Ipsy Reveals Are Up for the December 2018 Glam Bag Plus!

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The December 2018 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reveals are up! 

Here’s what I’m getting in one of my Glam Bag Plus subscriptions:

Here are all the products that are being sampled this month. Each Glam Bag Plus will include 5 full-sized products:

Which products are you getting from Ipsy Glam Bag Plus this month?

This subscription is $25 a month. Check out our full Ipsy Glam Bag Plus FAQ post to learn more!

And if you are new to the regular Ipsy, it is a $10 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Okay, so I messaged ipsycare about the customization. Told them I didn’t need anti aging products (I got the under eye droop dr. Brandt last month and vitamin c this month) and asked if we would be able to customize shades more clearly in the future because I love all colors except for pinks. They told me I couldn’t choose formulas or shades but could opt out of skincare or lipstick completely. Well, I love lipstick and skincare, just not anti aging and barbie pink lips. Anyways, I also told them that giving all subscribers including plus would be a good idea going forward instead of gifting some and not others. They weren’t much help, but now I go on my ipsy plus page and the lipstick is missing and there are only 4 items. The vitamin C is still there. When you click on view all items the lipstick I was getting is grayed out as well. Really weird! Anyone else having strange things happen? There must have been a lot of people who disliked the shades and not just me. I think for Christmas a true ruby red would have been prettier than bright pinks/corals. I really like the blush and the quad is nice (but small), too. I also like the brushes a lot.

    • I went to check my page & it looked fine, & I so I clicked on “view all December” products & I see that the Estee Lauder Color Envy Lipstick page IS missing. Like, not just a greyed out image, but the entire information page that was there before is gone now. What gives, Ipsy?!

      The EL Color Love lipstick is still there.

      I’m definitely skipping January at this point.

      • It’s quite hinky. Not sure what’s going on at this point, but I am planning on sticking it out to see how the bumps smooth out. The plus faq says the “introductory rate” for plus is $25, which to me makes it sound like the price may go up later when it gets better. I’m hoping to stay grandfathered in. But boxycharm seems better this month if I get the right variation.

    • It says Estee Lauder at the top of my items but the picture isn’t showing up now. I think it’s just the pic not loading.

    • This is so weird! I came here to see if anyone had this same problem too. Today when I went to my Ipsy Glam Plus, I also saw that I am down to four items and the Estée Lauder lipstick is missing. I haven’t sent any inquiries or requested any modifications to my customization of products. What’s going on, Ipsy?
      Does anyone have any insight on this?

    • It looks like they’ve added an eyeshadow palette now too. Weird.

      • I noticed that too! I wasn’t receiving the lipstick in the first place so now it shows me as receiving 6 items since they added the Real Her eyeshadow palette! I also got the Morphe Highlighter for the second time and so I messaged customer service about it and they let me pick any item as an extra for their mistake. If everything works out I’ll be getting 7 items in total!

        • Lucky you! Im getting 5 products. Looka like they added the lipstick back too.

  2. I’m getting the serum, the brushes, the eyeshadow palette, the lancome and the pure color envy sculpting Estee Lauder lipstick. Pretty happy with my box although I would have preferred the dry shampoo over the lipstick (I don’t wear lipstick). Just glad I got the main things I wanted, the fifth item was just a bonus as far as personal value goes. I have a box of lipsticks and other things I plan on donating to a local women’s shelter so it’s another bonus for them, I don’t mind. The only thing that bothers me is my personalization was late so the add-ons weren’t available to me.

    I have a question though, how long until I can get approved to swap on here? I applied a while ago and I haven’t heard anything yet.

  3. Ipsy added a RealHer palette to the “view all December products” page for GBP.

    Reddit user lukibunny says that this palette has automatically been added to the boxes of those who are receiving the Morphe highlighter (not sure if it’s for EVERYONE who’s receiving the highlighter, or just for those who have already received the highlighter in October). Check your spoilers again to see if you are getting the 6 products!

    (Though now I am even more angry that people who subscribe to the regular glam bag and SOME glam bag plus users are getting 6 items and yet I am not.)

    • Wow. How sad.

      • I just don’t like them to offer full size item add-on for regular glam bag member that exactly item you may got in plus bag, also not everyone have chance to have add-on page too. I’m one of NO add-on items in my account page not even with my daughter regular bag account. I had check every early morning when It start. thinking to drop them both, Since they are not fair to their members.

  4. Hey Liz you got the same exact items I am receiving as well! Lol how ironic! However I wish they have me the blue palette instead of the pink one. Oh well. Anybody wanna trade palettes??

    • If you get Interlewd, the purple palette, I’ll trade you! I recieved Mannequin Moves.

  5. Is there anyone NOT getting the serum or brushes?

  6. Kind of annoyed that the 111 serum and Smith and Cult palette were offered to me as add-ons for my regular glam bag. Am considering dropping the glam bag plus since my regular glam bag sub allows me to choose two full size add-ons from the current month’s glam bag plus items. It was fun while it lasted.

    • How much are full size add ons for the regular glam bag?

      • Full size add ons are $12. I was offered 2 choices from the current month glam bag plus items to purchase so I was able to get a back up 111 serum for $12.

        • Hi, I’ve been a long time subscriber after about 5 years and recently cancelled my subscription and now I see they have a Glam Plus and I am so sad because I would’ve preferred the full size items. The only bag I have not gotten was the Nov bag and then I see the 111Skin serum available for Glam Plus and their classic bag for Dec. So I contacted them to see if I could resubscribe and get the December Glam Plus and of course I have to be at the end of the waitlist. I couldn’t even resubscribe and get the Dec classic bag. I feel like they don’t care about long time loyal members. They should’ve sent members a heads up on the Glam Plus bags, then maybe I wouldn’t have switched to Boxy. Then I see they are giving out an extra item now too 😩 How long did you have to wait for the Glam Plus bag? Please let me know if you’d be willing to part ways with one of your serums, I love their products.

          • I am getting two because I added one on and will swap one of them for something if it helps?

          • Is there anything in particular that you are looking for?

    • I was offered add ons last month but not this month for some reason? I also think that’s why my Nov glam plus bag was delayed.

      • I didn’t do any add-ons and my Nov glam bag plus was delayed also, I didnt receive it until 26 Nov.

      • Heck I STILL have not received my November bag but the email today just like all the other times says, “we are so sorry we are working on it and its on its way!” but they have no issue charging me another 25.00 for December.. I’m a pretty patient person as I worked retail in college and I know how mean people can be but this is ridiculous.
        fyi: November box has not even been shipped yet AND I payed on time

  7. My post from yesterday morning never showed up. I’m getting what Liz got except I’ll receive the dry shampoo instead of the lipstick. I didn’t order extras , because that’s what’s still holding up my November box.

  8. I skipped this month’s box. Looking at all the available options, I really would have liked the brushes and the Smith & Cult palette. Hopefully everyone who is getting this month’s bag enjoys it!

  9. Very happy I skipped this month! I am not saying it’s a bad box, because there’s some really nice products this month. Just not for me! I don’t like that brand of dry shampoo either. It’s the scent that bothers me. The 111 skin I have never had any luck with results, but maybe others will. Merry Christmas to everyone!

  10. Same box as me except dry shampoo instead of the blush which is great since our house has 3 girls who use dry shampoo! I’m really happy with my box. All the eyeshadows I like as well so that’s also a bonus. Bring on the skincare! Yay me

  11. Update: I was receiving the Morphe highlighter that i already received in October. I emailed customer service and they got back to me quickly and offered to send me one of the other products from this month. It will be shipped separately so i’m assuming I’ll get the regular box then the other item. If you’re experiencing the same issue, I’d suggest emailing asap. Hopefully they will learn from this issue so they don’t have a bunch of customers leaving and/or wont have to send a bunch of additional products. It’s way too early for repeated products!

    • I tried to find an email because I had the same problem. What is the customer service email?

    • Oh that is good to know! I would really love the dry shampoo. Yay!

    • I also emailed them yesterday in regards to that dry shampoo i cant used n specifically asked that none b put in my boxes. Haven’t heard back yet tho

    • I was missing a product from my first box, a $20 lip care item, they sent me a $3.99 lip balm. For an Ipsy Plus substitute. That was shocking, I complained, they said they would refund $3. They used to have much better customer service. Stay on them is my advice. I may go back to regular Ipsy soon. They aren’t treating the plus much different and we pay much more than reg Glam Bag customers. IMHO, the glam bag plus items shouldn’t even be offered to reg. glam bag customers.I don’t get it.

      • Plus, if they had enough left over serum from the Glam Plus to offer to the regular Glam bags then they should’ve opened up for spots instead of making people wait on the waitlist. I agree that they are not treating loyal customers or Glam plus any better. If they added an extra product in the reg bag then they should do the same for the plus.

      • I agree!

    • I read on Reddit that people receiving the Morphe will also be receiving a 6th item, a RealHer shadow palette (now visible in the “view all December products” page). It should be in your spoilers if you’re getting it.

  12. My bag will be the first bag that Liz said she is getting!! YAY!!😊😊

  13. I wish I got blush rather than dry shampoo.
    Well it will be a part of gift for my daughter on Christmas.
    Just crossing my fingers for nice shades on lipstick and quad.

    • Wanna switch? I’m getting blush YET. AGAIN. And dry shampoo is something I actually use, especially in travel size.

  14. I am happy got some great products. Love Lancome and Estee. There is a reason they have been around forever.

  15. For once I’m happy with my bag! I really one the ice tears Palette. The one that shows up first in Interlewd. Not sure if this means I’m getting this one.

  16. I got Klorane dry shampoo which I never use, yet another set of brushes, EL lipstick, serum and eyeshadow quad. Let’s hope the colors are great.

  17. I am very happy for my Ipsy plus my only difference is the lipstick

  18. I received the morphe highlighter the month before last and I’m receiving it AGAIN. WTF. I’m not going to pay $25 a month for Ipsy to just sent me repeat products. Can I email them or something because that’s bs.

    • If you @them on Twitter they will let you swap it out. Their care team has always been great with me, just a bit of a hassle since you cant easily just call them.

    • Yes, email them ASAP! A lot of people seem to be having this issue, so I’d do it fast.

      I think in the past if someone got a repeat item in the glam bag, CS would offer to send a bonus item the next month. Not sure if that would work for GBP & the limited stock they have.

  19. I cannot see extra product on the very top does it gone??

    • Does anyone who hasn’t ordered an add-on still have the option? I didn’t order anything yet because I was waiting for the 111skin product to come back in stock, (an item I wanted last month came back into stock when I waited.)
      But now the option for add-ons is gone for me and I was never able to get anything.

  20. Oh I love my ipsy Glam bag. Yippeeee. This girl is excited. Thank you Ipsy ❤️

  21. I’m not getting a repeat morphe and I’m not getting a 💄 lipstick. I actually already have 2 variations of the eyeshadow, so I’m hoping for one of the other colors. I’m looking forward to the Vit C serum the most! I’m passing on adding items to my bag, because I still haven’t received my November bag. It’s a nice feature, but they need to tweak their customization procedures

  22. So last month I literally got the worst of everything offered. No palette no Ofra highlighter nothing. This month I got the morphe highlighter, they gave me that exact same morphe highlighter in October. Am I at least able to ask for a different item since one is a repeat from just two months ago? This is ridiculous and pissing me off. First month was great then just going down for what they’re giving me.

  23. I didn’t want the vitamin C and I am quite disappointed that regular ipsy bags got a gift and plus did not.

    • If you didnt want it you should sell it online or gift it. It retails for $180 and I am SHOCKED we are getting it for just 25 bucks.

      • Because no one would actually pay that kind of price for that brand. 🙂

        • There’s a reason ipsy is selling it as a bonus item for 12 bucks to the reg subscription, which sucks, as I thought the plus bag would be exclusive:/

    • Ipsy plus did get a gift last month

      • We got a “gift” the first month. But some people did the math, & without the “gift”, their bags were worth less than the promised value of $120.

        So was it really a bonus?

    • I’m also disappointed that Glam Bag Plus isn’t getting a bonus item.

      You’d think they’d want their customers who are paying 150% more to be pleased & stick around. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      I guess there’s so many people clamoring to be on GBP that ipsy just doesn’t care.

      • So I emailed ipsycare and they didn’t offer any kind of a solution. They offered to help me change my customization settings (which doesn’t make much difference when you don’t even have 12+ products to mix and match). And they said that opting out or changing customization doesn’t mean you won’t get those products. They said Plus didn’t get a gift because the items are different. Except- they aren’t. Not if you can get all the same products as add ons in the ipsy bag and the same add ons for the plus. Makes no sense.

    • I’m sure someone will swap you for it.

    • Email cs I’m sure they will send you the morphe instead. You better hurry up though🤣🤣

    • I’d be happy to swap you the free gift for the serum!

    • I agree. There is retail value and there is a value people actually are willing to pay/how much it is actually worth. Selling it as an addon for $12 kills the market for selling and trading. And I don’t know anybody I am close enough with who would care for this as a gift. It’s like the SLS Miss Glam brushes. You’ll never convince me they are worth $40-$60. I like the rest of my box, but I just don’t like the missing gift from the higher priced box and I’m not into the serum. I’m 28 and don’t have age spots or a need for the serum, I don’t know that the quiz takes age as a factor.

      • Also- I am a ipsy glam bag and glam bag plus subscriber so I am still getting a free gift, it just seems strange to me not to want to take care of your higher priced subscribers at least as well as you do the regular bag subscribers. I do question which bag is a better deal. The regular bags have been just as good if not better than the plus with many more variations and the same add on choices. Plus you get a bag each month instead of every three. I’m sticking with it for now but I’m hoping they catch their footing.

      • It’s never too early to use the serum. Use it as a preventative measure. If there’s vitamin c in it store it in the fridge until you are ready to use it.

  24. I think this one of their best. The 111skin is worth over 100. That to me alone is worth it. Great job Ipsy. It’s tough to make everyone happy. I skipped beautyfix because there was no hero skincare item and Ipsy came through for me. Bonus for everything else.

    • How do you get the glam bag plus?

  25. Do we get a makeup bag with the glam bag plus? This is my first time getting this subscription

    • You get it the first month but after the first month the bag only comes quarterly.

    • You get one for every 3 boxes you purchase, so since this is your first you’ll get one for December and then your next one will be in March I believe.

  26. Ipsy GBP has been a continual let down for me. Still no November box (I paid on the first/no add on as my freaking customization didn’t even finish until after the 16th) with no tracking or explanation. All three boxes have,so far, been a huge disappointment. First month- took forever and had missing/broken items
    Second- fifteen year processing (so of course I didn’t/won’t get the ONLY item I was interested in) and yet to be delivered
    This month- nothing remotely exciting at all. I am looking into alternatives already. GBP has been a joke so far.

  27. These are expensive wow products I’m not sure how anyone can possibly complain…

  28. This is exactly the same thing that I’m getting in my box this month. I have really been satisfied with the boxes that they have delivered. The value is amazing as usual and I really have been using the products more than I did in the regular GB that I used to get.

  29. How can i see the shade im getting?

  30. Not happy that I’m already getting a repeat. Im getting the same highlighter that I just got in October!!

    • Considering ipsy’s track record, I figured there’d be a few people Ipsy accidentally double-sent the highlighter to, but it seems like a LOT!

      Send in your complaint to ipsycare now to try & get ahead of everyone else! 😂

    • I got the highlighter as well. I’m kinda bummed. Oh well!

    • You got the highlighter in your Oct glam bag plus bag and they’re sending it again in your Dec one too??!! Nightmare!

  31. I’m getting the same products for you except for the other EL lipstick. What a great selection this month! There isn’t one thing here I want to automatically get rid of. I was nervous at first when I saw the Morphe Highlighter as I received that the first round. I’m the most excited for the brushes and oil !

  32. I’m disappointed. Brushes – ok. I can always use brushes. Vitamin c serum – excellent, provided it’s a cruelty free brand.
    But EL and Lancome are brands I boycott (and the EL lipstick is in the brightest most coral shade I don’t wear). I also got the quad in the purple colour scheme, which is ok, as long as the brand is cruelty free.
    So December isn’t really the best for me sub boxes wise. Not happy with boxyluxe either.

    • The shade showing in the reveal is the first option that doesn’t mean it’s the shade you’re getting.

      • No, I saw the actual shade when I clicked on the add-on page.

        • I was bummed because it looked like mine was a bright coral red which I definitely cannot do but I Googled the name and it appears to actually be a rosy pink so I’m still holding out hope.

    • I appreciate your attitude for non cruelty free brands

    • Noone knows WHICH quad they’re getting yet by the way. If u click on that product it will tell you you’re going to receive one of the 3 being highlighted and it shows the other 2 palettes as well. It just happens to have the purple listed first. The Purple quad shows on top for everybody

    • Why do you boycott them?

    • How do you tell which shades you are getting?

  33. I was disappointed with glam bag plus last month, so I switched back to the normal bag because I was more excited with those products. And after seeing the spoilers, I have no regrets.

  34. I think it’s weird that they’re giving out a bonus item to the regular glam bag, but not Glam Bag Plus. And is everyone receiving GBP getting the brush set? Odd. I’ve also seen some people complain on Reddit that they did get a repeat of the Morphe highlighter from October! GBP has got some ‘splainin’ to do!

    I got Klorane, EL Lip Love (Yay! EL Lip Envy was my least-wanted item this month.), C&S palette, 111Skin, & FARAH brushes. I did really want to try the Lancome, so that’s a bit of a bummer. The colors on the spoilers don’t seem to correlate with what I’ll be receiving (I got a different shade than listed in my spoilers for the lip gloss last month). Still really hoping for the Strapless lipstick & Interlewd palette.

    • The spoilers only show the first shade of the available.

      • Hmm. I added the shadow as an add on because I wanted the browns. My bag shows the purple palette. I might get two browns? !

        • Its a possibility. I also added on the “Mannequin Moves” palette in the hopes that I dont get a duplicate. Its a gamble I know but I’m HOPING they offered that one as an add-on because they’d chosen one of the other ones for my bag already. But like I said, itsa gamble I knew I was taking. Hopefully all will end well for us

    • Glam Bag plus got a extra gift last month

      • What extra gift did glam plus get?
        I don’t recall getting a extra 🤔

  35. My name is Liz, and I got the same bag as Liz!! Literally bag twins! So happy with my bag and I added on two items! Very happy!

  36. How does everyone know what colors they’re getting?

    • Go into “get extra products”. At the very top of the page it will show you the specific colors you’re getting.

      • Mine this month just show the first color option for that item. It did that for me last month, too, & I got a different shade than was in my spoiler.

      • Thanks!!

  37. My name is Liz, and I got the same bag as Liz!! Literally bag twins! So happy with my bag and I added on two items!

  38. I’m getting same as Liz except dry shampoo instead of the Lancome. I really wanted to try the Lancome since it would be a new brand for me, and the purpose of sub boxes for me is to try new things I wouldn’t buy. Oh well, I’m not sure I’m going to like the lipstick color, but the eyeshadow palette shades look pretty.

  39. I am getting the best possible combination from this month’s products – the 111Skin booster, the FARAH brushes, the Lancome, the Estee Lauder, and the Smith & Cult.

  40. Not happy with ipsy. I have a GBP and a GB account, both were paused last month for 1 month, and now somehow I’m not getting either this month. I messaged ipsy but that serum is sold out as an add on, no way am I going to get it now.

    • I am so irritated too. I had cancelled my membership after having them for 5+ years it seems and the only bag I’ve never gotten was the November bag. Now I see they have a Glam Plus option which I would’ve preferred but now I would have to resubscribe and be on the waitlist all over again if I wanted. Then I see the regular bag has 6 items for once and they got to purchase the serum as an add on for $12.

  41. I got the Morphe highlighter, but I also got it back in October as well. Did anybody else get a repeat? I email them about it, it’s only been 3 months of Ipsy plus, and there’s already repeat items. I wonder if theyre going to do anything about it?

    Note* I’m not complaining, the rest of my box is awesome! And I’ve already used this highlighter (from my October Ipsy plus) down to pan, I’m just curious, because Ipsy plus is still too new to already have repeating items.. in my opinion..

  42. I got the same thing as Liz except the lipstick was in radical red. I wanted the highlighter but I’m getting one in my allure box so all is well. Don’t understand why they have two eyeshadows. Could have done without the lancome I don’t like single pans. Love everything else I got though so very happy here❤️❤️❤️

    • The Lancome is also a blush !

      • The Lancome can b used as an eye color, cheek color AND as a lip tint and is buildable

        • Hey thanks for the tip! I thought it was an eye shadow!

          • Yw 😊

  43. I wish I got the Lancome monochromatique in Haute Couture instead of the dry shampoo ! And of course, I got brushes again!!!

  44. I got exactly the same thing as Liz except I got the Dry Shampoo instead of the lipstick but I’m most excited about the vitamin C serum that alone is worth£85 ($108!)it’s a British brand that I’ve been wanting to try forever I’m super excited!!!!!!!

  45. I got the Morphe highlighter, Lancome Monochromatique, 111Skin Serum, Brushes, and Smith & Cult Palette in Interlewd. I’m irritated though because I just got the Morphe highlighter from them in October. The only other item I’d be interested in is the Estee Love lipstick in Strapless. I already have so much of that dry shampoo that I dont use due to my hair type & I dont even want this eyeshadow palette because i have so many and heard these are overpriced & not very good. I’m already getting a different combo through Box of Style promotions. Thinking it’s time to skip or cancel unless Jan really wows me.

    • I got the same as you.
      Am irritated that I got the morphe in October plus the ofra highlighter last month.

      • Try emailing them. I contacted them and they are sending me one of the other items of my choice. It will ship separately.

        • I emailed last night and got response :

          Thanks for letting us know.

          I’m sorry about that! I’ll be sure to let our team know this happened. You can expect a follow up email from us with a resolution soon, please just hang tight for now. We appreciate your patience!

          Haven’t gotten another email yet. Hopefully they send a replacement to me also.

  46. Wow, I am really happy with my bag! I got the same thing as this post except the lip color in Never Enough. I looked it up online and it looks different than the picture provided on Ipsy. Online pictures show it as a gorgeous deep coral pink, which I love. I’m really hoping everyone gets that serum, because it looks amazing. A vitamin C serum is an essential part of my daily skin care routine. I am using skinceuticals right now and fresh out so perfect timing. It’s about time to get rid of some old brushes, so these will get used! I’m loving the eye shadow colors and the Lancôme red color is not something I would normally purchase for myself, so I’m excited to try!

    • Hi..how do you know what lip, eyeshadow colors you got?..

    • Bag twins!

      I was going to skip this month, so glad I didn’t. Very happy with every item this month.

      • This was my very first ipsy glam plus bag and I couldn’t be happier! I looked everything up online and I received $280 worth of product for my $25 investment. I see ZERO to complain about. These eyeshadow palates sell for $45 alone at Nieman Marcus. Even the dry shampoo costs $20. The vitamin C serum is super super high quality. I keep mine refrigerated. I sure hope its this good next month too! 😊😀💗

  47. Do I need to sign up for ipsy glam to get the glam plus? Everytime I try, it directs me to sign up for ipsy glam instead of plus?

  48. I got the same bag! Would have rather had the dry shampoo over the red lip though!!

    • Same

    • Same.

  49. SO stoked about my bag.
    I got the vitamin C, the gold brushes, and the smith and cult palette in purple- all three are what I really wanted. I also got the Estée Lauder lipstick in radical chic and the klorane dry shampoo. Those two will be going up for swap.
    Great job Ipsy!

    • Almost bag twins, but instead of dry shampoo I am getting the Lancome Monochromatique in Haute Couture. Excited for the Vit C serum, brushes, and very excited for the Interlewd palette. Very happy they are telling us what colors we are getting in everything now and we don’t have to wait until we actually get the box. I’m not buying any add ons, is that what made some people’s boxes ship so incredibly late?

      • How do you know what color palette and lipstick you’re getting? Mine is only showing that I’m getting the palette and lipstick with the 3 variations I may receive.

        • If you pull it up on the app it shows you only one option (so I assume that is the one I am getting).

        • Go into “get extra products”. At the very top of the page it will show you the specific colors you’re getting.

          • So is your spoiler the first color in the list on the main page of each product? I thought this was the way to see your shades, but last month I was sure I got a different color than I was supposed to get, so I took screen shots this month. Mine are indeed the first colors in the description. I hope I get the quad in interlewd though, that’s the best color way for me.

          • Stephanie, no the spoilers on the main page does not show you which colors you will be receiving. Like last month the lip gloss showing on the main page was Acoustic, but I received the rosey toned Setlist. If you were lucky enough to go into the add on list earlier, it showed the actual colors you’d be receiving. It’s already been taken down.

      • It is my understanding that add-ons are causing serious delays in shipping. I didn’t receive my Glam Plus for November until YESTERDAY. Thankfully, none of the add-ons interest me that much this month. I want my box on time! Lol

        • Same. I got mine last week and realized the same thing. Part of the issue is DHL which I highly dislike. Won’t be ordering anything unless I must have it.

          • That’s a bummer to hear. I added the Gimme Brow which I really want to try. Hopefully it will get here before Christmas because I think the EL lipstick won’t be a great shade for me.

            I’m in NC so maybe DHL won’t delay too long

        • Same here! Plus I got some weird charge from ipsy (pre authorization they said) that didnt disappear until I claimed fraud. Not doing add ons again!!

    • Bag twins! Not sure about the EL lip shade but I can probably pass it to a friend if it’s too coral for me. The Klorane dry shampoo retails for $20 & it’s for brunettes so happy about that. Really happy I’m getting the purple eyeshadow palette & the Vitamin serum

  50. Some how I got the best bag and the best colors! Very happy this month! Only way it could be better was if I got the dry shampoo instead of the brushes since I got brushes last month.

    • It seems everyone is getting the purple eyeshadow which is rare. I am wondering if they just put the first color in the add on page.

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