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Target Beauty Box Review – January 2019

Target Beauty January 2019 - Box

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FYI – This box is still available!

Target Beauty January 2019 - Open Box

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

Target Beauty January 2019 - Contents

About Target Beauty Box

The Box: Target Beauty Box – January

The Cost: $7

The Products:

  • Love Beauty & Planet Argan Oil & Lavender Deodorant
  • Method Body Wash Pure Peace
  • Up&Up Premium Cotton Rounds
  • Maybelline Eye Studio Master Precise All Day Liner
  • Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil
  • Schmidt’s Naturals Travel Sized Toothpaste Activated Charcoal
  • Garnier Micellar Water Waterproof

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January 2019 Target Beauty Box Review

Target Beauty January 2019 - Info

This month’s box features 7 beauty items to make your winter beauty routine flawless! This info card provides a short description of each item sampled and on the flip side a Target coupon good for $3 off a beauty purchase of $15 or more.

Target Beauty January 2019 - Info2

Moving on to Target’s flawless beauty picks!

Target Beauty January 2019 - DO1

Target Beauty January 2019 - DO2

Love Beauty & Planet Argan Oil & Lavender Deodorant, FULL SIZE! – Retail Value $6.99

As far as drugstore natural deodorants go, this one smells the best by far. I really liked the way it glided right on and moisturized, thanks to the Argan oil, but unfortunately, it just didn’t hold up for me. It checks all of the boxes for me ingredient-wise (no alcohol, aluminum, parabens, etc.), but I felt I needed to reapply after about an hour into perusing the aisles of TJ Maxx.

Target Beauty January 2019 - Method

Method Body Wash Pure Peace, 3.4fl oz – Estimated Value $1.32 (Buy 18fl oz for $6.99)

What a great sample size! This naturally derived body wash is infused with peony, rose water and pink sea salt and smells beautiful. My expectations for moisturizing body wash is skewed because I use SheaMoisture, and they make the very best, but Method’s is decent! My skin didn’t feel tight after drying off, and the pretty floral fragrance hinted around my bathroom for a little while after my shower. Their company is also cruelty, phthalate, and paraben free!

Target Beauty January 2019 - Round

Up&Up Premium Cotton Rounds, 2ct – Estimated Value $.06 (Buy 100ct for $2.99)

I use a cotton round every night to take off my makeup, and this one is pretty standard. I saturated one with a micellar water and wipe away my eye makeup on one side then my face makeup on the other side before washing my face. I didn’t have any issue with tearing, and I feel it picked up my makeup well.

Target Beauty January 2019 - Liner1

Target Beauty January 2019 - Liner2

Maybelline Eye Studio Master Precise All Day Liner, FULL SIZE – Retail Value $6.99

Liquid liner, in my experience, is hard to get right. It has to be precise, stay in place all day and be black as night; this liner was a non-contender. The pigment is saturated, but it smudged shortly after application. I was also able to draw a precise line, but it moved around so much that it didn’t really matter.

Target Beauty January 2019 - Palmer

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil, .9fl oz – Estimated Value $1.66 (Buy 5.1oz for $9.39)

Formulated with Vitamin E and argan oil, this oil feels lightweight on the skin, and it smells soft and inviting like cocoa butter. Palmer’s makes great products, and this oil is an instant new favorite. This phthalate, paraben and cruelty-free product is supposed to help heal and soothe dry, damaged, uneven or scarred skin. My favorite way to use this is mixed with a fragrance-free lotion all over for the ultimate hydration experience.

Target Beauty January 2019 - Charcoal

Schmidt’s Naturals Travel Sized Toothpaste Activated Charcoal, .75oz, – Estimated Value $.80 (Buy 4.7oz for $4.99)

Usually, I try to avoid charcoal toothpaste because of the mess it leaves behind, but this all natural version is a dye-free grey that doesn’t stain the sink. My teeth felt squeaky clean after brushing, and the subtle mint kept my mouth feeling fresh all morning. This paste is also certified vegan and cruelty-free!

Target Beauty January 2019 - Garnier

Garnier Micellar Water Waterproof, 1.05fl oz – Estimated Value $1.23 (Buy 3.4 fl oz for $3.99)

I’ve never seen a small bottle of Garnier micellar water like this, but it is the perfect travel size for a weekend away. The sensitive version of this makeup remover is my absolute favorite, but this waterproof rendition didn’t cause any irritation for me. I didn’t have any waterproof makeup to test this on, but the makeup I did have on didn’t stand a chance against it!

Verdict: This box has a total estimated value of $19.05, which is almost triple the $7 price tag of this box; Target Beauty Box is an awesome deal if you love to sample different brands on the cheap, and I love using all of the samples from this box when I travel. This box was full of useful items that I rely on day to day, so I was thrilled to receive backups of some of my go-tos. I will definitely be utilizing the $3 coupon, which is always a very welcome bonus to this box.

Value Breakdown: At $7.00 for this box, here’s what you are paying approximately per item:

  • Love Beauty & Planet Argan Oil & Lavender Deodorant:  $2.57
  • Method Body Wash Pure Peace:  $.49
  • Up&Up Premium Cotton Rounds:  $.02
  • Maybelline Eye Studio Master Precise All Day Liner:  $2.57
  • Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil:  $.61
  • Schmidt’s Naturals Travel Sized Toothpaste Activated Charcoal:  $.29
  • Garnier Micellar Water Waterproof:  $.45

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Yes, as of publication, this box is still available!

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Target Beauty Box

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Written by Abby Holsinger

Abby Holsinger

Abby has been a box enthusiast since July 2011, finding her calling with Birchbox. That was the start of a new era for Abby, because she is now hooked on the subscription box life; she loves the idea of receiving (several) thoughtful treats from genius curators such as Lisa Sugar and Rachel Zoe. A few other loves of hers would be her dog named Bill Murray, Bill Murray and chocolate babka.

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Comments (25)

  1. FYI – This box is now showing available for $5.

    I wasn’t going to buy it but now that it’s available for five bucks and some change, I figured why not?


    • I ordered two days ago, so I just did the online chat, and they are crediting me the $2. Thanks for the heads up!

      • How did that work? Did you receive your box yet in order for them to credit you the price match?

      • Nope, I just ordered two days ago, and it shipped yesterday, so I probably won’t get it until sometime next week (Target boxes usually take about a week to reach me, once shipped). I think they did it because I purchased so recently.

        Honestly I was waiting for the price to drop but was concerned that with the review being posted, it would sell out before that happened!

      • Gotcha! Well congrats on the credit. Target is well known for its price matching (especially in-store), but I already received my boxes. But I’m still gonna give it a shot.

      • It can’t hurt to ask nicely 🙂

      • Thanks for the tip. I ordered 2 boxes a day or 2 before it went on sale and used the chat and got the refund

  2. I was most excited to try the deodorant but a disappointment. Had to reapply more than once. 😒

  3. Target boxes are a great way to introduce makeup and skincare to a young teen. My boxes have been shared with my 16yr old daughter for two years!

  4. Hey Abby – I’m not sure if you use aluminum-free deodorant all the time – but if you don’t it won’t work as effectively. You need to cut out aluminum deodorant for about a month before aluminum-free will work effectively.

    • I have been using Schmidt’s for months, and it works pretty well for me. I got this box, and the deodorant wasn’t a good fit for me. I ended up feeling sticky and sweaty all day, and by bedtime, I smelled….not good. I will probably try it a couple more times but this one might get tossed.

      • What’s weird is that I like the rose-scented Schmidt’s, but the lavender and sage one doesn’t work nearly as well for me (both in how it goes on and how long it lasts). I tried Tom’s Wicked Cool (the boy one, not the girl one) on the recommendation of a friend, which went on smoothly but needed reapplication once/day. I then tried Tom’s for Men in the North Woods scent (it’s a nice scent and not super manly), which doesn’t go on quite as smoothly and needs a little work washing off in the shower (I use bar soap, so no washcloth or pouf or anything) but actually lasts without the need to reapply. Meanwhile, Tom’s for women has never worked well for me.

    • Hi Jackie! I am pretty much an aluminum free kind of gal. I really liked how this wore (so moisturizing!), but after moving around in and out of the cold, I didn’t feel confident that it was doing its job, lol. I am going to try it with my deodorant crystal to see if that helps 🙂

  5. I always love my Target Beauty Boxes, and they just recently had about 8 of their past boxes on sale for $5, including the men’s beauty box. They may still have some on sale. I think they are trying to clear out past boxes that did not sell out. You can’t beat it for $5 bucks! They made great stocking stuffers!!!

  6. I’m in love with the scent of the Method body wash. When (if) I ever need to buy a full size body wash again, that’s first on the list.

  7. Although I’m going to pass on this box, I personally find that Garnier Micellar Water to be fantastic. I actually like it better than Bioderma to remove mascara (especially waterproof!!)
    It melts it right off without a lot of rubbing.
    And you can’t beat the price.
    If the sample had been larger, I would have went ahead and grabbed this box.
    But literally the LAST thing I need is one more black eyeliner to rehome. 🙄

  8. Am I the only one who thinks the best part about this box is the box itself? It’s sooo cuuute!

  9. Whenever I’m on the fence about buying a box, the MSA review always pushes me over, and you’ve done it again! I’ve wanted to try this deodorant, and that alone costs as much as the box, so the rest is gravy, IMO.

    One of my kids has bad eczema, so I want to try the skin oil to see if it works well for him. I’ve never tried a skin oil on him so am curious if it’s something we can add to our skin care arsenal.

    I already use the Garnier stuff, so that’ll go in my travel bag. The cotton rounds are fine– I use Swisspers, which are inexpensive at my Costco.

    I’ll probably still use the eyeliner, and I’ll give the toothpaste a go. While I’m impressed with the supposed results of charcoal toothpaste, I am concerned about its long-term effects on enamel, so I figure having a small amount to use every few days will be alright.

    • Absolutely…. the deodorant is $6.99 at Target. With my red card, I bought deodorant my daughter uses already and got everything else free. I love these boxes. They ship very fast and they always include something that I am pleasantly surprised with. The body wash is such a soft, pleasant fragrance. And the micellar water works really well. Incidentally, I use natural deodorant at bedtime. Ever since someone went on about how bad the aluminum in deodorant is for my health, I compromised with natural while I sleep. As a side note, the only two that I found effective for day were: one that contains magnesium and another brand, Piper Wai. The one with magnesium made my armpits break out. My daughter was fine with it, but it was a no for me.

  10. Nothing worse than that feeling of your deodorant not working. Yuck!!

    • It is a “deodorant,” not an “anti-perspirant.” Many people do not use anti-perspirants because they contain aluminum and may cause contribute to Alzheimer’s and other ailments. The product is intended to keep the odor down, not the sweat.

      • Mik, the rumor about a connection between aluminum and Alzheimer’s was shown to be false long ago, based on badly designed studies that have not been replicated despite multiple attempts. All those later studies found zero connection between aluminum in antiperspirants and Alzheimer’s. This is good news – be happy!

        And yes, I have a doctorate in toxicology and can read and understand those studies.

  11. I thought this was a great box! Unfortunately, the lid on my deodorant was smashed beyond repair. I’m going to have to come up with another cover to keep it from drying out.

    • You should contact Target and let them know. They may refund your money (or part of it) and/or send you a new box or product. In all the Target boxes I have bought, I’ve only had a couple of minor issues like that, but they’ve always fixed it.

    • I had a very unfortunately problem with one of my boxes and although the box was sold out so they could not replace the product, they were able to place a credit on my target account immediately.
      I did find that calling CS was a lot easier (quicker?)than email.
      Good luck!

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