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Margot Elena Discovery Box – Winter 2018 Review

The Seasonal Discovery box from Margot Elena is a quarterly subscription box featuring full-size beauty and lifestyle items. (If you aren’t familiar with this brand, it’s carried in stores like Anthropologie.)

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

In general, the packaging is fab, and this would be a great box to send as a gift!

The Subscription Box: Margot Elena Discovery Box

The Cost: $49.99 a quarter

The Products: Discover the world of All Things Beautiful with the Margot Elena Discovery Box filled with over $200 worth of full-sized products curated by our team

Good to know:

Ships to: US

This box comes with a card detailing all the items included:

And there’s a letter from Margot Elena telling you the story behind the box:

Now, on to the items!

Peacock Silken Kimono – $60 Value

This Kimono is 100% Bemberg, dry clean only.

Here it is on:

And here I am with my arms extended so you can get a better sense of the scale:

This is not what I would have predicted in a Winter box, but I have to admit, it was nice to open the box and see such pretty, vibrant colors! This kimono will be great to wear around the house when it’s a bit warmer! (And it could easily double as a scarf.)

Hand-glazed Stoneware Mug – $14 Value

And to continue with the peacock theme, we have this lovely mug! It’s dishwasher safe, and the inside has a beautiful turquoise glaze:

If you drink your coffee/tea really hot, you may need a handle for your mug. If that’s the case, this would work well as a pen holder, etc.

Limited Edition Wish Bubble Bath – $18 Value

This Wish scent of sugared pastille is hands down one of my all-time favorite Margot Elena scents. It’s subtle, sweet, and feels like a perfect scent for a Winter box. And the gold bumblebees on this glass bottle make it just a bit sweeter! I love how everything Margot Elena makes is stunning!

The Cottage Greenhouse White Pine & Balsam Travel Candle – Value Listed $12

More perfect winter scents! I love a pine-scented candle for the holidays and this smells SO good!

Tokyomilk Novocaine & Tainted Love Fragrance Duo – Value Listed $18

This duo includes Novacaine and Tainted Love:

Novacaine is a blend of crushed ginger, Thai pepper, frankincense, and vanilla orchid.

Tainted Love is a blend of dark vanilla bean, orchid, white tea, and sandalwood.

I’m not much of a perfume wearer, but both these scents are pretty appealing to me. They are not overly sweet, and I like that you can blend the fragrances. My only complaint is that I wish these were rollerballs or sprizters.

Triple Milled Shea Butter Soap – $14 Value

More of the Wish scent!

I had this on my desk for a few days, and every time I sat at my desk I had a moment of “what smells so good?” then remembered it was this soap! This box seriously smells so good! And this soap bar is made with olive oil, coconut oil, and shea butter,  so it doesn’t dry out your skin.

The Kissing Bell – $14 Value

This is a mistletoe alternative (or addition)! It’s a tradition that Margot Elena’s family started, and she wanted to pass it along to all subscribers! She included a note explaining so that you aren’t just wondering, “why is there a bell in this box?”

Any ideas for how to use this bell outside of the holidays? I love the bright blue ribbon color and want to make sure it is on display!

Wish Bath Salt Sachet – $14 Value

How cute is that crystal charm? Margot Elena = best packaging ever!

In the letter, Margot explains that this box was inspired by one of their Instagram followers who said she would love to get a box filled with Wish products. I’m guessing if you don’t love this scent, this box may be a bit of a miss for you, but I’m a big Wish fan, so I’m thrilled with this Instagram user suggestion!

And to round out the beauty products, we have one more Wish item:

Wish Shea Butter Handcreme – $25 Value

Like the other Margot Elena hand cremes I’ve sampled, I’m happy to report that this didn’t leave my skin feeling greasy – and it was super moisturizing.

Signature Stationery Trio – $15 Value

These adorable cards feature glitter accents and are blank inside.

Always good to get another birthday card!

And a holiday card to round out the bunch!

Verdict: This box has a  $202 value for $49.99! Amazing! This box would have been wonderful to split into gifts for the holidays, but in my case, I want to keep everything to myself. (I really lucked out on the Wish scent this quarter!)

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? No. As of today (1/1), your first box would be the Spring Box. (I recommend signing up soon as this box keeps selling out.) We’re giving one Winter Box away, though! Enter here!

Coupon – no coupons available for this subscription.

What do you think of the Margot Elena Discovery Box? What did you think of the Kimono?

Margot Elena Discovery Box

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (60)

  1. Not sure how I feel about this but I just noticed that Margot Elena products are for sale on the Walmart website. I don’t know… I feel like this is more high end and I wouldn’t expect the TokyoMilk Bon Bon Shea Butter Lotion, # 6 Dead Sexy to be on sale at Walmart for $15. Is this a new thing? Nothing against Walmart I shop there from time to time but didn’t expect to see Margot Elena products there. I always thought when you see health and beauty items at a superstore they are mass produced, lower value, and overall quality suffers.

  2. I have something wonderful to say about this company.
    We had a house fire on Christmas day and lost essentially everything. We life pretty modestly, and subscription boxes are one of my few splurges. After we were allowed back on the property to look through the ash, the mug from this box was one of the few things that survived. I was so astonished, I took a photo of it and sent it to them with a note complimenting them on the quality of their products. Seriously, if it can survive a house fire, it’s quality.
    Tonight they sent me the sweetest and most heartfelt letter and a note saying that they were sending me a new box asap. I was definitely not expecting that. I didn’t ask them to, they certainly didn’t have to and they volunteered it anyway.
    This company not only has quality products, they have heart and have my admiration and loyalty.

  3. I have something wonderful to say about this company.
    We had a house fire on Christmas day, it burned to the ground and we lost essentially everything. We live pretty modestly and subscription boxes are my one splurge. When we were allowed back on the property to look through the ash to see if anything remained, the mug from the winter box was one of the few things that survived. I was so astonished, I took a picture of it and e-mailed it to them complimenting them on the quality of the items. Seriously, if it can survive a house fire, it’s made well.
    They e-mailed me back tonight with the sweetest, most heartfelt letter. They also said they were mailing me another box asap. I definitely was not expecting any of that. I didn’t ask them to, they didn’t have to and they volunteered it anyway.
    Not only are their products wonderful and well made, this is a company with heart. They have my sincere loyalty.

    • I am so sorry to hear about the fire and your house burning down. I cannot imagine what you are going through.
      It is wonderful to hear that ME is sending you a new box. That certainly says something about the company.
      I hope you will quickly recover from this and am sending you best wishes for the year.

  4. I did not care for the kimono at all, it could not be further from my taste so that made this my most disappointing box; I just thought the kimono is geared toward some very specific taste. I think I expected this box to be rich creams & Something warm and cozy So this box is very different from what I was anticipating. The Mug I could take or leave.
    On a good note, I do think the kissing that was a great idea and I liked everything else.

  5. I loved this box. The kimono is fun and bright. Not everyone wants to drape themselves in black all the time. I will wear it more in the Summer when I lie around the pool. Wish is one of my favorite ME scents. I only take showers but my mom loves baths so the salts and bubble bath went to her. The salts can be used as a foot or hand soak and the bubble bath as a shower gel or hand soap. I have several bottles of Tainted Love as it’s my signature perfume so I loved the little perfume bottles. Mine didn’t leak or break. It’s not ME’s fault that some of you spilled your perfume. They are very clearly not roller balls or sprayers so not sure how some of you managed to spill. I love the cards and the mug is gorgeous. Why does it need a handle? Do your cups and tumblers have handles? Or are you guys just looking for things to fuss over? I hope ME knows to just ignore the background noise.

  6. Another great ME box. People always gotta find something to boo hoo about.

  7. Kimono will be great swim suit cover up. Going on a vacation soon, so I think this will be perfect!

  8. I’ve never been disappointed in a Margot Elena box and this one is no exception. Seems I’m in the minority, but I love the kimono. I literally gasped when I took it out of the box. But then I love peacocks and have an entire rolling rack devoted to kimonos, so it is right up my alley. Plus, I’ve read several trend forecasts indicating that bird prints are in for 2019 ,replacing last year’s ubiquitous palm fronds.
    I had never smelled the Wish fragrance before, but turns out I love that, too. So for me, this box was a pure delight.

  9. This was my first box and I was disappointed. I cancelled this sub as I didn’t want to take a chance on the spring box being a bummer as well. Perhaps, Spring spoilers will come out in advance and I’ll take a chance on the box again!

  10. I’ve received all boxes except the first one and this was by far my favorite! Like others, I sometimes feel it’s all so beautiful but with a huge beauty product stash already, I don’t need most of the items. But they do make such lovely gifts.

    I definitely didn’t like the kimono. I feel like things like that add weight to me, both the shape and pattern. The colors were bright and happy but not at all my style or anyone I know’s style.

    The rest of the box blew me away though! Wish is not just my fave ME fragrance, it’s one of my all time favorites from any brand! And I LOVED the bell! So unique and personal from ME and in my favorite color too! So this box felt so special, like it was curated just for me! I purposely didn’t read the spoilers this time so it would be a true Christmas surprise. I just about squeeled with delight as I was opening it!

    I was also very fortunate that my perfume didn’t leak. And I haven’t opened them yet so thank you all for the warning! I assumed they were rollerballs.
    I didn’t love every item but this box really made my Christmas after a very tough year!

  11. I ordered my first box and was worried I’d be disappointed, but I was ecstatic! Somehow the box made me feel like a princess! I am usually so practical, but this speaks to me.
    I displayed the items on my turquoise shelf in the bathroom- I look at it every day & enjoy the packaging so much. I’ll start to using them when my eye love -affair starts to wane.
    The kimono was hung up to admire for a few days- but I’ll either use it as a robe when the weather warms up, or make a pillow cover (or 2) with it.
    The scents were light enough for me (except the perfume that spilled a little in the box). Those have been double zip locked & will go to my niece.

  12. Well, I was sad when it sold out but now I feel lucky I missed out. Other boxes have been spot on for me but I was too chicken to take the plunge. This box was a miss, I am sure I would have liked a few of the items but the peacock theme of the kimono and mug for winter was a miss for me. Not knowing what the scents really smell like confirmed I was lucky. I keep watching though the presentation is so beautiful.

  13. I absolutely love everything in this box. I live in a warm climate so the kimono is perfect. Sadly, it was pointed out to me that it has a flaw right above the beautiful peacock. Darn, I wish my sister didn’t tell me and I never would have known! Oh well, no one will pay any attention to it around the house. It just makes me so 😢sad. No matter what, this is by FAR my favorite box. Thanks Margot Elena!

    • I’d definitely reach out to Customer Service about the flaw in your kimono – you have nothing to lose!

      Good luck.

      • My kimono had a 1/4 slit/ tear near the front seam. I notified customer service and they sent out a replacement quickly, Very disappointed when replacement was worse than original. Both sides of front seams from top to bottom have hundreds of frayed strands of material sticking out. Also, an area of stitching is messed up on one side of front seam… loose threads, a gap with no stitching at all and then a massive clump of erroneous stitching. Everything else in box, very high quality.

  14. Sadly, I was one of those that had my bottle of Tainted Love open up and leak out during shipping. It was one of only 3 items I was keeping for myself (perfume duo, candle, and mug), so it was a little disappointing. Also, I am evidently one of the few people who doesn’t like the Wish scent, so I gifted those four products (as well as the kimono, and I used the bell as an Xmas gift wrapping).

    Well, I emailed ME about my empty perfume and also expressed disappointment that this box was not as diverse as all their previous boxes, as far as scent variety. They have been really great to deal with, and they’re even sending me a little bonus gift in a scent other than Wish. I was thinking I wouldn’t buy the Spring box, but their customer service was so good that I’ve decided to get it. These boxes are such a great value and so beautifully presented, I really look forward to seeing what Spring has in store!

  15. I love this subscription! I find the boxes are beautiful and nicely balanced. When I subscribed I planned to use this subscription to give lovely items to my favorite people and it has worked out beautifully. This box was heavy on the items to give to others, although other quarters have ended up with more treats for myself, and I find the quarterly box is the perfect amount. Well done ME!

  16. I loved this box. Tried the kimono on and really liked it, my husband loved it. Spring/Summer w Jean’s, a tank, and heels will be perfect. I never would have purchased it. That’s why I love the boxes.
    Wish has quickly become a favorite scent. Ordered 2 candles over Christmas sale.
    I didn’t think I’d be happy but I really loved this box after seeing and smelling everything.
    Oh and the mug is great for makeup brushes. Really pretty.

    • Such a good idea for makeup brush storage!

  17. I’m so happy with this sub. I just love it! But….That duo perfume, ugh. I thought it was a roller ball type, and went to roll it on and it spilled everywhere. It ruined my brand new Talbots sweater for christmas, it left a huge spot on my wooden kitchen table that will not come out, I can’t get the smell out of my rug, it’s a mess. So take note people, it’s not a roller! LoL

    • I totally spilled a bit, too. So sorry about your rug + sweater 🙁

    • Oh no…you may have tried this already, but I’ve had great luck with the Woolite Oxy carpet cleaning spray made specifically for pet stains (and pet smells!). It seems to get everything out, including scents. Good luck! 🙂

    • Take a scoop of oxy clean and dissolve in hot water so you see foam then soak your sweater for 10 minutes and wash as you normally would. It should take the stain right out!

  18. I like the idea of a bell as a mistletoe alternative!! Such a great idea for pet owners who cannot have mistletoe in their homes.

  19. I am a fan of all Margot Elena boxes (this one isn’t my favorite but i certainly wouldn’t call it “bad”). But my issue is with delivery… I actually still haven’t even received this box.

    I reached out to them multiple times over the last few weeks regarding the delay. Last week they finally apologized, said it was an oversight and would ship it out…but it’s Wednesday of the following week and still no box, no tracking and my subscription status online still says unfulfilled. I understand mistakes happen, and that’s ok, but once they recognized that they had erred, shouldn’t they have shipped the box right away? I’m so puzzled by all of this since I’ve heard they actually have pretty good customer service.

    I had planned to use some of this box for Christmas gifts so this has all been a bit disappointing considering that everyone else seemed to get their boxes weeks ago. Sigh…

    • I think they should have sent it priority when they realized their mistake and included a gift as an apology. That’s what I’ve received from a few other boxes where this happened.

      • I totally agree. This whole experience has really surprised me. Clearly this was meant to be a pre-holiday box given that they included a holiday card…I just don’t see me being organized enough to save that card and then find it again in December 2019!

    • I am having the same issue. They charged me in July for Fall Sept subscription box and I haven’t received it. On their site it shows my order as “paid” and “unfulfilled.” I emailed them. Did you ever receive your box? What was the resolution?
      Thank You.

  20. If you read the letter, the kimono is for your holiday parties, not for around the house.

    • ??? Really who cares what the letter says, I’m gonna wear mine around the house considering i wouldn’t be caught dead in public with it.

    • I wear mine around the house because it’s super comfy and silky. I don’t think I’d wear it out in public, but it’s not ugly — it’s just not my style.

    • Lol, it so does not scream holidays to me! But to each their own!

  21. Liz makes me want to revisit the kimono, it looks cute here! Love ME boxes, I gave quite a few items as gifts and people were thrilled

    • Thanks, Beth! Not surprised to hear the gifts went over well! 🙂

  22. I realize I’m the exception, but I like the kimono. Yes, it’s huge on me, but it feels WONDERFUL to slip it on after a hot bath. It feels AMAZING. I added a silk belt. I wore it after a bath and then played Mario Kart with my husband. He thought I was super cute. Haha.

    • aww, that’s adorable.

    • Sounds like the perfect use of the kimono to me! 🙂

    • Yes, I wish it had a tie belt with it!

  23. I love the details in this box. The packaging from the perfume is cleaver. The crystal on the bath salt is beautiful. Somehow the things that would be filler items in other boxes don’t feel like filler items here. The cards feel so special I hate to use them. You can buy a bell like that for less than a dollar, But I love it because it was presented so beautifully with so much thought.

    The kimono, not my style, but its perfect hanging in the sauna room. I love, love, love, the tainted love perfume. It came with a loose top and leaked about 1/2 the product. It was contained to the box and they sent a replacement. The bell was missing the clapper, which was disappointing; however, when I asked my husband to find something to but in there he put in a bullet. Odd as that is, it makes it more special to me. I used the mug to hold a variety of pocky (Japanese cookie sticks) for Christmas and it was perfect. I’ve already sent one of the cards.

    I always like these boxes, but this one seemed especially useful for me.

  24. I loved this box! Great curation, although I would have loved to see one Cottage Garden item maybe in place of one of the Wish items?

  25. There is no circumstance under which I would wear the kimono. It didn’t feel comfortable to me and my cats would quickly shred it. I liked the other items very much.

  26. Unfortunately I didn’t like the wish smell, it smelled like veet or nair, like cream hair remover, maybe it’s just me lol.

  27. This is my second box in an annual sub. While I feel the boxes are beautifully put together and do have some lovely products, ultimately I have buyers remorse. I have yet to use anything from either of my boxes. I did swap some things successfully, so that is good, but everything else is just sitting in the box under my bed. Ultimately, to me this is one of those pretty shiny things you see in stores and go gaga over, but then get it home and are like ok what do I do with this. Again, a beautiful box, but just not something I needed to buy. Lesson learned. I think some folks will be overjoyed with their boxes and I am super happy for them. and to them I say… so do you want to take this kissing bell off my hands… ???

    • That’s why I’ve never ordered. Very nice thoughtful box but way too much soap and bath stuff for my liking

  28. Such a pretty box, wish I could afford it! I always look at reviews though. Maybe one day…lol

  29. Cancelled this box 6 months ago! The quality is not worth it, and no where near makes it worth $49.99, Just my opinion!

  30. This has been one of my favorite sub boxes but ththe kimono was so cheaply made I can see why its exclusive to the box it’s not the quality I expect from margot elena products and it was the “hero” item. I got a second box for gifts and only ended up gifting the bath salts and bubble bath.

  31. I tried to cancel my annual for like 2 months and they didnt let me dispite making it clear i had cancelled and didnt want the box. I was surprized when they billed me for a NEW ANNUAL subscription because I thought they had good customer service. Turns out customer service is only good for replacing broken products, not when it comes to cancelling. Shows how cheap their products really are. Oh, and to top it off, the amount billed went from $160 to $220! Without even a notice! I feel thats theft :/ but lesson learned, called bank to cancel their charges in the future, still fighting to get this one refunded. Total pain in the bum.

    • You may have used a discount code last year. They’re regularly $180 for annual plus $28 shipping plus tax (if applicable). Though, if you cancelled your order, you’re right, they shouldn’t have billed you at all. I had success calling them to get a refund straightened out last year.

    • I would try getting a refund from your bank or credit card company. If you have any email correspondence or something proving you tried to cancel they will likely refund your money. Good luck!

  32. I tied the bell on my back door. My 8 year old goes in and out a lot so if I am not right there I know. The kimono I have been wearing here in Florida now with a tank or long sleeve depending on what the weather has been. It waa a great box. I gifted several items and kept some for me

    • Great idea! I might take mine off my swap listings and put it on one of our doors.

    • I put on my back door too. Great for the dogs alerting us to when they want to go out.

  33. I loved this box but one of the Tokyomilk perfumes was spilled all inside the box. 🙁 Still a great box though.

    • My Tokyomilk perfumes spilled, too. I was surprised to find they were not rollerball or spritz-type bottles. Sadly, none of these scents were a hit for me. The kimono was pretty, but my daughter tried it on and the sleeve caught on a doorknob and tore the seam within two minutes of me taking it out of the box. I considered using it as a wall hanging, but it’s too bright for my decor. I did end up gifting many of the items, so it was not a total loss. However, I won’t be renewing the subscription when my annual sub runs out. The packaging is beautiful. I just wish I loved what was in it.

      • I also spilled my perfume when I opened it.

    • Mine spilled too. Along with the rollerball from the last box. I thought it was just bad luck. I have the full size spray versions and have never had a problem. I need to contact them.

  34. I don’t think it’s possible to have a “bad” box from Margot Elena, lol.

    I wonder why they never include any Love & Toast items.

    • I wondered about that, too. L&T Pomme Poivre is one of my faves!

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