Allure Beauty Box Flash Sale – Free Full-Sized Caudalie Serum!

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Allure Beauty Box Flash Sale! For the next 48 hours (or while supplies last), you can use this link to save $5 off your first box and get a free full-sized Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum ($79 value!)

FYI – this deal may expire before the 48 hours is over if they sell out. Make sure to scroll down on this page to confirm you see the serum before purchasing:

If you subscribe now, your first box will be the December box. The December 2018 box will include:

Allure Beauty Box is regularly $15 a month. Use this link to save $5 off your first box and get a free full-sized Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum ($79 value!)

Check out our Allure Beauty Box Reviews + Allure Beauty Box Spoilers to see what you can expect from this beauty subscription box!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Officially pissed, no Dec. box, charged twice for January and no Jan box. No communication.

    • Me too! So disappointed ! And not have Caudalie!
      How do you get back the extra money they charge?

  2. I had sent an email and was told I would NOT be getting the caudalie and then I get my box and YIPPEE!!!! and it’s in the box and everything! So happy! I was planning on canceling next month if I didn’t get it but now I figure I can get a 4 months for less than the cost of the serum!

    • Yay! I got mine on Saturday…I was giving up hope. I’m happy for the full-sized Caudalie, not so much the rest of the stuff besides the REN product…I love their line.

  3. Just received the Caudalie in my December box!!

    • Me too!!! So happy about it! I was like this box is really heavy! Still waiting on the Sunday Riley so let’s hope that happens!

    • Me too! I didn’t receive the lip product, but I almost don’t care because I got the serum

    • Me too! I received the serum 👏👏

    • Me too, just got it yesterday!

    • Just curious if anyone received a shipping notice? I ordered this on 12/18 for Caudalie deal and received a confirmation but since then nothing, and now I have a second charge going through today for January.

      • It’s so weird. Not received any notice of shipping for my first box. A second charge on my card!

        • Hi!
          I joined on the 23rd and haven’t heard anything either. I’ve emailed a few times and nothing! I cancelled last weekend before they could charge me another month! Not when they haven’t even sent out one box or answered me! I pay had better CS. Glad I cancelled. I just better receive my box!

  4. I’m having some trouble. I’ve had allure before and never ran into this problem. When I try to sign up it just keeps redirecting me to the magazine subscription page. I click the link, click “get the box” click the one month ($15) option and it sends me to the magazine subscription page where you can select 6 month or yearly. It has you enter your credit card info and, if someone wasn’t paying attention, they could accidentally get the magazine and not the box. I keep trying and ending up in the same predicament.

  5. The December box sucks. Disco ball cheap highlighter, the shadows have no staying power. I gave most of it to my 10-year old to use on her friends.

    • I found the eyeshadow to be great. I always use primer though. They stayed on all day yesterday while I sweated my @$$ off in the kitchen cooking. And the “disco ball” highlighter was subtle and beautiful for my fair skin.

      The box turned out to be a hit for me once I decided to try everything. Sorry you thought it sucked

    • Yes. Cheap.Sher

  6. There’s a long standing problem with the Allure beauty box sign in page on the Allure website. ( Does not affect the Amazon subscription).

    I haven’t been able to log into my account for over 2 YEARS. I call them, they never fix the website sign in problem, but do deal effectively with whatever problem I’m having.

    I don’t think THEY have access to the most basic of our account info most of the time because I recently got a USPS letter saying I needed to change my payment method, 2 weeks after I’d gotten a new debit card and called them and changed my payment method. If they’d had my email address, common sense says they’d have emailed me- or checked to see if payment method had been updated.

    I just try to put my way of thinking and expectations back in the 1990s and deal with issues from a pre- internet age, because that’s where they are with their CS technology.

    OTOH, I love that when there IS a glitch, they always send me a really nice free gift in a plain envelope, no letter, just a La Mer skin cream, large travel size premium brand perfume, or a MAC lipstick. ( the last 3 items I’ve received)

    The frustration is lessened by all their great freebies. 🙂 And, they are very nice and do get the info updated or the problem solved in their own way.

  7. I like the items I receive in this box, and I like the little scratch off I got this month but they are so slow in answering emails. I got my liner this month with no top on it and it’s dried out and I haven’t gotten a response from them yet.

  8. I wish they would “treat” they current and loyal subscribers as well as they treat new subscribers. We should count for something, don’t you think???

    • They usually send out a gift once a year to loyal subscribers that STAY subscribed for a year without cancelling. The last gift I know of was a pair of earrings from BaubleBar.

      • I get something 2 times a year i believe. As much as i want that item if i cancel and subscribe it will mess up the good thing I got going with them.I will never cancel this subscription. Love Allure!

    • Most definitely agree! I’ve been with them for 8 months and have never received anything extra! But the def should!

  9. I re signed up. For the second time this month 🙄🙄 allure is making me mad. All’s i want is that Highlighter. And because they sailed to cancel my first membership after i emailed 7 times to cancel and they stared they cancelled it 7 emails later, they really didn’t. So my new sub got immediately cancelled. And they are making me jump through hoops to get it back. I signed up with my mother in laws address and my fiancé’s name. Here’s to hoping i actually get the darn box 🙄

    • Do amazon Allure box. Soooo easy to cancel.

    • Sign up through Amazon. You won’t get the free gifts or the $10 first box, but you know you’re getting a box, and cancelling is easier

      • Thanks ladies! I will do that next time for sure!

      • I still got t $10 box. I don’t know about the free gift. I can’t log into my account! There’s something wrong with the link! 😤😤

        • You have to call…it never works on the computer!!

    • Same here. I emailed them 3 times to cancel and still no response, so I went on PayPal and cancel the auto payment. I’m still getting December (thank God!) but I won’t have to deal with them anymore. Thinking about getting it through Amazon tho…

    • Go through Amazon!

  10. Okay, after hearing all of this, I’m getting worried. It’s a great box, though, this month. I usually love all of their curations. It’s always a great deal for $15 a month.

    • I really with they would send out a different color liquid eyeliner. I have a ton of black liquid eyeliner. Like a dark purple, emerald green or brown. IMO

      • I agree – That would be awesome!

  11. It does say *while supplies last so just know there’s a chance you will receive a different freebie than the serum.

    • Yes, the last freebie was supposed to be the Sunday Riley serum. I signed up shortly after promo started and it did show the serum at the bottom of the Allure page. I received a perfume instead.

      • Was it the Versace perfume? Because that’s what I received as well but just thought the Sunday Riley was arriving separately.
        If it is, that’s insane because they are not even remotely similar in value?!?!?!?!???

        • Yes, it was the Versace perfume in the blue bottle. 🙁

      • I signed up as soon as I saw the promo as well and it showed the Sunday Riley. I have not received anything! I just sent an email.

        • I signed up when the Sunday Riley was available. Got the perfume. But, got a shipping notice today that my gift had shipped. Fingers crossed!

      • I signed up during the SR promo and it was showing at the bottom of the page. Received a perfume in my November box and just called them to check on the SR.

        Customer service said the SR promo wasn’t applied to my account for whatever reason BUT she could send out the Caudalie. (There are other options if you ask for them, too). Annoying, but at least they made up for it.

    • I sure hope not, only reason I subscribed is to get that serum lol. I figured for the $10 introductory plus free serum I couldn’t lose. There’s a link u can use in this MSA ad to verify the serum was still available which I clicked on and it still said it was available a few minutes ago. If I dont get it I’ll just cancel this subscription.

    • Don’t know if it is ethical to have only a few stocks of expensive item as click bait,
      and promote that as a 48 hour flash sale and send everyone cheap items instead.
      Oh well, SR and this serum will be good enough indicators to measure if AllureBox is worth having business with.

      BTW, I’m going to ask for a refund, or claim a dispute if I don’t get the serum. (I literally ordered the moment this was posted, so if I don’t get the serum it is definitely click bait and worth a dispute)
      $10 may not be worth the hassle, but I don’t want this to be an example others will follow in the future.

      • I signed up in November during the SR promo and didn’t get it. Now it’s a whole mess to cancel ‘cause they haven’t responded to my emails. I had to go to my PayPal and cancel the auto payment smh

  12. Anyone taking advantage of this offer be careful of a bait and switch.

    • Exactly what I was going to write. Signed up for the Sunday Riley serum right when the offer came up and all I got was a cheap plastic brush. So ticked off.

      • Exactly and M S A profits from it as well. I don’t trust these “while supplies last” offers, if it looks too good to be true, it usually is. I’ve been scammed more than once and the full size sunday riley serum was the last time and not even a week later they are giving out full size caudalie’s…yeah right.

        • How does MSA profit from this? She/the site is telling you what the offer is. You (the reader) are deciding whether or not to place an order based on the information. While supplies last is a “cover your butt’ phrase that companies use to cover themselves if anyone complains (We had to send a substitute because we ran out of the wonderful item that we advertised-after all we stated that it was while supplies lasted). Perhaps the company under estimated the response to the offer or perhaps they only had 100 of the item.

          If you feel like the company did the old bait and switch, you are in your right to complain or cancel your subscription.

          • MSA receives a portion of your sub cost by you clicking the links contained in these posts. They’re referral links.

        • I do not believe MSA profits from this kind of announcement as many other sites and bloggers post it too. They are just passing along information found on social media or on the Allure or other such companies website.

          • Believe what you want but it is true, they are referral links. That’s the whole point of this website.

          • Amber is right they are referral links, and yes many other sights and bloggers post it too, and also get paid when the links are used…that’s how it works. They also get paid for the adds on the page. This website is a business whether you want to believe or not.

          • Websites often get money for views and clicks on their sites, not to mention their “click this link for $5 off” or “click this link for the free promo item” work like affiliate links. I doubt they receive money, but ot could be something else (products, etc.).

            It is highly possible that MSA profits from views/traffic on their site (google adsense), or from the links provided.

          • 2nd time posting this, forst comment isnt here:

            Websites often get money for views and clicks on their sites, not to mention their “click this link for $5 off” or “click this link for the free promo item” work like affiliate links. I doubt they receive money, but ot could be something else (products, etc.).

            It is highly possible that MSA profits from views/traffic on their site (google adsense), or from the links provided.

          • My comment wont post…google

            A d s e n s e

          • Lol, that comment posted. wow..i tried 3 other times to post a comment explaining how they could…and they are not posted.

            Anyways, Google that word without the spaces and you will understand.

  13. I wonder if you would get the serum if you signed up through Amazon? Does anyone know???

    • No, you have to use the link above.

      • Thank you. I’m going to hold off. I too have signed up before with the promise of one thing and received another lower value product. I will wait until January and signup through Amazon for the SR box.

  14. I just signed up. Thank you for the link!!

  15. I just received this email in regards to the SR serum:

    Oops! We sold out of the Sunday Riley C.E.O. Rapid Flash Serum. We sincerely apologize as we were unable to ship the sample to you.

    As a thank you for joining our Allure Beauty Box community, we are sending you a complimentary beauty set valued at over $100!

    Keep an eye out over the next few weeks for your delivery!

    • Yuck, it’s that crappy box of junk they offered for Black Friday.

  16. I jumped on the Allure deal with the full-size MAC lipstick last week, and I’m glad I did. Not a Caudalie fan – but a full-size serum is a great deal, so go for it!

  17. This serum is really great! If you’re thinking about it, go for it!!

    • Just the nudge I needed, Sarah! I was going back and forth on the last promo with the SR but it ended up selling out, so I told myself I may grab the next great deal. I am always looking for a new serum, so happy to hear this is a good one!

  18. great deal! i love their serum. I just got two subs!

  19. Still waiting on a reply for when my CEO Serum will ship. I received the Nov. Box and notification of Dec. Shipping- I am starting to wonder about the gift. Has anyone received it?

    • Nope. Well I received a small Versace perfume so I called them and they are supposedly fixing it and the CS rep reordered it for me.

      • Wow, I got the wrong Customer service person. She told me,”Sorry we sold out so we sent you perfume instead.” I cancelled. 🙁

        • I’m just curious why these subscription boxes get away with this and other companies would not. If you ordered from Macy’s or any other department store and they did not send the complete order, you would complain and ask for a refund. I feel like we should do that with subscription boxes. If they promise an item when your order, they should deliver or return your money. It seems strange to me that everyone cancels instead of demanding a refund.

          • I agree! I will do that if I don’t get the serum. It is rediculous that they get away with it. False advertising 😕

        • Wow! It’s just not right. I would of cancelled too! If I don’t get what they promised still, I will still cancel and most likely tell them I want a refund. It is false advertising, bc I signed up and saw the SR serum advertised when I did it.

        • That can’t be true, I signed up the day they released the info for the SR serum and got purfume instead.

          • I just called CS again a few mins ago and they told me that the SR has been ordered for me and will be shipped out. When I got the perfume instead, I called to complain and she did help me and fixed the problem. This is the 2nd time they have said my SR serum has been ordered. She did say they were on back order though and as soon as they come in I will get the shipment. Hope that clears it up for you at bit. 🙂

    • Nothing. I’m in the status you are. If I don’t hear from them before the next billing, I’m canceling.

    • Haven’t received my serum yet. I didn’t get a perfume (or any other extra) in my box…so hoping it’s coming soon…

    • I spoke with CS yesterday when I saw this new promo to see if the people who didn’t get the SR serum would be receiving this item instead. She told me she checked my account and didn’t see the SR serum…but that doesn’t mean I won’t get it. She said that for the people who do not get the serum they will receive a replacement item(s) in a separate box that is worth at least the retail value of the SR serum. She told me emails will be going out to inform people and if I didn’t have an email in 1 week to call back. So fingers crossed everyone! I think the perfume and brush was just an additional item.

  20. I’m a new subscriber just bc of your IG story. I had a pop-up that would include the serum so assume all is good with that still. Hope so! Glad to hear they have good customer service. 👍

  21. Caudalie is getting like those jade face rollers; it’s showing up in multiple boxes this season. I think I might pass on this, But I highly recommend it, especially for free.

    • I agree. I have so many of the .50 ounce moisturizers that I can make 4 full size bottles lol

      • Jill, same 😂 I’m like if I get ONE MORE Caudalie sample, I’m gonna scream! I have at least 10. It’s an ok product but…not exaggerating, TEN! No more, please?!? Lol

  22. I jumped back in! Still waiting on the ceo and then after I just subbed for this caudalie promo I saw at the bottom *1 of 3 products. Liz can you confirm it’s the serum until they sell out?

    • That comment refers to the Bliss/REN option if you follow the asterisk (Bliss Peel-Off Mask or REN Evercalm Overnight Recovery Balm or Bliss Eye Got This Holographic Foil Eye Masks )

    • The 1 of 3 products is for the Bliss Peel-Off Mask or REN Evercalm Overnight Recovery Balm or Bliss Eye Got This Holographic Foil Eye Masks (set of 2). The picture on their site is flickering between the three items that are a variant.

      • Thanks ladies!

  23. how long do you have to wait for the gift with purchase?

    • 6 to 8 weeks.

  24. Well, I went for it. I did see the serum on the page like Liz said to look for, but nothing indicated with checkout so fingers crossed. I think I remember dealing with this last year when they had the free Tarte blush. It never came, but I called and they did eventually ship it. So I guess we’ll see.

  25. I would like to subscribe just for this sale but I’m wondering, if I want to cancel later, will be hard?

    • I usually sub off & on throughout the year, and I’ve always emailed them to cancel, and I’ve never had an issue. They usually reply to me within a couple of days offering their $10/box deal, I decline, then a day later they confirm my cancellation.

  26. Great deal but I jumped on the deal right away for SR CEO and received perfume instead.

    • So did I. My box came with that perfume sample….so disappointing 🙁

      • For everyone that is complaining about getting a perfume sample in their box instead of the bonus SR serum, the extra bonus gifts always ship separately. So you getting a perfume sample has nothing to do with the Sunday Riley gift. They were never going to arrive in the same box.

    • I had the see.problem so I called their CS and they reordered the serum for me. Hoping all is well with it now. I guess we will see?

  27. Anyone got a confirmation on the serum?
    I only got an order confirmation on the monthly subscription, and nothing about the serum.

    • I chatted with CS yesterday and she confirmed for me that my SR was shipped however she does not have tracking to provide so hopefully we’ll all have it soon. 😏

      • Thanks for the update! If I don’t get the caudalie I will be irritated since this box is not really my jam.

        • Same here. I usually subscribe off and on depending on spoilers. There’s nothing in the December box that appeals to me other than the skincare product variant but I couldn’t pass up this deal. $10 for a $79 serum with a 4 star rating (on Sephora) that may help my sunspots plus 5 other items? Heck yeah! I just hope they aren’t still showing the serum but have actually run out already. Their customer service can be super frustrating.

      • Did you get the Versace perfume sample in your Nov box too?

      • Sign up for USPS informed delivery. It will tell you everything getting delivered to your address 😊

        • Ive had the USPS, FEDEX And the UPS tracking apps and it won’t show you whats in your packages, just the tracking/movement of the package. Just an FYI

  28. Awesome! I really wanted this serum. I knew to jump quick on this deal. So, I’ll get 2 a month & can keep some & gift some.

    • Do you have your boxes sent to different addresses or use different names? When I tried to order a second box using the same name and mailing address but a different email address and credit card they took it upon themselves to merge the two accounts (changed the email address and payment info) and I only received one box. I just assumed they don’t allow more than one box per mailing address.
      Thanks Molly (or anyone else that can answer this).

  29. Dang! Wish I would’ve waited! Although I like the November box. Still waiting on my CEO though!

  30. Nice! I was bummed I missed the Sunday Riley one they did a few weeks ago. I’d much rather have this! Glad I waited. 🙂

  31. That’s one heck of a deal! I am almost out of my Caudalie bottle from the RZBOS and was wondering where I could get a good deal on some more!

    • Speaking of which, have u gotten your RZBOS Winter Box yet!? Their CS is god awful! My box has been “pending” for days. I’m so pissed. Luckily I didnt have any gifts planned for it. Oh well.🤷🏾‍♀️

      • I got my RZBOS yesterday but the Luna Oil had spilled, waiting to hear from customer service. The oil was also not in original packaging so I have reached out to Sunday Riley to see if it was a dupe. Not happy as I only signed up for the oil, with the discount I had ($25 off) it made the annual purchase of the oil worth it as I do use it.But now I regret not just buying it at Sephora.

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