CAUSEBOX Winter 2018 Box FULL Spoilers + Coupon!

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We have the FULL spoilers for the Winter 2018 CAUSEBOX!

Each box will include:

Here’s a closer look at a few of the items:



Every Winter CAUSEBOX comes with the Metamorphic Jade Roller from all-natural, vegan beauty brand Luna Nectar! You finally get to fall in love with the beauty tool that every editor is raving about! What are the benefits of jade rolling? It’s the perfect tool for increasing circulation and reducing puffiness in the morning, it is amazing for under-eye circles, it encourages lymphatic drainage and releases facial tension — and it’s offers a much needed dose of self-care and relaxation!



Matr Boomie Vitana Necklace or  Vitana Earrings

Every Winter CAUSEBOX will come with one of two gorgeous, statement jewelry pieces from Matr Boomie! You will receive either the Vitana Necklace or a set of Vitana Earrings — and Annual Members get to choose which one they will receive! These handmade, art-deco inspired, mixed-metal jewelry pieces make a statement for good — every piece is handcrafted in Jaipur, India, and our partnership this Winter helped put 45 artisans to work for four months!

causebox causebox causebox

A set of three gift wrap sheets designed by Australian artist (and Winter Box designer) Claire Ritchie.

Here is a closer look at each sheet:

What do you think of the spoilers?

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  1. OMG! After my last three boxes being delayed by months, I just got my tracking info for the winter box. And it has already started to move! Causebox is getting its act together at last!

  2. I so hate that I discovered this website! 😂 I just ordered this box too. I did the PopSugar cyber deal & was a little disappointed with the winter box. Hoping the fall box that’s coming next week makes up for it. Then I had to have this box too! After seeing the past reviews, I took the plunge with a yearly subscription. 🤦‍♀️ Someone help me! My wallet is screaming, but the addiction is real!

  3. Last night, this message popped up in my account as an update: LATEST UPDATE: DECEMBER 5, 2018 (7:38PM PT) — Winter Box Timeline: Winter Boxes will begin shipping out this week pending any unforeseen delays! Shortly after your box has shipped you’ll receive an e-mail with specific tracking information!

    Also, my account shows that as long as you order this by Dec. 8, it should ship by Dec. 14…so we should all be getting this in time for Christmas!! 🙂

    • I really really hope that everything goes smoothy. They have had such rotten luck with shipping lately.

  4. I feel like this box is having trouble deciding what age their customers are

    • I’m 40 and love the fall and winter box.

  5. I’m still irritated at myself because I passed up that tote from the fall box, however if I paid for annual, I would have had this box. So maybe it’s better that way. Spring, keeping my fingers crossed for a good spring box.

    • Eh, don’t have too much regret. I got my tote and it lasted about a month before the stitching went bad and one of the handles came straight off. Still loving the box for the scarf, S’well bottle, and the palette. Though the eyeshadow was, by far, the least popular item in the box, I find that the colors compliment my skin tone perfectly and I wear them almost daily. That palette is one of the 4 to survive the “I’m moving and not taking all this nonsense with me” purge of my beauty products.

      • Hmmm you’re not the first person to say that. I mentioned it a while back too and got the same response, that the quality wasn’t there. I don’t wear scarves and a S’well bottle is just so-so to me, so maybe I should just assume I was saved from a bad purchase, lol.

        • That is certainly how I’d choose to see it. I work for hospice. Meaning I spend my days driving from home to home, rarely with enough time for the A/C to do anything in my car during the summer months. I’ve had issues with dehydration in the past, so I keep a cooler on my passenger seat full of water bottles. I will take them all, thank you very much. But if you aren’t like me, one or two water bottles is about all you ever need, lol.

          As soon as this box ships, I will be sure to cancel this subscription. Though I’m hoping to be pleasantly surprised by the poncho.

  6. Liz I can’t bwlieve you haven’t posted it yet- two new Target beauty boxes are out – one for him and her. I bought mine last night!

    • There was a post here yesterday about the two Target boxes.

  7. This is a great looking box. I came so close to buying but I decided against – I wouldn’t wear the poncho/wrap enough and I design jewelry so I have a massive collection. I own some Beats wireless earbuds, and don’t use a planner. I’m not sure that lifestyle boxes are really my thing (one FFF and then cancelled, too many unused/unneeded items) but will keep watching for that irresistible hero item in a future box.

  8. This is a fantastic box, but I really wish Winter boxes would ship at the beginning of the month instead of mid or late in the month. Just in time for Christmas is too late. Hanukah, work parties, charity gift drives, those all happen throughout the month and getting this on the 24th, when I’m already out of town, means that I miss the chance to use the wrapping paper or give any of the presents away as gifts. Next year, Causebox, get the process going a little early. (Or at least don’t give me wrapping paper in January!)

    • I agree, I sort of wondered that about several boxes that ship mid-December. I understand that it could be difficult the first time but it really should be done.

  9. As an Aussie, I LOVE the wrapping paper!! This will be my first box from them and I ordered it when I saw the wrapping paper. Love to support our Australian artists.

  10. Anyone else think the design/paper looks like poop? No, just me? Maybe I spend too much time around kids but those trees look like piles of 💩 to me. Otherwise very excited about the box- keeping some, gifting some, its a win win! Love what Causebox stands for and is doing!

    • I personally love the paper design!

  11. Oh I wish I had seen this earlier because I just ordered a planner from Amazon. This one looks nice so I may return the one I got from amazon.

  12. Dang it! I had to get one. That’s a perfect monthly planner and I’ll make use of the other items except the roller. I wish they would’ve spoiled the whole box earlier- I may have been tempted to upgrade and choose my items if I knew there were other big ticket items in there. Can’t wait for it to arrive to see what I get!

    • When I log into my account I’m still able to change my choices, so it appears that customization is still open should you choose to upgrade 🙂

  13. I’m so excited for this box! First and most importantly, NO blanket! Between the blanket scarves from fall boxes and the blankets in the winter FFF and Popsugar boxes, I have plenty. The poncho looks beautiful and although it’s a “keep me warm” item, it’s different enough that I’m into it!

    The only disappointment for me is the jade roller since I did get another one in my FFF box, but I can probably use one to trade or as a gift and it won’t be a big deal.

    The planner is lovely and not something I’ve gotten from any other winter subscription box.

    The Bluetooth earbuds look really nice as opposed to the bad quality ones given out recently by FFF. $99 value doesn’t guarantee they’ll be perfect, but I’m hopeful! The FFF verion had a listed retail value of around $30 if I’m not mistaken, so I feel like I’ll have better luck with these.

    I’m a big fan of the jewelry selection in this box. I don’t wear earrings, so I selected the necklace and it looks perfect.

    I’m even excited about the wrapping paper!! We may not get our boxes until after 12/25, but I always have post-Christmas parties that this print will be perfect for.

    I have to say, this is easily my favorite box of the whole year for the value! Great job Causebox!

    • In my account, it says shipping is expected on or before 12/14, so I’m hopeful these will arrive before Christmas!

      • That’s great. I hadn’t seen the shipment dates yet, so thanks for the heads up! 🙂

    • I swear I got so lucky with the FFF headphones. Mine are great! So many people had problems with them.

      That being said, I’m much more excited about this box than any recent FFF one!

      • My headphones work still, but the battery lasts for about 30 minutes tops. That just doesn’t cut it.

        I’m still excited about my FFF box. More likes than dislikes for sure. But shipping…oh the shipping drama!! 😂

        I really hate that they post the “groups” and just don’t seem to stick with them. I know they have 1M members, but I’m honestly not cutting them much slack because dang that’s alot of money they’re making; fix the glacial pace of the fulfillment and shipping system for goodness sake and stop using FedEx. They make so many mistakes…I’ve never received a completely correct box. Sheesh. Hire and grow.

        I’m annual with 2 boxes and add-ons on both accounts and I just got a label over the weekend. No clue when it’ll really ship (I don’t believe mine will leave before 30 days post-billing) and I’m supposedly Group 1 (…not Group 1.5…not Group 2…)

        Gah. Sorry for the rant!!

        • I finally got a shipment that appeared to include all my correct add-ons but then I opened the hairdryer box and it was missing the attachment. Ugh. Sent an email almost a week ago and still haven’t gotten a response from an actual person…just automated responses saying they are still behind on addressing issues. Looks like I’m not alone….and they need to add CS members to match their 1M subscribers.

          • Try the chat feature. I have much better luck vs email.

        • No need to be sorry! I’m right there with you! I had two annual subs, now I’m down to one. This is my last FFF box before renewal and I still haven’t decided if it’s worth it for me.

          I do love their edits and add-ons…

          • The edit sale and add-ons are honestly the only things keeping me around. The prices we pay for those items is borderline unbelievable. I almost don’t care about the box itself anymore, except when it holds up the shipment of my add-ons. 😊

          • What are edits? I’ve gotten two FFF boxes, one I didn’t do add-ons and this last one I did. But what are the edits people keep talking about?

        • I agree, the shipping slowness and customer service unhelpfulness is what keeps me from signing up for a yearly account. I waited over two months for my introductory box (with no notice that it was gonna take that long) and some pretty useless customer service about when my box would arrive. That’s pretty ridiculous.

          • Having said this, I usually love their items and love the causes…so I really wish they could get this aspect of things together!

  14. this might just be my favorite box from a sub EVER! I won’t confess just how many subs I’ve had over the years, but it’s a lot. This tops them all. Also, super excited I saw this spoiler for the planner before I spent the money on a different one. This is actually just the type of planner I was looking at. And I absolutely love everything else in the box! Just wish I wouldn’t have picked the jade roller in FFF, but it will make a good gift.

  15. I don’t like anything in this box except the poncho

    • It happens! Everyone has different taste. I bet you can get some good trades for some of the items you don’t like if you still feel the same way when you receive your box! 🙂

    • Good. More for us! I think this box is perfect.

    • Yes, I feel the same. I really wish I hadn’t gotten this one. I have several ponchos from FFF , got a roller in FFF, my bluetooth earbuds from FFF work great, so don’t need a new pair. This box feels like Cause Box is trying to play catch up to FFF and that’s just so sad. Honestly, the only thing I feel any excitement for is the wrapping paper!

      • I hope Causebox doesn’t “catch up with” FFF because the quality of their items has been far better than what I’ve gotten in FFF.

        • So true! I do like FFF for their sales and community, but Causebox and Pop Sugar have a much higher quality.

      • I feel like Causebox is trying to fall in line with some of the other boxes, as far as the items they are using. The boxes seem to be becoming more cohesive and have more trendy items that are appealing to a larger demographic. However, I do find that the quality continues to be superior to FFF.

        But you are right, the items in this box are really similar to stuff recently delivered in other boxes (ponchos, planners, jade roller, bluetooth earbuds). It’s ok to have some repeats, since nobody (aside from Liz) gets all the boxes. But this box doesn’t seem to have anything unique to it. They might benefit from maybe monitoring this site to see what their competition has going on. Like Johanna from Happy Rebel who engages with us in the comments to learn what we want and usually offers up something pretty unique each season.

    • Your not alone i agree, None of this is my style at all.

    • Me either and thats why I canceled this particular box. Liked my Fall bo x. Maybe better suited for me in the spring. The “wrap” (its not a poncho BTW) is very beautiful but btwn my gorgeous blanket scarf from Pop Sugar, a poncho/WRAP I already received from the FFF Fall edit sale AND the TRUE poncho I just ordered in the FFF winter add-ons I just simply didnt need another one. Already have bluetooth headphones, a jade roller, I dont use planners, and that jewelry is definitely not my style at all. Its a lovely box for otgers n I hope everyone enjoys theirs. Hopefully I’ll b back in the spring. Happy Holidays everybody!

  16. Great box, I’m excited to get mine!

  17. Uh oh I’m falling off the fence!

  18. I want all the ponchos 🤣🤣

    • I have two annual accounts because I couldn’t decide between purses in the fall box. Believe me, my wallet is a sad, empty shell of its former self, but I’m getting both the dang panchos I want!! 😉

      • Me too! I did two annuals because I wanted both totes and both scarves. But I’m thrilled, because now I get both ponchos that I wanted AND both the necklace and earrings!

        • I asked for an annual sub for Christmas but then ordered a single box for myself on the Cyber Monday deal. My hubs then ordered me the annual sub. Whoops! I now have the necklace and earrings, but I have no need for two planners and both my ponchos were the cream color! I think I am fine doubling up on other items, so hoping I can swap/gift the others. I’d love a cranberry poncho. New to all of this, so hopefully I can figure out how to offload 🙂

  19. I’ve been going back and forth since black friday. I don’t really NEED another poncho but FOMO finally got me and I caved lol. This really is a great box.

  20. Not a single exciting item. Pass.

    • Really? You’re a tough sale!! 😉 Some items have been offered from other sub boxes, but one of the things that separates this one from others (ahem, FFF), is the quality of the jewelry. I love that necklace/earring set.

      The Bluetooth headphones look fabulous and again, of good quality compared to what I have from FFF.

      I hope you end up liking other boxes! I love this company and when I drop some of my other subscriptions soon, this will be the one to stay.

  21. I’m so sad. I forgot to cancel my sub for this box, so it renewed and now I’m getting this. It’s not a bad box. It’s not bad at all. But not quite good enough for me to be happy about this little accident.

    Poncho- Really really hoping for that cream one. It’s very pretty and classy. I’d also be happy with the gray. The cranberry just isn’t my style at all though.
    Bluetooth earbuds- I just got bluetooth earbuds in the FFF fall box.
    2019 Planner- I just got a 2019 planner in the fall Happy Rebel box.
    Necklace/Earrings- I actually really like that necklace, but the earrings are way too huge for me to pull off.
    Jade Roller- I’ll try it, maybe I’ll like it. It seems silly, but I also might really like the feel of it on my skin when I’ve got a migraine.
    Facial Steam- I have never used something like this. So who knows? Maybe I’ll like it.
    Gift wrap- I’ll certainly use it.

    So moral of the story, I went a little crazy this past fall, got way too many boxes, and I’m probably on sub box overload with some duplicate items. It’s a good box, not something I’d intentionally spend my money on though. And I’m now getting 3 boxes this season (PSMH, Happy Rebel, and Causebox), and I am so full of shame.

    • I am getting Popsugar, FFF, Margot Elena, More Than Just Moms and 5 monthly ones. Cancelling 3 monthly ones in January, the remaining 2 probably in February. Too much stuff.

      You can sell stuff to help your wallet gain weight again. Round curves and stuff :))

      • I’m mostly just disappointed because I told myself I’d only get one box this winter. Happy Rebel won this season, hands down. But then I got the awesome BTBF deal for PSMH, so I decided 2 would be ok. I’m moving and my new house needs that throw! However, I’m also in the process of “purging” as I call it, getting rid of stuff I don’t regularly use, that I don’t want to lug to my next house. I have a set number of shoes, totes, purses, scarves, beauty products, etc. that I’m allowing myself to take. So now I have to look at what I have left, and purge a little further. But I am getting some good gifts out of this.

        • No need for shame! Let it be a lesson, enjoy some wonderful gifts, and congratulations on the new house, and self-awareness of how you wish to fill it 🙂

    • I am not an annual so I couldn’t pick my jewelry, either. If I get the earrings I plan on turning them into a necklace….. there is a loop on them that should make it easy to open up and take the post off. I think both earrings on one chain will look sharp.

      • Marie, you are brilliant!

    • Oh, I could have written this exactly. Got a charge on my CC only to find I’d forgotten to cancel! Not too interested in this box but hoping I can gift some items!

  22. I wasn’t going to get it because I didn’t need a poncho or jade roller. But FOMO is strong, I don’t have either of those things, and I love the planner, facial steam, and bluetooth headphones, easily making up the cost of the box even if I don’t use the jade roller, poncho, or jewelry often. So I gave in!

  23. Awesome box. Yeah

  24. Not that excited about the new spoilers. Really don’t want a planner. I was happy about the earbuds till I read the reviews of a similar set on Amazon – they’re pretty poor. And assigning a $10 value to that “art print” is irritating – I have a hard time imagining that she’s actually selling it anywhere for that, much less selling the gift wrap for $12.

    • It’s crazy but you’d be shocked at how much nice sheets of unique gift wrap sell for. I worked at a gift shop for several years and we sold tons of gift wrap at $3-4 per sheet – and that was the cost almost 20 years ago!

  25. I am really happy with the box. Every items is useful.

  26. I like it. I love the wrap and looking forward to it. I like the roller and earbuds. It’s a good Winter box. I hope the planner is nice.

    • There are more pics if you search on the company’s website…

      • Their Facebook page also has pictures and a video showing all the items.

  27. I love the spoilers! I’m so happy there’s not a makeup item!! Hooray!

    • Me too! This is a great box!

    • Or face cream/ serum/ goop!

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