POPSUGAR Must Have – Better Than Black Friday 2018 Deal!

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Yay! POPSUGAR Must Have has a Better Than Black Friday deal for MSA readers!

Now through 11/21 at 4 pm (ET) buy a quarterly, annual, or upgrade a subscription, and select 1 of 5 free gifts PLUS get $25 off your first box! No code needed:

  • New subscribers use this link and offer will automatically apply at checkout. 
  • If you are upgrading your account, use this link.

Limited quantities are available so act quickly to grab your free gift! *Only 1 quarterly and 1 annual Subscription OR 1 upgrade allowed per order and only 1 upgrade per subscription allowed.

If you are a new subscriber, check out my review of the Winter Box to see what you will get in your first shipment!

Your choice of gifts include:

Amulet Necklace in gold or silver

Opera Earrings in gold

Opera Earrings in silver


$15 in Must Have Store Credit (applied to account on 11/28)!

And as a reminder, this deal is better than their standard Black Friday deal and the only discount you will get on subscriptions! On Black Friday, POPSUGAR will offer the free gifts above with a $20 discount, and on Cyber Monday, you can buy a quarterly subscription and get the option to buy the Fall Box as an add-on for $25. 

The Subscription Box: POPSUGAR Must Have

The Cost: $75/ box

The Products: “Must Have” items for women selected by POPSUGAR editors. (Fitness, Home, Beauty, Food, and more)

Ships to: US only with free shipping

Check out all of our POPSUGAR Must Have reviews!

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  1. Hey Liz it’s Black Friday and I logged into Pop sugar and it’s not giving me the Black Friday discount or the option for the gift. Any idea if it’s no longer valid?

  2. I just opened my Winter box from Popsugar after only seeing the throw and book as spoilers and I have died and gone to box heaven. I could of done without the book/cookbook but everything else was amazing. There were sooo many extra goodies I am still so happy. I haven’t been so excited about a box in long time even though I get a bunch. I love Popsugar and am really sad it will be forever until Spring. I HAVE to buy the year. WOW! Great Job Popsugar.. ..Insane……

  3. FYI – PSMH just sent email, they are doing a botique sale on Nov 24-25, buy $100 get 75% off….

  4. I’m seriously thinking about the Cyber Monday deal. I don’t NEED another box, but… If I can use it with an annual signup, it would be $295 for 5 boxes- $59 per box. If it works for only quarterly, then I could pay $100 for Fall & Winter, upgrade to annual for 4 more boxes for $270. That’s 6 boxes for $370- $61.67 per box. It’s not a great deal, but it’s pretty good. Or, I may just buy Fall & Winter for $50 each, cancel & see if they offer anything to get me back. Decisions. Decisions.

  5. Oh my gosh, I’m so excited about this! I would never subscribe to Popsugar at full price because $75/quarter is out of my price range, but I had been eyeing this box after comparing this throw to the FFF one…and I’m doing a crazy happy dance that this deal is so perfect!

    I opted for the gold earrings because the silver ones remind me of when I used to make jewelry out of keyrings, haha. Figured I’d get the gold necklace too to expand my jewelry horizons (I’m usually a silver girl). Yay!!

  6. This got me! I have dogs with dark fur, so I cancelled my sub because the blanket is white/cream, but I looooved the rest of the box. This savings makes it worth it. I know I can gift the blanket, but it was a big deal to me to not be able to use the large item. Thanks Liz & PS!

    • If you want to keep the blanket, I’d suggest an Evercare mega lint roller. You can roll giant areas and it’s great for furniture and linens.
      I have a black long haired dog that sheds a lot and it’s the best way to keep fur at bay.

  7. I was surprised it let me sign up as a new subscriber on my previous account. I hadn’t got a box since Mar or Apr last year.

  8. To clarify…it appears as though the only deal that I’m able to get, if I wait until Cyber Monday, (to start a subscription) would be the capability to add a Fall Box for only $25. Is that correct, Liz? Thanks!

    • Yes, that is correct!

    • Also, no discount available for the subscription as a new subscriber?

  9. Okay, I have some questions about these deals, someone PLEASE help me out!

    1. If I choose the $15 credit, can I use it towards the spring box? (so I’ll get the winter for $50 and the spring for $60?)

    2. If the above is true, then if I decide to cancel for the spring box, will the credit still be I my account? (for example, say I hate the spring box spoilers and cancel – I like the summer box spoilers after that and resubscribe, will I still have a $15 credit I can apply to the summer box?)


    • 1.yes
      2. yes

      based on my credit still being in my account even though I cancelled months ago, the credit will be there and then read all of the terms on PSMH and it states the credit may only be used on boxes (can’t use it in combo w/a coupon but usually those are for new subs only)

      (bought w/same idea as you!)

  10. I didn’t buy anything else today but just came back to grab this after thinking about it. I took the $15 credit, I’m hoping to use it off the Spring box. That means I’m getting the winter and spring boxes for $110 or $55 each. Can’t pass that up, even though this box isn’t my personal favorite. I hope spring is great!

  11. That necklace and two items from the winter box were on my follows list for swaps. This deal rules.

  12. Do you still get to customize the necklace in the winter box? Or was there a deadline?

    • I was able to customize when I ordered earlier today. The customize option popped up after I completed my purchase.

  13. isnt that jewelry Emma and Chloe? Im confused.
    But I just logged on and it is after 4 so its all a moot point anyway.

    • Yes PS sent an email about the jewelry items.

    • Deal officially ends Wednesday at 4pm, not today.

  14. This got me. I love the winter box, everything looks so nice. I currently have Fabfitfun, but my subscription is up and the fall and winter boxes didn’t wow me. Excited for the blanket and necklace and those earrings are beautiful. Thanks Liz!!

  15. Popsugar is blocking me because I’m out of the country and “it’s not available in my region.” OK, guess I won’t use my US-based credit card to send a gift box to my US address-living mom then. Thanks for saving me the cash! (In all seriousness, this is dumb). But she wouldn’t have liked the Reese Witherspoon book anyway.

    • Did you try turning off location services in settings on your phone and trying to purchase that way? I had the same issue trying to download a Uk based app for my upcoming trip to London.

  16. Could someone tell me if an annual sub allows for skipping a box? Thanks!

    • Nope you have to cancel then restart

  17. You cannot upgrade for the Spring box as a current subscriber! Even using the link it is a yearly commitment. Very bummed about this.

    • Yes you can! Go to your account and click “upgrade”!

      • Maybe she meant you can’t upgrade with this promo as a current subscriber for spring for just quarterly and it would need to be annual? That’s what happened when I tried with mine – there wasn’t an option to apply it to the next quarter, only upgrade to annual, but the discount wasn’t enticing enough 🙁 Le sigh, I was wanting something special from PS. Oh well…next!

        • Yep very disappointed in this deal since it starts with the winter box with no option to start with the spring one. Boo…

  18. Help me out. I use this website all the time to buy my wife some Christmas Gifts. If I wait till Monday, I can get both fall and winter for a $100? Also, in your opinions are they worth it compared to the monthly boxes?

    • I’m pretty sure that’s the deal on Monday – Winter box $75 + Fall box $25.
      I personally would be thrilled if my husband bought me these two boxes. The value is outstanding and the products very desirable.
      Christmas shopping has become easier since buying Popsugar boxes as anything I don’t love becomes the perfect gift for family/friends. I usually do love everything though!

    • Yes you can get both boxes on Monday for $100. I think the value is better than the monthly boxes were. I think fall and winter are really nice boxes.

      • How can you get both boxes on Monday for $100, I’m confused here.

        • Never mind, got it.

  19. The only one greate offer. Others are meeeh…

    • Agreed. I feel so let down by all the other offers. But that throw, oh how i love it.

  20. Just ordered for my mom! I chose the opera earrings in gold. This is SUCH an amazing deal for $50!!!

  21. after fall box, canceled my sub but still have $20 credit in account

    just bought this box in my same cancelled account (with $20 credit) for $50 + tax and picked the $15 credit so should have $35 credit for spring box I hope….

    if one uses coupon code on PSMH, one can not use both credit + coupon, it’s one or the other – assuming since discount auto applied that’s why my credit did not show up – for those who are current subs, if you upgrade thus get $25 off next box and choose the $15 credit, would assume both would not apply to next box thus $15 credit would then roll forward….

    hope this helps

    • It says $15 in Must Have store credit so I don’t think you can use it for the spring box itself, just the add ons.

      • whoa! when I put in cart, it said psmh credit?!? on website it said one can’t use credit for add on’s – now i’m really confused!

      • website says “a Must Have account credit of $15” and then under credits it says that it can not be used on add-on’s?!?

  22. I live in Washington State and POPSUGAR recently started charging tax for my subscription. The $25 discount is really $0.25 after the $24.75 the taxes for upgrading to an annual subscription are applied. Dividing the total by four means saving ~$15 for each of the four boxes plus a $15 store credit ($75 total savings vs. continuing to subscribe on a quarterly basis.) I’m still going to think about this for a bit.

  23. One question about the $15 credit – I see it says that it will apply 11/28. Does that mean I’d need to retain the subscription into the next season in order to redeem it? Or will the $15 apply to the winter box?

    • you can use it for any box you choose in future – it will stay even if you cancel sub but one can not use credit AND a coupon, it’s one or the other – HTH

    • Follow up question – is there a link to the winter add ons? I only saw one for Fall add ons, and there was nothing of interest to me there. (I don’t think anything was less than $15 either.)

      • just bought from phone and did not see any add on’s, i’m sure you could email PSMH to ask, perhaps sooner the better as items could sell with BF + CM


  24. I currently have an annual, tried to upgrade just for one additional quarter, and didn’t see that option…it was only letting me add another annual at the discounted price. Since the change to quarterly, the boxes have been hit or miss for me. I really don’t want to pay for another annual up front, even at the discounted rate. Oh well, money saved for the next deal!

    • Same thing happening to me. I’m an existing subscriber and I wants to upgrade by adding just one box, but it’s only letting me add another annual subscription . I don’t want to start a new subscription for one box because then I’ll end up with two winter boxes.

      • did y’all click the link that is for current subs?

        • I don’t think there were two separate links when I first viewed this post. I’m pretty sure there was just one hyperlink within the sentence about new or current subscribers. I’ve contacted PopSugar and hope they can resolve my double-sub problem, and I also tried contacting my credit card company, but they can’t do much until the transaction posts.

        • Yes, I used that link. It took me to the right place, but only option is to add an annual, not just one quarter.

  25. No PS mystery boxes this time ?

  26. Is anyone else having the error as a current subscriber, I can’t upgrade for an additional quarterly box?

    • Happened to me too, only option was to upgrade for another annual sub

      • Me too. It’s charging $245 plus tax for an annual, mo option for only one box upgrade.

  27. What a mess! They did not think this through. My head is spinning trying to decode this wand what it actually means. I’m just going to opt out of this one.

    • it’s $25 off any sub, 1 quarter or 1 year plus gift or $15 credit if NOT a sub thus box is $50 plus tax

      if a sub now, it’s a $25 next box (spring) plus a gift or $15 credit

      if choosing credit, from my experience one can not use a coupon code, must choose to use credit OR coupon not both

      can you confirm this liz? thx!!

      • Sorry for any confusion. You can get the credit + the discount. Basically it’s a $25 discount (automatically applied) and you get to pick your free gift (one of the free gift options is the $15 store credit for Add-Ons.)

        • thx!! where do current subs go to get $25 credit + gift applied to spring as link not giving that option, thank you!!

          • Click the link in this part of the post: “If you are upgrading your account, use this link.”

  28. Was hoping for a girls night box again this year ☹️

    • Yes, I love the popsugar mystery boxes! Bummer.

    • Me too!

  29. Can you use the $15 credit on the Spring box?

    • yes, based on comments, but remember if you use credits you can’t use a coupon code

    • For add-ons not the spring box itself.

      • under my store credit says $20 (old credit) and read the MSA rules on PSMH it says store credit given on Nov 28th and also states credit can not be used for add on’s and can only be used for quarterly boxes….

  30. Well, that was just too easy! I chose the gold amulet necklace and the gold disc necklace in the winter box. I think they will look pretty layered. I’d been on the fence about the winter box, but this put me over the edge. Thanks, Liz!

    • I had the same thought. They could be really cute together.

    • How did you choose the necklace that’s included in the box? I would love to choose the silver one but I don’t get an option!

      • Never mind, I answered my own question! For anyone who is wondering, after you choose your free gift and complete the transaction for your box, you have the option to choose silver or gold for the necklace in the box! 🙂

  31. the free gift options force me to say no. not impressed. was hoping for mystery box from them!!!

  32. I used to get this box and was able to use my de-activated account to get the discount and then a $15 credit on the next box. My wallet can handle that!

  33. If I have already received Winter and cancelled and use this deal to resubscribe, will my next box be Spring? I don’t want two Winter boxes. Thanks!

    • don’t think so as you must have active sub to do – believe you could email PSMH first and have them reactivate to then get spring for $25 off plus gift/credit…

      • Thanks for responding. I sent an email to PS, let’s see what happens. If I can get the discount for Spring and the credit applied to Summer, I’m in. I’ve been happy with the contents of the boxes as of late.

        • awesome! i’m sure they will sort out, was annual from PSMH start then on/off and always had a great experience w/CS

          (unlike RZBOS, eek!)

          • Shucks, no dice. Per Andy D with PS:

            “All BTBF deals are for the Winter box, not for the spring box. If you don’t wish to receive a duplicate Winter box we suggest you do not partake in this promo.”

        • that’s confusing as how are current subs getting spring w/$25 off + gift?

          can you contact them and only ask about reactivating your account? then just go from there?

          this is very confusing!!

          • Those who are currently subbed already got winter, so my thought was that the credit would apply to the next box (spring) for those with seasonal subscriptions- however, since current subbers can only upgrade (from seasonal to annual), it just discounts the annual subscription somewhat, rather than discounting the next box (spring) only.

  34. I really like the calendar, candle, throw, and necklace from the Winter box, so I bit.

  35. This looks like the jewelry we got with our Emma and Chloe Subscriptions.

    • Just saw the email from PS that highlights the Black Friday collab with Emma & Chloe as the free gift.

  36. I thought this was a mistake when I saw the Emma & Chloe jewelry but it’s not. I wonder if popsugar and Emma & Chloe will join forces for the spring box

    • Me too! I scrolled down to see if someone else caught it.

  37. Which is the first box if I do this? (I am already a subscriber, so I have the most current box on its way.)

    • winter

      • So in my case, it would be a duplicate?

        • you will get a gift and $25 off next box, just read comments…

    • but it says one can “upgrade” sub so can’t imagine they would send same box, hmmm

      • Yes, but by going through the link, it doesn’t say upgrade, like that special link in my account that shows Upgrade Subscription as a choice.

  38. Nice, but as these boxes seem to come and go I would never buy a year sub to any of them. Too many horror stories about not getting money back.

  39. Laura, I was wondering about that…so the deals are not good for current subscribers? I am not one, but that stinks for you guys!

  40. I am conflicted about the current box, so I’m going to hold out and see what else today brings. It’s not a terrible mix, but it’s not really ringing my bell for the most part.

  41. I’m confused. So If I am a quarterly subscriber now, I could use the above link to upgrade my subscription to annual, and how much would I save? The annual subscription is normally $270, so would it be $25 off, plus a $15 store credit, if I don’t choose the gift option?

    • Yeah, if I understand it correctly, as a current quarterly subscriber, this is basically that you get an extra $25 off if you upgrade to annual. After tax, my total would be $261.54 for an annual subscription… so I think I’ll pass as that’s not a great deal AT ALL! (since I don’t care about any of those free gifts)

  42. I’d be tempted if the free gifts were better, but I’m not interested in jewelry and the $15 credit isn’t enough to sway me either. I think I’m holding off for now to see the other deals before deciding if I’ll do Popsugar!

  43. Gonna pass. The discount isn’t enough to justify upgrading if I can save money only buying boxes I like one at a time.

  44. FYI- I’m guessing the Happy Rebel deal is a mystery box which is now available in their shop. (I could be wrong!) Here is your opportunity to beat the crowd 🙂

    • HR said in another post it will be a mystery box but they are offering different “hero choice” options for the BTBF deal!

      • Yep! Just wanted people to know that they can purchase now.

  45. Eek I just bought and it starts with the winter box that I’m already receiving 🙁

    • Hi Liz, I have this same problem and just submitted a request to PopSugar. Will you please clarify this with PopSugar to ensure we are able to upgrade and extend our current subscriptions? I didn’t want a second sub/second winter box! Thank you!

      • Hi Samantha,

        Did you click on the link for current subscribers in this post? You’ll be able to upgrade your subscription from the account section I linked to. Hope that helps clarify!

        • Hi Liz, I don’t think there were two separate links when I clicked it, so no. When I clicked the link, it was in the same sentence that said whether it was a new sub or an upgrade, to click the link and no code was needed. Now I’m having issues cause I canceled the sub hoping to sign up again, but it says it will be canceled once all four credits have been used!

          • Ok, after much freaking out, Andy D. from PopSugar got back to me and confirmed that they canceled and refunded my duplicate subscription so that I could redo the upgrade correctly. Definitely contact PopSugar if you had the same issue!

  46. Sorry I am confused. So I am a current subscriber and have already ordered my Winter box. If I do an upgrade will I get a gift and $25 off next box? Thanks for clarification.

    • Yes, that’s correct.

  47. With everything that goes on for me between my son’s school Fall Break (starts tomorrow), Thanksgiving, Black Friday, my husband’s birthday (which is Saturday), and Cyber Monday – I am *SO so so so* grateful to MSA for giving us all these amazing steals & deals TODAY💕 Thank you!!

  48. Pass

  49. darn another pass

  50. if I didn’t have fall box, would wait but think i’m going for it now based on info above, no discounts on yearly sub, bummer!!

    • The $25 discount works on the yearly sub, too!

      • thx Liz! also, thank you for all these deals!

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