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BoxyCharm January 2019 FULL SPOILERS – All Products!

We have full spoilers for all the products in the January 2019 BoxyCharm box!

All subscribers will receive:

A Tarte Palette: Rainforest of the Sea™ sizzle eyeshadow palettelimited-edition Rainforest of the Sea ™ highlighting eyeshadow palette vol. III, or Rainforest of the Sea limited-edition eyeshadow palette

TATCHA Luminous Dewy Skin Sheet Masks (Set of 2)

Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche LipstickSmith & Cult The Shining Lip Lacquer, OR OFRA Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick (colors may vary)

Briogeo item (will vary, value up to $16)

And one version of the box will include:

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you sign up now, the January box will be your first box!

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (178)

  1. Ugh. Worst Boxycharm ever! And I’ve been subscribed for over 3 years.

    Tarte highlight palette (III) – the ONLY rainforest palette I already own and never use

    Brow pencil – too dark and prefer powder or cream products

    Ofra Lip in Havan Nights – I usually love Ofra lip products but this color is way too warm and dark. Honestly can’t imagine it looking good on anyone unless they have darker skin.

    Brigeo Leave-in Spray – Tried this before b/c I regularly use spray conditioners because they work better than regular conditioner on my fine, thinning, straight hair. Not this. It’s way too heavy.

    Tatcha masks – the ONLY product of any use to me at all. I don’t like sheet masks (much prefer rinse/peel off) but I love Tatcha so I will try them.

    While the masks are usable, I just do not feel it was worth the cost of the box when only one product may or may not work for me and the others are utterly useless. Maybe I wouldn’t be as upset if I wasn’t already subscribed to several other boxes including Ipsy Glam Plus (which has mostly been knocking it out if the park for me). Ever since the Luxe fiasco I’ve become increasingly dissatisfied. The regular boxes have been going downhill and my first Luxe box (December) was not very impressive. I’m going to give them one more shot in March but I may have to end this long relationship after that. The thrill is gone. 😄

  2. I’m looking to trade the Tarte volume 3, Ofra Havana nights and the Starlook liner all together for the sizzle palette. If anyone is interested let me know!!

  3. I received box number 11
    Briogeo leave in hair mask, Tarte Sizzle palette, Tatcha masks, Bite Lipstick in Amuse Bouche (very bright pink shade) and Wander Unlashed mascara. I’m pretty happy with my box but I haven’t heard of many people getting the mascara.

  4. My 1st boxycharm finally arrived!! It was supposed to have been here Saturday…. but whatever.

    I got variation 4. And of course the one thing I didn’t want was in it …. ofra…. those colors. I got the vampy red and I’m too pale to pull it off…. but Ipsy is sending me a vampy red nail polish to complete the look🤦‍♀️

    Also got the tarte highlighting palette, starlooks eyeliner in brown, don’t despair repair, and the tacha masks of course.

    Anybody else with version 4?

    • I also go #4 . I wear those vampy colors occasionally so not mad about it . It seems if you use your finger to apply it gives more of a lip stain affect and seems to tone down the color a bit. The only thing I could have done withou. t is the eyeliner

  5. I got the tarte rainforest of the sea vol lll ofra liquid lip in Havana nights which I’m happy with because I love ofra’s formula and I loved the color. ,the leave in conditioner which I got in ipsy plus also only bigger, the tatcha mask and star looks eye pencil in brown. All in all not a terrible box I’ll use everything except the eye pencil. Do I think they could of really hit it outta the park? Yes, I think with the right products they could of blown ipsy away. They really need to get their act together because right now ipsy is killing it and boxy keeps losing more subscribers

  6. I will not be able to use anything except the Tatcha face masks so I will be gifting everything to someone that will be able to use the products….

  7. I got the sizzle palette.

    Got my box. Palette was not the one shown. I got all earth tones. Can’t wear them.
    Got OFRA lipstick and hate it.
    Brigeo sample size leave in spray- won’t use it.

    This was truly the straw that broke the back of the camel. I’ll NEVER go back, not even if the Boxy Plus is full of brands I love.

    ALSO, they need to have an option for Boxy Plus but not crappy monthly regular BoxyCharm.

    Just can’t take their cheap earth tones any longer!

  9. I got the box as shown with everything as shown. I really wanted to try Ofra but the color is more orange than red. I got the brow thingy, the liner seems to a great color. Got the palette III too, just wish there were more matter.

    Overall I am very pleased with this month’s sub.

  10. I’m new to Boxycharm and received my second box today. My profile is set to pink lipsticks, yet I got this hideous Ofra vampire red 🤨 For those of you who have been Boxycharm subscribers for a while, do they typically not follow your profile or is it hit and miss. It’s really disappointing to me, because I saw some unboxings that had really pretty pink Bite Beauty and Smith and Cult lipsticks.

    • The quiz helps them understand subscribers better and what they want in a box. You will not get customization based on the quiz though. December was the first time anyone has gotten to pick a product and that was only Luxe and one product.

      I don’t think they can entirely rely on the quiz either as sometimes they buy surplus products or get promo items from makeup companies so they end up with more odd colors like bright pinks and browns. Based on my experience, when it’s a newer brand trying to gain market share, we get better colors. However, since the subscription base is so large and some of the companies so small we also end up with brand variants. Sometimes you will get the best variant and sometimes you get the worst. Kind of a gamble with lip colors. I got Smith and Cult in love-sucker which is a nice formula but starts off cotton candy and dries to Petobismal pink. I am going to experiment with different glosses on top for a summer look. I need to darken it a bit. I did see a photo of that color online and someone paired it with a dark blue and silver Smokey eye but I’m not quite that bold.

      • I’ve heard they are planning to use the quiz for personalization in the future… they pretty much have to in order to compete with Ipsy…. Hopefully they figure it out soon!

  11. This is the variation I received today. The OFRA smells SO bad. Like really old make-up. I tried to put it on my lips and in addition to the smell (that I’ll never be able to get past), the consistency was dry and kind of patchy. Does this mean it’s expired or has gone bad? People rave about this formula. No way is this the way the lipstick normally performs.

  12. I’m impatiently waiting for my box to arrive…. it’s supposed to be here today, but tracking claims it’s been in Kansas City since Wed morning, which I doubt. But…. I haven’t gotten an email saying I’d have a delivery from UPS though and I usually get those a few days in advance, so I’m not sure if it’s coming or not…. not to mention the big snow that hit the area last night…. but hopefully it comes!!!

  13. I received variation #9 which includes

    * Rainforest of the sea 3
    * Tatcha masks
    * Briogio
    * Bite lipstick in Gin Fizz, which is pretty but a little too bright pink for me. It is a great formula and can be toned down, so I’ll still wear it.
    * Starlooks liner in Aurora

    Anyone else get the liner in Aurora and think it smells like it’s old and spoiled?

  14. I was disappointed when I saw that I was getting the Tarte volume III. Like most people I wanted the sizzle palette or even the limited edition one. To my surprise volume III is GORGEOUS. In the pictures and even in videos it looked very boring but it is beautiful in person. I also received the Ofra lipstick in Havana Nights, Billion Dollar Brow, Briogeo Rosarco Milk leave-in conditioning spray and Tatcha. I really like my box this month. My box number was 2 .9 lbs.

    • Box twins!

      Agree on your assessment of the Tarte palette. Lots of usable colors for me.

      My Ofra lip color has a strong sharp coconut scent. I know coconut is the thing right now, but I despise it personally. Love the color though.

      According to my card, this is version 2.

  15. Are most people getting Tarte Vol 3 and Ofra? It seemed more balanced at first when folks were posting but now I keep seeing Ofra for sale on all the Boxycharm swap pages. I am getting Tarte Vol 3 per my spoiler email.

    My box got delayed to Monday so I won’t find out this weekend now but was curious about my chances of a good lipstick I.e. not Ofra in clay brown or goth red. I’d be happy with any of the bites except the light purple one and the smith and cult would be a good re-gift. I will still use the masks and probably the palette tbd regardless but I just get the most excited about lip products so I’m kind sad.

  16. Box number 4 – I received the Vol III palette, starlooks black eyeliner, havana nights OFRA lip, masks, and briogeo dont despair, repair spray. The conditioner smells fabulous super excited to try. The palette was my second choice so I am not upset. The shimmers are beautiful and all super pigmented. The eye liner doesnt go on well on the water line but on the top lid it glides. Masks I havent tried yet. The Havana Nights color is beautiful very dark.

  17. I got my spoiler email the other day and I’m also getting the highlighter palette. It’s not the sizzle but I’m pretty happy I didn’t get the volume 1 because that one looks pretty ummm….boring. anyways I really wish boxy would do like ipsy, I’ve always been one who hated not knowing what I’m getting. To the point that I’m a master in peeking at Christmas presents and making it look untouched lol anywho hope I don’t get the leave in conditioner because I’m already getting one from ipsy. And I think we all agree that they need to stop with eyeliners. I’m getting eyeko eyeliner from ipsy. I love eyeko eyeliner but don’t need any for a few months if not years.

  18. This OFRA Miami Fever is hideous…. I was very disappointed to receive this brand….

    • I’m worried I’m getting the OFRA … I don’t think either shade would work for me…. I’ll find out Saturday, I guess.

    • Omg I saw this and I didn’t write it. Name twins!!

    • I got that one too. You know when you get all excited because your box is going to arrive, you open it up and find at least a couple of things that you absolutely love? Not for me this month. I got variation #1 which is the most neutral of all the neutral boxes in the world! There’s no color. Not one. Everything is brown. Good God!!! Who chooses the items that goes in each box????

    • I got variation #1 and really like the palette, but I agree, first I was excited to see that I got Ofra and then I saw the ……COLOR!! it is awful! I tried it and it looks like I liked all the rust from the metal fence.

  19. Mine is variation 2 , according to my insert card. I got Tarte LE Vol III, Briogeo milk leave-in spray, Ofra liquid lip in Havana Nights, Billion Dollar Brows universal, and of course 2 Tatcha masks.

    I have this palette and like it, but I would like to try the sizzle . The lip is too dark for me, so my daughter will get that.
    My box was .9 lbs

    • Was it .9 exactly? Mine is .8650 and I’m hoping I don’t get the Ofra lipstick

      • I didn’t weigh it myself, but FedEx listed it as . 9 lbs

  20. Man I’m so pissed…looks like everything I’m getting will be going in the garbage except the masks…I got all the hideous brown shades omagain…wake up Boxycharm and start doing color profiles and stuff!!! Some people are getting SO lucky on YouTube getting the Sizzle palette and bright pink and purple bite beauty lipsticks, like what a dream!! But what do I get leftover poop garbage, yuck.

  21. I got : Tarte III, Briogeo spray, Bang Bang eyeliner/eyeshadow base/brow cream, Bite lipstick in “cotton candy” (reminds me of old lady pink), and the Tatcha face masks.
    Most happy with spray conditioner and Tarte (got the one I was hoping fir).

    • Box twins! I like my box except for the cotton candy Bite Beauty lipstick which is way too dark and bright for me and the Bang Bang eyeliner didn’t have the lid on so it dried out and is mostly empty. I sent a pic to Boxy hoping they will replace the eyeliner.

  22. I remember a couple months back a lot of subbers were upset with all the bright palettes Boxy was sending out. So now we get a light lighter palette and everyone wants the darker one. The highlighter one is actually very creamy and smooth. No need for a primer. Their light particles of pearl brighten up the eyes more than the other palettes. This is the winning Palette Their velvety smooth. Use your fingers to apply.
    And as far as variations go. When more people sign up they run out of what was pictured and come up with more variations. That’s not Liz’s fault by all means.

  23. Oh my Volume 3 is actually beautiful on. It makes your eyes WOW and the pigments beautiful. Just remember it’s suppose to be applied with your fingers and not a brush. And the Ofra must be a new formula because it’s actually really nice on. It did not transfer all day on my water cup and I’m still wearing it and I have to say I’m guile happy.

  24. I got my “shipping” notice today, as in shipping information has been generated.

    Based on past performance, I should have my box by this time next week.

    • Surprise, I got it 1/12.

      • Mine was supposed to be here today, but never showed up. They haven’t updated the status since Wed, so I emailed the carrier (UPS)’s customer service. I’m so bummed!! Its my first boxycharm and the anticipation is killing me!!!

        Hopefully you get an update on yours soon!!

  25. Got my box today! Super happy! I thought the picture here showed the tarte eyeshadow palettes in order but they aren’t. The blue one on the left is the rainforest III one, which I’m super happy with. I thought that one was the sizzle everyone wanted. The one I received has great colors. I also received the Brigio leave in spray, which I’ll give to my daughter bc w all my hair it would be gone in one use, and the BDB universal brow pencil in a dark brown color, which is perfect!! Oh I also received the Ofra Havana Nights lipstick (my spoiler showed me the shape of an actual lipstick not this square one), I’m happy with it bc I wear a lot of black when I go out and it’ll look sexy w my outfits. Good month for me. Not reactivating my second box just yet but I’m definitely happy w this one!

  26. well, that was disappointing. The spoiler made it look like I was getting the Bite lipstick. I got an unwearable dark brownish red for a vampire, the hair mask (that is tiny and leaked everywhere), vol 3 (and tatcha obv) and this eye pencil that looks like it came from the 99 cents store.

    • *Ofra

  27. I cancelled after the December Luxe box, but I guess not before I already paid for January. I got my December box after Christmas. I’m not thrilled about anything in the January box.
    Since I cancelled I didn’t get a spoilers email (I guess that is why) but I just got an email that my January box is on its way to me.

    I have a feeling the whole box is going to a women’s shelter. Just nothing in it that excites me. I loved Boxycharm for years, I got to try higher end make up with much less financial loss and even if I didn’t love the colours I got to try formulas so I could make better purchasing decisions. But now my collection is huge and I’m purging it massively so I cancelled all my subscriptions to cut down on incoming make up except for items I specifically picked and know I will use.

  28. I signed up for my first boxycharm cause I really wanted the sizzle palette or volume 2 but to my disappointment I’m getting volume 3, which I already own btw. Every unboxing I’ve seen it’s the volume 3 and not the others, So I’m guessing only a handful are getting the sizzle pallete and volume 2. I’m unsubscribing I’d rather have Ipsy glam plus haven’t been disappointed since it first launched.

  29. My fingers are crossed that I get Chella Taupe Eyebrow Cream as a mystery item. I am getting the Tarte highlighting palette vol III which is my preference out of the three.

  30. Hold up, Liz.

    Boxycharm’s website shows a lot of other products for the January 2019 box, pretty much filler items/repeats. Why do you claim these are “full spoilers” if they aren’t? I was mislead by this post and subscribed to Boxycharm for these specific variations, but now it seems that I could be getting a lot of duds. I am very upset by this bait and switch. Can you be more transparent in future Boxycharm spoiler postings?

    • 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  31. getting vol III of the tarte palette..i’m all kinds of dark skin…really? 2 other palettes that could have flattered my skin tone better and I get sent the lightest one…almost over Boxycharm!

  32. I, too, am getting the tarte3 highlighting palette. The one of the 3 the I really didn’t need or want. Like everybody else I’d love to have the sizzle palette. So, any one else want to trade? Let me know. I’ll even throw in a face mask!

  33. Mine says signature required now. Does anyone else have that on theirs? Our fed ex guy comes mid morning so I have no idea how that’ll work out for me.

    • That happened to me with a package in December. It was a pair of 99 cent gloves I added to my order to meet the free shipping threshold. Guess they had to send them from another warehouse. The package was banged up, so I figured they switched it to signature required in case the contents were damaged.

  34. Apparently there are more variation items than those pictured in the spoilers. Their website says we could receive:
    Butter London liner
    Jonteblue eyeliner
    Wander mascara
    Chella eyebrow
    Has anybody else noticed that? Or maybe I am misreading something there?

    • There’s also an eye primer.

  35. Got my box today! Vol. III palette, Ofra dark red, hair mask (got this in summers eve box too..), Tatcha (obvi) and Luxe longwear pencil in brown. I’m super happy because I love the deal I got on all this!! but seems like everyone else is getting this lol

    • What was you box weight size and variation?

      • How do you know which variation you have?

      • There’s a 2❤️ In the lower right corner of the back of the card listing the items. So in my case, I received variation 2

      • Thanks!

    • I got variation 2 as well. My OFRA is Miami Fever. I like it ok. Hard to explain the color, like a beigy pink? The Brigeo is only 2 oz tho and I’m sure that’s not a full sized product. I have a sample btl of leave in conditioner from OUAI that i Love. This Brigeo smells nice and I really think I’ll like it too. My brow pencil is brown too and I’ll use it but I have all the brow pencils I will use for quite a while! The Tatcha is fine…I could take it or leave it. The tarte is huge!! I have the vol III and the colors are sooo pretty but I’d still love to trade it for the sizzle. Anybody interested? I’ll still throw in a Tatcha as well!!!!!!

      • I got #2 also. Everything is the same except my Ofra is Havana Nights. Meh 😕

  36. I got my spoiler emails as well, I subscribe for myself and my two daughters. I’m getting the sizzle palette and they’re both getting volume III. They’re happy with vol. III, they didn’t care which one they got, but I’m over the moon—sizzle is the one I really wanted and I didn’t think there was any chance I’d get it.

    We also see the lipstick shape outline so hoping for Bite Beauty but someone else mentioned that doesn’t mean anything.

    • Jenn by any chance are you annual subscriber?

      • No, just monthly.

    • It doesn’t mean anything, I got the sneak peak with the lipstick picture and I got the nasty Ofra in Miami Fever – in burnt orange. Its an awful color that I will never wear.

  37. Where are you seeing the variations? What site?
    Also my email only told me I am getting palette 3 and the masks and the rest will be revealed later.

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