course by that time most of it had absorbed, not even a 2nd shower took the pain away and I stayed red for a couple of days…it was absolute misery

    • Just an FYI most of the reviews came from the sample they sent people before it was released, I’m one of them. The texture/color was completely different, the first sample I was received was like a clear gel and it felt amazing but the full size jar that burned me was a white cream. I just couldn’t find a way to revise or delete my review

      • I’m almost put of my Clean Bee face wash. It’s a little drying. I wasn’t planning on repurchasing.

    • I had the same experience- I think we had an allergic reaction!

      • Oh no! I hate that anybody else had to deal with it too but you’re probably right….it was painful! Did yours last for a few days? It wasn’t as intense after those first few hours but I stayed red for days

  46. I’m usually quite happy with BC but think I’m gonna skip this box. Nothing is really standing out to me in either of these.

  47. Ooh both of those look nice. I’ve read a lot of reviews on the coco cabana cream saying it smells like buttered popcorn. I need to smell it lol popcorn is my weakness in life

    • I purchased the Coco Cabana as soon as it came out online, luckily I only got the small size to try, because it absolutely smells like buttered popcorn to me! I tried to pass it onto my 12-year old, she didn’t want it LOL.

      • Oh now I’m so nervous to get that variation. I have a newborn at home and her poop smells JUST like buttered popcorn. No way can I rub that all over my body!

    • I just bought it at Sephora and it definitely smells like Buttered Popcorn so if you love popcorn and want to smell like it then you will like the scent. However, I have noticed it leaves my hands sticky / residue after using it ….. I have to wash my hands after I use it which I don’t have to do with any other SDJ products. I definitely won’t be repurchasing it in the future and will be going back to my SDJ Bum bum cream.

  48. I want variation 1 which means I’ll get variation 2😂😂😂

    • ^this x1,000,000

    • Same here. Happens every time.

    • Totally me!!! 🤣

  49. I am so pale, please let me get the highlighter rather than the bronzer…. it always look live I’ve smeared glamorous dirt all over my face when I’ve tried to wear it.

    • 😂 Me and my glow in the dark skin have the same problem. I have tried a few different bronzers, tried a very light touch, blended, blah blah blah. Looked horrid every time. 🤓

      • I tried the SDJ in Sephora and it is STRONG….and definitely not a scent that I prefer. Their other ones are amazing to me so I was disappointed a little.

  50. Careful with the SDJ. People have said they’ve gotten also smells like popcorn.

    • 100% agree.. I tried it in Sephora last week and then my daughter and I laughed all the way around the mall about how we smelled like popcorn! We wondered if the people we were walking by could smell it too LMBO

    • I just bought it at Sephora and it definitely smells like Buttered Popcorn so if you love popcorn and want to smell like it then you will like the scent. However, I have noticed it leaves my hands sticky / residue after using it ….. I have to wash my hands after I use it which I don’t have to do with any other SDJ products. I definitely won’t be repurchasing it in the future and will be going back to my SDJ Bum bum cream.

    • Burns AND buttered popcorn?? I’ll pass,lol. What are they thinking?!

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