Play! By Sephora! Luxe Box Vol. 3 Launches 12/28!

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Update – this box has sold out!

Sephora is launching Vol.3 of their Limited Edition Play! Luxe box tomorrow, 12/28!

Start the new year off on a fancy note with the newest limited-edition PLAY! LUXE box launching exclusively on the Sephora app December 28.

Download the app to get early access to the next Play! Luxe box.

Vol. 3 will include items from:

  • SK-II
  • Dior
  • Tom Ford
  • La Mer
  • AmorePacific
  • Kilian

The Box: Limited Edition Play! Luxe

The Cost: $25 and a one-time purchase, not a monthly subscription.

The Products:  It contains six trial-size luxury samples.

Check my review of Play! Luxe by Sephora Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 to see what you can expect!

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  1. I got my box today – I love every single item. Even though the TF lipstick is coral, I collect them, so it’s all right.

  2. So did anyone who got a chance to order get it yet?

    What are the sizes?

    • Has any one seen any reviews by someone who has actually received this? ( I understand If those of you on this website who said that you were able to order and have received it wish to remain antonymous). I haven’t been able to find any reviews about the actual product at all.

      Going forward, I still feel that it should be limited to one per customer. It could be offered to Play! subscribers first (since it is an off shot of Play!) then to VIBRouges then to everyone else. Or maybe create a separate subscription to it, depending on how often they wish to put it out. Sephora has to come up with a better plan than what they had with this one.

      • I was able to purchase this, and after receiving it, the box itself is the thing I am most happy about, which is a pretty purple tin. The perfume is a nice size, but the Tom Ford lippie that I was so excited to try is so, so tiny. The other products are nice, but not worth all this craziness.

        • Thanks for your review.

          I must admit that I was sorry not to get this as I try to get one of each Play! Luxe boxes. I have samples from most of the brands that were included but the purple tin caught my eye as well. It’s probably not worth the hassle of spending hundreds of dollars to get it.

  3. If anyone that did get to purchase this that would like to sell it please let me know, I will buy from anyone thank you, clusby75 at me dot com is my contact thank you

  4. Hey guys so I have bad news I asked on life chat about Volume 3 restocking anytime soon Sephora said they don’t see any future shipments for this product at all and I re asked again to confirm just to make sure he clarified that they will not restock at all for volume 3 🙁 🙁 this isn’t fair they really should limit one per customer or at least transaction.

    • So why not remove it from the page like they do with other items that go out of stock?

      They knew that this would be a popular set-even people who constantly bad mouth Sephora wanted it. They should do a restock and limit it to one per person (going forward all Play Luxe boxes should be one per person). And if you offer it on the app, you should offer it on the site as well because not everyone uses the app.

      • I completely agree Annie! Not to mention there are some that but these to resell them at a astronomical price and honestly it’s not fair at all.

      • I don’t know if this is true but a reviewer on the Sephora website said that some people were allowed to buy 100+!

        I hope that Sephora is reviewing orders and cancelling those extreme orders. I’ve been checking Ebay and haven’t seen any listing for it as of yet (usually sellers can’t wait to post exclusive items). Fingers crossed that Sephora is looking into this.

        • I hope so too! This isn’t fair if this is going to keep happening just make it a ongoing subscription for 25 a month. I agree Annie! I hope they read this and take our feedback

    • Hi — yes — I agree. This was a great box and possibly they should have had a limit of one per person and had more stock available, for those who may have missed 2:30 am launch.

  5. Sephora does nothing but peeve me off anymore. Everything they release is so limited that it’s always gone. I have Rouge status and have been trying for months to get one of those $100 cards with my points, and they are NEVER available. They’re not even a stock issue!! The play boxes like this not being available on the day the release is ridiculous. Regular products are always out of stock… Their rewards are horrible, rouge status means nothing and they keep taking away the perks of shopping there.. I’m over Sephora in 2019!!

    • Been reading everyone’s comments on Sephora Play 3. I’m glad I’m not alone. Not sure why I thought I had a shot at getting this one, LoL! Yes, I feel like there is a build up of anticipation and then a “let down” especially for those of us who have never tried any of the included Brands and haven’t gotten these brands in any of our Beauty Boxes.

    • I agree, I basically quit Sephora altogether halfway through 2018 tbh and they’ve continued to make me very confident I won’t be coming back in 2019

  6. Holy crap! As everyone has seen on here I have been trying to get one since 2:30 this morning and after having it in my cart twice and it saying sold out as I placed my order, I just FINALLY got one!! I went back to order another and it’s sold out again. But I got one so I’m not gonna be greedy, I’m happy with what I got. Good luck everyone else!!

  7. I have had this in my cart twice now! Even as far as the place order button, and then it’s gone

    • That is great that the App. allowed you to at least add it to your cart. Does anyoen think they will release more boxes throughout the day?

  8. I would love to have this and have not seen a live launch. Very upsetting that it has sold out so quickly.

  9. Mine has shipped, so fingers crossed it is here on Monday, would be nice. I checked again and it is out of stock now. I love the LeMer, so 25.00 is worth it to me, normally a 30-45 dollar sample alone. Everyone that is saying that the samples are tiny, these are normally the deluxe size samples and not the tiny ones sent in the regular Play box. But to each his or her own.

  10. It’s available again!

    • I had it in my cart and by the time I got to the checkout, it was already out of stock again and was removed from my cart!

      • Same just happened to me. I bet customer service is reading all these comments and are laughing at us lol

        • I think it might be a system glitch.

  11. Dang! I saw it at like 7am MST and couldn’t decide, but it was still showing available. I went back to get it and they are sold out.

  12. It’s available again ☀️

    • Still shows out of stock for me

  13. This is what I just got from customer service about it.

    Hi there,

    We suggest that you stay tuned to your emails and the website for updates with this product. Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns.

    Sephora Facebook Team

    • Really Sephora 🙄

  14. Yep. I saw “out of stock” a little before 8 a.m., with no place to sign up for an email alert, so I am guessing it might become available again or it is totally, for sure, never to surface again. I think it’s the latter. I made certain that I was signed into my app, with Rouge status, and it still showed, “out of stock”.

    It went live around 2:30 am; is that right? That’s what I’m getting from a comment, but I might not be correct.

    • Yep unfortunately. I’ve seen some comments on here and in Sephora app conversations that it went live right around 2:30am and sold out within an hour.
      I hope they see how much upset this caused and put more back in stock. It’s not hard for them to get these samples. I’m sure they get them free from the companies.

      • I think they had issues with selling the last few luxe boxes so my guess is they made MUCH fewer of this one to create a stir and a buzz. If people think it’s going to sell out they are more likely to buy it without spoilers next time around. It’s a marketing gimmick.

        • And it totally works! lol! I want it more now that I can’t get it 🙂

        • Vol 1 sold out within 24 hrs; Vol 2 is on clearance. What’s annoying is that this keeps coming back in stock but by the time I click through the cart then the payment page, it is OOS again. If I don’t get this, I am not buying another Luxe box ever again, and I am sure that is not what Sephora wants.

  15. From what I could see on the site-

    This PLAY! LUXE box includes:

    – La Mer Crème de La Mer
    – AMOREPACIFIC The Essential Creme Fluid
    – SK-II Facial Treatment Essence
    – TOM FORD Ultra-Rich Lip Color in Le Mepris
    – Dior Diorshow Pump ’N’ Volume Mascara
    – Kilian Princess Eau de Parfum

    I’m thinking that this will be on the regular site soon. The other boxes showed up there at some point after being sold via the app.

  16. Was anyone able to purchase this? I was on the app at 3am ct time and it was still not showing up I wake up a little before 7 am it’s finally showing up but it’s already sold out! Just wondering if I’m the only one sitting over here like what the f*** just happened.😟

  17. It’s on the app already but says it’s out of stock, so did it already go live and sold out this early?

    • It did. I was about to get one at 1am EST tried to add more after 15 mins and it was all sold out

    • I know! I just downloaded the app to order it and you’re right-it already shows out of stock! I can’t believe it sold out that fast!☹️

      • Apparently it went live around 2:30am est! How messed up is that?!

        • That’s just wrong on so many levels!! If that’s the case that’s the case then it should’ve been made clear what time it would be available!

        • I was able to snag one, since I was up at 2:30 because of storms. I went back an hour or so later and tried to grab another but it was sold out. There was maybe about 1.5 hours from the time I ordered till it was sold out. It moved pretty quick I guess.

          • The brands featured in the box are “luxury” and pretty popular.

  18. $25 is to much for the tiny samples. I’m just assuming by going off past boxes I’ve got.

  19. Get your magnifying glass out, the samples have been ridiculously small for 25$

  20. I still have 2 of the last volume that hasn’t even been opened. Probably shouldn’t buy this one.

    • I finally stopped caving on these as well! I have enough La Mer minis to make a full one… Same with the rest, I tossed the last Dior mascara, and I have all the Sk-II I could ever use….and it sits. No need to add to the pile!

  21. I was thinking about placing an order so I can snag my birthday gift, hopefully we’ll get the full spoilers quick.

  22. I love AmorePacific and I want to try those other brands, I just hope they aren’t tiny samples.

  23. i love getting these

  24. Dang… I have been so good controlling any unplanned beauty purchases since early November, but yesterday I finally broke down and got the Beauty Heroes LE box, and now I see this one has La Mer which has always worked for my skin, and whenever I see one of their products (even in sample form) I’m like…. uhhhh… Yes, please! 😀

  25. $25 for pea-size trials? 🤣😂

    Although it sounds tempting due to the brands they’ll include, luxe trial sizes are notoriously microscopic. This Sephora box, IMO, is not worth it.

    I’ll just go to a high-end store and get them for free or ask for samples at Sephora—again, for free.

    • I don’t have a big Sephora store where I live, just one inside our JCP, and they only carry a small selection of brands. It’s impossible to get a sample of a lot of these things if the store itself doesn’t carry the brand. Also, I’ve tried asking for samples at my Macy’s counter, but it seems like they never have giveaway samples of things I want to try. I think stores in big cities must give away more samples, because in my city of 150,000 they’re not giving out much. If you think the deluxe samples like these are bad, you should see the miniscule amount product I come home with when I ask for a sample at Sephora…like the girl squirts a pea-size amount of moisturizer in a jar and I can literally get one use out of it! At least with these samples I can give the product a try without going back to Sephora every day for another pea-sized dollop in a jar.

    • Pea-size samples are exactly what I get when I ask for free samples at my Sephora store, plus they only carry a fraction of the brands…so I literally cannot get a sample of something they don’t carry. Also, my Macy’s never has giveaway samples of the things I want to try. Maybe you live in a big city where you have a big Sephora store and a decent Macy’s counter where they hand out deluxe samples like candy, but being in a small city of 150,000 means that we don’t get those options, sadly.

  26. I always snag these boxes as soon as they launch and then watch them go on sale. If I wait this time around – they will be sold out in an hour.

    • I was right. But I got one within 1 minute after it had launched.

  27. I think the description needs updating. I know it’s copy and paste but this happens a lot on this site.

    • I agree with you that some of their templates need sone updating, but what’s wrong with this one?

    • I called them and they were able to add it back to my cart and it’s in the way!!! I suggest calling them about it if it’s available but your not able to complete checkout with it still in your cart.

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