POPSUGAR Deal – Save 50% Off The Fall Box!

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POPSUGAR has a new deal available now!

For a limited time, use this link and coupon code FALLGIFT to save 50% off the Fall Box! This is a one-time purchase and will not start a subscription.

UPDATE: It looks like this deal already sold out. Several readers commented about using the gilt city link in the comments, but that isn’t info from POPSUGAR, so I can’t confirm if it will work.

POPSUGAR Must Have is regularly $75 a box. Check out the full review to learn more about the Fall box!

FYI – Order by Dec. 16 to guarantee delivery by Dec. 24. Shipments to AK, HI, APO and PO boxes are excluded.

And check out all of our reviews of the POPSUGAR Must Have Box to learn more about this subscription.

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  1. After I contacted their customer service mine showed up in time after all. Terrific box. I received different earrings than the ones shown but they’re cute so that’s fine.

  2. Anyone else finding that although delivery was guaranteed for the 24th it isn’t going to make it?

    • Did you order on/before the 16th? I assume yes, but I want to ask…. mine arrived on the 21st and I ordered it on the 14th, I believe.

  3. Okay so I just bought the box on gilt city but the voucher number isn’t working when I try and redeem it on the Pop sugar page.

    • It may be sold out by now. You should contact Gilt to let them know, so you can get a refund, or so they can contact PopSugar on your behalf.

  4. I got mine today and I’m really happy with it. When it first came out, there wasn’t anything that I thought I wanted but now that I have it, I will use quite a few of the items. I am a little bummed about not getting the rose gold cuff – and I almost got the round stone cuff but they didn’t offer any info on it at all so I was a little wary. I’m interested to see how it is when other people get it.

    • there was a stone cuff option? thought was only one cuff in either rose, silver or gold?

      awesome you like box!

      sent as gift and she LOVED it, she’s not a sub person but may become one now! xx

    • I Googled the “round stone cuff” and found the images in Jules Smith’s website. It’s actually very nice – 14K gold plated, onyx/crystal/moonstone stones. So I felt good about ordering 🙂

  5. I ordered this on the 14th and just received my box today. (That was the fastest I’ve ever gotten a box from PSME even though I’m only in SoCal! Unfortunately for my friend in SF that I bought a box for as a Xmas gift, hers is coming all the way from NY…)

    All the bonus items were included, but I did get a different set of earrings than the ones they advertised. I was supposed to get the Electra Hoops (which looked be gold), but received the Jane Hoops in silver. Did anyone else get something different than what they chose?

    • Wow what fast shipping just received my box in North dacota & I ordered a week ago tonight 😉

      • i don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone misspell their own home state before, lol. Hopefully yours is all in one piece. There’s been a lot of spilled perfumes and broken bells 🙁

        • Well thank God it’s not my home state then lol I use voice text a lot and don’t always proofread. It’s not a big deal though.
          Happy holidays to all

        • Well it’s a good thing Nd isn’t my home state then huh lol I use voice text and don’t always proofread. But it’s ok!

          Happy holidays everyone

        • Welp it’s a good thing that Nd isn’t my home state now is it lol. I use voice text most of the time & dont always proofread (which I should at times)
          I absolutely love my box. Hmm wondering if I should Subscribe to ps now.
          Happy holidays everyone

          This is my 3rd time trying to repost so hopefully this one will stick

    • It says in the above post that if you order by 12/16, you will receive by 12/24. So they did sort of promise quicker shipping on this deal.

  6. That was fast! Recieved mine today!! Is it sad my favorite item is the “extra” sunglasses?

  7. I just tried and the promo code didn’t work 🙁

    • I can’t get it to work either.

      • This post is from the 14th – Liz already updated to say that the code is no longer working because the deal is out of stock 🙂

  8. I know that this offer is just a one time deal and does not signed me up for a subscription but they sent me an email saying welcome to the team. Gosh I hope they don’t charge me for spring box, I have way too many subs LOL

    • That’s weird… have you ever given your email address to PS before? Meaning, have you ever ordered from them or set up an account in the past? I only got an email saying “thank you for your order,” with an order number for the Fall box only, but I have ordered one-off boxes and mystery boxes from them before, so I already had an account with them.

      If it was your first time setting up an account, I don’t think it’s strange to get a welcome email. If not… well that’s another thing.

      • Ok thank you for answering me back. And this is my first time ever signing out there and giving them my email address.

        Who do you guys prefer
        Fabfitfun or popsugar ?

        • Not sure how many people will answer, since this post is pretty far down the main page now… (I’m only seeing this because I had notifications turned on for replies). But maybe posting to a FFF or newer PS post will get some answers!

          As for me, I previously subbed to FFF for only 2 boxes (this is about 2 years ago now). And I have never subbed to PS. I tend to only buy one-offs when they have already been spoiled, since I don’t care about add-ons or early access, etc. But from what I’ve seen in more recent boxes, PS is stepping up a lot more than FFF lately! My advice would be to check the reviews and make your decision accordingly 🙂 Good luck!!

          • I think your observations are correct. I’ve been rethinking FFF myself. If not for the add ons, I might have skipped. The quality and style of PS does seem to be better. I notice some others had the same opinions.

        • have only subbed to RZBOS (no comment) + PSMH and LOVE PSMH! have been since start and miss monthly so much!

          OT – my winter box was missing extra goodies and PSMH shipped them 2 day! amazing!

  9. Am I the only one who finds it odd and are slightly annoyed by the fact that they always advertise that the boxes are “sold out” then turn around and practically give them away for some amount of discount that’s nowhere near 50% off? Or am I just a hater because I just bought this box for $50 from Gilt a few days ago? …Or is it both? 🤔

    • sometimes they really do sell out, so it can be a risk – one year was sure LE boxes would go on sale and next thing I knew they were long gone! still a better deal than many who paid more!


  10. I just purchased through this link: https://musthave.popsugar.com/t/gilt-city
    Only silver left, but that works for me… and don’t forget to put in the code, or it will be full price…

    • also, if you go to website that has C B

      the mr. one and not more well know one

      it’s $6

      use link above, put in cart, go to mr. and then purchase


      • What??

        • if write properly prob won’t post comment

          $$ back website has $6 back

          • Okay, took me a minute to figure it out. I’ve never heard of these websites. I had already ordered mine but thanks for the info for future shopping.

        • yes do! my order from saks around black friday was 14% of total order, well worth the effort – one has an add on that goes on the top bar on your web browser page and it reminds you to use!


    • Ugg, that is what I did mistakenly. I was using my Phone for the order and just clicked to go back to MSA page to get code and when I came back to the Popsugar page order had gone through at full price! I messaged customer service right away, surely they refund me the difference.

    • I just used the gilt and it still works

  11. UGH! I didn’t need this at all but the deal was too good to pass up. Now I am very excited for this box!

  12. I canceled after the first quarterly box due to severe disappointment in the items I wasn’t really impressed with the Fall box enough to have FOMO. However, at this price, the scarf will be my go-to piece on a plane for cuddling and sleeping pillow.
    I’d be really ticked off if I had paid $75 for this and it dropped 50%. They must have had a lot of people not appreciating the Summer bix too but jumped back in for Winter.

    • This is a fact. I’m an annual subscriber, which came with a tiny discount in comparison to this. Fortunately, I love and have used several items from this box, and the scarf quickly became my favorite scarf (and I have numerous). I also renewed my annual subscription recently, which I suspect I’ll regret for the next few seasons as other boxes go on sale. Oh well. : /

  13. They weren’t kidding, “for a limited time.” Lesson learned.

    • I just googled popsugar and gilt and it took me to a popsugar page that let me buy the fall box (silver cuff) with this promo code.

      • Thank you so much for that tip! I got one with the silver cuff, and FALLGIFT promo (all other options sold out)

        • That worked for me too. Thanks for the tip Kelly! I jumped on it.

      • Thank you Kelly, I just got 1 too. ^.^ You make my day

    • Agreed – when they’re trying to get rid of a box, it goes down a little (Gilt deal early this week), then a lot (this 50% deal posted yesterday morning). Pretty soon the Spring box will be out, so these Fall boxes will be the albatross hanging around… especially when they have to put the “sold out” winter boxes on sale 😉
      This was a great deal, though – I will probably use everything and easily be able to gift/split the items I won’t use.

  14. link is for pre ordering spring box 😒

    • Sorry the link was working when first posted, but POPSUGAR changed the link to redirect to their regular subscription page. I’ve updated the post. Sorry again!

  15. DAGBURNIT!!! I just ordered this box on Gilt for $50! 😩

  16. The link just takes me to a page preorder the spring box – I’m guessing that means this deal is already over? 😕

    • It’s still for sale on gilt.

      • And you can use the msa discount code.

  17. Looks like it’s completely sold out. 😩

    • I was just able to buy the box with the silver cuff, try it. I wanted the gold but it was sold out. Not everything is sold out yet!

  18. Honestly the scarf is nice but not my style (ditto the cuff bracelet) so I wasn’t sad to miss this box in the Fall. At this great price though, and the option to get the half moon dangle earrings, I happily jumped on it. I’m thrilled with those earrings and can gift the scarf.

  19. Did anyone hear back about the bonus items – are they included?

  20. The hoop earrings and the stone cuff options can be added to your cart. But, then when you enter your credit card and submit to purchase it says out of stock.

  21. Awesome! I’ve been wanting this scarf for months, and the rest is bonus! Ended up with the silver cuff. The gold cuff and hoop earrings looked available, but I couldn’t check out.

  22. Wow, what a deal! I think it’s worth the price just for the scarf. Thank you Liz and MSA!

  23. I wanted the round stone cuff that was not offered previously, and it’s out of stock! So bummed (have no idea why) and just can’t go back and choose the other original cuff – too awkward to wear…not even for half price.

    • I just checked and it’s showing the round stone cuff is still in stock. Did you try again?

    • It’s still letting me add the round stone cuff to my cart, at least on my phone… debating getting one to split as gifts, lol.
      Good luck!

    • It lets me add it to my cart but when I try to check out it says it’s out of stock. It says make another selection or try again later. Anyone having any luck?

    • I contacted support about it, and I’m waiting for them to get back to me after trying unsuccessfully many times. I can add to my cart, but won’t let me check out.

    • Yes, I did try several times and it still wouldn’t let me check out. Maybe I should have tried it on my phone. I’m on the west coast – wondered if that was a difference?? but popsugar is on the west coast. Oh, well, it was not meant to be.

      • Oh, now I know, you actually have to submit your order before you find out that it’s not in stock.

  24. Wow, even with the slight butter taste left from the PS mystery boxes (pineapple pins anyone!) I still jumped at this. Thanks,Liz!

    • Mmmm, butter.

      Just kidding, couldn’t help myself though 😉

  25. I’ve never had such a hard time trying to give someone my money. Is this box sold out? I cannot seem to find out how to buy it.

    • Scroll up and click where it says “this link,” choose your jewelry item, add to cart, login or create an account and dont forget to use promo code “fallgift” to get discount in cart.

      • Thank you so much! On my tablet the option to add to my cart was not there but on my phone it was 😁.

  26. Thanks so much for the heads up on this! I have ordered it and am very excited to receive it! Merry Christmas to me!!

  27. Thank you Liz! I’ve been eyeing this box(especially the scarf) and couldn’t resist at half price. Happy Holidays!

  28. Boy, am I glad I resisted until today! My daughter wants the scarf, the tray, the cuff and the sunnies. Woot- woot!

  29. Wow, such a good deal! I already got a fall box, though, and I’ve already grabbed most the gifts I need…so I probably should pass on this.

  30. Woo hoo! At this price cannot go wrong! Happy Friday!

  31. Thank you Liz, just grabbed another one for my Daughter-in-law. I love my box. I’m enjoying every piece. The braclet is excellent quality. And I’m loving the tray on my nightstand.

  32. I had to get this deal. I love this scarf. I use it at work and I could totally use one for home. The tarte mask I have not tried yet but have heard great things from everyone who has used it. I use the leather container and umbra hanger to store all my stuff and they look great/could use another. I then got the gold jewel cuff, which looks cute although I am unsure if I will wear it. The rest are just bonuses that I can use or trade away!

  33. Great. I just bought this box yesterday for 52.50 through Gilt. 😠

    • Better than getting it full price like a bunch of us 🙁

      • Good point.

  34. At this price is only @$4 per item. Not too shabby.

  35. I couldn’t resist at that price point. I picked the gold hoop earrings since I don’t wear bracelets. I really want to try that lipstick and the vitamins and the makeup wipes are always useful. I don’t really need another scarf or the face mask, but if it arrives in time, I may gift those to my mom or my sister. I’m really hoping the sunglasses are in the box!

  36. Perfect for gifting. I really like the scarf and you can’t beat the deal. I thought their Black Friday offer was good…I should have been more patient.

  37. I just jumped on. PS on the site it does ssy this is not a subscription and only a one time purchase because I signed up for the Spring box earlier with discount.

  38. Ok, I finally went for it. I love that scarf and have been eyeing it for so long. This deal was too good to pass up.

  39. How can they still have more of these boxes? They’ve been practically giving them away for months.
    Still passing on this. The only things I’d like are the lipstick and bliss wipes. I haven’t been tempted by anything since the big switch to quarterly.

  40. Was this close to ordering thinking it would get me started on Christmas 2019, but then realized I have three more boxes until then. So it’s a no for me although even without the extras, I think it’s more than worth the price.

  41. All I can say is, stop and think first.

    • Thanks girl. You just saved $37.5 from my wallet.
      I was this close to confirm purchase and one last look at this post with your comment stopped me from adding more to the piles of untouched donation items.

    • And stop and think too about actually having a subscription to this when they discount these afterwards all the time!!

      • The Winter Box sold out though. PSMH didn’t offer discounts on that (except to brand new subscribers, if I remember correctly). And it’s no longer available. Maybe they didn’t stock as many Winter Boxes after the Fall Box didn’t sell well; they can’t seem to get rid of the Fall Box. So, waiting is a gamble. I was hoping to get the Winter Box at a discount but that’s not going to happen.

        • That’s good to know. Yes, there will be times it does sell out. But seems like most times it doesn’t. It’s definitely a gamble. I just get so tired of reading comments of regular subscribers complaining about paying full price when those of us that don’t have a subscription get a better deal 🙂 That’s the price you pay for securing a box!

        • PS and MSA announced months ago the fall box sold out when the winter box went on sale, but apparently not. Personally I liked the fall box a lot more than the winter box.

          • Maybe these are all returned items 😱…or canceled subscriptions, or stuff they didn’t know they had, or???? Maybe they just don’t know what they do have, or maybe on their behalf, they got restocked unexpectedly. I don’t know, but what I do know is that I personally don’t trust them any more. And I repeat, stop and think first.

          • They also were sold out of the rose gold cuff when my daughter got this box in the fall but now the rose gold is available again. And it will probably be available in their next sale until we buy it…then it will be sold out again and never ship. lol

          • They received restock. Come on ladies. Popsugar has never done me wrong and I’ve been around here for years, yes, years. And I will order this with confidence. 😊❤️

          • Rose gold is sold out. I got rose gold from my sub, and the wrap is so nice that my husband complimented it, and he never really say anything about anything, and I said I’ll buy another one at half price. The bf deal did not move me cos I don’t need another winter, did not get the Gilt deal cos I know they will go 50% off. The winter box is good, but the items are kind of difficult to split as gifts for me.

    • at $4.16 each (split by 9 items) first thought was to get for other teacher gifts as main classes are doing gift cards….but, live in warm climate so scarf not best, not going to give a hanger (lol) or make up so left with a tray and a bracelet that may not fit

      ah well…

  42. I paid full price for this box and the winter one. Starts to make me wonder if I should ever buy boxes ahead of time anymore?

  43. great deal…

    winter box just arrived and the spine of the box was ripped like it had been opened + closed non stop and no bonus goodies under that surprise flap!

    • I just emailed PSMH to see if the bonuses would be in the Fall box I just ordered, because I really really want them, and it just occurred to me that they might not be included 🙁

      • Crap! I didn’t even think about that and just pulled the trigger. Please let us know when you hear back?

      • That was my thought too, I really love this scarf and some of the other things, but I will likely only get the box if the bonuses are included. Let me know if you hear back!

      • oh no, they better be included! It was considered part of the fall box! I didn’t see anything that said it was different than the regular box, just that it was ‘restocked’. I just ordered this as a gift because of the extras that were in the fall box.

        • They show the make up wipes in this pic and I think that was a bonus item so I’m thinking yes.

      • Would you please post their response if PSMH responds to your question? Thanks!

        • Absolutely! They said it may take up to 48 hours.

          • Just received a response from Popsugar:

            All items will be included in this Fall box as were included when we originally sold it.


        • I emailed them and just heard back that yes the extras will be included. Yay!

    • pb ~ I got two boxes and one of them did not have the bonus items…. I sent an email as an FYI only and they sent me the bonus items…. so, yours are just an email away too 🙂

    • My winter bonus goodies were missing, too. I emailed them, and they said they would send them. But so far no tracking info so who knows if that will happen.

      • Did you check all the way under the cardboard inserts at the bottom of the box? That’s where mine were, just stuck under there.

        • The 3 boxes I bought as gifts just arrived today & all were missing the lavender sachets. And I took the boxes apart to check too. The funny thing is that one of the boxes smells like lavender so I wonder if they took them out or if the whole warehouse smells like lavender?

          They responded to my email and are sending them which is good, but they won’t get here by the time I gift the boxes & it’s mentioned in the booklet, so I’ll have to explain to my recipients which takes away from the gift & shows that I looked through the box to check on things (which I did!).

          I’m pretty frustrated with my sub box shopping this Christmas. Does anyone else feel like buying from some of these companies has been too much effort/hassle this year?

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