Allure Beauty Box March 2019 FULL SPOILERS + $5 Coupon!

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We have full spoilers for the March Allure Beauty Box! 

Here are the March spoilers:

In all boxes:

Possible Variant items:

What do you think of the spoilers? 

If you haven’t signed up yet, use this link to get your first box for only $10 a box. (Regularly $15 a box.) As of today, if you sign up now, your first box will be the February Box.

The February box for new subscribers includes:

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I don’t know why Allure puts Laritzy products in their boxes. I just don’t get it, they are the worst. The Laritzy Lip Pencil in Bare I received this month is so dry and hard it hurts to try to line my lips with it. There is barely any product transfer, if any.

    Is anyone else having this problem?

    • I noticed that today with dry lips. Try it over a balm. It was much better better that way.

    • Yes! I was really hoping for the mally lipstick or dermal e. But got this laritzy dry barely pigmented lip pencil! Also the brow gel is not the clear version I was thinking we were supposed to be getting , but a brown fiber coated gel which just does not work for me!

      • The Mally lipstick is weird. Mine had scratches all along the packaging (im realizingnow that itwas probably because it was rolling around in the box 🤦‍♀️). Also, no seal..not even tape (it just seemed….odd). And its 100% DEFINITELY not a lipstick, not even close. Its a gloss, but more…oily. I dont know, its weird. Im going to try it over a lipstick or something though, i want to try to like it because I liked the color (Orchid).

        • I got I got the Mally in “starburst”, You’re right it is by no means a lipstick at all, definitely a gloss and not a long lasting one at all.

          • I actually like the lip gloss that is supposed to be a lipstick lol. I’m not a fan of lipstick so this works for me, even though it is not long lasting but idk what lip gloss is.

      • That is weird because the one I got is definitely clear and I would have preferred the brown fiber one!!

    • I agree completely! Mine actually scratched my lip and snapped off at the very tip. I wonder if sharpening it would help. Maybe taking a layer off will help. But I have never like a Laritzy product, so this was not a surprise.

      • Yes, sometimes lip pencils have a coating on them to prevent it from oxidizing or getting dry while being stored. Often you have to sharpen it just a bit to get it to start, or it could be junky.

        I got the Mally lip, and the applicator is splayed out and messed up, making it impossible to apply the color with it at all.

        • That happened to me with the Mally lip too. Applicator is a mess and the product stinks and is oddly thick and chunky. I’m pretty sure it’s an old product. The color didn’t work for me anyway, but I don’t even feel comfortable gifting it to someone else. I sent them an email to let them know and they’re sending me some random replacement product I didn’t ask for at all that I”m pretty sure is a hair product.

        • I’m having the same problem with the Mally “lipstick”. No pigment, janky applicator, and what I did manage to put on felt goopy and sticky. I REALLY wish they had sent me the Doucce eyeliner instead. This was a major fail.

        • Yes! Wtf?!? I get a couple boxes, and in all of em, all of the Mally’s applicator bristles were “frayed” (for lack of a better word)

    • You can also use a hair dryer to warm up your pencils and balms and I also do this when my natural deodorants get hard. I find that natural products have a hard time with since they don’t have all the chemicals help bind the product.

    • Yes. I am also unable to use it. It’s so dry and hard. The worst lip pencil I’ve ever used

    • I didn’t get it but the Laritzy dew pots are awesome. It’s what I wanted the Catrice wet stick to be w/o the fragrance and it’s less tacky. In fact it dries down almost completely. I also got a highlighter stick from them which was beautiful. On the subtle side but glowy and pretty. I gave it to my niece bc it’s gold and even though it would work with my fair skin I just don’t like gold highlighters (for the most part.) So all their products aren’t bad, in fact I’m in love with one.

  2. Hey Liz, are there any updates/clarification on the variant items for March? I’m curious if each box will get a certain number of those variants or if there are different versions of the box that involves the variant items.

    • Allure Magazine lists the top 3 for all subscribers and the bottom section as 4 of the items or variations….

      • I have 3 different accounts because I was always getting the shaft with the variations each month. So frustrating. I wonder how they choose who gets what

  3. Still have not received my February box.

    I know with a weekend and a holiday and bad weather it’s going to be delayed but it’s been floating through the postal system for 5 days now.

    • I just got mine today and I’m in California!! AND I have a PO Box so it’s not like it had to be delivered to my house lol… My Amazon Prime account delivers (to my house) & WAY faster (around the 10-12th of the month) then from whoever distributes for Allure directly…

      • I just got my February box yesterday but still haven’t received my January Box but yesterday they said they are going to ship another January Box out to me I’m so upset as I’ve been wanting and waiting for that box do you think I should cancel or are the next two months going to be worth it please let me know as I’m very unhappy about paying for boxes I haven’t received just hoping they get it out fast to me

        • My January box showed up on the 31st minus the Amika & no beauty blenders either. Plus the Serum was empty & the bag torn and useless. I still don’t have my amika or the Serum. My February box supposedly shipped on the 7th. The tracking never updated. I can’t log into my account or email customer service ever since I called about this. I’m in the process of moving. So I waited until my box had shipped to put in my new address but I still don’t have the February box. I spoke with CS on Saturday. Rude as all get out! Basically told me it’s just a subscription box lady. Me: I need to speak to your supervisor. Now! Even the supervisor was tissy! It’s not my fault as a customer that the company you work for is slacking and if you don’t like your jobs, quit! In the meantime, please send me my February box that I paid for to my new address. I was promised my box would be delivered before the 22nd and I would like my replacement items reshipped as well please. Whatever you say lady! 😳 Called this morning, nothing has been reshipped. I called the manager at my old complex and she checked the locked mailbox & nothing! I’m getting pretty sick of Allure’s incompetence.

          • Tell them you’re gonna file a complaint with BBB and dispute the charges with your bank. I’m sure once they hear that BBB comment, it’ll get the ball moving with em💁🏻‍♀️
            That’s what I had to do with Ipsy after countless emails and a million and one errors on their part. Still trying to get them to fix $hit from JANUARY! And they wouldn’t do anything u til I said I was gonna file a complaint with the BBB.

      • I’m in Cali too…still no February box as of today MARCH 2. I talked with Cust. Svc the other day, and they said I will get a tracking email for sure when it does ship. I asked her if she knew why there was a delay, and she said she doesn’t know. She said it could be they are waiting on a product. I’m getting a little antsy.

    • Did get my box today.

      I feel better; my bag came with a small rip in one side.

      My variant item was the Laritzy lip liner. I was good with that, because the other items I really wasn’t that crazy about.

      The scent for my mask is rose, which is one of my favorites.

      The eyeshadow is REALLY shiny. I will probably have to play with it a bit to see what works.

      I also got a $25 gift card to gorjana jewelry; they specialize in “dainty” jewelry. I generally don’t do dainty because I don’t feel dainty. But I will at least look, you never know.

      • Lol. I feel that dainty remark so hard 😂👍

        • If it helps at all, I used mine to order necklace extenders for all the sub box jewelry I get that have a very short chain. I got one in each color: gold, silver, and rose gold. The total came to $24 so with the $25 coupon it was totally free.

          • I tried to use my coupon on a $30 bracelet and got an error saying the code is invalid on the items in my cart, even though they weren’t on sale. I don’t see restrictions listed, though. Am I overlooking them?

      • I bought a cute “string” bracelet with a lapis stone for $3 after the discount.

      • I got the 28.00 bracelet with the Labradorite stone – it’s one of my favorite stones:) With the coupon it was only 3.00 since there is also free shipping. You can’t beat that – you could always just buy something and save it for a gift:)

      • You only got a GC and not an actual item?

        • Yeah, apparently yet another “variant”.

      • My January bag came with a side seam rip in it, too. Straight to trash. I’m hoping they rectify that problem with either a better bag or doing away with it & offering another sample (or a larger size existing item). That would be nice. 🙂

  4. Today is February 20 and I just, just! Received my January box!!! I mean come on! And of course the bag was split open and I was missing a product. I already called and they are fixing things but this is a little ridiculous.

    • I’m sorry but good luck! Mine came missing the Amika and the Serum empty. Got a shipping email for February 8 days ago. It’s still in the warehouse! I’m moving on the 1st… When I asked about my replacements, I was told they are in my February box. If it’s in the warehouse & it’s the 20th, these bulk rate packages only move on business day. That gives them 6 days to get it here. I don’t think that is going to happen. You probably won’t see your replacements until you get your March box.

    • Still haven’t received mine. Hopefully I won’t have problems getting the Feb. box. I do still enjoy getting this box. Lol I got excited when I saw One stop on my informed delivery. I got home to explore my Allure box only to discover it was my free samples from PinchMe🤣.

    • I got my Febuary box early this month loved it great products and I got the black bag this time but still split on one side so useless again this month but Allure is still one of my favorite boxs.

  5. I got everything pictured in Feburarys box!❤️❤️
    My varient item was the mally lip gloss! And the rose mask smells amazing!

    • My bag was black as well but I didn’t order through Amazon💁

  6. I got my February box today. My variant item is the lip liner pencil in nude which I’m very happy with.

    • And my black plastic bag was intact. Lol

    • Mine as well! I am sooo glad I received the lip liner! Nice brand & great color! 😊

    • Happy until you try to use it.

  7. Just got my very first box through Amazon and my bag is jet black and very stinky with that strong plastic odor. Hope it fades out. :/

    I got:
    Model Co Pink Eye Shadow Trio – FULL SIZE
    Moda Triad Eye Brush – FULL SIZE (Retail Value $4.99)
    The BrowGal Instant Brow Gel
    Mamonde Sheet Mask (Retail Value $7) Scents will vary
    Mamonde Oil to Foam Cleanser
    Wander Beauty Mascara – FULL SIZE (Retail Value $24)
    Plus a good size sample of the Derma E serum. I’m pretty happy about this box but I will giving away the eyeshadow trio to a friend. These shades just are not for me.

    • I just got my February box today as well and got the same as you except the Derma E serum, I got the Laritzy lip liner in Bare and both my January and February bags are not damaged. Oddly enough, I did get the NCLA nail polish in January’s bag that I ordered from Amazon, it came all together and not separately, but I did order pretty late in the month.

  8. I ordered the February box as a new subscriber on Amazon. I did not receive the new member gift nor did I receive items they showed in the picture. You also don’t receive the new member gift when ordering off Amazon. Their adds and photos are VERY MISLEADING so I CANCELLED.
    This is what they wrote when I inquired:
    Hi Lisa,
    Thank you for your order and for taking the time to message us! This month’s box has four versions. You are to receive one of the following, a Laritzy Lip Pencil Bare, Doucce Eyeliner, Mally Liquid Lipstick, or Derma E Vit C. Unfortunately, we no longer have a new member gift available for orders purchased through Amazon.
    The Allure Beauty Box Team

    • you have to have some patients my dear i so did the same and assumed the WORST YET IT WAS FOR LAMER,it DID COME LATE AS HELL YET i DID RECEIVE IT ONLY 8 WEEKS LATER SO THATS WHAT IT IS YOU do not get the items right away you have to give it some time, i hope this is helpful to go back and re sub this is one of my FAVORITE SUBSCRIPTIONS OF ALL

    • When MSA advertises the new member gift, there is always a link to use to subscribe for that gift. It is always through Allure, and not Amazon. I think I’ve only seen Amazon offer a new member gift once. But if you read through comments over the last several months, you’ll see that no one really expects to receive the exact same thing that subbers through Allure get. I was honestly surprised that Amazon sent out the NCLA nail polish separately, as I was under the impression that it was a bonus for only Allure customers.

      I’d rather sub through Amazon, miss out on a free gift, and be sure I get a box and tracking info than sit around and wait for Allure to send them out whenever they feel like. And cancelling is so much easier!

    • I ordered through Amazon for January, got everything pictured on this spoiler website including the nail polish, AND got it before Allures subscribers. If you read these spoilers there is always variant items and the pics on Amazon are from boxes past and they even say that. Amazon never promised a new member gift so i knew not to expect that. I think you just didn’t read the Amazon info, they do an AMAZING job on this box, better than Allure.

    • I’m confused – did you maybe think you were going to receive the products pictured on the Amazon page? Because I subscribe through Amazon, and I DID get everything (with the Derma E variant) pictured in this post.

      The first time I subscribed through Amazon, I got a new member gift (a Spongelle), but not any time after. I think they got wise to the fact that people were constantly unsubscribing and resubscribing.

  9. Looks like the Derma E C serum isn’t an option anymore. It doesn’t show on allure as an option. Maybe only for first round boxes?

  10. I’ve got a question… I just cancelled this sub as of February due to having sub box overload and getting too many repeat items but am thinking about resubbing again after seeing the May spoiler on Allure’s website.
    Can someone please let me know if this is true??????
    Are they putting a Foreo Luna Play along with 2 of their cleaners and 3 other items in the box???


      • May 2016 really girl reallyyyyy? 3 years ago..

        • Just a *lil bit* late lol🤦🏻‍♀️🤣🤣🤣

      • I got the Luna Play and since I don’t use it often, the battery is not dead.

        It’s actually a neat little toy, but no way would I play over $100 for the full size.

  11. The shades in the pictures look beautiful but don’t match what we’re actually going to get. Why post misleading pictures? 🙁 Like that Tarte lipstick for example, both possible shades variants are nudes.

    • I’m so greatful to for once get the chance of a nude.

      • This comment puzzles me, because most lip shades in subscription boxes – Allure included – are nude. Did we not just get a nude lip in the December box? And in the October box, two of the four shades offered (both of which I got…) were nude. Really, January was the off one out with that fab winter berry shade.

        I can’t wear nude shades, I’m pale and they make me look like a zombie. Hard pass.

        • Same! I wanted that Tarte color in the pic posted above! Yet the ones were getting are one of 2 nudie colors! I mean hopefully they’re not *too* nude bc I’m ghost a$$ white lol…oh and I get like 4+ boxes🤦🏻‍♀️😭

  12. I just received my Jan box, but there is no winterberry Doucce lip product (full size).

    Anyone else not get one?

    • I received my box this late too but mine did include the Doucce Lip Product. The problem I had was that the Sunday Riley Oil had no identifiable labeling on it. It was just a bottle with a dropper top and orange oil no label no markings at all. I checked the bag to see if maybe the label had fallen off but there was nothing in there. I can’t believe they let that ship like that is there no quality control….I did call them and they are sending me another Sunday Riley product because they are out of that one actually she said it will be a 2 pack but I’m not sure which product. I’m fine with that. Tip for anyone trying to contact Allure Customer Service always call instead of emailing them you will get a much quicker response and be less frustrated because they are taking too long to respond. Hope you all have a great day.

    • Yes, I did get this item.

  13. I’m upset with their CS – signed up to get my sister a box through the OFRA promo published here on MSA and received the box without the bonus items. Their CS says it’s out of stock – on the 4th email feel like I am talking to a robot. I’ve subbed to many boxes, Allure’s CS and operational issues are soooooo bad but the boxes are hella fun.

    • You have to call them. Email is about as productive as throwing slime at the wall and hoping it sticks.

  14. This is so funny! I still have yet to get my January box. I paid them on time, and normally my box comes around the 18th. The weather has nothing to do with the arrival of my January box. And my February box was already charged. What a pitiful joke.

    • My daughter hasn’t received her January box either, but I have. I’ve already received tracking for February. Would be interesting to observe their customer service nightmare in person.

  15. Just a lil FYI…. blue tansy is toxic to dogs and possibly cats. So please be sure to keep it away from them.

    • Knowingl now that this product could be harmful to animals worries me . I would most likely never use this no matter what it promises to do . Having 3 cats who love messing with my things (literaly have a macara and a primer missing off of my dresser as we speak ) i could never risk their health for a beauty product

      • Wouldn’t it be easier to put it out of reach?

      • Better keep tabs on onions, garlic, avocado, chocolate, grapes, raisins and caffeine too…those are also toxic to cats.

        • Poinsettias too!


        • Wow all this because i said i prob wouldn’t use the tansy oil ? First off ive had cats my whole life and havent killed one yet . Smh I’m not an idiot . Thanks though

        • Also lilies 🙁

        • All are also TOXIC to Dogs! So BEWARE!

      • Most likely ALL your skincare is toxic to pets, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it.
        Just keep bottles and glass containers out of reach: storage cubbies, boxes, makeup bags or in a drawer. Simple solution.
        My cat like to hide my lipsticks under the bed or the fridge and I find them months later so doing this resolves the issue very quickly.

  16. The moisture bomb IS the bomb but I do hope that I do not get two lip products in the same bag.

  17. I hate it when I look at spoilers and have to say “I hope I get this, or I hope I don’t get that!” Stop with variations Allure…just stop.✋ Other than that, I’m very excited for March. Allure consistently brings it with high-end tried and true products. I’m always happy with this subscription. It’s exactly why I don’t like it when item’s vary, because I feel like I’ve really missed out on the products that I don’t get. I can’t wait to see who the next collab is with in April.

  18. I’m so excited for this box. I’m usually on the fence about the few other boxes. I subscribe too. I’m always trying to cut down. Allure the last 4 months has been more than worth it. The price and the quality of the products. It’s worth the wait every month.

  19. I’m loving the products I know I’m going to get but I’m really getting tired of the whole variation thing.

    • At least the Allure box doesn’t have as many variations as some of the other boxes. 😉

      • The main attraction of the Allure box was the whole variation thing and the lower cost.

      • Yes, like PLAY… the all time Box Envy leader.

  20. I can’t wait for the March box! I love matte lipstick. As long as it isn’t in a dark red. 🤞🏻

    • Neither one of the color options mentioned is a red.

      • Yay!

      • I finally was able to look. I’d be happy with either colors. I’m super excited for this box.

  21. Today I got my tracking info for February’s box. I noticed my card was charged a few days ago. I use Mamonde rosewater toner everyday so I’m very pleased to be getting that. I think this is a great box! I pretty much like every Allure box I get.

    • I just got my tracking info for my January box lol. That’s ok though because I know they had an influx of new orders just for the Jan box and it is my 2nd one. I already got one about two weeks ago for another account so I have been able to use the items. I’m in love with the SR A+ and now will be getting a full size in the Test Tube in March! Yayyyyy!

  22. I am unimpressed with February’s box. Partially because I was expecting January’s box since they kept cancelling my order. I think I may cancel. It does not seem worth the hassle.

    • Yeah you should probably just cancel then.

      • Lol right 🤘more for us 🙃😜

    • Same, they cancelled my January order, so I cancelled my sub. Now they decide to charge me for Feb anyways. Allure is one of the worst as far as CS and billing/shipping issues.

    • Another subscriber mentioned that ordering through Amazon proved to have fewer hassles. I order through Amazon and so far so good. I received January and February has been shipped.

      • I ordered through Amazon and I was charged 60 dollars for 1 box!!! Allure refunded my money. Amazon did not lift a finger to help with a reimbursement.

  23. This box is extremely underwhelming. Didnt that have some big secret collaboration coming in the March box?? Or is it April? Hmmm…. January was so perfect I ordered 3 of them. Feb is just kinda meh and March is an unenthusiastic meh. Contemplating pausing, but I’m sure I won’t end up doing that hahaha

    • To my knowledge they don’t offer pausing as an option!

      • They do if you call them.

      • I emailed them that I wanted to skip February, and they did.

    • How do you order multiple boxes?

      • I called their CS line and placed the orders. They had to set up each additional box under a different email addresses and to be honest it was a pain in the a**.

        The next time they have such an amazing box I will just set up a new Amazon account and order that way, as it it much much easier to create and then unsubscribe once the box arrives. 🙂

      • I had to call their CS line and placed the orders. They had to set up each additional box under a different email addresses and to be honest it was a pain in the butt.

        The next time they have such an amazing box I will just set up a new Amazon account and order that way, as it it much much easier to create and then unsubscribe once the box arrives. 🙂

        • Did they let you get referral gifts for referring yourself though? Lol I always feel sneaky using diff emails (got 5 allure boxes for Jan😬🤷🏻‍♀️)…didn’t know you could just call them!
          & as far as ordering through amazon , I had girls telling me how much easier it was to cancel and all…guess not!

      • Amazon is easiest otherwise you need to call allure and have them do it over the phone. If you don’t they’ll cancel the second subscription and not even tell you.

        Amazon is way easier because you can cancel with one button click versus having to call with allure directly.

      • Through Amazon if in your name and you can order one under your child or for child name. I somehow managed to get 4 January boxes and I cannot make them stop. I am going to try one more call this weekend.

  24. The Mamonde rose water is heavenly!!! Hoping for the Belif aquabomb, which I always love to receive in sub boxes. Another matte-lipstick hater here.

    I got the monthly Allure email today about reviewing the January box, and definitely told them my opinion of the cheapo plastic pouch and the wasteful outer shipping box. Bring back the cute red (and reusable) box!

    • I completed the survey also and agree about the cheap platinum bag.

      • Plastic, nothing “platinum” about it, lol

    • Just did my survey. I’ll bet they’re hearing a whole lot from everyone about the new pouch fiasco, lol!

      • Where’s the survey? Did you get it in an email?

        • I was just about to ask the same question. I never got emails with a survey from them. What’s up with that??!!

  25. Am I the only one who finds it amusing that the new member gift is be one of the January items?

    • They do that a lot, it makes sense to me since new members wouldn’t have received the box with the items. I’m sure it’s a pain if you unsubscribe and resubscribe a lot but otherwise it seems to be what most boxes do.

  26. Woo hoo! My January Box just shipped. 😳

    • Same here!

    • My February box shipped yesterday. I ordered it on the 9th through Amazon.

    • Same! Lol

  27. I swear I don’t understand some people and their comments, especially with the Jan box. Instead of complaining about the shipping issues and not getting your box be thankful for Allure for navigating this deal. With the SR products can you not imagine how many additional subscriptions they received…I would guess in the 5 figures, maybe 6. Their website says 20 day from signing up.

    • It’s kind of hard to appreciate the SR products when you don’t actually get your box….

      • Exactly. I had tried my Sunday Reily products but have been saving them so I can use the brand all at once. For someone who has been a loyal subscriber, I certainly do not appreciate new subscribers getting their boxes before me. I got mine on the last day of January with an empty serum bottle and minus the Amika! I have called and called and called. Not one email has been returned even by auto response. I still do not have my replacement items from January & the shipping email from Allure on 2/7,has an invalid shipping number. Allure CSR’s are so sick of it all, even they are being nasty. I have been told 3 times that my replacement items would be in my February box. Huh? I was promised that my box would be delivered by the end of Friday. I moved on Friday. I still have the keys until Monday morning. I called yesterday and the CSR was totally nasty to me and actually told me that I’m just “one of those people trying to get free stuff “ & she’s not falling for my crap?! Listen here Latisha, Idk if you are recording this conversation or not but I sure am! You need to get your boss on the phone like now! She said hold the phone and I heard b****! Before she put me on hold for 15 minutes. After that, another pissy person got on the phone and proceeded to give FAQS , interrupt me and talk over me. I hung up. I called back 4 times until I finally got someone who speaks properly and politely enough to listen to my point of view. My replacement items from January should have been here, shipped separately, but they are not. My February box should have been here by now as I promised, but it’s not. Even if it ends up here on Monday, I won’t be here. Someone else will be getting it. I’m not going to take options from Allure. As the customer who has already paid, here are your options, ship out my February box and my replacement items to my new address. I don’t care if it costs allure $50 to get it to me by the 28th. If I don’t have it at my new address by then, I will be disputing the charges for January and February with my bank and reporting it to the BBB. I’ve had it with Allure over advertising and not being able to handle it. Then they take care of new subscribers and leave the loyal customers hanging. I don’t work that way. I don’t treat my clientele that way. IF something happens and I do not have an order complete, for whatever reason, I call and email with options including delivery of what I have and eating the cost of express delivery of the rest. Whatever changes Allure is doing, the only thing keeping some of us around is the $ amount of the products in the boxes. If and when we ever get them!
        Understand the complaints now?

  28. Would love to see what next month brings.. only interested in the Acure product.

  29. I hope I do not receive the Tarte lip product. Both colors look like they will look terrible on me. Greige and Brown lips make me look like the walking dead. Also, when will the matte liquid lip thing end? I have no luck with these formulas, they just dry out my lips something terrible and further the illusion that I am a zombie.

    • I am excited about all of the skin care and the au naturale though!

      • I think the whole box looks pretty good except for the lippie.

        • So yet another of my comments was filtered out, even though all I said was that there are other lip colors besides neutrals and reds and that sub boxes should be more creative in the colors that they send. How does that comment warrant being filtered out? I’m getting really sick of this………..

          • At some point (it is my conclusion), if your comments are not all “this is like drinking sunshine and rainbows!!!”, MSA simply blacklists your email address. So create an MSA account with a new email address, log in to MSA with the new account before you comment, and then your comments will post immediately. Worked for me!

          • It may have to do with you not being signed in. St times my comment doesn’t go through but don’t be quick to assume anything and put blame somewhere it doesn’t belong.

          • same thing happens to me, and I completely agree with the “sunshine and rainbows” It is way over censored here, a place where we are supposed to be able to give and receive HONEST feedback. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks it is not ok…and yes I will be amazed if this get’s posted.

          • I can see both of your comments…

          • Now I’m not understanding why the “reply” option isn’t showing up on any of the latter comments, but I digress.
            MissAnn, every time I post a comment, it asks for a name and email, so it has nothing to do with being “signed in.” You can’t press the “submit comment” option until you provide a name and email.

            Actually, I find it odd that my complaint comments about my other comments *DO* show up, while the comments I make on the boxes, products, etc, are the ones that aren’t showing up. The ones that actually make a difference and contribute to the conversation are the ones that are being filtered out. I wrote a long and informational and non-complaining comment on the January Lip Monthly review, and it never showed up. Yet my whiny posts about my other posts being filtered *do* show up. This makes no sense.

          • Yeah, sometimes my comments either don’t show up or take a day or two. I just posted one earlier to say I received my box and what was in it, but it didn’t show up. Not sure what the “sensitivity trigger” could be.

          • Right?! I don’t get it either. I’m absolutely shocked at how nasty people are to one another on here. I’m pretty sure that’s why they’ve added more sensitivity filters. Even if you aren’t being nasty and you’re just posting your own personal experience and frustration, someone will come all and be nasty to you. You know, shame on you for your opinion, you should just be happy with what you get! Blah blah blah…. I have noticed comments not showing up if I use caps, exclamation marks and proper punctuation. Lol!

    • Seriously! I hate the liquid lips that are practically straight alcohol drying out lips, have yet to find any that have been moisturizing like lip gloss. Pass…

    • I agree! There are so, so, so many beautiful lip colors out there. Why do all the boxes send neutrals or classic reds? I guess they are trying to please the widest swath of customers, but I hate neutrals and I have a million reds in every possible finish and variation of red. Please, show some imagination and send something different!

      • Ha ha, so this comment *did* show up! Just in the wrong place and 24 hours later after I posted it.

        • It happens to me all the time. I think there’s key words that get censored and someone is actually approving these comments before they are posted if those key words trigger something. I agree with you though. It is so annoying and really turns me off and I don’t want to submit any of my opinions on this site. I never attack anyone or swear so I really don’t understand the censoring problem they have on here.

          • I’m surprised they don’t do what a lot of other boards do. Go ahead and allow the post right away, then a moderator come by and delete it if it is inappropriate.

    • You can get a satin finish by putting on a lip balm before applying the liquid lip.
      It kind of kills the staying power, but it’s more comfortable.
      I agree about browns and greige. They make me look dead, too.

  30. I wish they would just not send the bag. It’s so cheap it’s useless (mine arrived with a gigantic rip in it) and awful for the environment (not that beauty samples are great for the environment but I would rather not make it that much worse). They should just send that box without the bag.

    • Yes! I love the products every month but if they keep sending this bag I am going to cancel. It is SO wasteful!

    • Agree!

    • They asked about the bag in the monthly survey, so hopefully they will hear everyone and do away with it. The only thing I like about the bag is the plastic smell 😆

    • The whole side of my bag was ripped too!

    • Same! I don’t see the point. I received three boxes and two of the bags were torn up!

  31. This looks lovely, but I can’t stand Allure’s customer service and slow shipping 😂

  32. Canceled. The Jan box was great but not feeling the feb and March boxes. For Jan I got one box through allure and one through amazon. Allure- took weeks and bag was ripped on one side, all the product fell to the floor when I opened it. Amazon- arrived within a week, bag was in perfect shape, easy to cancel.

  33. Im still waiting for my Jan box… I contacted them and they said it was still processing while ive been billed feb as well… a few days later I received tracking for feb box… i havent received jan or feb. For $10/mo ill be more patient, im liking the march box.

    • Same here. I signed & got charged on January 14 & still waiting for January. Got billed for February on 2/1. I emailed them on 2/5 & got replied on 2/7 that they are still processing my order for January. No shipping info yet. This is insane.

      • It always takes longer to get your first box that’s why the FAQ says it can take up to 20 days for it to ship. I think it should be added to the Allure posts though because I didn’t read it until I added a box for a gift.

      • This is my first Allure box I was billed on 2/1 and have yet to receive tracking information. It’s sad and frustrating to think you can order this exact box from Amazon and get it twice as fast and less hassle 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

      • Update: I got shipment notification on 2/12 for both January & February boxes. They both departed the warehouse on 2/14. Received February on 2/19, January got stuck in transit & tracking shows it is expected on 2/21.
        I signed up through Allure & new gift offered was Ofra set. Have anyone received it yet? How long did you wait for it? Do they send you a shipping notification or the package just appears one day? Thanks

  34. PSA for anyone interested in the Biossance – you can get two samples from their website (both the vit. c oil and the eye gel are options) for only $5 shipping!

    • That’s great to know! I love Biossance!

  35. I’m so excited for this box. I think Allure has been killing it lately.

  36. I would love to try Biossance but it’s a variant item and I have the worse luck! I really like the Sunday Riley CEO oil from January. And was that retinol sample super tiny for the packaging?!? They probably spent more on the empty bottle and should have just sent a larger foil package. My Feb box is arriving soon (it’s in my state now according to tracking yay)

    • you know if you go to the Biossance website, you can pick 2 samples for free and only pay shipping? One of the samples u can pick is that oil.

      • Thanks for the tip!

        • Yes, thanks for the tip Jamie!

      • I’m also going to hit up my local Sephora, let’s see if they have any free samples for me 🙂

      • Thank you!

      • Jaime, thank you again. The eye gel and retinal serum samples have shipped. Very excited so covered in case the eye gel is not in the box variation I get for March.

  37. I haven’t even gotten January yet 😡

  38. I had been loving Allure, but I am not feeling this box. Thank goodness its easy to cancel on Amazon.

  39. The above snapshot is the only good thing that comes out of my Glamour magazine subscription before I toss it in the recycling bin. I look for the page with the Allure Beauty Box spoilers and post it on my fridge lol. Not a too exciting box but everything will be used. I’m good with it and with my 2019 box cancellation spree Allure still keeps hanging on to my wallet.

    • I got Glamour for over 20 years😂, but I didn’t renew this time. Allure Magazine usually has the spoilers, too.

  40. A few items i’ll swap- imo blue tansy oil smells horrid – but i’m actually pretty excited about this box!

  41. Allure is almost my favorite box every month I use almost every single thing that Mally eyeshadow stick I fell in love with so easy to apply stayed all day been using everyday since I got it. I never get a tracking from allure it just shows up and it is always the last day of the month or the 1st of the next month and there customer service sucks but I love the box so much that I just deal with it.They Definetly amaze me each month for 15.00 Most times I like them more then Boxy and less than Ipsy. Ipsy plus has great products I always use and there customer service is beyond excellent they really got there stuff to gather there.

    • Allure will show up on USPS informed delivery. It ships from One Stop Mailing.

    • I really like the Mally stick too. Looks great with my brown eyes, easy to apply and easy to blend.

      • Ulta had them on clearance in store marked down to 2 dollars and 30 cents !!! I got a dark matte brown and a dark navy. Other Mally stuff also because they updated the packaging I guess. But you just need to dig through the bin 👍

        • Must be in stores, online they don’t even have any Mally products.

          • yes it was i just stumbled on them when i looked at clearance stuff at my ulta there was some other things also but that stuff goes fast

          • I saw that too. I wonder if maybe they are no longer carrying Mally.

  42. I’m really looking forward to trying the Acure product the most, but really most everything looks good to me. I just hope I don’t get the Derma E Microdermabrasion Scrub, because I just tried it for the first time last week, and even though I don’t have sensitive skin, this made me realize that microdermabrasion scrubs feel borderline too harsh on my skin (over the past few weeks I’ve tried similar scrubs and the Derma E (thanks to the product’s name) made me realize the type of scrubs that are a bit too harsh for me).

    • Luna, someone on this site gave the idea of using it on feet. It doesn’t seem too harsh there and I’ve been able to go though a tube of my stash. Sometimes I put a drop in a creamy cleanser as well. So funnny I only noticed harshness of other brands, after I got Josh Rosebrook exfoliating accelerator and now nothing else seems as wonderful on my skin! I am dying to try that Biossance eye gel!

      • Thanks for the tip Tanya! 😀
        I’m so happy you mentioned about the Biossance eye gel, because I didn’t even notice which Biossance items could be included! haha! I saw the pic and just assumed it was their regular squalane oil. Now I’m even more excited for the box. 🙂

  43. I bet the red plastic bag shows up broken.

    • My January bag arrived broken — split open on one side. Not worth it, just creating more trash.

      • I agree the bag is junk rather have the box I used them to store masks and things my bag came split on one side so kinda useless but I love everything that came in it.

      • This is part of why I cancelled. My bag was split down the side, and I create enough garbage already; why can’t they just ship in a plain cardboard box?

  44. I’m still waiting on my January box unfortunately.. Really like the aqua bomb sleep mask but it’ll probably be the teensy sample size which is about as big as a quarter

    • Did you ever turn it over and notice it’s just a little bump ? The outside of the jar makes it look like a normal sized sample but it’s really only a little round scoop I personally dislike stuff like that. I would be fine with a tiny cute jar, why be so wasteful with the jar 🤷🏻‍♀️ Idk sorry for the rant but when you brought it up I just said “OMG YES” out loud 😂😂

  45. I still don’t have my JANUARY box…and they’re spoiling March?

    • Same. I’ve contacted them twice and they keep saying it’s on the way. No shipping email still tho. Do they usually ship without sending the email? January is my first ever box from them

      • They usually send a tracking email…but I still haven’t gotten mine.

      • First box from Allure takes seriously ages. You will probably get your Feb box first.

    • Mine was sent last week and is still on the way. I bet you will get yours this week, we probably got the last batch they sent out. Lots of people don’t get the emails from Allure, if you call maybe they’ll give you a tracking number.

    • i’m really curious as to why a lot of subs still haven’t gotten their box. I subbed on amazon for my 3rd and 4th box on the 22 of jan and i already gotten my boxes… I wonder if they prioritize the amazon subs?

      • Amazon has strict rules for vendors (& lots of crazy chargebacks), so I guess Allure has to follow the rule, that’s why it’s not as late

    • I never received mine either. I emailed them and they said a refund was issued feb 9th but my account says nothing. I’ve emailed 3 more times with no answer. I still have no clue why they issued a refund a month later and my subscription is inactive.

  46. I’ve a feeling the tarteist will probably just be a color variation, but I really wish it was an actual variation item because that formula is sooooo drying! (Stays well, but a terrible formula for me personally – prone to dry lips.)

    • I agree! I dislike the formula of their liquid lips. Oh well, that’s what the swap site is for.

  47. Nope what happened? Just canceled

  48. Ugggg I was excited until I saw all the variants. I really want the tarte lipstick that stuff lasts forever

  49. This is one of my favorite boxes…but… this one doesn’t excite me at all…bummer!

  50. Love allure. They always have the best mix of products. Hope the belief and Tarte are not variations or at least that I get them

    • I’ll be putting both of those on the swap site, so if you don’t get them, I’ll swap with you! : )

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