BoxyCharm January 2019 FULL SPOILERS – All Products!

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We have full spoilers for all the products in the January 2019 BoxyCharm box!

All subscribers will receive:

A Tarte Palette: Rainforest of the Sea™ sizzle eyeshadow palettelimited-edition Rainforest of the Sea ™ highlighting eyeshadow palette vol. III, or Rainforest of the Sea limited-edition eyeshadow palette

TATCHA Luminous Dewy Skin Sheet Masks (Set of 2)

Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche LipstickSmith & Cult The Shining Lip Lacquer, OR OFRA Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick (colors may vary)

Briogeo item (will vary, value up to $16)

And one version of the box will include:

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you sign up now, the January box will be your first box!

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. So do you 100% get what they send you in your sneak peek? This is my first box and if I’m getting what they sent as the sneak peek I am SUPER happy!

    • Yes.

  2. Has ANYONE received sizzle? Looks like we all are getting the same palette.

    • I have seen one unboxing on YouTube that had sizzle and that’s it. Most are getting the highlighting palette

    • I haven’t received it yet, but I got the spoiler email from Boxycharm giving me a sneak peek of what would be in my box, and I see that I’m getting the sizzle palette! The only other thing they show me is the Tatcha face masks, so I guess I’ll have to see about the other things when it comes in this Friday. Been subscribed to Boxycharm for three months now, and I’m loving it.

    • I’m getting sizzle according to my email! Got the email yesterday, then the shipping email!!💕

    • I received sizzle

      • Lucky you! 🙁 I want that palette sooo bad!

    • Wish I had recd the Sizzle Palette! My boxy came in today and I got the Tarte limited edition palette with a pink cover, billion dollar brow pencil, Ofra liquid lipstick in Miami Fever, Brigideo leave in hair and Tatchs masks, my box was variation no 1. The Ofra is a terracotta color, will try it out as Boxy always takes me out of my comfort zone.

  3. I’m getting tarte vol 3 palette not thrilled. I’m going to try to trade for the sizzle palette or something. from the looks of it alot of people are getting this palette. But still looking forward to the box
    Underwhelming … Yes
    Still happy …. Yes

  4. Just got mine! Same day as a “your box is on its way” email and the spoiler email. I usually get box 1 but this time it’s #9. The Highlight eyeshadow palette (blue cover), Starlook eye pencil, Bite beauty lipstick variation.

    • Yeah- I got the “spoiler” email, the shipping notification and the box all today 🙂

    • Also must mention that the Bite beauty lip color I got is “Pepper”, a very wearable gorgeous shade that I love. Amazing I don’t have to throw it in the stash of brown nudes I’ve gotten from subs.

    • How do you know what number?

    • How do you know what number your box is?

      • It is on the card included with the box.

        • I got my shipping notification. But I don’t see the package weight anywhere

        • If you got a card, which I didn’t. Lol

    • I’d love to know how do you know what number your box is?

    • I’d love to know how do you know what number your is

      • Sandra, just look on the card that comes in the box listing the items. In the corner there is a number. Not super obvious, but it’s there.

  5. I want to know if anybody got a different palette other than volume III. Because it looks like everyone is receiving the same one. Which is fine but, Boxycharm shouldn’t say it’s a variation if it’s not. I was going to get multiple boxes in hopes of receiving the sizzle pallete but I’m no longer going to do that because it looks like we are all getting the same one. That was the one pallete I didn’t want too. It’s a pallete filled with the same shade, one matte color, and no dark colors. To me it’s just boring. I will be gifting this to one of my cousins.

  6. I just received my box. Normally I get box #1, this time it’s Box # 4. Inside:

    Ofra liquid lip in “Havana Nights” (dark red)
    Starlooks eye lining pencil in black
    Tatcha masks (2)
    Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Vol III (neutrals)
    Briogeo leave in conditioner (travel size)

    Oh, well. I’m keeping the masks and the leave in conditioners. The rest is being donated unless someone wants to switch the Vol III against the “Sizzle” 🙂

    • I got the same box. The only things I going to use are the masks and the leave in conditioner. I already have the palette. I bought it a few months ago. I don’t use brow products and I don’t like dark lip products.

      I think what I’m going to do is at the end of the year any makeup I get from Ipsy or Boxycharm that I’m not going to use, I’m going to put together makeup bags and donate them somewhere for Christmas.

  7. Mine will be here Saturday (and it’s coming UPS) …. I found my spoiler email…. looks like the highlighting palette…. and I see a lipstick shape…. so does that mean the bite since the others are liquids and are a different shape? Or do they show the same shape for all of them?? This is my first boxycharm….

    • Mine showed a lipstick but I got the Ofra liquid lips, so I think the outline is the same for everyone

      • Good to know. Thanks!

        • You’re so welcome! 🙂

  8. How do you find out what you’re getting? Is it in your account somewhere?

    • It’s in an email….

  9. Getting the highlighting palette, the only one I didn’t want. I do feel a bit better that everyone seems to be getting that as well. Mine also shows a lipstick shape, I’d be fine with any of the lip products as long as the color is okay.

  10. I’m getting the Vol III palette and looks like a Bite Lipstick. Would’ve preferred Sizzle, but I’m fine with this one too.

  11. I’m getting the rainforest III as well. I’m happy w it. It also shows a lipstick shape so I’m figuring it’s the one in the middle, which looks pretty. It seems like most everyone on here is getting the same eye palette so far.

    • The lipstick shape doesn’t mean anything. My spoiler showed a lipstick shape and I got the Ofra

  12. I was super excited to see a Smith and Cult item but I am pretty sure I am getting the Bite lipstick

  13. There was so much potential. Receiving one of the two palettes I don’t already own plus a larger Briogeo would have made this box a big win, but sadly it’s a loser.

  14. I just watched a YouTube Unboxing of one and she got a Wander mascara instead if the pencils and got a purple Bite beauty. She at least got the sizzle palette with it. I just got an email from Boxy that I’m getting Vol. 3. I’m okay about it, I like nudes but here’s hoping I don’t get the maroon OFRA! 😉

  15. I’m getting vol 3 too. I don’t have it, but I’m not too excited about it. Looks rather plain. I’m also getting a bite lipstick and am praying it’s not nude or brown.

  16. I just got an email from Boxycharm and it says I’m getting the Tarte highlighting volume lll palette 🙁 I really wanted the Sizzle palette, so if anyone wants to trade, please let me know.

    • Me too. ☹️

      • I get 2 boxes, both spoilers show the same Vol III palette. I am beginning to wonder if that is the one almost everyone will receive. I find it boring personally, but I can find people to gift them to.

        • Got Vol 3 blue palette

        • The majority of people recurved either Volume IIIor the red toned one. Not many were given the sizzle. I seen a post in some beauty groups and the majority had volume III

    • I’m jealous of everyone getting the spoiler emails!! This is my first boxycharm and I’m dying waiting….

      • I’d do a search for Boxycharm in your email inbox. Mine goes to spam most times..
        My spoilers show palette III, the mask, an unknown lip item (in the shape of a lipstick but as other users have stated it doesn’t mean it will actually be the Bite item), and 2 other “surprises”…
        On Boxycharm’s website it shows there are roughly 10 different variations for the January box. There’s a Wander mascara, Butter London – STROKE OF WOW™ ROLL ON LINER PITCH BLACK, JonteBlu – Charcoal Eyeliner Pencil (I’LL BE EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED IF THIS IS SOMETHING I RECEIVE AS I’VE GOTTEN THIS ITEM NUMEROUS TIMES AND DON’T NEED ANOTHER $5 EYE LINER), Chella – Taupe Eyebrow Cream (WHICH IS $26).
        It doesn’t seem like anyone has gotten a Smith and Cult lip product….
        Has anyone received any of the other items shown as variants?? Also, I thought it was only full size items…. The Briogeo is trial size. Is this going to be the norm?

        • I got the Briogeo, which I was happy with as it’s a good quality product. The leave-in spray is 2 ounces, which unless you have either super long or super thick hair should be enough for you to decide if you like it or not.

          I got the Stroke of Wow in another sub and it’s kind of weird to use.

          I got the Billion Dollar Brow as well, and it’s the first brow item I’m not tossing immediately. The others I’ve received have made my brows look cartoonishly thick and dark.

  17. I just received an email, I am getting the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Vol 3 which is the highlight colors. Was hoping for the Rainforest of the Sea limited-edition eyeshadow palette if anyone wants to swap.

  18. just received an e-mail from BC. I am getting:
    Rainforest of the Sea limited-edition eyeshadow palette and
    Bite Beauty lipstick
    2 Masks
    two items are still mystery

    • Same here

  19. I received box 2 today. It had the Tatcha masks, Tarte rainforest of the sea volume 3, Ofra lippie in Miami fever, the briogeo leave in conditioning spray, and the brow pencil. I’m very happy with my selection this month!

  20. I just received my Boxee charm box today. I received the leave in conditioner, the masks, the highlighting palette from tarte and I received a eyeliner and brown. Little bit this point in my box but you win some and lose some. I’m still going to use everything I still love Boxee charm and I have two girls that will have plenty of use for the items .PS I did really need a brown eyeliner and it’s pretty nice one

  21. Apparently I’m getting JonteBlu eyeliner in my January box. It doesn’t seem to be in the spoilers here as one of the variations??

    • The variation #11 is getting the wanderbeauty Unlashed Volume and Curl Mascara. Didn’t we get that already?

      • Omg 11 variations?

        • How do you know which variation your getting?

  22. I’m already happy about this box. I wanna try tatcha and briogeo. That’s enough.
    Some people saying “Again, eye palette or lip stick”. But i don’t care. Because i can give it to somebody. also, I can buy by my self…. Why A lot of People expect too much or Requesting too much. If you don’t like, You don’t have to subscribe it. That’s all…

  23. So all the youtubers only got the highlight/ shimmer RFotS III pallete. That’s be disappointing as the sizzle pallet actually looks so good.

    • I just got an email with a spoiler of what I’m getting. And I’m getting the RFotS vol III eyeshadow palette. I already have it. I was hoping for the RFotS limited edition eyeshadow palette.

  24. I am disappointed that it’s 2019 and they are sending the same items from 2018, might be time to give them a break. You can only use so much of the same product over and over or give them away, so many different NEW products out there, I wish they would do new things instead of same stuff every month!!!

    • Or at least repeat things people need multiple of! Lotion is welcomed in variety, or eyeliner in different colors, but I dont really need 3yrs worth of leave in conditioner

  25. Whew cancelled due to a no buy and thankfully no fomo. Very underwhelming.

  26. The Briogeo deluxe sample or travel spray for $12. Boxycharm considers it full size, not full size to me, the full size sells for $20. I’ve gotten several of these from Sephora for free when spending $25. However I have to agree it’s still a worthy box and worth every penny spent.

  27. Ofra is awesome I own so many lippies by them. I have never tried Bite.

  28. I love the ofra, and I’m interested in the bite beauty. The only palette I’m interested in is the Sizzle. I’m excited to try Tatcha. I love the Briogeo, but wish it was full-sized (like we’re promised). The only things I’m not excited about is the eyebrow pencil.

  29. I must be they only one that never recieved the Briogeo and I want that the most !! Also. Starlooks. Wow. I didn’t know there were still around !! They used to be everywhere !!

    • Oh ya… didn’t Starlooks used to have their own sub box back in the day too?

  30. That will be my fourth bottle of this particular leave in conditioner. I have fine thin hair and it just makes it greasy. No matter if I use one spray or fifty. Oh well.

    • My hair is thick and dry (and very long) but everything I’ve tried from them leaves mine greasy too, even if I barely use any product. I really want to love them because with continued use it does help the overall condition of my hair, but I can’t deal with that greasy look and feel. :/

    • I also have very fine straight hair and I just love this stuff! Have you tried spraying it on only the bottom half of your hair and staying away from roots of your hair? If you still don’t love it, I’d love to have them if your on the swap site? Maybe we could work something out?

    • I have fine, thick, curly, waist length hair and this spray works great for my hair. Strange how different results can be. This bottle is 1/3 full size, so it’s worth less than $7 and won’t last me long. I’m getting the one palette I already have and the bite lipstick which reacts with my lips and leaves them a peeling mess. Not a good variation for me

  31. I saw a picture on Intagram of a January box variation #14!!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  32. Another eyebrow product??

  33. Trying to resubmit from my old account (I mostly want the tarte palette) buy nothing happens when I click Pay now. Will try another day.

    • I was able to reopen my old account and fully expected NOT to see the Jan19 box but I got a FedEx notification that boxycharm was sending me a box!

  34. Nice, well-rounded box. If I was still subbed I’d be hoping for a variation with the Bite and Billion Dollar Brows.

  35. Way more excited for my igbp but it’s just what appeals to you more. Some will like this boxy better, it’s okay ladies…

    • I’m with you! I cancelled Boxy, thought I’d go back this month – but nope! I’d only be happy with 2 of the items, so leaving it cancelled for now. Super excited for my GBP to get here though! (which already shipped, yayyyy!)

      • What is GPB?

        • Ipsy’s glam bag plus

          • I am in Canada so I can’t get the Ipsy bag plus. Just the glam bag :(.

  36. 🚨Annoying question alert 🚨 — I just resubbed After taking November and December off. Will this be my first box? I just couldn’t resist the tarte palette, I love their formula for some reason.

    • They aren’t saying they’re sold out, so this should be your first box!

    • If you were charged this month, you will get this month’s box. Enjoy! 🙂

  37. I’m thinking of resubbing with this box…!

  38. I’m really excited for this box… it’s my first with boxycharm and I can’t wait for it to get here!!

  39. I’m really hoping for the BDB and the sizzle or the original rainforest palette. I have the highlighting palette and it’s lovely, I just don’t want or need another one. But if I do get it my niece will be thrilled! And I’ve been wanting to try BDB products forever, so I’m crossing my fingers for that. And I love sheet masks, so this is hopefully going to be a fairly good box for me.
    My only problem is I’m getting overloaded on products. I really should cancel a couple of subs but I just can’t seem to do it. They’re sending out things I want! Decisions, decisions.

    • Girl, I hear ya! 😀 It’s insane how many products I have, but there’s still those handful of boxes I just can’t let go of either!

      • Same here, I have far too much now and can’t ever use it all, even with a daughter. She is even on product overload. I still subbed to allure to get a back up Caudalie serum and BOS for the SR luna as soon as MSA posted the deals and now I want these Tatcha masks (which pays for the box right? 😉 ) …or I could buy a bunch of them and get the Tatcha Lucky Bag gwp which MSA is tempting me with too. I’m trying to resist since I have quite a few tacha products in my stash already…but it’s such a great deal. I just can’t resist getting some of these boxes or GWP bags when the value is there & I use or really want to try some of the products anyway.
        MSA’s great reviews & spoilers make it so hard to resist! 🙂

    • Replying to myself. Turns out I’m getting the highlighting palette, the one I already have. Darn. It looks like most of us are getting that one too.
      I’ve been thinking about getting this month’s Glossybox because of the spoilers. Like I really need another highlighting palette and night cream but new things to play with! Glad I’m not alone in this!

  40. I kinda love this box. The palettes are nice. Like most, I’m hoping for the Sizzle palette, but the others will make a nice gift. And I just happen to need a new brow pencil. Good brands, great value… I’m pleased.

  41. Just watched several Boxycharm unboxing videos on YouTube and not a single one had the Tarte sizzle palette. I’m really hoping I get it, but it seems like they are mainly giving out the highlighting palette.

  42. This box is looking so much better than my Ipsy Glam Bag +. Hopefully if I get the eyebrow product it matches my eyebrows or close to it. Last time I received a product for my eyebrows it was entirely way too light, but I made it work with some brow powder 👌🏻

  43. Ugh, PLEASE no more Breogio! No more dark browns, plums or red Ofra lip colors! Anything but THAT! I have enough to open a store but I give it all away. All they ask me when I bring more is “WHY do you always donate the same things & the SAME colors?” I’m only looking forward to the Tatcha & Tarte palette! Oh well, I’ll start 2019’s donations early.

    • You can donate your briogeo to me lol i’ll happily take it 😛

    • And I will gladly take the reds and plums! Love colors rather than more boring nudes. 🙂

      • Right?? Plums are the most universally flattering shades, that’s why they include them so often.

      • I love boring nudes

        • Me too. I can’t pull off a bold red lip or anything along those lines but love “boring nudes “.

    • You can donate your palette to me, I won’t say no to that 😀 I like pinks and plums. Moreover, my birthday is in two weeks and this would be great present 😀

  44. Bummer, no blank book.

    It’s a wash between the eye pencil or brow thing.

    Hoping for a dark lip color that is not brown.

    The Briogeo will vary according to the notes. So long as it’s not a blow-dry assist or other styling product, I’m good.

    Meh on the mask patches.

  45. I’ve got to ask…
    Why do the comments of people calling names, making snide remarks to others, etc. get posted immediately and when people talk about the spoilers, they have to be approved at times? Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

    • I’ve asked myself the same thing 🤦🏻‍♀️

  46. This box is great for me! I’m sure I won’t get every variation I want, but overall it’s all winning product to me.

  47. i’m excited to get more Briogeo, its my holy grail leave in conditioner lol i’m running low on my other one so this is perfect

    • I agree love the stuff!

  48. Such a terrible box.

    • What an awesome box!

    • Give us example of greate box for that price! Very curious

    • Lol, there was a time people would have been over the moon for a Tarte palette, any of them.

      And now it’s “such a terrible box”.

      • I think it’s a great box. You can’t make everyone happy

        • Greetings! I have had the Sephora Play Box for a few months and this will be my first Boxy. Sephora subscribers would be over the moon if they were to receive a full-sized product and an eyeshadow palette? That never happens. We do get all high end products, but the samples are very small minis. I am thrilled to be receiving full-sized products! One question I have is that I’d like to know if there is a thread where people can trade items. I like many others would love the Tarte Sizzle palette as I’m getting the Vol 3 highlighting shades. I do have a ton of light nude palettes. Thanks and Happy New Year!

    • I agree. Hate this box.

  49. Really hoping for the BDB and I’d love the sizzle palette. Fingers crossed!

  50. Now that first box isn’t looking so bad…other than the awful Ofra.

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