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Bless Winter Box January 2018 - Box Front 1

Bless Box is a monthly lifestyle subscription box for women, curated by Sazan Hendrix. Each box will include items in the beauty, health, food categories.

Bless Winter Box January 2018 - Box Open 1

Bless Box recently released a  limited edition Snow Day Winter Bonus Box! This box is a one-time purchase and will not start a subscription.

FYI – This box is still available for purchase!

Bless Winter Box January 2018 - Box Open top 2

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)


Bless Winter Box January 2018 - All Products

About This Box

The Box: Bless Box Winter Bonus Box

The Cost: $59.99 + free shipping 

Coupon: Use code SNOWDAY to save $10 off this box

The Products: “$300+ in product for $59.99!”

Good to know: If you’re interested in the regular subscription, use code MSA35 to save 35% off your first box! Check out all of our Bless Box reviews to learn more about this subscription!

Bless Snow Day Winter Bonus Box January 2019 Review

Bless Winter Box January 2018 - Info Card 1

Bless Winter Box January 2018 - Info Card 2

The boxes always come with a magazine with a letter from Sazan and the products included.

Bless Winter Box January 2018 - Info Card 3

When I was thumbing through the magazine I was surprised to see one of my own Instagram photos looking back at me! I’m in print!

Bless Winter Box January 2018 - Lov 1

Bless Winter Box January 2018 - Lov 2

L.O.V. The Glacious Eyeshadow Stick in Lunar Shine, Full-Size! Retail Value $7.97 (€ 6.99)

So this eyeshadow stick wasn’t listed on the info sheet. Another thing that wasn’t listed on the info sheet (that I did not receive) is the Lovely Rose Apothecary Tissue Cream, which was listed as a spoiler originally. We reached out to Bless Box for clarification and they let us know there was a sourcing issue for the cream, so they included the eyeshadow stick instead because it was a past favorite. I did like this eyeshadow! It was creamy and the shimmer was beautiful.

Bless Winter Box January 2018 - Adel Box 1

Bless Winter Box January 2018 - Adel Open 2

A’del Natural Cosmetics Lipstick in Barely There, Full-Size! Retail Value $22

This is a sheer, creamy lipstick that is like a lipstick-lip balm hybrid. It was comfortable to wear and the light hint of color was perfect for adding a touch of posh to my no-makeup day when I still needed to look presentable.

Bless Winter Box January 2018 - Antik Purse Front 1

Bless Winter Box January 2018 - Antik Purse 2

Bless Winter Box January 2018 - Antik Purse 3

Antik Kraft Card Holder in Mustard – Listed Value $18

This is a great card holder with a total of 8 card slots, a transparent pocket for your ID, and a small zippered pouch for coins or knick-knacks. I liked the pretty brown shade of the Mustard, and though this is vegan leather the quality and craftsmanship felt good.

Bless Winter Box January 2018 - Beanie Front 1

Bless Winter Box January 2018 - Beanie Close Up 2

Bless Exclusive Winter Beanie – Listed Value $25

This is a standard beanie in a rosy raspberry shade. I prefer my beanies to be a bit loose and slouchy, otherwise, my head looks exceptionally big. This definitely wasn’t a loose-fit, so I’ll pass this off to a friend who can pull it off.

Dr. Axe Single Serving Collagen Stick Pack – Listed Value $1.10 (buy a box of 40 for $61.95)

I’m still not on board the collagen train, but the supplement has been appearing frequently lately. This is made with collagen from grass-fed beef, chicken bone broth, wild fish, and eggshell membrane. One serving has 9 grams of protein, and it is described as odorless and tasteless. I would recommend mixing it into a smoothie or similar beverage, and this is designed to promote skin, gut, and joint health.

Bless Winter Box January 2018 - Kerastase Box 1

Bless Winter Box January 2018 - Kerastase Open 2

Kerastase Ciment Thermique Blow Dry Primer, Full-Size! Retail Value $37

Looking back on previous reviews, a Kerastase hair product has come in every bonus box from Bless. I like the brand, so I am not complaining. This leave-in treatment is designed to strengthen your hair before you heat style it. I don’t own a blow dryer, so all this really did for me as leave-in was add some moisture. I gave this to my mom who uses a blow dryer every time she showers, and she said it leaves her dyed hair softer after using.

Pistache Skincare Whipped Pistachio Body Butter, 1 oz – Estimated Value $4.12, Listed Value $8 (buy the 6.8 oz version for $28)

I love pistachios- I love them roasted, I love them in ice cream, and I love the scent in my body butter. This smelled great and absorbed into my skin quickly, and I like the packaging makes it a great lotion for travel thanks to the flexible container and resealable lid.

Bless Winter Box January 2018 - Ollie Front 1

Bless Winter Box January 2018 - Ollie Back 2

Bless Winter Box January 2018 - Ollie Open Front 3

Bless Winter Box January 2018 - Ollie Product 4

Ollie Belle Cover Dot Acne Care, 36 count – Retail Value $12.50

Hydrocolloid acne patches are a great way to take care of a pimple that has come to a head without popping or picking at it! Place this on a formed pimple, go to sleep, and wake up with all of the gunk out of your pore and into the patch. I need more of these, and I am happy to have gotten three sheets!

Bless Winter Box January 2018 - Flint Front 1

Bless Winter Box January 2018 - Flint Open 2

Flint Lint Roller in Arctic – Retail Value $7.99, Listed Value $9.99

I love Flint rollers! They’re so much more stylish than your typical lint roller, and since you can close the container they come in you don’t have a sticky sheet hanging out collecting dust and fluff.

Bless Winter Box January 2018 - Eye Front 1

Bless Winter Box January 2018 - Eye Back 2

Lonvitalite 24k Gold & Collagen Eye Mask, 1 pair – Estimated Value $4.15, Listed Value $6.95 (buy a 6 pack for $24.91 ($35 AUD))

These were a great pair of eye masks! I firmly believe the 24k gold powder is a gimmick ingredient that doesn’t do anything, but this is also made with allantoin, red algae extract, Vitamins C, E, and B3, and hyaluronic acid. They were comfortable to wear, didn’t slide down my face, and left my eyes hydrated and happy.

Bless Winter Box January 2018 - Tweez Eye Mask Box 1

Bless Winter Box January 2018 - Tweez 2

Bless Winter Box January 2018 - Tweez 3

Bless Winter Box January 2018 - Tweez 4

Bless Winter Box January 2018 - Tweeze 5

La Tweeze Black Illuminating Tweezers with Diamond Dust Tips – Retail Value $36

These are some pretty nifty tweezers! Not only do they come with a handy mirrored carrying case, but they also have a BRIGHT light that will help you see exactly what you’re plucking. The button to turn the light on and off is Swarovski crystal, and the stainless steel tips of these tweezers are coated with “diamond dust” to help the tweezers grip what they grab. They seem a little gimmicky, but overall I would say these are definitely a high-quality pair of tweezers.

Bless Winter Box January 2018 - Hanalei

Hanalei Lip Treatment in Pink Mauve, 5 g – Estimated Value $6.67 (buy a set of 3 travel-sized tubes for $20)

This lip treatment is formulated with kukui oil, agave, and grapeseed oil, and shea butter to fully moisturize and hydrate your lips. This is tinted a pretty mauve pink, making it a great touch of color if you have dry lips during the day.

Bless Winter Box January 2018 - Amazing

AmazingCosmetics Illuminate Primer + Highlighter in Rose, 0.07 oz – Estimated Value $1.44, Listed Value $5 (buy the full-size version for $35)

This is a very sheer pink tinted primer that can be used alone, mixed with foundation, or on top of your makeup for a natural looking highlight. I liked the touch of glow mixing a drop of this with my tinted moisturizer provided, but since it has a pink base I had to be careful not to use too much due to the redness in my skin.

Bless Winter Box January 2018 - Swatch

Here is the primer swatched below the eyeshadow and lipstick but above the lip treatment.

Bless Winter Box January 2018 - NKD Moisturizer

NKD Skin Gradual Glow Daily Tan Moisturizer, 1.69 oz – Estimated Value $3, Listed Value $10 (buy the 8.45 oz version for $14.99)

This is a weird product inclusion for a winter box- nobody is going to be seeing my legs until at least March. I like how hydrating this is (the first ingredient is aloe), and I will be saving this for a sunnier time when I will actually care about what my legs look like.

Bless Winter Box January 2018 - Soap Box Front

Soapiary Bamboo Hydrate Soap, 5 oz – Estimated Value $4 (buy a box of 6 bars for $24)

I am such a bar soap critic and the fault lies with the boxes that got me hooked on whipped soaps. This soap is made with bamboo and fig extract along with Vitamins A, C, and E. I wish the Soapiary website had a full ingredients list for this soap, but as it is I will have to take their word for it that this soap paraben, sulfate, and phthalate-free. I do like the light, clean scent this soap has- it would be the soap I put in a guest bathroom to make guests think “wow, this isn’t your basic bar of Dove soap.”

Bless Winter Box January 2018 - Corazonas Front

Bless Winter Box January 2018 - Corazonas Back 2

Corazonas Heartbar Oatmeal Square, 0.89 oz – Listed Value $1.50 (buy a box of 12 bars in a bigger size for $17.99)

This is a whole-grain breakfast bar made with rolled oats, egg whites, dried cranberries, and cinnamon. I thought the nutrition facts were pretty fair, with this bar having 90 calories, three grams of fiber, and three grams of protein. I think this crumbled over some Greek yogurt would be a tasty and heart-healthy breakfast while being less calorie-laden than traditional oatmeal or granola.

Bless Winter Box January 2018 - Neat Front 1

Bless Winter Box January 2018 - Neat Close Up 2

Neat Skincare Co. NY Selfie Magic Facial Oil & Makeup Primer in Organic Argan + Sweet Orange, 1 oz – Retail Value $31.99

This oil has only three ingredients and I am ALL for that. This has organic Argan oil, organic sweet orange oil, and Vitamin E ( dl-Alpha Tocopherol). Those three ingredients mean this oil is packed with antioxidants that help skin to stay youthful, while also being very hydrating. Though this didn’t leave me greasy, I wouldn’t use this as a makeup primer as the name suggests. Oils don’t make skin more oily, but if you’re hesitant to use them try adding a drop or two to your moisturizer!

Bless Winter Box January 2018 - Socks 1

Bless Winter Box January 2018 - Socks 2

Be Sticky Socks in Be Grateful – Retail Value $15, Listed Value $16

I love receiving socks in subscription boxes, especially when they have grips on the bottom that keep you from slipping! These are 80% cotton and 20% spandex, and they’re comfortable and light. I also love the reminder to be grateful, and subscribers could have gotten this message or one that says “be brave,” “be positive,” or “be giving.”

Bless Winter Box January 2018 - Lip Mask

Soon Skincare Hydrating Watermelon Lip Mask – Retail Value $4

This single-use lip mask has the essence of watermelon (as in, I can smell it but it’s not overwhelming considering you wear it directly under your nose) and it was comfortable to wear. It extended to the skin around my lips and stayed in place while I worked on my laptop- I ended wearing this for close to an hour, though the recommended time is about 15-20 minutes. I was happy with the extra hydration this added to my lips but it won’t be replacing my Laneige lip mask any time soon.

Bless Winter Box January 2018 - Bless Winter Xenclip 1

Bless Winter Box January 2018 - Bless Winter Xenclip 2

Bless Winter Box January 2018 - Bless Winter Xenclip 3

XenClip Large XenClip in Hematite – Retail Value $15.00

This 4-inch hair clip is made with genuine hematite and is designed to hold your hair back in a bun without damage or dents. To use you twist your hair in a bun and squeeze it while sliding the pin of the clip under your bun, which makes the coil slide on top. Once the pin comes out the other side you secure it in the coil, and it should hold your bun. I think this is neat in theory but I am still figuring out how to use it correctly- I recommend checking out this how-to page if you need additional help like me!

Bless Winter Box January 2018 - Opus Brushes Packed 1

Bless Winter Box January 2018 - Opus Brushes Open 2

Nion Beauty Opus 2Go Brushes – Retail Value $29

These little silicone brushes are like tiny baby foreos! The surface area is about the size of a half-dollar, and they are battery operated and disposable. These aren’t the most environmentally friendly, but I love the convenience of throwing one in my bag to have a silicone face brush without having to worry about something happening to my more expensive face brush. The silicone is very flexible, and I actually felt that this reached the nooks and crannies of my nose and eyes better than other face brushes I have tried. Each brush will last for about a week, so this is a 3-week supply. These also came in the November Bless Box.

Bless Winter Box January 2018 - Green Goo Front 1

Bless Winter Box January 2018 - Green Goo Open 2

Green Goo Skin Repair Travel Tin, 0.7 oz – Retail Value $9.50

This is made with aloe, sunflower seed oil, beeswax, and rosehip seed oil among a host of other hydrating oils, and it is designed to nourish and soothe your skin. It is a multi-use product with suggestions for use including as a moisturizer, as an after-sun treatment, and on mild burns. I accidentally burned myself while cooking the day after getting this, and this did provide soothing relief. I have also used it on my dry cuticles and I was happy with that performance, too. This is a handy little tin to keep around and I am throwing it in my purse.

The Verdict: The seasonal bonus boxes from Bless are always a fun treat, and this month was no exception. I would say my favorites out of the box are the tweezers and the wallet, but overall this was a great selection of makeup, skincare, and lifestyle items. For the $59.99 cost, I calculated a total value of $296.93. That’s a touch under the promised value of $300, and some of the listed values do feel a bit inflated. That being said, I still think this was a great box for the cost- especially if you use the coupon to get $10 off!

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Yes, this box is still available!

Coupon – Use code SNOWDAY to save $10 off this box

If you’re interested in the regular subscription, use code MSA35 to save 35% off your first box!

Value Breakdown: This box cost $59.99 + free shipping and I calculated a total value of $296.93. That means you are paying approximately the following per item:

  • L.O.V. Eyeshadow: $1.61
  • A’del Lipstick: $4.44
  • Antik Kraft Card Holder: $3.64
  • Bless Beanie: $5.05
  • Dr. Axe Collagen: $0.22
  • Kerastase Blow Dry Primer: $7.47
  • Pistache Body Butter: $0.83
  • Ollie Belle Acne Dots: $2.52
  • Flint Roller: $1.61
  • Longvitalite Eye Mask: $0.84
  • La Tweez Tweezers: $7.27
  • Hanalei Lip Treatment: $1.35
  • Amazing Cosmetics Primer: $0.29
  • NKD Skin Moisturizer: $0.61
  • Soapiary Soap: $0.81
  • Corazonas Bar: $0.30
  • Be Sticky Socks: $3.03
  • Neat Skincare Co. Oil: $6.46
  • Soon Skincare Lip Mask: $0.81
  • XenClip: $3.03
  • Nion Beauty Brushes: $5.86
  • Green Goo Skin Salve: $1.92

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Written by Jessica Hapak

Jessica Hapak

I am a staunch believer that pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza and when I’m not working as a family law attorney I enjoy hiking the Louisiana trails (alligator sightings are a favorite!) or relaxing with Duchess, my cat. I’m a sucker for anything labeled a mystery box and I’ve never met a bath bomb I didn’t like.

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Comments (14)

  1. Thank you for sharing this! This is one of the great gift ideas I have seen. It gave me an idea of a perfect gift for my mom, sister, mother and sister in laws.

  2. I love this! It’s a great deal for its price. And its a great gift idea too!

  3. Thanks for this very detailed review. It’s really tempting to purchase this box but I have to restrain myself because first, I’m on a tight budget and second, I’m currently having some breakthroughs, so I’m trying not to use make-up products for quite some time.

  4. Well the link above took me to the Summer Limited Edition Box, not the Winter Box. And it was discounted to $24.00. And then I looked at the review on here for the Summer box, and there was a discount code WAVES for $10 off and free shipping. I didn’t think it would work, but I tried it and it did! So I got it for $14.99!

  5. I kinda want this box, but I’m on product overload!

  6. Why oh why did I click on this review? This box is gorgeous! Will have to restrain myself.

  7. I really WANT this box, at least 16 of the items will be used. But the problem is I don’t NEED this box and my budget is tight right now. I must restrain myself.

  8. After vacation, I arrived home to this box and it was like Christmas morning all over again. Seriously – felt like a care package from my mom with a bigger budget and someone a little younger helping her pick things out 🙂
    I live in NYC, so live in a smaller apartment and we are always looking to purge. Nothing here in this box at all will get passed along. Maaaaaybe the hat – because I usually need a larger size.

    Other than that – I love the skincare, the beauty products, accessories, beauty tools … everything feels like it will support me through my day, if that makes any sense. I love the creaminess of the lipbalmy nude lipstick – it’s really nice and just enough balm to feel like a balm, but still is a nude (as opposed to looking to pink) – different than a lot of lippies I’ve tried over the past couple of years. That will be in my purse along with a handful of other things from this box.
    I too was having trouble with the clip until last night – you have to really squeeze that bun 🙂 Once I really pushed the clip over – it stayed – I actually just woke up with it still secure in my head – yet my hair isn’t pulled too tight (so no headache :).
    I haven’t loved all of the monthly boxes (though, for me, they seem to be looking better.) – but the seasonal bonus boxes from Bless have been really nice and this is my favorite!! I love the value but also feel that these are products I would have bought similar types of – so an even better value. You know, like when people unbox and say that this or that item more than pays for the box and you’re like “I wouldn’t have even spent that much on it…” I enjoy receiving expensive skin care – but I just really appreciate that much of what is in this winter box are items I really could use and will be using. Such a wonderful experience.

  9. Feels like a junk drawer of various leftover items…. Did not like last years either.

  10. I dont think its a good idea to use sweet orange oil on your face, hyperpigmentation and sunspots will surely ensue, and no one that knows anything about essential oils would either. Seriously better using just argan oil.

  11. I got some of that Pistache body cream from Ipsy a few months ago. I love how it feels and how it smells. Definitely something I would order the full-size version of, but the small size lasted a long time.

  12. I ordered it yesterday after watching an unboxing video. I have extremely thick hair, so I was interested in the barrette. Couldn’t find it cheaper than $15 anywhere else, and there were a couple other things that made it worth it to me. I hope I’m not disappointed when I get it in my hands. The bonus boxes used to be $40 with a coupon.

  13. Wow, a nice variety of products! It’s almost too overwhelming, I can imagine a lot of those items just ending up lost in my stash. But I really like the tweezers, hair clip, lint roller, face oil, the hydrating lip items….so I’m still deciding but leaning towards getting this. 🙂

  14. I liked this box a lot and thought it was a good value at the $50 I paid after the coupon. There are several items I won’t use, but that Kerastase product is a staple for me so it was worth it for that and a few of the other items. That being said…Bless Box is notorious for blatantly inflating values in their booklets…I don’t get how sub boxes think they can get away with that when we all have easy access to the Internet! 😉

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