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Ulta Love Your Skin Ingredients That Matter Review + Coupon – January 2019

Ulta Love Your Skin Ingredients That Matter January 2019 - Box Closed Front Top

Ulta recently released a few new sampler kits! This is a review of the Ulta Love Your Skin Ingredients That Matter set, which features products with powerhouse ingredients.

Ulta Love Your Skin Ingredients That Matter January 2019 - Box Closed Back Top

FYI – this box is still available for purchase!

Ulta Love Your Skin Ingredients That Matter January 2019 - Box Open Top

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

Ulta Love Your Skin Ingredients That Matter January 2019 - All Items Group Shot

About The Box

The Box: Ulta Love Your Skin Ingredients That Matter  

The Cost: $50 + free shipping

LIMITED TIME DEAL: Currently on sale for $15 + $5.95 shipping for purchases under $50 (also available in store!)

Coupon: Check out the Free Gift with Purchase Page for all offers!

Ulta Love Your Skin Ingredients That Matter Review

Ulta Love Your Skin Ingredients That Matter January 2019 - Coupon Top

This kit comes with a $5 of $25 purchase from the brands featured in this box.

Ulta Love Your Skin Ingredients That Matter January 2019 - Juice Beauty STEM CELLULAR Anti-Wrinkle Eye Treatment Front

Juice Beauty STEM CELLULAR Anti-Wrinkle Eye Treatment, 0.25 oz – Estimated Value $25 (Buy the 0.5 oz version for $50)

Wow, this is a generous sample coming in at half the full-size! I am always interested in trying new eye creams, especially now that the ghosts of wrinkles are starting to grace my face. This is made with fruit stem cells aloe, hyaluronic acid, and jojoba oil (just to name a few), and I found this to be hydrating and non-irritating.

Ulta Love Your Skin Ingredients That Matter January 2019 - Algenist Complete Eye Renewal Balm 1 FrontUlta Love Your Skin Ingredients That Matter January 2019 - Algenist Complete Eye Renewal Balm 2 Uncapped Top

Algenist Complete Eye Renewal Balm, 0.23 oz – Estimated Value $31.28 (Buy the 0.5 oz version for $68)

Another pricy eye cream sample! This one is just under half the size of the full-size version, and with these two eye creams, we are already over the cost of the box. This is a much thicker eye cream than the Juicy Beauty one. This is made with shea butter, meadowfoam, and bamboo. This does have dimethicone in it, which personally doesn’t bother my skin but is good to know if you avoid silicones.

Ulta Love Your Skin Ingredients That Matter January 2019 - Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Gel Mask Front

Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Gel Mask, 1 oz – Estimated Value $10.40 (buy the 5 oz version for $52)

I love to multi-mask, and this cucumber gel mask from Peter Thomas Roth is one I reach for often as the second mask after using an exfoliating or clay mask. It is hydrating and incredibly gentle, and the gel texture is so soothing on irritated or stressed skin.

Ulta Love Your Skin Ingredients That Matter January 2019 - First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream Pink Grapefruit Front

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream Pink Grapefruit, 1 oz – Estimated Value $5.33 (buy the 6 oz version for $32)

I (like many of you, I am sure!) am familiar with the Ultra Repair Cream from First Aid Beauty, but I had no idea they made a pink grapefruit version! This is made with the same great colloidal oatmeal, shea butter, and ceramides, but it also is infused with citrus oils. The light citrus scent is delightful, and I think I like this version even more than the original!

Ulta Love Your Skin Ingredients That Matter January 2019 - Better Skin Co Mirakle Cream 1 FrontUlta Love Your Skin Ingredients That Matter January 2019 - Better Skin Co Mirakle Cream 2 Uncapped Top

Better Skin Co Mirakle Cream, 0.25 oz – Estimated Value $4.25 (buy the 2 oz version for $34)

This face cream is made in the US from an Uzbekistan recipe, and it features hydrating all-stars like shea butter, aloe extract, algae extract, and sea buckthorn seed oil. It has a rich texture that absorbs quickly into the skin, and I enjoyed it as a night time moisturizer for my combo/oily skin.

Ulta Love Your Skin Ingredients That Matter January 2019 - Proactiv Green Tea Moisturizer Front

Proactiv Green Tea Moisturizer, 0.33 oz – Estimated Value $4.40 (buy the 3 oz version for $40

Proactiv has really been all over recently, but I haven’t tried any products from them since I was about 14. As a teenager with severe acne this brand didn’t work any miracles for me, and as a 24-year-old with hormonal breakouts, this didn’t impress me. It has some good ingredients like green tea, hyaluronic acid, and allantoin, but it also has ingredients like alcohol and fragrance that aren’t necessary in a good skincare product.

Ulta Love Your Skin Ingredients That Matter January 2019 - Dr. Brandt Hydro Biotic Recovery Sleeping Mask Front

Dr. Brandt Hydro Biotic Recovery Sleeping Mask, 0.25 oz – Estimated Value $7.65 (buy the 1.7 oz version for $52)

For all of the Dr. Brandt products that have been in subscription boxes, I was surprised to see this is one I haven’t tried! This mask is made with yogurt powder, polypeptides, and honey in order to strengthen your skins moisture barrier and promote a stable ecosystem for the flora that lives on the skin’s surface. This wasn’t a bad sleeping mask, but I didn’t love it. It had a nice texture, but I wasn’t impressed that the beneficial ingredients were pretty far down on the list (the closer to the top, the better!).

Ulta Love Your Skin Ingredients That Matter January 2019 - Mario Badescu Botanical Exfoliating Scrub Front

Mario Badescu Botanical Exfoliating Scrub, 0.50 oz – Estimated Value $3.83 (buy the 3.4 oz version for $26)

This is a physical exfoliant thanks to the finely ground ivory palm seeds and it is paired with gingko, aloe, ginger root extract, and coconut extract. I usually stick with chemical exfoliants but I liked that this wasn’t too harsh for my skin. I definitely think my skin looked a bit brighter after using, too.

Ulta Love Your Skin Ingredients That Matter January 2019 - Clarins Pore Control Serum Top

Clarins Pore Control Serum, 0.10 oz – Estimated Value $5.50 (buy the 1 oz version for $55)

I love Clarins, and this is a new product for me! Unfortunately, while this has strawberry tree fruit extract and tamarind pulp acid to tighten large pores and exfoliate, it also has Alcohol listen as the third ingredient after water and dimethicone. Clarins, how could you do this to me?

Ulta Love Your Skin Ingredients That Matter January 2019 - Exuviance Probiotic Lysate Anti-Pollution Essence Front

Exuviance Probiotic Lysate Anti-Pollution Essence, 0.17 oz – Estimated Value $2.25

Essence is a step I am really trying to add into my skincare routine, and for that reason, I think this was my favorite discovery in the box. This is made with probiotics naturally found in yogurt to support your skins micro-biome, and that is the second ingredient on the list! This also has antioxidants and hyaluronic acid that adds hydration and fights environmental stressors, and a few drops covered my entire face.

The Verdict: For a kit that is named “ingredients that matter” I think Ulta could have used a bit more discernment in some of the products featured here. That being said, overall I am really happy with what I received. This kit has a value of $99.89, which is essentially double the cost of the box at $50. That being said, I wouldn’t buy this for $50- but I definitely would buy it for the sale price of $15!

To Wrap Up:

Can you get this box if you sign up today? Yes, this is still available (and it is on sale!)

Value Breakdown: This kit costs $50 + free shipping and I calculated a value of $99.89. That means you are paying approximately the following per item:

  • Juice Beauty: $12.50
  • Algenist: $15.66
  • Peter Thomas Roth: $5.20
  • First Aid Beauty: $2.67
  • Better Skin Co: $2.13
  • Proactiv: $2.20
  • Dr. Brandt: $3.83
  • Mario Badescu: $1.92
  • Clarins: $2.75
  • Exuviance: $1.12

What do you think of the Ulta Love Your Skin Ingredients That Matter kit? Are you going to grab one?

Written by Jessica Hapak

Jessica Hapak

I am a staunch believer that pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza and when I’m not working as a family law attorney I enjoy hiking the Louisiana trails (alligator sightings are a favorite!) or relaxing with Duchess, my cat. I’m a sucker for anything labeled a mystery box and I’ve never met a bath bomb I didn’t like.

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Comments (31)

  1. Mine just arrived. Very happy with the products. But the amount of packaging is horrific. Is this level of packaging the norm for Ulta? If so, I won’t be buying from them again. I understand the amount of packaging for in store to prevent shoplifting, but for mail order, stuff it in a cotton sack and mail it off. Would save a ton of postage, too.

  2. Frankly, I ordered the box for the two eye products, making it well worth it!

  3. Love Your Skin – All your favorites, is $15. today according to their site (Wed.).

    I was trying to pass on this one, to prove that I’m not an addict, but…

  4. Do I plug the trigger if alcohol is higher on the list along with fragrance sometimes? :/ I want to, but I don’t need to dry out my face further

    • Alcohol shouldn’t be in moisturizer. 🙂

    • cetyl alcohol and stearyl alcohol are actually good for the skin, any other alcohol is a no and I won’t use any facial products with fragrance in the ingredients.

    • It depends! There are some non-sensitizing fatty alcohols that are okay in skincare. I recommend checking out Paula’s choice for science-backed information on various skincare ingredients.

  5. Ulta also has their Sensitive Skin Solutions kit on sale for $4.99. It has:
    CeraVe Hydrating Face Cleanser Face Wash for Normal to Dry Skin (1 oz)
    La Roche-Posay Lipikar Moisturizing Lotion with Shea Butter and Glycerin (0.5 oz)
    Vichy Double Glow Peeling Mask (2 x 0.23 oz)
    Garnier SkinActive Soothing Facial Mist with Rose Water (0.06 oz)
    SheaMoisture Green Coconut & Activated Charcoal Jelly Cream (0.21 oz)
    Aquaphor Ointment Body Spray (0.86 oz)
    Ulta Beauty Collection Sensitive Skin Facial Cleansing Towelettes (5 ct)
    Burt’s Bees Sensitive Day Lotion (.35 oz)
    L’Oreal Paris Grapeseed Sugar Scrub (for lip/face) (0.25 oz)

    • I saw that earlier this evening and put it in my cart. Went back 2 hours later and it doubled to $10. Not a lot of money, but really unethical to double the price of something in the cart…and it’s still the same day here on the West Coast. That just left a bad taste in my mouth.

    • And again comment disappeared. Not fun here.
      Again, I put this kit in my cart with the others, went back 2 hours later, and it had doubled in price, still in my cart! Not a lot of money at $10 but it’s the principle of the thing. Very annoyed. And it’s all the same day here on the West Coast…so no timing issue.

    • It says $9.99 on the ulta website

      • It was 4.99 yesterday.

  6. Okay, why did I buy it? Original price $50, what a steal at $15, but do I need it, probably not? I need to stop reading MSA reviews and find a support group. Help!

    • I think we are the same person! No need for this at all, but I get FOMO when I see these deals!!!

      • I bought it for the same reason. This box and another box they had on sale for $15 as well as Sensitive Skin box on sale for $4.99 which is apparently not on sale anymore.

  7. Sale looks like a good deal but I detest Ulta. They always advertise one day sales and my product is always listed for that special sale but when the day comes it’s shown as ‘out of stock’….

    • I’m an Ulta champ and just advice – if it’s something you really and you’re worried it’s going to sell out you can: Wait until midnight Pacific time, which is when the sales start (insane I know) or put it in your cart the night before and buy it as soon as you get up in the morning.

      I’ve never had issues getting a sale item from them, and I’ve been buying there for a long time.

      • When you go to the store let them know that you can’t get there in time to get the sale items and ask for a free shipping coupon code to shop online. I do it all the time because of my work schedule. Also, Platinum members usually get free shipping during these sales. Good luck!

    • To add on to what Jackie said, I’ve seen many sales actually go live at 10pm PST the night before, and they sometimes overlap with that current day’s sales too before they expire. If there’s something I really want that I think will go out of stock before I get around to purchasing it the next day, I usually do what Jackie advised, but just wait until 10pm, make my order, then go to bed. 🙂

      • Thank you ladies for the advice. I may go back to Ulta to see if I can snag my favorites at their insane discount the night before. 🙂

  8. Could you do a review for the other Ulta Kit? I was debating on which kit to get, since I have sooooo much stuff. I was actually leaning towards the other box but after seeing this review, I am torn! I would love to see a review on the other box! Thank you!

    • Hi Courtney!
      Working on a review of the All Your Favorites kit now!

  9. Thanks for the review and info about the sale. I bought 2 of each kit at $15. Was a little tempted when they were $30, but at $15 I couldn’t resist. Been wanting to try a couple of the products and I like the FAB – definitely cheaper than the Jurlique I have been using on my hands.
    I didn’t do a coconut check so half will probably go for swaps or sales.

  10. I received a sample of the Better Skin Co Mirakle Cream in one of the Ulta freebie bags and I can’t recommend it enough. There is no perfume smell but it also doesn’t have that weird “unscented” smell that some unscented products do. I have combo skin with an oily t zone but very dry skin under my eyebrows. It’s worked great on all areas. Heck it may even have promoted some eyebrow growth – which I do NOT need, lol. With so many samples coming in from boxes, this is the only skin care product I have purchased the full size of.

  11. I bought each of the boxes when they went on sale for $30- and then again when they went on sale for $15. The beauty hoarder in me can never have too many minis to try/travel with! 😂
    Also I love that MSA is reviewing the curated kits that Ulta and Sephora put out as they’re usually such an incredible deal and full of things I want to try!

  12. Awwww, I missed it. Sold out. Maybe some other time, I hope! 🙂

    • Oops, I was wrong. Still available! Yay!

  13. I grabbed 2 of these for 15 each. What a great deal and I love all these products. Thanks for the reviews.

    • Happy to do them! Glad you were able to grab one

  14. The First Aid Beauty cream comes in a Cream Honeysuckle scent too!

    • Ooooh I imagine that smells luscious

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