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Allure Beauty Box Review – January 2019 + $5 Coupon

Allure Beauty Box is a monthly beauty subscription from Allure Magazine. Each month they send out a mix of deluxe and full-size samples from mostly high-end brands.

This month they’ve changed the packaging. While I love those bright lacquered red boxes, this reusable vinyl bag is very practical for travel.

It snaps closed, and it’s pretty roomy, too!

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

The Subscription Box: Allure Beauty Box

The Cost: $15 a month

DEAL UPDATE –  Use this link to save $5 off your first box!

The Products: Deluxe and full-size beauty and makeup samples.

Ships to: the US

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Each box comes with a booklet detailing the items included and why the Allure Beauty Editors selected them.

Now, on to the items!

Sunday Riley C.E.O. Glow Vitamin C + Turmeric Face Oil – 15 ml Retail Value $40

Sunday Riley is definitely the star of the show this month! For January, they are including 2 products that are launching first in Allure Beauty Box before they are even available for sale!

(This serum is listed as full size, and I received the retail info from Allure. FYI – Sunday Riley typically sells their oils in two sizes: 15 + 30 ml.)

I have yet to meet a Sunday Riley oil I didn’t love, and this is another winner for me so far! The formula is designed to brighten and hydrate your skin, and I can confirm a very dewy complexion after applying. My skin has been extra dry lately, so I’ve been using this and letting it absorb before applying makeup, and I’m very happy with the results.

Sunday Riley A+ High Dose Retinoid Serum – 8 ml Value Approximately $22.67

This serum has a 6.5% Retinoid blend and is designed to help reduce the appearance of dark spots, improve skin texture, even skin tone, reduce breakouts, and fight the signs of aging. Since retinol can be drying for skin, Allure recommends starting out only using this once or twice a week and layering it under the oil for extra hydration.

(I’ve been using this for a few days now, and while I can’t say I’ve noticed any differences in my skin yet, I am happy to report no irritation.)

Ouai Hair and Body Scrub – 30 ml Value $4.32

This is the first time I’ve seen this new Ouai scrub in a subscription box, and I’m thrilled! (Their standard haircare samples are somewhat common, but this is a new product release I’ve had my eye on!) And this scrub is multi-use, it works for your body or as a nice detox for your scalp to help remove excess product buildup.

This scrub works into a bit of a lather, and it doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy (which is good since it doubles as a hair scrub.) I love that the classic OUAI scent lingers, too. (If you’re a fan of OUAI scents, I’m certain you will love this product, too.)

Mally Eyeshadow Stick in Burnished Bronze – Full Size! Retail Value $25

Back in the day (a few years ago in the subscription box world), Mally seemed to be everywhere in boxes and was a little overplayed. But I haven’t seen this brand in a while, so getting an eyeshadow stick from them was a nice bit of nostalgia! And this eyeshadow stick is probably my favorite item they make. If you find eyeshadow intimidating and don’t know where to start, this stick is perfect. It’s super easy to apply (just apply it directly to your lid, no need for a brush), then blend it out a bit with your finger.

This Burnished Bronze shade is gorgeous, highly pigmented, and so shimmery. And the best part of the formula? Once it sets, it stays put!

(Swatched in lower photo.)

Doucce Relentless Matte Lip Crayon in Winterberry – Full Size! Retail Value $22

Another highly-pigmented stick! This lip crayon has a matte finish, and I was impressed by how long it lasts. It’s not transfer-proof, but it definitely is long-lasting, and it wears down nicely, too.

Here it is swatched under the eyeshadow stick:

Lastly, Allure included a bonus item this month:

NCLA Nail Polish in Call My Agent – Full Size! Retail Value $16

This polish is a cool, bright red, high-shine creme. The coverage is great, too. I only needed one coat:

(FYI – my understanding is that you only receive this bonus item if you subscribe through Allure’s site. Make sure the nail polish is showing up when you scroll down this page before you sign up if you want to make sure you get it.)

Amika Soulfood Nourishing Mask – Full Size! Retail Value $12

(FYI – subscribers will either receive this mask or a Beautyblender Micro.Mini Set.)

I’ve sampled this mask before, and it’s great. It’s free of parabens, sulfates, and artificial colors, and it is safe for color treated hair! I love a hair mask that you only have to leave in for a few minutes, and I could tell a difference in the softness in my hair after using this just once!

Verdict: This box has a value of about $142! I think that’s an amazing value for a $15 beauty box! This may be my favorite Allure Beauty Box ever – it’s worth the $15 alone just for the Sunday Riley products, but all the other items in the box are winners for me, too. If you are thinking about subscribing, I definitely recommend signing up before the end of the month so you can start with this box.

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Yes! As of publication, this box is still available. To make sure you get this as your first box, scroll down this page to make sure you see these products featured.

COUPON: Get a Free Mega Bundle when you sign up for a 12-month subscription! No coupon needed - just use this link.

What do you think of the latest Allure Beauty Box? And what do you think of the new packaging?

Allure Beauty Box

How do subscribers rate Allure Beauty Box?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (484)

  1. Are you guys ever gonna do a review on the February box? February is over tomorrow and the allure February box review still isn’t up…

  2. I have two boxes. One arrived last week (no tracking info) and one today (which I received the tracking info for). Everything is fine, bags are intact. I got the bright pink nail polish in both, so I’d be more than happy to swap one for the red if anyone would like. I like the color, just don’t need two.

    • What’s the name of the pink one? I have 2 of Call my Agent, it looks more orangey red on but pink in the bottle.

      • Yes, that’s what I have. The spoiler showed a true red so I was hoping for one of those.

  3. Just got the January box today 🙁

    • Just got another January box….

  4. Has anyone else still not recieved their January box?? Customer service is useless. They just tell me it will be shipped “soon”….its mid February. Yikes.

    • I just got mine on Thursday, yours might be on the way.

      It was weird cause I got 2 emails a week apart, I thought it would be the Jan and feb boxes but then the 2nd package arrived and it was January’s. The first tracking number leads to nothing and wasn’t updated and I’m confused now.

  5. I am SO tired of reading posts about the crappy plastic bag. The contents of this box are worth a significant amount more than the $15 paid for it. For any of you so bent out of shape about the bag, send me ALL of the contents, except for the bag, and I will give you back your fifteen bucks plus applicable tax. Throw the bag in the recyclables and call it a day. How about that offer? Didn’t think I would get any takers. The reason many of you are not getting your bags is due to the crazies calling Allure for a replacement box because of the torn bag. I actually spoke to a CSR on Monday who said that they ran out of the nail polish because of filling re-ships, and shipments are delayed, but she assured me that my daughters bag will be sent. By the way, my bag is unsealed on both sides and I could not care less. Ipsy has me so overloaded with bags that I have sent most of them to Goodwill.

    • Then STOP reading them! FYI, the plastic bag is NOT recyclable!

    • APPLAUSE!!!

  6. I got the box from amazon yesterday, the case was in perfect condition and I got the one shown here. I’m still waiting for a shipping notification for the other box directly from allure. I can’t really be upset about getting my boxes late since I ordered them at the end of the month.

    It’s really the mail that was the most frustrating thing for me, my box passed me by and then ended up 4 hours away before coming back. 😒

  7. Just tried the Sunday Riley Glow oil and had an allergic reaction in that I could feel my cheeks burning and became red. Funny, I can use the CEO serum and tidal without any problems.

  8. Has Allure CSR told any of you to contact their third-party shipping partner, One Stop Mailing, yourself?

    That’s the response I got from Allure this morning when I called for the first time to inquire about my box that’s been in limbo since the 25th. I was very polite and even asked how she was doing this morning. I explained that my box isn’t even with USPS yet but still with OSM that’s just 34 minutes away. She told me to Google OSM’s phone number and call them instead.

    I figured that Allure Beauty Box would have the latest updates from THEIR shipping partner(s). Then, a simple email informing subscribers would alleviate a lot of communication issues.

    Wow. Their customer service is a bit unprofessional.

    • I’m in the same boat. Have you had an updates? Just checking before I call as well. Thanks for sharing your experience, I’m not looking forward to calling allure..

  9. I still haven’t received the January box. It was tracked on the 25th then the 28th, and nothing since. It’s been at two Illinois locations 40 minutes away. I was certain I’d see some movement by this morning for sure.
    I guess it’s time to finally call Allure.

    • Hi Chris, my box must be hiding with yours (at least 1 is, the other doesn’t have any shipping info). Have you had any updates? I’m about to call.

  10. I just got my box today and I got 2 Mally eyeshadow sticks and no Doucce lip crayon… ><

  11. I got my box yesterday, in February, not cool. But worth the wait. However, I’m with everyone here that has a destroyed bag. WTH? If the bags can’t hold that much, don’t put the items in the bag?! Right? I’m not going to post a complaint to Allure about this, they probably have enough. But this new packaging solution isn’t much better? The box never arrived broken or damaged, and was recyclable if you didn’t want to keep it to store stuff or as a gift box. I’m. It sure they truly listened to us who replied to the survey about these bags ages ago. I wasn’t impressed then, and they’ve done nothing to change my mind so far. Hopefully the February bag won’t arrive broken too.

  12. My bag came ripped too but I really like it, so I just used a flat iron and mended the side lol. Worked well! The SR vitamin C is such a good size.. I received the beauty blenders and I’m one of few that is excited.. they will help reach concealer in the corners of my eyes. Nice box.

  13. I got mine today here in California. Don’t mind it being late. Filled in the dry spell of when subs aren’t arriving for me. Probably my fave box from them in a long time. Definitely worth the $15. I could almost recommend to not even include a bag…? Less plastic and most of us are up to our ears in cosmetic bags. Maybe the white box (less dye used than with the “old” red one) and some bio – degradable sizzle is enough for me, like the natural beauty boxes currently use.

  14. My box finally arrived today! I got the more pinkish polish which I was disappointed about but I just put it on, it’s so pretty!

    I got the mini blenders which I have no use for so I put them up for swap.

    And that bag is literally junk. It sucks that it’s going straight in the landfill. It was intact when I got it but as soon as I put my goods in it it literally cracked on both sides. I hate getting bags, let’s hope they don’t continue. At least with the old format I could recycle all the packaging!

  15. I ordered two boxes. Amazon had hair mask, through their website I got the beauty blenders. I don’t need either. One bag was ripped, one wasn’t. Love both boxes.

    I cancelled over email my regular box and they replied within 24 hours, so I haven’t had any customer service problems.

  16. Has anyone else not received tracking info?

    • Me. I called a couple of days ago and they said mine hadn’t shipped, but more boxes are going out next week.

      • Thanks!

    • Me as well. It’s now Feb 4th and no tracking yet on 2 boxes. I want to cancel one of the boxes for Feb, and they won’t let me until Jan ships…they say if they do my boxes won’t ship! The also won’t let me postpone my Feb payment so I can cancel after they ship Jan(someone else here had mentioned that they would do that) so said if I end up getting charged for Feb I will need to call and have them issue a refund. I’m sorry, but there’s just something really messed up with this system! I’m fine with the boxes being delayed, but not being able to cancel/being charged for the Feb box even though it’s already now Feb? There has got to be a better way.

      • Agreed!

      • What you can do is ask them to skip the Feb box, then when you get the Jan box just cancel. You might want to hurry and maybe call just in case they charge us early this month.

      • Hi Mandi, on someone’s prior recommendation (maybe yours? 🙂 ) I asked them if I could skip Feb or have payment postponed til after my January bags shipped, since they wouldn’t let me cancel. CS rep wasn’t sure so went and talked to a supervisor. 25 minutes on the phone and the answer to both those questions was NO…that my only option would be to call them back and ask them to refund me if I got charged for Feb. I asked her to make notes on my account noting that I’d been told that…especially because I don’t want to end up in the situation then where they charge me for Feb, and then won’t let me cancel for March because because they haven’t shipped Feb!! The whole thing is a pretty ridiculous system. I got emails from them today saying my boxes would be “shipping soon”, so watch my mailbox…but no tracking number and nothing in my informed delivery…so they haven’t shipped yet.

      • I changed my payment info to an old prepaid card that my kid used to use for gaming. No money on it so it cannot be charged. I went through the same thing, still no Jan box so cannot cancel and pretty much refuse to be trapped in that cycle.

  17. The Value on the Items is WAY OFF! Do not understand where you get the Value of the items! Sorry but you always over the Value iof the items at least 95% of the time!

    • Which values are way off? All of these values are retail prices or, for sample sizes, calculated off the retail size. Where are you getting off values??

    • That’s a strange claim. What should the value be, then, pray tell?

    • What values are off? I don’t usually compare every item but the ones I know about or do look up are spot on. Where are you seeing different values?

  18. I got mine & love all the products. It came with the hair mask & the nail polish. Allure also sent the Caudalie serum separately. I like the bag. After all the comments, I assumed it would be ripped but it was fine.

  19. I got my box a couple of days ago. I never got a tracking email so I called and the rep said it was in a town near to me, and I got it the next day. I got the beauty blenders and my bag was in perfect condition, which surprised me because of all the comments here. I’m happy with the box and just glad I finally received it. Hopefully they’ll get it together with the February box

  20. My January box STILL hasn’t arrived, no one at Allure has answered my email wondering what the deal is. Tracking info now says Feb, 4th. All polar vortex delays aside, is this not completely ridiculous?

    • They had to wait for the polish to arrive. You have tracking that states it’s on the way. You’ll get your box, I don’t understand what the issue is

  21. After the tracking info initially said my box would arrive on Jan 28, it was updated and the box was delivered earlier, on Jan 26. I was lucky- my bag wasn’t ripped, and I like it. But with so many complaints about ripped bags, clearly something isn’t right. I also got the hair mask, which I wanted. I’ve been subbing to Allure for years and years, and it’s my favorite low-cost beauty box, though of course I don’t always like everything. Example: red lipsticks – hate them, can’t wear them.

    Tip- if you’re moving, don’t just rely on changing your address online in your account information with Allure. Call them.

  22. Just got my box. Let’s open it. First of all, this new white box is quite a bit bigger than the red box. Even more waste. Opened box to find the booklet crumpled up and the side of the red/clear plastic bag is completely split down the side. It is useless and it is not recyclable. No need to undo the snaps, just tipped it all of the side. I feel bad throw the bag in the trash. Got the worthless beauty blenders, not at all happy about that. The eyeshadow, lip Crayon, Ouai ,face oil, and nail polish are all fine. But the A+ serum is empty. I’ve shaken it, I hear nothing and can’t feel that there’s any in there. I’ve been pumping this thing for a few minutes and it still won’t squirt anything out. Anybody else have an empty one? Allure, you’re about to hit the chopping block.

  23. Literally just got my box! Let’s open it! 1st, the white box is a lot bigger, so that’s even more waste. Opened it, booklet crinkled up, side of red/clear plastic bag is already split completely down one side. No need for the snaps. This thing is a complete waste! It’s not recyclable! I feel awful throwing it in the trash! Eyeshadow, lippy, nail polish face oil and Ouai are all good to go. Unfortunately, there’s nothing in the A+ serum. NOTHING! It does not have any in it! I’ve been pumping this thing and pumping this thing and it still won’t squirt anything out! I also got the Barbie doll size beauty blenders. 🙄

  24. I replied to an old email (after canceling in September) that offered me 4 boxes for $10 each and they accepted it a few days later. So I have a box that I ordered from Amazon coming this week and the box from Allure that I have no idea if it will be January or February and if they are going to put any specials in. No shipping email from the Allure side. Amazon sent me a tracking code.

  25. Finally got mine today. Bag was ripped already before removing it from the box, it does not have the recycle sign so not sure if I can recycle it. Little bummed I got the micro blenders instead of the hair mask but the rest of the box is a win so its ok. Just wish it had not arrived so late.
    Oh and the nail polish dries fast, did take me 2 coats but I do have some ridges in my nails. Was able to do them on my lunch hour.

  26. Soooo…. Somehow, my box went from “in the warehouse “ to out for delivery today in less that 48 hours?
    They said they will not be offering refunds. I said that they will end up having to if boxes are not delivered 30 days after we were billed. Had Allure billed me on the 9th as usual instead of the 4th like never before, they’d have a few more days. I’m guessing they expedited it pretty quickly.
    Whenever it shows up, I will report back as to the contents and the condition of the bag.

    • Hi sarah d…just got mine in the mail today from allure, (I also get one from amazon, already got it) my bag was fine not torn, I also got the beautyblenders….a bit late .but its here..ya

    • The tracking doesn’t update until it’s received at a usps facility, usps only handles the last step of delivery. It will only say usps awaiting item.
      If you use informed delivery you can track packages there. The best way I’ve found is to sign up for text alerts through informed delivery, then you’ll receive a text when a shipping label printed for your address.

      • Yes. Thanks. I track it every month just like I’m tracking a couple of other packages. The tracking history for this box is literally; in warehouse, usps waiting to arrival at destination usps around 2:30am then out for delivery at 8:30am and delivered this afternoon. There’s usually a lot more steps in there… I spoke to Allure CS yesterday…

  27. I got shipping confirmation last week … and have been getting USPS tracking updates via email. I got notice from USPS that my box was delivered at/near my mailbox at 10:25am yesterday. I was AT HOME; no box has arrived. I’m dreading dealing with Allure customer service … my experience with them in the past has been less than stellar. No response for weeks at a time. Think I should try to unsubscribe and manage through Amazon (?)

  28. Got my January 2019 Allure Box and the red bag was ripped. Emailed customer service and received no reply, but the other day an entirely New box arrived. I also received a bottle of the NY LA nail polish that arrived separately. Unfortunately the red bag was ALSO ripped in this box. Obviously not going to complain for a second time since I was sent more than enough replacement product (though I WILL be checking to ensure they didn’t charge me twice) but I wanted to let others know that the ripped red bag thing seems to be universal.

    Am I the only one who would prefer another product over a cheap makeup bag that rips?

  29. received a broken bag. Didn’t have the booklet, eye shadow or lip crayon. The nail polish had leaked on everything. Super disappointed, and no response from customer service in over a week. missing 2 of the five actual products, and then a damaged “bonus” is NOT ok with me

  30. I haven’t even got my January box yet or a shipping notice

  31. I got my Jan box today and also in a separate package I received my Caudalie serum. Love the Jan Allure box! Thanks Allure. 🙂

  32. Just got mine today, bag was ripped and ended up stuck with the beauty blenders, would have preferred conditioner.

  33. Received my box yesterday. I liked everything in it, and thought it was well worth the wait. I also signed up with the Sunday Riley CEO offer, and got it about 2 weeks ago (after a long wait), but Allure really does have great stuff. I also feel great that I’m getting the box for $10 a month

  34. Does anyone know what the difference is between this retinol vs the good genes retinol ? Is this one stronger ? Thanks for any help

    • Hi denise, the good Gene’s product uses lactic acid, rather than retinol. The Luna oil uses retinol, but it is not as strong as the new A+ serum.

      Hope that helps!

    • Good Genes is not a retinol. It’s a lactic acid.

      • Hi! I assume you meant the Luna oil vs. The A+ Serum. Other than being a Serum instead of an oil, the A+ contains 6.5% total Retinol vs. 5% in the Luna. I prefer the A+ because using oils on my very oily skin doesn’t work very well. The A+ also has Honey, or something from Honey to make your skin more tolerant of the Retinol.

      • Ohhhh that’s right 👍 they do kinda the same thing right? Only retinol is stronger correct?? I can’t them all straight. And don’t get me started on the layers 🤷🏻‍♀️ I need to print out instructions because I always forget which to do first. I know it’s oil after acid but then throw essences in and I’m totally lost

      • I like to alternate nights between lactic acid and retinol. In the past I’ve done lactic acid during the day and retinol at night, now all I use during the day is a vitamin c serum and save the others for night. It’s really just a matter of experimenting until you find a system you like.

    • Good Genes is a lactic acid. The Sunday Riley Luna Oil is a retinol, but it is not as potent as the new A+ Serum.

      The lactic acid and retinol work really nicely together. Good Genes is very pricey (but well worth it) so a really good dupe is the Lactic Acid treatment from The Ordinary. Sephora sells it online and it is very very affordable. Hope this helps!

  35. I canceled my subscription. I just couldn’t take the wondering if I’ll actually get the box. I newly subscribed in November and have had issues every month. Too much of my time was spent tracking and checking credit card statements for charges. They did offer to pause my subscription a couple months and resume for four months at $12 (what happened to the $10 I see other people getting?). I thought about it for a second but then I’d still be tracking and double checking any charges. All done.

  36. I received mine yesterday and am thrilled. This is my second Allure box send I’m in love. I’ll gift my niece the red nail polish as I don’t polish my nails but everything is so usable. Skin care is my jam 😁

  37. Really hoping they fix the bag issue… I keep hoping brands will go a little more eco friendly and then allure literally sends something that has to go straight into the trash. Why do we even need the extra package if they send everything in a box anyway!

  38. Ummm…. so why are ppl on the swap boards listing the SR oil as $85🙈🤨. I am like come on guys, look at the ppl who have it listed as $40, what makes yours better? I mean am I missing something? Did they send out variations of two sizes? It’s not just one person who’s got it listed as $85 it’s a few so that’s why I was wondering 🤔

    • Because they’re crazy. So anxious to get it and they really think someone is gonna pay or even trade it at full price? We all know it’s worth no more than $15 lol. That little funny made my day. Silly silly people.

      • Well technically it’s worth $40 because that size sells for $40 on Sephora, etc.

      • Yes, I know the retail price but no one ever wants to pay that or they would just buy it from sephora right. In the trade world, everyone wants a deal. The bottom line is that an item is only worth what someone will actually pay or trade for it.

      • On the swap site we trade based on retail value.
        Ultimately, of course, we only pay the shipping price (in addition to whatever we’ve spent on the subscriptions).

      • I mean, it’s not tatcha, so why swap full rv for it like you would do for every other item on the swap boards?

      • I have no clue. I know how it works but I don’t swap. It sounds like too much trouble to me. Just buy what you want. Why pay postage, go through all that for a sample or something else? If I can’t buy it for myself or can’t afford that watch that came in a more expensive box, I don’t need it. Simple. I simply don’t lust for worldly goods that badly. Haha. Silly.

      • I believe that was sarcasm.

      • I feel most items in sub boxes have extremely inflated RV’s…especially those items that are essentially sub box brands…ie Manna Kadar, summer and rose, etc.
        I pay full price for Sunday Riley normally and I think this brand holds its value more than a lot of the sub specific brands. But I won’t be swapping any of my Sunday Riley items anyway.
        And while I used to use Tatcha quite a bit, they seem to put a lot of inexpensive filler in their products. I feel like a lot of money goes into their luxurious packaging.

    • Greedy? A lot of people on the swap page won’t do small swaps, only large and are dead set on RV. I sent someone that full sized light blue eyeliner as a free extra just because I knew this person followed it, wanted it, I wanted to get rid of it. It wasn’t part of our swap agreement. I just didn’t want it sitting around here forever. I STILL have some pretty awful lip colors sitting around… I don’t really care if it costs me $5 to ship something as long as I’m getting something I want & vise versa. Thought that was kinda the point of the swap page.??? Some people have stuff on their listings that are years old! 😳

  39. I got mine today! It came with the hair mask. 🙂

    • I wish for mask rather than BB blender.
      Did you order from Allure or Amazon?

      • I got it thru Allure.

  40. For anyone that has tried the ceo glow, does it redden your skin at all? Any time I see the word brightening it makes me think it’ll turn my skin red and irritate it. Experiences?

    • No redness, it generally is great for redness. I used the CEO serum before the CEO glow for a year and it faded any redness I had on my face.

      • Thanks!

  41. This was one of my favorite months. The serums are amazing quality and value, and everything else has been a surprise delight. The nail polish has lasted a week so far on me without chipping or shrinkage – I have never tried this brand before, but I now want to check them out for their other colors. Nice big brush for the polish, so it’s easier to get clean lines near the nail bed. And the mally works great as an eyeliner on my lower lashes. I am fortunate that my red bag is not broken. I actually don’t mind the look of it at all. To me, it’s cute. I hope everyone gets their boxes soon!

  42. Finally got mine today. I do like the red bag, but I was lucky and didn’t have a ripped one like others here.

    In regards to my SR products, my A+ Serum was only a few drops after pumping air. And then all gone. The oddest thing, was my Glow Face Oil had zero labels. Nada. Blank bottle. I know these are new on the market, but…

    The lip crayon is a fab color with great wear, but wish it was a twist instead of sharpener-style. The lipstick is on the soft side and I’m concerned it will get munched in my sharpener.

    I got the mini-blenders which I did want. I really don’t need more hair products, especially since we’re already getting the scrub from Ouai (which I am looking forward too!).

    I’m OK with this month’s box, though I am going to call Allure about the empty A+ and sans labeled oil. See if they can give me a couple months @ $10 instead of $15.

  43. I just got off the phone with customer service. The woman I spoke to could not have been nicer. She apologized profusely and explained that delayed shipment of one of the items (we know that’s the nail polish) messed up the shipping schedule this month, assuring me that another round of boxes is set to ship next week.

  44. I received the Amazon box a while back (hair mask, no nail polish), but today I received the Allure one, with the nail polish and the two micro beauty blenders. I did want the blenders for around the eye area, and the pink nail polish color is going to be awesome for pedicures in the summer!

  45. Got mine today. Like the bag, but it was ripped. I got the Beauty blender which I’m happy with since the Amika has silicone.

    • Good to hear! Mine is still on its way and I’m hoping for the beauty blender. I also hope Allure hears the complaints about the cheap bag and return to the red boxes.

  46. I bought a subscription for my mom and I have one myself. Her’s came yesterday and mine is nowhere to be seen. Really great products and sizes but the red bag is so cheap and is ripped on both sides. Hope Allure stop sending these bags.

    • Or at least improve on the bags for them to be actually useful.

      I was so in love with those zippered Target Dermstore plastic bags that I swapped for a few more, and bought several more on eBay. They’ve come very handy in my stash organization.

  47. I had to call Allure to get a working tracking number. It left the ******* warehouse today! Are they serious?! WOW! Allure does not seem to appreciate their loyal customers. I’m about to turn into one of those people that cancels when there’s a box I don’t want and resub for the boxes I want and then demand the free gift every time. 🙄

    • I’m in the same boat…mine has been “on it’s way to USPS” since yesterday. And I feel the exact same way about the cancel and resub thing for the free gift. It’s a lot more work for companies to process people out and back into a subscription. I sooo wish these companies could just be grateful for their loyal customers and throw them a bone every once in a while. Allure did this a couple years ago with that great bonus box right after the holidays, but it’s been a while and I’ve watched rerun subscribers get full size SR products as free gifts while I get a whole lot of nothing. Honestly, it’s probably the biggest reason I just unsubscribed (never mind the 10 year supply of beauty supplies I have stashed all over the house compliments of sub boxes!)

      • Mine has been “on its way” since the 26th! Radio silent since.

      • On its way to USPS doesn’t mean it’s not shipped though. One stop mailing delivers to usps, the tracking only updates when it makes it to a postal facility.

    • At least yours has finally left the warehouse…I have 2 subs and neither of them have even shipped or received tracking at all!

    • I know… still waiting for January’s plastic bag to show up. No offense, but if this is supposed to be for January, why am I getting it in February while people have had theirs for weeks??

  48. I received my box from Allure today and seem to be one of the few that received the mini beauty blenders. The nail polish came in my box.

    • Got my box yesterday and it contained the beauty blender minis. I like them, they are so great for getting your concealer on well around the eye area and nose corners etc. They blend everything in nicely.

    • I got them, too. My box arrived Tuesday, 1 day delay due to bad weather. Can’t blame them. The drive home sucked.

      I really wanted to get the conditioner. That I would use at least.

      I seem to be one of the few whose bag arrived basically undamaged. It had some scars, but nothing major. I also don’t need another.

  49. I just recently saw this post so I decided to go onto Amazon and purchase a second box for the products.

    My question is this, since it is technically still January, will I receive the January box or the February box for my first box?

    I really would like to receive the January box…

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