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POPSUGAR Must Have – Better Than Black Friday 2018 Deal!

ByMSANov 19, 2018 | 126 comments

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Yay! POPSUGAR Must Have has a Better Than Black Friday deal for MSA readers!

Now through 11/21 at 4 pm (ET) buy a quarterly, annual, or upgrade a subscription, and select 1 of 5 free gifts PLUS get $25 off your first box! No code needed:

  • New subscribers use this link and offer will automatically apply at checkout. 
  • If you are upgrading your account, use this link.

Limited quantities are available so act quickly to grab your free gift! *Only 1 quarterly and 1 annual Subscription OR 1 upgrade allowed per order and only 1 upgrade per subscription allowed.

If you are a new subscriber, check out my review of the Winter Box to see what you will get in your first shipment!

Your choice of gifts include:

Amulet Necklace in gold or silver

Opera Earrings in gold

Opera Earrings in silver


$15 in Must Have Store Credit (applied to account on 11/28)!

And as a reminder, this deal is better than their standard Black Friday deal and the only discount you will get on subscriptions! On Black Friday, POPSUGAR will offer the free gifts above with a $20 discount, and on Cyber Monday, you can buy a quarterly subscription and get the option to buy the Fall Box as an add-on for $25. 

The Subscription Box: POPSUGAR Must Have

The Cost: $75/ box

The Products: “Must Have” items for women selected by POPSUGAR editors. (Fitness, Home, Beauty, Food, and more)

Ships to: US only with free shipping

Check out all of our POPSUGAR Must Have reviews!

POPSUGAR Must Have is a quartely lifestyle subscription box curated by the editors at POPSUGAR. Each box features their "must have" products for beauty, fashion, home, food, fitness and more. Every box has a value of $250 +!
At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.
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winter box arrived today, back of box was ripped along the whole seam, all ok except no extra goodies!


FALL is available on GILT for $52.50 not Winter!

wish one could edit posts!



if anyone missed out or would like another Winter box for gifts, this box is on gilt now (liz has post) for $52.50

for those that chose $15 credit – it can be used toward next box ordered – i closed account + if i want Spring PSMH, credit will apply to the next box one orders no matter the season, could be Summer, Fall + such – credit will auto apply if one closes account + re-opens – if account is open and charged for Spring, PSMH said must email to have credit applied – HTH

also, coupons + credits can not be used at same time

still waiting on delivery, soon!


is the 52.50 on gilt for the winter or fall box?


meant FALL! sorry, can’t delete post! ugh!!

Gilt deal is for FALL not Winter





Has anyone received their Winter box or even tracking from this Better than Black Friday Deal? Am I just impatient? Lol My boutique sale purchase has shipped & that was nearly a week after I ordered this deal… Last year’s black Friday deal “sold out” of my order and they refunded me. I’m worried they over sold again, I bought in within the first couple hours.


If you mean the Fall & Winter boxes for $100, my Winter box should get to me today and my Fall box is set to be delivered next week. Maybe you should contact them, if you haven’t already done so. Good luck, hon!


I received a shipping notification on Nov 30th, tracking says it’s been in my state only an hour or so away for about 2 days now, and still isn’t scheduled to be delivered until the 12th for some reason, shipping is terribly slow, but yes mine has shipped.


I’m PO’d. I got my box this week and my earrings were damaged (bent out of shape). They gave me the $15 credit but I specifically didn’t want the $15 credit and chose the earrings. I’m hoping they come back and send me a similar pair of earrings because they are out of these. I was livid though — I re-suscribed for the annual after about a year because the winter box looked great and with the discounts/item I thought it was worth it. But if this is how they are going to treat items they send (not packaged well and coming damaged), then I’m going to regret re-subscribing to PMH.

THEN yesterday I got my PMH boutique items (which i pretty much always order from). I’ve never had a problem before, but this year they sent me two wrong items. I contacted support yesterday – I guess I’ll see what they do for this mistake.

Both situations just created stress/hassle that I don’t need right now. What a shame.


let us know what happens, hope PSMH makes good on earrings for you

what a shame, of all the subs (I know) PSMH is usually most helpful + responds – if still at issue, post on FB as they may sort it + respond faster



Meaghan, I don’t blame you. I would be upset too! You bought that deal for the inclusion of the earrings that they advertised to entice you to buy & which retailed for like $100+ so they owe you the earrings, a comparable item acceptable to you or a refund. They can’t advertise a gwp choice as part of the value of the deal then change it after you’ve paid. It never specified that the choice of gift was up to them or that a $15 substitute could be made at their discretion. I wouldn’t give up especially if I had bought the deal for the earrings.

But you are not alone! I also received a wrong item yesterday from the PSMH sale plus two high end items that were in bad condition ( unlikely that it occurred during shipping) and I’ve never had a problem with their sales before either. I thought it was just me and that maybe I was jinxed because I’ve also had problems recently from the Birchbox sale -they keep sending me the wrong item that wasn’t even on their website …and I bought 5 for gifts so now I have 5 items I can’t use & not even 1 of the item I did buy-and they said they’re out of stock now. I also had a huge liter of shampoo cap break and leak during transit because it wasn’t protected properly & the gwp was open and almost empty from impact with the enormous shampoo rolling around in the box. What a mess! 🙁

I thought I had shopped well during the Black Friday sales and bought some of my gifts from PSMH & Birchbox, now I’m without 8 of my gifts & have spent a lot of time dealing with it all. Like you said, it’s a stress & hassle we don’t need right now. Online shopping shouldn’t be this difficult & the ‘deals’ weren’t worth it imo!

Rachel Wick

Hey Liz it’s Black Friday and I logged into Pop sugar and it’s not giving me the Black Friday discount or the option for the gift. Any idea if it’s no longer valid?

Beth L

I just opened my Winter box from Popsugar after only seeing the throw and book as spoilers and I have died and gone to box heaven. I could of done without the book/cookbook but everything else was amazing. There were sooo many extra goodies I am still so happy. I haven’t been so excited about a box in long time even though I get a bunch. I love Popsugar and am really sad it will be forever until Spring. I HAVE to buy the year. WOW! Great Job Popsugar.. ..Insane……


FYI – PSMH just sent email, they are doing a botique sale on Nov 24-25, buy $100 get 75% off….


I’m seriously thinking about the Cyber Monday deal. I don’t NEED another box, but… If I can use it with an annual signup, it would be $295 for 5 boxes- $59 per box. If it works for only quarterly, then I could pay $100 for Fall & Winter, upgrade to annual for 4 more boxes for $270. That’s 6 boxes for $370- $61.67 per box. It’s not a great deal, but it’s pretty good. Or, I may just buy Fall & Winter for $50 each, cancel & see if they offer anything to get me back. Decisions. Decisions.


Oh my gosh, I’m so excited about this! I would never subscribe to Popsugar at full price because $75/quarter is out of my price range, but I had been eyeing this box after comparing this throw to the FFF one…and I’m doing a crazy happy dance that this deal is so perfect!

I opted for the gold earrings because the silver ones remind me of when I used to make jewelry out of keyrings, haha. Figured I’d get the gold necklace too to expand my jewelry horizons (I’m usually a silver girl). Yay!!


This got me! I have dogs with dark fur, so I cancelled my sub because the blanket is white/cream, but I looooved the rest of the box. This savings makes it worth it. I know I can gift the blanket, but it was a big deal to me to not be able to use the large item. Thanks Liz & PS!


If you want to keep the blanket, I’d suggest an Evercare mega lint roller. You can roll giant areas and it’s great for furniture and linens.
I have a black long haired dog that sheds a lot and it’s the best way to keep fur at bay.


I was surprised it let me sign up as a new subscriber on my previous account. I hadn’t got a box since Mar or Apr last year.


To clarify…it appears as though the only deal that I’m able to get, if I wait until Cyber Monday, (to start a subscription) would be the capability to add a Fall Box for only $25. Is that correct, Liz? Thanks!


Also, no discount available for the subscription as a new subscriber?

Liz Cadman

Yes, that is correct!


Okay, I have some questions about these deals, someone PLEASE help me out!

1. If I choose the $15 credit, can I use it towards the spring box? (so I’ll get the winter for $50 and the spring for $60?)

2. If the above is true, then if I decide to cancel for the spring box, will the credit still be I my account? (for example, say I hate the spring box spoilers and cancel – I like the summer box spoilers after that and resubscribe, will I still have a $15 credit I can apply to the summer box?)



2. yes

based on my credit still being in my account even though I cancelled months ago, the credit will be there and then read all of the terms on PSMH and it states the credit may only be used on boxes (can’t use it in combo w/a coupon but usually those are for new subs only)

(bought w/same idea as you!)


I didn’t buy anything else today but just came back to grab this after thinking about it. I took the $15 credit, I’m hoping to use it off the Spring box. That means I’m getting the winter and spring boxes for $110 or $55 each. Can’t pass that up, even though this box isn’t my personal favorite. I hope spring is great!


That necklace and two items from the winter box were on my follows list for swaps. This deal rules.


Do you still get to customize the necklace in the winter box? Or was there a deadline?


I was able to customize when I ordered earlier today. The customize option popped up after I completed my purchase.


isnt that jewelry Emma and Chloe? Im confused.
But I just logged on and it is after 4 so its all a moot point anyway.


Deal officially ends Wednesday at 4pm, not today.


Yes PS sent an email about the jewelry items.


This got me. I love the winter box, everything looks so nice. I currently have Fabfitfun, but my subscription is up and the fall and winter boxes didn’t wow me. Excited for the blanket and necklace and those earrings are beautiful. Thanks Liz!!


Popsugar is blocking me because I’m out of the country and “it’s not available in my region.” OK, guess I won’t use my US-based credit card to send a gift box to my US address-living mom then. Thanks for saving me the cash! (In all seriousness, this is dumb). But she wouldn’t have liked the Reese Witherspoon book anyway.


Did you try turning off location services in settings on your phone and trying to purchase that way? I had the same issue trying to download a Uk based app for my upcoming trip to London.


Could someone tell me if an annual sub allows for skipping a box? Thanks!


Nope you have to cancel then restart


You cannot upgrade for the Spring box as a current subscriber! Even using the link it is a yearly commitment. Very bummed about this.


Yes you can! Go to your account and click “upgrade”!


Maybe she meant you can’t upgrade with this promo as a current subscriber for spring for just quarterly and it would need to be annual? That’s what happened when I tried with mine – there wasn’t an option to apply it to the next quarter, only upgrade to annual, but the discount wasn’t enticing enough 🙁 Le sigh, I was wanting something special from PS. Oh well…next!


Help me out. I use this website all the time to buy my wife some Christmas Gifts. If I wait till Monday, I can get both fall and winter for a $100? Also, in your opinions are they worth it compared to the monthly boxes?


Yes you can get both boxes on Monday for $100. I think the value is better than the monthly boxes were. I think fall and winter are really nice boxes.


How can you get both boxes on Monday for $100, I’m confused here.


I’m pretty sure that’s the deal on Monday – Winter box $75 + Fall box $25.
I personally would be thrilled if my husband bought me these two boxes. The value is outstanding and the products very desirable.
Christmas shopping has become easier since buying Popsugar boxes as anything I don’t love becomes the perfect gift for family/friends. I usually do love everything though!


The only one greate offer. Others are meeeh…


Agreed. I feel so let down by all the other offers. But that throw, oh how i love it.


Just ordered for my mom! I chose the opera earrings in gold. This is SUCH an amazing deal for $50!!!

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Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.