POPSUGAR Must Have Spring 2019 Box Spoiler Hints!

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We have some spoiler hints for the Spring POPSUGAR Must Have box!

The Spring box will include items to help you refresh your home, habits, and everything in between. And this is the new image on the POPSUGAR Must Have site:

Any guesses on spoilers? What are you hoping to see in the Spring 2019 Box?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I really hope the box will have a white. or any color besides stainless, Corksicle bottle in it. Have been trying to swap for one for a while.

  2. Wow- so much negativity here. You know, if you dislike the PSMH box so much, there’s a little thing called cancelling. Why purchase something just to spend your time complaining about it on a message board. Maybe adding a suggestion about what you would like to see in the box would work better than complaining about what you don’t want in the box. A little positivity for the new year!

    • Saying we hope it’s not workout gear (based on the “teaser” photo) is not negativity. It’s voicing our hopes for the upcoming box. I like FFF for some workout items so I really hope it’s not more of the same for those of us getting both quarterlies. I’m just guessing but I bet “don’t be the same as other popular quarterlies” is a mantra for all of them! What I *do* want in a quarterly would fill a book, simpler to say I hope it’s not workout gear! I do all the surveys and stuff so I have made suggestions and reviewed items and boxes. 📦 Waiting on those spoilers because I have to pick and choose due to budget.

  3. Need a spoiler soon😁

    • Does anyone know when the spring box comes out, other than the obvious?

  4. Something to make us feel refreshed, beautiful, a nice towel to sit at a park or at the beach and read a book, but please no workout things that will end up in the garage, something insperational, something for our skin to recuperate from the winter, things to let us know that spring is here.

  5. When are we getting a real spoiler? I got an email saying the box bills on 2/15, you’d think we’d know something by now.

  6. I hope it’s not fitness stuff. I expect that in FFF but not PSMH, esp since they moved to the quarterly model with a higher price tag. They said it was so they could include items from higher end brands and suppliers with more personal luxury in mind. If it turns out to be expensive workout gear I will be very bummed. I am also joining the “cancel after every box” parade, waiting to see spoilers.

    • I agree! I don’t want fitness stuff. I want stuff to pamper myself. It must be so hard to tailor a box to so many different women; but, I hope they aren’t going in the fitness direction.

  7. The last box was my first. Do we typically get spoilers before we get billed for the next box?

  8. I really enjoyed my winter box and hoping for a great Spring box but not going to make a decision until an actual spoiler comes out. I have zero interest in any exercise related items so keeping my fingers crossed.


    • It is highly unlikely the actual box will contain any of the items in these photos.

  10. The corkcicle bottle in this photo is from a previous box. They almost always show items from previous boxes in the the spoiler hint. And in the 4-5 years I’ve been a PSMH subscriber, only like ONCE did the actual box ever contain an item from the hint photo. Also, I think these spoiler hint photos are silly. I’d rather they spend the money and time on curating better boxes.

    • Lol so true!

  11. Hmmmm…
    I have soooooooooooooo many totes & “gym bags” now I don’t have room to store them all. Im praying Thats not in the box but I just know it will be. Still a tad surprised tho because this isn’t FabFitFun?? Why would they assume the majority of their subscribers go to the gym or even travel???

  12. Oh boy! A gym bag!!! I’m disabled so that’ll be beneficial to me and ANOTHER water bottle. Oh goody. Another to my stash of 7 I already have.

    • Same thing I was thinking. I’m on BAG and BOTTLE overload!

  13. Yeah I really don’t want a gym bag or water bottle. Giftcard to get some new sneakers would be sweet.

  14. I bet they’ll have a kohl’s gift card or something to promote their clothing line.

    • I would not be opposed to that!

  15. Can’t wait! A high quality gym bag would be great! I have so many totes (can never have enough)…and since Avenue A is obsolete, I am constantly scoping out lululemom bags…which are completely overpriced, but have great design elements.

    I’m thrilled for a new trendy, solid gym bag. The rest is gravy.

    Thank you popsugar!!

    • I miss Avenue A SO MUCH!!!!

      • Me too, that was a great box .

      • Me too!!! I thought it was going to come back this year.

        Anyone know when the “spring” box will start shipping? February?

      • Oh Avenue A. I miss it. I have bought two pair of Adidas since they’ve gone away because I found out I love them for running. More than Asics. Wish it would come back!

  16. She looks like a healthy chick, so im going to guess something to help on my health journey/ take to the gym.

  17. Hmmm…so far, I don’t see anything appealing. I loved the Winter Box! I hope this isn’t just a one and done for me. I had high hopes for Spring.

  18. Canceled. I seem to only like fall and winter boxes so buying one at a time leaves me happier and saves me some money 🙂

    • Lol, that’s what I seem to be doing. Got fall, then cancelled. Liked winter spoilers do got winter, but then cancelled. Waiting on spring spoilers to see if I want the next box.

  19. It’s going to be a spring devoid of color? These early pictures are notoriously deceptive. I’m holding out for actual spoilers!

    • Same here.

  20. I’m oddly hopeful about this box! Looking forward to spoilers, but a bag, water bottle, journal…all sound like a good start!

  21. Spring cleaning all the things? 🧹 🌸

    • OMG YESSS. A spring cleaning/organizing theme would be amazing as I’m currently obsessed with Marie Kondo’s netflix show! I never thought I’d say this but I want nothing more than a box filled with smaller boxes 😂😂😂

      • I just found this on Netflix myself. OMG how cute is Marie Kondo?!!

        • She’s the CUTEST! Love her! ❤️

      • Me too! Obsessed with her! Working on clothes organization now! 😀

  22. This makes me want to cancel. I already have a journal and a wonderful planner. A collection of water bottles. Luggage and towels. And by spring time your New Years resolutions are long forgotten. I don’t get it. Humm

    • I canceled.

      • I joined.😆

    • Please no more journals (or cards)! I can’t give them away quickly enough.

  23. I don’t workout, so bags, yoga mats, etc. will be totally wasted on me. I don’t do journaling, have a cupboard full of water bottles and don’t need reminders to go outside.

  24. Of the monthly’s, I usually enjoyed the beginning (Jan/Feb) and the end of the year (Oct-Dec) boxes. I am going to miss the Feb, Valentine themed box greatly.

  25. The Corkcickle was in an LE box a while ago so I doubt that one will be in the box.

  26. The email they sent me shows a journal. I’m thinking that goes with their resolutions theme. Don’t care for another water bottle unless it’s a Bkr. Don’t need a tote. Unimpressed so far which is good since I’m on a low buy plan this year.

  27. Don’t need the umpteenth duffel and water bottle, but I appreciate the theme of getting out and getting fresh air in the spring. So far, wallet is safe.

    • me too! based on other spoilers seems you are spot on with duffle + water bottle – thinking that towel may be included too!

    • Agree about bags and bottles! I could use the duffel as luggage but I’m not a fan of the camo print.

    • I agree with too many water bottles, however I feel I could never have enough bags!! Bring them on….lol

  28. Can’t wait for the first real spoiler! 🙂

  29. The email I received had a picture of a journal so that could be spoiler that fits with the theme. This box is starting to look like it will be easy to pass on.

  30. For refreshing your home I’m guessing Marie Kondo’s book would do the trick…. I have to make sure that is not in the box bc I already have it and follow her method.

    • I think her Spark Joy book was in a box a while back, but can’t remember. I’ve been watching her show on Netflix, so inspiring! I’ve been saving pretty boxes for years thinking I’ll use them someday, and now have lots of ideas for them!

    • Her book was already included 2-3? yrs ago in a January Box.

  31. I’m betting on the bag… the corkcicle is from a previous summer box, so I doubt that’s in it. I wouldn’t mind the sneakers!

    • Second that! I want the shoes! (pretty please with cheese PS??)

  32. Definitely getting another water bottle.

  33. I don’t workout, so I really hope it’s not gym themed!

    • love that you freely admit no work out! kids give me a work out, mentally + physically!

      have $35 credit to use but will wait until summer if work out box but seems so far away – really missing monthly PSMH, wish they would go back!

  34. The duffle is Vooray – one of two types – in Snow Hex Camo.
    (If it’s in the box, which their spoiler pictures usually include at least one item and the brand’s duffles have been featured in their articles before.)

    • thx for detective work!!

    • I think you’re right it’s the BURNER SPORT DUFFEL LARGE, SNOW HEX CAMO.
      PS posted a gym bag article a few days ago and it include Vooray bags.

  35. i would like the jacket and sneakers

  36. That bag would be nice… or that jacket (is that a jacket to the left?)…or those sneakers… LOL

    • I was thinking maybe it was a sweat wicking towel on the left? Looks good so far. Just hoping they avoid the whole “spring glow” with yet another bronzer/highlighter product but I’ll eat my hat if something like that doesn’t actually end up in there.

      • I was thinking the same thing that it may be a moisture-wicking towel. Even though I never go to the gym, I think the bag could be useful for overnight/weekend trips or as a lightweight carry-on bag.

      • Yeah, that was my thought!

    • Agreed…I was looking at the bag and the bottle as great items, but that jacket would be nice too.

  37. Another corkcicle? I wouldn’t mind that.

  38. If it’s a new front door mat, I’m gonna be pissed, cuz I finally just bought a new one. 😂


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