Play! By Sephora January 2019 FULL SPOILERS!

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We have full product spoilers for the January Play! By Sephora box!

Your January box will contain at least two of these products:

  • beautyblender blendercleanser solid pro
  • SUNDAY RILEY Good Genes All-In-One Lactic Acid Treatment
  • HUM Nutrition Daily Cleanse Clear Skin and Breakout Supplement
  • Bite Beauty Matte Crème Lip Crayon in Glacé

And here are all the products they are sampling this month:

  • beautyblender blendercleanser solid pro
  • Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey
  • Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water
  • Bite Beauty Matte Crème Lip Crayon in Glacé

  • Laneige Sleeping Mask
  • Belif Aquabomb Sleeping Mask
  • Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Whipped Cream
  • Sunday Riley Good Genes Lactic Acid Treatment
  • Sunday Riley C.E.O. Rapid Flash Brightening Serum
  • Origins Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask
  • HUM Daily Cleanse Clear Skin + Breakout Supplement
  • FOUR SIGMATIC Golden Latte Mushroom Mix with Shiitake & Turmeric

  • Living Proof Restore Perfecting Spray

  • Marajo Nourishing Cleansing Creme + Deep Treatment Butter
  • Ouai Repair Shampoo + Conditioner
  • BITE Beauty Agave Lip Balm + Sugar Lip Scrub

What do you think of the spoilers? Which item do you want?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I am not one to complain about the selection and curation of my sub boxes, and I’ve given Sephora plenty of grace because it’s $10 a month and I loved trying all the skincare products, and I adored the little drawstring bag. When they did away with the bag, I was disappointed, but not enough to complain. I went with the flow. When I got December’s box, I was shocked at the tiny sample sizes. I went with the flow on that, hoping it would improve.

    But this month, for some reason a switch in me went off. I’ve received my other sub boxes, but my Sephora sub still doesn’t have an expected delivery date. And it’s now the 23rd. I got my other subs literally weeks ago. Shipping has always been a problem but this is by far the worst, and I’m a bit upset that so many subscribers (the majority of them!) are having the same issues. Box promised is not what’s received, not receiving boxes at all, boxes “lost in transit”, A FRIGGIN MUSHROOM SUPPLEMENT, leftover samples from LAST YEAR’S birthday gift…….and customer service hasn’t reached out or given a statement regarding all of these issues. Nothing. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I hope they get their crap together but in the meantime, I’ve cancelled my Play subscription.

    • Yeah, I agree. These last two boxes are making me ask what happened? We used to get generous samples but two very disappointing boxes in a row with small samples and some turmeric drink. I think it’s quittin’ time and predict there will be lots of us leaving after this month’s box-which took ages to arrive too.

    • I agree with all of the above! Well put! I called CS yesterday and asked if my box had been mailed and was told it should arrive “tomorrow”, which I just rec’d a text from UPS, yes, UPS staying it’s out for delivery, since when have they mailed out monthly subs via UPS…. to my surprise CS gave me 100 points without asking which made the red flags go up! November I rec’d a box that was even in correlation to my box number not in my description of products for the month…. go figure!

    • I completely agree! My PLAY profile showed all different items than what I actually received! Why do the boxes come so late in the month? It makes no sense. I’m beginning to feel disappointed by the boxes instead of excited. Yeah, it’s $10 for luxury samples, but now, I’m getting gross Mushroom tea? If I wanted Tea, I wouldn’t be signed up with SEPHORA!

  2. I finally just cancelled my Play subscription. This box just isn’t worth the headache from shipping issues. Get it together, Sephora!!!!!

    • Not to mention the weird dietary supplements with strange ingredients that they’ve started sending. I subscribed for makeup & skin care samples, not vitamins & nutrition packets. I’m canceling if they continue. Ridiculous!

  3. Today was a first for me with Sephora. Even after going to the website and app to check my current box products for January, I actually didn’t receive that box. A little disappointed because it said I had a Drunk Elephant product coming but I’m still looking forward to trying the products I did end up receiving.

  4. This is crazy, my box hasn’t even shipped out to the carrier yet. At this rate I won’t be getting my January box until February. Is anyone else having this issue? The boxes are supposed to be shipped and received by the third week of the month.

    • Hi Ella. I’m in the same position as you with regard to the shipment. From what I’ve been reading, many are in the same boat. Mine is sitting since January 11th. There must be something going on administratively. I called customer service and told them of my mushroom and other food allergies and asked if I could exchange the mushroom latte product. Others have done this with success, but he just canceled the box and credited me. I wound up ending my subscription. Many people cannot take ingestibles or supplements due to dietary restrictions. The agent wouldn’t try to accommodate me so I’m sure Boxycharm and Ipsy will be happy to do so! Good luck with your box!

      • Wow that’s crazy to just cancel your box when other people’s got theirs switched. It seems like none of their customer service people are on the same page with anything. Hopefully they will learn from this experience that some people have bad allergies to things like that. Good luck with other subscriptions! I love my Allure box but their customer service is terrible but I hear really good things about Boxycharm. Thanks again for answering my question!

        • Hi again Ella. I think you’ll like Boxycharm after dealing with Sephora’s picks for samples. This was my first month and I could not believe that we received a full-sized Tarte eyeshadow palette. Take a look at their January box. I also started Ipsy and they offer some full-sized products for just ten dollars. They have some Indie brands, but I like what I’ve received. I kind of like the Indie picks along with name brands.

          I do agree that Sephora’s customer service depends on the agent you wind up getting. Strange that they’re not all on the same page. I’ll keep an eye on them to see if their policies change. Have a great night Ella!

      • The guy i got told me i could return my box to the store and then i would get a refund lol. I’m pretty sure the store wouldn’t take it, I’m not even going to bother

      • I had the same thing happen to me! The box didn’t even make it to the carrier. I also contacted customer service and they said my box was lost in transit to UPS and they would send me a new box. I got a new box less than 24 hours after I contacted them, which is impressive, but still annoying. I hope next month’s comes on time/without any issue.

      • Same here, my box has been sitting in New Jersey for ten days already, and I live in Brooklyn. Before seeing comments here I thought mine is lost and I contacted Sephora customer service and they said there are experiencing delays in shipping and I should be patient. But I am not so sure if this is a Sephora issue. I am subscribed to Macy’s box as well and same happened for Macy’s this month, and box sat for over a week while transiting from UPS to USPS again. I know USPS is listed as unaffected from government shutdown, but it seems like not Sephora but USPS is having problems here.

    • I was charged on the 3rd. The shipping label was created on the 11th. The package itself hasn’t even been shipped. I rated the delivery as terrible on the order tracking page. This is clearly not a company that wants to operate a monthly box. While I’m sure there have been worse flame outs of monthly boxes, this is disappointing from such a large company.

      • I called just now to find out what was up with my box. I was told that numerous people have been calling in about their boxes. Seems like a lot of “missing” boxes are at the same distribution center. I’m on the East Coast, so I wonder if the issue is centered here. I want to give them the benefit of the doubt… :/ I was given 250 points as an apology, which I appreciated, and told that I’d most likely see some movement on my box in 24 hours.

        • My box is now moving after calling Sephora CS. It went from Maryland, which is closer to me and where my normal orders ship from (which I then receive the next day), to New Jersey, which is further away from me. My new arrival date is January 26th, four days from now.

          Do most other monthly boxes ship with this UPS Mail Innovations business? Or do they use FedEx and UPS?

          • My box is now moving, after zero movement whatsoever since January 11th. Now says it will arrive on the 26th. I’ve not ever experienced this type of issue with play! before this months fiasco. Wrong box spoilers and nash shipment issues. Makes me wonder if this happened bc their focus is on the rebranding of the box.

      • Same in regards to January 3 & 11. I called customer service yesterday. Apparently my box was also, “lost.” The representative offered me a refund or another box similar to the one I was supposed to receive because my original box was out of stock. I chose one similar to what I should have received. She also provided overnight shipping. I’ve been with Sephora Play almost since the beginning. This is the first issue I’ve had with shipping. I’m glad to know I wasn’t the only one, as frustrating as it is.

        Now what happens to all the “lost” boxes should they be found?

    • So I emailed Sephora to ask why I haven’t received my box yet and they said it got lost in transit . . Nice. Were they even going to let me know that? I’ve been with Play since day one and I’ve officially had it with them, time to cancel.

      • Yikes! I hope mine didn’t get lost in transit! My box hasn’t even shipped yet either. But if I don’t get it I will cancel my subscription. I just resubscribed and I’m already beginning to regret it.

        • There seems to be an excessive number of people who received info saying their package shipped on the 11th but the tracking info still says its waiting to be sent. I have seen at least 7 or 8 people with this same issue I’m having, just on this MSA post alone.

          There must have been a massive mix up or something, and this is just ridiculous. So are all these packages “lost in transit”? Are we all just screwed and get nothing for january?

          • I finally just emailed Sephora customer service, so hopefully I’ll hear back soon. I’m having the same issue as pretty much everyone else, so I’m probably going to cancel my Play subscription. I have more important things to worry about than whether or not my boxes will arrive or not. Besides, my Ipsy, Boxycharm, and Birchbox have already arrived, but it’s ridiculous that I’m still waiting on my Play box.

    • Mine shows a UPS tracking number from the 15th but no movement at all. First the disappointment of incorrect box spoilers showing a box I like more than what I’m getting, and now I can’t even get the box I’ve paid for. So frustrating!

      • I emailed customer service and they reissued my box with expedited shipping. I really wish they’d sent me the box my reveal shows, but at this point I’d at least like to have the box I paid for. Weird that the customer service reps all seem to have different solutions to the same problem.

    • Lisa, well I haven’t received my box. I have received little tiny samples. I joined Boxycharm, and I love it. I will be canceling my subscription.

  5. Has anyone actually gotten box #279 yet? Mine comes today. I’m super confused now, because my email shows the contents of #253

    • My email also shows the contents of 253, and I have box 261

      • Got mine in, it wasn’t what the app said, it was what the spoiler on here stated.

    • I got box 279 but the email reveal showed the contents of 253, too. I was excited since I hate box 279 but would love 253. I got my box this weekend and it WAS 279. Super bummed. So bummed that I sent Sephora an email about it just now. I’d LOVE it if they sent me 253, but I suspect I’ll just get some extra BI points, if anything. 😛

      • UPDATE: They’re sending me box 253! Woot! It’s supposed to be here tomorrow. Hopefully it IS box 253.

        • I also placed an order online and used my play card but it didn’t give me the extra points. How long does that take?

  6. Box 261 here. On the app it shows
    Beauty Blender solid cleanser
    Bite beauty lip crayon
    Belif aqua bomb sleeping mask
    Lala retro whipped cream (Drunk Elephant)
    Sunday Riley good genes
    Marajo sample packets

  7. how do you find the products in the app, ive looked everywhere and cant find them

  8. So, after spending 30 minutes on the phone with CS the other day to get my boxed switched due to allergies, they end up sending
    me the wrong box with the supplements! The rep read off what I was going to be getting on the phone, but did not receive that box.

    • Kenly, when I spoke to CS 2 days ago they told me they were switching my box, also due to allergies, but they couldn’t stop the original box from being sent to me, as it had already processed. The rep told me the new box would be received a few days after the original box (with the mushroom supplement). Dont lose hope yet!

  9. Did anyone get box 237 yet?

  10. Box 279

    HUM Nutrition Clear Skin supplements
    Laneige Water Sleeping Mask
    Bite Beauty Stay Glace Lip Crayon
    Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask
    Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water
    Marajo Cleaning Creme and Deep Treatment Butter (bonus foil packets)


    • Thanks! And I agree 😕

      • Same box and seriously considering cancelling….

    • More primer…I keep getting primer.

  11. Box 273 anyone??

  12. Received my box #253 and can confirm that it has what the app showed me:

    Beauty blender cleanser
    Belief overnight mask
    La La Retro whipped
    Marajo cleanser/conditioner
    Bite beauty lip crayon
    Good genes Sunday Riley

    Pretty happy with it (glad to not get the supplement or mushroom hot chocolate), though I did want the Clinique Black Honey instead of the Bite.

    • Great to hear! That’s my box #, and what the app showed me too.

      • What app did you check to see what in in each box?

    • What size is the Good Genes??

    • My item # says #279, but I received my email this morning and it’s the same contents as this one you talking about (253). I hope so, I rather this one….

      • *you’re

      • I’m 261 but my email also showed the contents of 253. I’m supposed to get that nasty mushroom drink in 261. I knew it couldn’t be true that I actually got all things that I wanted, as shown in 253.

    • Hey, mine came today, and I got the same box as you…..the Clinique gloss would have been better for me……sick of all these dark nude lipsticks I get in Sephora and Birchbox!

  13. January’s box is showing now on the website for me. I am box 253.

    Beautyblender cleaner-new to me
    Bite Beauty-already have from birthday reward and hate
    Belif sleeping mask-new to me
    Drunk Elephant cream-repeat
    Sunday Riley good genes-have tried numerous times
    Marajo duo-repeat for me

    • How do you know the box number? I thought I was getting the same box you got, but I got something completely different. I’m new to this and couldn’t seem to find the box number.

  14. Just an FYI, the app is now showing box contents! Click shop in app, then scroll to Play by Sephora, and click current box. I’m really happy with my box this month 😊

    • What box are you and what products does it show you will be receiving? The only reason I ask is because my products on the app conflict with earlier posts of what was supposed to be in 261.

      • Kenley, my item # is 253
        The app shows my products as:
        Beauty blender cleanser
        Belief overnight mask
        La La Retro whipped
        Marajo cleanser/conditioner
        Bite beauty lip crayon
        Good genes Sunday Riley 😊

        • That’s what I was afraid of. It shows me I’m getting the same items and I’m supposedly 261

          • that worries me, too. Those are the exact items showing in my box today, but I am getting box 261. Uh oh. Now I’m worried because I felt so much relief at the items in box 261 after the original spoiler posted here. Fingers crossed the website it accurate today!

          • Ooh! Good catch Kenley! I will update once I get my box. Hopefully the app is correct, but that is odd that several different item numbers have the same contents.

          • Mine says 295 and has those items, too.

          • So, I contacted customer service and they confirmed that the items posted on the website isn’t necessarily what is in box 261. They wouldn’t tell me specifically what was in my box, but I think it is the products in your box Mary based on what I saw on Reddit. I think I’m get the awful tea!! Yuck!

          • Wow, Kenley! At this point CS should just give you the details. Thanks for the info and by the way, I love your name! It’s so pretty!

          • After seeing your post I called CS and they told me the contents of my box. I think its completely bogus info tho bc none of the items were listed in the spoilers or online.

            I’m getting box 261 according to the website, but the CS guy named isaac just said I am getting cover fox primer, sephora lip gloss, some caudill item (I think he said vinopore but his accent was too strong to fully understand) some sort of Laura mercier item and a glam glow treatment of some sort.

            He also said there is no item with mushrooms or any Indigestibles. Soooo, this means who knows what is in box 261. This seems so sketchy to me.

          • Thank you, Mary! That’s very kind of you 😃 The cs rep told me that the element of surprise is what subscribers pay for and love. I told her that may be true for some, but not all. But, at least they gave me 400 insider points, which I feel like is their solution to everything. I think it’s finally time to say bye to Sephora Play. I have not really been that impressed lately. Also, I always get my box before the 14th the month and this month, I don’t even know what I’m getting and it’s the 16th! Come on, Sephora! Right now, I sub to Boxycharm and GBP as well, and I’m never disappointed with those boxes.

          • Ok final update. I called CS back and the isaac guy didnt know what he was talking about. There is only one box that does not have either the hum supplement or the mushroom tea. They are switching my box out for the one box without indigestible items.

            The ONE box without Ingestible items includes:

            Beauty blender cleanser, but a beauty crayon, belief sleep mask, drunk elephant cream, Sunday riley product, and the cleansing cream and conditioner for hair.

            They swapped my box out due to my allergy and also gave me an extra 100 insider points.

            Sadly, suffice to say most people will be getting one of the two supplements. Anyone with allergies, take note! 🙂

          • Alexis, I hope that is the case because I suffer from lots of food allergies. Like a lot!! That’s why I was hoping what they showed me online was my box

          • Kenly, you may want to call CS and let them know, they will exchange boxes for you, and if it already shipped they will send you another and you can keep both (that’s what they are doing for me .)

            Press zero tho when you call. Every time I pushed #2 i got the same guy, isaac, and he has NO CLUE what he is talking about. Lol

          • Got mine switched! Thank you for the information, Alexis!

          • I am supposedly 261, but my email showed the contents of 253. I was SUPER excited about it and would use everything in 253. There isn’t much I like about I got today, including the mushroom nonsense, which I’m allergic to.

        • im 279 and im getting the same as you

      • I’m also 295 and that is also what it is showing for me. Someone on Reddit has 295 and they had the Sunday Riley, Living Proof, Bite, BlenderCleanser, and Laniege. But I would soooo love to have what is showing in the app instead. I’ve really been wanting to try that Drunk Elephant moisturizer.

        • I received box 295 in the mail on Monday and the Reddit spoiler is correct– LIving Proof, Bite, BlenderCleanser, Laneige, and an Ouia sample. At least there are no supplements or that tea.

          • Thanks Jan, good to know! The funny thing is, I was pretty excited about my box until they showed the only version I like better as my reveal. But at least we didn’t get any ingestibles!

        • My heart just broke! I’d much rather what the app said, and now we don’t even get the 10pts for subscribing. Sephora is handing out disappointments left and right 🙁 think it’s time i cancel

          • Hmmm…….I got the 10 Beauty Insider points when I was billed for this month’s box after resubscribing. I’m not sure why you didn’t get points for subscribing. You should contact Sephora’s customer service about this.

          • That’s weird you got points! When they redid the reward system they took a way the 10 points for the play subscription 😔

          • I was panicking about the points thing too. They did change their term & agreements to Play not collecting points. I didn’t receive mine until 2 days ago. After seeing a moderator on a Sephora app group say we all got our points, I checked my account it says I received them on the 2nd even though they weren’t there before. So hopefully we all keep getting points. But their terms still state that Play does not count so my fear is that that change starts next month. We shall see.

    • Its not working for me ): What box do you have?

    • Thanks Mary!! I would have never figured that out. I’m thrilled with what I’m getting!

      • You’re welcome Jen! I had trouble finding it a few months ago, so I figured I’d give a step by step! 😊

      • You’re welcome, Jen! I had trouble finding it a few months ago, so I figured I’d give a step by step!

    • Mine is still showing December’s products 🙁 Anyone know what is in box 253?

    • My app is still showing only up to December. But i didnt know about that route to see the products, thanks! Mine will probably update with this month’s soon.
      I also have box 253 and am happy to know what I’m getting, so thank you!! I’ve been searching for an answer to what’s in 253 all week lol.

    • Mine doesn’t show., Anybody with 279?

    • Mine doesn’t show. It’s still showing previous month items.

    • TU! This tip saved me a week of curiosity!

    • If I go on the Sephora app and go to my lists it shows recently sampled items and the first 5 items are what I’m getting in my January box.

  15. Everytime I ask Sephora about whats in my box they are so rude about it and wont tell me lol so if anyone knows whats in box 776 I would loveee to know, they told me im not getting a beauty blender cleanser which is super disappointing lol

    • this is why I cancelled girl…I was tired of paying them money, and they would never tell me what is in my box…plus you had to wait till they shipped it before you could get your email about your box….

      • I’m getting tired of getting my box long after everyone else. Most of the time others have gotten their box before mine has even shipped! Once again got email it supposedly shipped but according to tracking UPS IS STILL WAITING TO RECEIVE!

        • That happens to me frequently. I believe they print out the shipping labels, which triggers the “shipped” email, but ship out in batches. Your box can sit there a week waiting to actually ship…at least from my own experiences so far.

          Good luck getting your box soon!

        • Mine is saying the same thing! Since the 11th! I loved play! At first. Now allure and ipsy gbp are my top favorite boxes and since I’m getting some weird mushroom supplement or something this month I think its finally time to cancel until they rebrand and fix these shenanigans

        • Same thing with mine and I got the shipment email the 11th and it’s the 16th now…🙄

    • Just to add to this, I asked 2 separate people from Sephora about the beauty blender cleanser, they both said I wasn’t getting it which was what I was most excited for… it’s in my box this month, seriously?!

  16. I am pretty sure my box is 245. Here’s what’s in that box

    Beauty blender solid pro

    Sunday Riley lactic acid treatment

    Bite Beauty lip crayon in Glacé

    Drunk Elephant La la retro whipped cream

    Leneige sleeping mask

    Marajo cleansing cream and drop conditioning butter (bonus)

    I have gotten all these sample products before but love all of them so I’m okay with this box. I’m just happy I didn’t get any of those supplements

    • Meant deep conditioning treatment

    • That is what the website is showing that I’m getting right now and I’m box 261???

      • Sorry, I’m getting the Belief Mask and not the Leneige one

    • The website is showing the same thing for everyone right now

  17. Someone just posted on the Rddit beauty box group spoilers of 4 boxes that were posted on IG account spoilerplaybox. There are no box numbers just boxes 1-4. As people receive them they will post which box they got and what number corresponds with it.

  18. Box #261 I called about a week or more ago to ask. Going off of memory but pretty sure I’m getting:

    beautyblender blendercleanser solid pro
    Bite Beauty Matte Crème Lip Crayon in Glacé
    Laneige Sleeping Mask
    Sunday Riley C.E.O. Rapid Flash Brightening Serum
    FOUR SIGMATIC Golden Latte Mushroom Mix with Shiitake & Turmeric

    Don’t remember the bonus item sorry. It’s okay for me. Not sure how I feel about the tea. I was planning on canceling after my birthday which is in February. Ipsy GBP has been killing it for me.

    • I am getting box 261 as well. Overall based on what you say is included, I’m not totally unhappy, but the mushroom supplement is a major bummer. I was really hoping for the Drunk Elephant product, but I’m happy the entire bag isn’t a complete bust.

      Thanks for sharing!!

    • Hi and Happy New Year everyone! Well this box did it for me. I have been pretty happy with my first three boxes but as a box 261 recipient, I see that I’m receiving the Golden Mushroom Latte. It’s not the type of product I object to (although I’m not thrilled. What if I had a mushroom allergy?). The problem is that if you look at the details of the product on Sephora, there is a disclaimer that it contains chemicals including lead!!!!! That’s it brother, I’m done. There are a couple of the mushroom products that have a cancer and birth defect warning! Why would Sephora sell this product? Anyway, I’m cancelling tomorrow but not before I give them a piece of my mind! Btw, I’m not usually a fatalist, and am really low key, but I actually do have cancer and when I saw this disclaimer, I had a total freak out! Anyway, be well and happy.


    • Oh heck no!!! I didn’t realize that was a tea, thought it was a face mask. Sephora better not send me any gross mushroom tea, or any tea for that matter!! I signed up for beauty/makeup samples

    • TEA??? Okay not happy about that. If I want tea or pills, I’ll get them myself from GNC or Starbucks. Everything else I’m okay with. Pretty sure I already have the Bite Beauty in Glacé.

    • Yeah, it’s definitely something you drink. They call it a latte but I’m not sure that it’s coffee…? Either way I was not looking for something edible.

    • Thanks so much for posting! I’m also a #261. This is a 2.5/5 for me. I kind of wanted to try the beautyblender cleanser, and I wanted the Laneige mask and Sunday Riley serum. Supplements/ingestibles are a big no for me, and, I took the Glamglow birthday gift last year because I didn’t need another lip crayon. I hope the bonus is the lip scrub – I think I already have the hair products (at least it’s not a fragrance that I can’t use!).

    • I’m box 261 and on the website it is showing that I will be receiving:
      – Blendercleanser Solid Pro
      – Bite Beauty Lip Crayon
      – Belief Aqua Bomb Mask
      – Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Whipped Cream
      – Sunday Riley Good Genes
      -Marajo Bonus Samples

      • This is box 776 as well (:

      • Yeah, I just checked online and my box is now completely different. I’m not sure whether I was misinformed or they changed it….? Either way, I like this box a lot better

        • I’m SO MUCH HAPPIER with box 261 than I was when I thought I was getting that terrible mushroom tea. I couldn’t view my current box (261) but I went on the actual website and updated my play profile, just to make sure it reflects my preferences correctly, and then it showed me this months box. SOOOOO much better!

          Box 261 is: Belief Aqua Bomb mask, the bite beauty lippie, Drunk Elephant whipped cream, good genes, beauty blender cleaner, and the bonus is the Marajo cleansing cream and deep treatment butter.

          AWESOME BOX!!!!!

          • Hate to tell you but the site is wrong. Everybody is showing the same items. I’m 261 and my daughter is 253 and we’re both getting the same thing according to the website. 261 is getting the nasty mushroom drink. I think I’m done. Ipsy does a much better job at trying to please you. And I get a Luxie brush in every bag.

    • So…..My box came in today and it was the original one post I had with the mushroom thing even though my account states I’m getting the other stuff that was previously mentioned above. So disappointed

  19. Box 295 here if anyone has info on it. 🙂

    • I’m box 295 too. I’m curious about what we’ll be getting in this box.

      • Box 295:

        Living Proof Perfecting Spray
        Bite Beauty lip color in Glace
        Laniege Water Sleeping Mask
        Sunday Riley Lactic Acid Treatment
        BeautyBlonder Solid Pro
        Extra item: Ouai Shampoo & Conditioner Sample packet

        • Yay! I’m happy will all of those! Thanks for posting!

    • Box #295
      Sunday Riley Lactic Acid Treatment
      Living Proof Restore Perfecting Hair Spray
      BeautyBlender Sold Pro
      Laniege Sleeping Mask
      Bite Beauty Matte Cream in Glace
      Ouai Shampoo & Conditioner Sample
      Thank GOD we didn’t get any of those horrible supplements and drink mix!!! I actually really like this box.

      • Jinx, Ella! 🙂 And I was going to say the exact same thing about those supplements. Those would have gone in my trash. I doubt I’ll wear that pale lip color, but I can live with the rest of it.

      • Thanks for the info Jan & Ella! I signed up hoping for the Good Genes, Bite, and BlenderCleanser so I’m happy! Would have loved to try the drunk elephant but that’s probably just greedy after getting all three of the spoilers I liked. I’m also very happy not to be getting the supplements. IMO those should be bonuses, not count towards the 5 box items.

        • Amen to no supplements. I would have been so annoyed if I’d gotten those. 🙂

        • Those were the three things I wanted as well! I also wouldn’t have minded the CEO Brightening Serum but I’m totally not complaining, I feel like this will be the box to beat 🙂

        • Yay! I’m happy will all of those! Thanks for posting!

      • Jan & Ella: Thanks for posting 295 contents! I chatted twice last week with CS and was unable to get them to reveal the contents. Although one rep did try but was unsuccessful in identifying what was in the box.

        • I think it’s just the luck of the draw, some reps will tell you and some won’t. It drives me nuts that they won’t tell us what’s in our boxes that we PRE-PAY for. I love Sephora Play but I wish they would give us sneak peeks weeks in advance like Ipsy and Birchbox.

      • Thank you both! All in all not a bad box.

      • Phew! I’m 295, and all I wanted was a Good Genes sample. I LOVE everything Laneige, and the sleeping mask is great, so I’m happy about that, too. Don’t have any use for hair spray, and I received that Bite lipstick as a birthday gift, but can swap them. Not overjoyed for the BeautyBlender cleaner, but it may pleasantly surprise me, and the Ouai will probably not have enough product for my long, thick hair, but I love the smell. Maybe I’ll use it as a second wash. :o)

      • I’m into supplements actually! Would let have minded trying them. The one thing I really didn’t want was the Beauty Blender cleaner. I juuuuust got a bunch of tool cleaners for Christmas from my sister.
        Oh well.

      • How can I tell what my box number is? Thanks in advance

        • Log in to your Sephora account, click recent orders, view details, and it’s the last 3 digits of the item number. Hope this helps! 🙂

  20. My boxed just shipped. I meant to cancel but forgot, so I will be canceling today. I’ve been a subscriber for about 4 years and on product overload not to mention it’s hard to get excited over the small samples these days. I figured I’ll use the $10 each month towards something I really want. I’m sure February will be amazing since I’m quitting lol

  21. Still no box spoilers? Anyone have 776?

  22. It doesn’t look like this month’s box is going to be all that exciting tbh.

    It’s funny I have been subscribed to this box since April and I have received loads of mascara, several highlighters, some eyeliners (always black never brown) multiple drying matte liquid lipsticks in simular brownish ugly color, a few powders, and several red lipsticks but never once have I received a eyeshadow…

    Don’t get me wrong I do like this box I just wish that we got more of a variety when it comes to makeup or maybe some brushes.

    • With Ipsy, I get a makeup brush and usually eyeshadow or blush every month. Usually skin care products too. They really try to tailor your glam bag to your specs, and send out a review form each month.

      • Do you work for ipsy? they literally never listened to my preferences except when I demanded i never receive another mascara after they sent me the worst mascara i’ve ever used. they must like you because they literally never sent me anything I ever asked for, even when they started doing those surveys, which i filled out religiously

      • I have had excellent luck with Ipsy and Ipsy GBP. The colors they send match my profile, and their CS has responded quickly (within 48 hours) to the few issues I’ve had. The mix of makeup and skin care has been perfect for me as well. Maybe I’m just lucky, but I definitely don’t work for them personally 🙂 Hopefully they gear towards your profile in the coming year.

        So far Ipsy has been killin’ it for me, far better than BC and Sephora!

        • they won’t have to worry about my profile ever again, cancelled last august with no regrets. I spent a total of $100 on ipsy bags and did the math, about $70 of that was basically stuff that went straight in the trash. I’m honestly amazed that anyone has good luck with them

        • Same here! Gbp has quickly risen to the top spot of all my subs. I havent been even slightly disappointed with my boxes since they rolled out in October.

          I complete every survey, update my profile monthly, and review every item in my box. Long live the ipsy gbp! (With the $25 price tag, lol)

  23. I enjoy my Birch Boxes. I sub to BB Man also. The Sephora box is hit or miss.
    What other Subs have y’all been happy with? 🤠

    • I like Allure and Macy’s

      • Allure and the ipsy GBP are my favorites. The January allure box is AHHHHMAZING. But the February spoilers really suck for the first time since I started subbing. The IPSY GBP has been absolutely spot on, just amazing and perfect since the first box shipped in October.

        Play! Might be on the chopping block for me. The minuscule samples are smaller and smaller each month, although they are GREAT brands. If they were to rebrand and have at least deluxe samples I would probably stay.

    • I love my boxycharm!

    • IPSY is my fave. Lots of makeup and only SOM skin care lotions etc. I prefer more makeup like lipstick, blush, mascara etc

  24. Has anyone received their 261 box yet that would like to share what’s in it?

    • I am 261 and my box hasn’t shipped yet. But in one of the community forums on Sephora, a Mod commented on a post from a couple of days ago (see below, I cut and pasted the thread) that I found interesting and needless to say, also wondered how true this is.

      Post in PLAY! by SEPHORA

      pp11 ROOKIE I

      Whats in the box for jan

      StephanieSBT MOD

      Hi @pp11,

      You will receive an email unveiling the contents in your box closer to the in-house ship date. So definitely stay tuned! Meanwhile, we highly recommend checking out the January Sneak Peek forum. I hope this helps!

  25. How do you redeem 50points online without a purchase?

    • You can’t – online requires a $20 purchase.

    • I’ve never seen a way to do that.

    • You can’t, you have to make a purchase if you are doing it online 🙁

    • No, you can redeem 500 points without purchase but nothing below that

    • contact customer service they can add it on.

  26. I really hope I don’t get the Living Proof Restore Perfecting Spray. I have received this three times already. Nothing in this month’s selection is appealing. Probably should join the others and cancel. I never redeem my 50 points so there is no reason to keep the sub. 🙁

  27. I hate that they include last years free birthday gifts in boxes (the glance lip and bite lip scrub) also the orgins mask, clinique black honey lip, and laneige sleeping mask are items I have recieved in sephora play in the past. this box is a big fat stinker. if I get anything I have got before I swear I am going to call and complain. dare I say I have recieved doubles a few times before.

    • So have I and I’m seriously thinking of canceling it. I used to get excited about it but now every time I see the spoilers I know I’m going to get the stuff I don’t want.


    Plus, it says it may contain lead in the description!!!
    Dangerous product that SHOULD NOT be included in a subscription box

  29. The fact that there’s only 4 possible makeup products (really 3, because of the blender cleanser) is upsetting. They’re probably going to send HUM supplements that I don’t want, too, because I have a lot of skin concerns. This box could still make me happy if I got the few really good products, though.

    Does anyone else have box 261?

    • box 261 here! I’m also hoping they won’t send me the supplements, but since I listed a few “skin problems” on my Sephora profile, I’m sure this will be the one time they pay attention to my profile… sigh.

    • I am box 261, too. I hope we get a good box!

    • I’m 261 also!

  30. I want all of the hair stuff, supplement, latte mix and solid cleanser. I’ve been using a sample of the latter and my makeup brushes have never ever been more clean! It’s magic. But I’ll probably get another Glacé. I don’t want any Sunday Riley, either, so that might show up, too. The samples do seem minuscule, so I’m glad everyone is pointing that out. I called last month to cancel and the woman I spoke to said they were rebranding and changing Play, but that clearly didn’t happen this month.

  31. We don’t care if you cancelled Play! Go away! We subscribers only want to know the spoilers for the bag (the products), not the spoilers for the comments (the people who can’t help themselves and spoil the comments with their whining).

  32. box 279? let me know if u know what’s in it

    • Same!! Fingers crossed it’s a good one 🤞🏽🤞🏽

    • That’s me!! First one to receive it report back here.

      • Box 279:
        Smash box primer
        Bite matte lip crayon
        Laneige sleeping mask
        Origins charcoal mask
        Hum supplement
        Bonus: Marajo shampoo and deep conditioner

        Pretty Boring

        • Thanks for posting…i just resubscribed…this isn’t mind-blowing (best thing to me is the primer) but I’ll hang in there a few months and see how it goes.

        • Thanks for posting! Unfortunately, a lot of repeats for me. This confirms my decision to cancel. It’s been fun Sephora. ✌🏻

  33. Giving Sephora another shot and just resubscribed a few days ago.
    Hoping that this year they’ll get it together.
    I have no interest in supplements or ingestables though. They don’t even include enough to see a difference.

  34. Hi All! Not sure where to put this so I’m putting it here. Aside from these boxes (and i agree with everyone, tiny useless samples for the most part) i have pretty much stopped purchasing items front Sephora. That said, i still seem to be a Rouge member. My birthday just passed so i figured I’d purchase something cheap to get my birthday gift and redeem my 50 big points (never done that online before) so guess what one of my choices was? The elusive $100 gift certificate for 2,500 pts. I was so excited until i realized that i spent $2,500 (more or less) for a $100 reward. My point? I think birthdays may be the only time we get a crack at that reward but it does exist! Then you get 90 days to redeem the $100.

    One last item, i called Sephora a few months back and the associate told me that the 50 pts can be redeemed as many times as you like during the month, just no more than once in a 24 hour period. I dont live close to any stores but the few times i tried it actually worked! So dont let them take your card away after you make a purchase cause its still good.

    • I’ve largely given up on Sephora as well. Status carries for a year after it’s earned. I’ve been VIB for years, but I’m less and less enthused.

      They’ve chopped it down to 2 regular samples per order, and the Rewards Bazaar is loaded with stuff I either already have or don’t want.

      I gave up on Play! months ago, but I still lurk.

    • Good to know, thanks!

    • The 100 gift card for 2500 points is available online every Tuesday and Thursday at 9 pst.

    • Back when I subbed, I used my 50 points repeatedly all of the time! 🙂 Since not all associates know it can be used multiple times, at first some would rip it up right away after scanning, so to prevent that I started to never actually hand my card over, but rather I’d hold onto it and just let them scan it. The only annoying part is trying to convince those employees that don’t know that it’s reusable and it’s okay for me to keep it. One time I even had to tell someone it shouldn’t be a problem then if I keep it since they feel it’s now invalid. haha!

      • This explains why the associate hands the card back to me when I use it. I always thought she made a mistake giving it back but now I know! Thanks for the tip!

      • This explains why the associate hands the card back to me when I use it. I always thought they made a mistake giving it back but now I know! Thanks for the tip!

        *Forgive me if this is a double post. For some reason my comments are not getting posted*

    • Well that sucks! They always take mine and rip it up! Maybe they should clue in their employees about this hidden gem.

    • The employee who told you about the redemption is wrong according to Sephora’s faqs… PLAY! DATE AND PLAY! PASS
      Q: How do I use my PLAY! PASS?
      A: You can take your PLAY! PASS each month to your local Sephora or Sephora inside JCPenny and redeem it for 50 bonus Beauty Insider points with any full-size purchase.* Plus, you can also use it to receive a free one-on-one tutorial to learn how to apply the current month’s products. Just ask one of our Beauty Experts, and they will walk you through each of the products in your box, showing you how to use them in the way that is best for you. While having your PLAY! PASS is obligatory to receive your tutorial, bringing in your entire box is not necessary.

      What are the restrictions?
      A: Each PLAY! PASS can only be used once, and expires at the end of the following month (for example, a PLAY! PASS for the month of September would expire on 10/31). It may only be redeemed in a US store by a PLAY! by SEPHORA subscriber with purchase. For more details, please see the PLAY! PASS disclaimer on the back of your PLAY! PASS.

  35. Time to cancel. Last month was awful. This is mostly repeats of things they’ve already sent.

    Bye bye Sephora

  36. I have my fingers crossed for the Bite, Beauty Blender and Four Sigmatic! The Black Honey almost lipstick is awesome but I already have 2. Wonder why the variety is slim. Sample sizes are so freaking small too. I do like how they are adding supplements but samples should be enough for MORE than one use…..

  37. I was reading some posts in the play forum and came across this post. Another user asked what was going to be in her box and this is what Steph the Mod posted……this is a cut and paste of the feed.

    Post in PLAY! by SEPHORA

    pp11 ROOKIE I
    6 hours ago
    Whats in the box for jan

    2 Replies

    StephanieSBT MOD
    2 hours ago
    Hi @pp11,

    You will receive an email unveiling the contents in your box closer to the in-house ship date. So definitely stay tuned! Meanwhile, we highly recommend checking out the January Sneak Peek forum on Community here >

    I hope this helps!



  38. I’m so glad I cancelled this subscription. Very tiny samples, you get more going Into Sephora and asking for 3 samples of different items, for free at that.

    • I totally agree…happy I left.. and yes I can get all the samples I want in the store!!!!

      • How do you get free samples in store? EVERY time I ask for them I get the same answer…we don’t give samples but we can customize anything you want. So they’ll make me a sample of foundation, or lip gloss. UMMM who has time for that??? And I really like trying new skin care items. So frustrating. Oh…also…our Sephora is inside JC Penney. Maybe that makes a difference?

        • our Sephora is in side penneys too. but the girl who works there always gives me the samples at the front, or she takes me around the store and gives me samples of anything I want to try…and sometimes on the sale’s if I buy something she will give me like 2 liners free..just lucky I guess..

        • I read in one of those articles on “secrets Sephora employees don’t want you to know” (or something like that) that Sephora employees are actually supposed to give you 3 pre-packaged (by the brand, no pre-filled mini-containers) samples upon checkout. Apparently, they always have a whole bunch of pre-packaged samples in the area beneath their cash registers (I’ve seen them too!), but for some reason they don’t always hand them out. It’s been hit & miss for me with them giving me samples when I checkout. I never ask for them though even when I see them, but it’s always a nice treat when they include them!

          • Having worked as a seasonal Sephora cashier several years ago, I can confirm that there is stuff under the registers. But it’s different sizes of bags, tissue paper, GWPs, at least three different birthday gifts, point perks, etc. If the cashiers had samples to hand out at my store, they would be between the registers on the counter. I was never taught that we were to give out three brand packaged samples to each customer we rang up. If I were stationed on the floor, I could make or give out three samples of whatever a customer wanted though. While articles like that can be helpful and informative, they aren’t applicable to every Sephora at all times. When in doubt, calmly ask for the director in charge.

          • I’ve always wondered about that. I mostly shop online, but once I was in a Sephora store and asked for a sample of a Drunk Elephant item thinking I’d have to wait while she scooped it out; the gal opened up a drawer and there were a bunch of pre-made samples of various creams in that brand. Obviously if everyone knew that, they’d have to hand them out constantly.

          • That is not true, at least at the Sephora I worked at. Employees are not conspiring to keep samples from shoppers and there’s a lot under the registers, the vast majority of which are Sephora bags of different sizes, tissue paper, different birthday gifts, point perks, etc. Articles like that should be taken with a grain of salt because they are usually poorly written by someone who isn’t an employee and not completely true. If the response I wrote *yesterday* that isn’t showing up for me right now ever posts, I apologize for the duplicate reply.

          • This is in response to Dia,
            It used to be true. Back around 2009, all the Sephora’s in the Seattle region would have a couple of samples to put in customers bags, but it was never something where you could request specific pre-made samples. It was more “flavor of the day.” I think they did away with that years ago because its just easier to have the customer request what they want to try and put it in an easy empty sample container. And I’m sorry, but anyone who says they don’t have time to request customized samples and is upset that there aren’t pre-made ones, two things 1) If you’re that busy, shop online. It’ll save you more time and you will then have access to pre-made samples. 2) If you are willing to complain that a store is willing to customize something specifically to your liking, I’m guessing you’re willing to complain that the pre-made samples are not of the products you want. I personally really appreciate that Sephora allows me to sample any product I want and will take the time to make me that sample when I ask.

        • Mine is inside JCPenney too. Ive asked for samples or prepackaged foil samples (especially for hair care) and been told repeatedly “we don’t do that”. I wrote to Sephora who assured me they do hand them out at the register with a purchase if requested. Not my store. The manager wrote me an email telling me she only sends those samples out in mailers! The next closest store is 2 hours away so I begrudgingly shop there, but I hate it.

        • Nope. Mines a regular one and they dont have pre-made samples.

  39. Yeah. Gave it a year. Canceling. Quality has gotten worse, samples are tiny, and often not things that match my stated preferences. There are many better sub boxes out there. So long Sephora— Get your s*it together!

  40. I’d be happy with any of this except the vitamins, the lip scrub, and the golden latte mix.

  41. I think it’s finally time for me to cancel this. I gave it a year, and it’s mostly just tiny samples or make-up junk that I never use, or have a million other similar samples.

    I pay $5 more for Macy’s, but at least they give me something new and switch it up – AND a bag I can use PLUS a $5-$10 coupon. I’m keeping that one…

    • I recently read that Macy’s now only offers free shipping on any beauty purchase to those with a Gold & Platinum status (I think those were the statuses listed) on their Macy’s credit card. For all others, they now have to spend at least $49 to get free shipping.

    • … $49 on beauty for free shipping. I think I read it’s $99 for free shipping on non-beauty items.

      • Oh that’s too bad! No more online Beauty orders! 🙁

        • Oh I know… that’s what everybody is saying!! But at least they can be used in store 🙂

  42. I am going to be really annoyed if I get a single use vitamin sample as one of my items. This box always has small samples which im fine with but these are really small this month.

    • Same. Why send it if we can’t try it long enough to see results?!?

  43. I wish they would stop sending supplements. If I wanted supplements I would go to GNC. Supplements are so unregulated that you don’t even know what’s actually in them. I got them in my Beautyfix box this month too, they go right in the garbage

  44. If they would just go the Allure route and have one box that everyone gets, I’d be more open to subscribing but I just picture myself getting a box full of things I don’t use!

  45. Their samples are getting smaller and smaller think next month its cancelling time.

  46. Anyone know when the last day to subscribe is to get the current month? I cancelled but the skin care is pretty good this month.

    • I just checked the FAQ and it said that you’ll get the following month’s box, i.e., if you subscribe between Jan 1 and 31, you’ll get Feb box. THAT BEING SAID, it also says that “in limited instances” people who sub by the 15th of the month MAY get that month’s box. I signed up, knowing it’s a crap shoot, hoping for the Jan box. I’d be happy with any of this month’s products. If not, it’s only $10.

      Anyone have any luck getting the current month’s box and if so, any tips? TIA 🙂

      • Yes. I signed up a few days ago. They charged me yesterday and my Jan box is expected between the 15th and the 25th

      • Just an update: I ordered a couple days ago and got an email confirmation this morning that my January box shipped! In case anyone wanted to try for this month, like me…

      • I subscribed yesterday and my January bag has shipped today

  47. I feel like skincare companies are getting awfully good at packaging things in the tiniest tube possible.

    • Agreed🤣

    • Yes, and it’s not really environmentally responsible to have all that packaging for a tiny teaspoonful of cream.

  48. Does anyone know if you can get a more customized play box, or if you can update your profile to rate certain things higher or lower? I love the skincare items this month, the makeup items arent bad, but I definitely do not want any supplements or haircare.

    Thank you in advance!! 🙂

    • Unfortunately no. The boxes they send are pretty random, some months I get items I can and will use, other months are a total bust. This sub is the most likely to end up on the chopping block.

      I wish they would incorporate profiles to follow!

      • I have an olive/olive oil allergy. They don’t even accommodate allergies. I ultimately opted to cancel after getting many products that are harmful to me.

        • Yeah, I’m a little mad about the allergy thing. I’m highly allergic to mushrooms and will have to have my husband open my box just to make sure I didnt get the mushroom supplement thing. And if they aren’t enclosed in a bottle, I probably won’t be able to use anything in the box due to cross contamination. Seriously disappointed.

          • Interestingly enough when I go to Sephora to check out the Golden Latte, they had to put a warning on possible lead contamination. NOT something I would ever try.

            From Sephora’s Golden Latte page:

            What it is:
            An adaptogenic blend of mushrooms, turmeric, ginger, and black pepper to help put your best face forward.*

            What it does:
            Support beauty where it counts—from within. This lightly sweet and dairy-free Golden Latte with Shiitake and Turmeric is like your own personal airbrush tool, but better, helping you put your best face forward with beautifying shiitake and glow-from-within turmeric. Additional ingredients include adaptogenic tulsi, warming ginger, and a pinch of black pepper to support turmeric’s skin-loving properties.*

            What else you need to know:
            WARNING: Consuming this product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

          • Looks like my earlier response didn’t post. I checked out the golden latte on Sephora, and there is a California Prop 65 warning that it “might” contain lead.

            NO THANK YOU! Supplements are not something I am willing to take. There is not enough regulation or proof most of the supplements out there are anything more than placebos.

            Play has it’s head on my chopping block. LOL I need to cut back on the number of subs I have anyway.

  49. Lots of things I haven’t tried (always excited to try new things even if they turn out being duds) – and many that I wouldn’t mind receiving another sample.

    My previous sample of clique’s black honey is nearly gone. Love the laneige & drunk elephant products shown. . . so I’m going to be pretty happy with my box, regardless of what I get.

  50. Yea, Barbie sizes, my favorite!

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