Weekend Giveaway: Win the “All I Want” GlossyBox Advent Calendar!

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Weekends are for Winners!

Weekend Giveaway time! This week, one winner will receive the “All I Want” Advent Calendar from GlossyBox (regularly $99.00) that has a total value of $325! 

Congrats to last week’s giveaway winner, Nickole H.!

Enter using the giveaway widget below – remember to complete all options (sign up to receive e-mails, share with friends, and comment) to maximize your chances to win!

If you do the refer-a-friend entry option in this giveaway, you’ll get the entries for that once the friend has entered the giveaway. Giveaway is open only to US residents 18 and over, and entries will be accepted through January 10th at Noon Eastern. Winner will be contacted by email – make sure to enter with an email account you check frequently.


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  1. Had to read through the comments to think of something, couldn’t come up with my own. 😉

    A separate, easily accessible list of promo codes along with their expiration date would be great.

  2. Unique posts- Comparisons with products, more photos of things like you did with the handbags/ponchos on different people, more focus on ingredients, random stuff not specifically leading to sales, more tutorials, more interactivity.

  3. I’d love to see more fitness and book boxes. But I think you’re doing a great job and love MSA!!

  4. Great job. Love this site

  5. Great job currently!

  6. I love MSA the way it is. I would love for more insider offers. I thought that was amazing but there hasn’t been any MSA insider deals in a very long time. I would also love for the forum to be opened once again. It was a wonderful place to share our boxes experiences and to see extra pictures. I also love when yo guys feature the products been used. It helps us see the actual size and help with ideas on how to use it, and how it will look. Thank you for all you do! I look forward to another awesome year with MSA!

  7. Let me say, first of all, I really love this site, and visit here several times each day. You folks do a wonderful job, and provide all of with a great service. I love the swap site, and have heard from others that at one time there was a “forum”, where individuals could interact. I know that it isn’t available at this time, and I don’t know why it was discontinued. It does seem like a wonderful idea, though. I would love the opportunity to have conversations with other swappers, and get their ideas on various products, beauty items, and how they use their items.

  8. I like idea of collab box . Also agree to post winners and maybe have 2 winners . Thanks for what you do. You have made me addicted to subscription boxes.

  9. Please bring back the forum

  10. 1) If a box has very low aggregate reviews in the review box ( say 2.9 or lower from a good representative number of us, the buyers and users, then could you please stop reviewing it, even if you get a free box and comps for it? ( Prime examples: Luxor Box, Oui Please, the higher priced boxes which have been SOO bad for so long but you get a free one).

    2) There is a reviewer who will take and then review all manner of clothing which looks way out of her size and now out of her age range as she has mentioned children who are in school.
    The problem is this: She will not let us know anything about her sizing, whiting it out on every single invoice even though it’s clear from the sub, box name that she’s either a 1X, 2X or 3X.

    This is something that many people looking at this choice over a period time will see as ” fat shaming” and it IS.
    If the reviewer will not tell the truth about her size, why should I trust her review?
    Also, if that’s MY size, what am I to think about being ” a plus sized lady” who whites out the sizing on the invoice slips and blurs or blocks the size tags?

    I have no idea if this person is petite or regular height, because she looks like she might be short. She complains about the length of pants every time she gets them as well. I’m NOT petite, but because she never says ” I have short arms” or ” I am 5′ 3” tall, we know NOTHING except that she’s plus sized.

    3) This next one is a BIGGIE with me. You were putting item categories above the reviews. So, I didn’t click on a child’s book review by accident, or a Nerdy box, or a period subscription box or most others which are totally not in line with my needs.
    You recently took the category off, and I have to think it’s for increased revenue from ” clicks”.
    PLEASE put the keywords back above each review!!! You get so much revenue, as you should, but now, if I don’t KNOW what demographic a box is curated to, I don’t even open the review to read it. That means: I am really upset.

    All in all, I would not know about many sub boxes I’ve tried except for your site. All the many boxes I subscribe to past, present and future come from this site’s reviews! I appreciate that it’s a win/ win situation for you as the business owner and the consumer, which are the subscribers who use your links, codes, and click throughs to sites, and for the overall experience a comprehensive sub box site has become.

    Liz Cadman, dear pretty lady, I’d like to encourage you to show more of you to us by letting more of YOUR personality out.

    Liz, if you don’t like something, say you don’t. We will if you don’t but we will have spent the money to buy it. most likely.
    If you have new blonde hair, don’t cut your photos off at the neck. When you do things like that, it makes me, also a not naturally blonde lady, question my hair color choice…

    You ARE an influencer. It spills over into more than posts about a box. We want to know YOU, not in a stalkerish way but in a friend to friend way.

    I’ll buy 3 times as much from a friendly, warm, and funny person than from a cut and dry sales site, salesperson, or interacting with a person who’s just flat and stating what the booklet says with their responses. 😉

    One last thing: Thanks for the joy of sub boxes you’ve shared, and thanks when you have warned us about bad or shady companies.
    Please continue to be a lively and interactive person with us on your site. It helps everyone when you’ll answer questions which matter in time for decisions to be made.


  11. I would propose the following improvements to the swap site:

    1) make listing item RV mandatory, especially if you are the one requesting items from someone else – it’s one of the biggest wastes of time for me to have to look it up myself every time;

    2) swap matchmaker doesn’t really work, I think it only lists the first ten matches or so, but I would like it to list ALL the matches.

    Thank you.

  12. I love seeing the head-to-head posts and the 6 month comparisons

  13. I would love to see new subscription boxes being reviewed (either asked by followers of MSA or by imagination of the reviewer!) and existing boxes that may not get the limelight. 🙂 MSA is wonderful and I check it everyday!

  14. You are doing a great job!!!

  15. I think you’re doing a great job but if I had to pick something, it would be more tutorials.

  16. I would like to see an MSA collab box!

  17. Fix the problem with some of us not receiving email notifications. A month or so ago emails ceased to appear both from swap requests and news on my separate sub boxes. The only email I receive is the the daily MSA digest. Please fix this or tell us how to fix it on our end. I missed out on the Sephora holiday deals because of this.
    I agree, clean up the swap forum and remove those swappers who are no longer active or have not been active for six months or more. Redundant listings could be deleted or put to zero as I waste time clicking on a product which shows one listing but in fact there are none.
    Other than that MSA is chugging along like the “little engine that could”.

  18. More in-depth reviews and beauty tutorials. Also, the people reviewing need to be a good fit for the box. Don’t have someone review a box of scented products if they don’t like scents. Don’t have someone review a beauty box if they are allergic and can’t test the products.

  19. I miss the forum.

  20. I agree with a previous comment regarding swap site. Swappers that have been dormant for 6 – 12 months should be removed.

  21. Some more features on the swap site, e.g. more options with the swap matchmaker feature, ability of each swapper to counter offer, and a mention of when the sub was received each month if it wasn’t a special advance delivery by that sub. There is such a variation in delivery times among subs, and sometimes I can’t keep track which is which. Some reviews are posted to MSA almost two months after the month named in the title and I can’t tell if that is because November’s box is ordered in November but delivered in December, or if MSA is spacing out reviews.

  22. Maybe posting who actually wins all the giveaways and contests.

    • Yes!

    • Agreed !!!

    • Yes, please!!!

  23. Reviews of less well known subscriptions and posts on boxes that are shady.

  24. I wish you would adjust your comment filter. About a third of my comments are blocked for no reason that I can tell including one just a few minutes ago on the dinner boxes post and it reduces my desire to provide feedback about boxes that I have bought.

  25. Spoilers, reviews, flash sale announcements, and promo codes.

    • Agree!

    • Agree! More ways to save would help out immensely.

  26. I love this site, was trying to think of things I would do better or change and it was taking too long. 😊 so keep up the great work!!!

    • That didn’t sound like how I meant it, I meant was taking too long for me to come up with any changes and couldn’t think of any 🙃

      • Me too! Even reading through the comments, I didn’t see anything suggested that I particularly wanted. I check MSA multiple times throughout the day and I love everything they’re doing!

  27. It would be cool if we could win free sub boxes to try them without, without worry of obligation

  28. I entered a comment, but you guys didn’t like it. Entering this anemic comment anyway.

  29. Always looking for discounts! But y’all do a pretty good job on those. ❤️

  30. I love the my favorites and I miss the most popular swap items too.

  31. I would like the swappers removed so I don’t have to see their photos and not available sign for the ones that did not follow the rules on the site.

  32. Better follow up and awareness on contest winners; integrity by actual follow up to emails (i.e., if you say you’re going to do something, do so); occasionally feature sub box with 2 reviewers’ input side by side on the product (similar to clothing, but generalize to beauty, food, etc); less exclamation marks on sentences that need not be exclaimed – it reads as disingenuous and unnecessary over-promoting (same thing when repeatedly stating this or that is the best version that has ever been received over and over throughout the year).

    • Yes, especially to multiple viewpoints.

    • 100% in agreement with editing out/reducing the exclamation marks that litter so many reviews here.

      • I like exclamation points!

        • !!!!!!!!!😃😂

        • I like exclamation points too!!

  33. My only suggestion is to reinstate the forum section, with a few tweaks. It was a great way to connect MSA members that has been missed since it ceased.

  34. I love this site, nothing to change that I can see.

  35. More articles on how to use different box products. Loved the article on how to use the exercise disks from FFF.

  36. No changes that I can think of!

  37. Happy New Year! I like the idea of a list of promo codes too.

  38. It’s pretty great as is, honestly.

  39. Doing great! No need to change anything.

  40. Not entering contest but wanted a place to comment.
    Is there a way to reach out to swap people who are listed as “this user has not been active for more than one month”? I know they are still trying to swap because they add new items. I also know that sometimes it is hard to make a swap every month no matter how many offers I put out there. Can you ask people to remove themselves if they don’t want to swap any more? Maybe take them off swap listing if no swaps in six months? I’d really like to reach some swappers. Thanks for listening. And thanks for all you do.

    • I would love to see the swap portion of the site cleaned up of old listings and inactive users.

    • If they are still posting new items, then they can’t be still showing as hasn’t been active for more than a month.

  41. I would like to see a bit of information on how to get responses from customer service of subscription box services, not that I am thinking of one that comes in a red box.
    Also, possibly more European box reviews. No idea which ones other than Cohorted and Mintd but I really like both of them.

    • I agree. A listing of the best and most effective way to reach customer service for each box would be really appreciated.

  42. Bring back the forum!

  43. I can’t think of anything much…maybe just NOT reviewing the ones that clearly no one has a positive experience with.

    • I respectfully disagree. I appreciate all the boxes being reviewed. The reviews help show us what to expect – including the good and the bad!

      • I agree S, i want to know about negative and positive boxes so i can decide for myself.

      • You probably won’t see this, but why would you want them to spend money and/or patronize a company that’s no good? If there are no positive reviews coming from the sub box, there may be other subs that they could spend their time and money on to show us what else is out there. I understand your point for pros and cons, but sometimes there are no pros, lol. There was a candy one the other day that had no redeeming qualities at all, and I just thought it was a waste of everyone’s time. But they could revisit these same subs if things start to turn around. That’s just my opinion, but I thought I’d share more of what I meant.

  44. Already doing everything I can think of.

  45. Is this for the US or UK version of the box? The photos have the UK versions items but I would think it is the US version since the giveaway is for US residents?

  46. Because many of us see MSA as endorsing sub boxes, it would be great if there were a place, besides in the comments section, where boxes with great integrity were lifted up above those with little or no integrity. There are times when I see boxes listed and I want to ban myself from MSA because there just seems to be no filtering out of companies that have really done wrong to those who have purchased from them. I understand that when they send you boxes to review, they are cream of the crop, that’s not what the rest of us may receive, though.

    • I agree with this. Great idea!

  47. I love the site. I even shared it with my box addicted friends. I can’t think of one thing to change.

  48. Have an index with all of the boxes, instead of them sorted by category! I have been trying to find pet boxes on the website and have jumped from several lists, it would be helpful to have them all in one place. 🙂

  49. Maybe a separate area with all the different promo codes? IDK I’m fairly happy with the site as is

    • I agree! List of promo codes please

  50. Doing a great job! I can’t think of anything to improve.

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