BoxyCharm January 2019 Two Confirmed Spoilers!

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We have two confirmed spoilers for the January BoxyCharm box thanks to BoxyCharm Beauties!!

The January BoxyCharm will include:

TATCHA Luminous Dewy Skin Sheet Mask

In case you missed the previous spoiler, the box will also include:

tarte palette

A Tarte Palette: Rainforest of the Sea™ sizzle eyeshadow palettelimited-edition Rainforest of the Sea ™ highlighting eyeshadow palette vol. III, or Rainforest of the Sea limited-edition eyeshadow palette.

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you sign up now, the December box will be your first box! (Check out December spoilers here!)

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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  1. Is it just me or does anyone else have a problem making Tartes Eyeshadows work?! I’ve tried multiple ways to make it stay and even last and the pigment just isn’t what I expected. I love Tarte products and when I swatched the Bloom Palette as well as the Sizzle Palette it was BEAUTIFUL! Bought both of them and ended up having to do a return. I’ve tried high end eye primer, paint pot, drug store primer, concealer and setting powder but no matter what I did the color just wasn’t vibrant enough, looked muddy/patchy, it honestly reminded me of that Maybelline Nudes Palette (The Brown one).

    A friend of mine has been dying to get one of these Tarte palettes and if I end up staying a subscriber for January I’ll most likely just gift this to her as a belated birthday gift or late Christmas Gift. I’m already overloaded with 12 eyeshadow palettes, definitely don’t need anymore… I was just curious if these palettes work for others and somethings just wrong with my eye lids or if they really are not that great.

    • So strange! Maybe you got duds? I have 3 of the minis (Tease, Flirt, and Pro-to go eyeshadow?) and the Bloom and Toasted palettes and all are just amazing, All go on like butter and colour stays all day, even with all the rain and humidity here on the rainy Northwest Coast. I found any of the amazonian clay ones are the best. Not sure if these will be the clay though? Theres one lightest colour in the Bloom palette that didnt show up well on me because its so light. I even had my Tease pallet show up in mail with 2 colours busted and I was able to set them back in place with rubbing alcohol and they still apply awesome (I thought maybe because of the clay that youtube trick wouldnt work)

    • I have the same problem! I’ve tried a few Tarte palettes now and none of them have worked very well. I’ve just stopped buying them no matter how beautiful they look because I’m tired of spending good money on eyeshadow that doesn’t work for me. And it’s super weird because I love their other products a ton, the liquid lipsticks, eyeliner, blush, concealer, those are all big hits for me. But those darn eyeshadows just don’t work for me!

  2. would like to see perfume in boxycharm!!!

  3. Woo! I don’t own a tarte palette and all three look lovely! Soooo excited!🙌🙌🙌🙌 We are definitely spoiled!

  4. I like this box better then the luxe 😣

  5. i would love that sizzle palette

  6. Meanwhile Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is giving out yet another version of the dreaded Eyeko liner. 😂

    • I actually like the eyeko skinny eyeliner but I’ve already have more eyeliners and mascaras then one person. Can ever use lol . And if I get one more fake lash I’m gonna scream lol

    • 😭 Noooo! Repeats already! Maybe eyeko is liquidating their products to ipsy?😭

  7. Just keep in mind that the Tatcha isn’t full size. It looks like the full size kit is 4 masks and we’re getting 2, IF we all actually get it, which we likely won’t. There’s always a catch. Boxy used to send 5 items and if one was travel size, we would get 6. They stopped doing that when they introduced Luxe.

    • The link shows a single mask at Sephora for $12. That is a full size, you have the option to buy a 4 mask set.

    • Yep and they changed it on thei site too. Which now only promises 4 full size items and the luxe to uncled 9 items.

      • Boxy has always been 4-5 full sized items and luxe long before it was launched was said to be 8-10. The 11 for the initial box was a nice bonus. So for 9 items, a box well over 300$ in value for 50$ is a great deal.

        • No, my last boxycharm was 3 full size items and 2 travel/sample size. I love boxycharm but why say 4-5 fullsize when sometimes the are not. I cancelled but I am waiting to see some good spoilers to re-subscribe 😊

  8. I never tried tatcha skin care before… I have heard a lot of mixed reviews so I was hesitant at 2st. Now that boxycharm is sending face mask out next month…. I will take the plunge. I hope that it will be good because I want to try lots of new skincare to see what works for me.

    • Tatcha has some amazing products. The rice enzyme cleansing powder and silk primer are worth every penny. You can always go into Sephora and ask for a few samples of some of the products to try.

    • I bought their undereye treatment, looks like a concealer…with my usual eye regime of clinique pep.and various high end eye products (i rotate) and my jade roller (twice a day, morning & night) i added tacha and that with thr jade roller in two weeks time my bags and dark circles are gone! Never had them.until my.foctor changed my meds back in July.

    • Toni Marie, I am sure you have heard of Beauty Fix which is mostly skin care box. This month is 12 sample size mostly skin care brands. … I also, thanks to Luna, have tried Boxwalla and Beauty Heroes. Also January Allure is looking pretty skin heavy but it is Sunday Riley. Both Beauty Fix and Allure usually bring the new year box with a bang for skin care.. For many of us, it’s winter and we have way more time for masks and night routines…lol

  9. Awesome start! I just wish we knew if they were going to be variant items?? Hmmmmm? I really wish BC would chill with the variants, although, I am always happy with anything I get from them! Can’t wait for Luxe to get here!

    • I do. OT REPEAT NOT like the Varaiation boxes. It’s just not right it seems like to me. I can’t quite put my finger on why it bothers me so bad. But it does like it’s not FAIR in some ways.

  10. Boxy brings it again! I LOVE tarte!

    • The rainforest collection are not good at all. I have two myself. I bought one returned it. Got one in my BoxyCharm as well and bought another. They swatch well but don’t look very good on the lid. I like Tarte but much of their mattes are dry.

      • MRD- even with a primer? I’m bummed, I was looking forward to the tarte!

        • I think it’s up to individuals. The one we got in Boxy last year is one of my favorite everyday work palettes. I love how it goes on. It’s subtle, but in my opinion that’s great for work. Well depending on where you work.

          • I like it as well. There is this one Vanilla-like matte shade that I use all the time as an all over lid color and transition shade. I think it looks nice even on its own to brighten my eyes although I will usually use one of the darker shades as well to subtly line my eyes. I haven’t noticed any quality issues.

  11. When is the first date to sign up for January’s box?

    • I would assume January 1st. They always say you have till the last day for the current month. So i would def wait till
      January 1 💖

    • January 1st

  12. I was planning on canceling in January. I guess I’ll need to cancel in February now though. I want that Tatcha sheet mask & I enjoy the Tarte palettes that I have. I’m hoping for vol 3 or the sizzle palette. I was planning on buying one of those in 2019.

    • Love the chance to try Tatcha! I hope I get the sizzle palette, as I don’t like the others.

  13. What a lovely way to start off the new year! This is already shaping up to be a great box! That Tarte packaging is so beautiful that I don’t even care which palette I get. Vanity candy is always welcome!

  14. Yay! I know I have to get a handle on my boxes BUT i would be ok with these 2 alone. I was hoping things like these would be in the Luxe boxes, but hey I can just downgrade to regular boxy and be a-ok!

    Seriously, these are both amazing! Thank you boxy!

  15. That will be a variant I bet. Tatcha face mask OR Bella Pierre eyeliner 🤷‍♀️🤣🙄

    • Lmao!! I know right?! And they always throw salt in the wound by promoting the item on social media that you were hoping for but didn’t get!

  16. Tatcha AND Tarte. Heck yeah! Ive cancelled all my boxes except Boxy, Allure, and the Sisley subscription so I love seeing the Elemis in Dec now Tatcha in January!!!

  17. There will actually be 2 of those Tatcha masks in the box

  18. Lets hope this mask is in ALL boxes!

  19. Wow, the Tatcha Mask and Tarte Eyeshadow Palette are incredibly delicious, that brings up the value to $48 and we have 3 more items to go!
    I’m in! this thing. Man, do I love Boxycharm (even though I am about at capacity for makeup).

  20. We are getting 2 of the Tatcha face masks btw.

    • Information source for that…? I’m surprised they’re throwing in Tatcha to begin with, honestly.

      • Yosef said that in the video that this photo is screen shotted from. He also said it in his Insta stories

  21. Hmm, just let me goooo. I want to undubscribe but I want that tart palette and skin care

  22. When is the first date to sign up for Jan’s box? Not interested in Dec box at all, but Jan looks fab so far!

    • You get the box of the month that you’re charged in, so Jan 1st

  23. I’ve been eyeing Boxycharm for a while, nothing has interested me much, not much in terms of personal value but I might finally bite the bullet and subscribe. I’ve wanted the sizzle palette for a while. Even if I don’t get that particular palette, I’d try to swap it.

    • It’s seriously worth it. I’ve done so many boxes (Sephora, FabFitFun, Allure, Ipsy, etc. etc.) but this is the one I can’t quit. The value is just too good!

  24. UGH- wanted to cancel after Dec., but Jan looks too good for me to cancel. Tarte and Tatcha, pls don’t end up being a variant. Knowing my luck, I’ll get the brown palette (haha!), the only one I don’t want!

    • I cancelled for Nov, didn’t like Dec either – so left it cancelled. I think I’ll have to reactivate for January. I do worry about the variants though!

    • It seems like everyone has a strong feeling towards which palette they’d like so hopefully you’ll be able to trade for the one you want!

    • I want the brown pallette. So of you get it and I dont, I’ll swap!

  25. Dang it boxy! I was trying to quit you! I almost canceled today but then realized I had charms. Does anyone else keep having issues with trying to submit reviews for charms? It just keeps saying processing and never goes through. I haven’t done a review in months bc of this.

    • I haven’t, you should email customer service. I think you can go back a few boxes to leave reviews so hopefully you can get caught up for charms!

    • Yes, i did this month. I contacted them and they replied that i will get my charms in the next 7 business days. Def contact them about that

  26. Is this for Luxe or regular? Great stuff!

    • January isn’t a luxe month, so it’s the regular box

  27. Didn’t they give out the Rainforest palette this past year?

    • That was the volume 2 palette.

    • I can’t possibly tolerate another all brown eyeshadow palette. I don’t know if I want to risk that. Also, I like rinse off masks and peel off masks but sheet masks assume a face size and shape that just does not work for me, not to mention the wasteful packaging. I have Purlisse masks I haven’t even touched. Maybe they would work better if I cut them into sections, but that’s just a hassle I don’t want. I’ll never buy a $12 mask, but unless it does something absolutely magical.

    • They did!! But it was a different one. However it is pretty somiliar to the brown one they have shown. I’m hoping I don’t get that one. I’m not really a fan of this collection so I might trade mine anyway.

  28. This is looking great! I was thinking of cancelling but just like that I decided to hold on.


  30. I would be super happy to get either the Rainforest of the Sea™ sizzle eyeshadow palette or the limited-edition Rainforest of the Sea ™ highlighting eyeshadow palette vol. III, not so much the third variant as it is too brown heavy. Here’s hoping.

    • I’d b very very happy with a ‘just brown’ eye pallet!! I can already tell I’ll get 3 eye pallets with my Dec Lux box. I was a waitlister so no choice for me. If anyone wants to trade I’m always good with it

      • If I get the mostly browns palette and you get one of the others I’ll totally swap with you! 🙂

  31. This box is already looking better than December’s !

  32. That Tatcha mask is rad! This is already an awesome box.

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