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POPSUGAR Must Have Boutique Sale – 75% Off!

ByMSANov 24, 2018 | 249 comments

POPSUGAR is having a limited time Boutique Sale!

Use coupon code WINTER to save 75% off when you spend $100!

Here’s How It Works:

  1. Pick your favorites from past Must Have boxes.
  2. Add 2 or more items to your cart.
  3. Take 75% off all orders over $100 (+ Free Shipping!)

Here are just a few of the items available in the boutique:

Are you grabbing anything in the sale?

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.
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They finally got back to me about the box they never shipped. Haha oops we sent it to the wrong customer, but we’ll have the warehouse try and fill it. Are You Kidding Me? I had some great stuff from early on in the sale. A couple hours later. They send an email “sorry it didn’t work out. We’ll issue a refund. ” I don’t even get a consolation glade candle. I’m so angry 😡 I had some Fall boxes in my cart to send as gifts, but I unsubscribed instead of buying them.


Just got my box and so disappointed! 3 of my items were missing with a note that they were oversold. Why not make that clear from the very beginning? Why not notify me when they were packaging the items? I bought the Herbivore oil as a gift for my friend. Had I known it wasn’t going to be delivered, I would’ve taken advantage of Sephora’s sale. FFS. Yoga mat is also not delivered which I would’ve just bought one from another store during the sales. Seriously so over Popsugar. Their communication has always been horrible.


My entire box containing the Herbivore oils and lots of other goodies was sent to another customer. Of course PS never would have told me this. I’m getting absolutely nothing


That is awful!!!
Hope you get a refund. They are ignoring my requests for a refund.


I was fortunate enough to purchase and receive a set of Kim Seybert placemats. As much as I like them, I would prefer the TRX Go Suspension Training System from Breo box. Anyone willing to swap? I am new to the swap list and unsure how to list these to do a swap. Any help would be appreciated. The swap site feels overwhelming to me. Thanks!


Have you set up your account? to list items, you search for the item and there’s an option for list that item for sale. look at the other listings to get an idea, and fill out the blank boxes. make sure to put a note in there that you’re looking for the TRX item,and after you finish that, find the TRX item and click “follow” so that people who have the TRX will see that you want it.


Thank you Kate! Followed your directions and have them listed.


I recieved my order today and everything was perfect. I was missing one item and customer service got back to me within one hour and gave me a tracking number and said it’s on its way. I’ve onlyexperienced excellent service from Popsugar. I hope everyone else will experience a pleasent experience as I did.


It looks like Ann is fixing my refunds as we speak! She’s been working on it for quite a while tonight through multiple emails & orders. I think she is doing her best and Popsugar is really trying to make it right. I just think their system is really messed up so it’s causing a lot of confusion. I don’t feel like they are trying to under-refund anything on my account, I honestly think they were just confused. Unfortunately there is no phone number to call so everything has to go back & forth between emails and it’s confusing on both ends.




I really feel for the customer service folks working for shady companies who have to give these ridiculous responses to customers who just want an appropriate refund for goods not received.

I have twice reached out asking for a better explanation regarding the quoted refund amount and asking if they can just issue a refund for the actual items I didn’t receive and twice I have received this response “This refund was also adjusted to reflect the CA State Tax 7.25% that was applied.” This doesn’t at all respond to my request or answer my questions. I gave it one last attempt w/ threat to file a cc dispute. It’s incredibly frustrating and most likely fruitless.


Actually, I first went to my cc since they did not show any credit as of 12/10, and the packing slip was dated 11/27, saying they would credit my cc. So my cc is disputing it as well. I don’t mess aroundwith bad business, it’s just wrong.


Does anyone know the size of the Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray that was included in the sale?

I was thought it was a larger size than what arrived today but maybe I’m wrong.


I don’t know what they had on offer in this sale, but when I got one in their “All Star mystery box” last year or whenever, it was the travel size.
Do you remember what you paid? If you only paid like $4-something, it was the travel size. If you paid 11-ish, then it was supposed to be full.


I thought I seen travel and full size oribe products.


Hi Rochelle, I don’t know the size of what PS offered, but I do know that BB has an 8.5 oz. that sells for $46, and a 2.2 oz. that sells for $22. So if you know what the regular price was that should help.


Thank you, Janet, good idea! I just looked up my records. So I was correct, I bought the full size because I paid $39 each before the discount & I remember it being a good price/on sale on the 8.5 oz to begin with before the 25% off. I’m really sad because I use this regularly & passed on another sale right after this because I had 2 full size coming already in this sale. Well, off to email them …again.


I’ve had a few damaged/incorrect items arrive from this sale and I have to say Popsugar’s customer service has been great so far! The damaged items most likely weren’t their fault either, I think it was a defective batch from a vendor because multiple identical items are damaged in the same way. They responded immediately and handled it quickly & easily. I’ve been impressed & I’m sorry others are having a more difficult time.

Maybe the credits are just taking a few extra days to show up on the credit card statements because of the holidays? They issued me a credit and it did take a few more days to show up than I thought but it was in a batch with something else from my CC company that was done at the same time PSMH said they refunded theirs, so they were telling the truth and did refund it at that time, so maybe it’s just that they can’t control when the CC companies are posting to our accounts or sending the notifications… but it did come through like they said.


If you feel like sharing, how were some of your items defective?


UPDATE. This just gets worse (for the company). Better (for entertained here)… I just got an email from ps asking me what items did not arrive so they could credit my cc. Now, mind you, I’m an honest person, so told the truth. But seriously, they don’t know what they didn’t send and how much they owe me? Wow. I hope they are considering making some positive changes in 2019, but then our entertainment value here will drop considerably .. Hmmm. Be blessed everyone!


So I went in & clicked on the actual order # of my “partially fulfilled” order (which doesn’t show as a normal blue hyperlink on my computer), and the Lim pouch shows “fulfilled” and the Herbivore oils do not say “fulfilled” next to them. I think that’s the easy way to tell what got shipped.

I went in & clicked on my other order, which didn’t have any of this partial business, and all of the items said “fulfilled” next to them, so maybe they are all being shipped?

Also… I have mentioned in my many posts that I hate what they pulled in the substitutions/not fulfilling/refunding orders, but in the order confirmations and emails they did state that they would not ship for 7-10 business days, so if you ordered on the first day of the sale, they wouldn’t technically be late unless they shipped after 12/7. This has happened in many PSMH boutique sales in the past and I don’t fault for the shipping delays…. I do, however, fault them for charging people and then not shipping items and not refunding for those unshipped items until we demand it!


Yep… I’m done with this company. I’m not thinking they will last long if people will stop expecting what they cannot or refuse to give. But too good to be true is hard to beat when a company has a well known name..


So I ordered from this ‘sale’ against my better judgement. My Order was fulfilled on 11/27, and delayed being shipped for some reason until I contacted customer service. It then shipped that day. It arrived today, short 2 items and a note that said my cc would be credited. As of today, 12/10, it has not been credited. I’m done with this company and I urge others to be very aware of their poor service.


I have a box coming where the Aloha Coco Beach pouch was “unfulfilled “. I haven’t received a refund or notification. Its been enroute for a week. Seems like they would have addressed the issue if they were going to. I’ll wait for the box to contact them in case I have other items that require attention.


Did anyone else get sent something other than what they ordered as a substitute? I ordered two of the Meri Meri gold star garlands for my daughter who is redecorating my old room at my mom’s house and was sent two of the Lele circle garland earrings instead. At first, I was disappointed because the earrings look a bit ridiculous but I ended up trying a pair (after PS confirming they were sold out of the garlands) and they are pretty cute on. And then in a separate shipment, instead of the star washi tape, I was sent the star toothpicks. Ok. After thinking about it, I really appreciate them sending out alternate items instead of issuing a straight refund given the steep discount it wouldn’t have been much money back. I had read a lot of mixed feedback but I’m super pleased with PS’s customer service and handling of this matter.


Yes, I did. I’ve received a different color of an item I bought multiples of and can’t use the color they sent me. I’ve also received a few damaged items & broken box/ripped packaging on the placemats. Everything has arrived just thrown in big boxes unprotected. It’s very frustrating. I’ve emailed them so hopefully they handle it better than Birchbox has.

Birchbox sent me 5 of the wrong item & they don’t even care. They have no explanation for how they advertised a nice red & blue blanket on their website but then shipped me 5 ugly brown & green blankets by the same brand! I’m so upset that I have to spend my time to package & ship a big box back to them at my crowded post office at the holidays then wait for a refund because of their error. And I’m not getting any of the red & blue blankets I bought during the sale because they said they are sold out now. They happily sent me an email with lots of exclamation points to indicate how exciting it is that my return shipping to them is ‘free to me! ‘ & then told me to “have a great day!” I’m so mad I may never order from them again.

Sorry for the rambling!


Oh no… now I’m worried! I’m pretty sure most of us haven’t gotten our boxes yet (the first of mine is expected to be delivered on the 12th, I think), but I’m sure people will post here if they don’t like whatever PS is substituting!


I ordered the congo blue picture frame and they sent me a cheap plain silver/white frame….not happy 🙁


Guys, I just got a shipping notification for my 2nd order, which I totally thought would never happen. Storytime: I totally missed the opening of the sale because I don’t check MSA much anymore (the loss of the forum means I don’t check in daily or sub to many, or really any, boxes regularly… Good for my wallet, great for decluttering, but bad for catching deals!)

But I did eventually see the PSMH email that day at like 1pm, far too late to catch the good stuff! So I placed an order for the bare minimum with some small stocking stuffers, gift tags, etc., and called it a day.
BUT, a couple days later on 11/27 I happened to login to the boutique to check if my order was fulfilled yet, and saw that an item I wanted was no longer “sold out!” So I hurried up and placed 2 of them into my cart and checked out super fast… not really expecting the order to be shipped because the availability 3 days later was just an error. But it actually shipped today!

So, the moral to the story is: keep checking until the sale ends…. I mean, the items I bought were not the most sought-after; for anyone wondering, I grabbed the last 2 Herbivore Jasmine oils that popped up, and last one of the 3.1 Phillip Lim pouches (at $6.25 I couldn’t say no, plus it got me over the $100 threshold). I can easily gift the pouch or just throw it in my bag, using it for my charging cords/earbuds, etc., and that oil is a great deal at $11 each!


I’m curious to know if you actually receive those items that were no longer sold out. I just received my order (that I placed within the first hour of the sale) and one of the two items that didn’t ship is the Herbivore Jasmine oil. The note I received states “We are unable to fulfill the highlighted item on your order and have processed a refund for the missing item. We are including another product we thought you may like, at no charge, to express our appreciation to you.” Well, so far I have not seen a refund – the two missing items (Jasmine oil and Purse charm) total over $40 (after discount) so I’m definitely not letting it slide. Oh, and the item they included as a token of appreciation is a Glade candle.


That’s what they sent me, too for a consolation… Ugh.. I’m done with these guys, don’t care what their deals are anymore. Wish MSA would highlight companies with integrity sometime, that would be priceless!!!!
Like do a survey of companies that send out orders promptly, fulfill them accurately, refund when they say they will, are reachable and responsive to issues they create…. I would read that material and take notes!!! I think it’s time to stop supporting the bad apples and pour our resources into businesses that deserve our support. Just my thought.


OH, I spoke too soon based on my email. I just looked at my 2nd order with the Herbivore oils on the actual site, and it says “partial” fulfillment. I am emailing them right now to ask about what I am actually receiving and to get my partial refund processed now.
I can’t tell you how much it irks me that they processed the payment immediately (11/27 in this case), didn’t bother to ship until almost the last possible day (12/6), and ship via the slowest method possible so it won’t be here until 12/17 (or later in my experience), and then didn’t bother to send all the items and wait for US to contact THEM to get the refunds. My confirmation email says nothing about partial fulfillment or getting a partial refund… This makes me think that PS is having some money issues that they need to hold onto money for the extra couple of weeks. Not a good look, in any case.


WEIRD that my comment that I left yesterday didn’t post. But essentially I said that it was lame that they didn’t send your oils, super lame that they didn’t refund you, and absolutely ridiculous that they sent you a drugstore Glade candle!

I’ll update here if/when my boxes ever arrive to let you know what I receive. The one with the Herbivore isn’t supposed to arrive until the 17th because apparently they sent it via bike messenger from CA to Chicago.


I ordered 2 of the Herbivore Jasmine Oils 2 minutes after the sale opened and received them. I ordered 2 more half an hour later and that order hasn’t shipped yet. I wonder what I’ll get. Another box of mine has shipped without an item. No notifications or refund. I can just see its unfulfilled in my order history. And of course it wasn’t listed in the shipping email.


That stinks Meg! Especially if they restocked the item after you bought it! I wouldn’t be very happy either and I feel they could have done better than a glade candle.


Meg, that’s awful, a glade candle? At least they could have sent you a cute psmh item!


GROSS. A Glade candle… like from Walmart?
I will keep you posted, as I do not appreciate surprises… I would rather just have a refund, or even the option of canceling the full order, rather than receive extra junk I didn’t order! I guess it’s more for me to add to my donation box, but still, in a sale like this where they make you order at least $100, they should let you cancel the whole thing if they can’t fulfill some items (knowing that you added some extras to make it up to the $100). Haha, but then how would they rid themselves of all of the albatross trucker hats and such?

I still think it’s amusing that PS does these money grabs, charges our cards right away (literally the charges were posted to my account on the 24th & 27th) and they only got around to *partial* shipping during the past few days.

My estimated delivery dates are the 17th for the Herbivore oils order, and the 13th for my 1st order, so I guess I just need to hold my breath & wait to see what mystery box I get and I can update here 🙂


Has anyone heard anything about shipping on these orders? I received a confirmation email on 11/24, and have heard nothing since then.


As of today all of my boutique orders have shipped.


They stated that it would take up to 10 business to ship. There’s one more day, if they don’t ship yours by tomorrow, then you should definitely contact them.
Mine shipped this week and should be here next week. 🙂


My order arrived today!


Why does it take 15 days in transit from LA to Austin?! I can almost walk that fast according to google maps.


My box is literally 15 miles away from my home right now, and yet delivery estimate is next Tuesday. FedEx DumbPost will send the box 200 miles North, then hand it to the post office, which will take another day or two to travel back the 200 miles and deliver it to me.


lol, well I am about half hour away and still haven’t gotten it.


Maybe they send yours on a tour of Texas and back 😂.


How long do they usually take to ship


Still waiting for my order to ship 🙁


Label created, yay!


I’m still waiting on my 3 orders to ship 😑


Mine shipped on the 28th and is scheduled to arrive tomorrow (the 30th).


Mine also shipped on the 26th but is now sitting in the notorious black hole Tracy, CA


Mine shipped on the 26th


I went back on the site again Sunday morning, and the swans are sold out!! Finally! But the trucker hats are still available. 😬


Hi all! I am a new subscription box addict. I’ve had Ipsy for years and have been so disappointed. Well, I subscribed to Popsugar because of the Black Friday sale and subscribed to their emails. I clicked right when I got this email and I started shopping around. I was really amazed at the deals. I took my time browsing around and I didn’t really know how the sale worked. I thought it was spend $100+ get $75 off, not 75% off after spending $100. So I was trying to add everything up to exactly $100 which wasted some time. I placed 2 orders, which were about $100 each prediscount. The site was slow and didn’t let me add items in my bag at times but for the most part I ordered what I wanted, which were mostly things that had further discounts to get the most bang for my bucks. I only wish I got more Foreo.
Order 1
1 FOREO LUNA Play T-Sonic Facial-Cleansing Device + Day and Night Cleansers
1 Sunnylife Pineapple Ice Tray
1 TKO Jump Rope With Soft Grip Handles
1 Pehr Chambray Runner
1 Knock Knock “Are You Ready?” Compact
1 Knot & Bow Holiday Mint Newsprint Gift Wrap
1 First Aid Beauty 5 in 1 Bouncy Mask
3 Christian Lacroix Paris Paseo Sticky Note Folio
1 Chloe + Isabel Jen Atkin x Chloe + Isabel Split Headband
1 AJ Goods Nest Wire Bowl
Order 2
1 Knock Knock “Are You Ready?” Compact
1 Tarte Cosmetics Tarteist PRO Glow To Go Highlight & Contour Palette
1 Sunnylife Inflatable Swan Drink Holder
1 Stephanie Johnson Camera Crossbody Bag
1 Pat the Bunny & Book
1 Knot & Bow Parcel Tags (Red)
1 Hat Attack Lightweight Ribbed Hat With Faux Fur Pom
1 Chrissy Teigen’s Cravings: Recipes For All the Food You Want to Eat
1 3.1 Phillip Lim 10th Anniversary Limited Edition 31 Nano Second Pouch


Seems like it was a good sale; I’m tempted to look, but it appears the sales page cannot be sorted to filter out Sold Out items, which makes finding items a bit tedious…


I have never shopped a Popsugar sale before, therefore I completely forgot about it and was not one bit excited. When I received their email this morning, I clicked on the link and was able to see all the available items, although some of them were already sold out. I have bought a Phillip Lim pouch, Odeme tray and a ring dish, headband and table runner. Exactly $100. All the items were the ones I have been stalking on eBay, except for the table runner – I needed something for $4 to hit the discount threshold. I wonder if it will work as a scarf…

I got an error message a couple of times, but managed to get everything very quickly. I am happy.


I have been dying over the salt and pepper shakers since I missed ordering that box and I FINALLY got them today! I’m soooo Happy! 😍


I really wanted Jessica’s cookbook and lost it while trying to check out. Besides that and losing the terrarium I got everything I wanted.


I bought a few things I was going to buy anyway. This turned out to be a very money-saving shopping experience for necessities. Herbivore…use that oil every day. Getting it that cheap is amazing. Yoga mat and towel because I need like 10. All of the socks. And I wanted Teigen’s cookbook for a while so good price. And I paid under 50 bucks for all. Omg.


A charitable idea I am passing along in case anyone else is interested.

I grabbed 20 stocking caps for $27 total and had them sent to my sister in MN. She is regularly around those less fortunate and can easily give them away. If nothing else, she can donate them to her local Goodwill.

I feel good, my sister can help people, PS’s warehouse is getting cleared out, and 20 people in need can have a warm hat this winter. 🙂


I had this (semi) idea too – I only bought 3 of the hats, though, one for myself and figured that the others could go with my coat donations to the missions that give the the homeless a place to stay in my city. But now I’m kicking myself because I grabbed a couple of random stocking stuffers (SJ red bag, Tarte palette) that were just kind of excess gifts and am thinking I should have gotten more hats instead. SIGH.

Next time I won’t be such a weirdo about “hoarding” and ordering 10 of something, and will just order as many as I can, lol.


16 hats for the local women’s shelter and a 4 pack of socks for me. Best purchase of the weekend, thanks for the suggestion!


You ladies rock! ❤️


What a wonderful idea Chris! Thank you for sharing. I went back & bought 20 hats to donate too, and I’m sure they will be much needed with the cold winter we’re already having in Virginia. They look cute and on trend too. I’m tempted to even buy & donate more, especially if they are good quality and are truly warm. Now if only psmh would add some nice gloves to donate with them too! 🙂


I love my hat and have been wearing it on my trip to Sweden, it’s proven to be warm and good quality. I would have bought another but there’s nothing wrong with this one so it would be silly to do so. Love all your ideas to donate the hats too!

Kate N.

I just went back and bought 20 hats, as well! What a great suggestion. Can you imagine what a blessing these will be. I know I am already blessed…lets keep it going!


Those hats really are such a steal, I’m honestly surprised they are still available. I picked some up as stocking stuffers for Christmas. Can’t beat that price at $1.25. I love the charitable suggestion, as well!


I did that as well. I’m donating mine to local elementary and middle schools that our church supports.


Give them to direct recipients or to a shelter, not to Goodwill. The employees keep stuff that comes in when they’re sorting it in the back. They’re not supposed to, but they do. The good, new stuff never makes it to the front of the store.


so sweet + kind! xx


Lol, I’m so stupid, I thought about doing that but was wondering what else to buy to get it to $100! Instead of just buying ALL hats :-/
In the end it didn’t matter because I was never at any time able to make a purchase.


Do you think the lavender sachets would make good teacher gifts? What if I bundle them with the striped wool socks?

I’m trying to make sense of my frenzied purchases this morning at this sale now that I’m actually looking at my gift list!


I’m a teacher and I am so grateful of any parent/child that takes the time and the resources to give me a gift no matter how big or small. So the lavender sachets alone or bundled with socks would be incredible and surely appreciated!

Thank you for thinking of the teachers and giving back during this sale!


The sachets were the hottest swap requested item when they came out. I think they’d make great teachers gifts!

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