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Allure Beauty Box Sunday Riley Serum Promo UPDATE

Several readers have commented + emailed me about not receiving the Sunday Riley serum gift with a subscription that Allure promoted a few weeks ago. I know there’s been conflicting info from customer care, so I’ve reached out to Allure and have an update for you.

No one has received their gift yet because of a shipping delay:

Due to overwhelming demand, Allure is behind on shipping and all Sunday Riley gifts will be shipping out no later than 1/7. They apologize for the delay in getting these out.

FYI – this deal is no longer available.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (234)

  1. Never got this. Never got a response to my emails, either. I finally canceled. I could have just bought the Serum for all I paid for the extra boxes waiting on nothing.

    • just wanted to say..i ordered thru amazon in December to get 2 free mally lip glosses…I’ve had to e-mail them like 3 times…finally today I received them what like 3 months ago…oh well I least I got them..

  2. I got frustrated enough to call today after several emails gave very vague responses after a 1 week wait.The Allure customer service person was helpful and said my replacement item was shipped yesterday and is from Sisley Paris. Did not get the exact size but that brand is beyond pricey so full size seems unlikely. I’d be interested to know when anyone receives anything on this promotion.

  3. I’ve been very vocal throughout the process so I wanted to update that I FINALLY got a GWP to replace the Sunday Riley CEO Serum promo. Mine showed up in a plain white bubble mailer as well. Inside were the Sunday Riley CEO Face Oil and A+ Serum from the Allure January Box – and also a travel size of Sunday Riley’s Ceramic Slip Cleanser. Here’s a pic of the three items: — I e-mailed Allure to say “thank you!” but I also wanted to post here since they finally made good and were very generous with the replacement products. Three telephone CS reps made it happen – Kayla, Tanya, and Courtney. Can’t thank the three of them enough! If you still haven’t received your serum or a replacement gift, don’t give up. Contact them (again) and insist they make things right!

  4. Finally got mine today, 1/18 – I’m in Atlanta. I did got the email on 1/7 that I would be receiving the serum. Just wanted to update for anyone else who is still waiting!

  5. Just wanted to say that my CEO serum arrived in the past week! (not sure of the exact day because I was traveling). I did get an email on the 7th saying it had shipped.
    I am excited, but I am bummed for everyone else.

    • Yeah…Happy for you but I only received a letter from them says sorry out of stock.

      • I got a letter saying it was out of stock as well. Ive called like 20 times and its always a different story. Since Jan 7 they have been saying its sent that the first one was lost. the the one from Jan 7 was “lost too” then they were going to send me a Caudulie item instead – but they ran out of that one. So all in all – I nothing but multiple letters saying they were out of stock. So ridiculous .

  6. I just finally got a response from customer service saying they have no record of me qualifying for the SR. Excuse me?? I responded and let them know I find that unacceptable and am aware of many other people in the same situation. Also they didn’t respond until I sent my email again.

  7. Well, I just received an email from Allure that the Sunday Riley is out of stock and they are shipping something else out as a replacement. Why in the world would it take them two months to figure that out? Meanwhile they have extorted me for two more months of service by their delayed response. I don’t really care how good the value of their box is. Their customer service is this terrible.

  8. I received a letter stating I would not be receiving the CEO Serum and that it was out of stock. I called Allure and cancelled my subscription and asked for a refund of Nov, Dec, and Jan, which they agreed to refund. They handled this horribly. I was advised by email and over the phone, even received a “confirmation” number saying I would receive it in January.

    • They refunded you for boxes you already received? Sounds like a great resolution to me, more than fair. You lost nothing. I’d be very happy with that myself.

  9. I emailed and didn’t get a response, so then called. They said they would ship it out, and surprisingly, I received it a few days ago, then received a response to my email afterward. However, I also received a letter in the mail today saying they had run out of stock and couldn’t send it! Hot mess.

  10. I received my Sunday Riley full size today!

  11. I checked after I signed on, and they said the promotion was added. I followed up at the end of December, and was told it had not shipped yet. I just checked in (1/15), and was told I no longer have the promotion added and that they are out!

    My customer service lady was very nice…in fact, EVERY TIME! However, I did not want November or December box…I just wanted the January and promotion. I was planning on keeping the service, but now I am reconsidering because I feel like this is a ‘bait and switch’ type of thing.

    I realize that this may be a supply demand thing, but I am concerned by the way this promotion has played out with Allure’s customers.

    • allure is a great beauty box, for 15.00 a month, better than anyone else at this price, that’s why they are in great demand…I would keep them if I were you, no matter what they offer you to join..your still getting great products…I love allure. just saying.

      • No, they are in demand because they offered a highly valued full sized product as a promotion. Why would someone stay with a company that has treated them so shabbily just so they can continue to receive “great products” as you call them. For some people the products don’t make up for the sub par customer service.

      • excuse me annie, are you a member of allure?…. because if you are, your just backfiring on yourself…if not.. move on…I was just giving my comments..on how I feel about allure..

      • Allure delivers great products in deluxe sizes consistency. That is what matters to me, not some Sunday Riley promo item. Sunday Riley is not the best product on the market, there are many others as good or better actually. Allure has the demand they have because of consistency. All of these sub companies have a glitch now and then. ALL of them. Really, all the upset over a freebie? Lol

      • That is your opinion. Other people have a right to be upset that Allure has promised something and not delivered, given out inconsistent information, and generally been kind of a hot mess in terms of customer service. If you’re happy with them then great, but don’t tell other people they shouldn’t be upset.

      • I don’t believe I told anyone how to feel, only how I feel but thx for the feedback.

      • Take the Allure name out of the equation – can any brand now offer anything they want with new subscriptions whether or not they have enough to cover their promotion (assuming they even intended to cover the promotion in the first place)? You don’t like Sunday Riley? Fine. Substitute Kate Somerville, or Drunk Elephant, or Tatcha, etc. All of those skincare lines are good click-bait, especially if you choose a product in the $75-85 range. And then let the company say, “Oops. Our bad. We ran out hours before we cancelled the promo so we’re just going to pretend no one noticed and either tell them the item has shipped and to wait for it – maybe they’ll forget! Or send them a cheap perfume mini we’ve been unsuccessfully trying to dump off for the last 3 months – now we can claim it’s their gift, even if they didn’t want it in the 3 months prior. We’ll finally have that space back in the warehouse. Or we can even offer them a bunch of sample and travel-sized items in the promised item’s place. Because hey – something is better than nothing – amirite!?!” After being told I was getting the serum, then not getting the serum, then offered another serum, then told they had no stock count so did I want a cleanser (that turned out to be trial sized) and mask, or wait you wanted a full-size product since you signed up for a full-sized product so how about one of the items in January’s box twice – I have still yet to receive a thing. And I was dealing with that until yesterday I got another note from Customer Service – their grammar not mine – that said, “Your order did not included the full sized Sunday Riley product. Therefore, a different new member gift was included within your first box.” I have had 3 e-mail exchanges and 4 phone calls with 3 customer service reps. Not once was I told until yesterday that my order did not include the Sunday Riley product. I have always been told I would be getting a substitution for it if I did not receive it. It’s also the first time they acknowledged putting the Versace perfume in my first box as if that was just going to be “ok” and I would be happy to take an $18 perfume I never wanted in all the weeks it was offered in place of an $85 serum I use daily. With no note, no explanation – nothing. They did go on to apologize for the “trouble and the confusion” at the end of the note. Which is really great of them considering it’s only taken like 8 communications for them to do so and the ONLY confusing part of it is why they would risk a customer service nightmare spreading from here to other sites / forums and back again rather than just pony up for the promotion THEY created. “Bait and switch” is a crime for a reason. If you have a great track record with them and love the service and products, great. I don’t have that history. (P.S. Generally refunds on broken promises aren’t something to be happy over. Most people would much rather get the deal they were offered. Customers SETTLE for refunds when the vendor fails to live up to their end of the bargain. Most likely the vendor has already wasted enough of their time and energy by that point and it’s easier to just walk away. Basically a subscription promotion is supposed to work like this – the vendor gets our money, and then we get the deal that was promised in exchange for our money.)

      • Exactly! I was “lucky” enough to receive the serum but I don’t feel like the hassle is worth it. (After it was delivered to an address that they had no reason to send it to) I’m still waiting on another refund for one of my boxes after I just got a check for the first one they owe me. Which is a whooooole other situation. They promised a service and don’t deliver on it. They deserve all the criticism they’ve received.

  12. Did anyone that did get the full-size SR CEO also get the Versace perfume in their November box? Allure customer service is completely unresponsive to my email so I’m pretty frustrated. I signed up on the morning the promotion was offered and it was clearly shown in the products for the November box when I placed my order. At this point I have to assume that they have strung me along and tricked me into paying for two additional boxes while I waited for a product that isn’t coming.

    • You HAVE to call, you cannot email. I have never received a single email response from them. But, when you call, they have been very nice to me all but one time. One time the guy clearly was having a mental breakdown, started screaming and yelling at the top of his lungs, and almost cried. Mind you, this was before I even got into my issue. Lol.

      • I agree. They have thousands of emails to get through. I’ve always had better luck and a better outcome by calling.

  13. I recieved a letter from Allure today stating they no longer have the serum and don’t anticipate getting more. Even though I was assured by customer service many times it would ship. I will be asking for a full refund for Nov, Dec, and Jan.

  14. Anyone else receive a letter from Allure stating they are out of stock of the CEO serum and don’t anticipate getting more? I will be asking for a FULL refund of Nov, Dec, and Jan. They did not fulfill their end.

  15. Just received my full size SR, Jan 14. Pump top is broken off but nothing spilled. Thank you Liz.

    • Glad to hear you got it. Sorry to hear about the pump top, though!

  16. I got mine 1/12 Woo Hoo!!!!

  17. I signed up for the Sunday Riley promotion through the MSA sight and so did my niece well before Allure said they ran out. We were both told we didn’t sign up under that promotion which we know we did. I have seen postings from people saying they signed up under a friend’s link and they received the Sunday Riley. I also know my sister-in-law signed up after me because she didn’t know about the offer and I messaged her about it right after I saw it and she received hers even though she cancelled within a month.
    I stayed with my subscription for 3 months and so has my niece. Neither one of us expect to get the SR even though some people with 3 subscriptions under the same billing address and cancelled quickly received all 3 promised serums.
    All of this mess with Allure has burned me for good.
    Some people who signed up honestly and stuck around got messed over and people who signed up as many times as possible just to get the promotion and cancelled quickly got rewarded.
    I am in NO way blaming MSA or Liz.
    This is simply Allure’s fault and their false business tactics.

    • I would think 3 subs with the same address would tend to cancel out at least 2 of them where freebies or promo items are concerned. I bet somewhere in the promo details it says one per address. I mean, I could be wrong but computer systems are programmed to pick up duplicate info. What is does with that info, who knows.

  18. I got mine today (1-12)! Last email I got from Allure said I would have it by 1/7.

    I don’t think any of us would have gotten it if Liz hadn’t stepped in. Thank you Liz!

  19. Ladies IT’S REAL!!! LOL Just got my full size Sunday Riley CEO in the mail from this promo. I had emailed last week and got a response that it was going to be shipped soon, no tracking or anything but it just showed up today. 🙂

  20. I finally got mine today! Super shocked when it arrived. It’s in an undisclosed envelope. Hope everyone else starts getting theirs.

    • My two friends who signed up after me using my link got theirs yesterday. I still haven’t gotten anything. I hope I get something Saturday!

  21. Allure didn’t send the C.E.O. Rapid Flash Brightening Serum. Instead, they sent two other small sample size Sunday Riley products. Really, truly, annoying.

  22. I got my Sunday Riley today!!! Happy camper here.

  23. My mom and I received the Sunday Riley serum yesterday and we are both in MI.

  24. Received the Sunday Riley serum in the mail today — Very Happy! Never got an email but I also never called them to check the status. I will just hopeful that at some point it would surprise me in the mail 🙂

    Based on tracking sticker on package: Mailed from IL on 01/08 and delivered to MN on 01/10.

  25. Mine apparently came yesterday. It was shipped to my billing address so I have to pick it up from my ex, (Thanks so much Allure) but it did show up.

  26. Help!!! I received a random Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip cleanser sample today in the mail in a plain white bubble mailer. Is this my Sunday Riley CEO serum replacement? I signed up solely for the CEO. I really hope this sample cleanser isn’t from Allure from the promo

    • Did you refer anyone? That’s how my drunk elephant samples came when i used the referral link.

    • Did you get the email saying your ceo serum had shipped? I had called C.S. twice before yesterday once on 12/30 and once on 1/2 and unlike a lot of people I was assured both times it was on its way. I called yesterday and was told the ceo deal sold out before I placed my order, which they say was placed at 1:30 but my confirmation email says 11:05 and that they had shipped out ceramic slip instead. I also signed up for the ceo and feel like I was strung along for 3 boxes. Eventually they agreed to refund me for all 3 boxes but I’m still really disgusted by the fact that I received so much wrong information despite saying ceo serum each time I called.

  27. I got mine today! This promo did exist!

    • Woohoo! Out of curiosity…did you get the email from Allure yesterday saying yours would ship out this week, or no?

      • Yes I got the email yesterday.

    • Wow. Did it ship from NJ like I think their other boxes do? I’m in California. Hopefully doesn’t take the long route. My mom is in Maryland and she didn’t say she received today.

      • Mine shipped from Illinois. I received it today. I’m just a state over.
        I posted that they had told me it shipped December 7 and must be lost.

      • Thank you! Hopefully it arrives by this weekend. I keep refreshing informed delivery praying for a miracle. Even though they said no tracking

      • My informed delivery was from One Stop Mailing. Plain white bubble wrap envelop. No box, just the bottle.

    • Did you get the CEO serum or something else?

    • Did you get the CEO serum or something else?

  28. While I was very happy to get the email late this afternoon, I will be extremely thankful to Allure when I finally have it in hand. This was an incredible promotion.

    Fingers are crossed.

    • I didn’t get it either…and I definitely ordered when the promotion was running, and was told by CS that mine “shipped on Dec 14.” Sigh.

  29. Allure Beauty Box customer service rep here, and I just want to clarify stuff and clear everything up for you guys:

    1- Shipped on 12/7 or lost in mail— yes, our systems actually did say they shipped 12/7. BUT, we have always been told to not got off of that because it basically just means that’s when the order was processed. I think some reps just forget we’re not supposed to use those as an actual ship date. So, when you guys were told it was “lost in the mail” the majority actually probably thought it was lost in the mail because we can’t see any further information on it so we’re clueless on what to do or where it is, and if it looks like it shipped on 12/7 (but didn’t) and hadn’t arrived yet, that’s what most people assume happened. We don’t continually communicate with each other and make group decisions on what to say, it honestly just so happened that many reps all figured it was lost in the mail and said that. We actually weren’t aware until today that some of the SRs were shipping out today (1/7).

    2- Confirmation numbers— yes, the confirmation numbers are legitimate, even though there’s nowhere for you to put them into. Basically, those confirmation numbers are used so that if you call back, they’ll be able to use that number to see who you talked to last so that way if there’s anything wrong with the account, they’ll know which rep to talk to about it.

    3- Bad customer service reps— don’t hesitate to report these incidents!! Our managers take this very seriously, and if you feel a CSR was rude or unwilling to help, ask for their name and you can call back at a later time or asked to be transferred to a supervisor so someone can listen to the call.

    4- Jane— please don’t call Allure and ask for a Jane Doe. I used a fake name lol, I promise you there is no Jane Doe that works for us.

    I think I’m honestly probably the only Allure rep that checks social media for this kind of stuff. I genuinely care about the quality of my calls and making sure I can make a customer as happy as possible. I constantly check social media and so badly want to reply to stuff and help others out but know that I can’t. I think our reps would really benefit from checking social media and seeing what others say about our customer service, but sadly I can guarantee you (and I’m 99% sure on this) that I am the ONLY one who does this because, like I said, I really do care about my job and helping people.

    • Thanks for posting! I don’t think anyone is complaining about rude or unhelpful customer service reps. The issue is that the information they gave people was inconsistent or misleading. That is due to a problem at management level. I hope you have the latitude to share these posts with higher ups, or give them to someone who can. Allure management has created a lot of mistrust and bad faith with their customers. They should know that.

      • You’re welcome! And yes, I’ve been finally starting to speak up a little to my managers about what I see on social media so that way they can share it with the editors of Allure. I think there is honestly so much more we can do to be better and I wish I could be apart of that process.

    • Wow! Thank you so much for posting and clarifying. I really appreciate it. I have worked in customer service before (customer retention for Verizon) and I too cared about making sure customers were actually satisfied…but that was mainly so I could keep my schedule of a 4-day work week and nice monthly bonus check because I am evil. Seriously, your information is greatly appreciated.

      • Aww, you’re so welcome! I’m glad this is actually getting positive feedback, I was so scared I was going to get comments attacking me for working for their customer service 😂

    • Thank you for posting, it is appreciated! Not sure if you’d have the answer to this but figured I’d give it a try :-)…I ordered the morning of the 29th, and the promotion was still showing as active on the website. I called customer service a few days ago and was told my serum had shipped on 12/14…which led me to believe I had indeed received the promotion as expected. But I seem to be the only one who was told this date…everyone else was apparently told shipped 12/7. And then, I did NOT receive an email yesterday saying my serum has now shipped. Will there be another shipment of the serums, or if I didn’t get that email does that just mean I’m not getting it? Thanks for any info you can give!

      • I have a similar situation as JSP. I ordered the morning the promotion was offered and the Sunday Riley serum still was included with the November box on the website at the time of my order. However I did not receive any confirmation from Allure that I would receive the serum and although I emailed last week I haven’t received a response from Customer Service.

      • They may be sending out the emails slowly, but I’m not 100% sure on that because I don’t know much about the email department (there are phone reps and email reps). I would say basically same thing as JSP, if you don’t hear anything back by the 15th call in and see what you can get as a replacement. Also, I think our email may be down, that’s actually an issue that has been reported to our managers. Which email did you use? [email protected] or [email protected]?

      • Hmm, I personally haven’t seen anything with a “ship date” of 12/14, only 12/7. And unfortunately no we’re not getting anymore (at least not that I know it). I would say give it until the 15th, if you haven’t heard/gotten anything call back and whoever you talk to should be able to send you something else out in place of it! Sorry, I truly with I knew more and could help you out there :/

      • Thanks so much for your response. Weird. The CS rep (a guy…wish I’d thought to get his name) definitely told me it showed in the system as shipped on 12/14, with arrival date by 1/10. And, then I didn’t get the email a few days ago saying it had shipped…so I’m guessing I’m SOL on this one. I’ll call if (when) it doesn’t arrive…but super bummed as I purchased solely for the serum. 🙁 I haven’t gotten any response to my emails, either. Anywhoo…I realize this is in no way your fault/out of your control and I really appreciate your coming on here to try to help out!! 🙂

      • In spite of never getting an email, and being told the 12/14 date that no one else was told…the full size serum showed up today. Yay.

    • Thank you so very much! I have always talked Allure up bc my experience has always been good. I realize that sometimes companies do not expect an overwhelming response to some promotions and are not prepared eith enough product to fulfill orders and must reorder or make a new offer available. It’s often a supply and demand issue. I have never once thought Allure was scamming people and I’ve tried to make that clear in my comments. Thank you for going above and beyond to clear some things up. I appreciate your efforts.

      • Awww, thank you so much for your kind words. I felt so bad that everyone was so lost and confused on everything and felt clearing things up would be the right thing to do

      • People were confused because Allure didn’t have their stories straight. This could have been avoided if they had sent everyone an email saying that the products were delayed but they would be available soon.

    • Thank you for the explanation. The problem I have is that Allure continued to give out wrong information for about a month – until Liz got involved.
      Most recently, I got an email on 1/3 saying that Allure was sorry for the mix up but that my Sunday Riley would be here by 1/7. Guess what? No Sunday Riley. This was after several phone calls and emails when I was promised an earlier receipt.
      I don’t need this kind of craziness in my life so I cancelled.

    • Hi! I received a random Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip cleanser today. Was this instead of the CEO I signed up for?

      • JodyC was it full sized?

    • Do you know how many actual CEO products they received? I’m just curious

    • Jane Doe, I just wanted to let you know the Allure customer rep who I talked to a couple of weeks ago was extremely helpful and kind. She explained the shipping/processing, too. And I got my Sunday Riley this week and have been living the boxes! Thanks!

    • I talked to CS and received a confirmation number, then received a letter in the mail saying Allure ia pur of the CEO serum and won’t get any back in stock. The confirmation number means nothing. Horrible how Allure has handled this.

  30. 🥺didn’t get the email.

    • Me either. Sigh. Squeaky wheel did not get the grease…

      • I just called them and waited 20 mins get answers as “I don’t know, I have no idea”. Their customer services are absolutely the most unuseful.

  31. I just received an email from allure saying mine will be shipped out this week, anyone else? Yay!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

    • Yes! Same, thanks to MSA for following up and to Allure for making things right 😀

    • Me too! Yay! I’ll be checking my mail!

    • I got the email too! Thanks Liz for following up with Allure!!

      • Me too!

    • I got this email and today received a random package with a sample sized Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip cleanser. This had better not be the replacement for the full size serum I’ve been waiting for

      • Me, too. I think it is.

  32. Wow, go, Liz! Just got this email from Allure.

    Hi Allure Beauty Box member!

    We are writing to update you on the status of your Sunday Riley new member gift. Due to overwhelming demand, we are behind in shipping your gift and we apologize for the delay.

    Your gift has shipped and will deliver within a week.


    The Allure Beauty Box Team

    • I didn’t get that email and I have emailed and called to complain about this multiple times. 🙁

      • Same here. Sooo frustrating.

      • I would be interested to know what time the people who received the confirmation email signed up for the offer. I signed up at 10:00 in the morning Eastern time so I have a feeling that there are people that signed up after me that will get the serum while I won’t. The most frustrating part to me is that they keep charging me for boxes while I’m waiting to have this issue resolved. I would have cancelled before the December box if I had known and now I have been charged for December and January. : (

      • Yes it def would be interesting to know! You signed up before I did…I signed up a bit after 9am but I’m in PST…and the promotion was still active. I’ve seen others saying the promotion was active until about 1PM EST. So I didn’t get any email from Allure…but my USPS Informed Delivery says I have a package en route from Illinois/One Stop Mailing, which is what someone said their Allure package was from. So now the question is whether the package contains the full size serum I signed on for, or some other random, lesser “replacement item.” Like you, Kelly, I’ve continued my sub because I figured I’d have a better chance of them making things right if I’m still subscribed! I had no interest at all in the Nov box, and purchase solely for the SR serum…but the January box does look pretty good with more SR. Unless that is a bait and switch as well! 😉

      • I signed up 10:29 am central time and received the full size serum. And I did receive the email.

    • Hmm I think the “gift” they are sending isn’t the CEO serum. I recieved a Ceramic aslip cleanser sample in the mail today

    • It arrived! Full size CEO in white bubble envelope. Regular mail. No box…just the item in the envelope. I’m shocked and pleasantly surprised this actually showed up.

      Thank you, Liz! I doubt any of us would have gotten anything without your advocacy.

  33. I signed up for allure in October when they were handing out the La Mer gift and I did not receive it until December. It stunk but they did eventually send it out. So hopefully they will send your gifts out but it may not be in the time frame that’s acceptable in most peoples opinions. Either way I’ve been very satisfied with the box so far so i felt like it was ok.

  34. Well, today is the day! 🤔 whether I will keep it or not really depends on how they react to this issue. Honestly, I would be satisfied if they send us public emails to explain what’s going on and apologize for what they did.

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