FabFitFun Upcoming Box Poll – Pick This or That!

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If you aren’t familiar, Katie Kitchens is the Co-Founder of FabFitFun, and she often shares potential future products on her Instagram feed to get feedback! Here are the latest potential future box items. (FYI – these are not confirmed products, they may or may not be in future boxes, and they also may not be in the same box.)

Which would you prefer in an upcoming FabFitFun box:

Source: Katieakitchens

S’ip by S’well 15 oz. Water Bottle or Sunnylife Picnic Set

Source: Katieakitchens

 Harper + Ari Sugar Exfoliating Cubes or BaubleBar Farah Ear Crawlers

Source: Katieakitchens

Floral Robe or Electric Diffuser

Let us know which items you would prefer in the comments!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Swell, ear crawlers, diffuser

    • Definitely swell, ear crawlers and diffuser

    • Ditto

    • Swell cubes robe

      • Yes me too

        • Me as well!

    • I like all but the diffuser, as I have one…

    • Same – S’well, earrings, diffuser.

    • Swell, ear crawlers, diffuser

    • Picnic set, earrings, diffuser.
      But actually I like everything offered and would use all of it. That never happens sobthiscwint be a box lol!

    • Swell, sugar cubes, robe

    • Cubes, diffuser, swell

      • Same!

      • Me too. Swell, cubes & diffuser.

    • Agreed!!!

      • to the swell crawler and diffuser

    • Swell, cubes and robe

    • S’well, sugar cubes, robe

    • I would like the water bottle, the ear rings, and the electric diffuser as my choices.

    • Water bottle, ear crawlers, diffuser

    • Same here: S’Well, ear crawlers, diffuser

  2. Swell, cubes, and diffusers

  3. Picnic set – great for travelling, picnics, camping and surely more. I also like the bottle.
    Sugar cubes
    Robe – but not white please

    • Agreed!

      Picnic set: I would even leave it in my car or in my locker at work for those “Drat! I have no way to eat my lunch!” emergencies that do happen. Or is that just to me?

      Cubes: Because crawler earrings just do not work with me and my fat dangling earlobes. They don’t crawl, they jump off my ears and straight out toward my face. Not a pretty look!

      Robe: I just like flitting around the house in a pretty robe over my camisole pajama.

      • That was funny but I feel the exact same way as u and I would pick all the options u picked. Also my name is Amie. 😁

  4. Picnic set (but the water bottle is nice too and I’d use it more)
    Exfoliating cubes
    Robe (I’m a sucker for floral prints)🌹

  5. Picnic set, cubes, robe. For sure! 😍😍😍

    • Same!

  6. Swell, cubes and diffuser

    • Same 🙂 Although, I am hoping that things are even left for the seasonal peeps.. The box extra’s are always sold out, even when I get there the same day (and then posted up for swapping :-/ makes me so mad) Sadly, if this is another round of it, I’m probably gonna end up canceling..

    • ☝️ YUP!!!

      Swell, sugar cubes, diffuser.

  7. I would love the swell bottle, sugar cubes, and the diffuser!

  8. Picnic set (it would be perfect for camping), sugar cubes & diffuser.

    • Same

    • Same!

  9. None of these – please don’t put them as choices in our box!!

    • Exactly, they all s*ck.

      • Couldn’t agree with you more. Who the hell is making these horrible choices lately truly needs to get out onto the community page and listen to the subscribers , noone has ever mentioned any of these items! LOL

        • Also, that exact S’well bottle and peach exfoliating cubes were offered in the last edit sale. Meh.

          • Yeah, I hate when they take add-ons or edit sale items and put them in boxes later! If I’m going to get something in a box later, don’t give me the option of paying for it now!

    • Same. I am not impressed with anything on this selection..

    • Agreed. Actually LISTti subscribers, or those who only have one box left and were VERY disappointed with Fall AND WINTER boxes. I have a million water bottles and have zero use for such a SMALL ugly one. The robe is hideous and would never get used. There have been umpteen robes in boxes of much better quality. This one is junk. There have been much better diffusers offered elsewhere. I already have two and have zero use for such a tiny one. Exfoliating cubes. Um, NO. Dumb. And the jewelry is always junk so NO ear crap. Seriously go back to when subscribers actually liked their boxes. Last year for example. No more mittens from the dollar store and other miscellaneous junk with zero theme or cohesion. Oh, and get a grip on your inventory. Annual members should get what they have in their cart the first day- not be charged then informed a MONTH later that something (actually FOUR things) is “magically of stock”.

      • Amen!

    • Agreed!

  10. Sorry — none of those are calling my name … either the quality of the item does not look overwhelming or I already have one … is skipping an option for annual subscribers??

    • These aren’t confirmed spoilers or for any specific box. Sorry for any confusion!

  11. Picnic Set, Sugar cubes, Robe. I’ve already gotten a couple of diffusers that I don’t use, including the expensive one from the Ellen Be Kind box.

    • I would pick these as well. I have several of the Sip n Swell bottles from Target and they are nice but it’s easy to go through 15oz of beverage. Definitely would rather have the robe then a diffuser.

    • Sarah, I would take that diffuser of your hands!!! 🙂

    • Same. Picnic set is perfect for the camper, sugar cubes as most earrings hurt my ears after wearing them for them a few hours and the robe.

  12. Picnic set

    • Same here

    • Same

    • Picnic set

      Those earrings are gorgeous! Water bottles are too common.

    • Same!

    • Same

    • Same… if robe is sized and comes in plus size.

  13. S’well (I would have zero use for a picnic set), ear crawlers, and diffuser.

    • I only like swell, my ice melts; and is isn’t dishwasher safe….

  14. Picnic set, exfoliating cuves and diffuser for sure.

    • Me too!

    • This has my vote too.

  15. Love the ear crawlers and sugar cubes!

  16. S’well – have actually been wanting one of these)
    Exfoliating cubes – but not excited about either choice
    Robe – but would enjoy either one

  17. Not real excited by any of these, but I would pick the bottle, ear crawlers and diffuser. I’d get more use out if them than the alternatives, even though I already have all three.

    • Same

  18. Honestly everything is cute & I’d like to receive any of them, except for the water bottle (I have a ton of those already). But I’d pick the picnic set, the ear crawlers (those cubes are so cute too) and the robe- such a pretty print!

  19. Definitely picnic set, earrings, and diffuser. I would enjoy all three.

    • Agreed. I had to scroll down through a bunch of comments before I found someone picking the combo I would want.

      • Same! I didn’t think I was going to find anyone who wanted the same combo!

    • Same! I have a heap of bottles

  20. I like the difuser and the picnic set
    The others are blaah
    A beach towel would be great
    Or an awesome pair of sunnies
    I like simple earings
    Maybe a really neat apron or potholders

    • An apron would be something different! Didn’t we just get a robe? Or was that PopSugar?

      • That was Popsugar.

  21. The picnic set, the exfoliating cubes, and the robe. No earrings please!

  22. Picnic set, cubes, and robe. picnic set would be great for road trips where you always end up eating takeout at a hotel, or for outside dates.

  23. Picnic set
    Diffuser,,,but only because I know that’s not a cotton or silk robe.

  24. Swell
    Bauble Bar

  25. Picnic set. I don’t know if I will ever need another water bottle! I know S’Well is supposed to be good but I feel like those can be corporate giveaways etc. no thanks, already have too many.

    Earrings. I just don’t use scrubs as much. Not that 8mhave any occasion to wear the earrings but at least they sparkle. 😂

    Robe. Diffuser good too.

  26. Picnic set

    • Same here!

  27. Not interested in the picnic set or the bottle. I’d prefer the earrings over sugar cubes and the robe over the diffuser.

  28. Either robe or diffuser set, but I don’t love the pattern (and likely not natural fibers) and have diffuser already…
    I like the water bottle – but I already have 2 from add ons! Would love a bigger/normal size swell though!
    Really dislike all the other options personally 🙁

  29. Water bottle

    • Same here. I have no use for the other items.

  30. Water bottle if I had to pick from the first pair
    Diffuser. The robe is hideous .

  31. diffuser, cubes, and neither

  32. None of the above? I’d love to see a dishwasher-safe steel bottle in a sub box someday.

  33. 1. S’well
    2. Earrings
    3. Diffuser

    The picnic set is cute, but I almost never go on picnics and I don’t see how a fancy set would change that.
    I adore those ear crawlers and would love to wear them.
    I’ve wanted to try a diffuser, but can’t bring myself to spring (teehee) for one, so I’d jump at the chance to try them in a box.

  34. None 😕

  35. The water bottle would be nice, but it’ll slip right out of my hand being smaller at the top. I’d have to rename my dented bottle, slip by swell. Seriously… No ear rings, I don’t wear them and I’ve given tons away. I have 2 diffusers, but might like another just as a back up or to keep in another room. No thanks on the picnic set or sugar exfoliating cubes. No flowery robe… Really none of these are calling to me. If they were add ons, I would not choose any of them.

  36. 1) picnic set – its something fun that we dont see in sub boxes time and time and time again… unlike waterbottles.

    2) Sugar scrub cubes – jewelry is again sooo common in these boxes.

    3) Diffuser – robes are fun but like jewelry are usually better left up to the individual to pick out.

    • Picnic set, cubes and the diffuser.

    • I agree completely 🙂

  37. None of the above….. can we skip a box?

    • I agree, none of these. Have too many water bottles already and the picnic set looks cheap. Sugar cubes are not my jam and can’t wear big/heavy earrings. I have so many robes and diffusers from sub boxes, I just don’t have any need for more…. Hoping for less repeats among sub boxes…..most of these items have been in previous boxes and/or in other boxes.

      • What Shellie said!
        I hope they notice a marked lack of enthusiasm for the choices.
        Already purchased the water bottle from an ad on. ( and I hate it)
        Picnic set looks incredibly cheesy and cheap.
        Cubes -meh
        Jewelry has not been high-quality
        Robe- unless you’re going with all natural cotton —then no.
        Diffuser you can get anywhere.
        I used to enjoy opening my fab fit fun box because I would discover new things. Not anymore and the quality has dropped. I am just keeping my fingers crossed for the spring box being Solid -otherwise I’m canceling -after 3 years. Sadly/ I doubt they will care. Their loyalty to customers has not been important for quite a while now

  38. I think the picnic set would be perfect for camping trips; already have the swell bottle as an add-on in the past; and I would love those cute ear crawlers, hmm but I never tried using an exfoliating cube before… I think either or is fine between this two.

    My dog ate my diffuser cord so having another is not bad in my opinion, but I can see how more people will prefer the robe better. I will be happy to get either.

  39. I want that robeeeee I’ve gotta say. For the other ones, I’d choose the picnic set and the earrings over the bottle and the exfoliating cubes.

  40. Either

  41. Either the electric diffuser or picnic set.

  42. 1. Picnic set (DEFINITELY)
    2. Exfoliating cubes (Both are nice)
    3. Electric diffuser

  43. I would want the robe and the diffuser. Not keen on the rest.

  44. Picnic set, earrings, diffuser (yes, please!)

    • Same! Don’t we all have enough water bottles by now. Many from fabfitfun haha

  45. I’d go for the picnic set, sugar cubes, and diffuser! I know not everyone will love the options, but honestly I go for what I’d use the most and I’d definitely use all of those!!!

  46. Honestly, none of these excite me. The only thing I might use out of all of this is the robe and I’m not to thrilled with the pattern.

    • I agree!

    • Agree! The bottle is too small. I’d love a 32oz Yeti. Would never use the picnic set. The earrings are not my style so I guess the cubes would have to do. I wouldn’t use either the robe or diffuser so I would choose the one I could gift. None of these excite me but after 3 years of sub boxes, not much is exciting because I have most of this stuff.

  47. Bauble bar for sure. Not interested in another low quality robe or diffuser. Swell bottle is cute.

  48. 1. Picnic set – would love to keep this on my car for road trips!
    2. Exfoliating sugar cubes
    3. Electric diffuser

  49. Picnic set
    Exfoliating sugar cubes

    I hope these are in the summer box!!

  50. I would choose the S’well (although truth be told, I don’t love either of the choices), the exfoliating cubes and the diffuser.

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