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Beautiac Makeup Brush Refill Subscription – Should We Review It?

Beautiac is a new makeup brush subscription service. They send you a starter kit with brush heads and handles, then every month you get a refill of new brush heads:

The Subscription Box: Beautiac

The Cost: $20 a month

The Products: 3 brush heads and a blur sponge. (Your first month will be the starter kit with handles, bag, and brush stand.) UPDATE: Brush heads are recyclable. 

Ships to: USA

What do you think of this new subscription box? Would you like to see it reviewed? How often do you clean your makeup brushes? Would you prefer getting new brush heads every month instead?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (52)

  1. Wow, how wasteful. I would rather see more reviews for eco-conscious companies like the Mighty Fix review a few posts down.

  2. Wow, I was just going to comment something generic like, “I’m not interested,” but then I saw the #controversy in the comments!

    I think Anna makes a good point that reviews of this sub might get boring. However, that got me thinking that it might be worth MSA’s time to do a review of a starter box so interested folks can learn about the quality of the tools, then one more review the next month or a few months down the road to see how the first set of tools held up, & if the quality of the brush heads remains consistent with subsequent shipments.

  3. I just worked so hard to get my brush collection down to a reasonable size so I can easily take care of them. I’m not about to add more brushes whether disposable or not.

  4. We, as a society, just get lazier and lazier.

  5. I like that everyone has mentioned that not all cities would recycle the brush heads. BUT lets take into account the amount of waste and byproduct created by the manufacturing of these brush heads. I doubt they are off setting their carbon footprint with just having the brush heads being recyclable.
    Don’t get me wrong, I fall into the totally lazy category of only washing my brushes hopefully 3 times a year, if that. But then again I do wipe them off to remove the color after I use them, I never share brushes, and 100% have never had any type of skin reaction (not even a pimple) from my laziness.
    Granted I do not use liquids on my brushes so perhaps that makes a difference, I am more of a highlighter/eye shadow with mascara girl. And I do take care of my skin with products and sunscreen so no one ever believes I am in my 40’s anyway.

    • I Agree!

  6. I agree with everyone that this isn’t eco-friendly BUT sub boxes aren’t in general. We’re all getting shipments of boxes, stuffed with packing, stuffed in other boxes full of disposable samples in containers we can’t recycle. This is no worse for the environment than a monthly shipment of ipsy, sephora or razor refills.

  7. I travel a lot. I thought these might be a nice travel option. E.g. Receive the first box and receive one – two – theee more sets as backup. This way I can toss just before I go home as washing is not feasible when I travel.

    No, I would use them for home use, but travel…

  8. Definitely a NO! This is such a waste! I would rather have great quality brushes that I have to clean && take care of then cheap disposable brushes that I have to throw away each month. Im sure they are very cheap and will fall apart since you replace them every 30 days. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but this is definitely not a good box to review.

    • Agree!

      And what if one is not into makeup for a month or so …also to keep up with changing them and so on.

      For myself, I am just not interested.

  9. No, this is such a waste. Would definitely rather have good quality brushes that last for years. If you are replacing your brushes each month then it will obviously be cheap quality. Everyone has their own opinions so if people want to purchase this, let them go ahead but this would definitely not be a good review.

  10. This seems awfully unneeded and is trying to fill a void nobody asked for. When taken cared of, a quality brush can last years. My primary set of Sephora Pro brushes have lasted me for about 4 years. Invest in quality brushes and you won’t find yourself needing to replace them often.

  11. This feels like posturing. Let’s create a recyclable version of something that doesn’t create barely any waste to begin with! Most brushes last for ages if properly cared for. I can’t see how this would be more effective, honestly. It’s just targeting the people who want to brag about how environmentally conscious they are without actually doing any research.

    • Well said–and thinking about this, I have brushes and my Mom has brushes that are ancient, with proper cleaning and storage these are basically brand new. I only have to replace on rare occasion when I break one in travel.

  12. I’d like to see it reviewed!

  13. $20 a month is like a Boxycharm subscription, and they send new brushes every month anyway. 🙂

    Brush-washing takes only a few minutes and not even much water.

  14. Yes please review! Their recyclable! And it’s really no different than the morpheme brush subscription your still getting new brushes every month! So my vote yes and I really do hope their will be a review on this cause i think alot of people will give it a try!

  15. No, I prefer cleaning my brushes, and I already get an occasional new brush with the Ipsy bag. I don’t need a whole new set of brushes every month.

  16. So wasteful and bad for the environment. And are we going to ignore that price tag? I bet it costs them a dollar to make a huge batch in China, but here they will charge you $20 monthly.

  17. Thanks for never posting my comments that I take the time to write out

    • Mine never get posted.

      • Except apparently my generic ones lol. Still love msa 😊

  18. I can appreciate you always bringing new sub boxes to our attention. I find your blog much more user friendly than Crate Joy’s.
    I personally wouldn’t use this sub. As for your review of it I think it would only appeal to a small group of people. Would the review be cost effective for you to review?
    We would all read it out of curiosity but as far as making the plunge to purchase probably not

  19. It may take more time to open the package, dispose of shipping materials, change the brush heads, and throw away/recycle the old brush heads than to clean the brushes.

  20. It would be a better use of $20 a month to invest in quality brushes that would last for years with proper care!

  21. I’m in the ‘seems wasteful’ boat. Just because they are recyclable doesn’t mean your particular city can/will be able to, or even know they should. Plus if you factor in the energy to make, ship and recycle, it’s still wasteful. A review would just give this wasteful box more viability, so I’m against it.

    • Agree 100%

  22. Besides what everyone else has already said, I don’t see the point of only having these three types of brushes. I use more eye shadow brushes than anything else, and those get more dirty with various colors.

    • Fully agree with this!

  23. I agree with all the comments as I prefer to wash my own brushes. Plus I prefer my pretty pink brushes! I did go on the site and they do offer recycling for those who do not have plastic recycling. They did do a good job of scaring me into thinking about mold!? Regardless, I prefer to keep my own! But I would love to see a review about the quality of the brushes.

  24. Unless the brush heads are fully recyclable, this seems environmentally and socially unconscionable. I am fully capable of washing my brushes once a month. I have extras of the types I use most to reduce the need to wash more frequently.

    • The brush heads are recyclable. I’ll add that to the post – seems relevant, and apologies for not including it to begin with!

      • Thank you for clarifying that Liz! That definitely matters a great deal to me.

        I would be interested in seeing a review, though I honestly have no problems washing my brushes. ☺

      • I get that the plastic almost certainly is, but if the staff of any recycling center sees the brushes, they will mark the bin as “throw out” because they’ll think it’s trash contamination and unrecyclable. ESPECIALLY if it’s covered in makeup!

    • Even w/ them being recyclable it’s still incredibly problematic. Just b/c an item is technically recyclable doesn’t mean all places can &/ or will recycle it. Additionally recycling still uses a lot of resources sobis never as good as reusing products for which that is an option…like brushes.

  25. Wow I’m pretty lazy about washing my brushes but this is just so wasteful it makes me want to be better about taking care of my brushes.

  26. Um please don’t. It takes me 2 minutes to wash my brushes. Do we need to create even more waste?
    Also I think you’re supposed to wash your brushes more than once a month. Seems like an easy way to get bacteria buildup. I clean my whenever I see any makeup buildup. Nothing about this business makes sense to me. I think boxes should provide specific values: surprise, utility, value. Not seeing any of that here.

  27. Please review. Let us get a comprehensive understanding of this subscription service prior to casting judgement.

  28. Seems incredibly wasteful. Not trying to be a Debbie downer, but if we support companies with this wasteful business model, how are we encouraging long term change regarding the environment and recycling/repurposing?

  29. Yikes! So much waste! I’m actually kind of baffled why in this day and age, where everyone is well aware of environmental problems, how anyone created this in good conscience.
    Of course let’s face it. We’re all so totally convenience-obsessed these days. We’ve become too lazy to even walk across the room to change the thermostat because why not just speak it out loud to Alexis or hit a button on our phone? Barely any movement needed. And that’s true with most things we do these days. So of course this is now a thing. God forbid you take a couple of minutes to clean your makeup brushes when you can just toss them out week after week.
    Oh my…I’m still in my early 40’s but I already sound like an old curmudgeon. 😄😄😄

    • Yes! Reminds me of the human dystopia scene from Wall-E!

    • Most of my smart home items that are Alexa compatibille are more energy efficient than their predecessors.

    • I heat with wood and manage to clean my make up brushes too haha no Alexa device for me. Some of us aren’t too lazy just yet, take heart 😉

      That being said, I think this review would get a bit… boring.

  30. Nah this seems super wasteful!

  31. I think you just did… every month you get a brush head! And we just saw full spoilers for everything. Ehh

  32. I’d like to see it reviewed!

  33. nope… seems like a wasteful and generally lazy concept, money grab start up hoping to profit on the trend

  34. I think it’s an interesting concept but unless it’s made of bamboo and sustainable I don’t think I’d be interested. I’m sure some people will want to see reviews though.

  35. No. Sounds like an environmental disaster.

    • Totally agree. Why can’t we just clean our brush heads?

      • Agreed!

      • Yes!

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