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Breo Box Winter 2018 FULL Spoilers + Coupon!

We have the FULL spoilers for the Winter 2018 Breo Box thanks to Faye!

The Winter box includes:

W&P Design “The Popper” – $20

W&P Design Wellness Fitness Band – $12

Sanctuary Mortar & Pestle – $45

Sanctuary Nutcracker & Bowl – $35

Honorable Beast Roll-Up Backgammon Set – $45

Designed exclusively for brēō box and not available for individual purchase.  Features a zipper pocket to hold game pieces and roll-up straps with buttons, perfect for storing or taking on the go during all the holiday travels

Ember Ceramic Mug – $80

What do you think of the spoilers? 

More on this box:

The Subscription Box: Breo Box

The Cost: $129-159/quarter

If you haven’t signed up for Breo Box yet, use promo code MSA15 for $15 off your first box!

The Products: Receive a handcrafted customized wood box each quarter with 5-8 essential products. Each box is also carefully curated to provide products that are fitting to the season.

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Comments (93)

  1. I didn’t have any issues with the box – that’s too bad the ink transferred on items for some people. It’s a really pigmented color and with the winter weather, that’s a risk. It’d be great to have the chance to opt out of receiving the box. I’m giving my empty boxes away at this point. Maybe we could select to receive another item instead of the box?

    I’m not as crazy about this one as past ones, but I do really like that I’m always surprised by the items. For me they are unique and interesting things. If I can’t use them, I can think of friends/family who will.

  2. I’d love to swap for a couple of ember mugs if anyone isn’t interested in theirs. My daughter wants to gift them to her father and brother for Christmas.

    I’d also buy/split the box for the mug plus shipping.

  3. I just got my box, and I was really hoping that I wouldn’t be disappointed like everyone else when I received my box. I am sooooo upset. When I received my box, the side of the cardboard box was wet. I didn’t think much off this until I opened it and saw that most of the packaging was now dyed red. To begin with the packaging of the nut cracker and grinder was really beaten up, and when I opened the nut cracker, the black handle had fallen off the left side of the nut cracker. How is that supposed to be worth 35 US dollars???? (canadian)I spent most of my christmas budget on buying this box as a gift for my dad, and I don’t even think i can give most of it to him. The only thing that was safe was the popcorn bowl. I literally cried a little bit when I opened it. even the ember mug packaging had red on it due to the plastic covering being torn. I wish I could get my money back ;( #christmas ruined

    • Emily, Breo box needs to replace the damaged items for you. Packaging damaged enough should be replaced & certainly the broken items. Email them the photos right away and ask them to reship the items that are ruined in a plain box 2 day shipping to receive by christmas & send you a return label for the ruined items to ship back to them. Take a lot of photos & save/document everything well. It’s their responsibility and they will have to replace them.

      If they don’t (my guess is they will), start posting the pics on their facebook page until they do the right thing!

  4. I am sooo sad after receiving my box. I was hoping I wouldn’t be let down like everyone else, but I feel like I got it even worse. The side of the shipping box was a little wet when I got it.
    When I opened it, all the products were covered in red dye. The boxes to the products to begin with were really battered. With further inspecting, I opened the box to the nut cracker, and the black piece to the nut cracker handle on the left side was at the bottom of the bowl and not even attached to the nut cracker(broken). I am so upset, I bought this as a present for family and I feel like I can’t even give it to them. I literally cried because I spent most of my Christmas budget on this, and it’s basically garbage. Atleast I can give the mug to my dad, but it’s also covered in red, due to a rip in the plastic. 🙁 wish I could get my money back…..

    • Emily, I feel your pain. My popcorn popper went directly to the trash due to the red dye. The red box went also to the trash I took everything out of the boxes and put them on my donation room pile . That was suppose to be my husband’s gift. I owe him one but he understood once he saw the red mess and my asthma symptoms.

  5. Breo-

    I’m really disappointed about the “perk!” You say the discounted price is the perk but you give $20 discounts to new subscribers so where is the incentive to keep subscribing? I’m the highest level and was lead to believe we’d actually get something for that.

    The mug is the only thing I want (and that’s as a gift). The last box was terrible too. But i stayed because i thought Breo would make it worth my while. Either reward those who stay with you or lower your price. I get Popsugar Must Have ($75?) and Happy Rebel ($100) and get much better value for my money.

  6. I just got my box. Honestly, I like all of the items. I just don’t like the price. I think the hero item is a REAL hero item…not one of those overinflated-RV items that some boxes like to push. I love the nutcracker set. I have use for the rest of the stuff. However, I wish either another small item was included or fewer items with higher individual values.

  7. Breo–I was SO excited about the Ember mug as I posted about incorporating one in the box on this forum a little while back. That was a total win. Sadly the rest of this box was a hot mess and I have no idea what to do with it. This actually caused me to cancel. I get it is difficult to please a wide customer base but in past boxes I could at least regift all of the items that I didn’t personally find appealing. I can’t gift anything here aside from the popcorn bowl. Even another throw blanket or fleece socks or an edible would have been preferable to what was actually included. 🙁

    • At least you can gift the popcorn popper. Mine is full of red paint residue.

      • Mine was too but a damp paper towel cleaned it up to make it passable.

  8. Does anyone know if the ember mugs will all be white? I wonder if they will get stained from continuous coffee use? I would love 1 or 2 of them if anyone wants to swap theirs.

    Unfortunately, I can’t use or gift the rest of the box so it doesn’t make sense to buy the whole box for double the price of the mug. If only it had another tech item or something like the Tesla lighter or salt & pepper shakers from previous boxes !

  9. Folks as a warning, be careful how you handle this box. The paint rubs off very easily and will stain you and anything it comes in contact with, with red dye.

    • Second that. I’ve burned through a lot of paper towels wiping mine down and there’s still transfer. I don’t want to throw away this nice box but I don’t see how I can use it except maybe in the garage.

  10. I was disappointed when I saw the spoilers but even so much more disappointed after I received the box. The packaging on the resistance band is beyond basic —not giftable at all in my opinion. But the nutcracker, and grinding thing and the backgammon game packaging is so basic it looks as though it was some kind of freebie and definately not something you purchased someone as a gift. That alone makes these items unusable. That perk of being able to gift what you cant’t use is gone if the packaging looks like this. Only the ember mug has professional looking packaging. So sad with this box. Also I was at Ikea and compared the kitchen grinder thing and there is no difference in quality in the ikea version just less than 1/2 the cost.

    • Hi Erin,

      Thank you for the feedback we will definitely keep that factor in mind in the sense of making sure our vendors have appealing packaging before we move forward with a product even if we love the product itself.

      brēō box

      • Hmm…I’m not interested in packaging. I sub for myself. But please, no more board games for a while 😫

    • Erin, I totally agree & would be disappointed too. I almost bought this box for the mug myself.
      Just as an idea, maybe you could take the backgammon game out of whatever cheap packaging it’s in then tie it with a ribbon (or clear wrap-you’re probably more creative than I am) to something similar in height to make a game night duo…depending on the recipient, you could use a bottle of wine, tall bottle of beer/liquor, sparkling lemonade (my son loves this), soda etc. You could even stick a candy filled candy cane or other thin snack (slim jims/beef jekey sticks) into it as well.
      I agree the nut bowl is sad looking but I would unwrap it and consider decorating it with a big themed ribbon/ big college or sports team sticker or something ‘themed’ you could slap on there & fill with packaged nuts, the cracker, some colorful holiday wrapped candy or maybe something else colorful like a small team flag to go with it, a specialty bottle of beer/wine then wrap the whole thing in clear wrap with a bow.
      Try pairing the grinder with a sleeve of garlic or small bottle of olive oil or herb plant and print out a recipe for a pesto if you know someone who likes to cook. Might be a lot of effort but hopefully everyone can make gifts out of them at least if they’ve already bought the box.

      Or just donate it all to charity and take the donation write off at Breo box retail values 🙂

      • it’s going to be a lot harder to write off donations under the new tax rules. :-/

      • Some great ideas! Just sad we have to go through so much trouble to make an item appealing! What a let down!

  11. Wow. I ordered this as a gift for my boyfriend because the past boxes were filled with tech-geared stuff. I am so embarrassed by this box…only the mug sounds cool. Everything else is kind of meh. I am so disappointed!!! There is no way that this box is worth the cost. I would never buy this stuff…it feels like a bunch of crap you would find at a dollar store. I don’t think I can justify spending money on this again. Now I have to go get more presents!

    • Me too!!! I am broke!

    • Hi Tanya,

      We were going for a holiday type feel box with core fo the box being at least 3 products t that would be commonly used for this type of year. In regard to tech, the Ember Ceramic mug is one of Time Magazines top 25 inventions of the year so even though we’d like to include multiple tech items having such a big ticket product makes it tough to get more tech in the same box. Thank you for the feedback we will keep that in mind for Spring and try to hit home on the tech aspect a bit more.

      brēō box

  12. I agree with the others. I am pretty disappointed in this box. It seems like each box is getting worse. With that said, I love the Ember mug, the popcorn popper, and the nutcracker/bowl. My dad actually requested pecans and peanuts in the shell for Christmas this year so the latter will be a great gift for him. Other than that I definitely didn’t get my money’s worth.

    • Hi Maraina,

      Thank you for the feedback, it seems you loved at least half the box which is good it’s so difficult to hit home on every product for every persons liking but we truly try our best. Hopefully this Spring you will feel redeemed with what we have planned.

      brēō box

  13. Beware! There is red residue all over the boxes.I was going to try to gift the popcorn popper but is all full of that red stuff!! The same with all the boxes. On top of that they look battered ( like they had been stock on a pile at the dollar store). The only thing useful is the cup. As a bonus, the red paint residue triggered my asthma ( besides staining my clothes). I dont know if hallucinations are a side effect of the asthma inhalers but I see and hear the box telling me” Merry Christmas , Sucker!!!!

    • Definitely not what the box is trying to say! That being said I apologize for some of the red stain getting on your clothes we followed the same process with staining this box as we did all of our previous hand crafted wood boxes. We will keep that in mind about this red when we are selecting future colors for our boxes.

  14. I have loved and swapped for almost everything from their past boxes. I finally started subbing 3 boxes ago and it’s like Murphy’s law bc the minute I sub the box goes downhill and I like nothing in them. I am really unhappy with this box even more so than the other 2. Where is the tech stuff? Where is anything interesting or useful? Everything seems overpriced and barely useful. Very disappointing.

    • Hi Jennifer,

      Thank you for the feedback we will definitely try to return to be more tech focused on the next edition. In regard for a tech presence in box; the ember ceramic mug was one of Time Magazines top 25 tech inventions of the year.

  15. I just received the box and I’m pretty happy with it. I put the popcorn popper to use immediately and loved it (especially the fact that it collapses and is machine washable) – already ordered another for a Christmas gift. I’m excited about the mug, but haven’t tried it yet. The mortar and pestle is the perfect gift for a specific friend (I already have one or I’d keep it for myself). I like the backgammon game and it will fit well with my game collection. I’ll probably use the nutcracker bowl for something other than nuts, but I like its size and shape. And the fitness band will be added to my fitness stuff (though I do have another band, so it’s the least likely thing to get used right away). Plus I love the red box this season!

    Sounds like a lot of people are down on Breo Box right now, but it’s given me so many useful things that have become a part of my daily life (my toothbrush, diffuser, scale, shower speaker, and now the popcorn maker) that I really can’t complain. Much better for me than the endless sheet masks, scarves, beanies, hair salt sprays and eyeshadow palettes in all of the other boxes. I used to subscribe to SEVEN boxes but gave all but Breo Box up because I was getting too much repetition and too much little stuff that I really used or even wanted. I may not use everything in Breo Box, but there’s usually at least one thing that I didn’t know I needed but now I can’t live without!

    • Hi Kathleen,

      This means so much to us, I hope we continue to impress and give you something to look forward to for future boxes to come!

      brēō box

  16. Received my box yesterday. I was expecting an extra since it was my 5th consecutive box and they mention perks brēō platinum. Anyone receive an extra?

    • No. There is no extra!

      Since this was my fifth box, I wrote to them and asked what the perk would be. This was their response:

      “It’l vary season to season, and will be only a small gesture of appreciation. The discounted pricing is the real perk. Something such as product voting, early spoiler reveal, etc..”

      Such a seriously bad move in their part. If the discounted pricing is the real perk, they should have just left it at that and not invented another tier with such a lame “reward” that seems to serve no purpose other than to annoy their customers into feeling they got a bait and switch.

      I signed up for what I thought was a techy gadgets box. Unfortunately it’s morphed into something entirely different. This is my second box in which I will use absolutely NOTHING. I foolishly was hopeful after seeing the mug. But I’ve learned my lesson. I’m definitely unsubscribing.

      • That’s so dumb. Glad I didn’t fall for their so called “perks”.

      • Hi Olivia,

        The perks were not something to fool anyone, but we need to do a better job of being clear on any perks that take place for future editions.

        brēō box

      • Oh, not happy about that. I was very pro-breo but this just smells fishy.

      • Nothing fishy I can assure you of that, we will do a better job of clarifying perks for each season going forward or do away with that level completely if it is not something that is looked at as valuable to our subscribers. Thank you for the feedback.

        brēō box

      • Right. Next box will be my 5th and I may cancel before then now that I know this.

      • Hi Beth,

        We will do better with being clearer on the perks in regard to tech, we will definitely try to include more of that presence in upcoming editions. This box definitely had a tech presence with the Ember Ceramic Mug being one of the top tech items of the year on multiple publications. That being said we don’t take the feedback lightly and will try to keep improving and add even more tech influence with our upcoming editions.

        Hi Angel,

        Thank you for the feedback, hopefully you make your opinion on an average on all of our boxes as it is most difficult to curate a box that meets the needs/interests on every product for every person on every box. We will definitely be more tech focused on the upcoming editions and hope you stick around to see what we have planned.

        brēō box

    • Hi Zo,

      Perks change from box to box depending on what we have happening at brēō box! Perks do not generally include an extra item in a box but that is not to say we don’t do something like that in the future. I do appreciate the feedback and we are going to work on being more clear on what we deliver as perk box to box moving forward.

      brēō box

      • I’m really disappointed about the “perk!” You say the discounted price is the perk but you give $20 discounts to new subscribers so where is the incentive to keep subscribing? I’m the highest level and was lead to believe we’d actually get something for that.

        The mug is the only thing I want (and that’s as a gift). The last box was terrible too. But i stayed because i thought Breo would make it worth my while. Either reward those who stay with you or lower your price. I get Popsugar Must Have ($75?) and Happy Rebel ($100) and get much better value for my money.

  17. Out of all of my breo boxes so far, this is my least favorite. That being said, it’s still not horrible. I’ve wanted a mortar and pestle for a while, so that was a useful one. The backgammon is meh…but I’m sure I can gift to someone. The nutcracker bowl is just odd, but I will likely just use the bowl for something else. Another fitness band?!? I have like 20 now thanks to sub boxes. Over those. My favorite items were the popcorn popper and mug. Not things I would go buy retail, but I’ve wanted to try.
    I’m gonna give breo one more chance, but if spring is a bust, I’m out.

    • Thanks for the feedback Erin, I hope what we have for Spring blows you away!

      brēō box

  18. I’d love to swap for the mug (or box split) if anyone is interested. I’m on the swap site!

  19. I received my box today and it’s even worse than I expected. It’s just like I threw my money away – my boxes were all a little battered on the top and honestly struck me as dollar store buys. I’m sorry I stuck with this box because I also strongly disliked the last. I won’t take the risk next time and will cancel for now.

    • Hi ME,

      We hate to see you go, thank you for the feedback. Hopefully we can win you back with what we have planned for Spring and Summer.

      brēō box

  20. I’m normally a big fan. I really loved some of the past boxes. This one, however, is a complete fail for me. I will use the popcorn thing… I’m going for zero waste this year, but otherwise… nada… it makes me sad… I have been worried about their game in the past when there are big breaks in social media engagement… it seems like there needs to be a switch up with the curator and the business negotiator purchasing the items in bulk. This is shoddy Christmas curation. I do think these items are overvalued… considering what the competition… and I’m not even talking about luxe boxes… are able to negotiate. This feels like over dependence on friends that make or sell stuff and not a true curation of the cool stuff out there. Get on your game… meet people make more friends… you guys can do better than this!!!

    • Hi Angel,

      Thank you for the feedback, hopefully you make your opinion on an average on all of our boxes as it is most difficult to curate a box that meets the needs/interests on every product for every person on every box. We will definitely be more tech focused on the upcoming editions and hope you stick around to see what we have planned.

      brēō box

  21. I love the red box!! My coffee drinking son will love the mug. Popcorn popper is interesting and useful. I’m not too excited about the nut cracker and bowl. My grandmother had one like it in the 70’s and I haven’t had the need to crack a nut in 40 years. My son and I may use the backgammon game over the holidays. It’s not my favorite box but it’s nice.

  22. Another miss. My first box was the one with the electric toothbrush, which I love! I’m struggling with whether to cancel. I have almost everything from the past two boxes sitting collecting dust…..

  23. Honestly what has happened with this box? Look at past boxes up until this past summer and they were freaking awesome. Now it’s all crap that I wouldn’t even regift. The last 2 in particular are so below par and the exaggerated prices they give you for what you get….please. Is this what we should expect from now on and accept that they peaked in year 1. Honestly look at the past boxes and tell me how you can’t say you’ve lowered your standards.

    • Hi Brian,

      Well I sure hope we didn’t peak in year 1 as we are heading into year 3! Thank you for this feedback, we will refresh our curation with more of a tech/creative focus and hope to impress you come Spring.

      brēō box

  24. I’m glad I cancelled. In my opinion, this selection is really random and over-valued!
    You can buy an identical mortar & pestle at Ikea for $15.00!
    Square wooden box and a nutcraker $35.00? Please!
    Go to michaels and buy a box for under $6.00 and a nutcracker for $1.00 at the dollar store.
    I like that popcorn bowl, but that’s it.

    • Hi Chris,

      Hopefully what we have planned for Spring/Summer is more to your liking and we have an opportunity to win you back.

      brēō box

  25. Not very pleased, liked the 1st spoiler (mug) but everything went downhill after that. This is the first box from them I’m displeased with. I subscribed for unique and/or hi tech type items, this is more like fabfit, with exercise, kitchen and cooking items ( and I cancelled them).Hoping the spring box is better.

    • Hi C.D.

      Thank you for the feedback, we hope to truly impress you come Spring.

      brēō box

  26. Several of these “positive” reviews seem extremely fishy. Liz, do you have safe guards in place to be sure that employees of these boxes aren’t leaving these reviews?

    • Right?! Especially the one comment that was simply gushing about this box and the customer service! The box has definitely gone down in value and creativity. But increased in price! Not smart. The value is barely over $200 for mostly useless Knick knacks. The only high tech is the mug. Should have just bought the mug. Super disappointed in this box. Used to be great!

      • Hi Helen,

        How did we fail you from a customer service standpoint? Feel free to email me directly [email protected] so it can be rectified immediately. The price only went up on initial subscribers to award loyalty for our subscribers who have been with us for multiple boxes. The price actually went down for anyone who subscribers for at least 3 seasons…

        brēō box

    • I don’t think they’re necessarily fishy. No more fishy than positive reviews on other oddly expensive boxes like Luxor or 5th Avenue. I do think some people make excuses for the boxes just because they’re pricey and they don’t want to feel like suckers for buying the box. I feel like a sucker btw. LOL.

      • Luxor employees used to be ALL OVER the comment section awhile back lol… but I stopped subbing over a year ago so I don’t even look at their comments anymore. I just think it’s weird that there were several comments gushing about customer service, how to use things, why each specific item is great, etc. The comments just don’t seem real to me. (But maybe that’s because this is the worst Breo box ever in my opinion and I can not justify in my head how it’s worth the high price)

    • Hi Amy,

      We can assure you that is not the case as our company does not have employees just a few partners who are passionate in putting together curated boxes that include items you will not find in other boxes such as this Ember Ceramic Mug. Everyone has different tastes which result in different reviews, that being said we will try our best to keep improving and hope that what we have planned for these upcoming editions are more generally appealing and blow you away.

      brēō box

  27. The last 2 boxes have been complete duds and I will be canceling. You know around Christmas time that area in the men’s department where you get silly nick nak gifts like tie racks and useless games? This is what this box has turned into. Disappointed ,especially since you should step up your game at Christmas.

  28. If I didn’t absolutely love the wooden box this subscription comes in, I would have cancelled by now. I do like the Ember mug, so there is that. I’ll be swapping the rest of the items.

    • I agree about the box. I consider it one of the items that I’ll use. I also agree with others that this just seems to be a bunch of random stuff. The last winter box I was able to gift almost every item. This year none. I like the cup, but really don’t know why. The mortar and pestle will be used. I really like it. The vaue seems a bit overpriced to me.
      I like games, but can never get anyone to play with me, so that’s a waste:( Resistance band, add it to the pile. There’s a possibility I’ll use the popcorn bowl and I at least like that it’s collapsible for storage.
      I hope to find something to use the nut bowl for… it won’t be nuts.
      I’m also on the fence about keeping the box. It seems to me that the very inexpensive boxer are getting better over time (Allure) where the more expensive ones are going downhill (Breo, Robb Vices, Oui Please).

      • If you want dandy wooden boxes like this go to Costco, Sam’s Club or any liquor store this time of year. Tons of brands package their alcoholic delights in wooden boxes.
        AND you get bonus LIQUOR! Yay!
        Or if can live without the liquor (what???) just go to Michael’s or Hobby Lobby and you can buy them without liquor.
        You’re welcome and happy holidays!

  29. I love Breo! I love the owners and Customer service! I did feel the box missing something but I also think I am hoping for a awesome perk because I am along time subscriber!!! I know I get the 129 price and early revel for spoilers but is that it????

  30. I got the box because I figured the mug would be a good gift, and with the BF deal I could get enough value to be happy. Well, I’m delighted with the popcorn popper and the resistance band. The kitchen items…I’ve flipped past recipes that called for grinding something with a mortar and pestle, and I don’t own a nutcracker so I’m not totally opposed to either. The only thing that’s a total miss is the game, and that might be a gift. So while I’m not wowed, I’m not disappointed either.

  31. This box never ceases to amaze me. I don’t think there is a more creative box out there. Breo is always introducing me to the coolest products and some things I don’t even know I need until I try them with Breo. This is the perfect “holiday season” box. What Is better than this mug that keeps your drinks warm? Popcorn? Etc. Cozy and high tech all in one box. The perfect winter box! Thank you once again Breo. Oh and the customer service is one of the best I’ve ever experienced!

  32. ehhh… I just resubbed but can’t see staying on… I really like the mug and can gift the backgammon. Popcorn bowl is ok. But the resistance band, mortar & pestle, and nutcracker…. no idea what I’ll do with those.

    • work out….smush things…eat nuts…lol…I understand your dilemma, though!

  33. I do not like it when boxes have an item designed for them then place an elevated value on it. I’m a bit disappointed in this box but I’m grandfathered in to the lower price so I’ll give them a little more time.

  34. Great box great value. Very happy. Not the type to rummage through discount stores. And spend tons of time shopping. I actually really like. Popping my own healthy popcorn. I like the square bowl. It’s easier to use a mortar and pestle to cook with healthy herbs and fresh spices. Because its quick to use and. To clean. Than a electric appliance. Games are always welcome. It’s good to get off of screens. The mug. Is like my favorite thing ever. This is solid value. It could be cheaper elsewhere I guess. But. Who has time to spend doing that? I dont think the price is too high at all. It nice having great stuff delivered to your door without shopping around. And. Wasting all my time and energy. Online or in stores. I’m not. Going to worry. If I can save ten dollars. By spending two hours looking for a deal. On each item. If I dont like an item someone else will. I’m sure.

    • Hi Meredith,

      So happy you are enjoying this box, we hope that you will love what we have in store for Spring even more.

      brēō box

  35. Winter 2016 & Summer 2017 were their best boxes….the last few boxes I’ve skipped

  36. One of these days there might be the perfect Breo box for me, but this one I will pass on. I do like the mug, I have a weakness for mortar and pestles, and I like the shape of the nutcracker bowl even if I doubt I would use it for nuts. But overall the box is a bit of a miss – I kind of like the Breo boxes that focus more on tech/gadgets or upscale cooking items vs. items I could get similar for cheaper. If they come out with a box that can make *thick* belgian waffles with a flip over center I’ll be grabbing it!

    • I got this box, but not really seeing the value in it. I just bought a resistance band so maybe I can return the one I got off Amazon and everything but the mug seems kind of blah though I do like the popcorn popper which will replace my bulky air popper. I will probably skip the next box unless I see better value. I do like BREO customer service though as they are always helpful.

    • I just got a waffle maker from Macy’s around twenty bucks and would totally recommend it to you since it literally makes “belgian waffles with a flip over center”. Don’t know your preference on thickness but I think it’s pretty decent!

  37. I thought this sub brought new and interesting items that we did not know we needed. I thought that was the appeal. I’ve never needed that grinder thing so far in life and pretty sure I’ve seen pics of cave people using something similar. I’ve also never cracked a nut before and have no intentions of starting. Everybody has resistance bands. With last quarter getting a bean bag game and this time another old fashioned game thing, I hope they give up on games for awhile and please only bring us new and ingenious items like the mug. The mug is nice. Something I will try. The rest- not so much.

  38. I gave this box one more chance after their disaster of a fall box.. but I’m canceling. I won’t use any of this stuff.

    • Besides gifting the mug, AGREED!

  39. I usually use this box and the items in it as gifts. However, this time it hits a bullseye for me, LOL, MINE, Mine, MINE. I will not be sharing.

  40. First box was by far the best ….. ??? ….. don’t know what’s happened since…..

  41. So I will use each item but I don’t think I’m thrilled with this box. It’s the most expensive box I’ve ever bought but it just doesn’t blow me away.

    I think kitchen items are cool but it feels like something is missing.

  42. you can add me to the list of people canceling. So bummed with this box, I will only get use out of the mug. Good thing we have MSA to swap on!

  43. Love, love, love the nut box and the mortar pestle. Actually, I love everything except the mug. I do wish the one item I do not like wasn’t the highest RV in the box but hopefully I can swap for something nice. My bedroom has very cool tones (white/ice blue) but I have little pops of red here and there. I don’t know how as of yet but I am going to incorporate the red box in my bedroom decor.

    I went through my subs list and have cancelled most. I made a list of all subs I will keep in 2018 (very short list). Breo made the list since it has items that if I won’t use then my 3 adult brothers and adult son fight over.

    • I’m the total opposite! I will only use the mug! haha

    • You will be able to swap the mug. Unlike your blue eyeshadow quad, the mug is a highly sought after item, and there so you should have tons of excellent swap offers once you list it. I hope you get a unicorn!

  44. Can see why the Ember was the only spoiler for this for a while. Still love that item but couldn’t see myself using or gifting the rest

  45. This is great! My boyfriend is always stealing my favorite tea mug because he likes what temp it keeps his drinks, so he’s getting the ember mug in his stocking along with the mortar and pestle (he’s a foodie). We don’t have a nutcracker and we will definitely use that bowl and the popcorn bowl (but I’m a little confused, is it just a regular collapsible bowl or do we use it to pop the popcorn?) I do have resistance bands but I’m fine with a backup, and the roll up backgammon looks like it would be nice to take on trips.

    I’m always on the fence about the value of this box – $130ish or whatever I pay is certainly the most I’d be willing to pay for what we are getting – but they always find neat things I wouldn’t have found on my own and I think there’s extra added value in that.

  46. Umm, no. Whatever happened to this box? It was so creative and plain fun and useful. Always including items that you didn’t think you need in your life. But this box looks like a hodgepodge of mess. What was the theme again?

  47. Easy pass. Glad I did not sign up for this one.

    • Yes probably gonna cancel such a letdown especially at Christmas time

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