Allure Beauty Box January 2019 FULL SPOILERS UDPATE + Coupon!

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Allure Beauty Box Spoilers

We have an update for the spoilers for the January 2019 Allure Beauty Box! Sizes and additional info below!

The January box will include:

If you subscribe now, your first box will be the December box.

If you haven’t signed up yet, use this link to get your first box for only $10 and get the free bonus item, too!

And the December 2018 box will include:

allure beauty box

Here’s a look at the palette open:

Check out our Allure Beauty Box Reviews + Allure Beauty Box Spoilers to see what you can expect from this beauty subscription box!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Let me start by saying that I LOVE the initial smell of the Ouai scalp and body scrub but I’m noticing that when I use it in the shower, it turns into a weird smell and its not necessarily a clean smell. Anyone else noticing something similar??

    • Have not tried yet since it just came Feb 2 but good to know have to look out for that.

    • Has anyone else still not received their box or am I the last one? Lol. Ughhh. It’s been exactly one month since I’ve been billed. This is only my second box. My December box arrived on like January 11th but I didn’t mind as it was my first box. I’m excited for April so trying to stick around.

      • I have not received mine yet either. It hasn’t even been shipped according to their CSR and I cannot cancel or it won’t ship at all. It is ridiculous. I get this was a popular box and that they had issues with the nail polish but this is the first week of Feb. and still not even shipped?

      • I have not received my box yet either. No tracking yet…nothing. They did take their payment for the box they made sure of that. Allure really dropped the ball in January. I did receive the email about late shipping and I spoke with Customer Service twice but they could not provide me with any shipping info they just advised me that I would be getting the January Box. I love Allure but Customer Service is always their downfall. So maybe in March I’ll get my January Box who knows lol

  2. Got my box yesterday… I already miss the red box.
    Bag not ripped at all but it feels like it’s going to every time I open it.
    Got the BeautyBlenders man they are tiny.
    Blah on the lip crayon.
    Liking the Mally eye crayon so far.
    I thought the SR A+ was going to be a larger size.
    The nail polish we all got our boxes held up for was not tightly closed & polish got all over the inner lid & gummed around the outside. It’s a mess & the brush is way too big for a clumsy do my nails at home gal like me. Oh well

    • I agree with the lip crayon! I HATE Lip crayons with a passion but I do like the eye shadow as well 🙂

      The beauty blenders are tiny on purpose, they are to get into small areas like around the eyes… I actually like that we got the container that they come in because Sephora gave out the same last year and we only got 1 and it was in a plastic bag 🙁

      Also, I’m terrible at doing my own nails but the NCLA polish is really easy to put on and it’s not chipping at all! I put it on on Friday and they still look like I just did them and that’s after washing dishes by hand multiple times a day every day.

    • My eye crayon came broken. Use the beauty blenders for concealer, they work great!

  3. finally got my box today and sadly by bag was busted at the side (too many items I think) however, I fixed it with my woodworking tool. I have a cheap one from Michaels that I lightly pressed on the sides to melt them back together. You can’t even tell! 🙂

    I thought the bag would be something I would toss, like the Sephora bags but I think I’m actually going to keep it in my purse. I really love the item selection too! The is the best subscription box that I have gotten from any company so far!

  4. My box arrived today. Finally.

    Bag had some scratches, but no rips or splits.

    Got the beautyblenders, not the conditioner *bummer*.

    Not excited about the nail polish. Still don’t understand why Allure didn’t start shipping to existing customers with what was on hand, then ship to new subscribers as fresh stock came in.

    • good to know. Still waiting on mine.
      I really want the blenders, I have no use for the other 😥

  5. Mine arrived today. Split in one side. Cheap junky bag.

  6. Talked to Allure 3 times and got 3 somewhat different stories. I did get a shipping email but that is only Allure letting USPS that they should be on the lookout for the package. USPS is still waiting on my box. At this point, I am going to be asking for a refund for this month. I love the box but after over 2 years of of being a loyal customer, I feel they could be and should be doing better in customer service and well, everything! Email customer service?! Lol! Lol! Lol! Nope! I think I’ve only ever gotten 1 response in 2 years and not one email returned this month. Their phone CS and email CS are not integrated, 2 separate things going on there. Eh? That does not make any sense in this day and age. Even their website is beyond outdated. There’s not much info for subscribers and their accounts. The whole variation thing too. I don’t even want those tiny worthless beauty blenders. I told CS that it seems they’ve taken care of the newer customers and left the loyals hanging. “Pretty much…..” I actually told them that if I get those beauty blenders, I’m putting them back in the box and putting ‘return to sender ‘ on it. She said not to do that because it would cost regular rates for them. Well, then maybe then the ‘editor ‘ will get the message. The original content spoilers released by Allure are what I expect. 😳 I love the products and sizes I get from this sub so please don’t tell me I should cancel. No, Allure needs to get it together.

    • They do need to get their act together.

      I don’t use beautyblenders, or nail polish really.

      As for Conde Nast (Allure’s parent company) having to pay regular postage, awwwwww. They’ve been cheaping out on the magazine, they should make it up somewhere else.

    • You should cancel and not sign up for any other boxes. This subscription box thing isn’t for you. Why are you sending your box back if you get beauty blenders? Why are you asking for a refund? What exactly is your grievance?

  7. Has anyone actually gotten their box yet? I got an email saying their running behind blah blah and then I got one saying oops blah blah blah and I should get my tracking number this week .it’s Wednesday and no email with the tracking number.

    • I got an email on the 20th saying I will not be getting this months box because I updated my credit card info. I updated my info on January 2, 2020 and they waited until January 20th to email me I am so not happy. I had to update my credit card because I was hacked over Christmas. I didn’t think when you updated online it takes them almost a month to process. Next time I’ll call if I did I probably would be getting my box.

      • I switched over to their annual rate (not my best decision), and I got told it would take almost 3 weeks for it to settle, so the first box after that was way late.

        They’ve been doing this for a long time, you’d think they’d have it together.

    • I received mine today. The only issue I have is that the pouch ripped on one side and is unusable. I will contact customer service to see if they can replace it.

    • Nope, no shipping email or info even though I was charged. I emailed customer service who, a week later, sent a canned response saying I’ll get tracking when it ships, in the mean time log into my account. Completely useless info. My account says update payment method (I paid w first box using PayPal) and I don’t want to put a credit card number in and mess anything up, especially since I already paid. Anyone else know what’s going on in this situation? Do others accounts show the order and status, such as “processing” or anything?

      • Normal is a few lines and update payment.

        Sometimes after the box ships, they’ll have a link to the tracking info, but that’s about it.

    • I’ve read most of the recent January posts and hate to say the EXACT SAME THING has been happening.
      Signed up in December on a promo for $7.50. God charged, then got charged 2-3 days later from “Donde Nast”. My bad, I had no clue who owned Allure.
      Sent about 4 emails from December 26th-January 10th. Starting with, “why am I being charged?” Ending with why am I not getting any responses? I signed up for this box and its been only 2 weeks and I have gotten absolutely no response, your customer service is awful!”

      Then the responses start rolling in…
      We will be refunding you and sending you the box on us, so sorry”
      “Please disregard that last email, we will be sending a tracking number soon”
      “To today’s email…”We will be refunding you, sorry for the confusion”.

      I have never had such an issue so early on with like… any company. Not like this. Toward the end of my emails I just told them to please cancel my subscription I don’t care about January. God knows what’s going to happen now. I kind of would like the Jan. box because I want to try Sunday Riley, but the amount of issues going on over there I’m thinking it’s best to just end things now.

      • For anyone suffering with their customer service. Order through amazon, works amazing. No sketchy business with your card and payments. I feek way safer, i even seem to get my boxes faster. Just ordered my third january box because sunday riley.

    • I received mine today. All the products are here. Not that it really matters but the bag is cheaply made and had the whole side split. I really don’t care about bags anyways. I have enough from ipsy.

      • I just got my bag today and it was split. I also did not receive the nail polish.

      • Both sides of my pouch had split wide open. I emailed customer service last week, and of course have heard nothing.

        • Did you get a confirmation email before sent or did it just show up?

        • My bag was split on one side not even going to bother with customer service they are absolutely no help at all into the garbage it goes I liked the red boxs I used them to keep all my face masks in.

    • I got a box through Amazon missing the nail Polish about 2 weeks ago. Nothing on my main sub, but a shipping notice a few days ago that isn’t tracking yet.

    • I haven’t received anything, I got November and December’s box, but just looked at my credit card and wasn’t charged for January… I just logged into my account and it says my account is still active. Very confusing.

    • I received my shipping email yesterday but the tracking hasn’t updated yet. I also got a weird email sending their apologies that the box hadn’t shipped out yet but oddly the subject title was that they had processed my refund? No refund was requested on my behalf and none was given according to my bank.
      What is going on?

      • Still no tracking for me. I changed my card cause I don’t even know if I want to deal with February or March. I am curious for April though haha. They say they will BILL us when our box SHIPS and that isn’t the case. I wouldn’t care if that were true but I was charged for 2 boxes before I ever even got the first one. And now will be charged a 3rd before I receive the 2nd (last time it took 14 days to get to me after I got the confirmation email)
        I do love the boxes though 😭

  8. Over the course of 12 hours I have gotten 3 conflicting emails from Allure regarding my January box. First I was told they cancelled my box and refunded my money, then they told me they are running behind and i will get in next week, then i get an oopsie we sent you wrong information i have been charged and they will send out a tracking number next week.
    I wrote them, letting them know they have extremely bad and disappointing customer service and from others are saying on this site – everyone is mad at them whether it be the bait and switch or just crappy cs.
    Anyone else get a bunch of crazy emails from them?

    • Yes! Mine said we’re processing your refund & sending you a free box. 2nd one said oops, that’s a mistake & we did bill you & you’re getting the tracking number next week.

      I called them, didn’t mention the emails but said I wanted to cancel. The rep asked why I said $15 was too expensive for my budget. She offered me either 4 months at $12 each, a free box (said it was a bonus box? from several months back that others got.) She didn’t say what was in it. 3rd opinion was a free makeup bag. Then she told me what’s in the February bag. I should have just cancelled but took the $12 for 4 months. Figured I’d do that since it’s buy 3/get one free basically.

      • @Anita – that is good to know. I wrote them an email letting them know i was pretty frustrated about the whole mess of course they have not gotten back to me… but i might try calling at this point i could go for a discount and some freebies.

      • I got offered $10 for 4 months after saying that I wanted to cancel. I signed up in November and I’ve had to email them every single month to get my box. I told them to give me the January box that I’ve paid for and I want to cancel. I got a bunch of emails that also said, “oops” etc. I use to sub with them and never had a problem. I quit because, the box started to look like SephoraPlay/Ipsy. A bunch of little samples. I’m thinking about what to do next. I’m going to comb through my bank statement because, I have a suspicion that I’ve been multiple charged by them. Thanks for listening.

  9. I’m still waiting for a reply from customer service. I didn’t get all my products, and have already been billed for January!!

    • I did not receive the bonus nail polish for January. False advertising. Just a ploy to get subscribers. It’s been a month and I still have not received my bonus for signing up.

      • I signed up December and haven’t received anything! They won’t return my emails!

        • Call them, they answer.

      • I guess I must be one of the lucky people because I have never had the issues as far as not getting my bonus items or missing items and it makes me wonder why someone complains about continuously having this issue. How is it that some have NEVER experienced the allure issues and other ALWAYS have a problem? This is honestly the first month where I’ve been confused because I too received the crazy emails.

        I wonder if certain groups are continuously put together by the same people and that would explain the consistently bad boxes?

  10. I’m happy to see that there are several of you that are loving the spoilers for January. Now I loved the December box but I’m definitely not feeling the January or the February box lol. I’m not complaining because I know come March I may love the box. It’s a subscription box you can’t make everyone happy 100% of the time and you know what I accept that and I am ok with that. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year!

  11. I’m kind of amused that in a recent email blast, Allure ran what was basically an article-length ad for for the Doucce product.

    They’re usually more subtle than that.

  12. Hoping I get the Amika vs the BeautyBlenders. Conditioners I can use, makeup sponges not so much. I already have 3-4 of the little guys running around from Play and other subs.

    The lip pencil looks pretty; I’m always up for another red.

  13. January looks so much better than the December box I just got. That polish though – wow – so red! I will probably have to use it a base coat under some pinks to tone it down a little.

    • I like December and canceled so I don’t get January meh box. Give me NYX over even a full size Sunday Riley any day. Hoping February is better.

  14. I keep trying to sign up and when I click get the box it takes me to subscribe to the magazine.

  15. My link is not working

  16. When can i subscribe to receive the January box? I dont want the December box.

    • Now should be good.

    • In January if you sign up anytime in December you will get December .

  17. January will also include a special edition
    plastic red pouch. I got my December box today and the card in the box showed a picture of it . It looks like a pencil pouch.

    • Not excited about the bag. I have so many from Ipsy and other cosmetic company gifts with purchase that it’ll probably just get boxed.

  18. Allure is starting the year out right!!!! This box is amazing, I have yet to receive anything on the purchase w/ the free Sunday Riley, May have to contact their CS for the first time in the year I have been subscribed!

    • When I subscribed the offer was a free Tarte blush. It shipped separately and took awhile to come. I want to say it came around the time my second box did. But their customer service is awesome when you call.

    • Same here. When I signed up the Sunday Riley item didn’t show up on the confirmation page, so I emailed them. I said that I do not want the box if I am not getting the gift, since it was the only reason I subscribed. I received no reply and no gift. I also referred a friend and should have gotten the drunk elephant gift as well, but I didn’t. Customer service is completely ignoring me.

      • Try calling them. I did just now to see if I could sign up for January. Had ty wait 4 minutes for customer service representative, but they came on and thought right now if I sign up, my first box will be the December box, in okay with it. Try calling them! 1-800-274-1603 Hope this helps some! Happy Holidays!

      • I subscribed and referred a friend in October, the drunk elephant was a bonus as well and still have not recieved it, think I’ll call tomorrow!

  19. This box looks great but I am definitely getting tired of the variations in some boxes though. Hopefully, Allure will continue to send their long term subscribers the original spoilers.

  20. I can’t cancel til after the box ship’s. I wish I never signed up for this. I subbed on the 1st and I was charged 3 times. One just showed as pending for 3 days then dropped . I signed up at 7am on the 1st must be close to last month and that’s why I was charged again. I called customer service and wow their awful.

    Also I signed up for lipmonthly and wow what a surprise nothing received and I signed up in October. I cancelled it but I can’t get a refund just waiting on 6 bags.

    Good news am getting Meduces also and great customer service and my Box has shipped. I had a issue with my card information not being complete and they helped me within the hour and then it shipped.

    Also Teeblox has great Customer Service. So excited. Would love to see reviews on Teeblox

    • Just for future reference, if you’re interested in a future box… The signup, billing, shipping, cancellation, and customer service is MILES better if you order it through Amazon instead. It’s well worth it to go that route as opposed to signing up directly through Allure.

      • It’s also much more expensive that way, I paid for a year, each box is $8.75… if its my fave or not, most likely it’s great, but the value is AMAZING either way. I like deals 🤷🏻‍♀️

        • How did you get it for only 8.75 a box? The cheapest sub I see makes it 12.50 box.

        • How did you get it for $8.75 a box? For a year it would be 12.50 a box. What deal did you get?

      • Hi Jen! So if you need help or cancel it’s Amazon? That’s who I just ordered under. I’m already having problems not being able to reach my account on Allure! Will I be able to customize my profile like on Ipsy? I already plan to cancel that!

    • you can get yr money back through yr debit card, paypal or cc. this is common for subscriptions to mess w/payment, so they will refund yr $$ if you didn’t get what you paid for or if you tried to cancel. they will ask for the approximate date you canceled.

  21. Dang it! I was all set to cancel after December’s box but this one looks pretty good. I have a micro blender & it’s nice for concealer but I don’t use it every day. I’d rather have the mask

  22. I dropped Allure for Nov. and Dec. (currently swimming in masks as well as palettes thanks to a year and half with Boxy!) but January has me back on board! Hoping for the Amika like it seems most are though! 😂

  23. The 15ml Sunday Riley is considered full size, it’s the same size as the one listed in the Early Access Kit (they say all 3 products are full size). The 8ml is about a 1/4 of the full size.

  24. This box looks amazing! They gave us that full sized Sunday Riley CEO cream last January and now this January we get a full brand new Dave oil from Sunday Riley! That alone makes the box for me. Along with the other SR product and eyeshadow stick, this is a home run all the way around. They’re definitely starting off the year absolutely killing it and beating out all the other sub boxes with this curation!

    • *face oil not Dave oil obviously lol🙄

      • I thought, “Is Dave a new brand?” LOL! I cannot wait for the January box!!! I am so glad I decided to subscribe to the Allure Beauty Box! I think they have me for life. I love Sunday Riley and so far I’ve really liked everything else included. Yay!

      • Damn! Dave Oil would have made a great gift for my friend Dave! 😉

  25. The 15 mL Sunday Riley is .5 oz and usually those run for about $40 in the other product ranges.

  26. I just can’t let go of Allure…I’ve got rid of all the others I had due to makeup and skincare overload but I just can’t let go of Allure. They have really stepped it up this past year and if they keep it going consistently like they have I don’t see myself getting rid of it anytime soon. I know you can’t make everyone happy but for me Allure really stepped up their game in 2018 and I was happy with each box I received. I hope their consistency carries through to 2019 as I will be looking forward to some more awesome Beauty Boxes from Allure.

    • Me, too! I actually dropped Sephora Play and doubled up on Allure.

  27. December is great this one not so much. Now that Christmas is over I can’t justify little skin samples anymore. I also don’t want nail polish or bronze eyeshadow. I am giving all the samples from Sept and Oct to my mom . I think Allure just is not for me I see others not liking December which is best box I have ever seen from them imo and get excited over Sunday Riley and drunk elephant which I think is meh. Its OK still got Ipsy I opted out of skin care with them. Plus with Amazon I can skip the light or wrong color make up months

    • I mean in January Christmas will be over . . All the skin care from Sept and October is going in Christmas basket for my mom.

      • That’s nice.

        I hope she enjoys.

    • I’m one who couldn’t use anything in December (or November), but though October was amazing and am really looking forward to January. I just think Allure has different months that appeal to different tastes.

  28. Did anyone who ordered the November box with the SR freebie get shipment notice yet?

    • I haven’t gotten a tracking email yet; but I was charged in November and already charged for December without ever having gotten a box so far.

      • Me toooo nobody will respond to my messages either

        • SAME HERE!!! 🙁

      • Me too!

    • Not received shipping yet, but it usually takes a couple of weeks before new box orders ships

    • I’ve been billed twice so far, 3 days apart but no shipping notice and haven’t received any packages from them

      • Me too. I’m getting mighty frustrated!

      • I received shipping notification tonight for the box I ordered for the Sunday Riley gwp, my normal December monthly box hasn’t shipped yet but I generally get it around 20th.

        Allure has an FAQ regarding first box and how long it takes to ship. It does take longer for the first month but after that your box will usually ship mid month and arrive during the third or fourth week of the month.

    • I recieved shipping notice last night. But I think the Sunday Riley will ship separately. I’m excited I was able to get it. I already subscribe to Allure, but used different name, email, and form of payment. I just ran out of vitamin c serum and really want the Sunday Riley one!

      • I received my free gift last night and it was not the SR serum! They sent me a hair detangling brush instead! I’ve reached out to customer service with screenshots of my order showing I did in fact order it on the day required etc and HOPEFULLYthey will fix the issue.

    • I signed up for allure with the SR promotion. I’d been charged for the first two boxes like everyone else. I got a shipment notice Friday, and the November box identical to spoilers was delivered today. No SR or mystery gift inside, but I’m guessing that will come separately, even though the insert said if it was my first month, the new member gift would be inside.

  29. This looks so good to me. Love everything here besides the lippy just because I don’t wear lipstick but the nail polish (and rest of the box really) more than makes up for it. That’s my go to favorite nail color + it’s full sized. I will certainly be getting 2 of these. It’s going to be a great birthday gift to myself 😀

  30. Have you guys watched that Nikki Tutorials Power of Makeup Youtube video? Just watched it this afternoon – wow! If you haven’t seen it, you need to check it out, pretty impressive 🙂 I had never heard of her before.

  31. Loving January box, not so much December’s though. Looks like I’ll be re-subbing next month!

  32. I have been a huge fan of ALLURE for some time now, but they are truly getting better and better each month. I can’t believe how many full size items they are including…AND a bonus of nail polish too? WOW, I’m in love! 😍

  33. Are the eyeshadow stick and the nail polish worth $16.05 to me? Not interested in or don’t like the other products. Hmmm… Yes, I’ll bite.

    • Sorta funny cause I’m only interested in the Amika, Sunday Riley and ouai stuff 😊

  34. Excellent box! I hope for Amika as I apply my foundation either with fingers or a brush.

    • My too cause I don’t wear foundation lol. Plus I have received the tiny blender in other boxes and tried other uses for them to no avail.

    • Just realized it was a variation! I’d rather the mask as well. I don’t really have use for a micro-blender – though maybe I could try it out for undereye concealer and see how it works.

  35. The January box looks amazing. Guessing on the prices of the Sunday Riley items based on the Early Access kit from the brand website it looks like the box is over $125 value. I want like 10 of these boxes. Amazing curation. Not too psyched about December, but January looks amazing.

    • Wow! I almost cancelled in December as I mostly just wanted the highlighter (they gave me a coupon to stay though, so for $10 I couldn’t really say no, lol) – but January’s box looks amazing! Not sure I’d wear that exact shade of polish, but bonus nail polish is always good! And two Sunday Riley items???!!! Yay!

    • The value in allure is amazing. I bought the Sunday Riley early access kit a couple weeks ago for $185. I’ll be signing back up for allure again, but I really don’t want the December box.

  36. This 15 dollar box is already blowing my December Boxycharm out of the window

  37. I recently went on a sub box hiatus but for whatever reason could NOT let go of Allure.. then the spoilers came out and I REALLY can’t let go!

  38. I have my skincare routine down so I don’t experiment with products on my face. But I’m stoked for the people that have been bummed on make-up heavy boxes & finally got a nice skin care / not so makeup heavy box. Pass me all your makeup please! 🙂

  39. January is looking amazing, provided I get the Amika mask. Awesome curation and great start for 2019.

    • Allure is killing it with there boxes I’m starting to be more excited for this box then with boxy charm. Thank you Allure for such great boxs and MSA for getting me hooked on this great box look forward to it every month.

    • Yup. Hoping I get the Amika as well. I have a ton of beauty blenders.

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