Allure Beauty Box Sunday Riley Serum Promo UPDATE

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Several readers have commented + emailed me about not receiving the Sunday Riley serum gift with a subscription that Allure promoted a few weeks ago. I know there’s been conflicting info from customer care, so I’ve reached out to Allure and have an update for you.

No one has received their gift yet because of a shipping delay:

Due to overwhelming demand, Allure is behind on shipping and all Sunday Riley gifts will be shipping out no later than 1/7. They apologize for the delay in getting these out.

FYI – this deal is no longer available.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I started a no buy the day after Christmas and cancelled this along with 9 other subscriptions. Of course they aren’t answering my email and I got charged last night. I am going to miss the box but not the customer service.

    • I’m not sure exactly how their cancellation dates work…BUT if you cancelled before the cancellation deadline, and they didn’t process it and charged you, I’d file a dispute with your credit card, as that’s unacceptable.

      • They did that to me said they would charge but wouldn’t get my box and I was charged and I’m very mad

        • call customer service, they can tell you, there very nice people…or go to the website under Q&A..its easy to cancel…

    • Call back and you will get refunded since you tried to cancel!

    • I believe the cutoff is the 24th. I had the same issue, and that was why. But, then they offered me 3 months at 10 a month to stay, so here I am! Lol.

  2. RE: SHIPPING AND TRACKING ISSUES Only the boxes are shipped with tracking info. Any bonus items are shipped without tracking because of the added cost for tracking. Do not expect a tracking number. It’s that simple. The CS reps are NOT lying about that part of the equation.

    • In the United States, there is no added cost for tracking. Every parcel, whether it is sent parcel post or priority or media mail (obviously not applicable here) or one of those hybrid methods like UPS Mail Innovations has a tracking number.

    • They did lie, however, to several individuals who were told their SR CEO was shipped on 12/7 and then “lost in the mail”. All of them. Lost in the mail.

      • My comment does not concern that. I have no idea about that issue, only the tracking.

        • Tracking or no, my point was what are the odds of every package they said was sent on 12/7 being lost in the mail. (Some have even been told their replacement must be lost as well.) I don’t think anyone expected a tracking number. I do think they expected to receive something they were told had already shipped days / weeks ago. In some cases, twice.

          • I agree Robyn, they could’ve been straight up instead of wasting our time calling them and waiting around for it to arrive. I don’t mind it being late, as long as it comes. They just didn’t have to lie about them being shipped then lost, it’s just unprofessional as a company.

      • Apparently whoever is in charge there is not considering people sharing their experience on public forums. I really don’t get the incompetence of the whole operation.
        And I feel bad for the reps, because they were either told to lie, or made a group decision to lie because they didn’t know what else to do.
        It’s not just unfair to us, it’s unfair to the people working there that have to put up with angry customers (for probably minimum wage).

        • Not only did they lie about SOME of the SR, they never had ANY serum to send out. That is terrible! It would be different if someone had received the item, but nobody did. Plus, they are still not putting out any announcement about what they did wrong. There are still many people waiting for it to come in the mail, not knowing it’s not arriving. They are probably still trying to buy time to figure out what to say.

          Well, I guess it sounds like they decided to order some to send, but we they’ve already tarnished their reputation and we can’t trust what they say.

          • And you know for certain they never had any at all how exactly? You made a statement you believe is truth based on what?

          • I spoke with Allure CS rep Tanya at 2:55 p.m. on 12/19 at ext 12171 and was told they had no Caudalie serum in stock regarding that promo. They were expecting it the following Friday and until it arrived had no inventory count for it – they literally had no idea how many bottles they would be receiving. So it happens. As truth (or at least Allure’s version of it). Exactly.

          • missann, I based my response on the fact that I have not seen one person say “Hey I’ve received it” or someone that knows someone who have gotten it. Lets say, they did have less than 50 products or so, I still think that someone would’ve claimed to have gotten it. They also claimed that they all somehow got lost. Even if 10% of the people who signed up for this promo got the product and 10% of those actually did not get “lost” and delivered, then I think there would have still been some people that would have claimed to have gotten the product. Obviously, my response was not based on scientific facts or scientific research, but I still believe what I said to be true because I didn’t see otherwise…Anyways, thanks Liz for reaching out and backing us up! I do feel that if that were not the case, then we would have still gotten the go around. I am glad Allure is doing the right thing and following through on their end.

          • I had a comment not post that was more detailed but short version is that I can verify I called on December 19th and spoke to Tanya at ext 12171 at 2:55 pm EST and was told they did not yet have the stock in or inventory count for the next serum promotion they were already advertising here on MSA.

        • I feel bad for the reps as well – especially if they are in the position of having no information and feeling they have to say whatever comes off the top of their head to keep the customer happy (or at least keep the customer content and willing to wait longer and see). The longer this drags on, inquiring customers are only going to be increasingly upset and frustrated over both the time that’s passed and the ever-changing stories during their own calls, never mind the customers who have read about many similar incidents online. I’ve worked customer service in the past so I always try to take the honey / vinegar approach when writing or calling any business with a CS request or inquiry. Every Allure rep has been nothing but helpful and polite (to the extent of their abilities), even when I eventually requested a supervisor to see if they had more information or would be able to resolve things faster. Unfortunately every rep / supervisor told me a different story for each of my three calls so I have a very hard time believing the company itself. Allure’s subscription service either provides their reps with up-to-date scripts regarding company policy and status updates – or tells their CS employees to wing it, do their best to keep the customer placated, and buy as much time as necessary. I’m pretty sure Allure has chosen to go with Plan B.

    • Tracking really isn’t that expensive. I ship items out using paypal and I can get tracking for about $2 shipped on smaller items. They have better commercial rates than that I’m sure with their volume. Better than no tracking for an $80 item

      • I don’t think they are making big money on the samples box itself, but rather the sales of full size product. It is pretty standard procedure to not use tracking on bonus or freebie items companies send. It may not seem like much to you but when dealing with thousands of customers and associated costs, companies look to cut costs and increase profits any way they can. I use to work for a very well known fulfillment company.

        • PopSugar has sent me tracking info for freebies, including a recent spray vial sample of perfume. The tracking (and possibly the bubble mailer they sent it in) likely cost more than the perfume itself.

          • There ya go… some companies do use tracking for freebies and extras and some don’t. There is a cost though and some companies choose not to spend it.

  3. Thank you so very much for contacting them. I do believe it helps tremendously when they realize that a site with a substantial number of readers is asking and is going to report back their response. They should stand to attention and finally do the right thing.

  4. I can not figure out how to refer a friend. Can anyone walk me through it please.

  5. I emailed allure 3 times in the last month before i finally got a response last week saying that my account shows that i didnt sign up for the Sunday riley promo. I called them after this, and was told that i should have recieved it, that it was sent out with my box, but they had no tracking info. They made it sound like it got lost in the mail. Im frustrated on how they are handling this. I still have no clue if i will actually get one.

  6. I called a couple days ago and told the rep I subscribed the morning of 11/29 and was wondering what is going on with the SR serum. She told me that I should have recieved it by now and they are unfortunately sold out of it now. She told me she will send me two other gifts to make up for it and I asked if I could choose and I was told I would get the Caudalie serum and a face mask. I don’t blame th C.S. reps for possibly lying to us about it getting lost in the mail and such because no doubt they are just reading a script and saying what they have been told to say. I guess now I’m curious if Allure actually ordered more SR serums and are going to fulfill our gifts according to the phone call with Liz, will I receive the SR serum after all?

  7. Their customer service is horrible! I signed up for this deal and I was excited to use some of the masks in the November box for gifts. The box was mailed out but then returned to sender. I contacted the post office and it was because allure had my apartment number wrong. It was their mistake, not mine when I signed up. I emailed and got no response. I randomly got the December box, with my address still wrong but my mail person remembered last time. I sent multiple emails and received no response. I waited on hold 45 minutes yesterday to speak to a super rude representative. He told me my Sunday Riley was shipped back in December, to my billing address!! Who does that?? I checked with the person at my old address and it was never there. Allure is super shady and should be ashamed of their business practices.

  8. does anybody know about the mally lip glosses (2), I signed up for this last month thru amazon..did anyone get this yet, I have not received mine yet…?

    • They’ll come separately, it can take up to 6-8 weeks, they do send an email when they ship.

    • Hi I received my 2 mally glosses this week, January 3 in my December box, I signed up for allure on December 14 with a coupon that made my box $7.50.

  9. Hi, if I resubbed for the December box, I already got it, which free gift will I be getting?

    AND; my highlighter was broken when I got my box, is it worth it to reach out to Allure’s customer service regarding that? or Amazon’s since I subscribed via Amazon this time.

    Thanks for the help! I’ll never reached out to their customer service when I subscribed a long time ago. And now I did it using the Amazon subscriptions page.

    • I’ve reached out for a broken item in s regular box (not a free gift item), and they sent me a replacement right away. I imagine they still have these in stock, definitely worth trying. That said, I’ve never had any customer service issues like other people have…so it may be hit or miss based on other experiences? They even replaced the makeup forever foundation sample when I got the wrong shade.

      • I’ve never had a CS problem at all either. When I do contact them, I am always polite and give them the benefit of the doubt. I have always rec’d exactly what I should but extras always take more time to arrive. So many ppl accuse them of deliberate scamming that it wouldn’t surprise me if a cs rep purposely screws something up for them. Lol

        • I am always polite too. I gave them five weeks of the benefit of the doubt. I am a true first time subscriber. When you realize they have been telling you lies it is bothersome. It’s great that you know it takes longer to get extras. How do you know that? From resubscribing?

          • Yes, I have subbed, cancelled and resubbed many times in the past 4 years. I usually sub 3 months, cancel then resub when they offer a deal of some sort. I had a box stolen from outside my door and was quickly replaced with no questions asked. I do agree with many posters that it’s better to call than email. I’m also not saying they haven’t screwed up before, just that my experience has been good with them.

  10. I signed up the day that the Sunday Riley promo was announced. They told me when I called that they ran out of SR so they would be sending me a substitution- an Amika hair mask 🙁 . Strange that they would be sold out when I signed up immediately. Will be canceling after January box.

    • The promo was active until about 1pm EST, you receive a welcome email when you sign up, the email is sent within a few minutes of signing up so if the promotion was active you’ll be fighting them for it like the rest if the subscribers from this promotion.

  11. Their CS is the absolute worst, no doubt about it. I don’t know why they don’t just include whatever “gift” they’re offering in the next monthly box. This would seem to be a less expensive, more efficient way to get product out quickly. Then EVERYBODY is happy. Seems like a no-brainer.

    • I agree, that would be a great solution a d it would give them time to reorder more product if it sold out. Another thing they could do is make the offer available to the number of ppl they have product to fulfill.

    • The SR serum will not fit in the box with all the other products. That is the main reason why I think.

      • Actually it will. In January 2018 the box included a full size CEO serum as a regular item. It was sent in the same box with everything else.

  12. One more quick thought regarding those that think Liz should not share Allure’s deals based on “notoriously bad customer service” – Liz is just providing/sharing unbiased info put out by Allure, and it’s up to customers to look into it and ultimately decide.

    Even though I’ve had bad experiences with Allure’s customer service, not everyone has and I don’t think it’s fair to state that Liz should entirely stop sharing these deals knowing bad experiences people are having with CS.

    She’s actually going above and beyond by reaching out to Allure to try and get answers, because she’s certainly not obligated to do that. I understand the viewpoint, but respectfully disagree.

    I’m fortunately not impacted by this Sunday Riley situation, but I can commiserate and I’m truly hoping it all gets sorted out for those that are, because it’s very frustrating. Thanks again for trying to help, Liz.

    • I don’t think MSA should share deals/make money from companies that are dishonest and have terrible C.S.

    • Yes! This SO much <3

    • Yes! I agree. I signed up for this knowing I was taking a chance. It is not Liz’s fault or responsibility to take care of Allure’s poor customer service. I appreciate her reaching out to them, she does have way more influence than i do, and following up. I had reached out to Allure’s customer service and had been advised the same, they had a new shipment coming in and it should be sent beginning of January.

    • I subscribed for a year or more. I loved the products and always had great experience with customer service, including when I called to cancel.

    • Thank you Courtney, you’re right it’s NOT Liz’s fault these subscription services are doing what they are doing!! Allure does however have terrible CS by far the worst in the business!! I’ve had to deal with CS before and they are terrible whether you’re dealing with them through email or on the phone, they are down right terrible!! I appreciate everything you guys do here at MSA Liz, you guys bust your butts for us to get these subscriptions and at a great price or with a free gift or with a coupon code to get the discounts so that we can save money!! You guys are great and I most certainly appreciate what you guys do!! We the readers and the subscribers should be checking these company’s out if we want to subscribe to them and do our homework whether or NOT they are a good fit for ourselves!! I don’t blame anybody but myself and the company I’m subscribed to for whatever happens to my subscriptions!! Thank you though for bringing the subscriptions and the deals to light for us, so we can subscribe to these boxes!! You guys do an AMAZING job and I’m so thankful and grateful for yas!! Thanks again Liz and MSA you guys rock!!

  13. Liz, you are awesome for reaching out to Allure on behalf of subscribers and MSA users – thank you! You were also so helpful with an issue Allure had when first I subbed last year for the KVD box. I did not receive an item that was promised – after dealing with several rude and/or unhelpful customer reps, I spoke to someone that finally promised to send the missing item out – it took so long to get to me, I had given up hope and all but forgotten about it making it. The box itself took an extraordinarily long time to arrive as well.

    If I hadn’t been persistent and asserted the issue of the missing/incorrect item, it wouldn’t have been resolved… I’m very easy going and understanding when it comes to these things, so it was uncomfortable for me to continue to press the issue and deal with less than kind CS reps.

    Ended up taking a risk and resubbed for the Nov mask box and had no issue cancelling, thank goodness. Allure frequently throws out very tempting offers to reel customers in, but I’m very skeptical of their follow through now, and absolutely dread contacting CS because the majority of my interactions have been negative and frustrating despite me being nothing but patient and rational. :/

    Many reasons stop me from resubbing, no matter how good an offer sounds. Allure really needs to improve customer service so people aren’t as weary and hesitant to sub/resub and so they retain loyal customers. Sorry for the rant – it’s just a bummer because they put out excellent boxes!

    Anyways, I felt compelled to share my experience and to thank you for always seeking to help, Liz – very reassuring and much appreciated by many! Your hard work is very evident and we’re grateful for all your effort!

  14. I’ve never had a problem with Allure. I cancel and resub often and they are good about canceling for me. Sometimes they will offer me another deal to stay on but cancel if I decline. I re-signed with the Caudalie special a few weeks ago and my box showed up, with the serum, with no issues. The last special I signed up with, the extra product arrived in a separate package and it took a while to get to me, but I don’t think that’s a huge deal.

    Liz, I give you props for looking into the “situation”. I think it’s really unfair of people to try and put some of the blame on MSA. You are just passing on deals. MSA has a lot of followers so I am not surprised that they ran out so quickly and it’s certainly not your fault.

    • I don’t blame MSA at all. I contacted Allure customer service, and they said I did not sign up with that promo, but I definitely did. No apology that they ran out (which I can deal with if that’s true), so I told them to cancel. It got me November for $10 and a December box. As long as I don’t see a January one, I’ll be ok.

    • Yours is second post that mentions people are blaming Liz and/or MSA for this. I haven’t seen any posts staying that.

      I think everyone clearly sees that Allure and only Allure is to blame for this situation as they lied to everyone numerous times.

      • Read the complaints on Reddit RE MSA and how Liz should be the one who contacts allure on their behalf because “she is the one who advertised it”

        • I don’t see how that is a complaint or putting blame on Liz. She should contact Allure because many people signed up under her link. It was a big promo and many people would’ve been disappointed if they never received their products. MSA have a bigger influence and I think they did the right thing with following up for their readers. They certainly didn’t have to at all but it is wonderful that they did and updated us about this situation.

        • There ’s a comment that said they thought MSA should contact Allure since they advertised the deal.

          Liz was emailed on behalf of the people who’ve shared their frustrations here & Reddit regarding the fiasco. It wasn’t bashing Liz or MSA in any way.

        • Just read it and don’t think it is complaining. She is able to contact Allure and get the ball rolling in the right direction, which I think is the best thing to do in this situation. I don’t expect her to keep contacting them until the serum arrives at the doorstep, but at least she tried for us and that is all that matters. It would be different if some of us had received the promo gift but nobody had and obviously we tried to contact them ourself and they didn’t care and lied. Liz has a bigger impact and it can affect Allure’s reputation, so if she contacted them on our behalf it would help more, on top of everyone calling for ourselves. She did not have to do it, it is not her fault obviously, but she contacted them as a commitment to her readers.

    • I have been very vocal throughout this process, but I have not blamed Liz or MSA in the slightest. In fact I wrote Liz after my second phonecall with Allure to let her know step-by-step what was going on with my order, and I asked her if possible could she please look into what was happening (in the original Allure + SR CEO post’s comments) because she is always able to get further than the average customer. I made sure not to blame Liz / MSA in any way and was clear with how much I appreciated her help and her time – especially during the holidays. (I still appreciate her help very much!!!) People can be frustrated and complain without directing blame at anyone but the vendor in question.

      • I think that’s a perfectly acceptable response! I am certainly not referring to people who have reached out to her for her help. I understand that she’s able to make a bigger impact than solo consumers.

    • As long as I scrolled the comments, I couldn’t find any blames against neither Liz nor MSA.
      Everyone upset against Allure Beauty Box because of no communication from their side and multiple excuses regarding this promo.
      Someone told it’s been lost during its shipping, someone told that she /he has not signed up for this promo.🙄
      And even one lady has been told there was only 50 supplies for this promo, and they were all gone quickly.
      So Allure didn’t have a chance to updated their web page in time….🤔🤔🤔

      I subscribed on them for 2 years and half.
      I had good experiences with their CS and received their special Red Carpet themed box and random single item once a year as well.
      However, after they sent me repeated items from past box last year, I cancelled my subscription and also my loyalty to them.
      I felt they don’t care about their long time subscribers.
      So how they consider their new subscriber is obviously nothing from my site of view.
      I hope everyone signed up through this promo would receive this particular item.

      • I don’t think anyone is blaming Liz. However everyone that calls has been told various lies. Most people are being told it shipped out and was lost in the mail. That is obviously not true based on what Liz was told.

        Having Liz reach out to get us a better answer is helpful. She is much more likely to get somewhere that the average customer can’t.

        • This is not the only site with a social media presence you guys. I never mentioned A SINGLE ONE OF YOU being the ones blaming Liz. The fact is, on multiple social media sites/forums people have been pointing fingers at Liz and it’s not fair. If you are not participating in the blame, then my comment doesn’t apply to you…

      • Allure was very dishonest. I would like to see MSA stop promoting that box. How can MSA trust any gifts or specials that she advertises from them?

    • Nobody is blaming Liz they are complaining about Allure and the shady dealings

      • Yes, SOME people are blaming Liz. I have seen it multiple times on different forums.

    • Not sure where you’re seeing that ~anyone~ is trying to blame MSA? I don’t see a single comment alluding to that. Liz has been an advocate for us, and I see only comments of appreciation!

      • Read my follow up comments…

        • My reply to your follow up hasn’t posted

          one comment isn’t “complaints on Reddit”

          A single comment on Reddit that stated they thought MSA should contact Allure on subscribers behalf since many used the link here to order.

          You should share your feelings and opinion on this matter in the subreddit you’re referring to.

        • Ahh….now I see them…they weren’t on here a bit ago when I read the comments (even though my posting was after the other comments were written)…the comments number just jumped way up so I think maybe a bunch of comments must’ve been awaiting approval.

          I agree that it is ridiculous for anyone to blame Liz or MSA! “Buyer Beware”, right? 😉

          • Thank you!! People are sitting here acting like I am lying. It’s ridiculous and frankly, I don’t feel like arguing about it. There is more than ONE comment on Reddit and numerous others on various forums and sites pointing fingers and it’s not cool. AGAIN, if you aren’t pointing a finger at Liz or MSA…MY COMMENT DOES NOT APPLY TO YOU. Please move on.

            Do I think Allure screwed up? Yea, they did.
            Do I think it was intentional? No, I don’t.
            Do I think MSA should stop featuring Allure boxes like some have suggested? Absolutely NOT. It our OUR call whether we want to sign up for a sub, special or whatnot. MSA passes deals on, but, it is OUR job to do our research into companies and decide whether or not we want to take a chance on a deal or not. Do extra research if there have been issues, before pulling the trigger. I, personally, have subbed to Allure for several years and have never had an issue, but other people have.
            Do I feel sorry for the reps (who clearly have no communication from higher ups RE the situation)? Yes, I feel tremendously bad for them. I am pretty sure they didn’t sign up for hoards of angry people “banging down their door” when they took the job.

            Maybe it’s because I worked in customer service for 10 plus years that I have more sympathy for the situation. Things happen. It could have been handled WAY better. They screwed up. Will they lose my business? No, because my track record with them has been more good than bad and I find the value of the bag to exceed the negative from a screw up. If it was over and over again I’m sure I would change my mind.

    • I signed up for the first time due to the Caudalie special, money charged 12/18 and I’m still waiting on some confirmation on shipment or something letting me know this is still coming. January has already been charged too. How did you get yours already, SquirrelyGirl?

      • Not sure. I might be on the same time zone as Allure? 2 of my friends, who are also in PST, also got their bags with Caudalie the day after me but my 3rd friend, who is in a different time zone, is still waiting for hers. I never got a shipping notice, but she got one yesterday. I was also charged on the 18th. Not sure if that helps?

        • I’m also in the PST west coast so that is strange. I finally got confirmation that it’s shipping yesterday but I’m not sure if it’s the December or January that’s coming. Guess we’ll see and if the Caudalie will be with it or not!

          • Ah yea then I am not sure. I ordered pretty close to when MSA posted the deal. I knew I was taking a risk on actually getting the serum because of the S.R. promo problems but decided to cross my fingers and hope for the best since they’ve always come through for me in the past. Crossing my fingers for you too!

  15. Thank you so much, Liz! I really appreciate that MSA has our backs and can get a response when we as individuals can’t. I haven’t received anything from Allure even though I’ve emailed multiple addresses three times. It doesn’t seem like Allure to be shady like this.

  16. Thank you so much for this Liz! I’m also one of the ones that has been told a different story every time (from 3 phone calls – 12/12, 12/19,and 1/3) . Just yesterday I was told the Sunday Riley CEO Serum was out of stock and no longer available. I was offered the Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Cleanser and “another gift” instead. I was even given a confirmation number during yesterday’s call (although I have no idea what to do with it because it’s not an actual tracking number or something you can enter online). I was told during the 12/19 phonecall that they didn’t even have the Caudalie in stock yet – while that promotion was still active – when I asked about it as a potential SR CEO replacement. Was told their shipment of Caudalie would arrive by Friday of that week and then they would know how many bottles they had received vs. how many had signed up for the promotion – I would hear back within a couple of business days from a supervisor on the status. Never did, hence my call back yesterday. I was also told the first time I called on 12/12 that I would receive an e-mail from a supervisor within 2 days and to call back if I did not – hence the 12/19 call giving them more than enough time to figure things out. Wait for it . . . I did not receive a reply back after the first call either. I trust nothing they say now, or prior to this latest update. We’ve all been told different stories, given different dates, different information regarding stock / availability, etc. And as mentioned here a few times, some were even told they had a 12/7 shipment that was “lost”. As far as I can tell, they are just passing the buck, saying whatever they think they can get away with, and waiting for customers to call back and bug the next CS rep instead.

  17. I guess my comments are not getting approved.

    Allure lied and is still lying to customers.

  18. If they said no one received there Sunday Riley yet and they are going to mail it out on the 7 th then why did they say they already mailed mi e out dec 7 th and it must have got lost I. The mail…

    • It takes at least 4 weeks sometimes to get somethung they ship out besides boxes. I had the same problem with other items that were shipped to me that were not included in my box. It says it was shipped in their system, but in reality it is just sent to the warehouse to be packed and shipped. So that’s why it is probably taking so long for you to receive it. I hope that helps you a bit.

  19. Yea I’ve tried calling been on hold for hour and sent many emails and they keep saying I’m contacting the magazine and I click the link email they want me to use and it’s the same one I used to try to contact them in the first place. No Riley. Can’t even get ahold of anybody to cancel this box!!! Poor customer service

    I recall this happening in the past and the same thing was a nightmare to try to cancel and never got any bonuses or anything

  20. I love allure, I have been with them 3 years and the promo deal they had I got the caudille even though I was already subscribed. They always send me thank you gifts for being a long time subscriber. The customer service for me has been great. I will always get allue.

    • Melissa: I have been a long time subscriber as well and adore their surprise little gifts every now and then. They are always welcome and always pretty valuable items as well. I am a fan and yes, yes, yes…I know their CS stinks, but I hang in there and alway CALL them instead of email (at which they are notoriously bad).

      They are my 2nd favorite beauty box and even when I cancel my #1 fave (Boxycharm), I WILL always keep my Allure…just cuz.

    • Same here. Looks like we are lucky!

  21. Allure put out a promotion they had no intention of honoring so they made up lies about the item being “lost in the mail” and is now out of stock they probably didn’t have to begin with.

    Straight up they LIED but didn’t expect to be called out on it and now they don’t care about making it right.

    Whatever they say now doesn’t matter. Their reputation as a reputable company is shot.

  22. For those of you who wonder about NOT receiving tracking on this (and other) boxes, it is always a good idea to be proactive. And by that, I am referring to subscribing to both USPS INFORMED DELIVERY and Fed Ex’s DELIVERY MANAGER (links below). By using these services, you can see what is in the mail to you and when they will be delivering same.
    💖 Good Luck all! 💖




    • I had no idea UPS and FedEx had the informer delivery type programs as well. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you, I utilize those sources as well knowing their are alot of packages that go missing at my apartment complex. I would also suggest taping a note on your door saying not to leave packages at the door. I once had an Allure box stolen and knew it had be stolen bc I found the empty packaging close by. Allure sent me a replacement with no questions asked. From that experience I put a note on my door about leaving packages not being safe.

  23. I’ve seen a few comments regarding Liz “promoting” this deal and how she is partially responsible for this since she is advertising for them. I think it’s great that she reached out to Allure but some people need to remember that she is merely posting specials and promotions and is not responsible for each companies actions.
    I have also received conflicting information from Allure and have not received a box or promotional item since signing up in November, but I would never blame this page or expect them to resolve my issues for me.

    • Jen, I both agree and disagree with you. To my knowledge, Allure has never messed up quite this badly before, so there’s no way MSA could have known that subscribers straight up would not receive this promo.

      But they DID know that Allure has notoriously bad customer service & a reputation for telling people half truths to get them to stay subscribed. And in spite of that, MSA continues to make post after post after post of reviews, spoilers, and promos, for Allure and for other subs that I (and others) feel are disreputable. At best, MSA posts special notices like this one (that new readers looking to subscribe to Allure will NOT see if they click on the “reviews” tag to see what’s in each box), & buries some small text commentary about issues with the sub in the lengthy review posts.

      I don’t know about you (or MSA for that matter), but I am of the belief that influencers (including bloggers & vloggers) who receive revenue from their audience through ads & promo links DO have a responsibility to make sure they are doing the right thing for that audience.

      In this case, Liz reaching out to Allure is a great start. But what is MSA going to do if people who subscribed using this promo never receive what was advertised? Are they going to continue to post advertisements & promos for Allure, knowing that their readers may never receive those “deals”?

      • I agree wholeheartedly, there IS a responsibility. This isn’t a favor from a friend, it’s a revenue generating business – your clicks are $, folks.

    • I don’t think people are blaming MSA and know it is Allure’s fault but MSA did advertise the promo for Allure. They have partial responsibility to reach out to the company to see what happened with the promotion because it does affect their reputation as well. MSA is awesome for reaching out for us. Thanks!!

  24. I was super polite, but asked a LOT of questions and the CS I talked to yesterday said they only had about 50 of the SR serums in inventory when they posted the deal, and were not expecting the overwhelming response that they got before they could change the promotion a. That there are a lot of people who are not going to end up getting the SR serum, and I am most likely one of them if I have not received it by now. Allegedly, the serums they had a hold of were shipped within a week of signing up.

    CS used the word “flooded” with new subscribers in an unbelievably fast amount of time. I said that is not OUR faults and they should make at least a public announcement or do something to make it right. She said that she is not in charge of this, and there is only so much she can do on her end BUT she did say unfortunately I should not have high expectations to get it unless I am lucky because my serum is “lost in the mail” and will be there soon. 🙁 🙁 🙁

    • How Allure could have ~NOT~ anticipated that a promotion with full size Sunday Riley would draw a ton of people, is completely beyond me! Also, if they offer a promotion, it is their responsibility to remove the promotion off the site as soon as the 50 or whatever serums were gone. They did not do so, and so, they should be responsible for getting serums to all who purchased when the promotion was still on the site. It’s not like Sunday Riley serum is entirely unavailable…sure, they might have to take a financial hit in purchasing more, but it seems like that might be worth it as damage control against this PR fiasco they’ve created for themselves!

  25. Allure is flat out lying to people. I know at least 6 people who signed up for the SR promotion and my sister-in-law called and they told her it must have got lost in the mail and offered her two of the sample size cleansers and they also told her daughter-in-law the same thing. I called about mine and first they said it was sold out before I signed up but after I explained how I signed up as soon as the promotion came up they said oh it wasn’t showing up on my account and offered me the two cleansers my daughter got the exact same story. They said they are out of the Sunday Riley Serums.
    They put out a promotion they knew would draw in lots of subscriptions for a lame box full of masks knowing they would also get rid of the December box (which I actually really liked) knowing they couldn’t fullfill the promo but not realizing the public outrage it would cause.
    Allure does not care about their customers and should never trusted again.

  26. Seriously not cool that they lied to everyone about it.

    I signed up with the MAC lipstick promo, and they put it inside my December box. See, Allure – it’s not so difficult.

    • Well they can’t put them in the box if they didn’t have them lol

      • Lesson: Don’t promise what you don’t have. And definitely don’t lie about it.

  27. I got this deal the moment it came out, cancelled the sub a couple of days later because I did not want the December box and have never received a shipping notice for the November box, serum or anything. Ugh!

    • You probably didn’t get anything because you cancelled the subscription before your November box even shipped.

      • I will check my records to see if I was charged but my only choice to avoid getting charged for December was to cancel when I did. They put this offer out at the end of November.

      • Yes, and when that happens, they usually just go ahead and refund you. I made that mistake with Sephora Play once. When you cancel too soon, they don’t send a box, just a refund.

  28. When ever there is a free gift involved those normally always ship out separate and it could take weeks to months sadly so keep that in mind I guess. I have been a couple year subscriber and from myself and others it seems like it always took a long time. They should probably state that somewhere i guess.

    On a happier note I subscribe to regular box from site and my boxes come super late now every month but they always get to me in one piece with everything and nothing broken. Seeing the spoilers for Jan I went on Amazon and ordered a box through them and that was yesterday. Today I got an email with shipping already which is crazy. My box regular box doesn’t get to me until the 3rd week or later. Crazy right. I read someone else does this on spoiler comments .

  29. They told me that my Sunday Riley got lost in the mail, that they were now out of the product, and they would send me a different product replacement. I canceled.

  30. Not the SR deal… but!

    I signed up for allure awhile back when I got an email saying they would send a “la mer” sample as a sign up bonus.

    I got the September or Oct box and then Cancelled. About 4 weeks after I cancelled I got the la mer shipped separately.

    So hang in there it might just take ages!

  31. What a bunch of liars at Allure! I called twice about this. The first time I was told the SR shipped and could not be tracked. The second time (earlier this week), I was told it must be “lost” and they would ship it again, still no tracking. I cancelled my subscription because I already feel duped by trusting them – and I also did not care for the December box.

    Bless you, Liz, for getting involved! Without you, I suspect I would have been waiting for Godot indefinitely (if Godot were an overpriced serum). And it still seems like 50/50 if this will show.

    • I think the cs dept is a contracted group with no knowledge of what is happening at Allure…or Allure doesn’t bother to educate their cs.

      • Yeah, you’re actually right about both of those lol

  32. Not for this deal- but I subscribed a week or two ago for the December box with the Caudalie serum. After seeing all these comments on other posts about not seeing the SR, I emailed Allure twice ( to which they still haven’t responded to either email) over the last 3 weeks. So I decided to call on Wednesday to confirm that I would be getting the Caudalie serum with my order. The girl I spoke with said it ships separately and that it might take weeks or months to get it. I said okay no problem.

    The December box came today, and the Caudalie serum was in it. I don’t think they have any clue what’s going on because if they did I don’t understand why the C.S. rep wouldn’t have told me it was in the box I was getting on it’s way! I am glad that I did receive it though.

    • The same thing happened to me! I’ve had LOTS of issues dealing with their despicable customer service in the past. The ONLY reason I resubscribed was on the off chance I would actually receive that serum. I didn’t even like the December box. So when my box came in a timely manner (although I never got any shipping info at all) and the serum was right there in the box, I stopped moving, my mouth dropped open, and I literally gasped! 😂😂😂

  33. Thanks for getting involved Liz. I hope everyone receives it. I received an email that I should receive it by the 7th on Monday, but no tracking info. As the box always has a tracking number and it took over 3 weeks to get a response, I am still a bit concerned, but I am a Jewish Italian mother with only a furry baby. Worrying is 8n my DNA (I mean absolutely NO insult to the wonderful Jewish and Italian people of the world [nor the other wonderful people of the world of other backgrounds], I just happen to fit a lot of Jewish and Italian stereotypes like showing love through food and having hair like Brillo). Fingers crossed that we all get it soon and the great January box!

    • I’m a Jewish mother of nine cats. Worrying is in the genes. “He’s been outside for 20 minutes, OMG what could have happened” LOL.

  34. This conflicts with what they told me on the phone on December 27 and in an email and phone call on Wednesday. On the 27th they told me it had been shipped on the 7th and must have been “lost” (which they apparently told a lot of people) and they would resend another one. This Wednesday I got an email saying they ran out and they would send two replacement items. I called them and the person I talked to said the same thing, and they would send a perfume that I don’t want and a Caudalie serum that I’m fine getting.

    I honestly don’t trust them to send anything at this point, and I’m upset that I have paid for three months of this subscription waiting for it to be resolved.

  35. Do you think they will do the Sunday Riley deal again? 🙁

  36. So there is still a chance I’ll get the serum? I don’t know if I should be excited or not! I’m not gonna hold my breath!

  37. Liz, thank you for updating this. I called them yesterday evening regarding the serum and they told me that mine had shipped on December 14. He said it shipped USPS but was not trackable (bulk rate or something maybe?) but should arrive no later than Jan 10. Seems that something shipped on the 14th should have arrived by now! He said that if it doesn’t arrive I can call them back, but that they no longer have any of the serum available so I would need to select something else. The only reason I signed up for the box was to get the serum she I’ll be pretty annoyed if it doesn’t arrive. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  38. I just sent an email last night, still no serum. I’m not surprised at this behavior, Allure does this shady stuff all the time! I’m sick of joining only to have to cancel a month later! Ugh. They need a better customer service! I e not received an apology email yet either!

  39. I didnt participate in this deal but kudos to you for getting involved

  40. I wonder if we will get an email with shipping info to know if we’re getting it or not?!? It’s nice to get an update 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

    • From what the CS rep told me when I asked for a tracking number of the serum that they claim had been sent to me on December 14… it sounds like they are using a non-trackable bulk shipping method… So I don’t think you will get an email about shipping. I did not receive one .

  41. Thanks so much for the update Liz. The problem is that Allure has been lying until you got involved.

    I was told my SR was shipped on 12/7, When I hadn’t received it I called back and was told they would ship it on 12/21 and to wait until 12/30 for receipt. When I still hadn’t received it I called back and was told it was no longer in stock and they would be happy to offer me an option of several masks and/or the invisibobble. I cancelled on 1/3 and then received an email saying sorry for the inconvenience but to ‘please allow until 1/7 to receive the Sunday Riley’.

    If they had been honest from the beginning I would be o.k. with it but this is about as shady as it gets. If Liz hadn’t gotten involved I doubt if ANYONE would get the Sunday Riley.

    • This is sooo shady. I still have doubts that anyone will receive it!

  42. They flat out lied to me on the phone yesterday then when they said lots of people had received their serums and that they were shipped 12/7. I am canceling and will not give my money to a company that lies like this.

  43. I subscribed in December with a promotion where they offered your first box at 8 usd but I do not know if that included the mysterious gift for being a new subscriber, does anyone know? I do not think that the problem of CEO serum is due to problems of delay I think they had no choice to send the serums after so much complaint for noncompliance.
    I have 2 weeks sending emails to cancel my subscription and I have not received an answer
    So no more allure for me

  44. Eh, I don’t doubt what Liz has been told (and thanks for reaching out) but honestly this response from Allure seems like fix after being publicly called out. Yesterday on Reddit there were many,many posts from people who had already contacted Allure and been told all Sunday Riley promo gifts shipped on December 7th already, and they must have been “lost in the mail”. They would therefore send some sort of replacement gift. No one single person received a Sunday Riley promo serum. No way did numerous, unrelated people have their gifts get “lost”. Now that Allure has been called out they have to fix their questionable advertising. I don’t want to say Allure was trying to pull a fast one but if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, well…

  45. The LA mer bonus took 2.5 months to arrive. Near the 2 month pt they did send out emails apologizing for the delay.

    Seems like they are always getting delayed and always apologizing.

    • This was unlike any other promo though people were told it wasn’t active when they signed up (most have screenshots) that it shipped and was lost in the mail or that it was shipping soon. It’s the lack of consistency and reps making it up as they go that causes people to contact them and reach out to Liz as well.

  46. This sounds interesting.
    I called them this morning and being told that my serum has shipped on 7th of December.
    And they are out of stock of their supply now.
    Then she offered me to send me 2 sample size of Sunday Riley items as replacement…

    I’m pretty confused 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • Update

      I called them this morning and asked what’s really going on about this drama.
      The rep was nice lady and told me that there was no shipping record on 12/7 on her end.
      And there is a gift which ready to ship today for me.
      She has no clue what that gift is though…

      And my replacement as Ipromised on Friday will be arrived as well.
      So let’s see what I will receive from them at the end.🧐🧐

  47. I had signed up again during the caudalie deal and I got it yesterday with the December box so if anyone signed up during that promo you should be getting it

  48. Thank you so sooo much for updating news, Liz;)

  49. I should have checked here before I just waited 45 mins on hold to talk to someone about this. I literally just hung up. I also tried to cancel my sub in the middle of Dec and no one has emailed me back, they charged me for January box today and they told me that I have to wait for the box to arrive now, mark it “refused/ return to sender” and once they get it back I will get my refund. so not only did I not get my serum after two months of waiting they didn’t process my cancelation and now I am probably going to have to wait another two months for a refund.. No thanks Allure… I am done.

    • I emailed to cancel too, since I received 2 boxes but no Sunday Riley. Never received a response. Fortunately, I paid for the subscription with PayPal, so I was able to cancel the recurring payment through PayPal.

      • How can you pay with PayPal? I just tried to update my payment and I just see where I can change my card! I’d love to use PayPal! Maybe I should try on a computer and not my phone….🤔

        • Sorry, I have no idea how to change it toPayPal. I was able to choose PayPal when I signed up.

        • I think it’s only for signing up.

        • I don’t know about PayPal but if you manage to get it canceled (I’ve done it a few times through email but it did take several days) and you ever want to rejoin, order through Amazon. It’s sooo much easier. You always get your box on time, they take your payment out when they’re supposed to and you can cancel and resubscribe anytime by clicking a button on THEIR site only. So for months now this is what I’ve been doing:
          If I see spoilers on MSA that I like, I resubscribe. Then once I receive it I go ahead and cancel just in case I don’t like the next month’s products. This way I only get the boxes I want and never worry about not canceling in time, or any other shipping or payment issues. The only downside is that you can’t get the promo gifts if you join through Amazon. But in the long run it’s so much better than dealing directly with Allure. Hope this helps!

    • I send several emails too to cancel and I don’t have a reply yet

    • Go into the website and click on faqs. Look for how to cancel. Take it from there.

  50. FWIW, I received my LaMer gift from back when it was offered like two months after I subscribed. Well, at least 1.5 months for sure. So I think all is not lost yet for this one.

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