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BoxyCharm February 2019 Box Available Now + Theme Spoiler!


We have the theme for the February 2019 BoxyCharm box! The January box has sold out. If you sign up now, February will be your first box!

The theme is:

Boxycharm february theme

This coming February step up & glow with us! 💞

The February box will include:

TOUCH IN SOL No Poreblem Primer

In case you missed the previous spoiler:

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you sign up now, the January box will be your first box! Check out the full spoilers for January here!

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.


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Comments (86)

  1. Boxycharmsneakpeek has 2 possible variants listed on their Instagram! It’s a pretty vulgar highlighter. The variants are nudestix eye crayon with the new sol de janerio cream OR the farmacy cleanser and trestique gloss crayons. I’m hoping for the later! 🙂

  2. Everyone’s complaining about highlighters but really it’s a MAKE UP subscription box. You’re not going to like everything. They don’t care how old you are. It’s to try new things. Stop complaining or cancel 🤷🏻‍♀️

  3. I like highlighters, but I have enough of them. I don’t know how to apply eyelashes, so I don’t want them, either. I despise those liquid eyeliners, because I can’t seem to learn how to apply it. I still love Boxy, though. I want that Morphe palette that we’re suppose to be getting in March, then I may cancel and try Ipsy Plus.

    • I wish I could get ipsy plus, I still haven’t gotten anything about upgrading. I’d love to try it out.

      • Email them! Several people have said they got the invite shortly after emailing cs.

      • Email cs and tell them you are interested. That is how several people got the invite

  4. For the love of God, Nooooooo more highlighters for me!!!!! I’m still using the last palette, haven’t touched liquid yet we got! I have enough highlighter to be seen from space! This is why they need to let us pick an item-some want & others dont! Same with lashes-if we didn’t pick lashes in our Deets quiz then why should we be getting them! Its just another useless item not to be used(personally)! Im happy for those wanting highlighters but what about us ppl who don’t want anymore!? Boxy, please pay attention to our personal quizzes🙏please!!!!

    • I feel the same way, but when I checked out the spoilers on Instagram, I was really surprised to see that most of the comments were pro highlighters! People are actually asking for them. I don’t get it, but apparently people love to GLOW lol!!

  5. Wait. Hold up. Y’all are trying to turn the MAKEUP subscription box I joined a skincare, hand lotion and deodorant box? BORING!! I mean a good skincare item I can appreciate (45 yo here) but deodorant, nope! Also if 50% of their subs are 20 somethings and love highlighters and the other 50% like a skincare item well then that’s the give and take part of this. So the ones that love something others don’t should go without? If young, no wrinkle havin’, highlighter lovin’ 23 year olds wanted skincare banned that wouldn’t be cool. It’s not called “Sues’ Personal BoxyCharm” or “Beths’ Personal BoxyCharm”. It’s called BoxyCharm! You are sharing it with waaaaaay too many other ppl to customize it individually. Cancel it and go buy your own things and put them in a box! You wont get as good of a deal unless you go to the dollar store and then that stuff will most likely be crap! So if you like 3-4 out of 5 items it’s still a great deal.
    Cant please everyone I guess. I think BC really tries their best though. Especially for the price.

    I have Ipsy GB Plus and they have done away with the bag, which I have mixed feelings on, and I am also getting repeat Items that I have gotten in my BC. I would think that the companies would cross check but you know that is not their prob. So for the price I am happy 🙂 Lets just crush all those highlighters up and mix them in setting sprays, lotions, dry body oil for the summer and spray them on our legs and shoulders so we can glow and look youthful. Also they make good eyeshadows and if you have any kids crafts like slime or painting things. Get creative! *KIsses*

  6. BC usually releases the monthly palette spoiler early. I think they may be afraid ppl will cancel their sub upon seeing it. (The palette is avail to view via BC spoilers accts online). The palette looks a little cheapy, definitely not anything exciting. Ill probably cancel after March BL… 0_0.

    • I agree! I was actually going to cancel Boxycharm and seen that their wasn’t any spoilers so you hit the nail on the head! They know us regular Boxycharm people haven’t been happy ( I’m not a BoxyLuxe subscriber so I don’t know how they feel ) for months now. I was hoping this month would get better bc I joined on January 2018 and I remember that December 2017 & January 2018 wasn’t the best , but it started getting better and better. I’m not sure that’s the case now. I know it’s only $21 but honestly that adds up & in October without telling me they changed mine to $22 & some change. So for a year that over $264. So I’m canceling for March as well. If I see a box down the road I may get it but I’d rather buy stuff I actually want. Believe me I was a huge fan of Boxycharm but I just can’t justify it anymore just because it’s a $21 box.

    • Where can I find full spoilers? I can’t seem to find it anywhere 😕

  7. On Boxypreview on Instagram they show the highlighter palette for Feb. Most of them look like they can double as an eye shadow though.

  8. As long as I don’t keep getting the most hideous colored lipsticks I’ll be happy with most anything, except more browns in eye shadow palettes. Would love to see a nice moisturizor in this box though. It’d fit with the glow theme too. Hopefully no more highlighter, especially if it’s liquid. I’m excited to try the mascara, surprisingly I haven’t tried it before. And I love trying new primers. So far the spoilers look good.

    • Agreed. The dark red/brown/orange shades have got to stop.

  9. I would love some skincare stuff and lashes! I absolutely love lashes and love trying new ones. Some GlamGlow products would be nice!

  10. Glow? I would be really happy to have another bottle of the CoverFx Illuminating Setting Spray. I know it’s a repeat item, but I repurchased twice since using up the one BC gave me. I use it every day since first trying it from BC, and I welcome more of them!

    • How is that coverfx spray? I’ve wanted to try it but I don’t want it to be like the dewy skin mist that just puts a shine to your face rather hydrating it as well. Idk that was just my experience with the skin mist.

  11. Ok lets see the theme is After GLOW!!! So the chances of getting something GLOWY (AKA Highlighters) are super 100% highly.. so for those that are SOOO sick of getting Highlighter maybe should consider skipping this month… cancel for the month or something…. Just saying….. …

  12. Please please please don’t put another highlighter in my box!

  13. So I just watched a compilation video of all the recent spoilers on boxy’s IG, I watched the Yari G video, and here’s all the stuff that seemed to be spoilers:
    *Note, these aren’t confirmed spoilers, and we wouldn’t know what month they’re for either even if they are*

    Green tea scrub-possibly teami
    tarte or Estee Lauder packaging-no clue what it’d be though
    coco cabana body cream
    possible brushes-probably not though
    Farmacy queen bee cleanser
    Tula small clear flat baggie don’t know what’s in there

    I’m pretty hyped about these possible products though!!!

  14. I figured there was a reason they waited until after billing to show the 3rd spoiler, they never do this. I’m really hoping it’s not because they’re sending another sparkly, glittery, bright as the sun highlighting product.

    I was so disappointed in the “eyeshadow” full of highlighters last month that I nearly cancelled both subscriptions, decided to keep one because I really want the Luxe box in March. That said…

    Anyone else notice the month before Luxe, the month you have to be subscribed has been the WORST? I don’t like how we’re forced to subscribe a month before, or miss out, and they seem to throw the less than appealing items in this month. Something about that just doesn’t sit well with me.

    I Think I’m going to finally cut ties with Boxy after March. It is no longer the best option out there.

  15. Someone else mentioned skin care to make your skin glow…so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for skin care…maybe a moisturizer? I’d also be down for some yummy smelling lotion. Also, could be a new lipgloss which I’d be amped about. And I honestly love glitter, maybe it’s the 90s in me.

  16. I’m kinda hoping that it’ll stick with the K-Beauty stuff and be more atleisure oriented, maybe it’s a sweaty glow? Maybe we get a Nars blush? Idk, but they have a few directions to go in that aren’t a highlighter. I”m sick of all the cranberry sunset eyes too. I’m totally down for some greens & purples. 🙂 I could be down for some beauty from within vitamins too. I believe Joe spoiled the new coco cabana from sol de janiero too on his IG.

  17. Please keep all makeup. I dont care about getting the same products in rotation. I love love love and collect eyeshadow pallettes , so I’m here for that. Lashes?! Yes. But I dont need or want hair gunk, or deordant…i got herbal samples of “hair , skin and nails ” herbal pills and took the 2 days , 1 pill each day and broke out in a rash so bad i ended up in hospital. I gave it to a neighbor because she said she never has reactions (i dont ever either) she took it one time and made her vomit and a trip to the emergency room.
    Not everyone can or will take that stuff or on meds..

  18. I love highlighters. Their my favorite. So yes please, highlighters are a must.

  19. No highlighters PLEASE

    • Agreed. For the love of God, NO MORE HIGHLIGHTERS!!!! Boxy sent enough highlighters in 2018 to last until the end of time!

      • Ive had enough of liquid highlighters, I’m wanting pressed….

      • Same here. I don’t care for liquid highlighters and I have too many of them already. I’d love some powder highlighter though.

  20. I’m hoping and praying that we are not getting yet another highlighter and the glittery product s have got to stop. I love boxycharm but this is getting redundant. I dont use them at all I tried them and I’m not interested in trying them again.

  21. After boxycharms poll posts this week, I don’t think my subscription is long for this world. Getting some highlighters (why do I suspect it’s a highlighting palette this month? 😭😭) is just going to throw it quicker into the grave for me. Like everyone else on this thread, I will never use all of the highlighters I already have and have no interest for more.

    At least ipsy let’s me customize to ban highlighters from my account, and then listened to that request!

    • I did the same thing with Ipsy they were great about it.

    • I banned highlighters from my Ipsy account too. 🙂 Now if only I could do that with Boxycharm.

    • Same. The direction this box is taking is not good. There are other boxes out here that give other stuff if we want deordant, and hair gunk, …but I think they are worried people are getting upset getting the same type of makeup over and over ..because realistic much makeup can they really switch up.

      They should keep a box with just makeup for the makeup people, and a mixed box for others and we should choose which category we want.


      • That’s true to a degree but theres a wide variety of makeup, skincare and haircare we can rotate before we hit the deodorant and a hair brush stage.

      • I’m on highlighter overload too but won’t die if that’s what’s in the box. But if I EVER get deodorant in my Boxy, I will cancel immediately and never ever go back. I would go out of my way to express my displeasure to anyone and everyone that will listen.

      • XD

      • I agree! However the makeup world is over saturated with makeup and new brands are coming out. So I definitely think for us who mostly want makeup and some skincare that theirs enough to change it up. Like all these new Indie brands that lots don’t know of like Looxi beauty & Jd glow. Both have an amazing formula when it comes to eyeshadow. I’ve been wanting to try colored eyeliner for the waterline ,eye primer & duo chrome eyeshadow. I started Boxycharm to try new things. When they choose Ace beaute I was excited, but they had to go with an older palette instead of something like the Paradise collection from Ace beaute that had I think 4 palettes in it. I know I wouldn’t have minded if they did a variation with what palette you got. As much as I love Boxycharm, I think I’m canceling.

  22. First off- I adore highlighters and yes I use my highlighters in every day life. #Sorrynotsorry

  23. Well I’m excited I can use a good primer to cover these pores and believe it or not, I have yet to try the better than sex mascara. I promise I’m not living under a rock!! LOL I do have quite a few highlighters so hopefully by glow they are talking skincare….my dry skin can use some natural glow!

    • Also haven’t tried the mascara! and I love primers. I’m hoping for a liquid highlighter as I’m hopeless to figure out powdered ones

  24. I just wanted to thank each and every one of you ladies! I just read through all these comments and y’all had me in tears!😂 I haven’t laughed this hard in a very long time. Since so many of you have had the opportunity to try so many highlighters, help a girl out? How’s the Nikki Tutorials Ofra highlighter from Dec. Allure? Or even Ofra in general? I’m trying to figure out if I need to trade mine. I like a pretty but somewhat subtle highlight…I do not want to glow to the Gods or drop a glitter bomb on my face, I’m too old for that.😂 Is it worth my time?

    • I really do not want anymore highlighters or glitter products.

    • I think I’ve only found two that match this description. It cosmetics creme highlighter (though a bit over priced for my taste) and colourpops super shock highlighters, which are $8 I think?

      • I like coloupop but they are a bit glittery. The color is subtle so after it fades all you see is glitter.

        I thought I hated highlighters until a friend gave me a winkylux birthday party highlighter. It’s a cool toned finely milled highlighter and I love it. They also have a white cream one that’s good but I prefer the powder.

        The Ofra one is ok. It’s sort of between a cream and a powder so the texture is nice. I think the gold and bronze are a bit too dark, but the white is good.

    • Ofra rodeo drive seems to be the best I’ve ever tried and that Nikki tutorial one isn’t bad I actually really like this peak blush highlighter I got from Birchbox. It’s called peekaboo and I never would’ve ever even given it a chance had I not gotten it but I really like that one too

    • Ofra is far from subtle ! No glitter but very blinding.

    • You should try boom stick color. They have a product called BoomStick Glo and it’s gorgeous, no glitter or outrageous shine, just a true glow!

    • My favorite subtle highlight is actually Essence Pure Nude. Available at Ulta and super cheap. Not glittery but I like it for my 50 year old face.

    • I want subtle subtle subtle for my highlighter and I use Bare Minerals Invisible Glow Powder Highlighter. It’s not cheap but it lasts FOREVER, goes on so subtly, and can be built up if you’re into it.

  25. the lack of spoilers makes me think this box will be not so good.
    I unsubbed back in December and haven’t seen much to come back for from Boxy!
    Sad because they used to be my all-time favorite — then after the 5th black eyeliner, and the 6th highlighter I lost interest.

  26. Please no more highlighters!!! I’m going to cancel soon if that’s going to be a mainstay in the BC boxes. Enough!

  27. There should be a mixture of women in their 20’s-40+ to help create these boxes for all ages . I can’t stand another highlighter. I would love a hand cream or nice nail kit, polish or brushes

    • These boxes are not really for all ages, although all ages can certainly enjoy. Boxycharm, Ipsy, and a few others definitely market to trendy, mostly younger, buyers. You don’t see much anti-aging or other mature skin products in those subs. Subs that are more marketed to an older demographic do exist (New Beauty comes to mind, even Birchbox), but this one is trendy “af.”

  28. You can give me all the highlighters 😁 I will gladly take them off your hands!!!!

  29. Y’all can send me all your highlighters then if you all don’t want them lmao

  30. I groaned…out loud… when I read this post. PLEASE YOSEF! We know you read these posts! Please please please no more highlighters, no more cover fx drops, and for the love of all things sacred in makeup and skincare NO MORE GLITTER ANYTHING!

    • I absolutely agree!

    • I agree! This highlighter obsession needs to stop. Uhhh 99% don’t look good in liquid glitter under their eyes, or above their lip or on their forehead or basically on every part of their face.

    • Agreed.

      I got a sample size highlighter back in October in Birchbox I think, and I’ll probably be done with it in March. In the meantime, I’ve accumulated about 8 more, so I’m set until 2024.

      Even in my early 20s princess delusions I couldn’t have used this much shine and glitter – and I used to regularly wear tiaras!

    • What she said. Glitter is so incredibly horrid for the environment, I can’t even throw it away! So, I’m stuck storing it in a box forever. 🙁

      • Someone will throw it away when you die, so you might as well chuck it now if you aren’t going to sell or donate it

    • RIGHT! Who TF wears so much highlighter in every day life?
      I have maybe half a dozen mini sized highlighters obtained through various subscriptions, plus a couple additional illuminizing primers; I’m set for life!

    • I would love more highlighters and more glitter. I think as long as boxy keeps a good variation throughout the months it’s good. We haven’t gotten glitter since November so I’m cool with it. Personally what I don’t wanna see is another orange/cranberry eyeshadow palette. I feel like we’ve gotten one every single month.

      • Agree with you on the shadow colors – not more cranberry reds or oranges. I would love some olive greens and rich purples – with neutrals in a palette that has both matte and shimmer.

      • I agree on the eyeshadows too.

      • I agree as well. I went through all of my eyeshadow palettes last night. Not one of them has purples. Why? And forget greens/olive. Nothing even closely resembling those shades in any of them. Are they just that out of style. I thought they were classics but what do I know, I guess.

      • I agree with you too! I love purples, and even though I own a couple feet of palettes (it’s true), I just bought the Morphe pallete by Jaclyn Hill for $15 yesterday. It includes a deep purple called Gem. And I also picked up the Natasha Denona #10 palette at Sephora for $48, which includes a gorgeous purple called Nina’s Orchid. So in need of good shadows in varying shades of purple!

    • I have to agree

    • I agree. I hate glitter. So much lol. But, I do like the Stila liquid shadows for some reason. Wouldn’t mind one of those in a box. But no more highlighters or drops or glitter liners.

      • I actually wrote on someone’s Boxycharm spoilers YouTube channel that I Would love to see the Stila liquid eyeshadow in a Boxycharm. Palettes and eyeshadow is my favorite to get , but I haven’t liked the recent ones. The Alamar palette sticks out in my mind, I really loved that one. Boxycharm please look into more indie brands, theirs so many new indie brands out there that have amazing eyeshadow formula that not everyone knows about. That’s why i singed up was too try new things. I would love to see colors that were in the Melt Cosmetics Gemini & Smoke obsession palettes. Those were gorgeous IMO & I didn’t get my hands on them. I hope they Chan soon. I really love Boxycharm but I’m not excited to receive it anymore.

  31. Amen! to the no more highlighters! I could glow from head to toe with all the different stuff I’ve gotten, shine brightly enough that if you launched me into space I could operate as another sun! I realize highlighters are popular right now, and I guess there’s a whole lot of them that need to be unloaded thanks to all the non-highlighter-wearing people who don’t use them, but a little goes a LONG way. I do wear a touch of highlighter, but not enough that I glow like a neon sign! So I’m glad this primer is NOT a shiny/sparkly/brightening one. Just a nice smooth base with no glow is outstanding!

    As for the mascara, I’ve been wanting to try it, but couldn’t justify spending the money with the massive assortment of mascaras I’ve collected from various boxes. I think I actually bought two of them; the rest, sample size or full size, have been included in one box or another. So I’m glad to get it in the box to save my budget. My husband already raises his eyebrows at what I’m spending on skincare these days, I don’t need to traumatize him even more with the price of nice makeup!

  32. I wonder how many highlighter variations they have to unload. Half of their stock will be gone. 😂

  33. First when I saw “afterglow” my first thought was “oh thanks God, something that would take out the glow, like make up remover or cleanser so I can be clean after I done glowing.”

    Then I saw “come and glow with us” and my brain screamed “No, no, no, I am done glowing, no more highlighters!!!”

    • Lol..shine bright like a diamond! One day in a fit of highlighter insanity I decided ok, I’m going to glow brighter than the Gods! I put on every single highlighter I owned (16 btw I think I’m up to 35 by now but I donated,gave away,threw away a lot lol) so I did it.. I looked like a golden tin woman, my daughter said hey I want to, she ended up a rainbow silver tinsel type. I agree I do NOT and can not take another highlighter. I can’t go through them fast enough unless this summer I go full body glow 😂

      • Great idea Jenn, may be next Halloween I will be a tin glow woman

      • hahaha! I went to a music festival last year and saw a girl who looked like she polished off her entire collection of highlighters on her face and body… so they do have a use…

  34. Pleaseeee for all that is holy let it be skincare that will make your skin glow and not another highlighter.

    • I agree please No more highlighters I have enough to last 2 lifetimes I don’t want to see another one in this month’s box.

  35. God, please, no more highlighters! I don’t wear them, but even if I did, they last forever and are in EVERY box it seems. Crossing fingers I’m wrong.

    • If it’s another highlighter we should all mail it back to BoxyCharm (and to all the other boxes that include them) maybe they’ll get the message.

      • Brilliant!

  36. Afterglow makes me think of a box filled with highlighting items. Hoping I am very wrong! 🙂 Thankfully I have 2 daughters, one who loves looking very shiny, she gets the bulk of my BC highlighters.

    • Oh my gosh, I’m solo tired of highlighters.

    • I bet you are right. That was exactly my first thought. Do not miss this box at all.

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