BoxyCharm January 2019 FULL SPOILERS – Box #1

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We have full spoilers for one version of the January 2019 BoxyCharm box!

One version of the box will include:

And in case you missed it, here’s what every subscriber will receive:

A Tarte Palette: Rainforest of the Sea™ sizzle eyeshadow palettelimited-edition Rainforest of the Sea ™ highlighting eyeshadow palette vol. III, or Rainforest of the Sea limited-edition eyeshadow palette

TATCHA Luminous Dewy Skin Sheet Masks (Set of 2)

And all subscribers will receive ONE of the following lip products:

Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche LipstickSmith & Cult The Shining Lip Lacquer, or OFRA Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you sign up now, the January box will be your first box!

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Just curious with all the talk of the weights, if anybody’s was .85 pounds? My first boxy is supposed to be here Saturday and I’m dying to know what I got besides the highlight palette and face masks!

    • Mine is supposedly .90lbs

    • Mine weighed around .9 and my mother’s weighed .79 yet we both got the exact same items…. I don’t think you can go by the weight as it didn’t make any difference in our boxes…
      In our boxes
      Ofra lip in a dark orangish color (it never fails, I always get lip colors I can’t use)
      2 masks
      Small Briogeo leave in conditioner (the cheaper one not the milk)
      Palette III (I think the colors are pretty but very similar to every other one I’ve received. The packaging is great though)
      BBB brow in dark brown (again, another color I can’t use)
      I thought we were supposed to get full size items every month?

  2. How can you tell the box number?

    • There will be a number in the corner of the card in the box. You won’t know until you get the box itself.

  3. I am still waiting for my December box!! I have contacted “customer service” a few times now and they are useless!! the first time they responded, they said to check with USPS and if they can’t help me to let them know. the send time they said to wait until 12/24 for my order when I should have received it by 12/15. the 3rd time they finally agreed (a year later) to reship my box but it would not ship out until they do the shipping of the Jan boxes!! WTF! they did not eve offer to do anything for my missing box like credit me for the missing box, give me something extra in my replacement box or not charge me for the Jan box! absolutely nothing extra or more was done by them. It has been the worst customer service I have received in a long time. I know most companies would have replaced my order for free and shipped out a replacement ASAP and I know this for a fact because I had another issue with a different company and they took care of me fast. That is how you should take care of your customers. My tracking number showed an Error and they are acting like I am trying to get over on them and get an extra box, hello I never received my original box!!! I love BC but I hate their CS team!!! they have a lot to learn!

    sorry for the rant but it really pissed me off the way they treated this situation and on top of it, that box was going to be a Christmas gift!

  4. The briogeo is a great product and works well for my hair and my Mother’s hair for detangling and hair growth. I noticed we are getting both products in ipsy & boxycharm. I think the briogeonis going to be travel size in the ipsy box and that is why we are getting 6 products this month. I noticed that ipsy is giving out the ofra highlighter for the 3rd time, but im.excited because I dont own 1 at all and will be happy to try the product out…. I think boxycharm should slow down on all of the variations..I like the box, but some of the rainforest vol.3 palette colors dont perfom.very well. I watched 3 videos and it’s a lot of work to host it to perform. I will just use water with my shimmers.

  5. All 3 of the Bite Beauty lipsticks are pink & on YouTube Joe confirmed today that the Better Then Sex is an item we’re ALL getting in Feb!!!! Looks like he also had some sort of Morphe palettes on the table behind him! He has his own YouTube channel now with less then 500 subs-so go show your support ladies!!!

  6. My email shows the Highlighting palette, the Tatcha masks, and a lipstick in traditional shape, brand and color not specified.

    I usually get Box #1 but I don’t know if this is it.

    • Same.

    • Me three

      • Me four

        • Five…lol

    • I generally get more box 1’s than any other but mine was 4 this time. I had the same email spoiler but got the Ofra lip.

  7. Usually, we get an email by now that the box is on the way but I have heard nothing from Boxy. Has anyone received their box yet? This is for the January box.

    • No email but I did receive my box today!

    • I got a spoiler email.

      Getting the highlighting shadow palette and Tatcha eye masks.

      The rest is a mystery.

    • I got a email showing me what was in my box. That I don’t like.

      • I just got my tracking number last night coming from Georgia & its almost to me, I’ll be getting it tomorrow! It says it’s with FedEx instead of USPS who usually gives it over to USPS but this is saying FedEx will be delivering!? Who delivers everyone else’s box?

        • I get mine via FedEx smartpost. FedEx gets it to my city, then they hand it off to USPS to deliver to me.

        • Surprisingly, FedEx delivered mine direct this time. They usually drop it off at the post office and it’ll take another few days to get to me (the delivery date keeps getting extended) but this time it said it’ll be delivered on the 9th then it said the 10th but it came on the 9th.

          • I hope they do that with mine as well! USPS always adds a couple extra days.

            Thanks for the info!

          • Well, it’s a no-go for today bc FedEx made it to my city but are handing it over to the USPS…ahhhhhhh!!!!!! It’s not even in their system yet but I know they’ll get it today bc FedEx is in my city! But now I have to wait for snail 🐌 mail & lately they’ve been very slow!!! I really was hoping FedEx was the new shipper!!! Oh well, at least I know its on it’s way! I am getting my BeautyFix box today so I’m excited about that!!!! ✌♥💄

  8. 🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽for another Ofra lippie! The formulas work amazing on me

  9. My question is where is the better then sex mascara? They said it would be in January box. Yet I don’t see it. I would love the new sizzle palette, smith and cult or bite lippie, but I really want the mascara. I don’t want this box. Please.

    • They said the Better Than Sex mascara is coming this year. What I read did not say January.

      • Confirmed variations were just posted on Rddit!

    • BTS is coming next month

    • February box

  10. Ugh. After last month, I wanted to cancel but told myself to hold off–definitely cancelling if I get the leave in conditioner.

    I got that stupid hair straightener last month.

    Here’s the thing: I have no hair. . .

    • I Asked for the straightener and got the palette and complained to them about it and they sent me the straightener. Definitely contact boxycharm and they will fix it for you.

      • Around what day of the month does the box typically arrive?

    • I requested the straightener from CS, was told no. Instead I got yet another palette.

    • Omgosh I love the conditioner. I have wavy course hair that conditioner really helped tame it. I went to order from the site and they were out of stock and Sephora was out as well. Too bad we don’t live closer I could trade you if you get it and I don’t.

  11. Apparently this box is variation #2!

    • Seriously?


      • What happened to the better than sex mascara?

        • Supposed to be in next month

    • My question is where is the better then sex mascara? They said it would be in January box. Yet I don’t see it. I would love the new sizzle palette, smith and cult or bite lippie, but I really want the mascara. I don’t want this box. Please.

      • This is a February spoiler

    • This is version 1. I only get version 1 and it contains the exact items shown in the picture except for a different color in the Ofra.

  12. Okay…. soooo we JUST (at least some of us) received that briogeo leave in conditioner spray in a recent box. I still have a half of a bottle of it!!! I hate when they repeat items.

  13. I saw them swatch a coral color lipstick on Instagram and I SO want it. It was from Bite Beauty. If anyone gets it and wants to trade, let me know!

  14. I usually get Box #1, so this won’t be too bad. I’m hoping the thing underneath is a blank book, because I love those.

    • I’m pretty sure that book is a prop.

    • Do you think we will get the notebook? That’s interesting but I would love the idea of it 😊

  15. Boxycharm is a great subscription for me, because you get lots of different products to try. I loved the Pretty Vulgar Palette we received in a previous box! I love everything except the eyelashes!!!

  16. Ugh!!!!! I need that awesome Smith and cult, and the shadow pallete in the middle! That’s the only one that’ll work for me @boxycharm!!!!!! Awesome boxes ahead either way I reckon! Yall’re great!

  17. I cancelled when I saw the spoilers instead of renewing for another 3 months. I wouldn’t have been angry or anything, but I’m glad to have postponed renewing. I would have loved to try anything else by Tatcha but I detest sheet masks. I am also maxed out on brown/neutral palettes. I usually get dark lipsticks, which I hate so meh. I’m cool skipping this one. I think it’s a great value, still, and I’ll be looking to see what’s coming up for February. But I will ditch this if it’s sheet masks more than a couple times a year, they are just a scourage to the planet and belong in the whatever ring of hell contains plastic straws and k cups.

  18. I was so excited until they showed the lips as options and the Briogio I received last time was the trial size too. And I hate that stuff. So disappointed

  19. Mehhhhhhh. I might keep it since the tatcha is worth more than the price of the box so everything else is essentially free. But sooooo boring this month.

  20. I do not subscribe to BC but I hope I can swap for the Sizzle palette. I have several nice serums listed…

  21. Yes please!! I love the Ofra liquid lip stick formula!! Its so GOOD, out of all the liquid lip sticks I have (and I have quite the collection, about 5 New 1’s a month for about 3 years straight), Ofra is my favorite out of them all!! Ofra is AMAZING, my favorite shade is Mocha!! I’ve bought that color like 4 x’s now!! Mocha is a brownish mauve shade and I guess it could be a universal flattering shade for all different skin tones, I’m thinking that’s how I acquired it the 1st time, but I love that color and bcuz it’s Ofra, I think I originally received it in a Beautycon box and that was a long time ago!!
    I thought we were getting a Better Than Sex Mascara by Toofaced?? I was so looking forward to that mascara, that’s my favorite mascara!!
    So I’m hoping I get the Rainforest of the Sea-Sizzle eye shadow palette, the Ofra liquid lip stick, Tatcha sheet masks, the Briogeo leave-in conditioner and than whatever the last product is!!! I LOVE Boxycharm/BoxyLuxe!! I can’t wait to get my box but that’s like every month lol!!

  22. I usually get Box #1, and if the blank book and pen comes with it, I will be happy. I like blank books, I’m weird.

    Hopefully the lip color will be as shown, and not one of several options.

    But, yeah, the randomness is becoming irritating, especially since they haven’t rolled out any way to express preferences.

  23. Hoping this isn’t my box that lip stain is way too dark for me and I don’t use brow products…I’ve been pretty lucky lately with my boxes so this probably will be haha

  24. Ugh. This is disappointing. We are shown a Bite Beauty spoiler, only to find out that it’s highly unlikely that we will get it. They have also focused on the Sizzle palette.

    Fwiw, Smith & Cult shows all of those lip products out of stock, which tells me that Boxy bought them. Some are new releases. Bite and Ofra don’t have products shown out of stock.

    I’ve been with Boxy nearly 4 years and some months I ask myself why.

    • If I get bite which I probably will and you get the lip gloss would you want to trade ?

    • Flipping through the Instagram link on the Boxycharm website, both the Bite and the Smith & Cukt items are some form of pink.

      This is the rare time I’m hoping for Ofra because it’s a red. I think.

    • I agree. I always tell myself not to cancel with hopes for the next month being better

  25. Enough with Ofra! It is not equivalent to the other 2 brands IMO. Plus both color options are too dark and bold for me. I actually like that Briogeo product but have gotten 2 of those recently and am hoping for something else. This will be it for me with boxy bc of overload but they drew me in with the Tarte and had me at Tatcha this month.

    • Ofra is quite comparable to the other brands, and their products are used in the beauty industry by numerous professionals. They aren’t as common as you can’t buy their products in Ulta or Sephora but their stuff is incredibly well made.

    • There are a lot of color variations, not obly ehat pictured here. Boxycharm showed range in their stories on instagram

      • Yes I saw the IG try on but it said only 2 shades of Ofra on there.

    • Dont like the Ofra lip products. They are so yucky, apply horribly, have a super thick consistency and has a weird fragrant to them. Sadly still nobody is buying them. Pls stop stocking the boxes with them, it’s a throw away item and just a filler for quantity in the BC boxes. I wonder why they are still sending thsee out, charmer must be rating them high for reviews -_-. I’m emailing them if I get it, and I probably will get it!!! Lol.

    • Agreed!!

  26. I wonder if subscribers who have upgraded to the Luxe box get a better variation of the monthly box ? It will be interesting to see if that is true!

    • I get Luxe, and I would have to say no, that isn’t the case. My spoiler showed the Vol. III palette which I will gift, and the Tatcha masks.

      So far I am loving my IGBP far more than Boxy.

    • Not from my personal experience! I get the Luxe box, and this month’s spoiler shows the Vol. III palette I will end up gifting, and the Tatcha sheet masks. So far my IGBP is superior, though I am giving Boxy a chance.

  27. Last mo I received the straight Iron, I cant use. the blush/highlight palette that I don’t like, recycled glitter black eyeliner and eye primer from past boxes and a thick glumpy glitter lip gloss. If this mo’s box sucks as bad I’m going Ipsy full size box. The Ipsy boxes look amazing.

  28. I really hope this isn’t my variation. That would be the third time I’ve gotten that Briogio product from them.

    • Yep , I got 2 in my Summers eve box , I hope I dont get this variation 🙁

  29. There is no way the Briogio product is full size.

  30. They tend to send me box #1. I really hope they don’t this month or I’m going to be really disappointed. Not loving this variation at all.

  31. It’s amazing box. I hope in other variations there won’t be faux lashes and black eye liner

  32. I’ve been following Boxycharm for about a year now and this is actually the first box that has products I like and will use. Tatcha is my HG skincare brand and I’m on a roll with eyeshadows right now. Also, I could always use another lip color (fingers crossed for the BITE Beauty one!) This alone is worth it for me and pushed me to subscribe just now!!!

  33. I am really hoping I don’t get the leave in conditioner in my GBP. This is my first Boxycharm month and I am not super impressed.

    • I meant that I am getting the conditioner in my GBP so I am hoping to not get it in this box

  34. If I get that Briogeo from them for the third time I will definitely cancel. I can’t even get rid of the last 2 I got. At least the first time I got it it was full size, the second time and this month is travel size.

    • And I always WANT to get it and can’t. It’s the only thing that seems to detangle my little girls crazy hair.

      • That’s exactly what I use mine for…my little one!

      • Same for me! I love that leave in conditioner! I absolutely love everything in this box. I hope I definetly get the eyebrow pencil and either of those Bite or Smith and Cult colors! I love this box, I want all those things.

      • Have you tried Alterna Caviar 10 in 1 CC Cream? It’s been my go to for tackling the daily squirrel’s nest that is my daughter’s hair

    • I actually love that Brigeo leave-in conditioner!

  35. I received that leave In spray a few months ago when they had that variation of the lace peel off masks and make up remover (which I would have loved to have gotten but didn’t). So I hope I don’t get it again!

    • Ugh..I was so disappointed I didn’t get that make up melt off, I bought 2 more boxes JUST hoping to get that, AND STILL DIDNT!! I was sooo disappointed

  36. Uughhhh… No Better Than Sex?

    • That’s the March Boxyluxe spoiler, I believe.

    • My thoughts exactly!!!

    • I know I was excited when I seen the Toofaced Better than Sex Mascara in a spoiler I figured it was coming in this month’s box!! We were robbed and given false hopes thinking we were getting an AMAZING mascara for a change lol!! Anyway I’m excited for the Tarte eye shadow palettes too, I wished we could have picked what palette we wanted, if they could do it for the BoxyLuxe box they should be able to do it in Boxycharm box too!! I’m going to request/suggest that from Yosef Martin that we should be able to pick 1 of our boxes products and this month he should have let us pick what eye shadow palette we wanted, that sounds like a good idea to me, don’t you guys think that’s a good idea?? If they did that than people would have to find something else to bitch about huh lol!! Great box this month!! #Boxycharm #Tarte #Ofra #Bite #SmithandColt #Tatcha #Briogeo #bestboxever #Billiondollarbrows #IloveBoxycharm #beautiful #AMAZING #makeup #skincare #haircare #beauty

      • As amazing as that idea is – nearly everyone would have picked the Sizzle palette and I’m convinced that is the version they have the LEAST of. (By looking through facebook groups and even on MSA) Most people did not get that one. If they did “first come, first dibs on it”, everyone would complain that it was out before they got the email or whatever. Lol

  37. I hope I get the Ofra, I love their liquid lipstick!

  38. I feel like there was a reason they were holding out so long to release all of the spoilers. I’m not interested in half of this box. I’m so glad I cancelled. I know people say that they give you a lot more than 21 dollars worth of items, which is true, but if I’m not going to use them then it’s just a waste of money for me.

    • I agree with you. I’m glad I cancelled this month too

    • Same here I’ve canceled after the boxyluxe last month. I’m overloaded of all the makeup I have I’ve been a long member subscriber.

    • I had to cancel also, the last luxe box had me soooooo mad!!! So many products I didn’t like or couldn’t use. I got charged again for this month, thought I cancelled everything but oops, so by the looks of this months box, I’m not regretting cancelling. Step it up boxycharm, this is getting sad.

  39. Lord, I hope this isn’t my box.

    • I hope I don’t get that variation it’s the most boring of the tarte palettes and I have that briogeo spray and enough brow pencils plus I want the bite lipstick.

    • Lol right!?

  40. Was just thinking about getting a new brow pencil, so hopefully I get this one in my box.

    I feel like we get Briogeo in every beauty box at least once a year but I like it (just not enough to buy the full-size haha).

  41. I received a Billion Dollar Brow pencil before (maybe Ipsy?) and I loved it. I hope I get it in my box.

  42. Box feels like it’s missing an item.

    • The other half of the Briogeo bottle. Lol!

      • Well played. 😂

  43. All I can say is I’m happy I cancelled Boxycharm and kept Ipsy GBP.

    • Ipsy GBP has been blowing Boxycharm out of the water lately!

      • Isn’t this conditioner in the Ipsy GBP too? And the Violet Voss palette is just the smaller version of the one Boxycharm gave out in their Boxyluxe. Getting both BC and Ipsy would seem to lead to a lot of redundancy after a while, no?

      • Yes they have!! At least the Briogeo I’m getting in my GBP is full size (5 oz). The one BC is giving out is 2 oz and a repeat. I haven’t seen Ipsy GBP give out anything but full size products and they are including skin care and makeup which is awesome for me because I love both! I feel like BC left the last 3 product spoilers because they are all variants and all fillers this month. Just my opinion.

      • YES…THEY HAVE!!!!!!

      • I haven’t gotten the option for ipsy GBP 🙁

        • Email customer service. They put me on the wait list, about 2-3 weeks later I was able to upgrade.

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