POPSUGAR Must Have Spring 2019 Box Spoiler #1!

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We have the first spoiler for the Spring POPSUGAR Must Have box!

Each box will include:

Vooray Burner Gym Duffel in Snow Hex Camo – Suggested Retail Value $49.99

POPSUGAR sent me this item early so I can answer any questions you have about it!

The duffel is the multitasker of bags— it’s great for workouts, commuting, or weekend trips. The design includes a separate, ventilated shoe pocket as well as a padded front pocket for your smartphone. Magnetic handles keep all your belongings safely together. The adjustable shoulder strap also allows you to customize how to wear the bag. It doesn’t get any better than this.

This bag features a large zippered inside pocket, 3 open mesh pockets, a lined pocket on the outside perfect for your phone, and a mesh pocket on the outside for a water bottle:

The top handles are magnetic so they connect + make it easier to carry. And there’s a ventilated shoe pocket:

Personally, I love it as a weekender bag. I can fit 2 outfits, plus all my beauty + sleep essentials:

(FYI – items pictured here are to help show scale – they are what I pack for overnight trips, not items that will be in the Spring box!)

And there’s an adjustable strap for wearing it on your shoulder or as a crossbody bag.

More info on the Spring box from POPSUGAR: The total retail value is $314. There will be 8 items plus special extras!

What do you think of the first spoiler? 

New subscribers can use coupon code MSA20 to save $20 off of the Spring POPSUGAR Must Have box, too! (Regularly $75 a box.)

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. The pattern wouldn’t be my first choice but I am ecstatic to finally get my hands on a Vooray bag! I’ve wanted one ever since I discovered the brand.

  2. The comments seem pretty divided on this first spoiler but I am OBSESSED. I go to the gym daily and while the color and pattern are fairly boring, I am dying for the separate shoe area. I don’t know how I’ve lived this long without that feature in a gym bag. Just signed up- first time FFF convert (I think- waiting to see the first FFF spoiler but probably cancelling after fall and winter were so lackluster).

  3. What sneakers are shown in the spoiler?

    • Vans old skool. I am trying not to buy them but I am obsessed!

  4. I’m pretty meh on the bag but LIZ! You’re freaking GORGEOUS! Like, seriously, so beautiful 🙂

    • That is really nice of you to say – thank you! 🙂

    • I agree, I too am pretty meh on the bag, but for short trips it looks like it could be great. I am interested in seeing at least one other spoiler before deciding. If it’s more athletic gear then I probably won’t get the spring edition. However, if it’s a mix that would be cool.

  5. While not the most exciting spoiler ever, I go to the gym daily and travel frequently. I can always use another good quality bag. I am on board with this but hope for more excitement to come!

  6. I wasn’t sure if I was going to sign up, but I saw a bag similar to this on another forum and fell in love with it! Perfect weekender/gym bag 😀

  7. I love this spoiler so I just subscribed (again). Its great for both the gym and travel. Its functional plus the colors are pretty neutral so its not too trendy. I would love another spoiler (soon) because the last thing I need is another water bottle or journal. I’m hoping for a room diffuser or a sound machine.

    • A sound machine would be amazing!

  8. Hmmm, not sure about this. I do know that paying full price for the box when it is on deep discount months afterwards is getting old. I got the winter box + credit just to get the add on sales (which, when they arrived, I found out the items for gifts were deleted from my orders). Funny though, got an email telling me how/when to cancel if I wanted to. ???

    Popsugar, I need you back to the good old days with innovative stuff I didn’t need but so enjoyed once I opened the box.

  9. I wish it was not so white because it will get dirty super fast , but I think my husband will like the bag.

  10. I’m getting pretty bored with what seems to be the same old stuff. Not excited at all with the bag. How about something different and some color instead of such blah colors!! I might cancel if the rest of the spoilers don’t offer something different.

    • Agree 100 percent. I am trying to save money this year, so that may be a good thing.

  11. Not dying over the bag but it is cool and useful. What I am dying over is Liz! Looking like a million bucks lady!

  12. If they offered this in a choice of colors and patterns (including the boring but oh so practical black nylon) I’d be in. Aside from the camo being so taste specific, I have a feeling I am going to end up seeing a bunch of women with this bag since popsugar has such a huge client base (I think I must have seen ten different women wearing the pink and gray scarf/wrap offered a couple boxes ago…it was actually fun to see how different people styled it so differently, but still.,.i don’t want to see myself coming and going). If the bag were black I probably wouldn’t notice if it were everywhere, but this camo print is so identifiable. So I regretably cancelled. It looks super practical though.

  13. Liz your hair is gorgeous. I love the lighter color with your skin tone. Looks great sweetie ❤️

    • Thanks so much! I’ve been having a bit of a hair midlife crisis 🙂 This is my third shade in the past few months!

      • Ooh you should go blonde Liz! You could totally pull it off!

  14. This will be great for travel. Since I needed a new backpack and small travel purse, I just ordered from Vooray, got both pieces for less than $50. I had planned to order from Herschel Supply but can’t resist a coordinated set and the prices are great. If I didn’t hate orange, I would have ordered a tote they had on sale for $16 down from $80!

  15. This might be the least compelling spoiler I’ve seen in a long time. A gym bag is not super useful for me in general and I am not a fan of Camo so overall a big no for me. But it looks like I’m in the minority here so if the rest of the box is good it might be worth it since this will make a good swap item.

    • I agree with you.

    • So far I’m on the same wavelength.. it will at least be swappable/sellable if the rest of the box looks fun.

    • Totally agree – you are not alone in your thinking.

    • I agree with you too. I am trying so hard to consider the Marie Kondo way of thinking these days before buying anything, including sub boxes. Although I love bags, I’m not a Camo fan either so I think it’s highly likely that this bag would not bring me any joy, so I need to just say no! Now if I could only say no to the 10,000 sub box throws that continue to catch my eye! 🙂

    • I agree with you. I have been going back and forth on whether or not I will cancel and this is definitely tilting it in the direction of “yes”. I don’t mind the pattern, but I truly do not need another bag.

  16. Im just happy the bag doesnt have some stupid saying on it. I dont at all mind the neutral color scheme. I do already have a decent gym bag that i use everyday, so im going to wait for more spoilers to see if i need to cancel or not. A journal and water bottle will be the straw that causes me to cancel for certain.

    • Totally agree about the sayings! I’m still trying to get over that awful FFF denim gym bag from a couple of years ago. This seems like a bag I’d actually use.

  17. Is what brand is the sound machine I’m in need of one!

    • It’s marpac. It’s my favorite for my baby’s room. It sounds like a fan and is adjustable in how loud you want it.

  18. This would actually make a great diaper bag! I could put diapers, wipes, changing mat and plastic bags in the shoe compartment as not to dig through the whole bag to find what I need for a diaper change. It’s hard to find a diaper bag that’s cute and crossbody.

    • Skip Hop makes really cute diaper bags and backpacks.

  19. I work out at home but I love this bag and will use it for travel!

    Can’t wait to see more! 💕💕

  20. I just got rid of so much after watching the first few episodes of “Tidy Up” on Netflix.

    Cute bag, but I don’t need my closets filling up…again…with items I’m waiting for occasions to giveaway.

    I have taken my sub money when I resist new purchases and fund an investment account 😊. Today I added $55!!

    • Great idea! I love it! I got rid of a ton of stuff after reading her books and now it’s building up again. Can’t stop buying. I need to go on another no shopping break.

      • I was out of control…even had my husband add 2nd, double door medicine cabinet and 2 regular cabinets in bathroom. His, Hers, Hair, makeup.
        Plus many many boxes of overstock.

        I find myself resisting more as I see my account grow!

        • Love your idea – might have to borrow it!

    • Love this idea!! My husband and I completed the first lesson (clothes) and it inspired me to start using the Kon Mari method when shopping. But your idea wold make that even easier for me! Thanks for sharing!

  21. Thank you for modeling, Liz. Glad you have a sleep sound machine. I can’t sleep without mine!

    As for those asking or commenting on the Camo Snow Leopard print, well, the other is black with big pink roses. This one is much more sporty and trendy with athleisure wear.

    I’m going for the box… with just ONE MORE spoiler! 😉

  22. Liz, do you think this bag would fit underneath the seat of an airplane? I wonder if this would make a great “personal item” bag in lieu of a purse for a travel trip. Looks lovely 🙂

    • Yes, I think it would work perfectly for that. It’s 9.5 inches tall, and not structured, so it should fit!

      • Do you know if a laptop would fit in the bag?
        I’m considering getting it, as I borrowed a bag from my husband for my last one night business trip. I’m guessing my laptop to be about 8.5×12 (comparing it with a sheet of paper)

  23. I very much appreciate that the bag is pretty neutral.

  24. Love the bag!

    And you look great, Liz!

  25. I am so excited. I have been holding off on buying a bag since I saw the picture just hoping this would be in the box. I am stupid excited!

    • Yay! Hope you love the bag as much as I do – it’s really well-made! And there are lots of useful little details!

      • That is so great. Thank you, Liz!

      • Liz, I tried the coupon code and it says “A referral discount cannot be combined with any other promotional discounts.” I never subscribe before so why is it not letting me use the code?

  26. Does the MSA20 code only work if you’ve never been a subscriber before? I used to sub, but cancelled, and it didn’t work for me when I tried to sign back up.

    • Yes, that coupon is only for new accounts.

  27. Wow, I had canceled my Popsugar. But, if the other items are also pretty good, I might subscribe to this one.

  28. I’m probably going to go for this box! I need a gym bag and anything else is just bonus.

  29. I like it. I didnt when I saw the pic Poosugar sent, but then seeing it laid out here, hell yeah! Can use it for so many things.

    • I don’t think it was on purpose, but Poosugar made me LOL. Thanks for the childish giggle…I needed that. 🙂 (and, no, nothing intended against Popsugar…I’m excited for this box!)

      • Now I’m giggling!!!

        • I’m giggling toooooo 🙂

  30. I’m neutral on the bag. I’d like it more if it didn’t have such an obtrusive brand label. But I do appreciate that it’s not an item with inflated RV and it seems pretty useful. The next spoiler will determine if I stay or go.

    • This bag looks awesome! It’s one of those things I probably wouldn’t buy for myself but I’ll be happy to have. Super useful!

  31. I’m so excited for this spoiler! Does anyone know if we have that $15 credit from BTBF, if it comes off the price of the box or if it’s for addons? So the way I understood it was that the box would be $60 instead of $75?

    • I am not sure. I think it was for add ons.

      • Drat! Thank you Tiffany! 😘

  32. Wish there was a choice of prints or colors… not loving the camo..

  33. Oh Sunday Riley Luna and Pillow Spray -love them!

    • I trust you’ve seen Liz’s note that those are her personal items, not included in the box.

  34. Hey everyone, if you click on the link for the bag that Liz included, it tells you everything you are asking about the bag. Nice bag, but I don’t need or want it….

  35. This is a perfect item for gym bags! I use a duffel and place my shoes in an old grocery bag currently.

    • BINGO for you! It’s a winner!

  36. I bet Liz’s ten-year challenge shows her aging backward.

    Anyway I kinda like the bag! I might go for it.

  37. I can see where it would be handy for a lot of people, but being that I currently have a broken wrist and fractured pelvis from a wreck, I don’t see me having a use for it anytime soon. 🙁

  38. @Liz – Can you tell us the size/dimensions of the bag? I need a bigger size duffel, but not sure if this will cut it. Thanks!

    • It measures about 9.5 inches tall, 9.5 inches wide, and 15.5 inches long. Hope that helps!

  39. Hi Liz. Can you put a Swell bottle in that outer pocket and feel comfortable that it won’t fall out? Does the pocket seem tall enough for it? Thanks.

    • Hi Jody,

      Just tested a 17 oz Swell bottle. The outer pocket is a mesh, so it hugs the bottle snuggly. Slightly more of the bottle is above the pocket than in the pocket, but I wasn’t worried about the bottle tipping/falling out. (Pretty much that only happened if I held the bag upside down.) Hope that helps a bit!

      • That makes me so happy. I won’t tell you how many Swell’s I have at the moment. We got so many in boxes this past quarter. Thanks.

  40. Argh, hating on the bag – but OMG – Liz, you look gorgeous!

  41. This will be the lowest total retail value on a box since Popsugar transitioned to seasonal/quarterly boxes: Summer 2018 was $372; Fall 2018 was $325; Winter 2018 was $412; and Spring 2019 will be $314.

  42. Oh, dear Lord, please, no! I never work out so this bag is totally useless for me.

    • I don’t like the camo design to even use it as a weekend bag. Wondering if the box will include a water bottle and some kind of journal. Prob gonna pass on this one unless it has something irresistible coming in it. Let’s see….

    • I freaking love this, and I’m super excited to get it. Happy dance

  43. Great picture LIz! For a second I thought it was a picture of a model modeling the bag “in action”, then I was like… “hmm, she looks familiar”. haha! 🙂

    • Haha thanks, Luna! 🙂

  44. I was just thinking yesterday that spoilers for the seasonals should start coming out soon since the payments for them will start charging in the next couple weeks.

  45. Liz,
    What lipstick are you wearing?❤

    • Stila Liquid Lipstick in Patina 🙂

      • Thanx! You’re looking gorgeous!

    • It almost looks like the lipstick from the Fall PSMH Box…

  46. Call me crazy…and I just might be, but could the picture with her putting things in the bag be a photo of the entire box contents? Looks like 7 products to me…none of which I’m thinking I’m thrilled about. I can’t tell what everything is, but I know the item she is putting in the bag is a sleep eye mask by perpetual shade…

    • No those aren’t items in the box. Just me putting together items I always take on trips 🙂 The perpetual shade mask is from a previous POPSUGAR box! (Sorry for any confusion!)

  47. I love this bag. PSMH is becoming my favorite subscription!

  48. I like the bag. And seeing that BKR bottle reminds me I have two unused! Maybe now I’ll start working out… maybe…but not till Spring… LOL

  49. I actually really love this bag. It will be perfect for soccer! Especially outdoor, when my cleats get really dirty and I don’t want them touching the other items in my bag. I cancelled, but I will probably sign back up!

    Liz, you look so pretty, your hair has gotten really long! <3

    • Thank you! And it sounds like this bag is perfect for you! Yay! 🎉

  50. Liz – you looking amazing and so beautiful. Great pic!

    • Thanks so much! 🙂

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