Ipsy Reveals Are Up for the December 2018 Glam Bag!

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The November 2018 Ipsy reveals are up! 

Here is what I will be getting in one of my Ipsy subscriptions:

(All subscribers are getting a bonus F.A.R.A.H Brush!))

What are you getting from Ipsy this month?

If you are new to Ipsy, it is a $10 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. This is my 2nd bag and i’m pretty excited, but I was hoping for a nail polish. Besides the brush, I got:

    -IT COSMETICS – Superhero Elastic Stretch Volumizing Mascara in Black
    -GRACE & STELLA – Dead Sea Mud Mask
    -SLMISSGLAM – L36 Tapered Highlight Brush
    -BENEFIT COSMETICS – POREfessional Primer
    -NOMAD COSMETICS – Around-The-World Light Infusion Holographic Illuminator in Ko Pha Ngan Moonlight

    Also picked up ORYZA Lip Topper in Rose Glow. I need brushes, so I don’t mind getting 2, but I got a brush and mascara in my last bag, so I’d like something different.

    • I only just got a polish last month and that was maybe my ninth bag? Inara in Proudcoat. Unfortunately the nude shade didn’t work for me and the formula was terrible so it’s not one I will use again. However, I hope to try other brands/colors in future bags! I unchecked neutral shades from my profile, too – hadn’t realized it was checked.

      Polishes seem to be one of those items that people seem to either get all the time or rarely.

  2. Exact same as Liz! I’m a happy camper! Love the extra brush because who couldn’t use another one? lol

  3. Does anyone still have the option to get add-ons? The option disappeared for me even though I didn’t order anything.

  4. I have the makeup brush, cake beauty hand cream, Dr. Lipp lip stain in Sweet Potato, a Trust Fund Beauty Polish, IT mascara and oryza lip topper in rose glow. Pretty happy.

    • i have to ask…. how do you all know what you’re getting already?

      • If you go to the ipsy app it tells you what you are getting under glam bag. You usually see it every 2nd of the month.

  5. Bag twins 😍

  6. My bag will be :
    Farah brush
    Slmissglam brush (I love getting brushes/tools I’m so sad when my bag doesn’t have one, so two is very nice for me)
    The balm bootylicious eyeshadow (the red undertones are nice, not my fave but still good)
    Grace and Stella mud mask (love the minimal ingredient list can’t wait to try)
    Benefit primer (so small I’m kinda ??)
    Nomad highlighter (!! 💓 LOVE this brand)

    I added on
    R+co high dive
    Gimme brow

    This month is pretty much a perfect bag for me, if u are getting bags u don’t like look up tips on how to fill out the beauty profile. I update mine every month for the products I am most hoping for, it’s not an exact match all the time but I am always happy w my overall picks.

  7. I think it’s a treat they are giving us all an extra item, the brush. I’m pretty excited about the beautiful bag this month and most of my items! STEVE LAURANT BEAUTY Loose Pigment in Rose Gold OR Antique Olive, FINDING FERDINAND Blush in Skinny Dip (COOL MAUVE!),F.A.R.A.H BRUSH Tapered Blending Brush 35E, BEAUTY CROP Lip Brulee in Rhubarb Custard Deep berry burgundy, SUGAR COSMETICS Contour de Force Mini Bronzer in Woody Wonder neutral warm brown, DELECTABLE BY CAKE BEAUTY Iced Gingerbread Hand Cream

    The hand cream will be a win for sure, the blush is COOL for a change yeah!, I hope to get the rose gold pigment, the lip brulee looks stunning, and I will try out the brush. The bronzer might be to warm as most are, but I will try it.

  8. Boo. Porefessional primer in BOTH of my bags.

    • I really like Porefessional. I just wish Benefit would make it fragrance free.

    Precision Blending Eye Brush 243

    Nail Polish in Aarhus OR Bilbao

    Iced Gingerbread Hand Cream

    Tapered Blending Brush 35E

    Relax! Propolis & Honey Soothing Cream

    POREfessional Primer

    I’m not happy about the nail polish since I can’t use it (nailbiter) but the rest of the bag is ok.

  10. I’m quite happy with my bag:

    -Finding Ferdinand blush
    -Catrice eyeshadow in lilac
    -Creme shop holiday mask trio
    -Ciatè London glitter flip lipstick
    -FARAH brush
    -Sugar cosmetics brow definer in Taupe Tom

  11. Besides the Farah brush I am getting:

    – Pore primer
    – Stowaway liner
    – TLW Frizz Fighter
    – Steve Laurant loose rose gold pigment
    – Beauty Crop Lip Brulee

    I am happy overall (although I don’t wear eye liner)

    I added on:
    -Sugar mini bronzer
    -Pacifica liquid highlighter
    -Oryza Rose Gold Lip topper

  12. Boo. It won’t show me on Ipsy. It shows on FB where I posted it but it only shows 5 things, with the extra brush being 1 of the 5.

  13. I’m getting Kiss & Smink the Everything in Talum, The Ciate London glitter liquid lipstick, Steve Laurant Beauty loose pigment in Rose Gold, Hey Honey propalis and honey soothing cream, Laritzy Dew Pot in Fine and, of course, the F.A.R.A.H. brush. Lots of rosy colors this month. Love it!

  14. Almost the exact same as Liz, except instead of the First Aid Beauty Im getting the Catrice shadow, and I added on the Maneater mascara since its my favorite mascara ever. Im really looking forward to this month, my bag is much better than November’s was, but Im a bit bummed over not getting the rose gold loose pigment

  15. This is the third month in a row they’ve sent me nail polish. I didn’t choose it in my beauty preferences and in the reviews I checked the box not for me. I’ve already opted out of lipstick and lip gloss (they’re always too dark for me) so I can’t opt out. What really makes me mad is there are so many other products they could send me. Products I’ve let them know I want.

    • I thought we could opt out of three categories? Is it just two now?

  16. I can’t see my glam bag, and I can’t get to the add-ons! Boo!!!!

    • Same!

  17. I don’t know what to think about this month, it looks cheap , I mean they could do something better for the holidays , the past 2 months I received mask sheets and I don’t had the option for sheet mask on my profile , this month I will receive
    *Nomad highlighter ( I don’t like that purple holographic color)
    *F.A.R.A.H brush
    * Grace & Stella mud mask
    * Ciate glitter and flip in famous
    *The balm eyeshadow ( I don’t know how many times I’m told them that I don’t like that brand )
    * And a horrible bang beauty blush

    But the November bag was the worst

  18. Yay! It’s cool everyone gets the bonus brush. I’m pretty happy with my bag this month:

    Steve Laurant Beauty loose pigment in Rose Gold
    INMO Frozen Lipstick in Runway Red
    First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads
    Suger Cosmetics Bronzer in Woody Wonder
    Finding Ferdinand Blush in Skinny Dip

  19. Along with the brush I’m getting:
    Igk First Class Charcoal Detox Dry Shampoo, Oryza Lip Topper in Rose Glow, Tinct Cosmetics Nail Polish in Aarhus or Bilbao, Steve Laurant Beauty Loose Pigment in Rose Gold or Antique Olive, Benefit Cosmetics Primer

    I’ll have to see what colors I get… hoping for the purple nail polish (definitely don’t need white) and the olive pigment (I have so many golds from ipsy!) UGH to the primer, I wish subscriptions would stop sending this. I’ll use the shampoo but would love to get a hair treatment or curly hair specific product instead. Keeping an open mind about the lip topper but I’m hoping it’s more glossy and less glittery. Hoping I like this bag better than last months but it really depends upon the colors they send me.

  20. I am receiving in addition to the brush:

    IT Cometics Superhero Elastic Stretch Mascara (happy to try, but I already have a lot of mascara)
    LUNA Highlighter in Electra (I don’t use highlighters, will try on my eyes)
    Juice Beauty 2-in-1 Cleanser (been wanting to try this!)
    Grace and Stella Dead Sea Mud Mask (so excited to try!)
    Steve Laurant Lip Oil in Orchid (happy to try)

    I’m happy! This is only my 3rd bag and I’ve been very pleased so far!

    • Bag twins! I could do without the mascara but overall I’m happy with this.

  21. Mine didn’t post.
    *Pacifica liquid highlighter*- really wanted this!
    *Catrice eyeshadow in lilac*- Chose this on survey and list Ipsy sent me.
    *The Creme Shop mask trio*- This was choice #1 on list Ipsy sent me.
    *Farah Brush*- I think this is an I am sorry gift but it is December so who knows?
    *Ciate glitter flip lipstick* I was really hoping to get this or I was going to buy. I am 44 and am attracted to everything glitter.
    *Stowaway eyeliner* This is only meh item I am getting black or brown eyeliner in November bag as well.
    Add on 111 brightening serum. I don’t like skin care but it was a steal so sending to my mom for either Christmas or her birthday depending when I get it. My November bag isn’t even here yet.

    • I love glitter everything, too, and I’m 51.

  22. I’m a little disappointed this month. It’s not a bad bag, just ‘meh’. Very jealous of those that got R+Co & Ouai products!

    – FAB facial pads (said ‘yes’ in improve glam bag products!)
    – Lottie London eyeliner pencil (::yawn::)
    – Ciate glitter flip (don’t like the shade, but I did want to try this formula)
    – Steve Laurent loose pigment (rose gold would be great, olive would be… not.)
    – Hey Honey Soothing Moisturizer (will use for sure, but not exciting.)
    + FARAH brush (I’m glad this is at least a different one than the ones I’m getting in my glam bag plus)

    • Bag twins!! That’s exactly the same as mine. I think the only thing I’m excited about is the Hey Honey and the Ciate Glitter Lip. It’s showing I’m getting the black eyeliner instead of the brown (specifically requested that I don’t get black eyeliners and yet here it is). I can make the Rose Gold pigment work for sure. The FAB Radiance Pads are nice but there were so many other things I would have wanted instead!

      • I think it just shows the first color option for each item, so don’t lose hope for getting the brown Liner!

        • I sure hope so! I swear, if I get another black liner…. 😄😄😄I was an original ipsy subscriber from back when they started and cancelled about 2 years ago. They roped me in with a free bag in September (which was AMAZING!!). But all of them since then haven’t paid any attention to my profile or my reviews or me contacting them to ask not to get specific things and then promising I wouldn’t receive those items. Like bronzer and black eyeliner. Yet that’s what I keep getting 🙄😤

      • They don’tl allow opting out of shades, unfortunately. But last month I was worried as it showed they were sending a black liner – but fortunately I got the bronze variation!

  23. I’m actually pleased with my bag this month, aside from the porefessional primer (ugh). Since they’re sending the bonus brush I’m just pretending the porefessional sample doesn’t exist. I also redeemed points for a Farah eyeshadow brush and added on a gimme brow sample, so this will be a nice bag! I’ll be getting:
    Murad renewing eye cream
    Kiss & smirk everything in Tulum
    Steve Laurant loose pigment
    Inmo frozen lipstick in runway red
    Farah tapered blending brush

  24. Getting exactly the same bag as Liz. It’s not the best variation but it’s not bad either .

  25. I’m getting:

    The Creme Shop holiday mask trio
    Luxie blending brush- love Luxie brushes
    Pacifica Rainbow Crystals Liquid Mineral Strobe- which I said no to in my quiz
    Benefit Gimme Brow- I’m ok with not super excited
    STEVE LAURANT BEAUTY Lip Oil in Orchid- which I also said no to in my quiz

    I said yes to the First Aid Beauty Facial Radiant Pads, and the Catrice eyeshadow; not getting either of those. How can I get a blush in my Ipsy bag?!? All I want to get is a blush and I never get them, I have to add them on as extras. The Finding Ferdinand blush is gorgeous, but I’m of course not getting it.

    • Do you have blushes selected in your profile? When the spoilers come out, make sure to select the brands that correspond to the category i.e. blushes, eyeshadow, hand cream, etc of items that you are interested in for that month. It’s not a guarantee by any means that you will receive it, but giving it an intersection match of two variables may trigger the algorithm to match the two up. I hope you get a blush in your next bag!

      • Thank you! I do have blushes selected on my profile, lol it’s the one category I make sure is always marked. I don’t get them often at all and they send out blushes nearly every month and I’d be ok with getting a blush every month lol.

        • i am the opposite. i deselected the blush option bc i dont use blush and i swear i get a blush or brozer in almost every bag. but i am a mascara junkie and have that selected, but rarely get them. what gives? i thought the whole point was to discover products and brands we’d actually BUY/USE. i will never buy/use blush no matter how many ipsy sends me so it’s a waste for me and the brand(s).

          they’re also sending me brow gel for blondes. i have black hair. i’m beginning to think they don’t use profiles or algorithms at all.

    • I’m getting the blush in mine if you’d be down for a trade.

  26. I am getting:

    Glitter Flip Transforming Glitter Liquid Lipstick in Infamous (might give this away if I don’t fall in love with it when I see it. I am not a liquid lipstick fan.)

    Loose Pigment in Rose Gold OR Antique Olive (Giving it to my BFF if it is the olive.)


    Tapered Blending Brush 35E (Yay! I can always use another brush.)


    Dry Shampoo Foam. (Intigued by the concept of a foam. I use a lot of dry shampoo so this is cool. I loved the Cake Beauty one they sent me next month.)


    Relax! Propolis & Honey Soothing Cream. (Nice. I like this brand.)


    Natural All-Over Powder in Sienna. (Not thrilled about the color.)

  27. My bag was mostly for my eyes:
    -Murad eye cream (wanted this)
    -it mascara
    -stowaway eyeliner
    -Farah brush
    -finding ferdinand blush
    -coco and eve hair mask

    I added the gimme brow (got in my Birchbox years ago and loved it) and the ciati glitter flip (wanted to try this)

    I’m happy with my box and love the cute bag.

  28. Liz’s box seems heavy on skincare and tools, light in makeup? I’m getting Catrice purple eyeshadow, Lottie London eyeliner, trust fund beauty polish (hopefully a gorgeous forest green), Farah blending brush, Ciate London glitter liquid lip, coco & eve hair mask.

    Plus a bonus gift of another farah brush and a Buxom lipstick for staying on.
    Thanks ipsy, but I’m set with brushes for life!

  29. I am getting the Ciate glitter lip, Dr. Lipp lip balm, Pacifica Lip Strobe, Catrice Eyeshadow, Luxie and Farah brush.

    Anyone else getting 3 lip products along with 2 brushes? This is the second time in 3 months I have gotten more than one lip products. 3 is ridiculous, plus I’ve gotten a lip gloss every month so far.

    • FYI, I think the Pacifica is a liquid highlighter instead of a lip product!

  30. How exciting!! I was wondering why I had an extra item. I guess this is our “Christmas Gift”!!!

  31. Benefit Pore Primer – never tried it but like primers in general
    Grace & Stella mud mask – love masks
    Balm eyeshadow in Bootylicious – meh
    Trust Fund Beauty nail polish – it doesn’t specify the color but I really, really want the purple/greige color. If I get that this bag will be a winner
    Katherine Cosmetics All Over Powder – meh
    Farah brush – on brush overload

    I re-subscribed last month to receive the Belief Aqua bomb but didn’t receive it in my bag last month. I purchased three add ons and received those but also received a Balm eyeshadow that I didn’t purchase and wasn’t one of the glambag selections. Did anyone receive their Belief Aqua Bomb gift? The only reason I didn’t cancel was because I’m still hoping they ship it out with the December bag.

    • I received mine when I signed up for the October bag.

  32. I’m getting:
    1. IGK charcoal detox dry shampoo
    2. Bang beauty blush in smoked pink
    3. Lottie London eyeliner in Black or mocka.
    4. Farah Blush 35E
    5. Benefit cosmetics POREFessional primer
    6. Katherine Cosmetics Natural all over powder in Sienna

    I also added a few extra items;
    The facial serum was sold out so I added:

    1. First Aid beauty face pads
    2. Grace & Stella Dead Sea face mask
    3. SLMISSGLAM L36 tapered Highlight blush (like colors and I needed a highlight blush)

    Overall, I’m happy with my bag.

    • You may already know this, but the benefit porefesional primer.is the smallest sample ever.

      • No, I was not aware of how small it is but thanks for the heads up!

    • Wait, you can add products to your Ipsy bag already?! There’s no option to on my glam bag screen.

  33. Really excited! In addition to the bonus brush (yay!) I am getting

    *Murad eye cream
    *Balm eyeshadow in Bootylicious
    *Ciate glitter lipstick (looks fun!)
    *Trust Fund nail polish (hoping for the dark green, and ipsy has already sent me 3 grey purples)
    *H20+ Beauty hydrating treatment.

    I added the olive loose pigment eyeshadow (I just love eye shadows, and it looks like a cool take on a gold that isn’t so yellow). The skin stuff seems nice, if small, and I will use everything. Great bag for me!

  34. I was quite surprised to see 6 items in my Glambag! Nice! Looks like everyone is getting the F.A.R.A.H. Brush as a holiday gift it seems. Way to go ipsy! Even though it is not an item I will use, I can gift it. I’m a bit confused about my actual personalization for this month… actually getting 2 items that was in the survey that I marked “no thanks” on. That makes no sense whatsoever!! Definitely having some mixed feelings about this months Glambag. One one hand, thanks for the extra but on the other hand, what the what???

    • Now that I have really looked at what I’m getting in my Glambag, even though there’s an extra bonus item, there’s only 1 item out of the 6 that I will actually use. 😂 Here’s to hoping it gets here in time for gifting! 🥂

    • I’ve sometimes gotten a bag with two items marked ‘no’ as well. I think it is because they only have a set number of variations, and the algorithm prioritizes matching with some items it thinks you will love vs. not putting anything in it thinks you will dislike. So if you marked ‘yes’ to an item on the survey it puts in or your profile strongly favors some products, then the algorithm will put in one or more of those items and the last items in the bag will be whatever is in that set variation.

      The only way to definitively opt out of something is to email them to opt out (e.g. no primers, no mascara) – I wish they would let us opt out of shades or brands though!

      • I did not mention that I’m also getting something that I’m opted out of as well, mascara. 😂 I went back thru the polite email conversation with any ipsycare person and I should be opted out of nail polish and mascara thru January. 😒 I have gone thru all of the products for this month and looked at what others are getting. There were variations that would have/could have been a decent match for me. As of now, I will only use 1 item. There is only one other item that sorta matches but only by product, definitely not in color. That’s pretty bad when it’s only a 1.5/5 match. Ipsy was my 1st and favorite sub but the personalization just has not been there this year at all. One month was awesome, the rest I was mostly ok with because it’s $10 and I always get things I can gift if I’m not going to use. I did not renew my yearly subscription, I switched back to monthly. But I keep getting emails about going yearly. So I finally wrote back and asked them to stop sending them because the discount isn’t worth the disappointment and at this point, I prefer the option to cancel. That’s when we went through my profile a bit and opted me out of 2 product types but I’m getting mascara 2 months in a row? Fragranced products that don’t match my preferences but there are ones that do? Same thing with the blush I’m getting… I love ipsy and even in spite of them sending an extra gift for everybody, I might just be done. Idk… Maybe I’ll redo my profile to something completely opposite of me and see if that helps? 🤣

  35. Yuck, mine this month is one of the worst I have ever received. I won’t even be able to give some of the items away!

    • Same, not even based on my beauty profile at all!

    • Same, I got some truly awful products this month. Hardly anything matches my beauty profile. Super disappointed in Ipsy right now.

  36. I’m getting:

    FARAH Brush
    Luxie Brush
    Ciate London Liquid Lip in Infamous
    Coco & Eve Hair Mask
    Catrice Cosmetics Lilac Eyeshadow
    Lottie London Eyeliner in Black

    I added the Gimme Brow. Love the extra brush this month. I love brushes & can always use extras. It’s a small thing but happy Ipsy included an extra item for the holiday season

  37. I wonder will ipsy start to do more face masks…. I havent received any face mask from them.in a very long time… hopefully they will start to put them in the glam bag plus or the ipsy regular glam bag… I miss getting them

  38. I’m getting:

    *Catrice Cosmetics – Luminous Eyeshadow in Lilac

    *Ciate – Glitter Transforming Liquid Lip in Infamous

    *Farah – Tapered Blending Blush 35E

    *Juice Beauty – Stem Cellular 2-in-1 Cleanser

    *Laritzy – Dew Pot in Fine

    *Dr Lipp – Moisturizing Lip Balm in Sweet Potato

    It was a very pleasant surprise to see the bonus 6th item in this month’s bag! Overall, a good bag for me as I received two of the improve glam bag survey items that I picked.

    • I’m getting the exact same bag!

  39. Almost bag twins with Liz! Instead of the radiance pads I’m getting CATRICE COSMETICS
    Eye Shadow in Luminous Lilac.

  40. I just viewed what was in my glam bag… it’s not very good but I will gift some.of the items.. I got a

    1. farah brush
    2.Tinct nail polish in winter.. I preferred the trust fun hunter green so beautiful

    3. Dr. Lipp in sweet potato
    4. Benefit Gimme brow…
    5.lip fondant
    6. Radiance face pads…

    Glam bag plus
    1. Farah brush
    2. Estee lauder.lipstick in never enough
    3. Sam & Smith in pink color
    4. Lancome
    5. 111 skin brightening serum.. I dont use skin brightening serums… I dont what to do with it.. I find that they dont work on my skin… thinking about gifting it … it will only go to waste sitting in my makeup bin

  41. I am a bit baffled by my Glam Bag this month.
    Besides the F.A.R.A.H brush, I’m also getting The Beauty Crop Lip Creme, Tinct Cosmetics nail polish, Delectable by Cake Beauty Hand Cream, Hey Honey moisturizer, and the dreaded Porefessional, which I am sick and tired of getting in my boxes. I’ve gotten this in one of my Birchboxes, as well as the Sephora Play box.

    I also chose the Smith and Cult eyeshadow palette, the Ciate glitter lipstick, and the R&Co hair cream as my addons this month.

    I have mixed feelings about my bag this month. I’m happy about everything except the Porefessional and the brush (this is my third blending brush from Ipsy), but I wish I had gotten more makeup and less skincare items this month. Thankfully the addons that I picked will make up for it this month.

    • I got the exact same box. It is terrible! I always review negatively for nail polish, thebalm, and get honey. Not Happy at all!

  42. I love my bag this month! Ipsy gave me option to choose 2 items because my bag shipped late They said they would make sure the holiday mask trio was included but I am getting the Catrice lilac eyeshadow I chose too. I am also getting Ciate glitter flip and Pacifica liquid highlighter which I really wanted. The only meh item is eyeliner in brown or black. Ipsy also credited my December bag and with money I saved I got the 111 skin serum.

  43. My items:
    LARITZY lip gloss (not happy)
    BANG BEAUTY blush (not happy)
    FARAH brush (Not happy but I’ll gift it)
    JUICY BEATY cleanser (I wanted to try)
    COCO&EVE hair mask (glad to try)
    BENEFIT brow mascara (my color and I’m glad to try it)
    And add 111 serum

  44. I’m getting:

    – R&Co High Dive Moisture + Shine Creme
    – Finding Ferdinand Blush in Skinny Dip
    – IT Cosmetics Superhero Elastic Stretch Volumizing Mascara in Black
    – Lottie London AM to PM Kohl Eyeliner Pencil in Black or Mocha
    – F.A.R.A.H. Tapered Blending Brush
    – Steve Laurant Beauty Lip Oil in Orchid

    Oooh, 6 items 🙂💕

  45. I’m not so sure how to feel about that bonus brush because both my sister and I are also getting that Luxie brush. This doesn’t seem to bug her, but you think they could at least try to minimize the number of other brushes going into the bags. Where I’m also a bit upset is I’m getting 2 purple eyeshadows after specifically removing them from my profile. One purple eyeshadow, okay that’s understandable. But 2? Getting 2 eyeshadows in general to me kinda upsets me because I see this as sort of lazy, but when they’re in the same color family…why?

    • Are they both eyeshadows? Or is one the Nomad highlighter? (Although the Nomad highlighter can be used as a shadow.) One of my favorite products from IPSY has been the Estate purple highlighter – I thought it would be really weird to have a purple highlighter at first but it is quite lovely, actually.

      But in general IPSY is pretty poor at following the profile when it comes to shade matching. I think it prioritizes item type and brand (for instance if you have -any- eyeshadow checked it would probably send an eyeshadow over an alternate product your profile didn’t have marked; or if it knows you like a brand from profile or reviews might prioritize a product even if the shade is terrible for you.) I’ve gotten quite a few red or orange lipsticks from brands which I would otherwise like in different shades :S

  46. I will be getting the farah eyeshadow brush, an slmissglam highlighter brush, a Luna by Luna highlighter in electra, the balm foiled again eye shadow in red handed, It cosmetics superhero mascara, and grace and Stella dead sea minerals mask. When I first saw the spoilers I wasnt super excited but now that I’m looking them over and over and typing this, I’m starting to look forward to my bag.

    • I love the grace and stella mud mask, its has super gentle minimal ingredients, so gentle I can even use it on my 4 and 7 year old on little pretend spa days, and you can get the full size jar for less than 20 bucks and the jar itself is worth it, it’s super cute!

      • I love masks and skincare and it was one of the options for the improve glam bag picks thing so I said I wanted it. Usually when I say yes to a product I don’t get it but luckily it worked this time. I also said yes to the it cosmetics mascara because I wanted to try it. I’m happy with those two the most. I didn’t need any more highlighter or eyeshadow but the shades seem fine so I’m not mad about them..

  47. I’m getting the same except instead of the cleansing pads I’m getting a hey honey moisturizer and instead of the hair mask I will get a Steve laurant loose pigment 😊 it’s awesome that we’re all getting an extra Farah blending brush this. month!! before this I was so confused because it was showing me 6 items instead of 5😂 thanks for clarifying!

  48. Really bad bag this month! It does not matter how I review they never take it into consideration! I liked 2 out of 4 this month. I bought an extra 111skin and 2 other add ons.

    • They’ve sent me nail polish three months straight even tho I’ve let them know in my reviews I don’t want them.

      • Me too!

      • Have you tried emailing them and asking them to not send you nail polishes? I believe they can put somewhere in your account that you don’t want nail polishes and you won’t get that type of product for the next 3 months.

        • I’ve already opted out of lip gloss and lipstick because the colors are always too dark for me. I think you’re allowed only two opt outs. I can at least use nail polish on my toes if it’s dark enough but this polish looks black. I don’t want black on my toe nails.

          • I think we are allowed three categories, at least last I checked!

  49. This will be my 4th bag with Ipsy and I have yet to be disappointed. I’m super excited to receive my bag and I added the 111skin! I also think it’s really sweet that they gifted everyone the f.a.ra.h. brush! Merry Christmas Ipsy!

  50. I’m getting the same brushes, plus Sugar bronzer, Hey Honey cream, Steve Laurent rose gold pigment and the TLW frizz fighter. Decent bag, I’m not super keen on loose pigments but otherwise happy to try all of these. And more brushes means washing less often!

    • I’m totally with you about brushes. I have two cups for holding brushes – used and unused. The more brushes you own, the less frequently you have to get through the cleaning chore!

    • We are bag twins!!

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