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BoxyCharm February 2019 FULL SPOILERS – All Products!


We have full spoilers for all the products in the February 2019 BoxyCharm box!


One version of the box will include:

Variation #2 will include:

What do you think of the spoilers?

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Comments (234)

  1. I got the ugliest colour lipstick possible
    Hydraplump in Honey Ginger.
    I may as well just throw some concealer on my lips and call er’ done!!

  2. Has anyone had any trouble getting a replacement for the broken highlighter? I sent a pic of it and they want a pic of my box – which is in the dump since trash day was Thursday lol

  3. I got variation #2. Happy with what I received but disappointed if it’s true that the mascara is expired.

    Too Faced Mascara
    Pretty Vulgar Highlighter in Sparkling Sass
    Touch in Sol Primer
    Sol de Janeiro Coco Cabana Cream
    Nudestix in Copper Foil

    • Check the earlier conversations. The mascara is not expired. Too Faced Mascara didn’t even come out until 2014. Looks like the mascara in the box was produced September 2018, so it’s all good. 🙂

  4. Looking to trade my coco cabana cream for the cleanser or the masks if anyone interested in Canada

  5. I got variation #3 which is the primer, the Farmacy liquid cleanser, the Pretty Vulgar Shimmering Swan Glow Up highlighter, the Trestique lip color in English Rose, and of course, the BTS mascara.

    According to the website, I was unsubscribed from the service, so I don’t know how I got this.

    I do have to say that I’m reasonably pleased with this box.

    I had gotten a Trestique sampler from Ipsy in another color. Their variant was English Rose which I thought I would like better and now I get a chance to find out.

    I will probably check with Boxy’s customer service in a few days to see what happened.

  6. Received mine today, box # 2:

    “Better than sex” mascara
    “No Pore plem” primer
    “shimmering swan” highlighter in “sparkling sass”
    “copa cabana” cream
    Nudestix eye color in “copper foil”

    Actually love all of it, except the highlighter, which my friend will love 🙂

  7. I have made two posts and they have disappeared, so frustrating and a waste of time.

  8. I keep posting and they keep disappearing. Very frustrating and a big waste of time!

  9. All of my stuff came in perfect condition and I love my box. Sometimes I truly wonder what there is to complain about? The idea of this box is to try things out at a discount. If you don’t like something pass it on. I do know you get your 20.00 worth even if you just like 1 thing. All these items people are receiving that are broken may raise the rate of the boxes for everyone. I only had one broken item in two years and it was a pallet mirror. Not seeing how these highlighters are getting so busted up the case is so hard that they are in.

  10. My primer and pretty vulgar bronzer came in shattered. I reached out to them with a photo and they responded with a request to photograph the damaged products next to the shipping label – which I had already thrown in the trashbin under my sink – I had to dig through -luckily it wasn’t too bad. I followed up with several emails and finally heard back today, after 5 business days from my last email. They are processing the replacement and they are inundated with requests, I guess a lot received broken/shattered pieces.

  11. To the people upset you got the face masks… You lucked out! I got box #1. The copper foil is ugly so I passed it on to my daughter who probably won’t wear it and end up in my youngest daughters play makeup box.

    The bronzer is dark but I can use for eyeshadow or brow powder.

    The cream…. OMG NASTY!!! I am a big don’t waste stuff type person and do not have high standards as I can make anything work usually. But the cabana cream is going straight in the trash if my daughter won’t use it (and take it to her dads so I don’t have to smell it).

    I put a dab on my hand and I thought mmm smells like my tanning lotion. No butter popcorn smell to me. Makes skin feel smooth. Then before bed I decided to put it on my legs because they get very dry. The smell in large doses is sickening. It isn’t a smell that goes away either. It stays soooooo long. My legs felt smoother but I rather have dry legs than feel nauseous from the smell. Large doses smells like a pina colada that has been sitting in the sun too long. They lost a potential buyer just because of the smell!

  12. I am very happy with my box which is #1. I used 2 products today and almost used a 3rd. I will use everything except the sol de janerio that I will save for summer :).

    Question… is it just me or does the too faced mascara seem empty?

  13. I got box #1. I buy BTS mascara regularly so this was worth the price of the box itself. The primer feels light and amazing. The bronzer is a bit dark for me but I usually use my bronzer as eyeshadow for my everyday look so it’ll work for that. The SDJ does smell like popcorn jelly belly, and it seems to heat up on my skin. But after about 10 minutes I feel normal and luckily it smells really good when absorbed. Lastly the Nudestix is smooth and very pigmented, I don’t know if I’ll really use it much but it gives nice shimmer when blended. Very happy with my box this month!

  14. So I thought the mascara was super old based on the check cosmetics website. This one tells a different story, and makes a lot more sense. No need to throw your mascara away, ladies.

  15. For those of you saying that you’ve gotten anything before 2014 I’d pick a different site to use. I’m not saying they don’t hand out expired products but BTS didn’t launch until 2014 so it’s impossible it for it to be 2011

  16. I received variation 4, which ended up being a mixed bag for me.

    TF BTS mascara – I’ll give this a try especially after hearing about it for years now.
    PV highlighter in glow up – I think this will work nicely under my foundation for a subtle all-over glow.
    TIS primer – leaking all over the box. Probably lost between 1/3 and 1/2. *sigh
    Tula masks – eh, I’ll try them.
    GC hydraplump in razzle berry – It burns and simultaneously feels like my lips are drying out. I wiped it off after 10 minutes. It still burns an hour later. Plus if I ever wanted to go goth, this color would get me started. Also, it’s not really what I would describe as “liquid” since it has more of a mascara consistency. Since I don’t use liquid lipsticks, maybe that is the expected consistency.

    As an aside, does anyone know if the spoiler email link address essentially tells you the variation you will receive? The spoiler website for me ended in “campaign=iter-004-shrgteglwup” and I received variation 4. Does this work or are the two unrelated?

    • I believe they are unrelated because my spoiler url also said that and I received variation 3.

  17. If you sign up for another box, do you typically get the same variation?

  18. I got variation 3 today and I have to say it’s probably in my top 3 boxes. The trestique color was perfect, even though it was out of my norm. I’m obsessed with BTS, so that’s always a good day. But the biggest surprise was how much I liked the Farmacy cleanser. It works so well and smells amazing.

    • The geek in me likes how strong the magnetic clasp on the Trestique case is.

      If you do it slowly you can feel the magnets’ attraction.

  19. I’m apparently getting this month’s box, even though I (thought?) I unsubscribed after the disappointing December Luxe box.

    I guess I will have to talk to someone in customer service to see where I stand.

  20. What you have listed as variation #2 is actually variation #3 and the box I have. So happy not to get the masks. Would’ve preferred the eye pencil to the lip glaze but still a great box

  21. For those of you that got the variation with the sheet masks, can you tell me what the weight and dimensions of your box was? Thank you!

  22. I got variation 1… Which is ironically once again not what was shown in my email… But I am happy with it…. The only disappointing thing for me is that I am super fair skinned and so this dark bronzer is not gonna work for me… Which sucks because I love Pretty Vulgar products!

  23. I received my box today, and am very happy!!! I got variation number three,, I received the Trestique Lippie, The Farmacy Cleanser, the gorgeous Pretty Vulgar Highlighter, the No Poreblem minimizing lotion, and the Better Than Sex Mascara, very delighted with all of this!

  24. What an awful month this was 🙁 got mine today and am totally underwhelmed. I sure hope next month boxyluxe hits it out of the park. On YouTube I’ve heard they were asking some very bad questions about which direction to take this box and it sounds like it could be going downhill soon.

    The whole reason I sub to this box is for makeup. With that, I understand I will get lots of eyeshadow pallettes, blush , primer, lashes, mascara, eyebrow stuff etc many times over buy by different companies and different finishes. That is what I WANT and no other box out here offers it.

    I’m sad they started putting skin care regularly in here, but I sure hope they dont put deordant and shampoo and conditioner in this box that you get from a 5.00 Walmart box, or a 10 target box. Seriously, there was no other box for just makeup out here and is the draw and beauty of boxy.

    I dont like the “touch in sol ” primer, because every single person I’ve seen on YouTube wear it, it leaves a white cast under foundation and just looks odd. Didnt matter what skintone they had…that’s why I never bought it or got a sample of it. Lol.

  25. My mascara is stamped 8I1 which was manufactured 09-2018. This is according to It would be easy to confuse the stamp with 811, which would be expired for years.

    • That is great news as site said Lot 811 was manufactured 08/2011 despite the fact that the mascara was not launched til 2014. Relieved to know Boxycharm is not sending out expired products.

    • Great! Mine stated Nov 2018. I was relieved!!

  26. I received my box yesterday, and I was pretty pleased. I got the mascara, primer, Farmacy cleanser, Pretty Vulgar highlighter in Glow Up, and the Trestique lipstick. I would have loved the Coco Cabana cream, but I’m happy with what I got.

  27. Got my box today; the BTS mascara didn’t come in a box and the batch was supposedly manufactured in 2012 (smells much stronger than the BTS mascara sample I got in my Too Faced mystery box a while back). I’m excited for the primer, though I wish it wasn’t fragranced. Also got the Farmacy cleanser and it’s a really decent size, it’ll last me quite a while. I know some people got broken highlighters, but my Glow Up highlighter is perfectly in tact. I got a color of TreStique that I’ll actually wear, though it’s only got a thin inch of product. Overall, I’m pleased with the selection I got.

  28. I really appreciate all the comments on expired/expiring products. I received variation 2 yesterday, and I fully intend on checking the expirations. Think this may be last go with boxy and boxy luxe. Expired or used products….yeah no thanks.

  29. I finally got a variation that i’m super pleased with, however the highlighter came broken in a million pieces. Despite that, it’s one of the better boxes ive ever gotten. Just glad I got the Farmacy because I really like their products. I was sooooo close to cancelling, it’s like they knew i was about too and threw me a bone after the last few lousy boxes. Might even stick around for Boxyluxe.

    • Can you tell me what your box weight was?

      • I received variation 3 and the weight is : 0.9 and the dimensions are 7x7x7

      • Thank you!

      • I got my box this morning. I asked my husband, who works from home, to please open it and send me a photograph. I received the same box, variation #3, and the highlighter seems to be intact. All the posts about the possible variations had me so worried that I didn’t want to wait until I get home later tonight.

    • I love my February box. I got variation #1 and could not be happier with the contents. The Sol primer feels wonderful. Will see how it holds with my makeup. Super Super Super happy.

  30. Received variation #2 and I like it tons. (:

    Just wanted to post something positive.

    • Yes it’s been pretty negative around here, hasn’t it? I was happy too (with variation #3) and even though I got the Farmacy cleanser that I wanted, I have to say I didn’t like it. It feels too harsh or drying on my sensitive skin. But that’s what’s great about sub boxes, I got to try something that didn’t cost me $24.

    • What was the dimensions and weight of your box? Mine is . 9 and the dimensions are 8x5x2.

  31. I received the Farmacy Clean Bee Cleanser if anyone received the Sol de Janeiro Cream and wants to trade please let me know 🙂

    • I would trade you! I received the Sol de Janeiro and wanted the Farmacy!

      • I’ll trade if she doesn’t! Leave your email

  32. I resubbed after months of not getting boxy for the mascara and possibility of the coco cabana lotion or the farmacy. Needless to say I got the sheet masks which I despise. It’s all sheets masks not those in particular. I know it’s luck of the draw but if I would have known of that possible variation, I would have just not purchased. Oh well, cancelled again.

    • Also just checked and mascara was manufactured in 2011 with shelf life of 36 months. So that has been expired for over 4 years now.

      • Wow, read a earlier post from someone whose masacara was manufactured in 2012, and I thought that was bad! It is like BoxyCharm is “dumpster diving” behind Sephora stores all over the country! Expired mascara is especially bad because of risk of eye infections.

      • Wow! That is crazy! Ladies make sure to check the manufacture dates. Stay healthy! Toss the mascara out. I am calling Too Faced to see why they think it is ok to dump product that is years old.

      • The mascara wasn’t launched until 2014.

      • Hmm, that’s important info,it’s really only been around since 2014?! but then why are all the batch codes for this coming out as expired?

      • how can you tell?

      • Just googled it and came across a press release for a Too Faced online video advertising their “new” Better Than Sex mascara on 6/5/2014 so
        “Mee “ is correct. I would say some would have been manufactured in 2013…wouldn’t think before that? Still puzzling why the batch codes come up expired. Mine says 811 on bottom of tube which I would normally assume to be August 2011. What other batch codes have been received?

  33. I just got my shipping email. Originally, it said that my box weighed 0.95 lbs. Now, it says it weighs 1.105 lbs??

  34. And with that…. her relationship with Boxycharm came to it’s predictable end.

  35. Everyone BE CAREFUL with the Grande Lips… I have literal scabs on my lips from trying it on 2 days ago. It is so painful… just a heads up. Also, mine isn’t brown, it’s BRIGHT purple (variation 4).

    • OMG, thank you for letting us know!

  36. I just opened my box and I wish I hadn’t.

    After being with Boxy for 4 years, you’d think that the best products would go to the oldest subscribers and the “leftover” products would go to new subscribers. This seems to happen to me a lot. This exact same thing happened to me in September, down to the brand. I got stuff that wasn’t even advertised until boxes started arriving.

    You guessed it. I got box #4… 4 as in the number of years that I’ve subscribed. I received face masks that will be too large for my face, as my head is small. I also received Grande Lips AGAIN, this time in Butter Rum. In September, I received Raisin Rum. This color is equivalent to milk chocolate brown. The last one was dark chocolate brown. Neither will work with my fair skin tone. I’m not sure how I managed to get the same product twice in similar colors. It also tells me how long this lip color has been sitting around.

  37. The Too Faced mascara I received in this month’s Boxycharm was manufactured in 2012. Gross, I definitely don’t appreciate receiving expired makeup.

    • Since none of these products come in their original packaging, how can you trace the expiration date on them?

      • Makeup companies use codes. I do not understand where these folks are getting their information. If you post something like that it needs to be backed up with proof.

  38. Did anyone use the My Subscription Addiction app? If so, for a few days now it’s completely stopped working. any input on what might have happened?

    • I haven’t tried in a few days but last weekend it was out too. It’s been awhile. Unless it was fixed then stopped working again.

  39. Those of you thinking of cancelling Boxy, you may want to look at Lola. It is the same price, and tends to be make-up heavy. The best thing is there are no variations. Look at Liz’s reviews and see if the products appeal to you. I switched about 6 months ago, and for the most part, I’m pretty happy.

  40. I really enjoyed this months Box. I got the pharmacy cleanser, prime and glaze lip color, and highlighter variation. The only item I felt meh about was the highlighter. I will say if I had received a face mask I would have felt let down, because it’s a one and done product while the other two are something that lasts longer.

  41. (I posted this comment yesterday, and it still hasnt shown up so im posting again. Apologies if it gets posted twice!)
    I got my box yesterday, and at first I was disappointed because I got the sheet masks. But then I saw you get FOUR of them (there are 2 zipper pouches and each one has two mask packets) so I felt a little better, and then I TRIED one and I feel like I made out like bandit with my box. I am in love with this mask. It fits to my face perfect, similar to how the wander beauty eye masks fit with the foil on the outside. And there is SO much serum left if the pouch, so don’t throw it away! Fold it up and put it back into the zippered pouch and save it to apply under moisturizers or sleep masks! I was originally disappointed because I thought I was getting 2 one-use masks instead of a full size cleanser or cream, but i got 4 face masks PLUS a huge supply of serum. I cant stop touching my face today! The only thing I got that I didn’t like was the liquid lip plumper lipstick, the color i got (honey ginger) looks like I applied a fair complexion foundation to my lips. For real for a good minute I thought they messed up when making it and filled the tube with foundation lol. But the formula was great so I think I’d like it if it were an actual lip color. I have the worst luck when I receive liquid lipsticks in my boxes. I fall in love with the formula but have an unusable color. Last night i put a thin thin layer on and applied another pinkish color over it to get a true nude that i love though. Anyways, those who are worried about the masks, I think we actually got super lucky!!

    • I agree with everything here, and got the same box. That honey ginger color is stupid for lips, but I mixed it with some too bright reds and berries and I like the result. I will happily take 4 sheet masks that I already love and use over products that I probably wouldn’t use or end up using just because I have them. Love the primer, feel ambivalent about the mascara, but I like that wand shape so even if it’s a bust I’ll use the wand with other formulas.

    • What was the weight of your box?

    • That’s awesome! I don’t normally like sheet masks but only because of the poor fit most of them have. It’s great to hear these not only fit better but work great as well! It’s nice of you to post that you changed your mind. I’m sure it’s a relief to many who are dreading that variation! I’m guilty of jumping the gun sometimes and posting away my frustration😄. Then I try the product and actually like it. I’m guilty of that this month as well. I’m getting the SDJ cream and I’ve read so many bad reviews for it because of the smell, so I was automatically upset. But there have been a few people that actually like it so maybe I’ll be one of them. I hope so because I already have 2 deluxe sample sizes of the primer and I wasn’t impressed, the dark bronzer I’m getting may well be too much for my fair skin, and I actually already have the eye pencil. I’ve never tried the mascara but most reviews are positive so I’m hopeful I will get at least one useful item.

      And I know what you mean about comments not getting posted. I’ve had decent luck today but the past few days the majority of my comments never did post. It’s pretty frustrating. Especially if you’re trying to answer someone’s question or get some information for yourself.

    • I couldn’t agree more! I was especially let down thinking that I got this horrendous lip color (which I don’t usually mind having one item off because this box it’s always such a steal) AND two fave masks. But let me tell you, this face mask has me researching other skincare products by Tula. AMAZING!

    • I’m one of the few that wanted the Tula masks. I love their products. Didn’t get them, but happy I got the Farmacy and Trestique in English rose. The shimmering glow highlighter may work with my light complexion although not thrilled it arrives completely unsealed, not even a plastic sleeve inside compact. Mine looked pristine, so I’m sure it is fine, just not what I am used to.

      • Agreed; I wish the highlighter was sealed somehow and that the mascara came in a box.

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