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Looking for the latest spoiler for this box? Find it here:

Ipsy Glam Bag + Glam Bag Plus June 2021: See the Bag Designs

Ipsy January 2019 Add-On Spoilers!

We have spoilers for the January 2019 Ipsy Add-Ons! Good to know: Sample size Add-Ons are $3 and full-size products are $12. Shipping is free, and any additional products you purchase will arrive with your upcoming Glam Bag.

Here are some of the Add-On options:

The January Add-Ons should be available starting at 6 AM PT on January 2nd. Are you going to buy any of these?

And in case you missed it, here are the January spoilers we have so far for the Glam Bag:

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (47)

  1. 3 new add-on spoilers from Ipsy Insta. Yensa mask, Clinique take the day off balm, & Ouai leave-in conditioner.

    I believe all 3 of these have already been spoiled as potential glambag items.

  2. Can someone please tell me how and when we can buy the add ons? I’ve never had any of them go missing but my bag did arrive later than usual but that’s okay with me as long as it’s all there!!!

    • Usually available on the app on the 2d of the month. Article says 6 am Pacific time.

  3. I also have friends that aren’t getting the “add on” option shown to them. They really need to fix that. And, I just saw that on my “timeline” on the app, my bag reveal isn’t scheduled until the 5th this month. Anyone else seeing this?

    • Scroll down. It says 1/5 on the timeline, but underneath the bag reveal photo mine says, “Check back on 1/2 to find out what you’ll be receiving in your January Glam Bag!”

  4. I’ve done 3 add ons for both November & December (skipped October), and I’ve had no issues. Products arrived with bag and I don’t feel it delayed delivery. All bags that ship out of the NC warehouse were significantly delayed last month due to a snowstorm. There are 2 dif Ipsy warehouses. 1 in Texas & 1 in NC. Plus, some orders ship DHL & some ship Fed Ex. I wonder if these variations are perhaps playing into some people having issues. Mine comes out of NC via DHL and I’ve never had an issue.

  5. So, I contacted IpsyCare because my add on items never arrived in December. Their response was for me to recheck the pink mailer for the 3 items because they weren’t in the makeup bag itself. How big do they think those pink mailers are? Sounds like an excuse not to send my items. This is my first real issue with Ipsy and I must say, I am UNimpressed with how they are handling it after being a customer with no complaints for 2 years. I was going to hang on to Ipsy, but now I’m seriously reconsidering that decision. 😕😕😕

    • honey, hang on..sometimes its who you get to speak with, always remember their back this afternoon or in a day or so..get someone else. and clearly tell them what went wrong..sometimes its just the person you get who doesn’t care..i’m sure ipsy cares…

      • Thanks. ☺ That’s a good point. I did send a reply email and was quite clear about the issue and my desired resolution (send the products I’ve already paid for!). We’ll see how it goes…

  6. I have purchased add-ons for the last two months and so far no problems! I still like to be fairly surprised so once I scroll past the items I’m receiving, I can choose my items. The first month maybe had a slight delay but last month I got everything pretty early in the month. I’m excited for the option to choose more!

  7. So I’ve had the same trouble everyone has had with add ons taking forever. But their customer service has been amazing- they gave me lots of points when it was late and later gave me a free bag- – all without asking. Love Ipsy

    • Wow, how did you manage that? When I contacted IpsyCare they told me to recheck my pink mailer. 😕

      • Actually I didn’t do anything. I live in Alaska so everything takes forever. It was well into December before I even really cared that my November bag bag hadn’t shown up. They emailed me with apologies and freebies with no prompting.

  8. Will that Luxie brush cost $3 or $12?

  9. I thought the add-ons were shown after the Glam Bag reveal?

  10. Under my account it says January was delivered? Hope that’s a type lol

  11. Funny, but i have never had any problems with me some ipsy…

    • Same. Have never had an issue with them.

  12. I liked the idea of add-ons at first but hearing of people waiting forever to get them or not getting them at all makes me wary. And plus, why should we pay extra? If their selection process could be perfected, we should get five items we really want out of the selections.

  13. I definitely don’t recommend adding anything, based on all these comments and my own experience. Apparently my December bag including 3 add-ons was lost in the mail. I still haven’t even received a shipping confirmation for the replacement. I made sure to list my 3 add-ons in my email to customer service so I better get them all. I skipped January because I am not going to risk going through all this hassle again anytime soon. It’s such a shame because I liked the add-on feature in case I didn’t get something I really wanted (I have never had the option of adding to my bag before reveal day, and now I know why so many things are already gone. Some people can add things earlier. Yet another example of the different types of account options all of us get.)
    It seems like most of these issues started around the same time as they launched Ipsy Plus and the add-on option. Perhaps they took on more changes than they could manage all at once. Hopefully they’ll get it together soon.

  14. The wording makes me think that some of the regular bag items might be $12 now, too, as well as the Glam Bag Plus items.

    If they’re still $3 each, I might try to snag the Seraphine Botanicals shadow & Fluide lip gloss. Maybe even the iridescent Belle en Argent one (packaging & colors offered remind me of the Stellar Starlust lipglosses I’ve been eyeing at Sephora).

    If you want to see your bag spoilers before committing to add-ons, once you get to the add-on screen in Ipsy, pause there. Then you can open a new tab, click that you don’t want any add-ons, and see your bag. Then if you still want the add-ons, go back to the other tab & complete the purchase.

    • Are the spoilers they showed above full size items for glam bag plus?

      • I believe they are all spoilers for the regular bag. But they do send full size items in the regular glam bag, too. You’re just not guaranteed to receive any. Sometimes people get 3-4 full size items in their regular bag.

  15. I won’t be doing an add ons for awhile they take too long to ship the bags/boxes after you add them. I’m still dealing with recieving my November glam bag plus after paying for add-ons. It took over a month to recieve it and instead received a regular $10 bag and not my $25 plus box. I contacted ipsy and they sent a replacement and when I recieved it yesterday it had one full size item missing, a different full size item in my box that was never advertised in any of the Novembers spoilers and they included two samples sizes from the regular $10 bag. I’m so frustrated with them I’m thinking of just going back to the $10 or just cancelling and getting a different subscription.

  16. I keep wanting to do add-ons, but I’ve just heard too many people say it severely delays their bag or (even worse) they don’t get them at all. It’s kind of good because it keeps me from spending extra money, but you’d think a subscription service of their size could figure out a better system.

  17. Not interested in any of these add-ons… And a naive question: Are we supposed to pick the add-ons BEFORE we know what’s in the bag? Why not wait to offer us add-ons until the reveal day? In November I ordered an add-on and then later found out that I was getting that item anyway, so I ended up with two (and it wasn’t something I actually wanted two of).

    I like the idea of the add-ons, just not the timing.

    • Nope you see add ons after you choose to see spoilers . Both spoilers and add ons are revealed on 2nd.

  18. I skipped January, not enough spoilers & I don’t like the bag. Used the money towards a new hair styling tool I wanted instead 🙂 But I did want to say the first month they were offered I got an add on & received it. I like having the option. I don’t remember if it took longer to receive or not but hopefully they will get quicker as they go.

  19. Ladies , make sure you downloaded the ipsy app . It has a whole list of things going straight across that will happen it will say what day you can do add ons

  20. My December add ons never came…I’m a bit hesitant to order again before getting last month’s.

  21. Oh jeez I hope I don’t get that foundation! I tried it a few years ago and it was awful on dry skin. None of the add on items seem particularly worth the trouble either

  22. It did take longer than usual to get my bag when I added items. I did receive everything I ordered. My only complaint is the Skyn Iceland eye cream appeared to be empty. Ipsy sent me another but again it hardly had any cream in it.

  23. any Ipsy plus spoilers please? I want a reason than keeps me from not putting my account on hold.

    • pretty sure its too late for that now anyway. I think the cutoff is Noon PST on the last day of the month.

  24. After my add-ons not being with my December bag(which I waited 2 extra weeks for)I got my add-ons shipped to me but only 1 of the 3 where in the bag!!!! Did they think I would not realize that 2products were missing???? I’m thinking about cancelling my subscription all together.

    • This same thing happened to me (missing add ons) but I’m still waiting on mine to get shipped out. I was told I’d receive an email w shipping info but have yet to receive anything. They weren’t too apologetic about it either.

      • Same.

  25. They have never told me about Add-ons either, and I’m feeling quite resentful! What day? I go to the site and see nothing.

    Makes me wonder if they only want a small number of people to see it, bc they don’t have enough…

    • They do only want a select few to see add-ons. Customer service told me twice now. Unless this is something new starting in January but you’d think we’d receive an email by now.

    • Add ons started for some in October and for everyone last month. You go on Ipsy app or website if you don’t have app early on the 2nd choose to view your spoilers then option to view add ons will show up. Even though I only have regular Ipsy I was able to add on the 111 skin serum for $12 on December 2nd.

  26. I’ll pass. So far I have not added on. It just delays delivery, the same way redeeming points does. I don’t do that often either.

    • This is soooo true. It took two weeks longer because I added on the velvet sponge a couple months ago. Ridiculous.

  27. I don’t quite understand. Do they offer the add- ons after people see their bags?

    Somehow, I’m getting skipped for ” Add- On Day”. The lip pencil and the clear lip gloss were two of the products they asked me if I wanted in my regular bags.
    I’d like both products well enough and compared to most of their items but not extras, of course.

    Also, my bag is rarely visible on ” Add- On Day”. ( One day to choose reminds me of some kind of reward given in elementary school LOL)

    • Yes, I have seen the add ons when I look at the reveal for my plus box. I use my phone and a browser. I’m not sure if there’s a banner or I clicked to show all samples for the month to get the option to add. I did it in November and my box didn’t arrive until December. The process could have improved since then.

      • >The process could have improved since then.

        Narrator: it hasn’t

  28. I wont get another add on! The very first one I ordered never came and I’m still waiting for it to ship to me!

    • Mine never came either! They are supposed to ship it in the next box but we’ll see. I’m never requesting an add on again.

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