Ipsy Glam Bag Plus Subscription Update

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FYI – Starting in January, Ipsy Glam Bag Plus will no longer include a makeup bag (Thanks for the heads up, Courtney!):

We also have some spoilers for the January 2019 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus! (These are some of the items that Ipsy is sending in January. There are variations every month, so you may not receive them in your Glam Bag Plus.)

Here are some of the items being included in January:

What do you think of the spoilers?

This subscription is $25 a month. Sign up here! Check out our full Ipsy Glam Bag Plus FAQ post to learn more!

And if you are new to the regular Ipsy, it is a $10 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes. And check out our Ipsy Spoilers to see what’s coming up in future boxes!

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  1. I just got my December box and it’s missing the Smith and Cult Eyeshadow palette… I emailed customer service and they are sending out another. Anyone have an idea on how long it will take to get to me?? The December box didn’t arrive until almost January…
    Also, there are new variations for the December box on Ipsy’s site. When did the new items come out?

  2. The problem is that they advertised this with the bag AND amazing products. That’s what everyone signed up for. Now they are saying they have to get rid of the bag to deliver the amazing products they already promised & apparently are not delivering on. I haven’t had the chance to get this subscription yet but I feel like this is a total bait & switch campaign.

    • It is. I totally agree. I’ve had it for two months but I really thought the fact that it was high end and came with much nicer bags was a huge selling point. Now I’m feeling not so excited about it. 😕 We were only getting 4 bags per year anyways. Dang.

  3. I’m all for them improving their products and selection.
    I’ve received that Morphe highlighter TWICE already through Ipsy plus!! I mean, it’s a nice highlighter and all… but I really don’t need two of them and they’ve only been doing this for a short time. It seems too early for repeats.

  4. They want to reduce the Bags, so we could get better products, yet one of the items is the Eyeko that I have been seeing everywhere? What a lovely start..

    • i am skipping this month and possibly canceling as well

  5. I am so disheartened by the whole ipsy glam bag plus roll out. I am on sample size product overload. I think I’ve kept 3 to 4 products out of my last years glam bags and gifted the rest away. I have followed every link on MSA to get signed up, each time I get a notice that the promotion has ended. I even reached out to ipsy care. I have been a faithful subscriber for years. I am up for renewal in January. I am on the fence about canceling all together. I had no problem getting on the Boxy Luxe list. So sad!

  6. I just skipped would need better spoilers to unskip.

  7. New Ipsy point rewards are up.

  8. Not to worried about the bag, as I don’t really use them anyway.. as long as we’re still getting full size quality brand items, and the price doesn’t change (see where they said “introductory price of $25 a month”) then we’re all good!

    • It has said Introductory price since day one. So price might change but that advertisement is not new.

  9. I felt burnt the first Ipsy Glam Plus. I’m buying for the products, not the bag. I’ve had ipsy for over 4 years, and I never use the bags. Quality products are most important for me.

  10. For the regular bag, I’d much rather trade the bag for another sample. I have bag overload.

  11. I like the bigger bag but don’t need it if the products are nice enough to make up for it. According to these previews,they aren’t currently.

  12. I liked getting a big bag bummer

  13. I was going to pause next month but I really want the hey honey serum. I use it every day and it makes my skin look amazing. I’m almost out of my sample.size of the serum so getting the serum I my ipsy is actually saving me money from the original cost.

  14. I LOVE the GBP I just received, so if they curate with well- known and higher end products which fit my skin type and makeup that also fits my profile for very soft cool tones, i’ll be exceptionally happy.

    If I start getting dirt colored products and products for combination skin or made in China ( which I think ” Hey Honey’ is and have NEVER seen the appeal of the brand) then I’ll drop it.

    BoxyLuxe and I are likely going our separate ways because the owner refuses to customize even into TWO tonal palettes- warm or cool.
    I think Boxy should be run by a female who wears cosmetics.

    • Yes!!! I adore boxy/boxyluxe, but I am OVER warm tones. I am a cool tones girl all the way!

      • Me too!

    • I canceled Boxycharm too after not getting off the boxyluxe waitlist and because Ipsy is blowing my mind. I also really dislike products that are made in China. I’ll happily donate if swap them, but if I can find a luxe sub (Ipsy that’s you) that doesn’t include products made in China I’ll stay subscribed.

    • Hey honey is not made in China. It’s one of the few companies not from China

  15. I think this is a great change!! I would rather have a nice assortment of quality products! What do people do with all of these bags anyway 🤷‍♀️

    • Agreed.

    • The problem is, that they aren’t actually going to improve the type of products we receive, it’s just an excuse for them to not have to send a bag now. I for one see right through it.

      • I agree 100%! We probably won’t see better boxes. They are very sneaky.bi see through it as well.

      • I was gonna say the same thing!

    • I give mine to the teachers and staff at our daughter’s school, along with samples collected throughout the year, as Christmas gifts!

  16. No big deal. I’d rather have the focus on the products, rather than the bag. Going with the flow…

  17. I dont know how I feel on not getting a bag every 3 months, I do enjoy them occasionally so. I’m over here still waiting on my November box with add-ons that hasnt arrived yet but instead received a regular $10 bag when I’m not even subscribed to receive. I already contacted CS and they said I will be getting a replacement along with my add-ons and to expect a email within 5 days. Well today is 5 days and still no email. This is really upsetting me.

    • Omg! That happened to me too for my November box!! I was waiting on my replacement box..and still haven’t gotten a confirmation. I sent an email last week…not sure what time do now since I’ve been emailing since mid-november about my box.

  18. I’m not here for the bags anyway. They need to work on the products they feature in these boxes.

  19. I just want my freaking subscription! I signed up off the MSA link to skip the waitlist way back in September, and got an e-mail from them confirming. And I have yet to receive a Glam Bag Plus. Every month I e-mail them asking what happened and they always talk in circles and say I will get it next month for sure, then the next month rolls around and I just get another regular Glam Bag. Their CS is so incompetent. When I followed up to asked what is going on and to ask to have my case escalated to a manager since it has been 3 months of this run-around, they just stopped responding all together. I’m ready to cancel all of my accounts with them!

  20. Can anyone sign up for this box? Or do you have to be subscribed to the normal Ipsy bag already?

    • To subscribe for plus bag, you need to be a Ipsy glam bag’s subscriber in a first place.
      Then you need to be invited to upgrade for plus bag.
      Hope this will help you. 😉

  21. Idk how i feel about this i feel like ipsy is just saying this to get out from giving us our bag. They dont want to spend their resources to give us a better makeup bag but I guess we have to wait and see. I also dont like any of the sneekpeaks. The eyeliner the lip crayon and lip scub could have easily been given in the regular glambag. And we pay $25. Hopefully there are more exciting products and if it gets more the $25 im canceling. My boxycharm is the best i love them and im currently just going to decide if i will keep ipsy.

    • I got the serum and Smith & Colt palette this month so, I’m pretty happy with the value. If they keep that up it’s worth $25 for sure.

  22. Did not get the email. I wonder if it’s because I’m set to skip Jan. Is anyone else set to skip & did receive the email?

    • I didn’t get the email and I’m not skipping any months, so they seem to be pretty inconsistent.

    • Me. I skipped until April. If they get better quality products in lieu of a bag it is fine because frankly they are sending a lot of strange brands they are always pimping out

  23. I don’t care about the bag but the products are decreasing in quality and appeal each month to me. Eyeko again already? Nope.

  24. I’m actually a little bummed about that. I didn’t keep the first pink one because I didn’t love the color, and thought I’d be getting more. The blue sequin one is fun, and I was looking forward to getting more of a larger sized makeup bag than the regular ipsy ones. I loved that they were doing every 3 months so they wouldn’t accumulate so fast. So, yeah, I’m bummed about it.

    • I really liked the idea of a nicer bag every 3 months.

      • Me too. I wish they would keep sending them quarterly in plus & get rid of the bags in the regular glam bag.

        • I fully agree with you, Molly. I wonder if there was a survey put up of bag or no bag, in the plus, what would the results be? 🤔

        • The main reason I am keeping my regular bag is for the small bags. I use them all the time… for pens, as a wallet, for feminine products, for makeup, etc… in each purse I can have a bag and don’t have too move stuff around. I don’t need the bigger bags thought. However, I believe that they just figured out that it costs them too much to make those. I don’t think that the decision to get rid of the bag will change the products we are getting it will just improve their profit.

          • I love the little regular bags from ipsy. They are not all needed; so I give away the ones I don’t appreciate so much, but there are a lot of them I smile when I see them! I use them for so many helpful things!

          • I do the same. Keeps everything organized plus you can pull out a bag or two and leave in the car if you are going shopping and want a lighter bag.

        • I look forward to the nicer bag, too. And, I agree that was done probably to improve their bottom line.

    • I am kinda bummed about not receiving a quarterly bag, too. I don’t need one every month, but having a bigger one every 3 months gave me something nice to put my makeup in. I was worried this might happen when there was a question on last month’s subscriber survey about how important the bags were. They obviously already had the next quarter’s bags ready since we are receiving them in the December box. I have been happy with the products so far, but if no bag means better – and maybe exclusive – items, then I will wait and see if the trade off is worth it.

  25. I am totally fine with this change. I have so many bags and usually get more when I buy gwp offers. I think they’re doing pretty good for this new subscription. I wasn’t over the moon with my first month but this month I was SO pleased. I felt like they tried to implement more personalization. Maybe I just got lucky but I got the colors and products I most wanted. I agree they need to work on having more than 8 products but I’m willing to be patient. The thing that worries me is the “introductory price of $25.” I don’t believe I’ve seen that wording used before. I wouldn’t be willing to pay very much more for a box I get every single month. But I have to admit they’re giving great value at this price point. Better than Boxyluxe in my opinion. I’ve only received one box from them (December) and I am pretty sure I am canceling. Not just the luxe box but Boxy altogether. Whereas with Ipsy I have the Plus subscription and a regular $10 one and for now I plan to keep both.

    • They have had “introductory price ” listed whole time.

      • I’m not disputing that or making some sort of accusation. I just meant that it’s the first time I recall noticing it.

    • The introductory pricing has been listed, many times. It worries me, as well. If it went up I’d go back to the regular bag. I’m not willing to pay more than $25 for it.

      I’m bummed about no more bags.

  26. I don’t think the bag itself is a big deal, but I wonder if the value will stay good. I will gladly give up the makeup bag for another full size 111Skin product. More customization would be really good. I have gotten soooo much Dry Shampoo lately in boxes that I am starting to think someone told them I have smelly hair.

    • 😂😂😂
      That happened to me for a while too. And despite trying so many I never found a single one that worked on my thin fine hair.

  27. I really like (and use) the bag from my first box, but I’m definitely okay with this changing if the products improve. I didn’t get this email, but I did skip December and January.

  28. I think I’m going to switch back to the regular glam bag. I have so much makeup as it is, as much as i love getting full sizes, there’s no way I will ever, ever use it all. Even with giving a lot of it away.

  29. I truly don’t mind this change as it shows they are willing to make adjustments as they discover issues with their business model. My only question, given the ‘bags’ less than lackluster performance so far judging by the reviews and posts and my personal opinion, AND January spoilers, is are they going to step up the curation and personalization?

  30. Still waiting to get the invite to get a plus bag 😔 so jealous of everyone else getting theirs. If anyone knows how to get on the top of that Ipsy list let me know! 😉

  31. I knew it was too good to be true.

  32. I really liked the bag I got in the December box it is very pretty.Too bad they are doing away with bags but I am open to better products.been very happy with what I have gotten since starting.

  33. Hmmm… will this make me want to stay with Ipsy glam bag plus or not??? 🤔Decision… Decision… Decision…

  34. I am currently on the waitlist for the Glam Bag Plus but just received this e-mail. Wonder if that means I was bumped off the list and will receive my first plus in January…my account still states regular bag. Hmmmm….

  35. I don’t know what to do with the million makeup bags I’ve got already, so, fine by me. 🙂
    Just hope they actually start customizing a bit.

    • This is what I’m hoping for, more things to customize with like maybe 10-15 different items. Plus actually using our preferences accurately. They’ve been on point with mine except for including lippies. I know that’s not the case with a lot of other subscribers though.

  36. The bag was good and of high quality but it’s better to put resources towards the products. They re now directly in competition with Boxycharm.

  37. Yea, I received a blue & silver sequin bag in my December box. So are they going to change the name to, say,” Ipsy Glam Box Plus?”

    • I didn’t care for the cheap sequin bag this month, nor that I got brushes again for the second month in a row, and one of those exact SAME brushes in my $10 regular bag. Yet those who received the highlighter a second time got an extra product. There needs to be consistency in fairness to ALL customers. I also think they need a LOT more products to choose from. The same 8 for everyone isn’t going to cut it.

      • Gotta start somewhere 🤷‍♀️ I think that eventually they will have a lot more products to customize bags with. Years ago when I first started ipsy, the products were low-end. Now they’ve got awesome brands and high-value bags.

      • You shouldn’t have gotten any doubles of the brushes. The ones sent in the GBP were face brushes, & the one from the regular bags was an eye brush. I actually like that they match each other.

        I agree that it’s messed up that some people got an extra product, & now that this announcement has been made, I’m eyerolling that the bonus item for everyone with the GBP is the bag we were supposed to get in January, but now won’t be getting. So basically it’s still a situation where glam bag subscribers got a bonus, but glam bag plus subscribers did not. Not cool.

    • They should just call the regular bag the “ipsy glam bag” and the $25 one the “ipsy glam box”.

  38. I was looking forward to receiving my make up bag in January too. My niece talked me out of my first one lol and that pink bag was so cute

  39. but will they put more love into products? WILL THEY? 🤷‍♀️🤔

    • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  40. I just got this email as well and was wondering why I got my bag in December box instead of January’s. But it doesn’t bother me, love they will put love into the products. I did like the bigger bags but you can find cheap ones on cheap online stores.

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