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BoxyCharm February 2019 FULL SPOILERS – All Products!


We have full spoilers for all the products in the February 2019 BoxyCharm box!


One version of the box will include:

Variation #2 will include:

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you sign up now, the February box will be your first box!

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.


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  1. Just got mine earlier than was expected:
    Cleanser 100 ml (good for travel i guess), mascara, shimmery swan glow up highlighter (seems a bit dark for my liking), primer, trestique english rose (looks like a solid wearable color for a 30 yr old like me).

    • I received the same box it’s variation 3💓 marked on the card. The lip is a great color for me. The highlighter is too dark for winter but should work in summer. The cleanser foams nicely and the scent isn’t something I can’t live with. I like to use a primer with sunscreen but this will work for evenings. I’ll be gifting the black mascara, again

    • Same. So happy I got this variation!

  2. Worst box for me ever- the highlighter arrived smashed (they responded to my email with… we don’t have any more but hold on we emailed Pretty Vulgar or something…), the sheet masks, and the Grande Lip in a light brown color that I will never wear. I wish BoxyCharm would just stick to no variations. What I like about this box is you know what you’re getting!

    • I agree with you we should be able to pick what we like we are buying them or aleast pick some of the makeup would be great.

      • Mine came smashed to, can anyone tell me what I need to do? Please and Thank you 😊

    • Mine came smashed too! Going to email them now.

      • My primer leaked over the box and the pump does not work so frustrated.

  3. So they promo the Sol and farmacy then throw in masks last minute?

    • Exactly. My spoiler is the lightest highlighter so I’m guessing my box is #4 and will have the Grande lip whatever and the sheet masks, both of them of no use to me. Last month my box was a disappointment. This month looks like it’s going to be the same. I’m trying to find a reason to keep my subscription but is getting harder and harder.

      • I feet your pain. I’m in the same position. This month may well be my worst ever in several years because usually at least 2 items are useful or interesting but there’s a very good chance none of the ones I’m getting in my box (#1) will work for me. If either the mascara or SDJ cream (which most people say smells bad) doesn’t work I will be SOL. 😄
        So if I don’t see some amazing spoilers for March (I’m not at all excited about the Cover FX palette) I just can’t justify keeping Boxy. I’m not holding my breath though because the march Luxe spoilers were so unappealing to me I already canceled it.

      • Yeah, mine weighs .9 lbs, and guess how much variation #4 weighs *sigh*. I’m fine with the masks, but the Grande lip is disappointing. I don’t use mascara and have plenty of primer. And I got the highlighter in Sparkling Sass (the darkest color for my fair to light skin), but hopefully I can make it work or use it as eyeshadow (although why bother since I got the Tarte highlighting eyeshadow palette last month and it has gold colors). So unless the Grande lip or primer is a surprise hit, all I will use from this month is the masks.

      • My box arrived today and I received variation #3. My box weighed .9 and I got the same highlighter (Sparkling Sass). The dimensions were 7x7x7.

      • yea I dont no why they let us pick we pay for it would should be able to pick some of the makeup would be nice.

      • Do you know how much your box weighs? I am trying to figure out what I’m getting but my weight is .0965 lb & I haven’t seen it on the good boxes so I think I’m getting the masks & I really dont want that box!

    • Hahaha! My unhappy post didn’t go through.

      • Same

  4. When I checked Instagram Friday, someone was asking BC about the uneven variations and BC told them that they can’t guarantee everyone will get the same value in their box each month. I had to read it again to make sure I read it correctly lol! Smdh!! We all pay the same price and should receive products of equal value AND popularity! It’s become a really bad practice with them. Last month there were..what..17 variations? Before that, it was the PV setting powder fiasco. Most people wanted it, very few received it. Theres no way that the company didn’t know this. All they had to do was check out social media. I think the company has gotten so big and so popular that they feel as if they can do anything, and people will accept it. Anyway, I really hope they reevaluate their operations and make some needed changes. There’re waayyyy too many other options out there competing for our money for any company to take us for geanted. Rant is now over.

    • Yessss! You said it! I feel the same way…all of the above.

      Ever since that shameful and SUPER unfair first Luxe box fiasco, I have definitely felt like they’ve gotten too big for their britches! There was sooo much hype and interest in Luxe but now lots of people (myself included) are disappointed and dropping it. And according to comments on MSA many of us are also thinking of dropping Boxy altogether. They have shown us time and time again they value new business much more than the customers that have been responsible for their tremendous growth year after year.

      Oh well…Ipsy Plus is doing a fabulous job and once they open it to all customers I imagine many disgruntled Boxy subscribers will flock to it and dump the sub that offers no personalization, too many variations in product type, brand, value and color, sends a lot of discontinued and overstock products and doesn’t respond to customer issues with respect and professionalism.

      And that was MY rant.
      Can’t wait for the Boxy Defenders to jump on me for it. 😄

      • Same girl same. Already cancelled my boxy lux after the few spoilers I have seen and if the March box doesnt thrill me I’m done all together. I can totally understand the people who defend this box saying it’s only 21 bucks so as long as we get one product we like it is worth it, however I’m so frustrated with feeling like I get the crappiest variation and latest possible shipping every month. Come on Boxy, like once every few months send me one of the coveted and spoiler items boxes and I would be happy- I’m not expecting every month to be a hit but my stack of face masks is looking at me like a slap in the face right now.

    • When they did that first Luxe box they said we would get everything that was in our regular box plus extra stuff. Now they’re going back on that saying we get a few items from the regular box. Uh no. Not acceptable. I’m still paying $21 for the regular box so I expect everything I would have gotten. I’m paying for an upgrade to get those extra items. Bait and switch on their part.

      • Wait, are you serious?! That SUCKS!

    • That’s funny. I’ve seen on their fb page, MANY times, where they tell people that the variations are all close in overall value, which is complete crap. At least, they being somewhat honest with that comment that you saw. They aren’t very honest, with any regularity, sadly.

    • Agreed!

  5. I got variation #1 and I am happy with everything I recieved. Great box. A+++

    • Same here. Got variation #1 and actually liked the bronzer. It is little bit too dark for me but I applied just a dub and was able to blend to look natural. The eye pencil was in copper color and it is so pretty and well suited for my pail face. Rest of the items were great too. I am supper happy.

      • Pail 🤣🤣

      • sorry, I am foreigner. Always works as an excuse 🙂

  6. My spoiler email was empty. All of these variations give me anxiety. lol. I’m absolutely expecting poo colored lips and face masks. 😩

    • Ughh same.. so annoying that they threw those damn masks in last minute. I’m on face mask overload

  7. I got the darkest bronzer. After emailing them about maybe substituting it before they sent the box out…their reply was “oh well…trade it on Facebook” and “we don’thave control over what is shipped out”. I asked about the quiz and they said “we don’t use the quizes yet, but maybe in the future”. Then why have a beauty profile quiz at all? I ended up cancelling the Luxe Box after seeing the March spoilers and honestly, after this month I will probably cancel after 3 years. Also…doesn’t the Two Face Mascara come in a box? I have a funny feeling mine was actually used. Yuck.

    • That was my concern too. I worried the lack of boxes that the mascara is expired. There are apps that will tell you by the serial numbers. So far I received 4 expired products in seven months. This is their business model.

      • What app do you use? I need it.

      • There many. Used this one. I read that brands give expired or about to expire products to Boxycharm for the exposure instead throwing them out…yuck. Boxycharm gas a profitable model. You would think we would get new products.

      • Thank you! It’s disgusting to think that they can be sending out old makeup. I’ll definitely be checking the mascara when I get it and they’ll be hearing from me if it doesn’t come in a box.

      • Just checked mine. Manufactured in 2012. I’m cancelling and never turning back.

      • For those of you saying that you’ve gotten anything before 2014 I’d pick a different site to use. I’m not saying they don’t hand out expired products but BTS didn’t launch until 2014 so it’s impossible it for it to be 2011

      • There many. Used this one. I read that brands give expired or about to expire products to Boxycharm for the exposure instead throwing them out…yuck. Boxycharm gas a profitable model. You would think we would get new products.

      • Ho. Lee. Chit. Mine is 8I1 which was manufactured in 2011. WTF?!?

      • Whoa! Thanks for this info and the link! I have long been concerned with getting so many boxless mascaras and lip products. Higher end makeup almost always comes boxed. When it’s brand new, untested, not a bad batch or has been discontinued that is. I’ve even received 2 palettes that definitely looked like they’d been lightly tested/swatched.

        I just canceled Luxe and have been awaiting the March spoilers for the regular box but now that I know I haven’t just been paranoid or overly concerned with this issue I think that’s all I need to move on. I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one worried about this. It’s pretty sad this is just their usual way of doing things. It definitely explains the growing number of variations. I really don’t recall these issues when I first subscribed years ago but maybe my poor memory is acting up. 😄Luckily Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is doing a fabulous job without any of this nonsense. I hope they open it up to everyone soon. I’m so thankful I got in so quickly thanks to the MSA waitlist. Every item I’ve received that should come boxed has.

      • I no longer sub to Boxy and I’m by no means loyal but just to give another perspective it is possible that some of the makeup is provided to Boxy unboxed to keep the cost down and that’s how they work the deal out. I have no doubt they’re also sending out expired crap that’s part of why I canceled but that is another possible reason they could be giving unboxed products because the company provided to them unboxed to keep the cost lower.

      • I know some of it is expired. The eyeliner I got last month was discontinued months ago. I just opened it up a few days ago and as soon as I opened the lid, the eyeliner fell out. It’s like it was broken and stuck in the lid. It was also extremely stiff. I want to say that the color was discontinued months ago. I looked up the color online when I received it and didn’t see a reason to open it at the time. I couldn’t even find it on their site, only on ebay and on some review sites.

      • Maybe. Only way to to know for sure is to check production and expiration dates when the products arrive.

      • Well, that tells me I’m not alone. I’ve received palettes with fingerprints and others that look lightly swatched. I removed the plastic film on my Tarte palette and found a GIANT fingerprint near the middle. Due to the reflective material the palette used, it was very noticeable. I even took photos of it. That’s super gross.

      • Yes, my Tarte palette looks swatched too! Not the first time i’ve noticed this with the palettes they send out. Maybe they’re customer returns?

      • Boxycharm and Too Faced both already came out on Twitter explaining not to pay attention to the serial numbers on the mascara and that they were manufactured specifically for Boxycharm in September 2018.

    • Thanks for the link! It was just as I thought. The Too Faced mascara was made over 3 years ago and has a shelf life of 2-3 years. So gross. I am done with Boxy. There is way too much competition out there to pay for the wrong colors and expired make-up.

    • Thanks for the link! It was just as I thought. The Too Faced mascara was made over 3 years ago and has a shelf life of 2-3 years. So gross. I am done with Boxy. There is way too much competition out there to pay for the wrong colors and expired make-up. I just cancelled.

      • Wow! That should be illegal to do that.

      • The sad news is it is very legal to sell expired 🤣

      • Wow, that’s messed up! I just canceled too because of this and all the surprise variations. Joined the waitlist for Glam Bag Plus. I don’t even use mascara, but I give it to friends/family.

      • The mascara I got is so dry, it hardly goes on 🙄

  8. Wow. Boxy is sneaky and deceptive. Nowhere in their promotion until recently, after luring us in for our money, we find out there is a third variation of masks? Really. Why don’t they lead with all three so we as consumers can decide if we want this month’s box? I get it’s a subscription, but when doing spoilers be honest. They made it seem like it was either between the cream or face cleanser at first. A mess.

  9. I got the sheet masks, which I feel isn’t at all equivalent to Farmacy and So de Janeiro, as you get four uses with the masks, as opposed to many, many more with the others. I am extremely disappointed with Boxy Charm for this. 😥

    I did, however, get the smashbox Be Legendary in Throwback Jam, which will go great with my purple and pink striped hair. So at least there is that. I’m happy with the rest, but I tend to cancel sub boxes who don’t make the variations fair. And with the horrible (for me) spoilers for March Luxe…. I’m considering cancelling Boxy for the first time ever.

    • What was the weight of your box?

  10. My comment disappeared or got deleted earlier…

    I am not thrilled with the two brown smashbox Liquid lips although the copper one is kind of pretty. I am also not happy about grande lips. There are 8 out of 12 shades of it that look nice but I don’t know which one we’d get… hopefully good possibility of a nice lippie or a nudestix. The other lip colors are wearable even if they push me a bit.

    I don’t care about the other 3 variants as they all seem good and comparable. My initial concern was about 1 or 2 masks but Yosef did clarify it’s 4 masks!!! 2 – 2 packs. I think all are good items that I would use.

    I honestly feel like it’s a pretty good box overall… just worried about getting a bad Lippie. It’s nice to take a palette break if you’ve been subscribed for a while. They seem to be doing a decent job of trying out some different brands. With so many different folks wanting different things and only 5 products with no customization yet, it’s going to be hit or miss.

  11. Hooray! Another smashbox lip in shade Poo4U !

    • 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Omg! Best comment ever…. 😂😂😂😂😂

  12. Thank you BC for doing so outrageously what I’ve been trying to verbalize is my major complaint since August… great spoilers and then WHAM hit in the face with the nasty variation bat like a boss right after billing was complete! I don’t even need to guess what my box will contain. I already know it’ll be a brown smashbox lip color in shade Poo4U.

  13. ACK- Leftover filler lip items!!! (Yeah, I’m pretty tired of the unusable brown lippies.)

    I’m receiving the darkest bronzer which is a throw away item for me, therefore I better be getting the Nudestix!

    The cleanser, cream, mask are all a bust.
    The cleanser is probably the best. I really dislike the smell of SJD products. The mask….bleh….

    If bc is so desperate to get rid of leftover product, they should just consider $3-12 add-ons like Ipsy. Make some extra money & stop upsetting charmers with yr old products.

    The variations are too much. Looks like not enough product monthly the way the boxes are ending up with leftover products. Very disappointing. Sadly to say that bc looks like they are going down down down….

    • I’ve been with Boxy for 4 years. Their values have definitely changed. Joe always told us that they would never send out repeat items, travel size items unless it was a 6 item month, etc. Yet here we are receiving repeat items on a regular basis.

  14. After 4 years with Boxy, I’m getting pretty fed up. Everything was running smoothly until they introduced the Luxe box, which I also get.

    The box value has gone down, the items can now be travel size, repeat items are going out on a regular basis which Joe vowed would never happen, they are advertising one thing and sending 75% of us something else (bait and switch), etc. Then to top it off, they asked us to fill out personalized quizzes nearly a year ago and they still aren’t using them.

    I received a horrible dark brown grande lips product when everyone got hank & henry and violet voss. It wasn’t an advertised item. It wasn’t wearable. I’ve received several items that I can’t use because they don’t match my casper white skin. It’s just old.

    Now the value of the luxe box has gown down. Cheap products are going in the box ($16 palette!). I also noticed that Boxy is creating their own products. My fear is that they’ll start showing up in our boxes.

    • I totally relate with everything you said. I’ve been a subscriber for about the same amount of time. I too have fair skin and of course I’m getting the darker bronzer this month. I’m curious…have you always received the exact same variation? In all the years I’ve subscribed I’ve gotten Variation/Version #1 all but ONE time. I’ve liked a few boxes but usually I really dislike my variation. Although this month it’s definitely not the worst one

      I think the first Luxe box was great, but of course like many others, I got cheated out of it with Boxy’s server issues and arbitrary and unfair business practices. I got December’s which was ok but didn’t wow me. After seeing the first 5 Luxe spoilers for March I unsubscribed. I was only interested in the face cream and brow compact (but ONLY if I got one of the lighter shades, but I’m willing to bet everyone will get the medium brown shade) so I just can’t justify $50 again. I also worried we’d get more crap like the useless phone charger and tacky wristlet as filler items.

      I’m anxiously awaiting more March spoilers for the regular box. I’m guessing I’ll probably end up canceling it too.

      If you haven’t tried it I HIGHLY recommend Ipsy Plus. So far ALL products have been FULL size, none have been discontinued or boxless or overstock, there are fewer possible variations, and they do actually use your profile. To me it’s just a much much better value. I know Boxy is always worth way more than $21, but for me if I only like one or two items a month it’s still a waste. I’ve subscribed to IP for several months now and while not every single product is interesting or useful to me, I always like at least 3 or 4 out of the 5 products they send me.

      • I never get the same box number, despite being an older subscriber. That’s part of what irritates me. I’ve gotten some of the worst boxes. I’m still upset about getting grande lips raisin rum when everyone else got hank & henry and violet voss. My box is in the mail today and I’m truly hoping that it’s not number 4. You would think that they would attempt to give the better boxes to the oldest subscribers that were with them before they were big. We were with them before they were a household name and before they offered big name brands. Instead, I seem to get the worst box available. I’ve been pretty unhappy lately. My tarte palette had a large fingerprint inside of the palette, my eyeliner was discontinued months ago and fell apart when I opened it, my lipstick had scratches all over it, etc. That was just last month’s box. I honestly don’t see anything that I want in the March Luxe. It’s my birthday, so I’m keeping it, hoping that the last few items are the ones making it worth $300, because so far it’s not worth much.

  15. I got : Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, Pretty Vulgar Shimmering Swan Highlighter (arrived all smashed up..), Touch In Sol No Poreblem Primer, Farmacy Clean Bee Ultra Gentle Facial Cleanser, Trestique Prime + Glaze Lip Crayon in English Rose

    • My Pretty Vulgar Highlighter areived smashed up too and the Primer was broken. I emailed them right away and sent a photo. I’m hoping they would resolve this soon.

    • Was it in a box?
      I have never ordered a Pretty Vulgar product on my own but at that price point I would expect it to be in it’s own little box like most higher end beauty products. That’s one of the issues I have with Boxy. I know that several of the items we’ve gotten should’ve come in a box if they’re truly brand new and not overstock or rejected batches.

      • Yeah I think it’s weird that Ipsy plus items come in their original packaging but none of my Boxycharm items did.

      • I think it is odd that so many people are getting them broken. They HAD to have known and sent them out anyway. One or two broken in a shipment, okay that happens, but countless and all in the same color? I cannot help but feel like they were broken and thrown into boxes anyway.

      • Which color is it?

      • Great point, seems like all the Glow Up highlighters were smashed. Mine was a total waste. Even some youtubers got busted ones. Could it be the formula on this one is more delicate or they were already broken to begin with?

  16. Has anyone gotten the box with the bronzer and anything other than the cream & eye pencil? It seems to me most of the variations involve the highlighter from the unboxings I’ve seen ?

    • I could be wrong but I am pretty sure if your sneak peek was the darker bronzer shade (which is what I’m getting which stinks since I have fair skin), you’ll get the exact products shown in the first picture. I’m willing to bet it’s variation #1 (even though sometimes 1 is not the first version posted), because I ALWAYS get #1. I don’t know if those that are getting the lighter bronzer are getting the exact same products though.

      • I have fair skin and am also getting the darker bronzer….wtf?! What a waste! I want to cancel but I just know if I do the next box will be amazing because thats my luck LOL! Kinda worrying now about expired products….I also do not understand why we fill out the questionnaire if they don’t use it???

    • I got bronzer but my box hasn’t come yet. Just in my spoilers.

  17. I joined Boxycharm last May after a fall that resulted in a broken arm. Because I was in a cuff and collar and required very limited movement/activity for 6 months (and ongoing physical therapy and surgeries), as weird as it sounds the monthly makeup from various subscriptions kept me sane. Literally. When I whittled my hobby down, Boxycharm and Boxyluxe were two of the three I kept, because I loved my Boxycharm in spite of not being able to use at least half of the products each month – and I really loved and looked forward to Boxyluxe. Because of surgery and unexpected medical bills, I was forced to unsubscribe from both BL and BC for December, and as silly and possibly petty as it may seem, I cried over missing out on that Violet Voss palette, lol, but I still watched all the groups and followed everything BL/BC. I resubscribed to BC (didn’t bother with the BL waitlist, especially knowing how many were waitlisted at the beginning) in January, and at some point realized the only item I wanted or could use was the tarte palette (III, and I love it soooo much).. but most of the other items seemed more a thrown in left over junk filler, the quantity without the quality, with so many last minute variations tossed in without consumer knowledge instead of only the promised variations. Hoping this downward slope was just a fluke thing, I watched for the February spoilers, and decided the box was more than worth my money with the promised variations of the CoCo Cabana cream or Farmacy cleanser and the Nudestix copper foil eye color or the Trestique eye crayon in English Rose – I could and would love and use any of the two I was given, so I went ahead and kept my subscription. Because, you know, hope.

    Today I received my Boxycharm. None of the items I’d been promised as possible variations were in the box. NONE of them. Instead, I was given Tula masks and a Grande liquid lipstick in a very dark ugly brownish color called something raisin. There wasn’t even a way to balance the disappointment by trying a decent highlighter, because Glow Up on my very pale cool toned skin isn’t cute at all, only makes my face look dirty. And March is looking pretty sad too, so far.

    Now to all those who’ll advise me to just sell or trade everything, I’m going to reply with – why bother when there’s an overload of the very same products flooding groups and even eBay, with people trying to unload the same exact things with little luck? To those who will mock my disappointment and general unhappiness with the standard ‘Gah, it’s only $21.00 a month, you’re getting over $100.00 worth of stuff, what are you complain about?! Just unsubscribe since you’re so ungrateful!’ I have to say this: yup, you’re 100% correct, it’s only $21.00 out of my month (and one month that $21.00 was the difference in makeup or meds so I think I handled that pretty responsibly), you’re also correct in the unsubscribing advice – but I don’t think those things are the point, here. The point is that while I have the right and the choice to unsubscribe if I’m unhappy with the products being sent, I also have the right to complete transparency from the company to whom I’m sending my money each month – I have the right to know ALL the possible variations, instead of being promised only those variations that might draw me in dangled then snatched back as soon as my money is taken. I have the right to be given an honest upfront choice of whether I’d like to blow $21.00 on over $100.00 of products for which I have absolutely no use. And you know what? I have the right to voice my thoughts and feelings without being shushed, criticized, threatened with being removed from a group, and ridiculed by others for doing so.. we all have that right, ladies and gentlemen. I have loved BC and BL, but the truth is that lately they’ve fallen down on the game in a serious way and everyone pretending this isn’t so, that everything is perfect, isn’t going to make the BC/BL team strive to be and do better.

    That’s pretty much all I have to say. I’m not looking for sympathy or support from anyone, and after reading soooo much of it for others, I not only expect to be roundly criticized and removed from any place this is posted but am okay with that.

    • You’re right. I’ve been with them for 4 years. I subscribed before they were known. At the time, they didn’t send out name brand items, but they made promises and they kept them. They promised us that they would never send out repeat items, 5 full size items and if one was travel size we would receive 6 items, the box was always worth $120+, etc. That all changed as the company grew.

      When they introduced Luxe things fell apart. That’s also when Gaby left. They also told us that Luxe would be worth a certain value and have a certain number of items, then that changed. The minute luxe came out, boxy started breaking promises, not addressing issues, sending out repeat items and sending out travel size items. The box value was decreased, the number of items was decreased to 4-5 and it was changed to include travel size items. They didn’t tell us any of this. We noticed it on the website. It has never been addressed.

      Even though I’ve been with them for 4 years, I’ve gotten some of the worst boxes. I received that same grande lips in raisin rum in September when everyone received Hank & Henry and Violet Voss. I’m still angry about it. After subscribing for 4 years you just expect things like that not to happen. It wasn’t even advertised as an option, until boxes arrived.

      I’m also seriously ill with a child with medical issues. We live on 1 income. For us $21 and $50 is a lot. We pay close to $1,000 a month for the luxury of medical insurance, not including prescriptions and copays.

      For some reason I keep holding out hoping that it will get better.

    • Well said! We all have the right to voice our opinion as long as we don’t make personal attacks.

      I personally am just waiting for my January box, knowing the bulk will be unusable. Hopefully I will get one item that will make it worth the $21 I spent. I will spend my charms, then unsubsubcribe until BC starts using our profiles for color selections and stops with the crazy number of variations. I don’t hate BC, I loved them at first in fact. I am very hopeful that in time they will rework their business plan and I will want to come back again.

  18. I just got my box today and got the same version posted with the Coco Cabana cream. I was so excited! Well OMG it smells so disgusting!!! I just threw it in the garbage and took a shower to wash it off as I swear the scent kept getting stronger 😩 Would love to know what everyone else thinks about it.

    • I’ve heard it smells like buttered popcorn?! People on Reddit were saying it smells disgusting.

    • I wish you didn’t throw it away, but listed on the swap page instead 🙁 I actually like the Coco Cabana better than the original bum bum cream.

      • I actually just threw it in my bathroom garbage which is a little bin in my towel closet that as of this moment only has that cream in it (yesterday was garbage day). I didn’t think I could list it after it had already been opened plus I didn’t want to disappoint anyone who wasn’t expecting this type of scent.

    • So you got the variation labeled #1? That’s what I always get and my sneak peek item is the darker bronzer so I’m pretty sure that’s #1. When I realized I’d be getting that body cream I was so disappointed. It’s definitely a newer popular brand and it’s a break from getting all makeup which is great, but I’ve read TONS of bad reviews precisely because of the smell. Many people say it smells like popcorn. Did it smell like that to you?

      • Yes or a jelly belly as in jellybeans

      • It smelled like a popcorn flavored jelly bean mixed with rotten coconut. And the smell got stronger the longer I had it on my skin. I Love all of their other scents so it was completely disappointing.

      • It smelled great in the jar, but worse as it was applied. Very chemical smell that made me sick. I had to scrub it off.

      • Oh wow! Wirse than I thought! I have a VERY strong sense of smell so I don’t think I will even open my jar. Was there a seal under the cap?

      • *Worse

    • I was so excited to get it too. Then I smelled it and it smells like corn chips. Not a pleasant scent to wear.

      • It reminded me of the smell of popcorn and dog paws.

      • Funny, your comment reminded me of an article I read about dog paws naturally having an odor that smells like Fritos/corn chips and that is the scent I am imagining the SDJ smells like right now. I like the scent of the SDJ Bum Bum and this certainly isn’t giving me Bum Bum vibes.

      • I didn’t get this (didn’t want it either) and I don’t have dogs, but I know the smell you are talking about. A lot of homes smell like this, when dogs live there. It’s a nasty smell and it does smell like crusty fritos. 😂 It kind of ruins them at the moment. LOL Here I am tending to a vomiting child, feeling nauseous over dog paw fritos. Omg lol.

    • I feel the same way about all SDJ products. I’m not normally averse to scents (I wear perfume every day), but they all make me feel like I’m going to vomit. Of course, guess which variation I’m getting?

    • Did you smell like popcorn or Taro milk? That’s what I smell with Coco Cabana. Well I can’t complain since it’s only $21. I’m happy with my box.
      I got PV highlighter in Swan, and the Pharmacy wash, Trestique crayon with primer. Variation ❤️3.
      Can’t wait for my B-Luxe.

  19. I hate that they have so many variations. I know I’m getting the mascara, the no problem primer, the bronzed bee bronzer in mannikin… but I would really like the Smashbox metallic liquid lip, nudestick, the clean bee/the coco cabana cream. I don’t want these other no name products regardless of whatever inflated value you tell me they have. Just have 2 or 3 set variations so we know what to hope for. 🤨😭

  20. Please please please 🙏 no grande lips. I have big enough lips and I tried it because I got it from Sephora and it BURNED my lips so bad 👎 I would be happy with anything else.

    • If you get anything Grande I’d be happy to trade with you! From my spoiler it seems like Im probably getting that trestique lipstick

    • Mine burned too! I already have big lips and I thought even though the color was poo brown maybe I could mix it but I can’t get past the burn… yuck

      • Same here. I remember someone posting on here when it was in a Play! box to beware that the grande almost feels like a bee sting on your lips. It scared me enough to not want to even try it. I hope to NOT receive it in my box. I have several stashed in my drawer right now…I really should just throw them out but you never know when I’ll gather up the courage to feel the bee stings on my lips lol.

  21. I received the pictured second variation #2 on this post yesterday. My daughter also got hers then as well. Comparing boxes, everything was the same except she got the lighter highlighter and I got mine in Sparkling Sass. I wore mine anyway. It wasn’t too dark I suppose. As for the size of the Farmacy cleanser, it’s 100ml (3.4 fl oz) and the color of both our Trestique’s were English Rose. I suspect they send the box variations out in batches but I’m not certain. I try and stalk the box/shipping patterns as I’ve been with them a few years now.

  22. I’m getting the February box according to an email I received.

    No spoiler e-mail.

    I thought I had canceled both Boxy and Luxe.

  23. Please no face masks. I am so over them and have a giant pile I haven’t used, and I think most are way overpriced (retail) so the ACTUAL value isn’t comparable. I am almost always disappointed by lip shades so I’m ok with whatever there. I forgot that I was on a 3 month billing so I have paid until May but I doubt I’ll keep this sub after that. It isn’t comparing to my Glam Bag Plus.

  24. I sure hope I get the Trestique. None of the other colors are wearable. REALLY wish they didn’t make so many variations.

    • I got the trestique and it barely has an inch of lipstick in it. I twisted it all the way up and could not believe my eyes. It’s like sample size. What a nice trick Boxy/Trestique 😡.

  25. If my box shows up with brown lipstick or facemasks, I’m done with boxy. March is already looking so bleak, but February still had a glimmer of hope. I already know I’m getting the darkest and warmest of the highlighter options, so thats great, since I’m a cool-neutral super pale person. It’s like a terrible tease. I had actually really been looking forward to/hoping for the highlighter but now I just get one thats unwearable. Cool.

    • I’m in the same boat but instead of the highlighter I’m getting the darker bronzer. So disappointing.

  26. I got my box yesterday, and at first I was disappointed because I got the sheet masks. But then I saw you get FOUR of them (there are 2 zipper pouches and each one has two mask packets) so I felt a little better, and then I TRIED one and I feel like I made out like bandit with my box. I am in love with this mask. It fits to my face perfect, similar to how the wander beauty eye masks fit with the foil-like stuff on the outside. And there is SO much serum left if the pouch, so don’t throw the empty packet away!!! Fold it up and put it back into the zippered pouch and save it to apply under moisturizers or sleep masks! I was originally disappointed because I thought I was getting 2 one-use masks instead of a full size cleanser or cream, but i got 4 face masks PLUS a huge supply of serum. I cant stop touching my face today! The only thing I got that I didn’t like was the liquid lip plumper lipstick because the color i got (honey ginger) looks like I applied a fair complexion foundation to my lips. For real for a good minute I thought they messed up when making it and filled the tube with foundation lol. But the formula was great so I think I’d like it if it were an actual lip color. I have the worst luck when I receive liquid lipsticks in my boxes. I fall in love with the formula but have an unusable color. Last night i put a thin thin layer on and applied another pinkish color over it to get a true nude that i love though. Anyways, those who are worried about the masks, I think we actually got super lucky!!

  27. At first I was disappointed that I got the Trestique lip instead of the Nudestix eye pencil, but now that I see the other choices, I’m very happy. At least I got a wearable color. Someday it would be nice if we could give our choices for variation items.

    • Thats actually a good idea. A choice if which variation. They dont even have to customize if they would allow some choices in the matter.

      • From some of the comments on another Boxy post I read recently, there’s a theory that what variation you get depends on which distribution location it comes from. I have no idea if that’s the case but a lot of us that typically get Variation #1 (I’ve gotten it for over 3 years, even when I order a second box in the same month) noticed our boxes always come from Georgia. IF that’s the case I doubt letting us pick our variation would be much less work than using our profiles. Ipsy Plus manages to do it so…😄

      • Same here! Always variation 1, always Georgia, always garbage. I’m glad to know this, though, now I can cancel without FOMO. Maybe if I move to another state, I’ll resubscribe!

      • I get random leftover crap and it comes from Georgia. I’m a long time subscriber, which makes it that much worse. I got the advertised box for a long time and then I started getting stuff that wasn’t advertised over 6 months ago. Years ago, everyone got the same thing and when variations started, it would be between 2 products only and it would be 2 options of that product. Obviously, we all know what happened from there. I have an abundance of brown lip colors from the last 2 years. 2 are Grande Lips from the last 5 months. Both times an awesome product was advertised and I was horrified to open my box, then find almost literal poop.

  28. This month is now a bust for me. I’m hoping for the farmacy is the best of the worst. I received coco cabana last week and absolutely hate it the smell was horrible on to me and it made my skin feel like it was on fire. I do love the bum bum and glad i ordered more of it.
    I’m just burnt out on sheet masks at this point. I could use one everyday and have enough for a year. I’ve been giving them to my daughters friends.

    • Agree. I’m on mask OVERLOAD. I reserve the weekends for my home spa days so I’m not able to go through them as fast as I am receiving them in all of my sub boxes. Might mean I just have too many subs going on too….

  29. Love the items

  30. According to the spoiler email sent by Boxycharm, I’m getting the bronzer in the darkest shade available. I have fair skin and it’s marked on my beauty quiz. Wtf Boxycharm!?? If you can’t get shades right, don’t send stuff like bronzer!

    • Same here!! I dont even use bronzers 😒 and to top it off it’s way to dark for my skin tone to even give it a try.

    • I am about to cancel for that very reason. Most of the shades they send me do not work with my fair skin either.

    • Not only that, but I have bronzer way down on my preference list. It’s almost last. And I’m getting it anyway. Really not happy with Boxy lately.

    • I’m lily white most of the year…getting the darkest highlighter. Sigh.

  31. I do NOT want any of the Grande products or the two brown smashbox shades, although the metallic copper one might be interesting even if it’s brown. The other variant lip products and the nudestix are wearable and i’d even enjoy them not just make them work. I am assuming it’s a 50/50 shot.

    As far as cleanser, Tula, and sol de Janeiro… I think I’d be fine with any of them as they all seem to be great products. Face masks are a fun thing to do with a girls night in.

    FYI I am getting the mannekin bronzer.

  32. I wonder how many variations there are this month.

    Honestly, I would be happy with all of this… except the Brown lipstick.

  33. Seriously ?!?!? Now the farmacy and sol janiero were pretty equivalent…..but sheet masks & random lips ?!?
    I might need to start reevaluating my $21.
    I already have glma bag plus that’s closer to my profile , age and liking.
    These “filler” variations just aren’t fair.

  34. When I first started with Boxy almost 2 years ago there were not so many variations what happened? I hate that this happens every month feel like there just throwing there left overs in boxs and most of the time it is lip colors that are brown or orange . I think Boxycharm is starting to go down hill watching the products for the luxe box is crazy it is suppose to be luxe just seen some nail polish again in browns Morphs pallet don’t get me wrong I love Morphe but a 16.00 pallet in luxe lashes again just throw some sheet masks in there now what the hell. Just my opinion I don’t think it is good as it used to be think I will give it 1 more month see what happens just might not be the box for me anymore. At least I’m loving Ipsy so I’m excited each month for that.

  35. I got my box yesterday with the brown Grande lipstick (a color that is not flattering) and the Tula sheet masks. A little disappointing after seeing the spoiler boxes.

    • Yeah me too. River mud is not a flattering color.

    • What did your spoiler say?

  36. I am OK with masks as a filler item, but the SDJ and Farmacy were the hero items in the box for me.

  37. Based on my spoilers, I’m probably getting variation 2. I would be fine with getting the cream or masks instead of the Farmacy (Already have the cleanser and don’t like it). Personally I’ll be annoyed if I don’t get the Trestique or Nudestix, since I don’t like Smashbox lip products and am scared to try Grande Lips after hearing it burns a lot of people.

    • I love Grande Lips, there’s only ever been a slight tingle for me. But based on spoilers I would want the trestique English rose since I have a smaller version if it that I really like. It’s much easier to swipe on whereas I always need a mirror for the Grande.

    • I got one in my Sephora Play box and it burned my lips

      • I just got the Grande Lips in my box (variation 4) and it burned my lips SO BADLY. I have scabs on my lips and they are painful. Not to mention it’s literally the color of a purple crayola marker and looks so stupid on me. But seriously be careful with that product, my lips are destroyed for the time being.

  38. Boxy pros, I need your insight: do you find that you get the same number variation every time? The three items I know I’m getting match #2, so I’m curious if that means that’s what I’m getting and if variation 2 is my box every time?

    • Victoria: I ‘USUALLY’ get Variation #1 most times, but it is most definitely not etched in stone as I have gotten all variations at one time or another.

      • Thanks, Barbara!

    • I’ve been subscribed for going on 4 years and I’ve gotten #1 every single time except once. I think that time I got #3. I’ve never gotten 2, 4, or higher.

    • I got varation 1 for about 6 months. Then all of sudden got variation 4 then 9 so theres no rational sometimes. But in most months I do get 1. I’m getting the bronzer this month. Bronze manikan. It’s not the darkest one but it’s a med I think it may be a little 2 dark for me. My guess is that I’m getting variation 1 again. The one with the cream. Oh well I wanted the face wash but it’s okay.

  39. Another reason I don’t miss Boxy…
    I was always getting brown lip products, the couple of times it wasn’t brown it was some awful black berry or rusty red.
    I won’t even mention the highlighters…
    Nope, no FOMO here!

  40. I know from the BC spoiler email I received, I’m getting the highlighter, Shimmering Swan Glow Up which is the best option I could have hoped for of the Pretty Vulgar items. Can’t wait to see what the other items will be.

  41. Has anyone gotten a replacement item for the duplicate item we were sent last month? I sent and email but I haven’t heard anything other than ‘they are aware’

    • I received a Skin&Co Roma truffle therapy illuminating skin refresh must in radiant few. Email them. Even if you have to send more than one. I didn’t have to do anything to get my replacement but I had a box go missing and they were actually pretty helpful. I also received a box that that pallet that had several colors smashed and they replaced it no problem. You just have to be persistent.

      • Anne: Persistent AND include a photo of your box (with address label).

  42. Sooo many liquid lipstick chances AND sheet masks as a potential? There goes my interest in gambling this month.

  43. Yikes…brown lipstick

  44. They always release the best boxes and you get hopeful that it will be a great box, and then surprise you with these filler items last minute after you have already been billed. I knew two variations was too good to be true!

    • Not only that but we just got sheet masks last month!

      • Kenley: I wish I got the sheet masks!

      • What did you receive Barbara? I have not got my box yet, so I don’t know which one I got. I got the highlighter shade Glow Up and I have seen two different variations with that highlighter. One is with the Farmacy cleanser, which I hope I get, and the other was the sheet masks.

    • Well said.

    • Of course they sent the best variations to influencers. Haven’t seen a single video with the face masks and i’m already prepping myself for them. I got a spoiler for the glow up highlighter and thought I might get variation one or three, but now i know it doesn’t mean jack since they have all this added filler stuff. If i get those masks,im canceling. I’ve been thinking about it and it’s time.

      • I hate to disappoint you but I doubt you’re getting #1. That’s the one I always get (for several years now) and my spoiler was the darker bronzer (awesome for my fair skin 😄). From the box pictures shown here I’m pretty sure that first picture is Version #1. I was really hoping for the Farmacy but I am happier with the SDJ lotion than I would be with the masks. LOTS of reviews say the lotion has an unpleasant popcorn-like smell, but although I love masks, I HATE when they come in sheet mask form. For me personally, I usually feel like #1 has the worst variations so I find myself disappointed most months. Hope you get a decent/usable variation that works for you!

  45. If I get face masks over farmacy or Sol de Janeiro I’m gonna be heart broken. Like WTF!! I could understand it being an item we all get… But come on..

  46. That Farmacy cleanser doesnt look full size in the second picture. So I wonder. But I actually have the Farmacy cleanser and I hate it! I even re used it last night thinking I’m missing the hype somehow. But nope, one of the worst cleansers I own. Trashed it this time lol I love Farmacy!!! I have a ton their line, but this cleanser was the biggest bust. Which means I’ll probably get it again 😂

    • I always use the cleansers I don’t like to clean my brushes.

  47. Smashbox from Laura Lee’s August box!

    • Yep, I was thinking the same thing. It looks like the one I received, and it was an unwearable color on me.

  48. I saw the spoilers for variation 4 on Instagram a few days ago and it had a highlighter, the masks, and grande lips. I thought “dang that’s awful i hope i don’t get that one”, and generally like the other offerings this month.

    …I’ll let you guess which variation I got

  49. I hope they don’t take age into account. I feel like I would get the Grande.I love a full lip but the Grande brand burns my lips. I love Smashbox lip products. Here’s hoping to that.

  50. This is why I always end up canceling. So many variations that can be really bad. There are a few things that come in all boxes and then the rest is like a toss up.

    I don’t want to see face masks in this box. I love them, but it’s a one and done product. Everything else you can use over and over till it’s out.

    • Omg agree so much! Face masks in this box is a huge letdown.. maybe as a bonus product but certainly not in place of something that gets multiple uses. Knowing my luck that’s what I’ll get ~

      • Just a heads up you get 4 masks! And a lot of serum left over to apply under moisturizers and sleep masks. The packets come in heavy duty zippered pouches so it’s easy to fold up the empty packets to save the serum. I was disappointed when i got the masks but now i feel like i got lucky.

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