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Pusheen Box Subscription Review – Winter 2018

Pusheen Box is a quarterly subscription box full of cute Pusheen things! Every Pusheen Box will have a curated assortment of mystery items with a total retail value of over $100. Most of the items inside are exclusive to the box and can’t be found anywhere else. The boxes may also include rare first edition items before they are released in stores!

As always, the box is super cute and different for each season.

Even the bottom has her little feet!!!

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

About Pusheen Box

The Subscription Box: Pusheen Box

The Cost: $43.95 + $6 US Shipping

The Products: A selection of Pusheen clothing, accessories, electronics, toys, stationery and more!

Ships to: Worldwide (shipping varies based on country)

Pusheen Box Winter 2018 Review

Each box includes an info card that lists the contents. This season they’ve included eight items.

Snow Day Pusheen Vinyl Figure

Stormy has joined Pusheen on this season’s vinyl figure! They’re bundled up and out in the snow making a little snowfriend together. So cute! This little statuette is sure to add a smile to your face wherever you choose to display it. I feel warm and fuzzy already even though they must be cold!

Pusheen Pillowcase Set

Pusheen Box knows what’s up with including cute but usable items. Here, they’ve sent a set of two pillowcases with our round grey girl on not just one but both sides! Each pillowcase is the same and has Pusheen on the front saying “Morning” while on the back, you see her lil tail as she says “Night”. The pale mint background will definitely lull me to sleep and it happens to be silky soft as well.

Pusheen Hooded Blanket

Every time I see these types of things for kids I lament that they won’t fit me so this is a real treat! I’ve never seen a hooded blanket like this for an adult and the fact that the hood looks like Pusheen’s head is an added bonus! I popped this on and OMG… it’s just the best! It’s so soft and cute and I just love how it looks like a hooded cape. There are little mint snaps to keep it shut around your chest and also down where your wrists are to make it stay around your arms but unsnapped, this will lay flat as well.

Fuzzy Pusheen Socks

My feet have been SO COLD this winter even though I keep my heat blasting. I’ve been meaning to buy some super cozy socks like these but haven’t gotten around to it yet! Pusheen to the rescue! These socks (with their white polka dot against a pale minty background) are exactly what the doctor ordered and are so ridiculously soft and warm. They have smiling Pusheen faces at the toe, each wearing a little Santa hat! I will immediately be sporting these to bed at night to keep my toes from turning into little icicles while my bed warms up.

Pusheen Earmuffs

These super plush earmuffs are soft and puffy and while I don’t think I’d wear them to keep warm in a snowstorm, they are really fun. They just don’t fit tightly around my ears to really block cold winds. They’re more of an accessory for looking cute.

Pusheen Felt Garland

Feel festive enough to throw a soiree? This silver string of felt Pusheens with pink and mint stars will really give your place an adorable bit of holiday flair! This would fit perfectly along my fireplace mantle and I bet I’d get compliments from all my party guests. The best part is that it’s not so holiday-centric that you couldn’t, say, hang these in your bedroom all year round!

Pusheen Holiday Cards (Set of 2) 

I used to send out holiday card every year to friends, family, and even my Dentist and auto mechanic. Recently I’ve been slacking but these two cards have put a bit of a glimmer of holiday spirit back in me. One features Pusheen & Stormy in front of a huge Christmas Tree surrounded by gifts while the other has Stormy guiding a sleigh carrying Pusheen Claus through the night sky. They both come with glossy white envelopes that are begging to be covered in stickers when addressed.

Pusheen Latte Stencils  (Set of 3)

I can’t say that I have the ability to make lattes at home, but I suppose I could tote these to my nearest cafe and use them. Each stencil is made of a thin flexible plastic that you are to place over your cup and then proceed to shake a little cinnamon, cocoa, or whatever you prefer to imprint a sweet Pusheen seen atop the foam!

Verdict: The Winter Pusheen Box is so darn cozy, I just adore it! They always do an amazing job creating really good quality items that are fun, cute, and most importantly- exclusive. The hooded blanket and socks are probably my top items but the pillowcases and garland are up there too. I always like that they didn’t repeat anything from last years Winter box, so it’s always fresh. 

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? It looks like it’s still available but probably not for long! Sign up now before it sells out!

Billing and shipping info from Pusheen Box:

Winter box: Billed on November 15th, Ships Mid-December

Spring box: Billed on March 15th, Ships Mid-April 

Summer box: Billed on June 15th, Ships Mid-July 

Fall box: Billed on September 15th, Ships Mid-October

Value Breakdown: At $49.95 ($43.95 + $6.00 shipping) for this box, you’re only paying about $6.24 per exclusive item!

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What do you think of the Winter Pusheen Box?! 

Pusheen Box

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Written by Marne Orenich

Marne Orenich

Marne is a lipstick connoisseur, record collector, and twice over cat mom. She loves discovering new clean beauty brands and has quite the collection of beautifully packaged serums and moisturizers.

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Comments (29)

  1. Did anyone else’s box have a strong odor to it? I’ve never had that with this box in the past. Winter 2018 has been my least favorite so far; we’ll see how they do in the spring ….

  2. I got this for my tween daughter and she was very happy with everything. I do think it wasn’t as good as some of the other boxes. The fleece cozy was a bit underwhelming and I had to wash it twice to get the odd smell out of it. The socks were really cute and I love seeing my daughter in the earmuffs.

  3. I received the box & every thing was cute but it wasn’t worth +$50. The blanket material is the same one that are used in regular $3-$5 blankets & are sold every where. It fits me fine but It will not fit +XL people. Everything was cheaply made even the box itself! If you have the first box you will know what I’m talking about. My figure & earmuffs had some sort of brown stains. Garland had a strong odor. Stencils look really cheap because they are not hard plastic. They messed up this time by not adding a plush or something unique like a candle holder or a gingerbread house tissue dispenser.

    • My earmuffs had a small brown spot too! Thought I was just unlucky as my shipment went completely missing and so I was grateful to receive anything by the time it arrived in January. I tried using the stencils and u are right, because they are bendy plastic they don’t work well, I tried them on a cappuccino and sadly it didn’t work. This box is Gd for kids. My daughter loves the pillowslips & the fluffy socks & cards. She likes the hoody thing but I agree with the cheap material comment. No use for the cheapish garland. Still a fan but this box not as gd as last. Next will have to be awesome. Hoping for a cute new plush. And something Pip? Stormy? New character. Something collectable. Grocery or cooler bag would b useful.

  4. I would like to start off by saying I am an annual pusheen box subscriber. Every time I get a box it is delivered weeks after it’s supposed to be. The boxes are supposed to ship mid month. It’s more like end of the month (most of the time). This time my box shipped on December 7th from California. From California it went to Illinois (12/10), then Ohio (12/12), Pennsylvania (12/13). From Pennsylvania it was supposed to be delivered to me in New Jersey on 12/15, but never was. I checked my tracking and on 12/16 it was back in California!! then on 12/19 it was in New Mexico, 12/20 it was in Oklahoma. The package should finally be delivered to me on Saturday 12/22. Unless it desides to go all the way back to California for the third time. I am so glad this is my last box. It isn’t worth the madness of its shipping schedule. This isn’t the first time this has happened either. My advice is to not subscribe to this box no matter how much you love pusheen it isn’t worth it. There is no reason it should take a month to be delivered and there is no reason it should have gone back to California without any notification as to why.

    • I live in Sydney Australia & it’s very exciting to receive our Pusheen box. Our previous box arrived 10 days after the US which I thought was really gd and quick. The Xmas box however hadn’t even left the US by 28th Dec, it’s final arrival date according to the shipping schedule timeline, and when I enquired it had actually gone missing. I think the company had terrible trouble with their distribution of xmas orders and normal shipping company definitely stuffed up, it’s the only explanation. I’m sure the March/April box will be so much better.

  5. I’m so sad to see all these comments about unsatisfaction with this box! I received mine yesterday and I absolutely ADORE it! The pillow cases are nice and big and the garland is cute to hang around my shelves. I bake a lot so the stencils will definitely be used on brownies and tarts, and the blanket is just awesome! The earmuffs aren’t tight either so I could see wearing them for long periods of time, and just in time for the cold! I love this box and can’t wait to get more C:

  6. This is my second box and I’m not that impressed. The blanket is cute, but they just sent a robe in the last box that serves the exact same purpose. The pillow cases are useless unless they happen to match your bedding, which I can’t imagine is true for that many people. The earmuffs aren’t really functional, and do many people really make lattes at home to use the latte stencils? I’m an elementary teacher, so I’m debating putting the felt garland up in my classroom, but can’t imagine that most adults have a use for that either. The only thing I really liked was the cozy socks. This is a really cute concept, but not worth $50. I’m going to cancel my subscription. I could see it being more fun/appropriate for kids. I just started getting the CatLadyBox and I like that one a lot better as it’s definitely more geared towards adults.

  7. As always, a fun review to read, Marne! Thanks for modeling everything!! My box won’t be here till next week, and I was dying to know more about the hooded blanket, and YES those snaps! I will be wearing it outside on mild days as a cape, AND the Princess Leia earmuffs!

  8. I’ve been buying the box for 3 years and this one is the worst one yet. I can’t believe I paid $50 plus for this. Wow…nothing plush, nothing electronic and tbh if you live in SW Florida like me there is basically almost NOTHING I can use. The last 2 Christmas boxes were fabulous and even the fall 2019 box was great but man..something happened this time. Its almost like they didn’t know what to do so they just sort of threw a few things in the box and thought “Hope no one notices how skimpy this box is” Guess what??? We noticed!

    • This is the first box I have received and I agree…seeing the past boxes I expected so much more. Really upsetting.

    • My earmuffs had a small brown spot too! Thought I was just unlucky as my shipment went completely missing and so I was grateful to receive anything by the time it arrived in January. I tried using the stencils and u are right, because they are bendy plastic they don’t work well, I tried them on a cappuccino and sadly it didn’t work. This box is Gd for kids. My daughter loves the pillowslips & the fluffy socks & cards. She likes the hoody thing but I agree with the cheap material comment. No use for the cheapish garland. Still a fan but this box not as gd as last. Next will have to be awesome. Hoping for a cute new plush. And something Pip? Stormy? New character. Something collectable. Grocery or cooler bag would b useful.

  9. They don’t send me shipping emails, and I have not received my box, either. Looks like it must ship at stages. Just curious how many others haven’t heard or received anything yet, since I’m trying to decide whether or not to contact them or just wait.

    • I was worried about this as well and contacted them on Monday. They replied and said that the shipment is scheduled for this week (no specific day). Lo and behold I got an email just now (Wed) with the tracking number! So I think you’re fine, but if you don’t get an email by the end of the week i’d be concerned.

    • I just got my shipping email this evening so hopefully you’ll be getting one soon too 🙂

    • I’m also waiting for my shipping info 🙁 .. my birthday is next week & sadly this will not be home until 2019.

  10. You could also use the stencils on the top of baked goods-sprinkle some powdered sugar and instant cuteness!

  11. This is random and not connected to this box review – but HeyChickadee has Pusheen gloves that are really cute, and are much better made than the similar gloves we got in the last winter Pusheen box. They do run on the small side.

  12. wait, do some boxes have the fuzzy socks and some boxes have regular socks? I swear the pic on the info card is of regular crew socks, not fluffy ones. (i might just be looking wrong)

    • The design looks the same, maybe the fuzziness just doesn’t come across well on the info card pic?

      • You’re probably correct – thanks for replying Marne!

  13. You could use the latte stencils as coloring/drawing stencils.

  14. I was hoping for another mug to go with the stencils.

  15. How are you guys getting yours already? Mine hasn’t even shipped yet.

    • I was wondering the same thing! I got a shipping label created on the 6th but it hasn’t even left yet 😩 the torture!

  16. I’m skipping this one but hope other enjoy it.

  17. Are the hoodie blankets sized or OSFA? Love the review Marne!

  18. My dd has already snagged the fleece cozy and pillowcases.

    Has anyone noticed they smell funny out of the box? I had to wash them before we could use them!

    LOVE the Christmas cards! Adorable!

    Earmuffs are definitely not functional but cute!

    Overall I just cannot cancel this box for the cuteness factor alone!

    • Everything that touches your skin should be washed before using, to remove excess dye and chemicals that are used as fabric finishes. I’ve also read that fabric transported by ships is treated to prevent mold or insects.

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