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FabFitFun Spring 2019 Box Spoiler + Add-On Schedule!

Yay! We have the complete schedule for the FabFitFun Spring 2019 box! And there’s one big change this season! For the first time, Annual subscribers will be able to make their customization choices before season subscribers. (Previously all subscribers customized at the same time, but annual subscribers were able to pick additional categories.)

Here are all the dates you need to know:

  • Spoiler 1: February 1st
  • Early access to Spring Add-Ons begins Feb 4 for Select Members at 9 a.m. PT!
  • Spoiler 2: February 4th
  • Spoiler 3: February 6th
  • Customization opens to SELECT members: Wednesday, February 6 at 9 a.m. PT.
  • Shop Spring Add-Ons starting Feb 7 at 9 a.m. PT, until Feb 11 at 11:59 p.m. PT
  • Customization opens to ALL members: Saturday, February 9 at 9 a.m. PT.

If you haven’t signed up for FabFitFun yet, use coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off your first

UPDATE: Flash sale now through 1/16 – click here and use coupon code TREATS to save $20 off your first box!

Check out our FabFitFun reviews to see what you can expect with this quarterly subscription box for women!

What do you think of this customization priority change?


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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (56)

  1. What time does the spoiler usually get posted?

    • 11am Pacific

  2. I just got fff and i love it!! The idea of having a little gift just for me was amazing!! Im not picky on what i get and im sooo cheap that if i were to go into a store to purchase these items on my own i would be like in love with the fact that its just a little box of girly happiness for just me and not my hubby or my kids

    • I feel the same way! It’s a great way to remind me to treat myself.

  3. Its definitely set up in favor of the annual subscriber – and they are doing everything they can to push people into feeling they have to subscribe annually, in order to have any chance at getting the items they want. Clever little ploy. I’m a little bothered they collect all this money up front – weeks and months before you receive anything. Its like they are taking your cash before they even have the products in their warehouse..I feel like this why they are pushing the annual membership – so they can obtain upfront capital..

  4. I am confused as to how this works. I had ordered my first box, winter and I thought I would receive the Exfolikate. I had wanted to try it for a while now and I saw a beauty guru on youtube saying it was included in the box. I did not receive it and I still don’t know how these levels of membership work. What I did receive is not useful to me and I still don’t understand how this actually works.

    • Only annual subscribers get to choose certain items they receive. Otherwise fff chooses for you. I didn’t receive the exfolikate either, I got the other choice which was a hand cream.

  5. This box is so all over the place. I have had a love hate for FFF for the past like 5 years. Seasonal people pay the most for the boxes (full price) and get the least amount of options and add-on’s .. awesome, thaaaanks a lot. It also irritates me that people go in and wipe out all the popular / in demand add-on options solely for the purpose of marking them up to full retail on the swap site.. FFF should do some kind of limit where you get to add 3-5 add-ons per season/box to stop that from happening.

    • You need to become a select member if it upsets you that much. Part of those perks are why some of us pay upfront annually. Actually FFF does limit how many any of us can buy to 3.

    • Jen, no one pays full price for any of the items on the swap site. Getting items as add on is rarely as good of a deal as getting items in a box. So if folks want to spend hard cold cash to get items just to swap them, so be it. I don’t think that makes sense financially but they can do whatever they want.

    • at least pay less go to annual (if you buy them every time). however, you have the option to opt out of a box you don’t like, so there are +’s and -‘s to both options.

      • How do you opt out of a box?

      • Get in touch with them 🙂

      • How do you opt out of a box?

    • I just went annual and I’m happy about it. FFF does limit our purchases to three of each item. The entire time I was seasonal (one year,) I was always able to get what I wanted from the sales with a little persistence of course. Also, I think as long as I pay for something, I have the right to do with it as I please. Whether it be the swap and trade boards, keeping them, giving them away, or even selling them if they turn out to be something I can’t use or don’t
      like. I do not purchase anything for the purpose of reselling them so let me be clear about that. They are also making the effort to allow for box skipping if you go annual, so I really don’t think they are out to get anyone. FFF has always listened to their subscribers and they can’t please everyone, but out of all the subs I’ve had, and I’ve had a lot, they are the absolute best with customer service and listening to their subscribers.

  6. I am an annual subscriber and when i finally got around to customizing my box this past season, the coasters were already gone. Annuals are not guaranteed all items either!

    • No one got the coasters there was something wrong with them…

      • I did get the coasters and believe me you aren’t missing anything.

      • I got the coasters in my box, not sure what you mean??

      • I got the coasters…

      • I had a note that the coasters weren’t up to FFF’s standards so they sub something (already don’t remember) in their place.

      • I receieved the coasters and they had a dash of glitter and were adorable. I just think they had a limited stock

  7. I can’t stay off the FFF forum now that I joined. Anyone else living on it?

    • yes 🙂

  8. Did anyone else notice that it only gives one start date for Add-Ons? Does this mean that Annual and Season members get access to Add-Ons at the same time??

    • I see two dates – maybe I’m reading it wrong?

      Early access to Spring Add-Ons begins Feb 4 for Select Members at 9 a.m. PT!
      Shop Spring Add-Ons starting Feb 7 at 9 a.m. PT, until Feb 11 at 11:59 p.m. PT

  9. The dates seem shorter than usual. That’s fabulous… but scary! Now I have less time to do my research on the add-on options!

  10. Of course as an a seasonal member I’m disappointed with the change but I can understand the business decision.

    I just wonder how it will work with being able to add multiple selections like when you can add the second choice for $10. It would feel unfair if annual members have a chance to add multiples and then only 1 choice is left by time seasonal gets there.That deff wouldn’t make me go annual it would just make me unsub

  11. I think this is going to get to the point where seasonal subs are not going to get any choices at all on their boxes. They might get to shop the add-on sale leftovers, but that will be all they get. If FFF operated more from adding benefits for annuals rather than taking them away from seasonals, I might look at paying for a yearly sub rather than looking at getting another box and canceling.

    • Totally agree – this doesn’t make me want to go annual it just makes me feel like if you aren’t annual they don’t appreciate you at all

      • I agree 100 percent. I doesn’t look like they appreciate their seasonal customers, only the annual ones. Meanwhile both are customers.

      • True. By the time I was able to select add ons they were all gone. So not fair. I too understand the way others think of it as an annual perk but all of us should have options. That was the initial draw of the box. But now once I’m able to select there are no selections or options left. Is. Wanted the robe add on was out ..wanted the sunglass add on.. out. Every item was out. Probably canceling after this ..As that was part of the FUN of my box…selection.

    • From what I understand, seasonals didn’t always have customization choices. That benefit has been added in the last few years, so I highly doubt that they will take it away. I don’t get why this change is such a big deal. It changes nothing at all for seasonal members. They still get all the choices they would normally have. Nothing at all has been taken away from anyone. And the extra “benefit” doesn’t really benefit anyone. A few days early is meaningless. It’s lipstick to make people feel like they’re getting something, but nothing has actually changed.

      • The big deal is that seasonal doesn’t want to pick what is left over unless the left over is what they really wanted.

      • The big deal is that seasonal doesn’t want to pick what is left over, unless the left over is what they really wanted.

      • It potentially could take away choices from seasonal members. IE if select members customize and choose that option to add on for $10 by time we get to customize there might be only 1 choice left. That’s what I am concerned about – I don’t care I am actually picking a few days later.

      • Seasonal have 3 customization choices the same time as the annual chooses theirs. The big deal is that seasonal might not have a chance to pick the 3 products they wanted but instead pick the ones what is left.
        Imo, Fff should have changed something else. They could have put more perks to annual, like rewards such as give add-ons credit or put extra item for paying upfront. This kinds of “change” just drive away loyal seasonal.

      • The only annoying thing is you may not get what you want and a lot of times the customized items are not of equal value. So the fear is you will be stuck with leftovers.

      • I agree. I love that they take care of their loyal customers. We invest in the company a year at a time. Seasonal can cancel every quarter if they like. I do like that they are now giving annual subscribers the option to skip one quarter if we would like. I dont understand all the complaining. Be grateful they even let us customize. When I started a few years ago they didnt have that option. Popsugar and box of style dont customize. Fff is the only one.

    • I’ve never had a hard time getting things in add-ons, since people drop stuff all the time. And I generally work when customization opens, so don’t get to that until the evening. There are always options available. I might not be able to pay the extra $10 for an item I like at first, but it usually opens up after the initial feeding frenzy, too (those towels this summer was the exception for those). Just check back a few days later. Play the fun little refresh game like the rest of us. Ah… that thrill of victory when you snag that thing you want! 🙂

      • I totally agree. I am an annual subscriber but I work nights so often by the time I get to the add ons even on the first day there are already items that are sold out. I also love the thrill of snagging that one item I wanted when someone lets it go!

    • Seasonal have 3 customization choices the same time as the annual chooses theirs. The big deal is that seasonal might not have a chance to pick the 3 products they wanted but instead pick the ones what is left.
      Imo, Fff should have changed something else. They could have put more perks to annual, like rewards such as give add-ons credit or put extra item for paying upfront. This “change” just drives away loyal seasonal.

      • Ok that is so weird. I thought my first post didnt appear so I repost it.😅

    • That’s how it originally was when I joined. Seasonal got what they got and annuals could pick a certain color such as with the ponchos a few winter boxes ago, but not everything in the entire box. I like knowing what I am getting but I also miss being surprised when I get my box. I only renewed my annual membership this year for early access to add-ons and edit sales because I do agree, if you don’t get on there right away many things are sold out until people purge their carts the last day, and even then you aren’t guaranteed to get everything you wanted.

    • I agree! I would too!

    • While I’m an annual I totally agree with you. I think its messed up how they’re removing things seasonal’s once had and calling it a perk for the annuals.

    • truthfully, i fi had to choose between unsub and an annual/season such as i ahve now.. i would unsub.. i have other subscritions i like as much .. i am not having a for profit company dictate how i spend my hard earned money .. particulary as a teacher..

  12. I’m so excited! I like the weekend thing because I work nights so I actually have to stay up late for the start time and I don’t work weekends so I can stay up as late as I want,lol!

  13. I don’t mind that annuals get first pick but I wish they wouldn’t start customization at noon on a Saturday EST. That’s really inconvenient.

    • Most people complain that a weekday morning is inconvenient bc most people have Saturdays off, so I guess they can’t please everyone unfortunately I. I feel ya though..I work Saturdays and won’t be able to get to my phone until almost 1!! 🙁

      • Yeah, I really like the Saturday start time because during the week I’m busy at work. It really depends on your situation.

  14. Can’t wait for the spoilers!!

  15. 😍can’t wait 🥰

  16. Does anyone know if annual subs will still be picking additional categories or is that scrapped?

    • There was an official post in the community from FFF regarding select members gaining access to customization before seasonal members. They did not say anything about a change in the ability for anyone to add multiple items from the same category for an extra $10 in the post and I believe they would have if customization were to be changing so much. There’s also a thread in the community started about this post now. If you’re a FFF member, join the community and you’ll see more!

      I personally think the post here is a bit confusing, but who knows, maybe FFF is going to throw this at us the day customization opens and people will have a fit. Lol.

      • Hmm….gives a different meaning to fab “fit” fun, doesn’t it?

        I cancelled my sub after various snafus with orders, shipping, website crashing, not getting my credits added, etc. They are always wishing happiness, and want to know what can be done to make things right, sadly they fail on follow thru. Even though I was an annual, there is no guarantee of having the customizations or the sponsored freebies available esp if they had site issues. The same applies to the add ons.
        I really hope they improve.

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